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AP Psychology 12 - Research Essay Criteria

This assignment involves writing a research essay on a topic that is of

interest to you. Your task is to investigate a topic from a psychological
paradigm that has been covered in this course. Examples of psychological
paradigms include, developmental psychology, abnormal psychology, social
psychology, etc. Through this assignment, you will be demonstrating your
ability to thoughtfully inquire and research a topic using a database and
journal articles. The essay must be approximately 5 to 6 pages double-
spaced, in APA format, and typed in a 12-point font. Assignments submitted
electronically will be accepted but hard copies are preferred. This research
essay should include at least 3 references from reputable sources such as
peer- reviewed empirical journals, that can be found using the school library

Sample Topics:
Addictions: which substance(s) most addicting? Which easiest/hardest to treat?
Role of the environment in the development of personality
Addiction: influences of genetics vs. peers/environment
Anxiety: Causes, Symptoms and Therapy
Attachment Theory: relationship to parenting style & psychological health as an adult
Research the literature on the psychological and physical benefits of laughter.
The Validity of Psychological Tests: how established? Which tests more valid? Less valid?
Collectivist vs. Individualistic Cultures: impact on positive self-esteem/sense of self.
Interpersonal Attraction: causes, gender differences; is there an "ideal"?
How is Intelligence Measured? Reasons for controversy/debate
Compare and contrast the Learning Theories of B. F. Skinner and Jean Piaget
Contact sports & degenerative brain disease

Requirements for APA style:

Title page with running head (formatted according to APA style)
5-6 pages of text double-spaced (not including reference list and title
1 margins, 12 point Times Roman font, double-spaced
Use headers as appropriate throughout (formatted according to APA
Reference List (formatted according to APA style)
Citations Throughout

A high critical thinking response must contain the following

Effective use of analytical and critical thinking skills
Clarity and conciseness of writing, including effective integration of
Well organized, with your arguments following in logical sequence
Obvious effort, as indicated by no spelling errors, typos, or
grammatical errors
Following the most recent edition of the APA citation guide precisely

This assignment will be due: