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Schumman Resonance

It's increasingly hard to find a web page dedicated to the sales of

alternative medicine products or New Age spirituality that does not cite
the Schumann resonances as proof that some product or service is
rooted in science. This mysterious number of 7.83 comes up again and
again in sales pitches, as a sort of miracle frequency that can bring you
health and wellness. Today we're going to see what the Schumann
resonances actually are, how they formed and what they do, and see if
we can determine whether they are, in fact, related to human health.

Since life began, the Earth has been surrounding and protecting all living
things with a natural frequency pulsation of 7.83 HZthe ancient Indian
Rishis called OM. "Schumann Resonance" refers to the frequency of the
electromagnetic field of the earth. Whether by coincidence or not, it also
happens to be a very powerful frequency to use with brainwave
entrainment. The discovery, from 1954, has spurred much research. We
incorporated subtle Isochronic tones in the music.

The amount of resonance fluctuates as the ionosphere becomes more or

less dense, which depends largely on the amount of solar radiation
striking it. At night, that part of the ionosphere that's in the Earth's
shadow thins out. Another influence is that the world's three lightning
hotspots Asia, Africa, and South America also follow a day/night
cycle, and are seasonal as well. Thus, the peaks of radio signal strength
at the Schumann resonance follow a constantly shifting, but reasonably
predictable, schedule.

This frequency has been associated with high levels of hypnotizability,

meditation, increased HGH levels and cerebral blood flow levels seem to
be much higher while this frequency is being stimulated. OM mantra was
uttered by the Vedic sages who stayed on the banks of the river
Saraswati in 9000 BC. Vedic civilization of Saraswati flourished till 4000
BC, till the river became non-perennial due to tectonic shifts blocking the
Himalayan Glacier mouth. The elite then migrated all over including
Western coast of India, Mesopotamia, Europe and Russia.

The most pervasive of all the popular fictions surrounding the Schumann
resonance is that it is correlated with the health of the human body.
There are a huge number of products and services sold to enhance
health or mood, citing the Schumann resonance as the foundational
science. Before looking at some of these claims in detail, it's noteworthy
that neither Schumann resonances, electromagnetic radiation, or the
Earth's ionosphere are mentioned in any medical or anatomical
textbooks. There is no detectable or theoretically predicted relationship
between either ELF radio or the number 7.83 and the health of human
body. But let's look at some of the claims.

Geospace is the term that relates to the solar-terrestrial environment

and the relevant space occupied by Earth and her fields. Schumann
Resonances (SR), global electromagnetic resonances, excited by
lightning, is one of the natural EM fields in our planetary environment.
But resonances can be excited by any electromagnetic disturbance in
the atmosphere.

Proponents of binaural beats cite the Schumann frequency as well.

These are audio recordings which combine two slightly offset frequencies
to produce a third phantom beat frequency that is perceived from the
interference of the two. Here is a common binaural beat recording that
produces a beat frequency of 7.83 Hz:

The solar-terrestrial environment is modulated by solar cycles which

affect the global climate and all organisms in the biosphere. Interference
patterns are the transducers of energy, which at its most fundamental is
described as information. Earth functions like a planet-sized electrical
capacitor or condenser, storing electrical potential.

Variations on this specific claim are fairly ubiquitous, that our bodies'
energy fields need to interact with the Schumann resonance but can't
because of all the interference from modern society. It's all complete and
utter nonsense. Human bodies do not have an energy field, in fact
there's not even any such thing as an energy field. Fields are constructs
in which some direction or intensity is measured at every point: gravity,
wind, magnetism, some expression of energy. Energy is just a
measurement; it doesn't exist on its own as a cloud or a field or some
other entity. The notion that frequencies can interact with the body's
energy field is, as the saying goes, so wrong it's not even wrong.

The Schumann resonance modes, like other low-frequency modes, are

able to leak into the ionosphere, particularly at night when the plasma
density is lower. . .Using measurements from the
Communications/Navigation Outage Forecasting System (C/NOFS)
satellite, we report, for the first time, Schumann resonance signatures
detected well beyond the upper boundary of the cavity. These results
offer new means for investigating atmospheric electricity, tropospheric-
ionospheric coupling mechanisms related to lightning activity, and wave
propagation in the ionosphere. The detection of Schumann resonances
in the ionosphere calls for revisions to the existing models of extremely
low frequency wave propagation in the surface-ionosphere cavity.
So our major point today is that you should be very skeptical of any
product, service, article, website, or merchant who uses the Schumann
resonance, in any way, as part of a sales pitch. The Earth does not have
any particular frequency. Life on Earth is neither dependent upon, nor
enhanced by, any specific frequency. Most of these sales pitches are
what we in the brotherhood like to call a Word Salad, sciencey-sounding
language thrown together in such a way as to sound impressive to the
layperson. There's plenty of sciencey goodness in understanding why
and what the Schumann resonances actually are, without co-opting
them to promote nonsense.