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EMM102 Statics

Date: 31 March 2017 Due date: MON, 10 APRIL 2017 (by 12noon at School office)
Q-1: The uniform thin pole has a weight of 180 N and a length of 7.8 m. It is placed against the
smooth wall at B and rough floor at A. The coefficient of static friction between the pole at A
and the floor is s.
(a) If d = 3 m and s = 0.3, will the pole remain in this position when it is released?
(b) If s = 0.4, what is the maximum distance d it can be placed without slip?

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Q-2: The refrigerator has a weight of 900 N and rests on a tile floor for which s = 0.25. The man
pushes horizontally on the refrigerator trying to move it.
(a) Determine the minimum force the man needs to push in order to move the refrigerator, and
also does the refrigerator slip or tip?
(b) The man has a mass of 75 kg, thus determine the smallest coefficient of static friction
between the floor and his shoes so that he does not slip.

Q-3: The tractor has a weight of 40 kN with center of gravity at G. The coefficient of static
friction between the log and the ground is C = 0.5 and between the rear wheels of the tractor
and the ground is A = 0.7. The front wheels are free to roll (no friction developed). Assume
that the engine can develop enough torque to cause the rear wheels to rotate/slip. Determine
the greatest weight of the log that the tractor can push up the incline.

Q-4: Blocks A and B are identical with each weight of W. If the coefficient of static friction
between all contacting surfaces is s determine the inclination at which the identical blocks
begin to slide.
Ir. Dr. Abdus
SEM II 2016/2017
EMM102 Statics

Q-5: The tongs are used to lift the 180 kg crate, whose center of the mass is at G. Determine the
smallest coefficient of static friction at the pivot blocks (at A and B) so that the crate can be
Clue: You need to draw 3 free body diagrams; at H, arm ACE and the crate. Since the
mechanism is symmetrical, FBD of BDF is unnecessary. The link EH is a two-force-member.
Pivot points at A and B are identical.

Ir. Dr. Abdus

SEM II 2016/2017