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‘el Telacomnmunieabon Courses forest APPLIED MATHEMATICS - Ill (Computer, Electronics & Telecommunication) By GV. Kumbhojkar, 15 C. JAMNADAS & CO. 146-0, Shamaidas Ganchi Marg, ‘MUUBAL- 400 002 Phone: 22019620 / 22087003, Fax 22072607 mal: cjamnades@vani.net Published by ermal J. Shahan ForC.Jamnedas & Co, 146-6, uamalons Geran Mag ‘Mural -#c0 002 ptto-date First Edition: 2008.09, Price : Rs. 280 /- Typeset by Shr Ait .Vhatkar 8.5, Sarang pt. Suthakar Napa, Near Jnana Naga Ros, Kothspur «16012 Phone 0422040008 Printed at ‘Shei Swaminarayan Made 12, Shayona Estate, Noor Val estan Facto, ‘Ducheswar eed, Shaheaus, ‘Ahemadabad-200008 ‘Theteok is wnen accord oh labora ae so ara Senmacon ooniezon ot my son te bok teh bs Noted ht ter pie oe to a he ser abo hl espero fer anysomaga ores! ono ajooy try Kd nana manne Preface amples ae is pdt essen of Aid Maher tntebnivt Sect Yor Compu Beams Themen) Solas Engin Use Mont inp andtsinian ancrotesingenal he tks we ty scoring thao rete (cmp etic kommen Mamba Unless ek ebony eto pi Maem Minas odie orig te now ssn com 2 ner of 2 capes enn ser once ‘oes linen tic operiivewre soc as isteshpes use mite daca comple aero umfestand Also TNS Sach evewremove epigenetic by “The book i an outcome of ove hive Yes of teaching of ani ste of Bagong so Some feat a he in of Ue of en of ir rn oo a Balagrtaen fone Tees meenee sot que pol de pte ofa. hilo beri Une 0 Coverage be whe fe ope of examples hy can npc a he ‘Sivciy cuir an i bhp alt sehen sel Matematica andet ap ene Bettomae sere simp in ozo deat hl won. Th thn reqonescerufcrsning ofthe comp ad ete of WEE ‘Miicoais A each Engin shea hs sie goon Meorterecen gous ate po oft res hichofen ted ‘Steinar lio ofhsetheens io egieing pb ‘Webbie pay Wi hil amin an eth Teta ois btw etl ery hoe satis gens ‘Stamos fod tice nin eos snc Sace come and three se sere alo Snr tema poate gen whee wa enue Fe ‘heey cut aeentycnnsetuansea teil oot teaver ra stot “mle mee orn. aa tpi een hed ‘nosth ops conc oe ins eh cst ving or een ge monker of examples 0 Renin wectecaee These compe re mos en fom be wie ‘estionpapes an some ae nev cosnce scoring wt nes This ile sudensto know the meot pdms ty sees ace nd "He metbads of ving ach poleneIniton loss meat Iinatlaeous cramps witcomplee soles povided tel ofc ‘pecan an eqaly lg nner of exampler gies nts Ges aie wich Tase escapes se popeyga nd cata ‘lushleds that tadentan hve ute il werk oping spree ‘etnies, the Dok ergo tat comes opt a "pect and mest he demands a the sent of bth tape love vrs cle. rao fle he extn ofthe every sles Teer andi am exes nd sincerely tal to Prof AN, Net MSe.P. (BARC AESe tear Egy Cals (amet Scie BARC) a Pro Neon Feira Me ue Matias) fortes conn asnaae, ate poe and const enouragame in rig wl se of ‘seal Universi. Lao ak Bis oppranty expen sine ‘hanks io Pot AS. Desa of Ms, Sems Lar, Prof-A Pasar PR MPs. Po. 8. HepB (Dr) AV Dahon, A.V Desh {ert lp nl spect of my oaks tesco exes ny sincere hanks nd cs of patie "Su Patil) Shak: MA. who wholeheartedly coped oe ep fpublishing tients. a nk ia iting ly ed ‘ne th ook te whole seis, Lam tal oS Halen Bes Skt ‘hopes oi another member of fC, naa an ot ‘eign ors toe tha the ok rahe studs an acs ni foc he cnperacon ant stance a pode an dbo ts ‘eres My tks ara do Skt Ant Vos of Mala Boe (ener for aes crefl and svi ype sting ata St Kasha etal a (teat Conc oben coer sien hope it estes a ashes of Engin Meni of Mural ote Ulver will pect effort ewe it ‘lon ethane Any seein fr enaacng wy ook ‘for emovig ers ht mig hve go dood wil be ply toon so. 208 ‘Soko Resin Colon, agama, atapr-416008 hoe: (231) 28004; Mie: 2608278 (Caen Vt Kamar Syllabus APPLIED MATHEMATICS - 111 SE. Semester- (turbt University Effective From Jone 2008) ‘Computer Enginesing Module: Laplace Transom "Fela tn Lp ne noe th emmacwtnceen at ey 2 Lewes Pehrgppn ee ‘aero Sug cteeueooay ce eo) {2}. offre} \ ona in on, Dts cP ten | esronctnS om ® fe ere tape Foam, Part fatens aod a ‘ont aca (ih pron. « ‘ro Show equate wo Suna ae Modu 02: atces 1 psec dar ami acta Onhop Aa ar doencocs a apenas ro 2 Syst of namaganoes end romhonogintois aati, halt natn on shen eo Module 03: Fourier Series 1. Crogan rrmerema st Exressnef x nten nase ‘forenoon Oltscondtion Fv otes fae | tecrenmetnaliaew 2) eed os ‘tors sosoe ParsaeTe s(t pos, eo | Compe mo oe Sen oy 44 rea arn wns, cy Module 04; Fourier Transform Ieee Fauter nega Foul a ie nag Foie fe and cox ransom, Liesl pepery, Changs xe pay. [hing pepo. Comtton err fat po oo Module 05:2-Tranform “astomel sasarsinctens sich 2(4, 2) ney eps ‘ning Siig sl re Fl vain ere Caron ‘fone (ot hae po) af are Zr oo) Module 06: Use of Scilab {Corp ater) ose taal rato, 1. Bests 07 above yas at ast 10 fot azend paper (10 rom) 2 mtn 9c ta try po man odin Eietronies andTelacormunicaion Module 01: Lapice Transforms 0 "Ong ety py Ls tra sa Aetne 2. Fete hoa, Sven ting hore). L() Chae ‘tea repry (at orons wh ea Conon toronto et 5 Liles Wane ef pe Kectns, roe Fst | Home Unt Sap tieon nd Dimers retin, Module 2: Laplace Transforms and Matrices (12) 1. tngroapae tants, Sein! cary rea egons (ng the ao ror ms 2, Types et tation Symes, Sow syne, Hominy, Saw ertan, Chen at Uniary Mase 2 bro acing Art ola Modula 00 Matices 0) 2 Sym of Homapeour an en tamepmens enon, Oa 2. Unear Orpentace and fopendenoe of ec © ental” Shivtn acta nen, Sues Module 04: Fourier Series 2) ‘batten Dil conto (ements Sates ot 2, ue ro (ven pet, 2 Far cn fon eg PY od 2. 1 Htrge Feuer re, Prorar ert (nibs roo Module 08 Fourier Tanstorms eo + ene Furnes Fut Sandor ie ‘rotor: Foe Sine and‘Coane Transom: Cnet ‘opener sta oy sr Pop 2 Coma berm tenet) nd ee ions Modula 5: ZAranatorms . Sequnce, Repreenitn fa square, Base operations on SERIE. Dion o Zsmnctoms: Ueary pone (omeat Soon Zander of anced segue on Kc Ke 2, Chagoo! sale pony. Siting pop, esse Zenon. ‘Seven reser (omer en). 