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Doc. No.

Rev. No.: 00
Date: 16 March, 2017
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Type of Welder : SMAW

Name : Dildar Ahmad
Procedure Qualification Record No. QA/QC-PQR-001
Welding Procedure Specification No: QA/QC-WPS-001
Identification No: W# 02
Rev: 0
Date: 16-03-2016
Record Actual Values Used In
Variables Qualification Range
Process/Type [Table 4.12,Item(1)] SMAW SMAW
Electrode (Single or multiple) [Table 4.12, Item (7)] Single Single
Current /Polarity DCEP DCEP
Position [Table 4.12, Item (4)] 3G F,H,V
Welding Progession [Table4.12,Item (5)] Uphill Uphill
Backing (Yes or Not) [Table4.12,Item (6)] With Backing With Backing
Material/ Spec A572 Gr50 Group 1, Group 2 (of AWS D1.1)
Thickness: (Plate) 25mm 3mm to Unlimited
Groove Double Vee All
Fillet _ All
Filler Metal (Table 4.12) See followings
Spec. No. A5.1 A5.1
Class E7018 Electrodes grouped in F4,F3,F2,F1
F-No, [Table 4.12,Item (2)] F4 Electrodes grouped in F4,F3,F2,F2
Other None

Visual Inspection (4.9.1)

Weld Appearance: OK Piping Porosity: Not Observed

Undercut: Not Observed Convexity: Under Tolerance

Test date: 16/3/2017 Witnessed by: Saeed Ahmad

Radiographyic Test Results (

Film Identification Number Result Remarks
W#01 (WQT- Dildar Ahmad) OK RT Report No. Rt-333
Other Tests
Type of Test : N/A
Deposit Analysis: N/A
Other: N/A

Welder's Name Dildar Ahmad Stamp No.: W # 01

Tests conducted by Saeed Ahmad (Pyramid) Laboratory Test No. N/A

We certify that the statements in this record are correct and that the test welds were prepared, welded, and tested
in accordance with the requirements of AWS D1.1 Code .

Prepared By Approved By Witnessed By

Pyramid Structures Pyramid Structures TV Rheinland

Position Welding Inspector QC Incharge Inspection Engineer


Name Adeel Rafique

Pyramid Steel Structure (Pvt.) Limited


Pyramid Steel Structure (Pvt.) Limited