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Operation and Maintenance Manual Industrial and Power Generation QSX15 ru ‘Cummins Customer Assistance Center Pt aioe eT) ‘APPLICABLE ONLY IN U.S.A. AND CANADA, BUSINESS REPLY MAIL Cummins Ine. Product Registration Dept P.O Box 3005 MIC 60610 Columbus, IN 47202-3005 [all eel esl In order to serve you bette I very Important that you Tl out and return this ard within 30 days of purchase Customer Namo acreas city State Zip cone Home Prone Numer (__) Tuck Phone Cell Phone (__). Ema Aaaress, Engine Serial Number Date Purchases VINE ‘OF vist our webste at wwn-cummins.com and select “Product Registration” to onior your rogitration ortho THANK yout! Operation and Maintenance Manual Industrial and Power Generation QSX15 Engines Ccooyrgnt» 2000 Bullen 2605423 Sarmins ine Panta 20-DEGEMBER2000 ‘lrigtereserved Foreword ‘Tris manual contain infomation for he correct apeaton and maittensnce ot your Cummins engine. tao ncluges| Impotanteaetyinformaten, engine and systems spsfcalonstcusleshocting gulins, ana stings of Cummins [Authored Repal Locations and componont manuicter, Read and follow a safely Instructions. Refer to the WAENING Inthe Gonetal Safty Intructions in Seaton | Pineauetion ‘Keep tha manual vit he equipment. the equipments made 239, eve the maria the new owner. The ntorsiion,epeeltestons. snd recommenced mainienanee guselinesin this manual are bases on information Inetoet athe me of puting. Curamans In reserves the ight fo make changes a any ame without olga. You tng aferoncce bowen your engine and te ivcrmaven nie anual. coact you foal Cumming Auoizod pat Lenton or ea '800-DIESELE (1003497951 Fee In te US. and Canada, ‘To att ochnctogy and he lg qualty sompenents wae used io prosucoths engine. Wnen replacement parte [remeedea, we resommena using ony geriune Cummins o Recon® exchange pars NOTE: Neo: Warranty informatonislocated in Secton W. Mako cur you ae ena ih ane warranty ot warranioe ppuestie to your engine Table of Contents Introduetir Engine laenticaton ‘oporating instructions Maintenance Guldstnes Maintenance Procedures at Daly Interval Mabstenance Procedures at 260 Hours or 6 Months ntensnce Procedurce st 1600 Hours or 1 Year Maintenances Procedures st 6000 Hours or 2 Years Malntenanes Procedures at 10,000 Hours or § Years ‘Adjustment, Repair, and Replacomont ‘system Dlagrome, ‘Service Literature Service Assistance Engine Storage ‘Troubleshooting Symptoms ‘Marntenance specications Worranty Important Reference Numbers FI In tng par name and nuanber nthe lank spaces provi below. This wil glve you reteronco whonover cere rmaintenance te requ Name Numan umber Engin Moat Enggne Sea Nuviber E31) antral Parts List (CPL) Fuel Pump Part Number Eleonie Cant Mose Ch) Electronic Conte Module Sera uribers EON) Filar Pan Nunes = Ar Cleaner Element = Lubeatng om = Fuk = Fue Water Separator + Golant ~ Gunmine Parteuloa Far everior Gono! Mode (OM AppICADE ek Pan Numbers Clash or Marin Gar (apples Medel Serial Norbar = Pan Number = orType = sea waier FT Model atl Naber Section i - Introduction Section Contents ‘About the Manus ‘Genera Infra Aeronyins apd Abbrevislions ‘General intra cenera Cleaning insiustens ‘Abrasive Pads and Abrasive Paper Detnition of Coan, ua Sytem. Gasket Sure Plastle Bead Cleaning, Solent and Aod Closing. Stearn Clearing, General Reparations Gunera Information, Welding on a VoNeto wi an Eiceroni Covoied Fos’ Sim aneral Satety Instructions Important Saley Natce. Howto Use the Manat General ington, symbols ‘Goneral inion, Torths Owner and Operator Canetalintrmaton This Page Left Intentionally Blank To the Owner and Operator General Information Preventive maintenance isthe easlost and last expansive type of maintenance, Foliow the mainenance schedule ‘ecommrensagons Suties i Malrienance Guicaines (Seton 2), Koop revoids of ragularyscteduled maintenance, sono coos ok, ubreaing ol, and coclant In your engine ae epected In Malntnance Spectteatons (Section \y Blenaing engine of the! spices fr engines th an sferestmart sytem Ccurmins io. usee the latest technology and ie highest quaity cemponems t produce ie engnes, Cummina ine ‘eenmmends using genuine Cummins new pete and ReCan’ exchange pas. Perconnel at Cummins Authorzea Fepal Loomens have teen waned fo provide exper sersce ana pas suppor. Iryorhave a problem that can not be rescled by Cunmine Aulhorzed Repatr Locate, fallow the eps cule Inno Sordso Assctanca(Saoton 5) Product coverage, waranty linitaone and omer reepensotkie ao avalabie tn Watranty (Secon WA) Acaurion Discomect both the positive (+) and negative.) ballery cables from the battery before welding on the Voto, Aitach ths weldor ground cable ne more that 9.61 motes [2 Ton] from the pat bolng velded-Do not Connect the ground cable of the welder to tie ECM cooling plate or ECM. Welding on the engine or engine mounted compenents s nol recommended About the Manual General Information “This manual contains information nested correctly operate and mintain our engine as recommended by Cummins Ine, Fer adsitona seceeVeratite ang crdeingiseatons refer o Sardce Literate (Secon). This manual dove not cova’ vehicle, vessel, or equipment mainknance procedures. Conbu te engl vei, ‘eee cr aqupmant manifactrer fer specie matttananes fecommendstens. Beth mate ana U.S customary vals ot stein this maria. The mere val Is sed Hest folowed by he U.S ‘story in brackets Numerous lusrions and symbols ae used to ald In understanding the meaning ofthe txt. Ree to Symbols in ts ection for @ complete listngo syrbols and thelr deters ach seston ofthe manual is preceded by a Section Conteris to ad in ecting inbxmaton How to Use the Manual General Information “This manual fe organized according to Intervals at which mantenance on your engine is to bs performed. A ‘mannenanee eohedlo, Ma sist the requires inersaie ang maintenenee cheek, te ieated in Maintenance Guaetines (Section 2} Locate the larval at which you are performing malréerance: hen flow the taps gen tat soa fra ino prooedures tobe potermed. Keep 2 racord of all the chocks and inspections made. A maintonance record form Is ected in Maintenance Cidetines (Section 2), Engine ubleshooting procedures for your engine are cated i Troublesnoting Symptoms (Seen TS), Ssifeations for your engine ars located in Mainenancs Speelicains (Secon V sont Symbols General Information The fling symbols have been used in this manual to help communicate the intent of the instructions. When one re symbste appens,k eanveys re meaning Getned Deo ‘WARNING -Sarcus poco! © A Seen na CAUTION Mine carson inary on (rasan bo sartages he ctor ® $ ®OKHe LWBRLCATE tn part aera woe goon rare ind posora) muy ao 8 Sato oo eosaance ih he cance Wlustrations General Information Some of tho liueasons thvoughout the manual aro ras endian irene sxopane ‘The_tsratone_are_iniensed to. show ropaie ot Teplacemart procedures Th procedure oe the same {otal patleatone, though to Hutson can dex General alety Instructions oss General Safety Instruct Important Satety Notice Awarencd Improper practices, carelessness, or knoring Ihe warming can cause burns, cus, mutilation, asphyxiation for otter personal injury or death ead and undetsend al tthe easy ptacaulone and wartings before porfrming any pa. Thie tt conan the {eneta sate proeairons thot must bs fotoweat provide persona asfty Speci safey precauons are n=\sces Inthe procedvtos when they Sep. ‘erkin an area surrounding the product hata dry, well, ventlste, fee om cuter, cose toa, pat, nition souregs and hazardous subuancws, Be anare of hazards condor that can exe. Anvays weer protective lasses and protective shoes when working Refetiog parts can cause cus, mulation ot stanguaton, Donat war loneettingor tn clothing, Remove al ously when werking Disconnect he batey (nag ] abl sh and dscange any captors bette besoin ay ral wor Dicennect io asa ns fequppa to pevet socal engne sarang Pul sco Not Opts ag the operators compartment or onthe conois Use ONLY te proper engine baring techtigues for manualy otabng the engine. Do mot atm! To rotate the ‘ankahat by pulling or pring on ne fn. Ths praccs can eats secs personal ny, propery camage, ot Samage Ue fan Haga) easing premature fn tars Wan engine has been operating andthe coolant ist, allow ths engine cod betes snl loosening the let ‘ap to ralbvo the prossure Fort he coating eystam, Always uso blocks or propor stand to cuppatt to product betere performing any eervice Work. Do nt Work on ‘anything that fs auppored ONLY by ang Jacks oF & hob. Fetiove a presour inthe a tu. and eoaing systema betes anne, ong of reltestams ae removed trdisconnacted: Se airtor posse preestne yin ascannacting any dave om sytem that lizespressir= Dont check fr pressure locks Witt your hand. High possute ler fud can cause personal ry To reduce the possibilty of suocation and festbite, near protective clthing and ONLY dsconnectliqud fotgetant freon nes Ih a wot vrlat afoa. To prac iho envionment, Loui fenigorant syst mut bo propel en pied and file using ecuprmen that prevents the release of rerigerant gas fluorocarbon) tothe Ecnosphate, Fedaal law requis capuring and ecysng igen iE arcana atta, oe tee aoe ertaeeraay h Reemasmataaiearaes ene Cen nt nga 28a gl te al snl te tare Mh En an GG aml tral mt rl ca, te TOSSES as eat ees ' * tye nth an gr cdc yo arn oo ke acring divas she sane eet ano eel wen agree Do lw ane of Pe ee on hn te asus era Safety Intctione Do mot cunnect he jumper staring ot baty chair cables to any ignition or govsrnor conta wring. This can Baise eit! asmage tthe gnkion& over ‘Alunys torque isceners and tut connections to te requles specitcabons. Overighening or underightenng an alow sake This acta to he neta gas ans tqusedpettoleum ges ha nd aaystoma. Alumys teste fuleoks a intucted, as eorant can fade. Ciose the manual uel vanes pit to pertorming maintenance nd repairs, and when storing the veil nse Coolants ose, 1 not reused, depose of In aceoreares with localenuonmental regains. The cast reagent centans ures, Do not get the substance in your eyes. In cage of contact, Imesiately 0d tyes wits nig aroun of water fr a miomum cf 16 minutos, Avols prolonged contact wid skin. In care of ntact aay wash shin ih soap and water Do mot shallow inseby Th the overt Wo catast eagent teingests, contact a prysean rmedately The cata substat contains Vanadium Pontoldo. Vanadium FentoxGs has boon dotamined by the Sta of Catteriato cause cancer Alvays wea protective gloves anleye protectin when handing the cats se Dovel get te cataiyt mataln your eye. in Cave of contact ined and ayes wi large amount ot water fora minimuny ot 75 mines, ADI Prolonged contact wih akin. case ef conse, Inmedstoly waa seb wihseap ander The Catest substrate contains Vanadium Pentoxid. Vanacium Penovie hasbeen determined by he Sate of CCaltornia to eause cancer. In the ever the cata s sing feplaced. dapooe of in srcordance wilh Toca Feguiaions CalorniaPropostion 65 Waring -Dioeo| ongno exaust and sore of te constituents ara known tothe State of afore cause conoat btn defect, and cher rpecictve han. General Repair Instructions General Information ‘This engine incorporates the latest technology alths time kt was mnufactrec ys, ts designed tobe rapaied using normal opal pratces permed to quay standsrcs. AcasionA, Cummins Inc. does not recommend or autherize any medificalens or repairs to engines or components xcept for these detated In Cummins Service information. i patcusr, unaunertzes repair to safety-rlates Seanpanan can ese praonl ayo ent Blows apa of eapaners cated a ae ‘ir Compressor Ais Controls ‘Nr Shutoft Assemblies Balance Weights Coating Fan Fan Hub Resambly FFan Mounting Bracket(s) Fan Mounting Capscrems Fan Hub Spindle 10 Flyuneat 11 Flywhect Crankshaft Adapter 12 Flyuhweet Mounting Capscrews 14 Foal Supply Tubes 15 Lining Brackets 16 Throttle Controls 17 Turbocharget Compressor Casing 18 Turbocharger OM Bran Lins) {0 Tuboctargor OW Supply Lne(s) 29 Turbocharger Turine Casing 2 Vibration Damper Mounting Capserews + Fotow al satay Instructions netea inthe procedures Flow the manufactur’ recaimancallon: fr cloning solos and other subetacas used during the pat of ths engine Some scivents and used engin of have bean Mentfed ty goverment agencies 28 tok ot Eaichnogunics AvoHd excesshe Dreaing,neston and carta nth Such subsionoes. Always use good salchy prac wih tooe ona equipment Provio a clea envionment and follow iho clearing insuetions speeiios inte procedurce “Theengine and its components must bekeptcleanduirg any repair. Contamination othe engin or emponents Wi cause premature west Perfo tho inspectons speotd inthe provodures Feplaoo al components or assembles whieh are damaged cr worn bayondthe spedteadone {Use genuine Curnmine new or Reon” cervic pats an assembles ‘Thwassemblyinsbuctors have been writen touse agai 6 many components and assembles as possible. When Tels necessary replace @ companent or assembly Ihe procedure le Based en he Use of ew CUuNnS ot ‘Gummins Redon cimponente iat he ropalrsorveos cescbelnhis anwsaalale hot a Cummins Disirbutoreand mes Boao locaton. Faw thespecied dsassembly andassambl proosdues to reduce the possibly of damage othe componets OK eer Rep rttong CCompleorebul Instructions ate ayaa inthe setice manual wth canbe ordered ot puteased ttm a Cunning ‘nitonzea Repar Lesion eter Section. — Service uterawre or adenng inavutors Welding on a Vehicle with an Electronic Controlled Fuel System AcaumionA, Dieconnect both the positve (+) and nogatve [} Dallery cables fom the battery before welding on the ‘til tach welder gr iano moe han 0. et [2 el ro he ar Dang weld nt connect the ground cable of the welder to the ECM cooling plate or ECU. Welding on the engine oF erie ‘mounted components isnot fecommensed or damage tothe engine oF components ean result, 1g Instructions Definition of Clean Paris must be fee of dais that can contamina any engine system, This dows not necessarily mean thay have to pear as nea Sanding gasket surfs unite factory machinlng mar aro disturbed adds no valuo and goon hart forming 2 Seal is mpettart fo mantain surface nist and anesstolerances to fem 2 quai sealing surtace. Caskers a2 Gocignedto i emal Velden the spctod surface Nish Sanding gasket surfaces where elgemolded gaskets are used is most ten unnecessary, Edgemlded gaskets are ‘ose metal camers with seatng materia Donded w the edjes of te gasket o seal wre the etal porion farms 3 ‘etal fo mos funt fo" Sablly” Any ef he aml srounts ot aesing Mater Mat ean s0ck Yo the paw ae Bete femoved mith a lunsedgad scraper on the spoteraler tian spending tre polling the whole surface wha ‘andor or ae For tobe gackets hat do notave the oagermolaing nar all nave a materia that conan reoase agonsto proven, Stoking, Cerny tis tenet to aay tat come gasket are nate to ferove Docause the gasket has Been Place lng ine, has boen ovarheaed o he purpoee ole rlease ae. as been defeat! bythe application of Eom sealant Tho objct howaver Is Ast remove tho gastat witht damaging the surtaces othe ming pas Ymthout contaminating re engine den tthe tls Pes fal uherethey can not be rereed) ‘ee osasang piston cron untine car tains removed 8 unnecessary. Amat request remove te carton buldp above thet ring and Inthe ring groove. There mere nformalion on bead tasthg and Paton cleaning far inthis document CCurminsine, does not rosommen sanding o ginding te carbon ting athe tep of lnder ners und clean eta 'Suisble. The ner wll be ued and any signs cts prebarn athe top ing f2versal pon (Ike a dustout wil be Gestoyed, is neconsary i remove the carban ing ispfonde fo easletfamoval the pstonasceily. A meal Doeterigh gualy. toa! wre wheothat fe atad above tho ip of te port toa ban ueod Wl ba uc ae quick and thers lass camage. Yes ns mas lock careful fr can wis after he Peto is ramoved bt the wires a tore vb and ean be atacad by a magne. (lon parts that have basnramoved rom tie engine latact tin the The drt wil adhere theo itpossite, leave the oto on tho pat un its ead tobe cleaned. spect snd inal aden clean along wi ay ‘aracied ai. the parla cleaned thon fet exposed t ean have Be cloaiedagan beter natlavon, Ma tre batt ae lubricates wih clean al before instalation. They do nol need tobe oled all ove but do need cl between Foving parts fra good ube system priming proceeseurductou bore erarking th oie) Bead blasing parts to rorovo extrlor pal i alco usualy unnceceeay. Te part wl met Hhely be pated agan soa at needs happens emove any Toes pat Abrasive Pads and Abrasive Paper ‘The keyiord ete Is “ebracve™. There le no Par of an engine cealgned to wthstans abrasion. The a tey steal Aipposed clock together or side across wach ater. Abrasives and de pacles wil egrade balh Mnetons, Awarncd Abrasive material must be kept out of oF removed! from oll passages and parts wear points. Abrasive material Inallpascages ean cause bearing and bushing lallures that can progress te mejor componsal damage beyond reuse. This Is paflewary rue of maln and roa BearPgs. (Cummins nc. doos not reearmand to uso of emary Oot ot sand paper on any pat ofan assembled ongino oF cenenentickicing bt nthe 9 remain recat nage Ron onde hes cro ean Hock desks or Cet cats must be ‘akan when sing abasve products to cab angina pal, patcuary on patil assembled shige: Abrsie caring products Se h many fms anc auee tof tm'cotan star cae pales, Stan ari, er and or oro tn: smir hard sen The pales we hare tha Mosh pm ths Sri: Since ney ste arson i they am posted gains: ser tena ty wil eer canage the ater St oosme cttbedded inl Theto maleate fa othe heldng rela as he predict uted Tie products ave used tn power equipment ne paris oentown stair theengh ts partes ‘al Selves tin madngans deroge Iethe moving parts Bay I patcles tat ar smaller than the clearance between the parts while they ae at rest (engine stopped), bu larger tnan ie tuning etarai thon damage wll occu won te arte hove ralauve teach oir (engine euted). Wie ‘he engines running and there Is ol pessura, pales tal ete smaler than the Dearing deans are key