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Connecting Self to the World

POVERTY (food & healthcare assistance)

55% of American households have received government aid

In 2015, there were 43.1 million people in poverty (earning less than $11,880 a
In 2014, 5.4million seniors (over age 60), or 9 percent of all seniors were food
insecure (meaning they did not have consistent access to food)


12.6 million people die each year worldwide due to living in an unhealthy
People who live in high-density air pollution area, have 20% higher risk of dying
from lung cancer, than people living in less polluted areas.
China is the worlds largest producer of carbon dioxide. United States is
number 2.
The garbage dumped in the ocean every year is roughly around 14 billion
pounds. Plastic is the largest issue.


97% of low-income students rely on school for internet access, but 40 million
students do not have high-speed Internet in school.
In 2012, Black students had only a 69% graduation rate and Hispanic students
had a 73% rate, while Asian students had a 88% graduation rate and
Caucasian students had an 86% rate.
In the workplace, 85% of current jobs and 90% of new jobs require some or
more college or post-secondary education.
On average, college costs between $40,000-$100,000 for 4 years (this
does not include housing or food)


2.5 million children are homeless in the US

Over 500,000 people are homeless on any given night in the US.
This statistic does not include people in shelters or living with other
On average, Americans spend 30% of their salary on paying for rent.
Think about how much people living in poverty make

Connecting Self to the World

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