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Nightmare Keep

Official Game Adventure

by Rick Swan

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Nightmare Keep
Official Game Adventure

by Rick Swan

Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3.
Prologue: Flies and Lizards . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
Chapter 1: Squirrels and Wasps . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
Chapter 2: Goldfish and Turtles . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .22
Chapter 3: Leeches and Butterflies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .26
Chapter 4: Spiders and Worms . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .52
New Magic: Rod of Immobile Insects . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62
New Monster: Lichling . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .63


Sensory Phenomena, Physical Encounters, Monster Summary . . . . . . . inside covers

Veilstone Peaks map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . outside gatefold
Wolovers Keep map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . color mapsheet
Stronghold Levels 1-3 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . color mapsheet

Design: Rick Swan Typesetting: Tracey Zamagne
Editing: Allen Varney Cover Art: Brom
Cartography: Dennis Kauth Interior Art: Valerie Valusek,
Keylining: Paul Hanchette Ierry Dykstra

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cover contain reference material, in-
Welcome to Nightmare Keep, one of
the most demanding adventures your
SETTING cluding the Sensory Phenomena and
players will ever experience. The The adventure is set in a remote Physical Encounter Tables (explained
challenges awaiting within these mountainous region of the Forgotten in Chapter 3) and a summary of statis-
pages are intended for only the most Realms, informally known as the Veil- tics for most of the monsters in the
skilled, courageous, and resourceful stone Peaks. On the boxed campaign adventure. After the PCs complete
heroes of the Forgotten Realms. Novi- sets maps, the Veilstone Peaks region Chapter 1 and the Veilstone Peaks
ces are advised to turn back now. is northwest of Cormyr, about 50 map is no longer needed, unfold the
The following information is miles west of the Farsea Marshes. module cover and use it as a referee
for the DM only. Familiarize your- Though useful, the campaign set is screen, giving easy access to the ma-
self with the entire module before be- not necessary for play. terial inside.
ginning play.
Maps and Playing RUNNING THE
CHARACTERS The cover panel of the module
cover shows the Veilstone Peaks re-
The adventure is designed for gion; the numbered areas are de- Organization
about four to six player characters tailed in the Prologue and Chapter 1.
(PCs) of level 18-20, with a total of The adventure begins with the
All other maps, including those per-
about 80-90 levels for the entire events in the Prologue, where the PCs
taining to Wolovers Keep and the vast
party. The party should contain a bal- learn of a supernatural threat that ap-
labyrinth beneath (where the bulk of
ance of classes, with warriors and parently originates in Wolovers
the adventure takes place), are in-
wizards as optimum choices. Ideally, Keep, a centuries-old castle in the des-
cluded on the enclosed color
most PCs should have magical armor, olate Veilstone Peaks.
a magical weapon, and fairly power- The four chapters following the
The inside panels of the module
ful magical items. Prologue contain the bulk of the ad-

