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Older Peoples Partnership Board

12 Sept 2016

Ely Library
DB Diana Baird General Manager, Older Peoples Mental Health,
CB Charlotte Black Service Director, Older Peoples Services, CCC
TC Tracey Cassidy Supported Housing Manager, SCDC
SC Sally Cleghorn Admin Officer, Cambridgeshire Alliance
GC Gloria Culyer Chief Executive, Age UK Cambridgeshire
KF Ken Fairbairn Head of Procurement Adult Social Care and
Supporting People, CCC
PG Pat Gay Independent Older Person
SG Sarah Gove Fenland District Council
KH Kate Hales Healthwatch
DM Diarmid MacKenzie Independent older person
RM Ruth McCallum Chief Officer, Care Network
EM Estelle Mitchell Carers Trust Cambridgeshire
NM Nicole Mowatt Senior Practitioner, Assistive Technology and
Telehealthcare Team (ATT)
LOB Leisha OBrien Development Officer, CAIL
LO Lynne OBrien Service Development Manager (Older People),
BP Barry Payne Independent older person
HS Hilary Shepherd Dementia Action Alliance Coordinator, Alzheimers
AS Anne Streather Chief Executive, Cam Sight
FS Frances Swann Supported Housing Manager, Cambridge City

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AT Ann Tait Independent Older Person
BW Brian Walker Chair, Cambridgeshire Older People Enterprise
AM Amanda Warburton Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Domestic Abuse
and Sexual Violence Partnership

1 Welcome, introductions, apologies

Apologies: Jenny Egbe, Frances Dewhurst, Helen Brown, Margaret Coles, Margaret
Moffat, Richard Cassidy, Robert Bye, EB Erika Brown . Peter Durrant has stepped
down from the Board.
BW said that there were no independent Board members who were in receipt of a
social care package. It would be helpful if members know anyone who would be
willing to join the Board.

2 Independent Older Peoples feedback

2.1 BW reported that the independent members had discussed the problems of
discharge from hospital. It is difficult to get a suitable care package organised.
2.2 PG gave her interim report on the Parish Councils Development Project.
The basic premise was what role Parish Councils would have in mobilising
what already exists. She carried out six interviews with Parish Clerks in her
immediate area based on questions about what help exists and how it is
delivered and received.
There is no reliable information on those who are on the Emergency
Register, a scheme for over 75s in East Cambs, nor on single person
households.PG knows there are 45 such people in her parish.
Activities divide almost equally into social activities and practical help. Larger
villages had more formal activities which people found out about through the
parish magazine, posters.
There were only about 6 people who asked for help in a year but this might
be because close family members in that particular village remain nearby.
Where no formal organisation existed it was through word of mouth or
people look out for each other. There is often a well-disposed individual
who can rally others but when they leave the activity stops.

Communities look after their own but dont know about those on the margins.
There is a dislike of formalising what is already working well.

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People were aware of help on leaving hospital
Partnerships with Parish Councils could be fruitful for the County Council but
they should use existing models to avoid pitfalls.
PG suggested that there should be a Liaison Officer with the Discharge
Planning Team. Need to be clear about what a wellbeing package should
Adult Social Care could offer training, funding for extra hours for the Parish
Clerk so that help can be delivered at the point when it is needed to prevent
a worse situation developing.

BW added that a major issue is finding volunteers to give friendly support.
CB asked for PGs report and said it was very much in line with current County
Council thinking. There are hardly any community development officers now so it is a
challenge to tap into existing networks.
RM thanked PG and said that Care Network has a Community Development Officer
in East Cambs and there was also Help at Home. She admitted that work with Parish
Councils was somewhat ad hoc.
AS thanked PG and reminded the Board that the Health and Wellbeing Board
represents a number of organisations and could help in identifying local groups.
Action: RM to send link to PG
GC thanked her for the comprehensive work and highlighted the possibility of linking
with Cambridgeshire ACRE and parish planning activity.

3 Update from Older Peoples Team

There have been structural changes. Gillian Beasley is now Chief Executive
for both Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. Adrian Loades has left and there
is some re-structuring taking place which CB will report on at the next
Early Help is going well. The number of people coming forward for formal
statutory help has dropped which suggests Early Help is having an effect.
The budget is reducing. There may be access to some transformation funds
for things like assistive technology although this has not yet been agreed.
They are looking at micro enterprises to enable people to have some care
on leaving hospital. Also would like to promote greater use of Direct Payments
(DPs) to older people. On this CB asked for feedback from the OPPB.
She flagged for discussion What could the Older Peoples Team do to make
using Direct Payments a more attractive prospect?