4. ovr tan ty Dt ison. inl expansion a Pari ‘Theory Examination aco 3. Ore aueston wil be conpubry and based on ert sun 4 Remaining questo wil te I gueton papa nea of eh mole il be pein ‘umber feos lec hare as mntane nf pn, eee CONTENTS |. Zraneorme 1140 187 2) tntosuction @ Dafiniton Region af Convergence (@ Zivaneorm of Some Sander Funclons (8) Popatoe arto (@ ees rants Fourier Tansforns 2410238 ()rvotuen (2) Four eng() Fost Sine And Cex egal (@) Fete Tans 0 Congix eter Tanstrm() ere For “arto Or Cone: Fauar Tracom 6) Fur Se Tam ) tovorce Four Sie Tanto () routes Coie Tanto {Inverse Fores Canina ans (0) Properties Of over “tanto (11) Fito Fate Sn rns Ae eae (2) Far Gos Transom hn vee Fourie Series 34 to 3.103] (0 raeszten@ oeersConsten ()Oeteriston Ot Foun outs (Eula Forman) (0) Pars toa In + 21) (© Gororaisoa fia Ot regan By Pare (Feu Sis a Gera!) qpiahaange Sen ‘Complex Frm Of Fourier Sries atte 422 (Ov imvcscion @)Canples Form Ot Faso Sao (9) Onhogenli, rnaealy (0) Fourier Tee Laplace Wansforms-1 51 10564 (0 reduction @) ation () Unsarty Prope (0) Lasace ‘rnsome O Stars Face () Chang eels Pepe (0 Fr Shing Tosa (Secon Sig Tracer (Chat Mrpicston y(t 0 Dsen By #(1) Lnac Taam (F Ooaes (1) Lace Tanta OF igre, Laplace Transforms I 51 wo B85 4. Rank OFA Mati 741058) (0) reotcton@ Dstrion (Types OF aie Opratns On ins (ters And Clare (To art OA Saar Mai (7 Recroca! Mati () Oxrgorl Waters) Unaoy Maer (90) Elementary Taetormasone (1) emery Hatin (2) Rak ‘44 m5) Namal Farm - Caron! For (4) Atsen OF ato To Normal Form PAD (Is) Iveree By Elamenay ow et wer {2 Iroeon 9 Veoers 6) Non. Honogentovs Les Equaons (@)somoganneas Ure Equator) Vs (Ure Depo Ad indapedence OF vaclr @) Solitons of Linear Algor use (Gauss Elminton Who (@) Gavsesosan ees (00) eve Mate (11) Joe Hane (2) Gos Sel ao, Total 538 eee Ust of Book Sellers ‘WHOLESAEERS = shy tom li rae se edn an Mamba 10 036 aa Bunga yer oe ra bart Sales Agency. Conger Lane, Bein Coal Mas Ciena ‘oral ead, Mamba 00 2 Phone #200058 7 2821307 avrg Book Sepp ‘iso Avatele At ftestng Bank House, aivril Book Corporation en Hnsaon Hone, eo iva Cena Be. a Yaladest nou ‘Phone: 2262822 hone + 7204060 lon Bak Stat, shee Ganesh store, anade Rad, ‘2 ¥ ond, ass eat (net). tent = an028 Mombas - 400 o72 Sela Book Cane, 718 Road, Rajah Mantel 10 077 enka swe Sho Bala Bok sores, ans Book Sa ‘op Ma. 38, Ba Aang, tide Bevan ale, Ore. Khabar Ry. Stati, ‘Ander! (wet), Sésto3, XKARGHAR, Navi Mumbai Mumba = co 093 hose: 56100037 / obizesie:2 Phone = zezeaeze ‘emt sk Dep Sol Stan, tina Path, Thane (wert) Student Book Store, Shop Mo 12, Bs. Sector = 9 2a ag, Vat {anion Book Dept, ‘shr Path havik oak conte, Jaye Book Agency, 42, KE oa, Salon aad, 18, Silay Shppng fete, Vasa (ex) "sation fone, Chembur las, Membat - 40 071 ook Pat, 9. ad Andes (est) Mambat = son 083 ‘Ganesh sk cen Sect 35/36 Manet, (02352) 2083 1 Z~- TRANSFORMS MM NAW NNO QHATAMNMAHHGHGHGOHONONT 2. Introduction We have ea sud Laplace Tanto an Fri