to pass ewer te parte mnoutdamage andbe taped nthe a ler. Howsver,patees larger then the earing earance ‘it remove materi fam one pan and ean became embedded inane athe pas. Once emocdsedin one part Wi brad te ote part uni contatie nolonger bolng made betnoon ino two pais. fo damage sutlonty degrade ‘ell tim, the Mopars wil sme Im coractreangin eat wear. ar falue Rem acs of ereatve eaten, ‘Anraive patcles can ty apcut uring cleaning tery Imperato Block nese partes trom entering the engine {2 much as posable Tha parley tue of leneting el pers ade ing hols, especialy Mose lected Gowntcam 61 hbreatingot Mots, Pug he Hees stood of ying ow he abrasive paises and debs wih empressed a decals te deo oan spl bse nireer ito te ch ring, ‘No gaskex matonal must e removes Tem te pans gasket suraoes, However, 18 not necessary to clean and Poinh te geokesurtace unl the machiningmeri ae elasedExcesve ending a uftigean camage the geet Surace. Many nower gaskets ate o he ede mcd typ (a ice caer wif aceaing mariber bended tothe tod. What ie seaingmetera that can adneres best removed it lined scraper or pity kee. Caring gasket Slfaces vier an ed gemdded geakel is sed wih sbrsive pads o pape Is sul a was Ee AwannncA, Excessive sanding or grinding the carbon ringftom the top ot he cylinder ines can damage the ner Beyond Tei. The surtnce fish wilbe damaged and sbrosve particles cane forced into te ier material Wich Gea cause early eyndse wear-ut or piston rng falues, “apo fo plug all oponngsto any componentinarr eters using arash pats or ror ushos. sally roosssary Seentie 0 te Uae a power tL mth aaa pace, pe ie dings eased or Use pug/and dean se much th surface as pense hfe ol but clean sound ol holcpering by han so a8 to prevertcontarinaion ariho ang Than ramove Wetaos oH ad clean ti fomalring eeu satokly and ithou he to. CONOT Uso Compressed a oon the debris cat ta ding onan asaenbed engine! Morelikely than not the debs can be own farther nt the sing, Using compressed asf both edb of We ling ae open bt Wel farly the tae when dealing mith an assembles engine Gasket Surfaces “Tne object of cleaning gabkat surfaces Ie 10 remove any gasket mato, not efi the gaskotcutaco of tho part ‘cummins inc. does not recommend any specie bran of qu quckot remover. fa gud gaskot romovs Ie used, Shack the dctons to maka sur the mtral beng cleaned wil not b= hated ‘Ar powoted gasket serapers can save fr but care must be ton to not damage the suTac. The angled part of ‘he scraper mist agains he gasket arfaceto prevent head tem sgging mo he sursce Using a pemeted ‘shel steper on pats made CT aoK materia abo sland eae tpreven damage ° Do not scrape cr brush actoss the gasket surface i a posible. Solvent and Acid Cleaning ‘Several glvent and acké-yps cleaners canbe used to chan the disassembled engine parts ther than pistons. See Below Expetoncs has sown ta he best rst can bo atalied ush aclaner tt cen Go leated {0 GO" Wo GS* (Gasius 180: te 200° Farvenhai, Kerosene evulsion bases eanefs ave feet empetafurespecitealons, see btu A clearing tank tha provides acortant mung and Menge he cearing sluon wl vet best ects CGirmins ine does not recommend any sponte cleans. ANays flow ihe deanet manufacturer’ Inrvctene. Remove all the gasket mater rigs and te depose of sage, carbon tc, wiy whe brush or sraper before puting tho parte ina. teaning tank. So cavtulncl to damage any Gasket curtacce, Vuhon possible, steam clean Ne pans before puting tem In te cleaning tank Awarnncd ‘hon using solvents, acids of alkane matefas for eleanng. follow the manufacturers recommendations {or use. Wear goggles and protective clothing to reace the possibilty of personal injury xportonce has shown tat korosene emulien based deanets perform th best to oean pistons. Those cleaners Should not be heated to temparshrein excess ct 77°C 70°F). fhe slaon begins tobrem down atom peratures inexooos of 80 (180°F) ad il be ess fect, ts Donel use sxluons composedmail of lctnated nyetccabons ith esol, phonics ane crest componenis, ‘They oto donot do a good Jobe oovingJoposts tm to hg gfoow and are ost fo dspoeo of Posty Solute wth a pH above approxnatly 9. wi cause alaninum fo tan back: thootor do mot use High alkaline Salton. chemical win a pH above 7.0 ae considered alkane and those beow 7.0 ate ace. AB you move uter aay fombie neue 70, te chemicals becomehichy aa thigh acid. Remene al the gasket materia, otings, and te dept of shoe, carbon, et. wih wire brush or seraper before pullag the pate na cleaning tank. 8 careful lo net Savage ay gaeret surfaes. When peso us Rot high proscure water or steam clean the parte before puting a ine cleaning tank Removing in neadost ar bore Placing inthe tank wi alion the ckaner fo wom mare eecvaly and he sfeaing ager wil Songer. nse ane paren not water ate leaning. Dry eonpletey wn compresses a. ow henge water Rem athe Eapectowles andthe cringe. nna: cOMPletay wan comp Ihe pats ate not to be uses immediately atc cleaning, dp then in a siable rust protng compound. The st profi compound mast to removed fon the pate beats assembly or istllaion et the orgine. Steam Cleaning Stean cleaning can be used to remove all tyes oft thet can contaminate the cleaning tank. Ite @ good method Ter loaning tn ol aringe and cootent passages Awanninca When using a steam cleaner, wear safely gla'ses ora lace shield, as well as protective clothing. Hot steam fan eauee tortoue persora ln. Do not sien clea the folowing eompanents + Electicel ompanents| $ wirng Marcesce Inectes 4 FuslPume, 1 Bais and Hose Senrngs (alo opc tla ¢ Ehtonis Cone odie 2 5 Gia Connecter {Boning Contd Unit 1 NOx Secor Plastic Bead Cleaning Curmins ne, does not recommend the use ef ols bea blast er walnut shall media cn any engine pat. Cummins Iroc racommencs extn ony paste ead medi Pat Number S227 or equivalent 97 ay mp Pat, Never use Sarisas lest media clean engine paris. Glase ana wali shel media when not Uses tothe meclaman Acres ‘commencatene con cause extsse cust snd ean embos sngine pats that ean su in persue fal ot Componente raugh abrasive Waar Pastc bead cleaning ean be used on many engive comport o remove carbon depasts. The clearing process i antes by me Use ct pla beads, the operag prosetre and cleaning be. AcauionA. o not use bead blasting cleaning methods on aluminun pkione ekits ortho pin bores In any pkton,plston Sk or pston stow. Smt partes ofthe medi Wl embed tm the lumi o caer S27 metal neat in premature vearof tie cylinder liner. piston rings. pins and pin bores. Valves, turbocharger shafts, ec. {an sigo be damaged. Folio the elosning directions listed In tho procedures, Acauriond Do not contaminate wash tarks and tank type solvent cleaners with the foreign material and plastic beads. ‘Remove tho foreign matoral snd plate boaGe with corproceod a, hot high proseure water of eteam betors Placing them in tanks or cleaner. The forekn matealnd plastic beads ean contaminate the tank and any Ether engine parts cleaned in te tank. Contaminated parts may cause falures ram abrasive Wet Plasc bead blasting media, Pat Number 2822735, can be used fo clean all piston ring grooves. Do not sue any beat blasting median pston pln bores or aturinun skits Fallow the eoupment manulacu’s cleaning nstuctons. Make sure to adust the air pressure in the blastng fachine tote bead manuTacturererecommensaions. Turing Up the p=aure can ove material onthe Pat and {huse the plate bead’ meda to West oUt mate quukly The fcloning guidelines can be sed to aaspt to anutactuters neuen 1. Gand size: U.S. se Number 16 — 20 fr piston cleaning with plastic bead medi, Part Number 222735 2. Operating Pressuro— 270KPs (0 pe fr pston clearing. Pressure should noteause beads to bres. 5, Seam alsen or wash the para wit sven toremave al of ine erelgh mate anspiestle Pease ster cleaning Finger not water Bryan compressed i Acaurion ‘The bead blasting operation must not distur the mal surlac, Ifthe metal surlace is disturbed the engine tam be damaged due to Incroased parte clearance o Inadequate surface fnich on parte tha move agaist other pats ‘en cleaning pistons, not necessary to reveal 1pe dark stan om he pista, Al that 8 eceasary isto remove the carbon on the rin and inthe fing goove. Tiss best done by diteing te Hast acts the pat 26 ppoved to trai ato pat. ro aching Marks aa dturbed by Ho lastig process, on tho orescure #120 gh er the last fs being held an one spt oo lng. The bast operation must not csr te metal ure, Walnut stall bead elst motel sometes Used to clean feraus metas (en and ste), Walnut shel isang Drocuces areal amountofdostpartcuatly wien the ptessuelf thea Pressure oni fm blacigactine Isncteased Sbove madia manufacturers recammendadon, Cummins Ine tesmende not using wala shell media 1 clean nahn parts let the rick media enbedant and supseqvent sontaminaton ofthe engine ummins Ine, now recommends lass Det media NOT Used Wo clea any engine pans. Chess medias 00 ssl bead a este paul ins reins ane on esau eae st mesa manures ‘Suommond ar uso. The glass san rave so when lc na oun pat, a par abradng al he pats a Sonat uth wen niger preseures are ured themed ts trosen antes 2 aust «very son ste tt oot synthe sr. This cnt ery hard to conten the sop, pareualy Hf ony expressed 3 (an rt Pot wae {s'ued to low tho mos aris romoved fem Os biog cainat owing the part olin fw eine ray ‘move lage acento bt never mes a heme Boss biatng beat used on stubdom aoaron Sues ths has not been rem vedby st stearvhighr pressure Srashing Ben washing ina heated wash ark Tiss parkulry us ct pistens Steam ard soak te pater st hen ice tho paso bead moet SalyYomve tne caton ronaning Inte grooves rato of running be tek o emaning ie suas ish cftnereove mth as whee and cts brn ptonting, Mave sue pt = ‘dyad ol tes bebe baa lato provert Sain theron th Sang mache. we Always rete bead blaster nozzle "across" rather han dey lth part. This alos the bead to get under the wanes mete Reeptenézzemcangraner hen wd chon ace Rein the noze deste tne ace {song eau te mall to heat up and Ba mead arcund. Remeoer thatthe Sprays not ust hing fs dt ce farhen ifthe machining tarks on fa pion groove orm hava hen derubes ten there hae nat heen eneugh ‘ovement of te noeao andor to ar pseu i 00 High, Moverbeadblas valve tom. Tape or use acoove Wo proche ctor during bead blasting. Droctine nozzoaerose ‘ie aoat ariace sé rachis fame teanspaigh at thom. The objects Femave any carbo Bld Up and sonanuing {0 blast to rernove the stain ie mwaste of me Fuel System When servicing any fuel system components, which can be exposed io potnal contaminants, pric classe. éloan io Ving, mourtinghardira, and tie afea around tne compotent to be temoved, Wi euroundng wea Sremot cleaned crt or contaminants can be nocd nt the fas sjsem. ‘Te merealarings of ome njoowrs are exremaly srl ana suscepti to plugging rom contamination, Some fue injection sytars can operate at ve high presses High ptessute ud can cower simple paries of dit and "ust ino atighlyabracw contaminant hat can carnage tho righ prescure pumping ompononts and fa factors. ‘occa! contat oan ean bo uso I steam leaningtoo are not avalible. Uso elec cal contact eleanor rather ‘an compreased ay, to wash GI on seb auay Fam fuel system ngs. Deze Ve on expoaod Tua 8yatem pares ‘tacts arbome conta nas Choose in tee towels for tel system work ‘cap ora plug uel nes, ange, and port whenever te Tus sysem Is opened. Rust an, ana paint ean enter ne ‘el eye whenever 2 fue ne or ether component Is Icosened or frnoved fom the engin. Inmany rsianees, ‘Good practi les loosen Ine or Hing Doak Wo fu and pat aoa, and then ean ie lcesred materia {en removing fal nes of ungs om a naw ox newypaints engine, make cu Wo remove [aoe pan Takes! ips that can be cteted when a wench contac paimod in nis OF ings, ar when qlee alsoan nest Ming ate removed. Fuel its are tata in microns. The wo mien the abbraistion fr @ mercer one millont of a mate ‘Themisonrating|ethe az othe ena. pastes tha ll bo cagture by tho ier meta Ae arefetence, arian hare 0:03 mm 3/1000 i meareter- One miton measures 0. 60004 mm 10,000 in. The contamina Dein tered out te smallr than can be seen wi the hurr eye 2 maghiying dass, ct alow powered micost=pe The ool esac for tuel system treubleshetng andra ats to ba cleanad raul to vols contaminatin, Like tel system par, tote tha ae eaated ih or fuel atrac avbome conarrtante, Femember the felloning pone rBgataing your nit sytem toe + Fuel eystom toe are tobe kept a lean ae patie lean ai @y the tole betrereianng mem % te ot Dox I posse, sere uel stem loots sealed contalets Make cur fut eyctm tous are cloanbofors we Acronyms and Abbreviations General Information “The folowing Hist contains some ofthe acronyms and abbreviations used inthis manual ‘API ‘moran Paolo Tne AST ‘rerio Sooty of Testnigand Materials BTU ish Thermal Une °6 Casius ‘CaRB Calorie A Reso ress Boara C10. ‘Cube neh Displacement ‘Compressed Natural Gas Conial Pars List erick Diasel Exhaust ue Thetronie Control Mode Exhaust Gas Reciteulaton Emnirnmental Protection Agsncy Fanvemet Faire Mess Indecter “Gross Vehicle Weight Mera Horsepower Water ‘lbiates per List lopazeal Tigua Nawal Gas Titled Paroeun Gas Tae Tempeazure Ansroooing Mafuncton hdiestr Lamp egapasral ‘les Per Hear Mies Per Quart ewlor- mer stra Gas OnBowrd Diagnostics righ Equlpment Manufacture Parameter denteston Deaerp tons Parts Pet lion Pounds Per Square lich Power Takao! set Gear Trin svoiutions Par Min Sosiety of AMOMoIVe Eng nears Supplemental Coclant Asati ‘Setcive Catal Reduction ‘Step Timing Conti ‘Subaystern Hentfeston Dsserptons Variable sp00d ‘Vaile Spat Senso Section E - Engine Identification Section Contents Engine Diagrams Ege Views ileal C70 av Power Generation withcat CHT. Engine tasntieation i Oatape Industrial Aoplcaens Power Generation, cengne Dataplats This Page Left Intentionally Blank Engine Identifi Engine Dataplate ‘The engine datepate ocaed ontop ofthe recke ever cover, ovis the mda denfctin and ther imporiant daia aut te ang. Have ne fllving ngine data avalable when come unkatng wha Gurmine Authorized Fepal Location The data dns detapitesremandotory when sourcing sores 98n 1. Engne cert nurbor (E50) 2 Cont parts it 8 Moga 4, Adverse horsepower andre ECM Dataplate Iausttal Appieations “Tne elsovonle contol module (ECM) datpat elated nthe tonto he ECM, “he apreviatons on the datapite are explained as follows: + FIN =Pant nunber * Dic = Dstacode, Powar Generation ‘Tne elscronte control module (ECU deta oestot nthe tonto the ECM The abbreviations on the dataplae are explained as fallow + Pitt = Pestnumber SIN = Sela number {bie = Omtecoae, Engine Diagrams Engine Views The fbwing Husrations show the bzaton ofthe major external engine components, fiers, and ether sence and rraintenanos points, Scme extema’ components Wi Bea Arent lessons Br siprem engine ede, Indueteat CMSTO and Power Generation witout CMETO (OSX15 industial wth CMSTO - Front View Accessor dive bat ‘water puinpan ave ben Labriesing tlt ‘iar purotan avo bot tonsionor Indust CMS70 and Power Generation without CMS70 (8X15 lndustal with CH570- Let Side View ‘Gear nousing ecu ‘rinake Eng detapato Emp Fue tee Litresing ot ipstok ranked ining pn port Mioraon camper Sarg dani compressor Fan ™ EE ett ote gees Indueteal CMSTO and Power Generation wktout CMETO 1 23 ft Lah Ss 18 14 (OSKIS Indust with CHS7O- Richt Side View Exnaust manos Frpoenarger Gite e trbccharowe Wastgate actuate Thermostat mousing ven 8: Themostat housing Engi coolant oul Qo racaton Froan compressor cant emperatire sensor ‘atorater ater pnp oar ter {briosing oH arn Turbscna‘ger drain ‘Combination ul-slou/bypass ubicting oat Uinrenting oi soneraésembly Flywheat housing Engine soil ruber, Indust CMS70 and Power Generation without CMS70 (OKI Power Generation vthout CMSTO- Front View ‘ccwasory dive bat Water puritan drive vet Oiileranteare breather Water purpitar drive beh onsionor ‘ecm drive ook lenin Indueteat CMSTO and Power Generation wkout CMETO (8X15 Power Generation without CMS70 - Let Sis Wowr Goa cover Engie detapiate Arintake Fucl punp 5 Fuel ler Lubricaing ot pan Uortatng ot ans Cranes ning ppt Lubrieating of dipstox Vibration dampers Lubricating bi fbaning device Fan ng Binge Se =o. a] 10 (98%15 Power Generation without S70 Right Side View Exhaust maniors {loresing of inlet to rutocnarger Turbocharger “Tharmostatousing vont Thnamostt or Engine coolant suet Qo rate) ‘Gooiar omostatiresencar Water pur Cool ter Libreaing ot tains entineton tl-towfoypass Mvicating ol ter Litnosing cooler steembly Flywneet noung Engine seni nuber ‘Turboenarge boating ot dai, EE ett oo teres Indueteat CMSTO and Power Generation wkhout CMETO 67 89 10 Ful Sytom- Lot sido iow 1. tnako manifold prossurenomperature sonsor Ecieonghne hamess por (OEM) 2 Fualeatiet eeu 5. Fuel let EC Wengins hamess port actuator) 4 Fusishiton vave Ecisensor pan 5, Ol prostrenomporaire censor ‘Canin pt tied EC. Indust CMS70 and Power Generation without CMS70 1% 14 Fol Sytom- Lot Sco View conthuos) {Garsnent potion sensor ksh postion senor ‘thon a presuresoncor WWaterinus senor ost pressire senscr Front and rear al sensors? Timing acters Faaing chore + Eliminated on most engines Indueteat CMSTO and Power Generation witout CMETO Fuel Devery Housing - Front Vow Priming bypass vane derna) £20 pal petaurereguater 36-moten itor sergen Fuel inet Sex uconnect pressure tap~ suction side Wiaterin€ud sencor 250pl pressure reguator Fel sntot aise ‘Quick dseonmect pressure tap - pressure sido Frei pressure sensor Front actus Front timing actuaor Fearing etuator Feat ral hale Indust CMS70 and Power Generation without CMS70 Eliminated on most engines, Section 1 - Operating Instructions Section Contents ‘cold Weather Stating General Inmate Using Staring Aue txecromegnte insect System EMI Ration Levels. System Et Suscepibiy Electrode Controlled Fuel System Diagnonl Faut Codes rast Apleetions enoine Pretty Syste Fut Systm Dosorpicn, General inmeton Engine Operaling Range ‘Gonetal norman, Engine shutdown ‘Sonera Inbatin uma toning Proéaire sump stating operating