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MYE. It is a company that does not depend on any brand in particular,

enjoys autonomy without limits. It is also one of the most important
companies worldwide in the market of forklifts.
It offers a wide range of forklifts, transpallets, to Reach-Stacker cranes
of 60 tons.

We have a stock of around 250 machines new and used, many of

them available also for rent. Our highly qualified staff, allows us to
guarantee the delivery of equipment in optimum conditions. Our
vision and way of doing things, are based on quality. Customer
satisfaction is key to our business.

A company in constant expansion with sales offices in places like

Panama is which gives a projection around the world. We are glad that
through our local presence, we can establish direct relationships with
customers, and at the same time provide local assistance in the
delivery of spare parts, transport and management of customs
documents and other services. That is why we enjoy a very good
reputation in the market.

Forklift LPG / diesel / to sit / with counterweight

DFG, GFR 4xxs series

1. engine type: LPG, diesel
2. Driving: to sit
3. Other features: with counterweight, 4 wheels, handling
4. Load: min: 2500 kg (5511.56 lb)
Max: 3500 kg (7716.18 lb)
The diesel trucks and gas with hydrostatic drive offer higher yields in the
clearance of goods, especially in the service of the reverse (e.g. during
loading of trucks). Here are put into practice all the strengths of this drive
technology: dynamic acceleration, fast reverse and precise. Through 5
service programs, the performance can be adapted optimally to different
application requirements.
Modern automotive engines are convincing thanks to its electronic control.
This facilitates a precise work and optimum performance, as well as a
reduced consumption. All engines are characterized by their low exhaust
emissions and comply with the EU directives. As a regulated catalyst for 3-
way for gas trucks is available, as well as systems for trucks diesel soot
Workplace adapts optimally to the needs of the driver. This provides
security, protects the health and allows you to work relaxed and
concentrated. The best conditions for high performance during the entire
work shift. The bezel of the safety glass roof protects from inclement
weather, as well as the fall of small parts. The increase in luminosity offers
greater well-being and contributes to better performance with safety in the
work of stacking.

It is a manufacturer and professional supplier of forklift type diesel 1.5 to 3.5
tons. It is mainly committed to the production, sale and after-sales service of
new occasion forklifts brand new diesel 1.5 3, 5 tons. and used forklifts,
new brand new electric 1.5-4 tons. It has established in CALI through its
exclusive importer. It also has partners brokers of used forklifts sales, new
brand new in PANAMA, BRAZIL, CHILE, and at the national level also, used
forklifts, new brand new diesel 1, 5-3, 5 tons., they have been widely sold in
Southeast Asia, South America, Africa and Europe. TEU has established a
perfect quality management system to control the processes of design and
development, purchasing, inspection of raw material, defective products,
manufacture and service of their diesel trucks.

By means of an INCOTERM, the transaction will be defined so that both

parties understand the tasks, costs, risks and responsibilities as well as the
process of logistics operation and transportation of product output to the
reception by the importing entity,
Forklift LPG / diesel / to sit / with counterweight
DFG, GFR 4xxs series
The date of delivery of the product should be a maximum term of 20 days
from the moment of the purchase order, additional costs must be paid by
the supplier, this includes loss or damage once the product is delivered to
the supplier. The payment of all expenses generated up to the discharge in
our CEDI located in Cali is ara.

The product will be sent by sea in a 5-foot vessel to the port of

Buenaventura, should there be nationalized and then put on a truck that will
be accompanied by our security provider to Cali. The payment will be made
electronically, once the product is reviewed and have the required
specifications; the cost of negotiating ranges from US $536,000 to
$600,000. The supplier offers a discount of 2% due to the magnitude of the
amount T being our first purchase. The product must be accompanied by
each and every one of the documents required by the law.

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