Tasoms, ‘xn toe tae ae somos clon. Thee tao a a ‘eta sjing Sac ayaa Lea yan ich tepals {te form of dcr pes ot set raton mo cae Coes Tina ‘vata (at Forta nathan wo ned Zvaso, ‘ta caper we satel pt sears mtn sega hy > rss endian mers Zante At eng apace Maro ‘Se Ztanfom, jou wt id a Zane se dan sagas ot ‘Shoe Trantor For every operon le and apc of Caace ‘nm re carenpnas an pte ropsttan ct on Fer rang you i ns Ursa Prepay, Sing Toran, Come "heron ob nem Lance Transom and uname, 2, Sequences cles te ananassae a can ml, ie arargemart ‘ala emion Wovre pany therein asgutes vee hana Uovelortompaxnans's ow dpe teins ews We hal dence sequence by 0) }and nto otha segues by 14, Fo samo whe sequence (Pee a Fock20,(Q)22 ork (90 Tuna agus we have tote ne acu. te oe tm kta hoa on ht ‘eta sch oerdtams (0). 7) }eaed he eae iment tho sequerc Fat emg (ra 02 10,8.5.,6.0) i Te anow Tinea te let corecpendngt k= 0. Th ants on et eae sow corecpondio Ki, -2 "and A megane ke 23, ‘Aro aaa oa 2tartome (Siren sume ct hunch arash w= ang na Soe For exami = ter ean nog Ti seqgenea it fom ERZR2VR BT sn tion cn rete seuren ncaa many os, (2. reas, OB be dend P28 ed (ahaa ar heal { fea S— Fe] (PEE ad 13. Basic Operations On Seauences Wo sl ne Bion some propio eqns Sraigh earls 4. Aton: Th su o rnc) wo sasonce itary ‘king or sitar coreporng em fsa cunness Forename. (gh 2.88 y= P28 oh em OE Lo UB) = +1) 2 POF Ed 20228 ho ete) nfo 0) = 912,32 98) Od 2022 Thad nd St inion sat ton 2 ron see ua concn tasers ey manos Se (ofthe sequence (f(y a. ” “ Forexanpe,# Wh, sate = Appin ahetie oa tanstnme HD AB oof 00 2.220 208, 208... 20, 2. Umar aenBare o car an rn ro sce ana we can eta ance sequence by ming We oreo ‘wo sequen yo ané az sbove and asin ha orerponng ome Le ele» Ba) (e108 B90) Forename (8) = 12.3; a GWE Dod ven) 229} aa) zc dheraning nantly ns rae Soar avequnes 8) Detntion :H/) 8 gon scuenco art we nee) resnimberLr anasto an fe) acl acomergentaequene, done comegee to edt dott, Oe ae cemeto= We Bk here on ro.te.ne ‘ects betwen an conan “9 2 -nanstorme 1. Wee downin tam coroepnang k= tthe bowing sequnce Heschagen ki (Ae) 2. Wego sae consepondeg ok=— Bethe lawng sence $12,109, -7.-8-8 16) (ane! 10) JAveamen i i £ i f i i i 24.818.) 498.27, way Fe bv eh 4. Z-teansforms ‘Wo sts now deine Zande oa uaience. maga eA ACB, A OOH ad Lat = c+ 70 acompokmmba hen LUM) IBC DE Ne HOE HE HEE OE = Sete $0 te easton a oa rms, [2ean= Eran ‘Appin aaa 05 Zotantoone (Sepnaronse oan: Ut evn sniny eae sa cuance08 oe me oft seus 0 1) 310 oh. and Ztanomoty ZUR, ladah ory He each tam, fo can Zara os eeqnce wo moyen ‘iby negative powar tf ha ore of tat tn ance ie 2. Zifthyieatneton oa snp vrei im ete of he infintesenie 340) Sonvergene We al sant tho oun eae crete res 3. nerve nooner ne sal dance he sees by 1H (th Zeman ene mls Zot resend coaoy 2" caso ciate Ine 218) tr rt ong 29 sa zeemeznne” Saar her ong a epee 8 zane Ee" (oi soot eae vaet ae varsote BBN UA), 83.0.-9-.