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Bridgewater College Teacher Education Program Lesson Plan

Name: Megan LaPrade

Subject/Grade Lesson Title: Unit: Date or Lesson

Level: #:
Percents to Fractions Fractions, Decimals,
6th Grade Math Percents Jan. 9, 2017

Virginia SOL/National Standard:

6.2 The student will

a) investigate and describe fractions, decimals, and percents as ratios;

b) identify a given fraction, decimal, or percent from a representation;

c) demonstrate equivalent relationships among fractions, decimals, and percents; and

d) compare and order fractions, decimals, and percents.

Measurable Lesson Objective(s):

At the end of this lesson, students will be able to:

1. Describe the relationships between percents and fractions.

2. Express a given percent as a fraction.

Materials/Technologies/Resources Needed:

iPad (one per student)

Notes and practice (one per student)


Exit Slip (one per student)

Assessment (Formative and/or Summative):

Students will be given an exit slip to be completed before leaving class.

Anticipatory Set (Hook & Agenda):

(Hook will be done after the warm-up)

Teacher will: Students will: Accommodatio Anticipated
ns/Differentiati Time:
Display the Steph Curry hook Brainstorm amongst themselves on:
page and ask students to read to find the answer to the given
the prompt and brainstorm as a prompt
class what this percentage 3 min.
means. N/A

Access /Review Prior Knowledge:

There will be a warm-up on the board for students to complete upon entering the room.

Teacher will: Students will: Accommodatio Anticipate

ns/Differentiati d Time:
Post the warm-up questions on Sit and complete the warm-up on:
the Nearpod app. These individually at their seats. Once
questions will draw from the they have answered the
previous weeks lessons. The questions, they will submit their 5-10
teacher will then go over the answers via the app. N/A minutes
answers to the warm-up
questions when answered and
address any student confusion.

Teaching Process & Modeling (Content is presented, accessed or built)

Guided Practice & Checking for Understanding

Independent Practice

There is no prescribed order to this section; you must tailor the order to the students and the content. This should be the
longest portion of your lesson plan.

Teacher will: Students will: Accommodatio Anticipate

ns/Differentiati d Time:
Hand out the Percents! notes and Follow along with the teacher as on:
practice worksheet. The teacher the notes and practice are being
will go through the notes portion presented on the board.
of the worksheet with the whole 15
class at the front of the room N/A minutes
using the projector and
document camera.
Students will follow along with
The teacher will do a few of the the teacher for the guided
practice examples to make sure practice portion and then work 15 min
students understand the together to complete the
concepts, then the students will remaining problems on the
be asked to complete the worksheet.
remaining practice problems in
their table groups 10
The teacher will go over the Students will check their work N/A
answers to the practice side of with the class and answer
the worksheet. The teacher will
call on students to either give the questions when called upon.
answer or write their answer on
the board for the class to see,
depending on time.

Teacher will pass out the Extra

Practice sheet for students to use
as a think-square-share activity. Students will participate in the N/A 15-20
(working in their squares) think-square-share minutes


Percents to Fractions Exit Slip

Teacher will: Students will: Accommodatio Anticipate

ns/Differentiati d Time:
Hand out the exit slip to Complete their exit slip and on:
students, which must be hand it in to the teacher 5-10
completed before the end of before leaving the room N/A minutes
the period

Declarative Summary Statement: Today we learned what percents are, and how to change
percentages to fractions.

Activity If Extra Time Remains or Technology Fails:

If extra time remains, students will be allowed to use their iPad for educational apps such as
Reflex. If technology fails, the teacher will break students into groups, assign whiteboard to each
group, and play a round of group Think-Pair-Share until the end of the period.

Teacher will: Students will: Accommodatio Anticipate

ns/Differentiati d Time:
Walk around the room to check Complete the assigned tasks at on:
students work and answer their desks Until the
questions when needed N/A end of the

Note: Attach or provide hyperlink to all handouts, external documents, resources, etc.