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Ryan Dixon

Mrs. Thomas

UWRT 1104 - 037

March 1, 2017

Why do Americans think the US is the greatest country in the world?

Americans have always felt a tremendous amount of patriotism. How can we not

when we beat the British to win our freedom in the Revolutionary war, the War of 1812,

the Mexican-American War, the Indian Wars, the Spanish-American War and being back

to back World War champs. Iraq and Afghanistan have been not yet been proclaimed

victories but they successful completed their goals entering the wars. So it seems to me

like we have plenty to brag about and publicly claim our country to be the best there is.

But there must be more to why we make such proclamations, so to try and ad rational to

our claims I came upon my inquiry question: Why do Americans think the United States

is the greatest country in the world? The United States is a much younger country and a

much more civilized and technologically advanced nation. I like this question, because it

allows me to dive deeper into the history of the United States and learn more about our

country and those we compare ourselves to.

The United States of America still holds the title of the worlds superpower.

However, this does not mean we are number one in every category countries are judged

on. The US ranks No. 1 in Power and Leadership, but falls short at No. 2 in political

influence behind Russia and behind China in economic influence. The one factor the US

bestows that no other country can match is our military. This might be our most

influential aspect, and one that we are most proud of. It started as farmers and local
countrymen during the revolutionary war that defeated the skilled British redcoats,

destroyed those that dared challenge the ideology of democracy or dreamed of world

domination. Our military is our pride and joy. What I have found is while we poses such a

strong offense and equivalent defense militarily, we havent put it to its proper use or we

dont have the willingness to use such force. While many saw former president Obama as

a great leader and was respected highly in much of the world, he was not willing to use

our military personnel. I dont want to get political but it is just one item that I found that

appeared interesting that I investigate.

But there are factors about our country that many would consider taking our

country off its high pedestal. Our political system according to many people is skewed.

However, it was known to be not perfect by those who created it, because it places power

checks on each branch of government. Lately with the election and new president it may

look as if these powers arent being checked, so how are those powers restrained? This

system has to make our government one of the best because everything has to have a

second opinion right? This restricts any unjust moves or decisions affecting the country

as a whole. How does our system of government set us apart from other democratic

nations or any other nation in the world?

The United States was founded off personal freedoms, which were not found

overseas at the time. I believe this adds much respect from many overseas countries as

many pilgrims came to America for freedoms of religion, speech and to basically start a

new life. Is this what sparked such patriotism back in before the US was even founded or

did it start when we began the initial push away from Great Britain around 1776? Taking

a look at our countys past, it has included many wars. However most of those conflicts
occurred on foreign soil. Comparing this to the history or our European friends we have

been very fortunate. Huge disagreements have destroyed countries and reshaped their

landscapes, millions of soldiers lost, and economies left in ashes. The United States has

been very fortunate not to have similar circumstances, but we have aided in been

involved in devastating wars. This does not go to say the US hasnt taken flack or been

wounded by these events, we have merely received less battle wounds to our countrysides

and sandy beaches.

My inquiry question helps me and those who read my inquiry, expand our

understanding of our great nations history, triumphs, downfalls, and the people that make

it the country it is today. Every American has some sense of patriotism inside of them,

while we may not understand why, my inquiry question may help us to understand a little

more of our strong love for our beloved country.