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FELDHEIM ASSOCIATES LLC (FA) and MICHAEL FINE (Author) Address: 120 Craig Henry Drive, Ottawa, Ontario K2G 4J1 Telephone/Cell phone: 613-795-3463 Email:michaeldfine@gmail.com


1. AUTHOR declares that this is his own original work, not previously published, and accepts full responsibility for any costs, including legal fees, reasonably incurred by FA as a result of claims made on the book by a third party.

2. During the term of this agreement, FA will be the sole distributor of the books to bookstores worldwide. FA and AUTHOR will together determine the list price of the book.

3. AUTHOR will pay FA $7850 (seven thousand eight hundred and fifty dollars) for editing, typesetting, and cover design necessary to make the work ready for printing. Payment for these pre-press costs shall be paid as follows: 50% upon signing of this contract and 50% when the book is ready to be printed.

4. Upon completion of the typesetting of the book, FA will provide the AUTHOR with a printing quote to produce 1000 copies. At the time of the writing of this Agreement FA estimates in good faith that this cost will be approximately $4500 (four thousand five hundred dollars). Upon approval of quote, FA will undertake to print and bind the book. Payment for printing is due one month after completion of production of the book.

5. FA will pay AUTHOR 35% of the list price of the book (in Israel, without VAT) for copies sold. However, this is only if FA sells at least 1000 copies worldwide in the initial sales period. If FA sells less than 1000 copies the royalty will be only 30% of the list price. Returns received from sales in the initial sales period, even if received after the first 6 months will be included in the calculation of copies sold during the initial sales period.

6. FA can and will make arrangements for distribution with suitable distributors in various countries throughout the world, including Philipp Feldheim, Inc. The book may include the imprint and logo of Feldheim.

7. Shipping charges from Israel to NY on an FA shipment will cost will be calculated at 50 cents per kilo. This cost will be deducted from the first sales report.

8. ADVERTISING will be at AUTHOR‘S expense. In addition to inclusion in Feldheim’s printed catalog and website, FA will arrange advertising in various print media that FA deems appropriate for the book, and the cost will be deducted from the first sales report. AUTHOR may choose one of the following options (check one):

AUTHOR will contribute $1000 towards advertising and the book will be advertised multiple times for a cumulative total of half a page.

AUTHOR will contribute $2000 towards advertising and the book will be advertised multiple times for a cumulative total of a full page.

Additional advertising can be done upon AUTHOR’S request and expense.

9. AUTHOR may only sell copies privately to individuals (e.g., at lectures) in less than commercial quantities.

10. Payment:

For all sales: Payment for every six months of sales (Sales Period) will be made in three monthly checks beginning one month after the end of the Sales Period. For sales in Israel, Value Added Tax (VAT) automatically included in the list price of books will be subtracted before calculating payment (see paragraph 3 above). A suitable Statement of Account shall accompany payments.

11. The following conditions apply for books held on consignment:

A. FA is holding the books for AUTHOR and will pay according to computer report of sales.

B. Computer report of sales is based only on books actually invoiced.

C. FA will do its best to give accurate figures, but due to the volume of books handled, accountings cannot be based on actual physical inventory.

D. In the event that, G-d forbid, a fire or other large scale damage or theft occurs and it is covered by insurance, AUTHOR will receive his share of the insurance payment based on cost of books.

E. Damaged or defective books will not be returned to AUTHOR and can be given away at FA's discretion.

G. FA has the right to sell damaged books at reduced prices as it sees fit and AUTHOR will receive his share according to the terms of this agreement.

H. In the event that sales of the book fall to a level at which FA no longer deems it worthwhile to continue distribution, or if the stock of the book is above what FA determines is necessary, FA can ask AUTHOR to take back (over)stock of the books. If within two months of this request no arrangements have been made to take back the books, FA can begin to charge $.05 per book per month for storage, and can reduce the list price of the book and sell or dispose of them in whatever way they see fit. In the event that any of them are sold, AUTHOR will receive his share of those sales as per terms of the agreement.

12. FA has the right to give out free copies of the book at its discretion for review and other publicity purposes, including copies donated to charitable organizations for auctions and the like.

13. Either party may terminate this agreement at any time. Arrangements to take back stock of books must be made within two months of termination. If they are not made, FA has the right to sell or dispose of the books as in paragraph 11 (H) above.


Feldheim Associates LLC

Michael Fine

By: Elia M. Hollander As Agent