ventures events and encounters. The any result that significantly unbal- dered Wolover, assimilated his knowl-
PCs most likely experience the chap- ances the game. (See The Complete edge, then constructed an elaborate
ters in order. Chapter 1 details the Wizards Manual for tips on judg- stronghold beneath the mountains
partys investigations of the Veilstone ing wishes). Also, be conservative where she would create an army of
Peaks communities and Wolover regarding the quality of informa- minions from the flesh of her own
Keep. Chapters 2-4 describe the laby- tion revealed by divination spells. body.
rinth beneath the keep, with its many Its possible, for instance, that the Years passed, and Icelia evolved into
traps and minions. most likely response to commune a demilich of staggering power. She
Each chapter begins with an over- is I dont know. eventually transformed her original
view providing background informa- body into an immense incubating husk
to spawn her minions: a multitude of
tion, including physical descriptions,
playing notes, and other pertinent in-
DMs insectile lichlings that she would
formation. To help you track the par- BACKGROUND some day lead on a conquest of the
tys progress, each overview details world of the living. She also retrieved
In centuries past, a female wizard the spirit of Zhorach, a loyal aide from
the chapters major goals and discov-
named Icelia held a position as one of her days as a Witch of Rashemen, and
the Witches of Rashemen, a group of reincarnated him as a ghost. Zhorach
Boxed text should be paraphrased
powerful spellcasters who now serves as the guardian of her
or read directly to the players.
functioned as the true leaders of their skull, which is disguised as a spectral
land. Though the Witches wielded
Time considerable power in Rashemen,
vessel drifting endlessly on a lake deep
in her stronghold.
Keep track of the passage of time on Icelias ambitions extended far be- Like all developing creatures, the
a piece of scrap paper. Since much of yond the boundaries of her home- lichlings need nourishment to grow.
the adventure takes place under- land; she longed for nothing less than But instead of organic food alone, the
ground, it may be difficult for the PCs domination of the entire world. supernatural lichlings also require a
to keep track of days and nights. When her colleagues learned of Ice- diet of emotions. Specifically, they
Though its seldom important to lias schemes, they expelled her from feed on the fear generated by living
know the precise hour of the day, you the ranks of the Witches and exiled victims, along with the emotional
should know when a day has passed her from Rashemen. Undeterred, Ice- trauma of victims suffering physical
for the purpose of recovering lost hit lia abandoned her mortal existence damage; the lichlings transform this
points, relearning spells, and so on. and consummated her lust for power fear and trauma into nourishing en-
by becoming a lich.
Icelia knew that other liches before ergy.
Game Balance To generate that fear, Icelia devised
her had tried and failed to establish a deadly labyrinth filled with lethal
Judging this adventure can be chal- enduring kingdoms, and she was de-
lenging, since it is meant for an excep- traps and vicious minions. Lured by
termined not to repeat their mis- promises of great fortune, treasure
tionally formidable group of player takes. Icelia concluded that the
characters. Here are some tips for hunters entered the labyrinth and
ineptitude and cowardice of these met ghastly fates. The enchanted
keeping high-level PCs under control: would-be conquerors minions led to walls and surfaces of the labyrinth
their downfall. If Icelias dreams of absorbed the fear and trauma gener-
If the party is having too easy a conquest were to bear fruit, she
time, you may increase (1) the fre- ated by the doomed intruders, magi-
would need the support of an army cally dispersing the negative
quency of Sensory Phenomena and far more formidable than the ineffec-
Physical Encounters, (2) the num- emotions throughout the stronghold
tual hordes commanded by those to nourish the hungry lichlings.
ber of monsters, and (3) the lethal- who came before her.
ity of traps. For centuries, Icelia has been
As Icelia searched for a suitable lo- spawning infant lichlings and luring a
Only allow Intelligence checks cation to establish a base, she stum-
where indicated in the text. Other- steady supply of human intruders
bled upon a keep in the desolate into the keep to feed them. The lichl-
wise, make the players rely on region of the Veilstone Peaks. The
their own ingenuity to solve puz- ings continue to thrive and grow, and
keep belonged to Amry Wolover, a soon they will mature. When that
zles and make decisions. wizard of impressive talent who was
Be prudent when adjudicating time arrives, Icelias dreams of con-
engaged in agricultural experiments quest seem almost certain to come
high-level spells. In particular, pay meant to benefit the poor farmers of
attention to wish spells, avoiding true.
the surrounding villages. Icelia mur-

SPECIAL Constitution score, rounded up. This
assumes that the character had the
instance, there is a +2 penalty for the
second round, a +4 penalty for the
UNDERWATER chance to take a deep breath before third round, and so on). A character
submerging. If the character did not who fails a check has drowned.
RULES have the chance to take a deep Fighting in water: Submerged
Some encounters in this adventure breath, the base time is cut in half surface dwellers suffer a -4 penalty
may occur underwater. The follow- (rounded up). Regardless of any appli- to their attacks. This penalty is cut in
ing rules adapted from the Players cable penalties, any character can half if the character has a proficiency
Handbook and the Dungeon Masters hold his or her breath for at least one in Swimming. A character not im-
Guide, may prove helpful. (For more round. mersed in water who tries hit an im-
detail, see the Underwater Combat When the base time expires, a sub- mersed opponent also suffers a -4
section of Chapter 9 in the DMG.) merged character must make a Con- attack penalty.
Drowning: The base amount of stitution check once per round, with These penalties dont apply to crea-
time a character can hold his or her each check after the first taking a cu- tures native to an aquatic environ-
breath, in rounds, is equal to 1/3 of the mulative +2 penalty to the roll (for ment.