-9, fs 21, Heayeo. Wet=6, 10) 8, 10)=5, 10)=-3, 10) =-8, 1) =-8 zum $e | | Appt manenatin ; | Crone oo n07 4624 s32%v0r" | Zihy=0e2 v02+9-0-8 Poe Ba 3: 22% 21. Eee. eA cease {Se BASE a 0, ORF 409,054 8 31, 98,.98 ‘oa Zana 8 AMPA eee Teeisraatetere BEF hierdie, ome poe atheros on arene race teat Laer aerate Poon Eat eteart inlet | tere MAEM #5 REND, ates? sR Beet stzess totale FFF. teat 21<0, Since 224 blele iE. |zl ‘Shes 2100 = oom vere 2"! Snot tee Zen. ‘ong none oan) zevanaorme 1.3: Find the Zor tH) = ke 420 Sot Amuning Mofo <9, nor o yb eaap eer Avsieg Membr age tet (ne Sa lh ae cometetaret thin tsiclat ar Jens OCI z1=1aH| Pareles Caves Fnd ha Zvansarn off) 420. (i) Pine arr ot tk) =R2* A sot: Paha 2in esto xanp9 on (= 2, 8 nna: 0) 2 abe 2, OY Bee HE, fel) hem rae Pa Ona Eat! Ze! ca 1.4: Find saat tf) =a a, 2h) Sabet fuse) com el et 8: Fnd the ZArantom of = £ Aenaning (R= 00 0, 2a), f ort ES a cod o sppeed ate -t (Simeon Pita inte shoe scan, Pika Bint sire exe zuy=-ma(-$) OC S| 21> al Caras emotes (anette 2) ea) Ex.6: Fate Zuentomet sje A20, Asim tat 8)= wank 2, aes Zo seen uh. xe 127 :Fndtne Zuanclamat Ae BO. Assuring Bat HX} whan 20 Z0001= 3 tiie» 3 ote t= 5 0a wha perm be ‘esos being GP. is conrengert# > 12/6] a. 1OL> 12. OC e| 21 =| shee, 204) = 52 sng snanatca oa ft, eo cessracunnearnei 2 7a 6 on be Zan l= "G05 sous 20-5 "eet See" ea beth: (2 “he etsy tei vy coment #228 POC stet ptr eaceteoin 1s 10: Fite Ztaaom tf) =%Gy 2 sus came, tout Seat ‘eleanor by hyn 20) EGO = Em eetet reece Le pape MOORE PG cetfertart meet der ciel. 1a the Zane ot imager sous 210 Apple Manemata erence 0) 2ranaorms 20 Far Ete (een be prone amo) otto ‘Aestove ROC eI 1 es ten Zen sau: ZHn= F =et!* ROC att pine nah Zranstorm andi ROO of ach fe fling sequen Bria R20 Efe eed a Tube(nT aH AZO 41-2 k20 a Waakz0 GHB ee Tisai eeo aMWadheeo — aLfiaii/af ko WWHWeR ACO MIWad eed HBMad Reo sae seas ares (anroerd HE r)aso% 0 Msbe ksh 20 hme Bass mime Zaes met enese 110-012 meat an yo 10P tra Nthedieae east) am Mocnnere Bimcsinese Mameouce aon vay, ae ah, aot 25. ti) ope anon Mt os) Z-transtorme po) itt 9, A ated hag le hm 0) phy e809 ot selma TES lace, aay OF Ram rs aaa (0) Es alated, m Bedale 00 gdp italeled. Og ty =O actetca, (1) Ese Om arate OI Ogee in, 8): Beate, wat (29 #7 R00 epee, (2m 21%, Roc epee, EG see ah eh eg Etat Peete 9, Properties ofZ-transforms in he alee tantlorm neta flowng pone of pled amas en) Z-tanstorme (0) reety I a acon and and g(t eu wich Za s +918) «221041» B26) root: We hv yen Farm) seat), 1) rbg00)="* = Ben soe" saEniz* soE0w2" nazinn+8Z 8) 2100 + tH = ZH + Za) ware. (an a) ean be a afer dee cone oe et vatteart ested seceatsat oP railed t ean) ‘he tferin GP a consents > |e lant >|] ie 2+ He susie “ne Rociet a)» [zie Aga aheatie oom zemanaorme | sctsrnnn cnet oa 2etrnatorms ‘eter 0) taste = cca nak 2 teh serie bng GP ae corargent cic Lail2|>|eoranisina)lte tl zl> |e 0 10) cos 2 ins SE sey ‘Ape athena 20) ‘-nanstrme (Slopaerame = Ht