insti Gveriew Genera imate ‘operating the Engine Tambvent Tempero cin Weane! Norma ‘Wim and Sars starting Procedure After Extended Shutdown or 0 Change ‘General infomation, cigs oeaeean Beraeea Section {+ Operating instnitione This Page Left Intentionally Blank Operating Instructions - Overview General Information Corot cat of your anglne wil rut in kngor He, beta Dartomenee, and mers accnsmel operation Follow ine. cally maintenance enecke tsted Mm Malstenance Guidelines (Section 2) Te now Cummins® engine associated with tis mand oc nt roquio'a "boakin® procedure. Tie eoulen ct the manual proves al ct the necessary fntormaton ‘or proper engine cpratnn. ‘check neo pressure nsieste, temperate naescr, warming light and ether gauges aly 0 mae ne ty are operational Auvawncd DO NOT OPERATE A DIESCL ENGINE VIHERE THERE [ARE OF EAN BE COMBUSTIBLE VAPORS. The vapors Gan be sucked trough the alr intake fete and nae engine aeceloration and overspeeding that can fesul in fie, an explosion and extensive property ‘mage Numerous safety devless are avaane, sen Satie shot doves, to imme the is of Srorspeoding whore an engine, dio te Rs appicalon might aperate ma combusts environmen ach 3 Sue toa Tool epi or ges kak. Remember, Curiae fas io way of knowing tho uso, you have for Your Shgine, THE EQUIPMENT OWNER AND OPERATOR AAE ResPonsieLe FoR SAFE OPERATION IW A HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT. CONSULT YOUR CUMMINS AUTHORIZED. REPAIN LOSATION FOR FURTHER INFORUATION. ‘cummins recommends the installation ofan a intake htt dovico ora emia easly dviee to mime {morsk of overapeeaing une on engine ts operating in's combuntibe snvionmenl, such ts dw toa fas pil or gac leak AcautionA Do not expose the engine to corrosive chemicals Corrosive shemale can damage the engi Stating Procedue After Extend Sus or Ol Ohang [1 oss Page ‘section | + Operating netretlane Cold Weather Starting General Information Folly the Normal Staring Procoduo ints section. ft wether the engi ean rin longer at de bi only Unt mir mun speedo pressure datacte by the ‘ectens eon! module (EC). Using Starting Aids (old weather stating als ae avaiable forthe engine ‘Sontasta Cunmins” Auberizsdepar Losaontor mare Starting Procedure After Extended Shutdown or Oil Change General Information Foil tne Normal Staring Procesure itn seston, The ng ru at cle only uri the minima specie! et proseuro ws calocted bythe olzetane contol module (een Normal Starting Procedure General Information “Te stop o step enginolampls re anincatos te need {e'sop the engine aa soen a8 can be satay cone. The SSncing must then ranaln shut down unt can’ be repares “Tho wamiing & chock ongino amp # yollow. When it lluminste, the engine i nat tepai at the Ms valle opportuni. “Tha yellow lamp wil lah for 80 cane at key-an when he a tho flloming oeouts + Mainenanee regured (if maintenance moniter is enacted) + Waterio mle detected It ane warning ight tae for 20 eeconde at oy.on and ator Is otlned om te pinary water separating Fa Me, he secondary sl fer must be repases. Avscounc A Do not depress the aceslorstor pedal or move the faceclerattTover rom the le podon who rar ki the engine, This cay result in engine overspeed and Severedamage to Be engine AcautionA. To pravent damage to the stating meter, do. not gage the starting motor Tor mere than 20 seconds. Wat minutes baiwecn cach. sltompt To. sar (clecrial starting motors ont) NOTE: Engines oquppod with staring motre rogue ‘minim ot 480 a 70 PS + Dlsengage the arven unt, of 1 equpped, put the ttanamision ne Wh the acosieatr pail or ver inthe deposi, "um 'tho Koy itch fo tie ON poston, then un he ey 10 me START pation, Irene engine doce net stant ener nree atemrte, check {he a sappy aystame Absence ef be of nee fxhauet emoke during tanking Inceatos no ta ke being datvered AcsutionA The engine musthave adequats of proseur within 16 econ after sarang. the weaning lamp Indicating iow all pressure has not gone oul ar there te no a recaire Ialested on a gauge vin 16 seconds Shut on the engine. Immediately to reduce. the ppocebily of ongino damage. The tow cll proseure roublesiootng = proceaite le located ih Troubleshooting Symploms (Section TS) ‘section | + Operating netretlane ldo te engine 3 Srutasbotore operating wih aloas Ate staring a cld eng, neeage ne engine pee rpm ‘stowy to provide adequate lubrication tothe Sarge anda aslow to a pressure to tabi Benet operate engine aa fr tng petiods with Engine “coolant emperature belon fpeticadon In. coolant” Recommend Sheameations (Section). Lon coolant ‘can res + ual dtion ofthe hibresting ol + Carbon bultupin the eytinger + Onder neas vate sticking + Reduced pertonnance. Jump Starting AwarncA Batteries can emvt explosive gases. To reduce the osebilly of personal injury. absays venilate the Compartment before servicing. tho balterios. Te Teale te posaiity of arcing, temove the negative {Opbattery cable test an attach te nogative() batery Stbte lat AcaurionA, When using jumper cables to stat the engine, make sure to connect tho cables In pralo: Poets (+) to postive (1) ana negative () to negsive [). When {sing an oxiemalslactrical source to start te engine, {um the alsconnect suilch to the OFF” poston, Remove the key before attaching the jumper cables AcautionA, To reduce the postibily of damage to engine part de not conned jumper sl Sable to any fl System or The accompanying llusraion shows a typical paral Batoy conecion. ‘This arangoment saubios No crenking emperor This tustaton shows a ypcal sees baer connection, ‘Tig arrangamont posite (+) to nogavo Joules Ne vatege Operating the Engi Normal it equipped, monitor the lt prossure and cootart tempore guiges tequenty. Ree to Lubristing Ol Syplom specticallns and Cog Systom spice, In. Wairtenanes."Spectatone (Soston VY) fecommended operating, pressres and ‘erperniree Shut off the eng if any presse or tompotts dws not root the specication Continuous operation vith engine ecelant tompeature fbove. of elow the. engine coolant. temperature Spesfiaions sted in BintenatceSpecfialons ‘Goan can damage the engine senes Connection eee me wine ‘section | + Operating netretlane I an ovomsatng canditon stats to occur, redues the owe cura henge by elestng tne seoeeraDt Peal orlever or shifting th Warsmision to slonet goat St both unt the tmpurao ratuns to tho natn Gpersing ‘ange i the engine temperate does. not harm" namal, shut ofthe engine, and tebe “oubieancting Sympiome (Section TS), or comact @ Gunminas Rue Ropa Locanon ost raures gyve an cary warning. ook and ston for Shanges tn pettomanca "saung, Sangin sppasrane= that can inaieate coro or engine ropa ssnoadod. Some + Pertoumence vig lock fr ae Engnemistes 2 sound baton Unusual engine nlsoe ‘Sudden changes in ongne operating temperature of + engine prosarea ‘pearance Excessie omeke Loss ot power Avsinerease in olleareunpuon Anincrease nfs! consumption Ful ol content asks, Cold Weather Ie posse to operate engines i exremeyy cold envrnment it they a propety prepared ena. mantines Safecrory pertsimance ofan engine now amelnt snparture caneons faqures moaiestion ot he engine sureunding equpron, operating praccoe and malntonarce procodes, ‘Tho corroctangino coolant ubrIcatrg oll and tule must bo used orto cold woather range In which tho engine Ie Bang operated Seow ate merecemmendatons for these seal engine Ho Ambient Temperature ‘Use 50-percont ethylene gyeolani¥eeze and S0-percen vee Tore engine ecelant mare eter Maintenance Specitoatone [Secton V) Lubricate GN recommendations tor fe correct epectictone ‘To Digs fuel must havo maximum cloud and pour points 6° [10°F] lower han ho ambient Ymnperaur in hich tne engne operates Use 60-percont ethylene gye0lantiveeze ana-40-percent ee forte engl eoalan mire Feter te Maintenance Specitoa’one [Secton V) Lubricate GN fecommendation or fhe correct spect one ‘ho Digs! fuel must havo maximum cloud and pow pots 6° [10°F] ower han ho ambient sengerauren whieh the engne opetates ‘The flowing cold weather eperaing als ar requestor cols wear erations: Cold Weather Operating Aids ee NEEDS TEXT HERE FOR CORRECT STRUCTURE, Winterfronts and Shutters ‘Woteronts and stuttete can be used on a veicle ot ‘Sgulpmantto reduce ar few trcshthe radar com to re"Engina, compariment. This ean reduce the time equredto warm tneengie and nap nanan tno engine eolant temporsine. The engine. coolant temperate Specieaie are in the Baitenance’" Speaticston estan tronic Cote Fuel System leak Fu Thott ‘section | + Operating netretlane Engine Operating Range General Information AcautionA, Do not operate the ermine at hl throtls below peak ‘orgie mm (rete To engine dataplae Tor peak tore thm) ft mete than 0 Sevan. Bperating the srg ‘engine abuse AcsurionA Do not operate the engine beyond te maximum fngine speed. Operating the engine beyond the maximum engine speed can cause severe engine mage Use pene epeang teanisung fore Br echpment to nium engine se rnmina” engines are deaigned to operate Stu rote under transient condone down to peak itegue "engine" epood. The. Ie consistant wld) reeommendedt operting practices, Engine Shutdown General Information Alon the engine tle 305 mints ore sting Stara utcad opera, This ows saaquae cool own cf psins. cytes, bearings, and turbocharger compenets Teantha gitonsutonta he OFF poston. he engine dws nat tht dann, tee Toublesoating Symon seen 8} n aprepte peraton an eens Electronic Controlled Fuel System General Information Tho Signaurensx uel eystom fe an doctoral coniroted ust mpetlon system ‘that optmzes Tl Sconcmy and reducer exh emissens. It dose this by controling the torque anghorsepawer Guva, engine MA Speed, low i, and toad speed Signet nas tho copay o cone thw a intr Han Boovenialyconkaled eh clit ed lgnatueNSX ako allows the sngine brakes to be actvatod by onroling ine onghe brake colons “The electronic feature, fan contol engine braking can be abd fo seve me tan clutch dung engine ang Ss inerestes the load en ‘he ngise dering ens braking. Diagnostic Fault Codes ‘aust! Applications “The OSxI5 ful system can oplay and rocord earth etecabts fat cencitons. Thee tines ar splay Se aut codes, wich make todblshoctng sai. The Fault codes are reiined Inthe eleeonte conol module eau There se two types of flk codes. There ae engine isons ool sje alt cos and engine proteston {ystem faut codes, ‘Al ul cases cord oor be asthe (aul cde Bresertlyactecn the engre)oriactve (ul cde Was Scie a sometime, ut nol prveny athe). ‘Diaghosile Fault Coase Engi Btronie Fuel System Faut Godse -Engie Protection System Faull Caves ‘athe fault ead ean bo teas using the warning amber fan step taps ech tne cab panel r ektenisseriob (Gal, Inactive fuk codes can only be views! wh an ‘leone sore wl Electronic Controle! Fel System tronic Conta Fael System + Engin is NOT terctoning roa ‘section | + Operating netretlane When the vohide Keyewion ie tumed on and the Shagoate enter othe fat od ampa ("2a eo Sind maintenance) wll Muminats for appranimatey 2 ‘Soeonds one afer the otter, to eheck tel eperalon “he gna wi romain on unt a rat cose Is reeorsed. It 2 Siep(ted ight comes on whletheengineisin operat. {hotaul cane ongne-deabing, stop th ongnoin asare rranner as soon a8 posse lrmewamng (amber urinates, me engne can st [eoparated butt cane some system fates hat cat sertnee fecu fa powor os Tho fluro must bo repaired as seen ass convent The engine protection system recerds separate tal 28 kite (6.5 mp9] On Ciassiteation | "S"se.257 ng [80,000 1o]| 6.6 mpal or 30,267 kg [or < 31,751 ka T0,00010] ‘gss vehicle welght | [86,0001b] gross venlele |" goss vehicle weight walt CESDOO 2000 i [5.000 ra] | 56, 5007en js. 0o0 ma _|-—T2BOORT [5,000 Fy [GES200°% end CESAG7A,| — A200 kn [20,000 mi} | —e4 SOD kr [40,000 mai] | 8000 Kr 50,000 ra (CES 2008 * NOTE: Exiensing tne cll and tet change interval bend the recoramerdaton wll decrease engine due to factors Suen as cortson, depots, and wea NOTE: Irth sutr content ofthe Ne! eater ‘han 0.50 percent, te al change iors must be reduced by a ldtonal 20 percent 1. Wen sed with utraow sur desel tut (15 pom sur Ifthe sullur content ef the ful eater han 15 om, the ol change intervals must bo reduced by 20 percent. For induct engines, the ol dain intervals ae based on the duly ole (as reflected by fuel consumption) ang Tibtcating at quay: The table below species the moxmom tain infrval ore tated hieing ok Elassfeatons based onthe thee font duty cytes Meee. Med um, and Light + Fallow a eran ierva Heswy Oiy 1 the equipment Lses more ‘han 57 er 15 gl of uel per now 1 Fan al crain interval aclu Duty te equipment uses between 42 057 Mer {14 1 15 gal of fol pet hour, ¢ Fao a drat mera Light Duy waupmort use Toce than 42 Mer [11 gal ot ua per Pour NOTE: Exensing te cll and ter changeiniewvl beard the recoramerdaton wll decrease engine due to factors Such as eoron, depots, and waa Duty Gye (Fuel Consumption) ‘Ol Classfcation — |Heayy >87 Htershour [15] Medium 42 to &7 ere] [Light < @ Wlers/houd [14 * ballonemour ABLCD4, CE, CFA Y a 3 APLOGA? Eg ABLCH A om CES cvo7wcHa = 225 7) NOTE: 1. Theol classtieatons CO, CE, and GF havebeen cbsltedby APlanemust nt be sed, athe pecifiatons as novonget eontoted 2, Valvoline Premium SIU8 and Femi Biue 2000 mest CES 20076 sxanaards 5 ofr to Procedure 016:003 forthe ubvicetng a ler specication lable n Secon V The table bow tit piel duty eyes by application NOTE: Tae actu cuty eyee canvaty rom me below ena In hase cases 1s necessary change ie lubries Phe a uneton of Aveage fist eonscmpson. Tree” seect a sem saned on te operate oo onsurpton range. “Typleal Duly Oyeks by Applications Hea teaum Light ‘Air Compressor ‘Aiculaed ump Tuck Crane Cantino Tnigaion Equrent Fear Dump Tk Dozer ‘Scraper Draglne skigeet Excavator Fam Tractor Forage Harvester ook Tub Gander For Generator Dive ongnos, his eorvco fora Ie basa on load fcr (a retloctod by fuel weage.ubtating ol {quaky, rieatngsyetom eapacy, and eperting speee 1.500 mpm (0 Ha) or 1.800 pm (80 Ha). Fein rade oe (het Gent cred and CEs 20070) are rapormnanded kc te 08X15 engine. The al graze CD, CE, and CF have ‘eon obedtsod by APL and must not go Used. ae at pecieatine ae fo Tanger confelad. There are vo ‘acammended methods er detaining the proper ll range nt + Fhied nour mthoc; based on fxd tours of operadon or months of serio, whichover o=curs tt {Chat mation; asd on snown fal consumption res Ir the enart method i nat used ote al stand2y pow’ applications, te al must be ctanged ota reguar terval + 2 months, whichever ours fret ‘Operauing Speed ‘Sump Size ‘hango iterval 7.500 rpm (BOK) wuss [12 9a 125 Hours or 12 Mons 25 ers [2 gl 250 How's or 12 Monihs {sop GORE 35 hs [25 val 250 Hours or 12 Monts 5 Hes [25 val 100 Hours oF 12 Months ‘The chart mati e recommend to pravige the lane ct cst of cperation Whe el prctctng the engne. Due {b aierng avateciy aieice Nonh Amea, ower glade al (CD, Ce, and C) are al depicted, however ta Classfiesiens have been ebscloied by APL, and of changeinteval ate geal reduced ‘The charts must be used as guidetnes because actual ol day iniervale il also depend on operation and ‘alnishares practioe. ie suggostod atc anajle rat bo used period caly for prime power applica (very {co nour) fo make sure he proper all hangelnteval'sbelng applies “To usethe onan, orate the cha rte appropiate sump 8° a aperting speed, Fine rue consumption ate InU'S. qatons per hour ot tere por hour on te eft vere ais. awa horizontal lve ror eto ight aeroes the Shavt paral wi tho botom of he chart uot iintaresete the curv. tem th norcetlon pont onthe curve, craw atine perpendicular othe bolt of ho cha. The number the ine Insracesacrans the eto othe chart represents Ne fecommona oi change interval I Pas 1500 rpm (9 Fz) Operation “Penton Sump « Change interval aura) 1200 rp (6 Operation thor gabe ‘04 Change interval ours) 1500 spm (50 Hz) Operation Bs cation Sump —s s 100 Sion Sa ean I Maintenance Data Engine Saran, One's Nar Maintenance Record Form Tartavanoe Record gne Haast Eauipment Nar Rey to able neaaings: Re B= Ai iva} Hows or Tine mena = Acta xm [oe] or HOU, 1D-= Maintenance Check Performa ie F = Conmante D Section 3 - Maintenance Procedures at Daily Interval Section Contents ‘Air totako Piping Marrsnens Check Ai Tarks and Reservoirs ‘rain charge Biping Martinanos Check ‘obotant Level ‘Mainenance Check Glankease Breather Tbe ‘Marrienanes Creek. Dally Martenance Procedites« Overview Engne Operation Roper. General oration Unusual Engine Nase Drive Bets Maininance Check Poly ver Bat Eeggea 32 Fan, Cooing Inspect er Pou puetater Sepa isin Saito Tipe Sanen Ty urlesing Ol Level ‘Mainenanee Cheek. Section 3 Maintenance Procedhres at Daily Inter This Page Left Intentionally Blank asus Daly Maintenance Prcedies «Overview Daily Maintenance Procedures - Overview General Information = Nes dense 1 Iayenig ates Engine Operation Report “Tie encins must be meintainedin sp mecharical conden he ope aris to get opfrum satistaton omits use ‘The maimenance deparment needs daly runing repr nom he operate fo mate necesry acters nthe Ate scat he daly untng tepals naps fae provsona fr Mate tenase a Mena Wan a he Fepotsindicate th neces. ‘Comparison and intatigenitrprtation of the daly report, alongwith a practical llon-p acon wil stint most tehures anal energy repos, pot tothe mantonance department any of te flowing condos: Low luvicating el pressure ou pone Power increases or engine surge Ena ero acoltaarconitclor resporse ny waning ght ashing of saying on Bhormal weer oe emperoire usu eng lee osaehe snk Bicessiv usec colt ful o lubtcating a Sy Tot cosa, olubrctig ol aks oe ef dara pans & Wom damaged Bes Unusual Engine Noise ‘During day maintenance checks, ten for any unusual ‘Sngne noes that can indicate thal eerie frequed Section 8 Maintenance Procedres a Daly tei Fuel-Water Separator Drain Awarunod an the water {ol coparaior into a container and spose of i accordance Wh Tocal environmental regulations, cummins ne ecures fanaa separator ce a iter botnetaledin te Tua! supply eye Drain the water ancdsedment from the separate daly Canister