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For Immediate Release

City of Kenosha to Expand Route Service

[Kenosha, December 29, 2016] Effective January 1, 2017, the City of Kenosha will be
expanding public bus service. This expansion will increase current service hours by 30%.
Utilizing federal funding, the city bus will be running four of its most utilized routes until
midnight on weekdays. This three-year grant will allow for current and new transit users to have
access to the community for more time throughout the day.
This initiative will also partner with the Amazon Distribution Center, Lakeview Corporate Park
and Kenosha Beef to expand opportunities to get to and from work. Kenosha transit is
committed to providing wider opportunities to increase employment opportunities for the
residents in this community.
In coordination with the expansion, bus fares will increase at the beginning of the year. Director
Ron Iwen said, We were mindful of the riders when considering this increase. Because of the
re-purposing of federal funds, we were able to keep the increase affordable. Adult fares will go
from $1.75 one way to $2.00 one way. We anticipate this increase to be manageable, while
helping to contribute our portion of matching dollars.
Route schedules and maps are available on the buses as well as at www.kenosha.org.

Contact: Lauren Zielsdorf

(262) 653-4475

Kenosha Area Transit
Mission Statement

Mass Transit functions to provide safe and efficient public transportation to the community for
access to jobs, schools, medical services, and business establishments. A mass transit system is
an integral part of helping the area meet the requirements of the Clean Air Act.

Kenosha Area Transit


Mass Transit provides and arranges for public transportation services. Fixed route service is
provided six days per week, Monday through Saturday, on regularly scheduled routes. Hours of
operation are: Monday-Friday (6:00 A.M. To 7:30 P.M.) and Saturday (9:00 A.M. To 4:00
P.M.). The Streetcar runs on a Sunday through Saturday schedule year round. Complementary
services for the disabled community are provided under contract seven days a week during the
same hours as our fixed route or streetcar services. These services to the disabled community are
provided in a partnership with Kenosha County. In addition, we will be providing new service
from a CMAQ grant that will include service until midnight for routes 2, 4, and 31. We will also
have express routes to the industrial parks in Kenosha County until midnight.
Currently 55% of the funding for operations comes from federal and state sources. Capital
projects, eligible for funding by the federal government, are generally funded with an 80%
federal share and 20% local share. Additionally, Kenosha County accesses additional State
funding for the services provided to the disabled community
Kenosha Transit Director, Ron Iwen, has been part of the leadership team for over 15 years.
With a Bachelor degree in Criminology, Ron has been a city employee for 26 years. His
extensive experience with the City of Kenosha uniquely positions him to lead the public
transportation for our community.
Innovation is the key to providing public service at this medium sized transit property. As the
Director, Mr. Iwen is consistently reviewing route mapping and scheduling and using the
feedback of residents to build the best transit system for our community.
According to Mr. Iwen, Safety is a key priority for us at Kenosha Area Transit. We take many
precautions to ensure that our riders, drivers and the public can navigate this community safely.
Our drivers receive regular training on passenger management.
The Kenosha Transit fleet consists of 65 buses and employs 80 full and part-time staff. The
public bus system is a function of the City of Kenosha and is governed by the Transit
Commission, the Common Council and the Mayor.
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I find a bus stop near me?
Bus stops are located throughout the city off Kenosha. Bus stops occur approximately
every two blocks. Schedules are available at www.kenosha.org. A smartphone app is also
available for IPhones and Androids.

Do I have to get on the bus at a designated stop?

It is best practice to board the bus at a designated stop, however, a rider may flag a bus to
stop anywhere along the bus route. This is known as flag stop.
Can the bus driver make change?
No. The buses are equipped with fare boxes and therefore, the drivers are unable to make
What if I need to transfer buses?
Upon boarding the bus, inform the driver that you will need a transfer slip. The bus
drivers have the ability to help coordinate transfers to ensure a timely travel experience.
How do I let the driver know I need to disembark?
For your convenience, there are yellow pull ropes on either side of the bus. Please pull
the cord prior to your departure stop.
I have a disability, can the bus accommodate me?
Yes, all buses are equipped with the ability to kneel (lower the bus entrance) as well as
deploy a handicap ramp. Kenosha Transit is ADA compliant. The drivers will not assume you
need assistance, simply inform them that you need help prior to boarding.
I need to travel outside of the city limits, does Kenosha Transit accommodate this?
Kenosha Transit travels only within city limits. However, our public bus system partners
with other providers to allow you to get from the lake front to our western most community in
Kenosha County, Twin Lakes. Simply inform the driver of your intention to transfer to this
Kenosha Transit has played a critical role in getting me to my job. Jeff, rider of 10 years

The city bus offers me and my family an affordable opportunity to navigate this community.
The drivers are friendly and the buses are clean and well maintained. Sue rider of 1 year

I dont know what I would do without the buses. I depend on them for my grocery shopping,
getting to the doctor and attending social outings in the area. The fare is reasonable and the
schedule is convenient. Beth rider of 3 years