feneanasy Wectieiceeetd a cas on 2-2-4) Fe he Zant ole flonng = 8) vat a(S see ‘cork saan e2) coef 2) th(ake 8) re eax 3) 2222s) (ans. 00 7 OFS, serene) zont zs: cosas Bese! © Faso Zeneoshi) ay 22802) ‘sem Peete Pasremtart Aa aece nT 09 eta OY ee Pa2ceeh2 gy) zeblezen, (aaa a’ Fares Applause wan (Stren crane “Theorem: 121 2ushiem =| = Ft (wal be Fy <|2ra] Ial osksn 2l>0 leis Iotetaieg latstel zlota lel >maaieeLleoD ‘opted naman on zane (Sinn em) Miscellaneous Examples x1: Find Zante ot {acon kas Bane), K=O Sou: zZ{aconkes bn Re} os Kel+ Dish ka} 18 ent sepa] somes con —ZANI yy g 22cm) "Ea beeeniet OF azen(eh rh sors wanne ($< a) cen serna. flenestel sneszsnit) aes aeatin aga Ztrnatorms Snare Ex 43nd 21208 9k 2), Kz ‘SL: Wehave cos (Sk+ 2) cos Sk cos2—sin skein Zoos (8E+2) coe 2» (08 3h 2+ Zn 38 zee) GG pee Pepe eae a0), SB ee Nowy cane ci pean sao sem fete S01: Weave Ztennat) yf ‘pitta 39 2 tao pe 2(3* sha) =. soe Gams erin 2(steoshaih tee Set wehe Z(ssnat« ft - change sl prove. 2istcosnat= Ea: Find Zk 2), 20, So noe Zt) = 204162 Aguas 2 -tanstrms ple mates (109 a 208 tuum (2) U8 ute Fin the Ztranstorme sees, TES sa ertpamc ere rigors alain afeghe ae feedane leGFoapere watt oahae (43 6.00 (ME, +4), 20 eco a) 020 tan) Zee vn EEG Es gpd atanaten 0 020) Sena Ce a o- “eae wpa Yep abs co Eyres on gS oa Acme aH oo s(eseeeetcme) on massage =| on [egg Sces| om ee 10, Inverse of -transformn ‘We stat now cosa te revert rob Le geno Zane Z1H(H) = Pa) ohn seen bd Bo opal equnce Sneed by 8) Re Weta cease rn Cincom Ro B12 ws Pew anon Stages ne wt ona tony aes 2 oat ern Shama om z-tantorms (2) Dre Dision Inthe metiog wo die the manta by he denen and otal cosa. te) = 2 we tay ie Pb Qe Mowers pone = Bee aay ie Pe) by 2 le mati, oof acd res en Dhztotal ols setstptzi>tel|=|>4 40. [2 fer wocomioe eiren-[e} 2 net ate] 2 12/2] tant 21> ays} 0; wong de (ayn te £2 BP saa raat Eee tay-ten-2\n20 Wiest 2 ao esol Appts water os) (Cpr ond (2) Nomepned Gude cor tte nonropand gtate Wolsor tat 2h conanys yee ae) tet 2A enohe toma 2 te a) (pieseta ® peel an * wee crema} Mezeoe nd ne = MESH 9 2ocoee, a= ‘Thon (aaa be Mon Meneses Aa HSS WHere2= sang Peer aD Serene eae eee [gle vere nec ieee] 2 sete nine os) ese wie ~eeasney Prag Fa 2aeanare ‘wees verses Frais setsheapoovon.| 2 let conguing 2+ wan = 2rcon ar 2 weces tat 2eztn mn 2-2 ora 2 wo seal ex and om znanaorme nak Hea) ner), woo crenen E(u, a0 Apped aenates Speen pevescnme stds 12: Enpesng habe neton 8 Furr re vaste 30: leit tina stove put 0 [Mens Aon Note: Unto tare ie 9 nfomsy hentai o Fou gat ‘sod Fouir tates, Some autor une rpc sea passer 1.8: Find te Fore rer represen ot a reo 9 Sete Ft gee -AE Lngeorae mane] evar [ Cetenete- nde *tonmscetercheednandas [esffeseenes ana sor Bt Je coteae ale ceed bance sod fot enone =" [easntn- Bost oping Matera eo Fourier Panto (trond 1a)- 26 [esorls Lee teameae snes] seinen tetas ~ecsenl fee eee tec. 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