The adventure begins on a secluded
hillside surrounded by tall trees, the sign of the purple dragon, the large black cockroach with skinny
about 50 miles west of the Farsea royal emblem of the King of Cor- human arms and legs, a pair of rag-
Marshes (area 1 on the Veilstone myr. The lead rider is a short, ged gauzy wings, and a grinning
Peaks map). plump, bald man with bushy white human skull for a face. Its mouth is
On a chilly autumn afternoon, the eyebrows. lined with hooked fangs. Its gro-
PCs have gathered at the request of He lifts his hand, and the horses tesque, but not exactly the horror
King Azoun IV, the King of Cormyr stop. The bald man dismounts. incarnate you heard about.
and an old friend and ally of the PCs Good day, my friends, he says, I
(or of the PCs relatives or compan- bring greetings from my king. His The remains are those of a new
ions). A message delivered through words are friendly, but his tone monster, a lichling (see page 63). The
discreet diplomatic channels sum- sounds grim. PCs may examine the creature if they
moned the PCs here to learn about a wish; its bony corpse is dried and cool
menace that threatens not only Cor- to the touch, its skull is chalky. The
corpse smells faintly of rotten meat.
myr, but the entirety of the Realms.
The PCs were asked to come alone,
THE THING Spells such as legend lore reveal only
leaving their retainers and body- IN THE BOX that the creature is of supernatural
guards at home, and to bring what- origin.
The bald man is Balko Verdemeer,
ever weapons and gear they felt Some PCs may wonder why Balko
the emissary of Azoun IV, the King of seems so intimidated by the lichling.
would be necessary for a dangerous Cormyr. (Use Generic Elite Villager
mission. Details would be provided statistics from the Monster Summary
by an emissary of the King named Table, found on the inside cover of Balko tells you, We found these re-
Balko Verdemeer, described as a the module). The other seven war- mains four months ago, next to the
short plump man with bushy white riors are his aides and bodyguards corpses of a Cormyr explorer and
eyebrows and a bald head. Balko is to (use Generic Exceptional Villager sta- his horse in the foothills of the Veil-
meet the PCs exactly at noon. It is tistics). stone Peaks. Both the explorer and
now 10 minutes before the desig- Balko approaches the PCs and in- the horse were completely muti-
nated hour. troduces himself. His aides dismount lated.
If the PCs suspect the Kings sum- and stand guard near their horses, We looked around for signs of
mons, assume that they have used their darting eyes alert for intruders. similar creatures, but we found
their own resources to verify the au- nothing. Some of Cormyrs best
thenticity of the request and the scholars and wizards have looked
trustworthiness of Balko. My King apologizes for any incon- at this thing. They say the creature
venience this meeting has caused
was insect-like, as though we
you, says Balko, as he sits gently couldnt already tell that; but they
An ominous day. A cold wind on a tree stump. But he felt that
blows through the trees, scattering couldnt discover its origin. But
only the strongest and bravest they said this: If more things like
brown autumn leaves. warriors of the Realms could stand
You, the mightiest warriors and this exist, and they breed like nor-
against this threat. He chose ac- mal insects, there may be dozens
most powerful mages in all the land, cordingly.
were summoned here by a cryptic or even hundreds of them matur-
As for the nature of the threat,
message from the King of Cormyr. ing somewhere. Can you imagine
continues Balko, words fail me.
Youre all impatient, for you have du- the damage that swarms of these
Best to see for yourself. He snaps things could cause?
ties elsewhere that require your at- his fingers, and an aide brings over
tention. Yet you know that the King And that is why the King called
a small wooden box. Balko care- you. He asks you to find this crea-
would not bother you with anything fully opens the lid, glances inside,
less than an emergency. tures origin and whether there
and shudders. Hands trembling, he are others like it. And if so, he
Your thoughts are interrupted by presents the open box to you.
the sounds of galloping hooves from wants you to destroy them.
Look, he says.
the east. Eight black stallions ap- Lying on a silken cushion in the
proach, huge and strong. They bottom of the box are the dried re-
carry armored warriors who bear mains of a bizarre creature. Its
gleaming shields emblazoned with about six inches long. It looks like a