Type shot ite engine. ul up onthe dln vale fover ul ti tains cut ot the Stain ube, Dain te er sump unt cleat Me SB, Push up onthe tain valve unt ud eainaoutor ne cran tube. Spineon Type snutortine engine, Use your Nand to open the dain valve. Turn te valve Counterclockoree sppr mata 2 turns unl the vale “rope cout 28.4 [tn ad dang ost Drain te ier eump nil oleate webie AcaurionA ‘do not overighten the ‘Ovortightoning can damage the threads. To close the vv i te valvo ano turn clock unt iis ranaiig Lubricating Oil Level Maintenance Check AcaurionA Never operat the sg lth level below the (tm manor above te H (nigh mark, Poor engine fertamance of engine damage con sec The engine must be lvel whan checking the a evel to inks tre hetmescuroment coe. Shuto the engine for anacetrate racing Wl a ast 45 mln ator stg of he engine to hee Ur ollove he some oe rte of ocrin i> tneolpan For ala bien ol tecommentations ard open apa inmate, rteto Mlantananes Spt ne (Secton m= Coolant Level Maintenance Check Awarninc A Do not remove apressuro cap troma hot engine. Wa tinal the cootant temperate te Below S0°C [12°F] Before removing the pressure cap. Heated Coolant pray or steam ear ealce persona hry. AcavtionA, Never use a seating additive to stop leaks In the ootng systom. Thie can rocul In cooling eyeto plugging and Inadequate coolant fou, caeing the Engine to overhoat. The coolant fel must be chackar cay AcautionA Do not add cold Gociant to's hat engine. Engine ‘castings an bo damaged. Alou tne engin to cool te betow 50°C [120°F] betore adaing todtant [Coolant aaed t0 the engine must pe mixes withthe Sires properons et anrsezs, supplemental soar ‘dv and war to ave engi damage Coolant recommendations and specifcation details on comest ming ot eoolant ean be foun In Malenance Spectatons(Secton VY} ection = Wainenanse Pcedhees ot Daly tea > Fil no cooing exam ut cgtan, Rote to ino markings >) Entneradiata of exparaicnian for eoctatievel or eft {ole OEM manual NOTE: Seme radar rave two it nek, Both oF whieh tt be filed when tre cocling system = rane Fan, Cooling Inspect for Reuse Awannnad 1o not rotate me engine by pullng or prying on the fan"The tan blade(q sm be damaged and use the {in (o tal and. ctusoporsonal injury oF property damage. Use ‘the secessory arms "sna of the ankshaf barring tool to rlate te crankshaft A vsuel inspection of the cening fn i eure da 5) Gineor facts tov vote, a bono ows aes (Grea Me fan To. make sure 19 securely mous Tighten the capscrens, omaeasary Awananod Donot straighten & bent fan blade ex continue to use ‘gamages fan” A bent oF damage an blade can fal fring Voperstion "and ease. personal Injury oF property damage. Fopiace onal egulpment fan ate damaged witha fan Brine sme pat umber. Cum me, MU appr {ny ther fan changes Tobe covered under Watt. Fefor to the vehicle or equipment: manutactiers specications for eapezrow trdue Drive Belts Maintenance Check Poly.ee Belt a Inspect the bets daly Check the bel or inrsecing ~~ Cracks. “Tavoreo (actos. the bolt mil) cracks ao Sceeptanle:Langitinal atecten et be eng) cracks that teroct wh tansirae cracks are not septa Feplane the bal Is tye o has places ot rere mmaeng Retr ta Sect A fer bet adjstrant and ‘placement procedures. Bolt damage can be causa by + tncemet tension 1 Incorrect size or both toy rea gent ncotect ntala1O9 { Seoere operating ervitcrment 1 Gilor grea onthe sto of bt, cogges watt Ingpect ne BERS day. Replace tne pets ey. are ‘SeBim ayes ora chon tata nasi bes tanks ao ac copia, ‘Act tho bats thathave a las or shiny suite, which inaates bet ‘sippage. Carel mstaled art teneoned Bate wl show evn alloy and et ear Retort Secten ‘ter bal adjusent and oplaconent icoodes, Balt damage ean bo eas by + Incetret tansen 1 Ihoottest size oF brat + Putoy misatgnment coteck naan vere operating envircnment (ior geass on tha bate ection = Wainenanse Pcedhees ot Daly tea !Woasur tho bot tonion in ho contr span ofthe pulleys Rott tothe Belt Tension hartn Secon Vfr te cotect, gauge and tevton valve ror e bet wide use 2 llomate method (tection metho) can bo used to heck Det tenaen by applying 410-N (25 Bf eree ieeon the pulleys on vot It the deflecticn ib more ‘han ene be isness pet foto pulley ont leanos, Ihe bettensionmust be acpise foto Sectan Aor acjstnent procedaes For cogged Bois, make sure tha he bel tensen gauge fe posbenad eo het me oanter faieng i Hares getly ver the high point (ump) cf a cog. Ofer eatining wlreautin comes! measurement Air Intake Piping Maintenance Check visual nepactthe teks ping cay or wsar pons nd damage topping. lovee damp, cr punctures that ean damage te engine. eplace damaged pipes, snd gh locee clamps, a8 necessary, fo preven the airsystem from leaking, Torque Value: Stem [72imb] Check for comasion under the lamps and noses ofthe Fake System piping, Cottosion “ean ally corte ode eng itt eter ne make Seem, Disaseomble Ud oman ae rue Charge-Air Piping Maintenance Check Inspec the charger ping and hoses for leaks les, dacs, or lovee Gomecuors. Tighton to hase camps if Tecessary" Retr 10. the vehi ar equpment rranutectr’s specfeatins fol the correct tg velo Air Tanks and Reservoirs Drain Haomatlo puglng or stor valve ao sod, cont iho Yalies te opeatng carey It's manuel dain valve Is Ubedon thewel lark openthe daincock on Uiewet ark {oan any mele eumuates nthe at seer tc |S presant thw air compraser system must fe check (Conia your Curtming Authorized Feat Loeaton Crankease Breather Tube Maintenance Check Inapect me oreamer tute fe sludge, debits, oF 1 nthe be Inspact the tube mare taquantiyin ey conditions Section 3 Maintenance Procedhres at Daily Inter Section 4 - Maintenance Procedures at 250 Hours or 6 Months. Section Contents zg = Fue ter (Spi.on Type) ean and apa at Reus Win Prescuriaoa Fusing ‘in Vacuum Pus Fitetng Ina peck "ith Pressed Foo iting in Vac Foo Fn ‘in Prescriand Fs listing ‘ain Pamingeurp. Without Priming Pu. amore ‘win Presses Fe ilering ‘ain Vacuum Fue Fiterng. Lubelating Of and Fore Oran Fi ir Rem abninance Procedures - Overview Genera intrmation, Supplemental Coolant Additive (808) and Anlivesze Concentration Miainonanve Chock gS TEESE SERELES: This Page Left Intentionally Blank Maintenance Procedures - Overview General Information ‘Al maitonanc cocks ans inspoctions Usted in prowous ‘malntenance intervals must also be permed tthe time, in adton fo tore ited under he maitenarce Imeva Lubricating Oil and Filters Drain Awaruno da To reduce the possibIBy of personal Inxry, avold ‘rect contact ef at ol uth yBur skin Avacincd ‘Some state anatedsral agence hve determines thst teed emi oll can be carcinogens and exer foproduative toxlety, Avoid Inhalation of vapors ston, and poknged contact wth used nme ‘leita reused, dispose of n accordance mh fea ronmental regulate. ‘Sperate the engine ntl the water tepatatrs reaches SiR frre] Shut a rw eng Remove tne ol san ag. Ean mamsstaly mate sn and Eiebonded contaminants are veroved am ths engi. Remove Remove the lubricating olf fer. Refer to Procedure ooraia NOTE: Dispose of use all n accordance with fedora ‘ac, an fora lane and regulations U Ip) Install Fl and instal he resting otter. Refeeo Procedure fOr. Fil Add the specited amcunt clean 15W40 oto tec <= * i Pan Capaciy [Awometiveand dustrial | 4.6 Niere(1 gal Power Ganeraion 5.510016 2 gl (Check the ol vel onthe sipatick must be is othe High) mark. Poffo Prooedure 007-009 for dipstick caleravon SE potato he engine un tho ator Fomporatsre aches BS (s00°F), ana nec tor oaks, Shut eff we engine, Wal 18 minute forthe et 1 dala ) Beckton a pan cheek the ot ove. Adsol as necessary to bang the love Up the H (igh) mask on te apsick asus Fue ite (Spo-On Type) Supplemental Coolant Additive (SCA) (>) and Antifreeze Concentration Maintenance Check os ‘Supplemental Coolant Raatve (SCA) AcsurionA Falling to maintain the roquired SCA concontation fever en cause engine danoge ‘hock the SCA eoncontation favo! Atleast tice a year ‘AL every subsequent odin. itera t the Cencentation above 3 unis Whenever coclant is added to the cocking system Setwoon ist changes. Uso Feotguad” coolant 16st it, Part No, C2602, Check he SCA concenwation ied Insucions. are Indued™ with. the test Hi Use the Coolart Fecommendations and Specticatns _ Malnonance Specticaens Becton V) tor the corect SCA and antrosas aval a AcavrionA ‘overconcentration of anireeze or use of high snroeze can damage the eng. Chock the antiteoae concent aon Use mixture of St erent water ana acpercentetylene gyal propyiene [jpeeconsed araeete'ta roar engine s9 OTe 26°F) yoo around “The Aestouad® reactamett, Patt Number C2500, Prowdes a. reianleeasytoread, and” sccrate freastrement of feesing pet proetion and hed fantnesas)conertatcn ‘Antiteoe is essential in every cake Jitees bromlors the operating temperature range by toveting the coolant froing polm ae by fash Tb ating pein The corrosion inites also protect me cooing system empenents fom comesion sf relay campo Fuel Filter (Spin-On Type) Initial Check ‘Win Pressunzea Fuel Futering Ingall pressure gauge, Part Number aea4a77 (2758 a [Hoo pep, on Se feel pump Gampuchele iting to ‘oasie the tol poss ue betere the bol er felt ess @ feted be trpenu Stal a pressure gauge, Par Number 2824877 (275 KPa [bo psp on the\ral on prosscre Compuchak™ hing located on to Inegratedtusteyeiem modulo moaeure Ne preasie ier the mer Stet the engine andl operate at high dl and oa ensure ard recor te tel preneute. smite engine of Remove tne pressure gauge rom te rl rel pressure Comparten ang. " The pessuceditference betwcenthe.al el pressure and Lud Pump pressure isthe diferetal pressure Fuel iter Restriction q 37 Tar 75 1 he tu ter restictlonts above spefeations, rope thee. With Vacuum Fos! Filtering Connact a vacuum gauge to ither sustionde ‘Compuchok® ttn. NOTE: Some engines equipped with priming pumps do sot havo alone Compuerick ning and Nave an a vont Ineplumbed nt te upper boaton. Rete tothetalowIng Procedure for mezbuing et restriction, Diccanmectthe ait bleed tne trom the upper fsaton an -T>, ie FSM Ingen s Compusnek ming inthe oeaton and CSA run aline to catch container, sarin ngre a ‘wrt uo pump stops runoing and manna ongine C259 Srey ee tect ae ste eck Comsat gnget Compu rg at amr a ed acon Ccpatatetne engine at high ie and no laa i Featiaion ‘men nia Uppatocdion 3M LoverLocation 80 WAX 48 Jn inet restriction greater than spaciioston indeates Giher a dity ue te ov a retiaian Inthe OEM fue Supply plumoing. Inet resincion st the "us SUppy, Gonmecton should be checked fo idetfy the comet Souree of tho resto, Remove itn Proceurtaed Fuet Fntering Awaruncd Fusl Is flammable. Keep al egarttes, flames, plot lights, acing equipment and sultches out ofthe Work ‘fea. and areas shaving venttaon to reduce the possioity of severe personal infary cr death when Mrotking onthe fol system, (Clan the area araund the fue fier hes after, Remove the fst filter wit fier anench, Part Humber Sar508, ue ier (Spn-On Type) oss ith Vacuum Fuot Fitting Awarnnc de Is Hanmabe, Kesp all kets, lames, pct ‘en and atent. shaving. ven possibility of severe a injury Or death when Arking an the te system ‘loan te aoa around fut or ead are Disconnect tho ing Nanese trom te waterinsuet seneor leaped Remove the fut ter wit ther wroneh, Part Number Ss70007 Clean and Inspect for Reuse With Pressurized Fuel Fitering Use a clean inttes cloth to clean te ther head gaskst surface With Vacuum Fos! Filtering Use a clean, ines doth to clean the Her head gaskot ftriae, Install With Pressurized Fuel Futering ze me eorect ters) for your engine. It must remove a Pumury of 5 pervent of ras and emulties water. I ist also havea minknum ef 98.7 percent 1Smieran Pactevemovaletciency ‘curmins, Par Number s107548 Fleeaquerd® Nels, Part Number 2200 Apply athin coating ot laan engine to the iter gasket tac, asus Fue ite (Spo-0n Type) AcautionA Ea Mechanical overtightening ofthe titer can astort the Fi {threads or damage the fier olomeont sea NOTE: Engines equiped with pring pumps do not Fegure the wot mist tobe Med prertoleetlaton to faloning tg procedures fled Insta the er onto te ter ead. Tum te ter une geeel contacts the fle head surface Tightanthe ter an acdtonal of atu ater the gasket comactethe Her Nand suave, ae pod by Ih Met rranuracturet, Fil te tet meer oy tung ne igntion site to re OF pesto. Tne eng gums won etwas sich fr adsquaity te Tus ot. he sngine can tan be sere NOTE: Tho engine wil, perhaps tun tough for cover inutesuna te ai ot ote sytem With Priming Pump ‘se the comect mien) fer your engine. K must remove a rnin of 95 percent of ree an emulsified water. must alco have & mirinum o 082 potoont 25.micon paicieremoval ateency. ‘Cummins, Part Star 4010654 Flocquald® Nason’. Pat Number FS1040 ‘Aaoly a Bin coatng of dean engne ito the iter gabe Slides ana the center sea AcavrionA Mechanical oertighening of th filter can distort te Uwoads or damage tne titer element esa. NOTE: Engines equipped wth priming pumps do nat Fequife the he fe to be fled pie to rstllaton I the Tollvnng ting proseaure ws slowed Inailme ner orto me titer nena, Tum te ier unt the (geese contacts he fter nea surtace Tightentne iter an atonal 4c atum ater the gasket acs the iter heal surface, as oper byeeee NOTE: ithe fle equipped wih awaterinuel sense, Fotee te sensor tothe deared Tacaton and eaect the ting harness ue ier (Spn-On Type) oss Fl tno tuo ir by turning in inom eaten 1 th ON Baton The pring pump wit tun or wo mines Wroh {ni adeguately Ate iter. The engine can then be ated some engines uae a mana, remote mount priming ump. Fi the prming pump motntedtoggie awh tothe Oalpostion. Rune pur foro mines and shut to ‘The ons ean then bo carta, NOTE: The engine wil, ethaps, run rough for several ‘intee Unt a is OU ett sytem, witnout Priming Pump Uso tho corset stra) for yur engine. must romovo a ‘inimury of 8 perant of tax and emulates water Must also have minimum of $67 peresrt se 25miren aniclereroval emriency, (Cummins, Part thmber 4090854 FPostguad® Nelson’. Pat Number FS 1040 Aly atin coating of ean engine ilo the tier casket sirtace andthe carter seal AcautionA. Mechantoatoverightening of he titer ean ator te Threads or damage te ter element Seal NOTE: Filth er wth clean tue pre to netalaon Iretalte fer onto te er head, Turn he ar ntl the Gasiet contacts the iter ead suracs Tighten he tt sn aenal 4 tatu aarthe gasket Contacts te fier ead suse, or ae specie by tet ranitaene, MOTE: If the fier is eaulpped with a wardn-uel senso foie the saneor ont iat fo the dood locaton sd cone! the wing harness Rerve the eceral hax plugon thetop of the niarated Tue ystom mogul, Crank tho chgino unl aca etear tual comes out ofthe port, brtal be hex plug. ‘rank the engine ter 20.0nds. fhe engine doos not Star within 20 seconds watwo minites. wl pebabhy Be necessary remove the le, the fer wih cleat ‘tena inst he ater Repeat hese stops unt the engine starts, NOTE: The engine wil, sthaps, rn rough for several ‘intee Unt a is OU ett sytem, Section 5 - Maintenance Procedures at 1500 Hours or 1 Year Section Contents ‘A Cioaner Rostrtion Wartsnanes neck A Lesce, Ai Inlake and Exist Systeme Martenance Creek Vaan Seomet ‘cosint Fier Sonera! nora inant Remove cooling Fan et Tensioner nape tr Resa Engine Wiring Harnoss Maimenenes ches Maintenance Procedures Overview ‘Sonera nba This Page Left Intentionally Blank Maintenance Procedures - Overview General Information ‘Al maitonanc cocks ans inspoctions Usted in prowous ‘malntenance intervals must also be permed tthe time, in adton fo tore ited under he maitenarce Imeva Coolant Filter General Information er to Procedure Coolant Recommendstons ane ‘Speciealins at the bagning ofthis section ‘a covet vate is provides to prevent coolant leakage Cle changing he Solent fie With the valve inthe ON positon (the coctant tows to 8nd fom the sealant te. nthe OFF potion (3. ho ceiant Foie cit of 20 nd Rem the coal ter Remove Awaruncd Do not ramove the proseurs sap trom a not engine. Walt-untt the coolmt temperature Is below 50°C [120°F] betore removing the pressure cap. Heated Coolant spray or steam can cause personal Inu Romove tho cooling stom pressure cap, Avannano A dep: ‘hvironmenial teglations Turn the eacant ent valve tothe OFF positon NOTE: Do not wse free open eso to ovo va. te abe does mot turn reste to proses son Ge ” " Remove and discard the coolant tite. Cran the gasket Surtac on tho Tile ead Install AcaurionA echenical overtightening can distort the threads ot damage the Mer Read, Apply a thin fn of dean engine ell cs equivalent, to me coctat gr gasket sealing surtace bofore tang the Seen ie. Tighten the ccolent ter 12 to 8 ofa turn ater ina gasket conte ot as specified bythe marulactrer Turnth coolant anf valve tothe ON positon. Insta he rasiatr pressure cap. Awarnnod Do not remove the pressure cap trom a hot engine Wait unit the oolont temperature Te tor 80°C [120°] before removing the pressure osp. Heated Coolant spray or steam can cause personal Injury Operate theangine uni theceeiant tapetature above e2°c [180°F], and ccs for coolant oak _Ate the air has been purged tom the systam, check the coolant evel agai Cooling Fan Belt Tensioner Inspect for Reuse ‘the engine tuned of, vert that nother the tp not batter enstcner an stops touching the cast boss nthe tensioner body. ltr ofthe stones ousting a boss, Ie atematcr Bett must oe pices. Check co make aire the correc ‘bel part number is being usa! i after condition ens check me tensioner pulley ana bay for eras. ny ‘Seis are Soren, the enter must Serle Check the tansinet ort bulup. If hi conden Stn, the Sensoner must be retnved and seo stosrea Remove the etna bat Ir ne tenatoner pul ruses te aoeossory ave pute fer the lensicner has been ll relaxed, the beter isoelenar am stop boss has brokon and Wo tneiona: ‘ust be replaces (Gheck matthobottamtendlonerarmetop fin ontact wie) ‘reborn tensioner atm sop boss onthe tensions boy Ifngee two are net contacting, te tstoner must Be replaced Installthe aterater lt Inepeet the tondloner tor evitance Ihe photng — Ionsioner arm