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Chemrite Retarder

Set Retarding Concrete Admixture

Product Description Chemrite Retarder is a highly efficient set-retarding admixture based on
phosphates which temporarily stop the chemical action of hydration,
delaying the initial set in direct proportion to the dosage used. After the
planned delay in initial set, hardening develops at an accelerated rate.
Suitable for use in tropical and hot climatic conditions.

Uses Chemrite Retarder is used as a retarding admixture in structural and

concrete where a controlled extension of setting time is required, such as:
- Large volume pours

Avoidance of cold joints

- Construction joints without formwork

Long hauls
- Difficult placing conditions

Elevated temperatures
- Re-vibrated concrete

Safety (Chemrite Retarder merely retards the setting time and will not kill
the set of cement. It does not entrain air and may be used with confidence
even at high dosages).

Advantages Chemrite Retarder provides controlled setting

Test Standards Chemrite Retarder complies with ASTM C494 Type B and EN 934-2

Product Data
Type Selected Organic chemicals

Form Light Brownish -Yellow liquid

Packaging 200 lt. drums and 1000 lt. flow bins

Bulk supply in tanker trucks is possible on demand

Storage Condition Store in a dry area between 5C and 35C. Protect from direct sunlight

Shelf life 12 months minimum from production date if stored properly in original
unopened packaging

Technical Data
Density at 250C Approximately 1.13 kg/lt.

Chloride content Nil (EN 934-2)

Application Details
Dosage 0.2 - 2.0% by weight of cement. The retardation rate achieved is directly
dependant on the dosage rate which in turn is influenced by quality of
cement and aggregates, w/c ratio and temperatures.
It is advisable to carry out trial mixes to establish the exact dosage rate

Dispensing Chemrite Retarder liquid should be dispensed directly into the mixing water or
added simultaneously into the concrete mixer.

Concrete Placing Standard practices for good concrete production as well as concrete placing
must be strictly adhered to when using Chemrite Retarder

Compatibility Chemrite Retarder is compatible with all types of Portland Cement

sulfate resistant cement. Chemrite Retarder must not be used with anti-
Curing Proper curing procedures must be observed for surfaces which are to be
exposed to weathering. Otherwise, premature drying out close to the
surface may cause lightweight concrete to lose some mechanical strength.
Use Chemrite Antisol products as a curing agent or apply wet hessian.

Cleaning Clean all equipment and tools with water immediately after use.

Remarks When accidental overdosing occurs, the set retarding effect increases.
During this period the concrete must be kept moist in order to prevent
premature drying out. Ask the Technical Department for further advice.

Precautions Accidental splashes to the skin must be washed off with water and soap.
Accidental splashes to the eyes or mucous membrane must be rinsed with
clean warm water. Seek medical attention without delay.
Skin barrier cream, safety goggles and rubber gloves are recommended.

Ecology Do not dispose of into water or soil but according to local regulations.

Toxicity Non-toxic under the relevant Swiss health and safety codes.

Transportation Non-hazardous.