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I, Gillian Faye Lechoco, hereby pledge in front of God and society to live out the

social teachings of the Catholic Church.

As an essential part of the body of the Church, I will open myself for God to enter in
my life for the development of the spiritual self. In order to be the embodiment of
Christ, I will strive to uphold the higher values of life in order for me to carry out the
Word. I will be an open book, ready to learn from all the hardships that God has
given me, and be a better person at the end of the day.

As a daughter of Christ, I commit to value my life, by straining away from harmful

elements that may displease myself, my brethren, and God Himself. I pledge to
perceive myself as the temple of the Holy Spirit, and that I must nourish it with good
thoughts and actions. I must look myself as equally important as everyone else, but
humbling myself before the Lord, at the same time.

I pledge to create better relations with my fellow brothers and sisters, by

implementing peace and harmony among us. I will try to love and understand them,
especially my enemies, despite differences--- of ideas and aspirations; of beliefs and
origins. I will accept that everyone are members of Gods family.

I commit myself to also give importance to my fellow brothers and sisters. I will
strive to create better relations with them. In truth and morality, I will exercise my
judgment and rational decision-making towards social issues created by society, by
clinging to the values of human rights and obligations. Hence, I must be willing to
sacrifice for the sake of the common good.

I pledge to be charitable to the people around me. I will share whatever I have in,
may it be enough of what is mine or the excess of what I have. I will share my
achievements and the things that my fellow brethren needs. I also commit to share
the highest forms of common goods, namely truth, love, justice, and friendship, in
order for my fellow community members to enjoy the fullness of Gods
unconditional love.

I pledge to give my attention to the poor and marginalized. I will exercise my charity
towards other people by volunteering in charity works, and by implementing simple
works. As part of the community, I will seek to provide economic literacy to my poor
brothers and sisters by sharing my basic knowledge about saving and spending
wisely. I will also help those who are poor in mind and spirit, by sharing Gods love
through my words and actions.

I pledge to give importance to those people who have worked hard to serve Gods
community. I will strive to fight for the rights of the working men, especially for the
right compensation of the labor and services that they have done towards the
economy. Despite of the growing number of technologies to ease up the workload, I
will value and recognize the very nature of humans as workers themselves.

As steward of Gods creation, I will seek unity with Him through his creations from
land, air, and sea. I will take part in activities, campaigns, and advocacies in
conserving and protecting nature. I commit to do little things that will lessen, if not
eliminate, the harmful wastes that would deteriorate the beauty of Gods creations,
like saving water or throwing garbage at their designated disposal bins. I will make
sure that every generation after me will be able to enjoy the extent of Gods
beautiful gifts.

With Gods grace, I pledge continuously to work to the best of my abilities, the
duties and responsibilities of Gods soldier for a greater community, for the honor of
Gods stellar creations, and for His greater glory.
Tiffany was still overwhelmed by reunion of her mother and his half-brother. It was
just the day before the meet up that she knew about Jacks existence and the
reason of her mothers constant crying. She decided to ring up his number and told
him to meet her again on the next day at a local diner that is two blocks down the
street. The following day, she sat down on the nearest table that she can find close
to the door, and then ordered a stack of flapjacks. Jack came by the diners main
entrance, and swung the glass door open. He saw Tiffany, and sat oppositely to her.
Hi, Jack. Should I get you something to eat, too? Tiffany said, as she smiled while
feeding herself.
Jack smiled back and said, No, Im good. I just ate oatmeal and granola this
morning. So, why do you want to talk to me today?
Tiffanys brows furrowed with her eyes looking confused.
I have to admit that I am still overwhelmed with what had happened yesterday.
You see, it was only before that day that I knew about you, she said. She cleared
her throat and continued.
As your half-sister, I just want to know more about you, if you dont mind.
Jacks expression went with the gloomy weather. He then proceeded with his
At a very young age, my foster parents told me about how I was adopted by them.
Even if my foster parents did not make me feel like I was, in any way, different
from them, there is still that part of me that wants to know who my real parents
are, if I have a sibling or two, aside from Leigh Ann you know, those questions
kept popping inside my head, and as I grow up, my longing to know who my real
family really grows with me.
Tiffany eased up and said, It must have been really hard for you, to be bothered
by those thoughts every now and then. I am sorry that I have ever put a grudge on
you. For almost my lifetime, she has been crying over you---
Shes been crying about me? Jack stiffened.
Yes, she has always been like that since I can remember. It was only then that I
realized the reason of her tears on countless nights. Since that day, the gap
between us grew more. Seeing mother brighten up as you walked up the room
made me jealous a bit. I wish I could make her happy, like you just did, she said
with watery eyes.
Im sorry if I ever made you feel that way, Tiffany. I was glad that you came to me
for this, because I also wanted to talk to you about something, Jack blurted out his
plan of meeting Tiffany and his mother every weekends. I dont know if thats
okay with you, though.
That sounds like a great plan! Tiffany exclaimed.
For hours, they talked about random things, of how Tiffany loved Book Club, of
how Jack wanted to be a chemist. They also mentioned about college, and life years
after. It was fun for the half-siblings, but it was time to bid goodbye. Before they
parted ways, they planned on talking about video games on the upcoming
Wait! Why not come to our house for dinner? Mom can make you Brussel sprouts
salad for dinner, Tiffany said before Jack walked away. Sounds good to me! Jack
exclaimed. They walked home together, giggling.