contacting the Saonary arcuar 990. It I there evidence of ther two areas eotacting, fhe pat lube buching' hae fled and to Wosiener must be replaces Air Leaks, Air Intake and Exhaust Systems Maintenance Check AcautionA, Engine intake air mutt be llered to prevent dir snd brs trom entering the engine. It the Ike ait ping is damaged or oon, need a sont the Engine and eateo promatuio wear inspect for lose lamps ot darnage betweon the intake fir piping, ar clesnor, tubocnarge, chargear cece, fd ake mantis, oe ones Replace any damaged pipes. and tighten loose clamps, Check tr comosin of hentke sytem piping under the ‘lamps and hoses. Carostican ali carosive predicts nde eener ne mace system, Desaseemble ana cean ssrequied xoosswe back pressure cen cause exhast bats Veil thearhaust Bock prssuteie win spouts, Bet toPresemire 01200 ete me engine an rote ns madmim oad, ana hector arin itn br awning See es see iajvprescue at ks AcaurionA Do notuse ar toolste remave ar instal the nut om the Ueband clamp. Use of Uwese tools can ‘seriously Yamage the heeads of te Bom and couse the clamp fpinat be ave a be used “he else canbe cattsed by aa lak re the lowing Turhochargerto-charga-lr cooler show connection, * Inspect the convection and oring eal for carnage, 4 Tighten the bard clams Torque Vaue: tiem [s01n- ‘Any charger eter piping or connocting nese * Inspect the nose arcing for damage 4 Tighton ine nose eam Torque Vals: 2Nem [804mb] (check soot reaks trom ie exaust mania pans Remove the exhaust manifok! ad inspect wo tp joins Se ferdamege Chea ant manip ran xg get Cy I sot arosks are found replace the exnaust manta) (finder neas gaskets, Refer to Procedure 01-007 Turbochargertoeshaustnanils mounting gasket. ‘= Replaoe te gackot ofr to Procedure 010.022, AcavrionA Drona in At atta Peano a tty Sao ei geen iene a) Turbine rousing sealing surtace ai lak ‘Tighten tne -band clamp Torque Vale: 14 Hem [1260] + chook or an at oak {Hana teats i present, remove anarepiace me Oe Urbocharger a ® ‘Compressor housing sealing surac® alfa Tight the bane, Torque Value: ONem [20K] + Check ror an ai tok 4 Ian ait leaks stil present remove and replace the luibocharger. Rot te Prosoduo o1003% Variats Geometry Awarunod ‘Removing tne turbine houelng -band tamper proofing fn any variable goometty turboahrger Wil Vota the ‘Cummins Ine. warranty Cove Turbine housing seaing aurtace a leek: For vatiable geomet tuoechargore, tho twine v-band nul hae a {impor prea clamp. Trereere the Torque spenticatons tetherbine van wil not be able tobe checked purpose of the tamper proofing is prevent stub hls Jont. Any Toceoring of the vad ot Sojustng of me etentaton et ihe tue. housing Stet the siding nozzle clewances and wil damage tne ‘Utbocharger strut in poor perormatoe, Ircators ofleakage ate soct steaks Yom the ent and! than aude wniste vam the engine. The tvboensrgers must replaoed hers ate any oon oF eage from the turbine hein band J EGR plumbing seating Joints oak ‘cho tor eoot steaks rom the EGR crossover tee and Tighten the nose clamp, eter to Proceaixe 011-026, (one0K for an exaust e9k. It an exhaust tak I8 tt present, temove and rapia'ethe EGR crossove tubs ot ove. chock for scot seas fom the EGA vane gasket and seat ings Ingpset fr signe ctleakage auch as get streaks. ane ‘a aage af present apace the EM valve geckos De oer toProvedute 011-022, ~ (check re leskage Yom tre EGR vale weep how. Soo feakage a tho EGR valve weop Nolo normal and Gan be exact. Do not replace te ER vave F set Streaks are found tthe EGA vaive weep hoe, Coheck er laskage tom the EGR cccer below Inapect nr agra ot ekage such a8 gost steaks. eg Cflpskage ae present replace ne EGR cealer gash ator io Provedure O11 01, chock fr goo! leakage atthe EGR clifernal pressure Sensing tes, Ingpeot for signs ot leakage auch as. soot ovenks, {pearing yelouish Brown or beck Ir signs ot leakage. ate presen, replace whe EGA ies pressure tubes. Rett to Procedure 011-026, ‘choek for cot leakage onthe oxhast adap pp Inspect for signs for leakage such as soot streaks ppeering yatoutch bow er eck I eigos of leakage are prosent roplaco tho gasket anv and clamp. Pfr to procecune O48 Clan sot seine ancpaint the canponentain erro Ssecrfusretoake. Air Cleaner Restriction Maintenance Check Mechanica! necator NOTE: Do notromove the ft washer Fom the indicate The fon washer apoaroa mate ‘A meonanca exctlon naeatt Ws evatable to inaace sve if Festion hugh hele alt cleaner is inefumor ea bo mounted fs the alt elena Gren te arent pane, he ted Hag (Inte window Gladualy bes 26 the carvidge Toads wih ct. Ast ging ct oplacing tho cag, rast to indeatr by pushing therest button (2). ‘lose as possible fo the trbecnarger a fit in radar btn a fue ceatlon of estiotans. AcavrionA Never operste tha engine cut an sie cleaner Intake alt must be t™ipred to provent dt and dobrte Tromentering tne engine and causing premature Wear Vacuum switches actute a warning ight on the iratrument pete wien the” alr resbictom" becomes exeenawe, Engine Wiring Harness Maintenance Check Awarnanod To raduce the posebity of poreenal injury, do nat fousn my Ignition uires oF components Wile the fngine operating, Unless using wultably Instat tools, chock al wre connections ang te wing harness fr image. Faury wining ean calls "Improper "engle Operation and poor pettermance Notes Section 6 - Maintenance Procedures at 6000 Hours or 2 Years Section Contents ‘Cold Weather Stating Ald Maintenance Cnc Ccrankeare Breather (intemal) Replace. Crankcase Breather ube Maintenance Check. Engine Mounte Inspect, Ene Sieain Cleaning Clean Hoaintanance Brocechres » Gverew! Genera Inbtaton, overnena Set ‘Adjust Masur ‘Genera incrmtion Radiator Hoses! Mairenanes Cheek vibration Damper, Viseous Inepec This Page Left Intentionally Blank Maintenance Procedures - Overview General Information ‘Al maitonanc cocks ans inspoctions Usted in prowous ‘malntenance intervals must also be permed tthe time, in adton fo tore ited under he maitenarce Imeva Crankease Breather Tube Maintenance Check Inapect me oreamer tute fe sludge, debits, oF 1 nthe be Inspact the tube mare taquantiyin ey conditions Radiator Hoses Maintenance Check Check allhoaes for eracks, ets or eallapsing NOTE: The sltcene enghe esclan Nose wit exnith Sralingdve 0 the sastty ofthe hose, eon COR @) Cold Weather Starting re , Msintenance Check Sen) gp] BREE Stee Engine Steam Cleaning Clean Awarnnc A hon using a ctoam cbaner, wear safsty glasses ora lice shies a2 well = protective clothing. Hol steam ‘an cause Selous personcl Injury Steam isthe best mato of cleaning 2 city engine o 2 plese ofegupment Iisesm'snol avaliable, use scent fowasn the engine Protect all pciloal cemgongnts, openings, and wing from flere of he cleaner spray nore Engine Mounts Inspect ‘heck the argue on te ensine-mounting mus andl “agrten any that are looas er to the CEN selec rmanal or hanstaetzer or ree spectRetions Inspect Re rubber fr deterioration and age hardin Replace any broken orlest tls, cepscrens or erage ration Damper, Viscous Inspect AcaurionA, “The scone fui in the vibration damper wil become Sola attr extended service ana inoperative. an inoperative Jor engin or drvatrai fluro, ‘Check the vibration damper fer eudence of fd os, Gems, and wootie, napectte uibeston damper Meese forany defrmatn of rling othe Samper over plate rary of nese condione atesenes,eortact your oe Cummins Auhorzed Fepair Locaton to replace the Sibraton damoce For rtlon dampsr location, refer 19 Engle Diagram Inengye Identioaton (Seaton €} Crankcase Breather (Internal) Replace Replace the crankcase beater (tema) act @ Cummins® Authorized Rapalr Location to stiodule Wie rantenance, Overhead Set Measure General inormation Alovernesaicah measurements must be made wren the Shgine scald. Stabized coolant terpesture must De a 0° 40°F below omove the ‘oekst lover cover, Relat to Poosdue {004% (oceer tev Cover|n Seton 3 Make sue me engne base ting s propery et before "hanging measre jst atthe oweheas Par {GProvodtre 007-086 (Engi Baco Tig) In Socio 1 Eatly engine weaton dames ere marked Wh BRAKE SEP (RBRAME SET 25 or DRAKE SET The engine bakes must bo set atthe appropriate mark on these fngines” Newer engine vibration dampers aro marked wit only A, cf C, and ave adusted wes hevaves eid Inocor on ihe same op dor Looate te val sot marks onthe ouside of tho vrtlon amper The sot marks are A, 8, and: Settomark Ato adjust cyinasr 1 6 Sel tomarkB bo aut oyiner 2 or Saitomark G10 adj inde "4 {wo complete revotutons are requied to etal valves, Sgieurakes, an ester, Sythe engines eulppad than ar compress: Remove the ol i connector fom the lover gear case neat #9/4inch civ ratchet and extension nt the at iprascor div, Fotato the a compressor dive elockwlee, as wlowod some ont ofthe engine, Avaric Do not pallor pry en the fan to manually rotate the tnghte. To ‘deo can. damago tho fan Dlados Damaged tan biases can cause prematune Tan fates Uuhich can result Inserious personal injury or property damage, “The cranks otaten ie elockwtes, as wowed from the rom artne engine “ne cytndrs are numbered om the tonto he engine (ast The angie ing order is HS-862-4, quipped wih an ar comprceser: Loosen the cover late capsctews and late the cover or remove ts of tube, squppes {og men socket push me amg gear te geet ete baring adaptor Seatnoctetaiee tba ne org. ockthe bartingdevicebackand fothuntilitdisongages. act eyindr ha four rocker love: The exhaust valve rocker leer (1) Telnet ookor lover 2) 5 Theintas ial rooker iver) The engine Brake rocker ever The intake vale rocker lave is always the long lever on tho valve rocker lover sha Eaty eoaine vibration dampers ate mathe with BRAKE SET 16, BRAKE SET 29, or BRAKE SET 34 Te engine Wakes must te aat atthe appropiate ma ont engines. Newer engine brain damp te. matked wit only 4B. o” Cand are adjuctod win ho vos and Injector on the same yin. “he valves brakes, andthe injectors onthe same opine 26 schusied al the same Index mark on the Water damper. Tnjedior and Valve Adjustment Sequence Bar Engine] ovacul| ate, | crite | eytntr| cylinder amie tector | are” | Grane Sa 7 Faas Ptacets vances Adie arancete Fring Over: T5624 NOTE: For iusaive puppote, poston A ie shown as ‘Me ast oop. tls not hocessary stat with peaion A bang as the proper Sequence Is followed. Use the eomplessor diver baring device to bar the feng over in Ihe dtccton of angie. relton, ftoekonse so slowed tom the ron othe engi. Al thedmark on thevibralon damper with Ie ptt 2n the gear over. chock the vaio ‘ockar over onthe gluon eyindr to |Fot Intake anal exnavat uae are sed {Bain sete ct vate are doses wren he rocker lovers ang fhe ak myer ate ooee. oe sats cf vais te not ‘loved, rotate te compysezor ce gear ona campicte fovoluian, ana algntne Amar on the Nont camper wa, thepointr sean vane Lan Uso feoor gauges t» measure tho amount ct clearance (las) betwecn the closanead ard the rove! lever hase Measure and record the intake, oxhads, aed rake tive < Jagr Ine valve ast 1 not fine pect one tes bur the valve must Ds adjusted See the adj step thie prosocure. Prose brake lover down to vty the carat fllonat [sin coraet wh the caret pre to measirement et thebrakelaeh TSX, 08K Series VaWo Lach Rochook Line intake [023mm [minimum | 0.006m Intake —|~048 mm [maemo | 0.019 in Exhaust [05 mm_|_minimum | 0.022in Exhaust | 0BT mn | maimum | asin Brake [687 mm [minimum | _0274in Brake [7.13 men [maximum [0281 in Brake Aunning Clewance Rotate the brake lever to the detent (natty poster Chock the elaance betwosn the engine brake actuate piston ang the oteas Neat guloe pin (1). IT the Drake funningclesrancs te mot akin the spetcatons ltd Dolo, tho rung ceuranow muct be adjusted. Soo tho ‘Agus step mths posedr= rake Fanning Grewranse Tas as 279 max ono Injctor Lash ‘Tere ls no aeruce prosedute we eneek the injector Yee load Insal the tacker lave cova. Rater ta Prooacare 008014 (Rocker Lover Cover In Section & @ see Rand he ante procedure tor astheadacstent atone tempting ® pei bs operation Valves, neces, ard engine brakes eauipoed) must Sa crisaly assed fo thosngin toapeate ony. Vie injector and angina te ajasmen mast Be perce unig he vals dred inthis sete Ate an eng rebuld or any mace repair whace the inpstorand lv sttngmust bo subs, ota 31 the vies, nectar, and rakes fAgjst the waives, ecto, and engine Oras eye chin ous, or 2 year uncer costs rsh ‘cjcimart must be made near at opat, Mtr 3 ‘alsa he soismenininvaagsinbesemes suey 00 hours, or 2 year nticherer ocr, aN, Brake, and injector Adjustment Vaan Injector Ajusiment i @ Hem [70 hb] Intake Vave 35 am [014 Exhaua veka 88m 07 Engine orate 70 rm [275 Ealy engine vbraton campers ere matkes wit BRAKE SET -6, BRAKE SET 2-5, of BRAKE SET 3-1. The engine bakes must bo sot at ie appropriate mark on these Engines” Newer engine rater. daripas are mated onthonly Byer. and are sojsted wih tbe valves and Injstr on tho same oyindst. Locate the valve set marks onthe ouside of he bration camper. ‘The sol mats ate 4,8, and : Settomrk Atp adjust eynaer 1 6 Sellormark Bp aus oyindet 205 Settomak oto adut eindr 30r 4 wo complete revlutons aro requited to ct al alee, cnggne rakes, ana neste 1 he engines aquppacuith an air compressor: Remove the cl fll connacter rem the lower gear case nest 2/4inch civ rlchet and extension int the ai ‘ompressor dive Rotate the ar compressor dive clockwise, as viewed From te front of me engine Avrcuncd Do not pul or pry on the fan to manualy rotate the fngine. Todo to can damage io fan Bladoe Bammaged a laces car cate premature fan fale tohichean res insetlows persend inkry er propery ‘mage ‘The orankshar roation Is ebctaae a6 Mewed trom the frontafthe sngne The ellnders are numbsred fom the font of he engine (2958), The engine thing cider ie 458.624, Irie ange ls net equppes vain an air compresscr Loosen the capscrows and tate tho cover oF romo¥o tho itube, equipped is 195 nc oat ps eating ge the (eat Tesh fetite "the baring adapor Searerctockwtse ober ine eng Fockitiebattingdsice ack and forth unl iasongages. act eyindr ha four rocker love: The exhaust valve rocker leer (1) Telnet ookor lover 2) 5 Theintas ial rooker iver) The engine Brake rocker ever The intake vale rocker lave is always the long lever on tho valve rocker lover sha Eaty eoaine vibration dampers ate mathe with BRAKE SET 16, BRAKE SET 29, or BRAKE SET 34 Te engine Wakes must te aat atthe appropiate ma ont engines. Newer engine brain damp te. matked wit only 4B. o” Cand are adjuctod win ho vos and Injector on the same yin. “he vais, brakes, andinjcters onthe same eytinge are ‘juste a the same indekmarkon th bration damper. Trjeetor and Vatvo Aajuciment Sequence sot | set | set Cylinaer | oyiinder] cyliner Injector | Valve | “Brake Pulley Postion ot Rotstion| ‘Start [A raavance te advance [Asvanceto Adiancete| [Fring Order: 7S 8B-26 NOTE: For tustatve purposes, postion A Is shown as the tet etop. ie not nocbeeay to stat wl poston A Sang a8 te prope seqenes i ole se ine ompressor arve or naming cevis to bar the Segine, over in the dsetion "oF ‘ngyne rts, Elockiice se viowod tom the tnt ofthe sige. gh ‘eA markon ihewton damper whe pot an the gow cover chock the vaio roekar levers onthe gion cylinder to coe |Fot Intake anal exnavat uae are sed {Bain sete ct vate are doses wren he rocker lovers ang fhe ak myer ate ooee. oe sats cf vais te not ‘loved, rotate te compysezor ce gear ona campicte fovoluian, ana algntne Amar on the Nont camper wa, thepointr sean Loosen tne inecter agjusing screw locks on the Sindee.” “ester cenetng Donot use aclicktypetrque wrench Use a sity torque rench wth arange ot O80 150 Ibto fighters njecor rocker ver sduningscto the Seren cnaters ding setng. reper the sew snd ever SSreqired a SON rh ck cutee asjsting seen one two tums Hota ne torque renenin postin tat aows yourotoox Ina dete at thea Ths isto make sure thecal Botead autos Make euro the parts are aligred, and equoeze te ol out One valve and nectar rah OY tame he aaneng Use tis inal acjustnent to preload! the vale anand Ince Tews a ion (7 8 Tomas een [7 ® Hold tno injector ley adjusting ecrow and Ughten the Sostng sere Tock Torque Vaue: 75¥em [$5.0] ‘Aner seg te nector en acinde, ete vaves ana {rain branes ene same eyinder Eat engine bation darnpers ave matked wih BRAKE SEY 12 BRAKE SET 26, BRAKE SET 50 The engine hginesHewer engine ivan npr are mareed ‘nih only A.B. er Cr andare adhsted witht vaWe and injector ine samen. Wit the set mar aligned wih the penta on he gear ‘over and both sate Ct valves closed on the cylier, Icom the locknies on the make and exaust vane ojusting screws, ack cut the adjusting serans one ota tums, Select a tooler gaugo tr ne eorodt valve lash Speciation Vale Lach specification inate 036 WOW exaust oss HOM irae’ te teeer gauge Between the top of te eraranead tnd the rocker lever nose Dad Maks sure the taler gauge fs oompletely uncer the voting rcekorTover noes pa Tighion tho adjusting serow ® Forgas Value: 0.6 Nem [5 imb] epayroemenenendcorarscuneeigninn Hele he asusing screw inthis positon. The ajsting Stew must not when aco tightened Torque Value: tem [39ft] [fet tlghtaning the loki to he correct txqu va, remove the lle gauge, AcavrionA To got maximum brake operating efficiency and to Provent” engine” damago, the "brake adjuctmont Inatuetions must be folowed For ager engines, loots the engine rake et marks on fe ose ofthe braton Samper The aetmaths re BRAKE SET 14, and BRAKESET 25, Bnd BRAKE SET 2-4 [BRAKE SET 1-0: Cylinder {or 6 adjust BRAKE SET 25. Cyinder 2ar 5 adjust BRAKE SET 94 Cinder Gor 4 adjust ® QJ eo te compressor ave or baring devin to bar the Engrie over In ine dreston of Totton slockwWiee 23 Miowed tam the Fort of be engine. Allg the & mark oF Ihe'ibration dampor with tie point on the goat cove: For Mlugcaine purposes, poslton As chown a6 the tet Step not reesanay fo sort win poston A, a8 Teng asthe proper sequences folowed, ‘creak me vane rcoker levers on he gven eytnaerto 208 hom tate and exhaust vals ars eaed Bath sts cvaves are ses when the eeke vers anc the bake ver are loose, I oth oat f valves ae not loses, retale tne ecmprenscr ste goa’ on comple fmoltion ansaign te A mark onthe Wont caper with thepaicr aga Press the engyne beak aver doun to vty the camshat fellomar incontact wth te come Loon te loeknut on the brake lover aduing ete, Setback cut te ansting sere one turn, Iraert te fester gauge, Part umber 3163550, peween the boom of the engine brake piston an the op ofthe ‘Sahat valve pn on the exaust valve crosshead ‘rake Lever Lash Speatncation om tn 7.00 To om76 ‘Tighiontho austng sorow und dragon ho roolr gauge [sist Proper areg means that thee eno moten Me brake lover canst fellower agains the ca lobe Torque Vue: Nem (177 mb) Remove the eter gage Ba > AcaurionA Engine damage can occur I the running clearance not within specifications. {choxk tho running eiarance: 4. tat the engi brake rocker leet the dete (gotta) postion. 