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Programming in c language

Introduction to 'c' language

Character set. Variables and identifiers, built-in data types. Variable definition,
arithmetic operators and expressions, constants and literals, simple assignment
statement, basic input/output statement, simple 'c' programs

Conditional statements and loops

Decision making within a program, conditions, relational operators, logical
connectives, if statement, if-else statement, loops: while loop, do while, for loop.
Nested loops, infinite loops, switch statement, structured programming

One dimensional arrays: array manipulation; searching, insertion, deletion of an
element from an array; finding the largest/smallest element in an array; two
dimensional arrays, addition/multiplication of two matrices, transpose of a square
matrix; null te01linated strings as array of characters, representation sparse

Top-down approach of problem solving, modular programming and functions,
standard library of c functions, prototype of a function: foo1lal parameter list,
return type, function call, block structure, passing arguments to a function: call by
reference, call by value, recursive functions, arrays as function arguments

Structures and unions

Structure variables, initialization, structure assignment, nested structure, structures
and functions, structures and arrays: arrays of structures, structures containing
arrays, unions

Address operators, pointer type declaration, pointer assignment, pointer
initialization, pointer arithmetic, functions and pointers, arrays and pointers,
pointer arrays

File processing
Concept of files, file opening in various modes and closing of a file, reading from a
file, writing onto a file
SYLLABUS INCLUDE 100+ Break in C Language with
PRACTICALS practical
Continue in C Language with
Overview of the Programming practical
Languages Switch in C Language with
What is C Language practical
Why C Language Summary
Future in C Language Function
Summary What is a Function in C
Setting up and Installing C Language Language with practical
Prerequisite in C Language Passing Values between
Installation of C Functions in C Language with
Summary practical
Data Type, Constants & Variables Call by Value in C Language
What is Data Types in C with practical
Language with practical Call by Reference in C
Integers, long and short in C Language with practical
Language with practical Summary
Integers, signed and unsigned Pointer
in C Language with practical An Introduction to Pointers
Chars, signed and unsigned in Pointer Notation in C Language
C Language with practical Back to Function Calls in C
Floats and Doubles in C Language with practical
Language with practical Recursion in C Language with
Constants in C with practical practical
Variables in C with practical Summary
Keywords in C with practical Preprocessor
How to get input from user The C Preprocessor in C
with practical Language
How to display output to user Features of C Preprocessor
with practical Macro Expansion in C
Summary Language
Statement Macros with Arguments with
IF-Else Statement in C practical
Language with practical Macros versus Functions with
for Loop in C Language with practical
practical File Inclusion in C Language
While Loop in C Language with practical
with practical #if and #elif Directives with
Do-While Loop in C Language practical
with practical Miscellaneous Directives in C
#undef Directive with practical How to compare two string in
#pragma Directive with C Language using strcmp( ) with
practical practical
Summary Summary
Arrays Structures
What are Arrays in C Language What is Structures in C
A Simple Program Using Array Language
How to Initialize Array in C Why Use Structures in C
Language with practical Language
Passing Array Elements in C Declaring a Structure in C
Language to a Function with practical Language with practical
Pointers and Arrays in C Accessing Structure Elements
Language with practical in C Language with practical
Passing an Entire Array to a How Structure Elements are
Function in C Language with practical Stored with practical
Two Dimensional Arrays in C Array of Structures in C
Language with practical Language with practical
Initializing a 2-Dimensional Additional Features of
Array with practical Structures with practical
Pointers and 2-Dimensional Uses of Structures with
Arrays with practical practical
Pointer to an Array with Summary
practical File Operation
Passing 2-D array to a Function File Input/Output in C
with practical Language with practical
Array of Pointers with practical File Operations in C Language
Three Dimensional Array with with practical
practical Opening a File in C Language
Summary with practical
String Reading from a File in C
What are Strings in C Language with practical
Language Closing the File in C Language
How to get length of a string in with practical
C Language using strlen( ) with Counting Characters, Tabs,
practical Spaces, with practical
How to copy a string in C A File-copy Program in C
Language using strcpy( ) with Language
practical Writing to a File in C Language
How to concatenate a string in with practical
C Language using strcat( ) with File Opening Modes
practical String (line) I/O in Files
Operator & Enum
Operations On Bits in C Bitwise AND Operator with
Language with practical practical
Bitwise Operators with Bitwise OR Operator with
practical practical
Ones Complement Operator Bitwise XOR Operator with
with practical practical
Right Shift Operator with Enumerated Data Type with
practical practical
Left Shift Operator with Uses of Enumerated Data Type
practical with practical
Computer systems & programming cr-3
Fundamentals of computer
Basic concepts of computer organizations. Cpu. Memory. I/o units such as hard
disk, floppy disk, pen drives, cdrom/writer, scanner, printers, keyboards etc.
Number system representation.
Introduction to programming languages
Evolution of programming languages, structured programming, the compilation
process, object code, source code,executable code, operating systems, interpreters,
linkers, loaders, fundamentals of algorithms, flow charts.
C language fundamentals
Character set, identifiers, keywords, data types, constant and variables, statements,
expressions, operators, precedenceof operators, input-output assignments, control
structures, decision making and branching, decision making & looping.
C functions
User defined and standard functions, formal and actual arguments, functions
category, function prototypes, parameter passing, call-by-value, call-by-reference,
recursion, storage classes.
Arrays and strings
One dimensional array, multidimensional array declaration and their applications,
string manipulation.
Pointer variable and its importance, pointer arithmetic, passing parameters by
reference, pointer to pointer, linked list, pointers to functions, dynamic memory
Structures, unions
Declaration of structures, declaration of unions, pointer to structure & unions.
File handling
Console input output functions, disk input output functions, data files.
Additional features in c
Command line arguments, bit wise operators, enumerated data types, type casting,
macros, the c preprocessor, more aboutlibrary functions.
Programming in c++
C++ overview
C++ characteristics, object-oriented terminology, polymorphism, object-oriented
paradigm, abstract data types

Functions and variables

Functions: declaration and Definition, variables: definition, declaration, and Scope,
variables: dynamic creation and derived Data, arrays and strings in c++, qualifiers

Classes in c++
Defining classes in c++, classes and encapsulation, member functions, instantiating
and using classes, using constructors, multiple constructors and initialization lists,
using destructors to destroy instances, friend class

Operator overloading
Operator overloading, working with overloaded operator methods

Initialization and assignment

Initialization vs. Assignment, the copy constructor, assigning values, specialized
constructors and methods, constant and static class members

Storage management
Memory allocation, dynamic allocation: new and delete

Overview of inheritance, defining base and derived classes, constructor and
destructor calls

Overview of polymorphism

Input and output in c++ programs

Standard streams, manipulators, unformatted input and output, file input and output