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LOB mentioned CAILs current project on Peer Support for those on DPs.
DM asked if older people have a budget can they employ someone locally.
CB Penderels Trust currently has the contract to support people on DPs.
The Buurtzorg model is being looked at. This is a Dutch model where a small
local team of around twelve have an assigned budget and plenty of flexibility on
how they operate. It seems to be working successfully.

4 Domestic Violence update

AW reported on what the Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Team has been
doing since she last reported to the OPPB two years ago.
Care Act 2014 strengthened Adult Safeguarding and included domestic abuse
as a category of abuse
Evidence from Womens Aid shows that older women experience domestic
abuse for twice as long before they seek help. However, of the people over 61
who seek help, 23% are men.
The team has discussed the issues with a range of organisations such as
Care Network, Age UK, Carers Services. The Safeguarding Team will take the
message to professionals during training. Action on Elder Abuse has also
helped to prepare material.
Age UK provided some case examples of the barriers to older people seeking
OPPB members provided feedback on the idea of a discrete coupon (hand
cream was chosen) which carries the phone number for Womens Aid. These
have not yet been distributed.
Action on Elder Abuse hope to set up a hub in Cambridge to help people into
AW is currently looking at a joint bid for a project on familial abuse
She welcomes any other ideas on raising the profile of older people abuse
Leaflets are aimed at friends and family not at sufferers themselves

BW some people dont recognise that they are suffering from abuse
LO - the County Council has commissioned Local Authority Housing Related Support
Services for Older People
Action: LO to send CAIL the details to circulate to Board members.

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FS asked if AW had any figures on the number of men affected. She added that a
number of referrals to Cambridge City are linked to dementia cases. Carers could be
helped with advice and support which would be more appropriate than moving to a
safeguarding situation.
TC there are soft concern figures. TC is on the Adult Safeguarding Board which
receives reports from Adult Safeguarding and Multi-agency Safeguarding Hub
(MASH). 70% of referrals were not safeguarding matters.

5 Break

6 Assistive Technology

Anyone can refer to the team which is on duty 8:30-4pm

Medical management is the largest sector they deal with.
Eligibility criteria are very low because it is preventative work.
NRS drivers are trained to fit equipment and the team continues to work to
improve this
There is a variety of equipment that can be changed to suit individual
The Telecare system links to community alarms, to a carer, BT, Age UK,
housing societies. An individual has to pay for the community alarm
The earlier someone gets used to equipment the better. If cost is a problem the
Assistive Technology Team will look at the benefits available.
GC added that Age UK runs a county-wide Handy Person service which can fit key
LOB Lifecraft will hold the number for emergency situations
CHAT tends to be for people living alone. It helps to identify an individuals
routine. All equipment for CHAT is free of charge. They can run a two week trial
to see what an individual needs.
FS the Just Checking system has been used to plan staffing in care home

7 Home Care Contract Retendering

KF emphasised that the service should be about a life not a service
The vision is more about outcomes and integrated health and social care

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The challenges are working in a more integrated way, recruitment and
Providers have trouble recruiting and people are leaving the sector.
He is currently working with the Cambridge and Huntingdon Regional Colleges
but this will take time to feed through.
He oversees providers that receive a poor CQC rating.
He is currently discussing whether providers could work across different client
groups. This will take time.
Working with providers to improve staff development.
The new contract will include reassurance that any government increase in pay
will go directly to staff
GC asked if he will end up with more or fewer providers. She mentioned CB had
talked about micro enterprises
KF said he would hope to have more providers. He will be targeting organisations
which currently dont have contact with the County Council. There will be some work
needed to develop micro enterprises such as providing basic advice to get started,
developing the business model.

8 Adult Social Care Forum (feedback from, items for)

MM will circulate her report.

9 Action Log
LOB will circulate the responses on GP charges to care homes. She asked
members to feedback if they have any further evidence.
LOB will also circulate the CCG pathway for falls.
The query on which councillor has the brief for older people is going to
Adults Committee this week
RM mentioned the requirement for 50% older people on the board and that would
mean a limit on other members
The Board agreed that there should definitely be a CCG representative and
generally approved of a councillor coming.
GC said it was worth persisting with councillors.
KR suggested that a future agenda item should be Discharge Planning.

No objections being made to the Minutes of June 6th meeting, the Minutes were
taken as read.

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Next meeting: Monday 21st November, 10:30 12:30pm, Orchard Park
Community Centre, Central Ave, Orchard Park, Cambridge CB4 2EZ

Please note that there will be a pre-meeting for independent members

starting at 10am.

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