2, Gheck the slecrance (1) between the engine prke lever aduelor piston ad the cosstead gulge pn TEnghne Groke Rosker Lever Running Glearanes 0.85 uN 0.028 2790 ax ono the running clearance does not mast specication Teowen, bul do not emevo to rooker aha capecrove fd Yotte me sham inte arecton requted to big the fuming slearanow within the Isted. specification, 1 ls ciitea that the Slewane Bo ct anv vaiteg on all ch ake levers Engine damage can test this task fe not completed. " ‘check the brake tuning clearance, The rocket lover shats must be adjusted so tha al ree engnobrakeloverstalwlthinthe given unningetearanee spectiaten Repeat re process to adjust al ineotors, engine brakes, and vaves accerdngto the chart shown boon. Injector and Valve Aajucment Sequence Bar Engine] in] Pulley | cyatter | cyntier| oy Direct] postin | Oyinger | cyiinder] cylinder ancestor Injector |"Valve'| “Brake Stat 4 dance [Asvance 8 Adiance*| avance [Asvanceto Fring Grier TS-S6-BE Section 7 - Maintenance Procedures at 10,000 Hours or 5 Years Section Contents Ax compressor Decharge Lines Malnonanee Chock. Fan Hub, Bolt Driven Maintsnance Chece Haintonones Procedures - Gvervisw (General norman This Page Left Intentionally Blank Maintenance Procedures - Overview General Information ‘Al maitonanc cocks ans inspoctions Usted in prowous ‘malntenance intervals must also be permed tthe time, in adton fo tore ited under he maitenarce Imeva Fan Hub, Belt Driven Maintenance Check Irapect te tan nub cr the owing Froodem of rttton racks SStenbe seal leakage Repair arrplace the fenhubitthe tan hubdoesnat otete Foul oF i ore le evdenoe of eracke oF goats eee Teaage ‘Menai he fan ad lacanes Fan pb ht bho hate ad nt oatingspecarsmuct 00810085 rmm[0 008 1 000 njend cesranoe Fan hubs wit “hvough-bro”shafs wi ner and ote Sewing spare must 80088001 mm [0.008%00 048 ingona dear. ‘Compressor Discharge Lines General Information ‘Alla compressors have asa amount of bteathg amyover tha ‘ibaeatee te ison rings and os par. When this ibresing of exposes to noma a Ecmpressor operating tampotaturse ove tine, hs [ones ot i Tor variant earn depen falowing maintenance check are ot performed the at omproser piston ings wll neat anchat soa coe. Maintenance Check Awannncd Wear appropriate aye and face protection unen wang compressed air. Fying debris and dirt can cause persona ney, hut ott the engin. ‘Open the drain vale on the wet tanto relesrethe system a preseure Remove the alr compressor slschatge te Rom the ait Sompresso son ofthe ommpraesor lech ine fan bo tnd h Flow agra, Com ptess0d Ar Syctrnin Sjatem Diagrams (ect 0). easure he al catbon depos thickness inside the ait {Techarge tne a shone total carbon Gepost [+ Afexcease 2mm [1/6 Fi, dean and spect the enact ‘ad thevane assembly ad te dlschatoe ine Replace ineoeeeary. Contact Bie Cumin Aulhoited Fepat Toca fr procedures SH Be oa carbon dopost exceeds. epocttcaons {ortinue checking the alfecharge tne earnest Up {othe frattank unt total carbon datos ees tan 2 nen [Wie nj. can or reptaco any nas or corrections that ‘xcs00 hla spettenion Inet any a ar, aves. nd aloo! inet tr carben cepts ‘alfeoning parte. epee fora eae, Mian snd ‘Spar "ti pate acetal woth. mnnfacura's ‘pectin Notes Secon A. Acfustment, Rep, and Replacement Page Aa Section A - Adjustment, Repair, and Replacement Section Contents ‘A starting Motor ‘Genera inbrmatn Battery Cables and Connccions Inia Cee belt Tenslone Agen (Wier Bump) Fhishing step. Dives Aina Ina Oreck Without 25 Inapect tor Fee hrves ternat ‘aineuc Eo irae Dives icra ‘uomotie Aopt alone Wout BS incistal ad Bonet Generation Application Witiout EGA Property Slope Dives Aternar remie Dives Aira ‘Astmotve Aoplations Wick ECE industrial and Bonet Generalen Appian Wil BGA Drive Bet, Cootlng Fan ‘lean and inspeot te isis. hives ator Ins inves ea Resowe Dives Aisa Fan Hub, Belt Driven ‘lean and Inspect fo Reuse win eo, Vatneu 20 Friching stops. ‘tn Bort Ins ‘tn 268: Attemote epestionsWithow ECR Industial ard Boer Gsreralon Applicalon Vitioul BR Preparatory Steps Ven eo Remow. ‘tn eG Attemote epiations Withow ESR. Indistial ard Boner Generation Applicaion Vitioul BA Fuel Shutort vaive inspect tr Rese Insta Turbocharger Finctiig Supe Insta ropa airy Slope Remove pobprrreeebrerrerr as saaresBese cana b ‘Section A= Adjustment, Repair, and Replacement This Page Left Intentionally Blank Section A Adjustment, Repair, and Replacement anor Air Starting Motor General Information “The air tating motor system (tanks. ne sos, and valves) deste and irstted by the orignal equipment rrantegurers ana fe ering mer spon, Petrece any questions abot te a sarng mses tthe ‘Do not operate the a starting motor win a pressure lower tan 480KPa [70 pl Hiantain'the ar stating met acenrcig ths manthacturers com mendtses For maui eficency. be hoes, tubes and Ines must Hot lak. Rieter the GET serves manual and maruletirer mantel Tt specie ntomation regaraing the staring moter valves, and systems Battery Cables and Connections Initial Cheek “That arotwo poset hoayy uty bateycenneotens «Battery terminal anc clamp (1) $ Threades battery tuminal and nut 2. Awarnanc OR Batteries can omit explosive gases. To roauce ine Z5* Posaibityof personal injury. aNvays ventht® the Compartitent before servicing” the batteries. To reduce the pocabity of arcing, temove the negative ()balteryeabte tet and attach tne negative battery ‘Se tao aa ‘Remove an inspect the ually cables and connsctons for oraks or corfogon Foplace broken termina, connectors, cable, Ie the connections are contaded, use a batny brush ot vir brush wo cleanthe eannectione url shiny Make sue al debris le moved tom the connecting Smaces. ‘Section A Adustment, Repay, and Replacerent Awarnanc dd Baterios can nil explosive gases. To reduce the pocatilly'of porconal Injury. always venulate Ue Compartment before servicing the balteles. To reahice the possiblity of arcing: remove the negative {battery eabie rst na attach tenegatne |) baRery fab lk Ital the cables and tghen the battery connections (Cost the trminals th grease to prevent coroson. Turbocharger Preparatory Steps {SX Automotive with CHS70, 08X15 with CMS, and Power Generation mth CMBO. + Bemove the wastegate actuator hose. Relat to Prooouure 010-080 Section TO. Remove Aware db This component weighs 23 kg [50 1b] or more. To fete the posstiny of personal iy, use a hast ‘eget assistance to Wit ths component” ‘Automotwe, Industral, and Power Generation with esto + Remove theo supe of ln te, ans eect ‘lpped) fom the trboctarger. Remove me take and exhaust pee tom the Areosanger Remove the chargeair ecole ping om he asenarge bow Secon A. Acfustment, Rep, and Replacement fioonager Dteears the cnn, Remove the amp, ong, ang decharge elbow fem the -T>, poring of a NOTE: in ome applications, the tubocharget wt not ‘Sear the eating cen assemely dmg rama And instalation. ci, pomaps, bo noosesary to remove ‘reexhalst maniolan trseenetgortegetner, ard on Separate the Ivo components. It te two campenerie Imuetbo romoved gate ore rmnova and ican ‘tine exhaust mantel Rate to Proved 019-007 Section Iv the turbocharger mounting nuts do not loosen fey, oi ineias to avol breaking amoung id Remove tho fow tubostargst mourting nut. Fomove th tuboshargor and doar te gasket. Install ISX Awomotive wth CMS70, OSX16 with CMS70, ang Pownr Generation with CBO + Apply ain otnighsempetatureant-sae compaune Pat” Number 8823007, "or equiva, tote fulbochargor mount td ‘Section A Adustment, Repay, and Replacerent Aviano A This component weighs 23 hg [50 B] oF more. To Teaice the pocabily of persona iniy, use ahs Arget assistance to Mh tes component NOTE: If tho oxtaust manos ard turbocharge wero ‘emavns tether mora fr tn trbechargerte sar the iSbieating al cocer" sembly. see the faloning [eseare r Inilaion 9” ho eee manok. Fett {SPrececue otnib7 imsacon ¥ Intl new muting gk, the trachea, alte fear meunng mie Tighten the mounting ns. Tex vai fr he stand nt Torque Vaue: 61Nem [45810] Torque valu ter me Spalook nut onto’ by “SPL cme nt ge Torque Value: 81 Nem (80M) bt the dec hargs soow and damp ont he charger ‘oer pipe connect. Do not vate the clamp unl the bow ie nstaltton the fembocharger 1a now turbocharge Je being Instaied, the variable > geometry turbacharger actuator hom the. eriginal iittoctarger must be reused. fer to Procedute 010-134 in Seton 10 hrstalla new cng, he clamp, an the discharge elbow (othe urbocnar get Tighten bo camp, Torque Valus: em [80in-b] Secon A. Acfustment, Rep, and Replacement Ingaila now gash, of ran tube, an eapectews. “Tian the capscrev Torque Value: 258m [224 ms) Inszail me turbocharger anotation trace (it equpped) “heen rasta an the ol conan Hoang This brace requires longer, +25 mm (0.049 in, capscrews Tian the capscrons. Torque Vals: 25 Nem [22 rs) Pour approximately 50 1060 ce [17 t2 2 ca of clean ‘ne nt the furbocharge ll supaly epering ‘Section A Adustment, Repay, and Replacerent AcaurionA Proper routing of the turbocksrger oll supply tube Erileal to prevent Talire, Avold any” tube-o-metal Sonia (the lt sug ftir mt be ores ‘lightly off vertical to alow proper alignment) 1 nstating a new turbocharger, make sue the Turpoctarger fs digg. boson ho Compressor and futtine bance, and asjust as nasded Tighten th v. ands. Torque Value: Mem [20in-b | Torque Value: 42 Hem (406 nts] 1 Inatang 2 new trbceharger, metal the male une bon. Torque Value: So Nem (22"0) Ital he turbochatgar ol apply tube an the elbow Tongue Valve: 20 Hom (228 | Insta the int and exhaust plpes tothe turtocharger. Tighten te same, Torque Value: Men [0100] Finishing Steps I9X Automotive with CMS70, OSK15 wth C4570, and Pover Generation mth CMBTO + instal the wastegate actuator hose. Refer to Proceaure 010-050 in Section #0 + Swat and operate the engine unt the ootant Tempertute reaches 82°C [BDF] and check trai ‘orden, and a oaks Sic A Adutment, Repay, Fuel Shutoff Valve Remove {soa wronch to hold te nut atthe base ofthe post Use a 2t@inch wrench to remove te nut nding the ecteal eannecton ofthe fel snr ae Ca ‘Remove the connection. a ‘move the four Alen nena oapscrews FRorove tho col) and ho tl shld. move ihe vive ging waster (9, val de (0). and Stuer so) tom Be setter housing (7) em Me FSM @, Discard the crings Inspect for Reuse Avaric When using solvents, acl, or alkaline matetials for Cleaning, foto the manufacturers recommenctions for use” Wear goggles and. protective sething te rau tho poceibilty of poreonal Injury Awarncd Some solvents are flammable and toxic, Read the Imanutaciurr'e ietrUctions bette Using, Use mineral spies isan al ofthe parte exept the eat assem. NOTE: Do wot got soon! on tho co. Cioan tho coll wie Sry eltn Use'8 200g emery doth and aa arte 1 polish the col surface Check ne vale cle, valve st and actuator dic fort meta’ pars, bonding separaicn, carreslon, cracks, & Wen. Replace novacsry ‘Section A= Adjustment, Repair, and Replacement co a vio brush to clean any corrosion rom tne cal terminal Ccnece tne con asserbay wih a murmeter. Replace the Senne maonce enol spaces Fuel System Shuto Valve Solenoid Specifications Voliage | Resistance | Heaistnce nium (Ohms) | asda {Otwns)| SWE t 3 12v0C 5 15 24 voe 2a 0 VOC 2 80 38 WOE 38 ar ‘ae oC ra 45 TA VOC a5 a5, TS VAC oo 3 NOTE: i the col assembly shows 0 ohm, there Is an ‘lectical shortin the ct Install Assemble he shuttt vases shou, Install hase pate blows betel new oting bobreen te spacer andthe slectrorde control vale body, Ital tne spacer oxhng -oove toward theca neal te actuator di wk the cup ee toward the oa bette sping washer withthe cup sic tomrd the col. Soci A Adustment, Reps, and Replcement ‘ign the actor dee, cpaos. and vave dso on the tiebromt comet valve bey nea anew ong, Putt sping mash nto vas dis wh ha cavtysde postoned mar NOTE: Tho vol must be ctoriod wit he elected Cennecton post onthe btm. NOTE: Mato euro the shut alveoli the cot ‘tage (220). Te cal lage ans part number ce ‘Sin nt the terminal sarmcton sno ca. Inwaltne il ails ang col ero te tent cove. Inala new ong anit he len hea apse Torque Value: 2.4tiem (201110 | Instlltne eecreal connect on the fia shud yvaive, Install nut onto the threaded post ofthe cl, sea ur to hold ner athe base ortho post remy uhileghtorng the connection Mut orgie Value: 8 Nem [2540] Drive Belt, Cooling Fan Remove Daves arternator AcautionA, ‘Tho bol tonsioner fs spring loaded and must be pivoted away from the drive bel Phong in the Grong drecticn cam result in damage to the bed temsloner or calse personal IMU. vot tie automatic taneionor down to role wnson on the bet Removetha bat Clean and Inspect for Reuse Daves alternator Ingpect be alternate uly, the water pump pulley, he fan ait pulley. andthe erarkshan Pulley for sock, burrs and Broken or deformed grooves Use aie brush 19 clean debris found on the puey grooves Fueate ‘echo A Adustmen, Rep, and Replacement Inepoct the bot for cracks. lazing. tears or cuts, and ive wear Replace Me Batt Necessary, 5 Install Drwves alternator AcsurionA The belt tensioner ts spring loaded and must be plvotea avy rom the sive Be. Pwoting the Sirong direction ean result mn damage to te belt {onalonor or cause porsonal injury Pivot and ald the tel tensianet. stall he dive bet and release tensioner Fan Hub, Belt Driven Preparatory Steps wits EGR Remove te towing + Fan, Rafer to Prooscue 002-040 + cooing fan dive be. ter Co Procedure 008.002, itomaie ben tersioner (aster pump). Aer To Procedure 008-089. Remove wih Eo Awamncd This assembly weighs 22 kg [501] oF more. To avoid poreonal injury, use a holst‘or get aesistance (0 Ins assembly Remove the mouiting expscrews and we fan hub Scot. Secon A. Acfustment, Rep, and Replacement [Automctive Applications Without EGA Remove the fon. Rafer to Procedute 008-0 Remove the allmator and water pump bolts. Petr to Proved 0086008 ans Procudure 013.05, Avaric A Sy weigh 23 Kg [80 Tb] or moro. To veld pe uty, use a hob! oF get assistance to it {ile sesemby. Remove altsnatr bel tnsoner and bracket Remove tha eapecrans andthe San hb asambiy Indust! and Power Generation Applestion Without aR & Femovs the fan, Rafer to Procesne 008-040 Remove the fan and war pump bel. Retr to Procedure on8 9 omows Mo aenate dive bak. Ree 0 Posed /%> ost @a = ‘Section A Adustment, Repay, and Replacerent NOTE: Tho fan cypport must do rornoved prlor to Femesing he fan ni Femove me fon hub rom the fen hub supper. Retr to Procedure aueana, Clean and Inspect for Reuse wih Eo Irepoot he an hu forthe ftowing * Freedom of rotation cracks 4 Gtease sea! leakage Repaiot piace me fan nupit te tan hub dees notroate feet or If re fs eeidenes Of cracks or grease sea walago olor to he CEM eerviceHotature fer repair ofthe fan ho. Measure the an hub end ceerance play. The end ‘Tearance br spendt pan the fan hb ts Replace the fan hub the end clearanoe fst within the manufacturer's epoctcatons Rotor to OEM servce mana fa adatlonal hepecton steps Withow EGR Imepeet 1h fan hub forthe following * Frmadam ef ottion + teaze saa leakage, epairorroplaco tho fan nub fe fan nub doos noteotate Healy or here To oudonee of ersoks or rae 30a leakage Secon A. Acfustment, Rep, and Replacement ‘Measure ihe fan hub end clearance. The ond clearance Spenser pon nea hb ote Feplage the ta hub Hf he en clearence 18 net hn Spectictlns| Fan Hub End Glearanes wae 5.005 max Boe Install witn Eo Awareunc dd ‘This assombiy welghs 29g [501] oF more, To avoid personal inj, use a holt oF get assistance 10 18 {hi arsombly Install the San nub assembly and the capscews Tighten the capscrens. orgie Value: 119 Nem | 52 tb] Automotive Applications Without EGR Awarnno de ‘Ts assemby weighs 23g [501] oF more. To avors perscnal injury, use a hoistlor get assetance fo Nf {nt ascombly. Install the fan hub andthe capsctows Tian the capscrons. Torque Valus: 90 Nem [66] Insal the bet tna bracket Ingall ee bots, Refer to the Procedure 008-009 ans ows-o08, Inatal the san. Rete Preeecure 008-040 1) ‘Section A Adustment, Repay, and Replacerent S Induottl and Power Genoratlon Application Without rar NOTE: The fan hub must be Installed w the correct Ieeaton on the fan stppant to sow proper sloranee betwoen fe fan and fan shot Refer 8 the OEM series ‘anal NOTE: The fn hub must 9eInstalles pri to Hetaing She tan supper Insta he an hubon he tan supper usngfoureapserens ind washers, * NOTE: blake cetain te comet tan centers used fr the 2oplalcn Tchten the capecres Torque Value: 90 Nem (66, ] Insta he fan support Refer to Procedure 008.088, Install he allematot bal ensloner brooke hratal the atematr te bet, Reker to. Procedure oreo Install the Sa and water pump dive bel. Retox fo Proceare 008003, rata tre eooting tan. Retr to Procedure 000-049, Secon A Aefustment, Rapa, Finishing Steps wan Eom Insta the flowing * automatic batt tensioner (water pump). Refer te Frocecure 008-080 Goong fn ave bat. Rete to Procecure 008-002 1 Fan Riders Preccus 005-040 Belt Tensioner, Automatic (Water Pump) Preparatory Steps Drives alternator Action, ‘The bek tensioner t spring loaded and must be Divoted aay trom the eve bel Pooting im the Virong rection ‘can rocult in damage Io the ot tenaloner ar persona nr. Femove the eoctng an bet, eter to Proosctre 008-62 Initial Check Wetnout EaR ‘nthe engine tunes of ana mth the water pumpin Dat insalled check that rher the top ner Bote tereioner ar Stop kiouching tho east boss on ihe tensioner body. tether of he stops is tuching a bors, the water pumpfan belt must Sersplaced: Check make {tee treet bot par nur isbeng teed Meme chock tne tonsionorpulloy and bay for eracks. I any ek ae resid, tne snlonet Must 86 place. @ Set Term, temas ar Pome) Re ‘Section A Adustment, Repay, and Replacerent \sing21/2nch souar vo tit bet stone to ave onsen onthe ba Remove ne water pumpin Be. NOTE: The belt tensioner Is springlcaded and must be cles aay tem fie ve Dek. Plcsing In he won Uiresioneanresutin damage othe be Snaaner Ihe tensinet pulley touches the accesserystve ply ter the tenstaer has beer ful tolaxod the bot Tensioner arm stop bose Nas Eroven and the tenenet must be rapoens ‘cnecthat me bation tensloner arm stop ain contact wth ‘hebottom tensioner atm step boss onthe inset boy. Iinose o are net contacting. tho tensioner must be replaced, Remove Drives alternator Remove the mounting capsorow and the bet tensioner tom the bracket [Automotive Applications Vitnout EGR Valng a 12ncheauare av bet tensioner to rotove tonson onthe ba Remove the ba, NOTE: The belt tensioner is spangucaded and must be voted aay tom the dre Belt Plveing te wrong Sesion can aun damage the ba enone Secon A. Acfustment, Rep, and Replacement Lovekount NOTE: Diterent engine coniguratons utine aitrent bat ‘encioner bracket and bet neionerarangements. Remove the belt tenstoner mounfng capscrem and bet teneloner rem tne Bracks. Remove tho ult enstone racket rom the watar pump, aun Fomove the tot trsionor mounting caps. ae to Battensioner rom te brecket. NOTE: Tho mizmount alumioun vot tonsanorhlor recktis pat othe water pump moval and natal fe t common capectew usage. Refer to Procedure oap.082 Indust! and Power Generation Applestion Without aR Using 2 12nch square ve, UR bal tensioner relive ‘eosion on tho ba Remove the bat, NOTE: The bat tanlonar fe springloeded and must be voted anay rom ho eve Wall Fiotng i Ie wrt Section can cast in damage othe bet tensioner. {Low Mount (Smal Version) Femove the bot tnsloner mounting capeeren and bet ‘eraloner from the Brsekot. a Ga &a a Set Term, temas ar Pome) ‘Section A Adustment, Repay, and Replacerent ‘Remove th bolt tensioner bracket om the font engine Supper. 2g, LowMount (Large version) TS* orove to bot tonciener mountng capscrow and bo fensiener tem ine racket sy ‘flav the bel tensenarbrecket fom the tent engine <4 Supper. Inspect for Reuse DrWee Alternator AwamncA, The bett tensioner spring loaded. Do not attempt to disassemble the tensloner, Severs bodily injury ean reaur. ‘Shock to tonsioner for dt buldup. 1 ho tensioner baz Git buldup, remove and clean with sett saver Secon A. Acfustment, Rep, and Replacement yet the nooner Waugh ne fal fae of moto eraionsr mst move a tive voting 15 {Grwtoner down not, replace the enaone. Check and make surethacoract bl pat numbers bang 0a, check te bet tenstoner pulley and boay tor cracks ot Siamage ary are ound, Neple te raion Inpset the tensner am stop bosses, fer ctzcks ot ddainage. if sacks or damage tp found, teplace the ‘pin the tensioner pulley If pulley does mot spin ee ‘place te ens ” ‘winout EGR haok te tne tbs, Be eon Sasi, the tensioner must De Tomoved and ‘eanee ‘Belt Tensioner, Atom a elt Tensioner, teat: (Water Pum) ‘Section A Adustment, Repay, and Replacerent Inepect the tondloner tor evidence he photng Ionsioner arm contacting the Saonary arcuar 990. It there evidence of ther two areas eotacting, fhe pat lube buching' hae fled and to Wosiener must be replaces 5 Install Drwves alternator beta be belt wre anc mounting expen “gen be caps Torque Value: 60 Nem [27/0] Automotive Appilcations Without EGR Lowetourt trata bat tnstoner bracket the water pump. “ignten especrew. Torque Vale: 24 nem [251010] etal be bel wroner anc eapecron Torque Value: 24 Nem. [2640 ] ae. Mount neal to elt tonelonor mounting eapeera and the bolt Aensione stam te Brake NOTE: The miamount aluminum belt tensioner racketicpartof to water pump remota and nstaatton Slip 'o. commen capsctew Usage. Hever to Prossdtre 08-062, Secon A. Acfustment, Rep, and Replacement sing a 1/2ineh equa civ, tn and nts tho tncione. Meath me water pirprTan are Delt and Tease ths Inguetra ana Power Generation Applieation Without eae Leveeunt (Small Tension) Install the bet wnsloner bracket to me Mont engine upper with tree mounting saserans Torque Vals: SO Nem [41 fb] Installing belt ensoner. Torque Value: 56 Nem [21 110] Low Mount Large Tensioner na ee ot tron woot to so front engi "RKP Suppor with tes mung apse rae ew [181 ® ‘Belt Tensioner, Atom a Delt Tensioner, Auta: (Water Pum) oss Pogeaaa ‘Section A Adustment, Repay, and Replacerent neal te belt tentoner. Torque Value: 56 Nem [41 Rb] \aing 9 1f2mon square ove, ana nad the tension Sita te water pump dive lan Telnaes the inishing Steps Drives alternator AcsutionA The belt tensionsr Is spring loaded and must be voted svy from the sve bait Pivating ithe {wrong dreclion can result in damage to te Belt Ienalonet oF personel Injury. beta be ee bat, Rarer to Procedure 008082. Section D - System Diagrams Section Contents Flow Diagram, Ar Intake System lou Diagram ‘Sutometia ndistial with CHS7O and Poner Genetatin without CMETO. ‘enn en, Flom Diagram, Ecmpessed Air Systm Flow Olssram, Fw Diagram, Cali Syetarn Flow Stag Flo Diagram. Exhaust System Flow Olagtam, “Zutmates nds wth CHUS7O and Power Genexain wathat CME76 ‘aineMes, ‘Aumetve with Gaia ‘tcmetve th SME ‘Automotive With SME Fig Diagram, Fuel System Flow Dita Tras CtaS70 and Power Geneon wnat MBO Flom Diagram, Lubricating OM System Flow Olam, "tn M870 Autcmetve ih 874 systom Diagrams -Overvtou peep ecgge! 8 Be This Page Left Intentionally Blank asus Syste Diagrams «Overview ‘System Diagrams - Overview General Information “Te flowing dravings show the fow though the ngne sytors. Although pats can change between diferent {ppucatone and insane, Ne fou remain te sare. The eystene shown ae * Fue Syste 5 tnezing on system 5 Canine jaan 5 inake Syston 2 Bins Stem 5 Compressed Ar Syste nomedge of be engine systems can nep you rovblescotng, serve, end general maintenance of your engin. om Diam, Fol Systeme sectonD tye 012 Flow Diagram, Fuel System Flow Diagram Imaust! CMS70 ana Power Generation without CNS7O sxis wimun Pump 7 Timing actuator tig supply injector 8 Tung ful Supp noctor 1h Plata to tank, ul supoly from tak ui pump Ful oun Pressure ist ter Fad shutot valve Fung acai osxis Flow Dagran, Fuel Systm Seaton D. System Diagrams Page D2 Flow Diagram, Fuel System Flow Diagram Inustil C570 ana Power Generation without CMS70, A NBN Lk AG, i} oy BCA Ma P20 4. En mgt tom tat Oe ‘ow Diagram, Lubricating 0H System Flow Diagram, Lubricating Oil System Flow Diagram mse ow rom of pump fr bypass flow Fri bypass valve & + 8 Vorteal Bypass ow to tuocrarger 0. Gi dain tom tubochargse 11: Thonmastatopon- fone trough ol ctr 1 Thame clean o tows ret e Flow Diagram, Labricaing OW Systm Seaton D. System Diagrams Flow Diagram, Lubricating Oil System Flow Diagram Hortaoral Bypass Luoreatmg ot tow rom ol pur ow to main ot ne ‘Thermostat, ne Si srin em troche Gilcoder bypass ow “Thermostat open ows trough of codet Flow trough of coor ‘Thotmosat closed ol ows doe ol ee Gitceder flow tum iter hess Floto a er Fiter bypass valve Bypass vel open -olfows titer ore asl Seda fone nec Toman e Flow to turbocharger Pe ” ow Diagram, arictng System vwatn cwsz0 Lutreatng Ot Fier, Caer and Bypsse Letting ou rom lp ‘Thermorat ~ Ghiteneter rear of coer Flow hrougeal enelar Glan ay lu To Her oad Fle bypass vate Sitter Flo turbechagee 0. ut ie owt manct ste Fata een eager “remetopen oe tou of cen Temes cenit tu indy bo or Fou tat tr ipa ve ond 1 fows to tet Bypass valve open scl tows deat to mai ol i osxis ow Diagram, Labrcaing OW Systm Seaton D. System Diagrams Page BT Lutnesting (i Pump ana Pewee Comsponents Lubricating ol flow rom ol pan rough suction tbe 9. Row tom main bearing to crankshat Flow rom aueion te i of pump 410, Row to cynder ness Pressure regustor HA. Flwte piston coang nozzie Higr-prossuo retot vave 12, Fiow to lair goare Flow ftom a pump ta eodletterneaa rousing 73° Ol arate fom main ot rte sit B10 1S Fife sonsing euler dump tone, Mamonme Pom oman beacng ow Diagram, Lubricating 0H System sectonD tye 012 Overhead Components 1. Lubeeatng ol sow tom oylinder block to e¥lnder & Flow to vt rocker overs head 8. Faw to valve camshah journal Daaings 2, Flav arcund grooved head to eld carshat and 10, Intace valve Took Fooke over enone, 1. Engine brave lever Faw toinjctor rocker lover shalts 42, Exact valve rocker lever Flaw w Ifector fosket levers Injector rocker ver 8: Flow tolnector camshal journal bewinge Frew to tus por 4, Flaw fo valorockor lever shat 14, Of dain rom overnead front and ea. Seaton D. System Diagrams ‘Automative With M71 Lubricating of fow rom ol pump “Thetmestat Glicecter types tow Flo trough a cool Flow roto to iter nea Fier bypase valve Suri Flow totuoocarger ow Diagram, Labrcaing OW Systm Fonte mani ite Gi erin rm urooona ‘Thermostat open so fons tough ol cdl Thonmortat closed eb flows deal ool far rows at mr Bypass veh closed -olfows toc her Byres val openol fows deesly tonal olie ‘ow Diagram, Cooly Syston osxis Flow Diagram, Cooling System Flow Diagram 1. Coolant inet 5 Coolant ton trom wator pup 2 Coolant tou ter coer shor 8 Gostan: tow past ol oie Coolant bypass fow ta thermostat 7 Ooctai ton to ylnge head Seolnt ar water pump Seaton D. System Diagrams Flow Diagram, Cooling System Flow Diagram Shale Themoxat 1, Coolem tow mrougn oyna nea 7, Contant ypase tou to wate pn mt fou fom Cancer "Rend to thermostat & Geant few towster pump. youn coved a. Thomas 1 Coan ow trader ype pen 44; Gotan tow rn ater 5: Eien Bow ough hemo hoa bras pace 6. Becetbypass passage ow Digram, Coat Sten sectonD tye 012 Flow Diagram, Cooling System Flow Diagram ual Thermostat 1 Coola tow tom epinder bork to opncer eas &. Coolant bypass ew 1 water pu Goal aw ‘ronjart emastt iy pun Gastar bypass flaw fo water pump owsng 7. Themmostats 2. Comat Now w aeater 4 Goolant type passage osxis Flow Diagram, Al Inake Sytem, Seaton D. System Diagrams Page. Flow Diagram, Air Intake System Flow Diagram Automotive, Inctta! vith CiN570 and Power Generation without Gis70 1. tke one 1 turooshergee 4, From ehetge at eater to intake maniois 2 Tubocrarge arto charge a cooler 5. bake vave port 5. Charge a cooler vwatn cwsz0 1. Inake al ilt to turboenarger urbccharger ao charge ai enter harge at code rom dhatge a exolt to intake mano 5. Exhaust gas 2 EGA icon osxis Flow Diagram, Exhaust System, Seaton D. System Diagrams Page 8 Flow Diagram, Exhaust System Flow Diagram 4. Exnoust valve port 2, Exhaust manild ow Diagram, Exh! System sector -ammmo@itit Flow Diagram, Exhaust System Flow Diagram ‘Automatve, neustral with CMS70 ana Power Generation without CMG7O Wastagate OPEN: wastegate CLOSED Seaton D. System Diagrams wan cms70 2. Exhacst eno 8, Exhaust ges to OR cooker cannecton 3. Exhaust gas Lubostargor 7. EGR cooler 2, Exnast gas ESI vane 1; Cooied exhaust gas to EGR comeston tube and EGR riser ow Diya, Exh! ysem sectonD tye 012 vwatn cwsz0 ‘Vatlante Grometry 4 sting nozze cased & Einaget ges high velocity fon, Seaton D. System Diagrams ‘Automative With M71 4 Sig pa loid pdton igh vost om. Esha gustav vaoety tow ‘Automotive with cME71 Jt gas EGR cooler 1a exhaust gas to rear EGA connection tube Valve mouring bracket osxis Flow Diagram, Exh Seaton D. System Diagrams ‘Automative With M71 CCummins® Partouste Fier Exnauel tom turbocharger ©. Aflerteatrent patoulae tap clerrual pressure ‘atemrscment Wel myecer Senor ues (Hig) Exhaust poe vty exhaust micure Festalaon alenment tab 0. Exhavel gas omporatsre senor (number 1) 1, aftortoatingnt parteuat rap uerrcdment re ‘Mtereatnent prtcaste ier cre presane Bier Pattculate trap diferent. pressue | Senaor ube Lau) fencer ‘Aettatment out ‘mterreciment catalyst Exnaust ges temperature sensor number) Exhaust gas lenpeature sense (nurbor 2) Exhaust flow srling testes system. ‘ow Diagram, Compressed Al System osxis Flow Diagram, Compressed Air System Flow Diagram 8. Lutvcant Flow Diagram, Compressed Ale System Seaton D. System Diagrams Page. Flow Diagram 1. Governor E Bacneae Flow Diagram, Compressed Air System yu WABCO - Type Systom with Ak rye 4, Rosorvor qt ark) 5. Arcomprsesor 8 Ar aner Cummins Service Publications Electronic Books on CD-ROM Enclose aye chided en CO-ROM, an secon copy otis pcan in Aba Acrcbat Somat (PDF) fr your pteonal se sh eerenoe. Borers you Begin fo Use Me CD-ROM, please read te “Cummins Service Publications Etoctronie Books on CD-ROM Infomation” piiniod eoctien, ginning on te next page This ezcllonnladee Infomation about he CD-ROM inary System Rartremen, Local Achnishatve Fight equrement, Hows Use opt Support Tipe ai oor inurmaton Cummins Service Publications Electronic Books on CD-ROM Information ‘The encbsed CO-ROMprowies you uth the capably to vaw his publbabn decbercaly as wellas peo searches. ‘Thi CD-FOM & copy protected and wi not aon Pring, changhg & Conon, Extacing Corte or Commenting. Amotating of the POF fe “This CD-ROM i read nly and you wll be able to copy les frm the ©D-AOM and have them open er funn in ay manner The ey metodo vow me eetoms pablcaton 's ¥om ihe egal CO-AIOM, “The CD-FOM «tended forse By te owner of epantespuleon only, Copying OF atrEutPN ct eaten Rom th (CD-ROM is expressly groped. TCD ROM wil et uncton roma neo ever CD-ROM ve, Iw unto Sniyina CO-AOMve diet cenmacted fo your compar For Werosaft Windows NT 40, Mlcrsft Windows 2000 or Microsoft Windows XP, this CD-ROM requires that youhave Local AdminicWalve rights inorder to use. Seo Une System requirmeni section for adVonal otal, ‘System Requirements: Use of the Curis Serce Putlcaens Eleconie Boks cn CD-ROM requis Adobe Acrcbat, Adobe Acct Rear, fr Adobo Reade snare obo pre etalled on yout compu. The predict has boo ected Wr coma Ah ‘eobe Acrobat sfimate versions 5, 80nd7 0. It mal futon properly wih versions ter than Adobe Acca 7.9 burtecmgnae not heen peroemes. Acrobat Readers avalatie.as ares cownlad ram wai adobe cam ‘The Cummins Service Publications Eledonie Books on CO-ROM product requires the following system ‘components: f Merostt Windows Aus-Play mustbe enabled on your compute (ts enabled by default when Windows is stalled) 2 cOROM Dive 2 GolorMenir uth e least 00.800 rescitin gaphles 1 meteact windows XP Prerssionl ce Microsc Whows 2000 Ptefessional This GO-AOM may be compat bse wi Méreslt Vincows 98 SE Micosok Windows NT 0, crMerast Windewse XP Home Elen, bu stn has nat ‘sen pertormed. eoormered memory, prooastorepeed and avalale hard epace ie n ascordance wi eepsctv McOsoR petnting System Cladeines, ae wal as Adebe Acrobat ojstom reerement etd atria hese structions. Note:The Cummins Service Pubcon Elaetene Books on CO-ROM predict snot Mcintosh compat About required Local Administrative Rights: ‘The copy potato syste usedon his productreqies dec access to CD-ROM ctines in ecr b authenticate copy prowateases, Inca at the scttware to enable ect access ta CD-ROM ves ight unser Mirosoh Whos, € you ar using irocet nove N40, Mosul Windowe 2000 or MlrceoR Whdon's XP, Jour ogonsozourtproe mast have Local Aemniseate Fights oh fie compu you wl be Using your Cummins Sauce Posten Electronic Bock on CO: FROM wih ie compat see up m Rested Modo, and yout bgon aesourprte doe net have Lara Adniistative Fighs then, wih approvaot yout LT. depatfier otf owner of your comput, you ca choose fren the fotbing aptore slaw the cunmre Servite Publican Eleevon: Book an CD-ROM to tillon prope + Have your computer account abled ohave Local Aina rghs and than you can tn the Cummins Sev Pibicalons Ekctrnie Bockon CD-ROM =OR- Have a usr ith Lal Adminstate Fights gon to your comput and rn the CD-ROM one time. 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Cummins Service Publications Electronic Books on CD-ROM Information continued) [About the Copy Protection Sontwar: {Te proauotmay upgrade ths projtotary copy proton stare ts uses thatare placed on your computer {yatem a sew vars, an Ser vrson ets on Your compo aya CO-PM copy otc Pome Rem citer comparios an hay se ole veaone of bo same HexaLck cay pratocon soRware atthe Cundins ‘Setube Publcatons Electric Books on CD-ROM uses may fender tiem icompalbie fr use on yeur compu ‘Adobo Acrobat Roader 6.0 system roqulromonts: S POConrpalis corputer ne! Pentium crcoessor + One he aloing Microsc Windows Operating ystems: coset Windows 68 SE beset windows Mennaim Ebon Lorosdt Windows NT 4.0 kh Sev Packs eres ingens 2000, orosctt Windows X° + eave ot Ra 2AM ot aualabie nardask space {atonal TOMB a rok space fr Aaian fonts etna (san oes er rx equ for Curie Service Pubtcatons Electrode Books on CD-ROM product) Abb ator 6.0.1 syetom requirements: ‘BC Compaitte compute Int Pentun proscar + One fhe flowing Mirosoft Windows Operating Systems: orosart tngous 98 Se ‘Mersct inoue Wennim Eton Iboet windove NT 4.0 wih Serves Pack Mose Windone 2000 wih Svcs Pack 2 re Windows XP Professions er Hr Eaton Meroe Windows XP Tabet PC Eton “PMB cf FAM (G40 recommended) {OMB ot aunlabie nares spans Meosoithtemet Bxbrer 50.1, 5.8, 6.0,0r 81 ‘Ace Reader 7.0 system raqulrements: ‘Po Compattis computer into! Pesitun procescor ‘One of te folowing Mixonelt Windows Operating Systane lero Wingons 200 wth Senvce Pack 2 Mroeat windows XP Profesional er Hore Eaton Morse Winsows KP Tabet Pe Eton ‘ame ot RAM Up 10 90N8 of avaliable nants space Merosat Intemet Expbret 55 orhisher lo Use the Cummins Service Publications Electr 10k on Cl Touse the CD-ROM, singly est he CD-FON ie your copulet ard sic automaticaly Tun, open debe Acrobat andapen ine Electronic Book. (Tis happens wit Merasot Windows Aut Pay tunctibralty, te Adobe Acrobat pre- Toades by youn yourcompur, Cummins Service Publications Electronic Books on CD-ROM Information continued) Helpful Support Tip Tt Wlncews Rto-Piay ler nates ty reenabing tor nvigate with Wns Expr fo your CO-POM cre ane ule clk on te CD-ROM ave eta open IL. Then double-ibk onthe program named bine". (DO not Sampo drecty open the POF ily cian onthe POF document) Inarecocasions, sir imemtng the CO-FOIM Yo my rave a movEe Rom Adode Acrobs the °couk not open tho POF vacauts i efor nota supported type or tho ze Doon cotta. Tie can docu In ato woctions fe 10 apeicatien ting Issues. ith occurs there ate several epins to remedy the stuation.#) Simpy lok OK en Tenotee, ojos he CD-ROM andre-sart it have I ecarie program, of 2 Glee OK onthe rots and navigats uth Windows Explore yout CDROM ae and out lek on he CD-ROM ve later pent Then douse EIck one proctar named etekhere™ (Dore alerplis dec open the POF Mleby chek on the POF Socument) ar) Clk OKen te note, ect he CO-FIOM, restart your computer an after the system nas restarted Ferner the CD-ROM andhave tautanatialy run Ihe Cummins Serie Putlcaons Eleceric Bock on CD-ROM coss nc funtion, se the pro ston on ‘About Feaires Leva Aarnstetve Fights“ fis documentaton ard Vee ye have Loca! AamiiseatWe Ritson Your ‘Carper nord ton he CD-ROM, ‘Speelal Instructions for Cummins PowerSweep PC Users: (Thicony apes fo Cummnstne. & Dkibdbr Empioysest CCunnins Power Sireep PC users hat DO NOT has Local Elministave ahs to het PC wil vecure a HevaLock patch ‘etWare staat, f you ate a Curimre ine of Dut Empuoyee who Wants oe ese CO-FOMS. andyou Nave {a Powei Sheep PC Hease ode te Hevaloc sofas rm fhe Cus Sofate shal The Solvers shall Petconnel wi contae yoo anange nstacten. Sofware ull be Install temotely by Sofware Sha Personne, Once Sotware insted fstieboct your Po, thet alent road yourenenpted CD-FOM manual while Curis Stare ‘hat patecnnel ae atl on the talephone Electronic Book Technical Support: uppet this picts aval rom Moneay though Fiey sek, excluding Hotes, tom aa. Spm, “You tay cll (502) 5404031 for lorhone supper. FoF osrallbuppo, ploaco gral ebsoxeupport® orcs com. CD-ROM Media Replacement Options: Upto 80 days from date of purchase: viiin ne fst 20 days nom your date of purchase, your cap of an Elorane Bock on CD-ROM doos at tnt, and allel Ounmins Elec one Book Technical Support Technica has confined the sluaon and auiored ts Feplacementoy povng you an FAIA®, you may Sena backthe CO-AOMTorafree replacement. To 30.9, you must page the CD-ROM and stipnal, wih postave prepaid you, tothe below adress. You must abo lide a Protcepy ome agra voice or rest of purchase othe susication leat halonang Wie ule # ana ie purchase fist. The RUAY mube onthe adatessntmaton ofthe package. ifthe proc of purchase copy alte mle nok ‘enclose your reqs wi not be abi tobe proesased ar rat be rtume. Deery are feplacemertvllDe Sippedto you ano charge. low 3b 4 Wook or you recut of rpacoment copy. Note: Pot ny enon fuhenal CO-ACRH donot retin the ere ported punicaben The eplocemant COACH maireans he cage putchasornvate dat for te purbosse of Mi rplacorent poly. 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Faraccpy c the most cirantrepiacemant opens eley, pease ema etickspperts mencknd. som wh jor request. odin Replacement Ship to Rares: At: Cunrins Serie PtbizatoreElectonic Books Technical Suppor FRIAS 2OCHXK lore RAR fee FARA) S08 Liberty Steet Louse, ey 40204 USA ‘Cummins Senate Pubtcatons Ekctonc Books on CD-ROM are Copyright© Cummins ine Adobe Aotebat Reader a ogllered vademark a Adobe Systeme orp tod thesocet hows, and Winctrs ar ected ademas of Wctoset Copan, Inland Pent ats taderank of nel Compan, Heralockis Coptigt © HewaLoek, ia ‘Avother names ans pronicis usecheren ate vedemar fr Mer respective ome Section L - Service Literature Section Contents ‘Addtionat Service Literature ‘General Infrmaten, ‘Cummins Customized Parie Caislog Genera Intrmaton Srdseng he Custerized Bare Caaiog ‘dering by Teephone ‘Scaring Gr-tins ‘service Literature Ordering Lacelion ‘Conta lnormstion, This Page Left Intentionally Blank Additional Service Literature General Information “The folowing publications can be purchased Bein umber Tile of FubTaton| 3570001 [Fuels or Currmine™ Engrs 9310040 [Oummins® Engine Ol Racommen dations "3587251 [Coolant Adaitves and Fallon 3907266 |Cord Weather Operaton ‘260820 —[Soaling System Maintenance Exendad taal 3660229 Troubleshoaing ard Repalr Manual, signaure™, ISX, and OSKIS Enaings 3586259 | Troubleshootng and Pepai Marwal, Eker Contl Syston, Signalure™ 6X, and GERI Engines SEO blog and Rapa Maa wales CWT SRT OSKTS, OST, wiTOSRED ign "3655802 Troubleshooting and Repair Wanual PowerCoramand® Caria OSS, OSKAS, and OSKBO [Generatr Sets TESTA _[GSXTS ndvaial Wing Bagram 666340 [08X15 Generator Brive uring Diagram 306666 [OSX PoverCornmand? Conrel Wiring Dagar Service Literature Ordering Locat Contact Information Region United States ard Canada AI ner Counts rng Location Cummins Disitors cred Cards at -2008465809 Crdr one at wwe powersiore.cummins.com cumming Disibuor o Dealers OKIE ecthem commie Cason Pre ting Cummins Customized Parts Catalog General Information ‘Curnmins is pleased to announce the avallaity ofa arts catalog compled specially fr you. Unie the gonerc Sersiona ct pais estalog: tha suppon goneral nigh valime parts convent, Cummins Cstomaed eatiogs conan ‘ny the nw nty pats thet wae ned es our eng Thecataog cover as elas the conten, scustomzd win yon mind. Yeu can use tin yout shep a your worksite, an ace table bck n your RV or boat. The cover colans your nano, company nae, adeee ard wlepons ‘umber Your name and ergne meds! Wentiieaon even appears on he extalog spine. Everybody wl Know tat Cummins seed scoala spe icaly or you ‘Tn new ssta.oguas designed to prove you wih te exact ntermeton you need ora pars fer your enghe, Ti valve vale fr customers that do not have 98) access ote Curie eck oie Pate Catalogo he Curis Parte ertim Systm, ‘Aactona Feature of te Custamlzod Calas indus: + Engr Configuration Data 4 Tableot Contents 5 Separate Opton ana Parts indexes 5 Service Kit ren epplicatt 5 Recon Part Numoars hn aopoabi9 Ordering the Customized Parts Catalog ‘rsenng by Telepnone orn Amerlean customers can contact tne Cummins Olsbvior et ll Gannett Ofeot Marketing Serdces at 1800 £13604 angorsr by ced card Oust Narn seniem nae coane er mase an inrnatonel sl 9 Garnet ate )503 4508000, Ordering Omtine “The Customized Pere Catal eon be erderac On-Line em the Cummins Pewerstere ay erect cra ‘Conia GOMS ortho CUMMINS POWERSTORE tothe current pic; Freight may be an adatonal xponeo. Information we need to take your Customized Pats Catalog Order. This iveatondtves the cover content othe ore + Customer Nae Steci Aasrese & Company Name (pions) + Tapnane no 5 Cede Gara, 5 Summine Engne Sail Number (ested ont engin dat plat) 1 losoo isnt oolfed mou Printod Calo. COROM, 0 POF Fla LUntaunatly net al Cummins Engage can bo suppres by this pals catalog. Engines older than 134 or now ‘an'3 montta may not have ie necessary pa Inprmazen 9 Gomple a catalog Weil Ctaek YoU Whe eure {tnt expan hy Weare unable 0 flyout eer CCustanized Pats Catalogs as produced special for a single customs, This means thay as not rturnable fora Fefuia we make an efar and yout staay tnt usoato,wovwl cat thal efor by slg Jou a how catog. Section S - Service Assistance Section Contents Dietrutors-tmtormational Locations Distributors and Branches fuel Canada, China, Peopis Republi: Nem dealad Unitas States Division and Regional Oifices Losatone Emergency and technical Service Genera norman, Problem Solving ‘Genera Infra Fogonal Orfces-Iniomaioral Lacatone Routine Service and Parte (Genera Inrraton This Page Left Intentionally Blank Routine Service and Parts General Information Personnel a Curmins Aubioraed Repal Locations can ait you with the ccrtect operation and service of your ‘engine. Gummi nas aworldalge sence network ef ore Man 5,000 DlsitbuRors and Dealrs unohave been raed {olprovise sound advice, sxpart service, ana cemplete pats supper Chack the telapene deter. tear fo the ‘ecory i th Seoon, cr ho Sandee Lovato al wwweumenineom forte Nearest Cummins Authorized Repar toot Emergency and Technical Service General Information “The Cummins Customer Assistance Canter povises 424 our, tleprone sumber to sn feennest ans rmaigerey service nnen's Cummins Aufherzed Repar {eaton can not be ached orf unable to resale a Fue untn cummins produ. I eationa assignee I fequted, cl Tol Fre: 1 S00DIESELS (200349735, + Includes al 50 states, Bermuda, Puerta Fac, igi Toland and the Bahama. + East Asia Customer Assistance Center also for ‘Chinees Domest Marte supocr Tall Pres sooe10sa5e * Ourade ot North America contaet your Redone! ‘Ghee Telephone meer ana addres are itd Inthe international Drostry Problem Solving General Information Normally, any problem that arses wit the sale, sanvca, or rpair of your engine can bo handled by a Cummins ‘Avior Aepa Lesson n your area Rieter tothe telephone aretary, he decoty nis section, er the Senvice tomer af rw commie com fr the nearest Commins Aathorizad Rapalr Location re prler nes not been Nanded atlstactoly. olow he elope oulned below 1 Ite dagrosmant wth & Dealt, tak to he Curing Okekibuor with whom he has his ceric agreement 2 tthe disagreement swith Distibutc, call the nearest Cummins Dision or Regional Offs however, most rebiems are saved below the Olien st Aegional ofce lev. Taephane numbers and aaceeses ae ied ‘isso fore cain, vet coun the flung intmstion Engine mel and seria number ‘Type ana make of upment Tota hlometor fits] or ows of operation Werrany start dato Natura prostem ‘Summary ofthe current problem atranged inthe order of cocurence| 44 Name and location of the Curnins Distibutr or Deer itaprablem ean note rsolvedsatistctrly troughyout Commins Auterizec Rapalr Lacatonor Divan fee, ‘Cummins Customer Assistance Canter - 41409, Cummins Inc, Box 3005, Cokumbus, IN 472023005 Telephone +1 800diseele/ + 1 800-943-7257 (LSA Only) = Telephone: +1 812.877.8000 (rtemational) This Page Left Intentionally Blank Division and Regional Offices - Locations. “Rusttala Regional] Cummins Engine Company | 2 Catoean Dive ortice Ply. Lid. Scoresby, Viewria 3170 usvaia Teleohens: 61-9 9765-3222 FAX (01 9762-0079 NOTE® Tvs oties lo sere Naw Zealand ‘Gurnmins Americas | Cummins Americas he. | 9850 SW 148 Avon Reghanat orice Sure 205 Mitre, FL 93007 Teepe: 1-954] 431-2611 Fag [1-059]433 5707 NOTE: Ths ofcs serves Puerto Ra and South Amorca oxlusng Brea “cummins (china) Investrent] Zor Tower A, GATEWAY. NOs, Naguengl eolutd North Row, East Thy Ring, Chacyang Distt Baling. Ealing 2s Pastal Soe: 00027 hina Telephone: 85-10) ste4eon8 Tele tty lereaa ‘Carmine Basi Lia ua sal, 256 {7480:960 Gusruoa ‘Seo Paulo Bra Phone: (65-11) 466.0811 Fae (sertjeetea Daven ‘Cummins Engine Company | Royal Oak Way South tracy Datonty, Northants 2iP 1 Paria Goce NINA SHU Gite Yenodor| Teleprane 927} 836000 Taleb eatso7 saerce Daventry ‘Gummins Engine Co. Lid | Royal Oak Way South (Serving czsen Roputile) | Daventy, Normarts 2iP 1 Paria Goce NINA SHU Gite Yenodor| Teleprane 927} 836000 Taleb eatso7 saerce Daventry ‘Cummins Engine Company | Royal Oxk Way South ea aaare East) Datonty, Norharts 2iP 1 Paria Goce NINA SHU ited Kingdom Telephone: [e8-1927} 36000 Telotne (a4327] 906700 Dubai ‘Cummins Middle East FZ | Unie ZF 56 United Arab Emirates Sebal al Free Zone Pro Bon No 76a Dubat ‘nied Aap Emvratos Phone org] os 98 Fae [9714]885 7971 Dison and Rego ees Pune ‘amine tia Le “Carine Korea Li eathnva Pune, Maharashtra 2 cts Cae 411038 Telephone: 01.20] 2536.5426 0090, 1105, Telex [S12] 23980125 Bath tar ASEM tore 499., saneung-Oong Kangnamete, Seo 2 Postal Goce: 195708 South Korea ‘Telephones [822] 820.0901 Teel [822] S824 118/ 708-0560 SUP erie ‘cummins, 5:86 RL, de Trgumedes No, 209 Gl Patance Monto, sito Fegeral iP Postal Goce: 11580, tees Telepnone: [525] 254-3802) Teleta [525] 2685 Garnirs Engine Compan Park Pace Clos E708, 1194 Lens Prospect ZIP Pesta Code: 117108 sia ‘Telephone: 7.405) 95851-2228 Teton [408] 98653-62 ‘Singapore ‘curnmana Diesel Sales ‘Corporation @ Tanjong Penn Singapore ZIP! Postal Coco: €09010 ‘Telgphrone: 05) 62050185 “Raber ‘Alabama Distributors and Branches - United States ‘Bingham Gurnnana bia auth, ILO 2200 Pieen ighay PO. bow a? Birmingham, AL 95217 Tetophons (205) 341.0421 FAK 205) 8435028 ‘Gummi MiSauth, LUE 1024 N. Beline Ny, Mobil AL 30617 Telephone 34) 4562296, Fax (230) 528419 Tanenorage TGummene nortivest ne Sete eommercel Deve ‘Anchorage, Ak 99601-3005 ‘Telephone: 07) 278-7508 Fa 07) 278.840 ‘Commins Rosky Nourian, LLG S2HEN Back Canyon Nga Phoenix, AZ 65000 Telephone (602) 2528021 FAX. (002) 2536725, Tie Rocke ‘Cummins Wad South, no Sid Inter stat= 20 Ute Bock AA 72208 Teteprane ‘Soon (501) 559-5500 Service: (201) 569-2658, Pane: (601) 360-5613, Fax 09) 5652199 ‘catoraia aliornia ‘autora aliornia Bakers Fresno Cummins Weak Ine Sa773 eke shed San sandro, C2 £4577.0770 Telephone (610) 361-9101 Fax 0) 95259025 CCursmans West, Ine {71 West End Aas ‘eat, CA S852 Telhane: 707) 822-7362 Frac (07 422 7585 ‘curamins West. Ine S59" East nage Lane Baterstiels, CA 207 Talophons: 808) 325 9404 FAK (05) BORBIS (Cummins West, Ine EIEN Cornea Ave Fresno, CA Saree Toeshens: 6 Frac (359) 27767 arora eaaing umm West, ine. 20217 Charani Drive ecdng, ca go00e Telephone: (520 262.4070 FH (30) 224-4075 ‘allornia Stookton ‘Cummine Wes, Ine 5280 claremont Ave Sue 204 ‘Siookion, Calfrnia 95207, USA Telephone (200 472-0480 FaN 08) 472-8450 ‘aliornia arora Wert Sacramento Los angeles ‘Cummine Wes, ne: Sr Blverclde Parkiay West Sacraments, CA 95606-1502 Telephone: (810) 371-0000, FAK (19 371-2040 Ccummire al Pacts in. {938 Deere Avenue (rine) invne, GA 92508 Telephone: (248) 250.5000 FHL (oda) 288-6070 ‘allornia arora Wontebelo ‘Bloomington ‘Cummins Cal Paot ne ios eouth Greenwood Avenve Moniebatlo, C8060, Telephone: 323 728-3111 ax! (329 87200 umm sl Pac in, $0018. Persie Averus Bloomington, cA 92816, Telephone: (200 877.0490 FHM (003) 877-O7RT ‘allornia alterna Ventura ‘Cumming Cal Paot ne SION vohneon Avene E1Cajon, ca 92020 Telephotis: 610) 558-3058, FAKE (19 599-0600 Cummins Ga-Pactis me 05 Transport ertua, ck soon Telephone: 605 64-7281 FAI (003) 664 7204 Colorado ‘Cummins Roky beunean, ne att Ean doth Re Henderaon, Celorado 29640 Telephone: (903 287-0201 Fax. (209 288-7080 Cummins Rosy Mou. Saa0U's riginay 50 Porno aa” Grand suneen, 0 83501 Setpnone (or 28297 Fax (70 Siaioe Connecti Rocky Hil ‘urmns Matipawer, Ine S14 Crom ve, omy Hil CT 06067 Teiepens (850) 520-7478 FAK (0) 629-7624 ‘Dammins Power Souh, LLG 2671 Eden Avene Fr kyers FL aso Telephene: ut) 337-4211 FAX tn) Sersara Hialeah (iam) ‘Cummins Paver Sout 758 Pixels Re dackeonvile, FL8200 ‘Tetopnane: @04) 378-1002 FAX! (0s) 976008 ‘Cummins Pome South, LLC 900 NW. 77 Aver Hiplean Gardens, Fu sap16 Telephone 505) a24<4200, FAK (05) 8572002 Florida ‘Cummins Pome Sout, LLG S21 Soushwest Sond Ave, Ocala FL earttB92 Tetephane: ase) bors122 Fax fos dort30 Cummins Pomer South, LLC Saga Nor range Bossom Tra Bri, 22810) Tetoane: 407) 208-2060 Fax dor) 2908727 ‘Cummins Pome South, LLC S421 5h Set Temps, FL 23610 Telophane. 8) 621-7202 FAK 13) 6218250, Florida ‘urine Power Soa, LLG Ss Brecker Par Suet Tompe, FL. 53610, Telephone: 3) 6545858 FAK 613) 6238402 ‘Curis Power Sou, LLG 592 E.Hilsberough Avenue Tempe, FLE8%0 Totoghenc: 613) 626-1101 Fax 13) e2o8se ‘Cummins Pomer South, LLG 608 Sah Street Temps, FL 23610 Tetephane. 8) 6239380, FAC 13) 6254182 Georgia ‘Gummins Set, ne 100 Univesity Ave. 8. ‘Maria, Georg 90815:3202 Telephone: (da) 527-7800, FAK. (08 627-7822 ‘Cummins South Eras Geerga Hiray 05 College Park OR 30908 Tatapone (400) 75-0163 FRM ang Soa ‘Cummins Sout, ne 1915 W. Cekiage Brive ary, GA 99707-4838 {Veeshane: (ore) 808-210 FAK: (919 882-1670 ‘cumire South io {es hlew Savannah Read Aiguna, GA 0003651 Telepnone: (706) 7220625 Fax 108) Son ‘Savannah ‘Cummine Seu, ne SStnorehange cour Savannan, G& 31401-1827 Teloshne: (G1 22.5505, Fax (ig 22635 Tiinee ‘Gummine West in, SHEE alasioa ic, Kapevel 96707 Telephsne: (808) 562-3110, FAKE (008 0828477 Gimmie Rosy Nountan, cco 2049 o, Federal Way Cy Bove, Kaho sa776. Telephone (208) Ss5-So0n FHL 08) 38-5186 ‘Gummne Power Le 7143 Sania Fe Orve Hoagie, 60823 ‘Telephone: (709) 570-9222 FAK (708) 982-7547 Bloomington ‘Onan Branch ‘Cumming Mi Slats Power, nc fatuis.51 Nand 38) BW. 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Zhuang Naw Oy, Guangzhou, Guangdong 510623, hina Teleshens: 62-20) 8621009 Fax (8620) 98621144 ‘Shenzhen ‘Shenzhen Grongfe Cummins Engine Company Lt. ‘Tian An Che Gong Mao nds Estalgunt F268 By henzhen Shennan Oa Dac, ‘Shenzhen, Guanguong 518640, hina ‘Taephone: (86-755) 83815479 Fax 80-765) €9419480 ‘Branches Branches: Distributors and Branches - Australia ‘Gepps Gross ‘Gursnvna Engine Company, Pry Ui P.0.B0r 108 Bis ol, 5004, Seuty Australi, Australia Ueeaton 440 Cavan Road oops Gross, 5094 Telephone 61-8) 8252-5211 ‘Curmdn Engine Cempany, Pi. Li Plo. Bow 124 Darra, 4076 ‘usensans, strata 53 Kinborty sioot Dara, 4076, Auta Teeshns: 1-7 33758277 ‘Branches ‘Gurmins Engine Company, Pi. Li P.O.Bo« 1751 Bunty. Wa 290 Augrala Uoeaton: 11 Dryanda Cout Pieter, WA 6220 Telephone (1-8) 9725-6777 Fax (61s) o72eetd ‘Branches! ‘Branches: ‘Branches ‘campbetets ‘Dandenong erwin ‘ummnine Engine Company, Py a P.O. Box F160 as Mal Cena, 4870 Surersland, Austral Levaton Lert Srast Caine, 1879 Tetopione (01-7 995-2960 Cummins Engine Company Py Ltd Pale Sages Pe PW campers 061 Levaton ‘7os-1000 Hume Highway Eampbetetd 2001 ‘otosens: 613) 93579200 Cummins Engine company, Py. (t Ca Gresnatogs "POY Dandenong. 3175 Vitra, Astaa Tetephane 613) 97068088, ‘Gurmins Engine Company, Py. Li P.O. Boe 37567 ‘iret, cae Nother Terrtory, Austra Uceaton: Ler 1738 cratin Crascent Winnele, 821 Telephone: (1-8) 8947-0765 Branches: ‘Devonport Cummire Enghe Company, Py P.O. Bor 72E Tasivania, Ausra beaten 2 athens Way Devanper. 7310 Tetopone: (8169 8824-8800 ‘Brancher: ‘Branches: ‘Cumins Engine Company, Py. Ld P.O. 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