meat and drink, this thing feeds on most trusted wizards, a sister and
Demonstration fear. You can see, this corpse is re- brother named Kharla and Hakem.
Though the PCs are probably sympa- sponding to the fear that the flies Let me tell you, they had powerful
thetic to Balkos dilemma, they may give off while theyre being eaten magic. They entered the keep two
well wonder why theyre needed for a by the lizards. months ago. They havent re-
job that appears to be trivial. Balko He turns to you with fear in his turned.
says, If you wonder why we need he- eyes. We dont know what this At that point the King ordered
roes with your reputation, and here he means. Except this: That creature the Sons of Stone to storm the
motions to another aide, watch this. is an evil, unholy thing. keep. You know them: the most ex-
The aide brings a canvas bag and perienced and skillful soldiers in
another small box. Balko kneels on Let the PCs ask questions or exam- the Kings army. More than a hun-
the ground, indicating for the party ine the lichling. As the lizards feed dred soldiers entered the keep a
to do the same. The aide removes a and the husk twitches, Balko con- month ago. Not a single soldier has
handful of kindling from the bag, tinues with his story. returned.
along with a large glass jar filled with Balkos steely eyes meet yours.
buzzing flies. The aide lights a small As I say, we looked around the Now, do you want to talk terms?
fire, then inverts the jar of flies, hold- Veilstone Peaks, and we found an
ing it high over the flames so that opening in the earth near an aban- Pause to let the players ask ques-
black smoke drifts through the holes doned keep. There were claw tions. Balko answers them as best he
in the wooden lid. One by one, the marks near the opening that can, but he knows little more. Make
flies succumb to the smoke, dropping looked like the creatures work. sure the PCs understand the roster of
listlessly. The keep itselfWolovers Keep, their predecessors: Lenzmen Tier;
When all flies have succumbed to they call ithas a bad history. Its Hakem and Kharla; and the Sons of
the smoke, the aide extinguishes the one of those ruins thats supposed to Stone.
fire, then opens the jar and dumps be haunted and filled with treasure.
the flies on the ground. The flies It brings the usual treasure hunters Balko says, If you discover the ori-
crawl aimlessly over the blades of who go down under the keep and gin of the creatures and destroy
grass, too debilitated from the smoke are never seen again. their nests, the King has autho-
to fly away. The aide opens the box Now, there are a hundred ruins rized me to deed each of you a par-
and dumps a pair of small green liz- like that all over the Realms. We had cel of prime Cormyran farmland
ards next to the crawling flies. The no great interest in this one. But with a guaranteed annual profit of
lizards cock their heads at the PCs, when we found that it might be this 25,000 gold. The Kings agricul-
then notice the flies. Tongues flicking, things lair, we hired one of Cormyrs tural council will administer the
the hungry lizards begin to stalk the most renowned mercenaries, a man farms, free of charge.
helpless insects. While the lizards en- named Lenzmin Tier. Ever hear of Also, Lenzmin Tiers family has
joy their meal, the aide gently places him? Hes the one with a magical bat- offered a reward of 10,000 gold
the lichling remains on the ground tle axe called Stonesplitter. pieces for his rescue or the return
nearby. of his copper bracelet, a family
The PCs have never heard of Tier. If heirloom. Kharla and Hakems
Watch the creature, says Balko to you wish, you can allow Intelligence heirs will pay a reward of 12,000
the party. checks to those with appropriate gold to find out what happened to
As the lizards gulp down the backgrounds or lore proficiencies. them. And the King is also inter-
flies, the remains of the creature Those who succeed dimly recall leg- ested in what happened to the
twitch slightly. The creature is still ends of Stonesplitter, an axe that Sons of the Stone. If you can find
for a moment, then begins to rock could tunnel through solid rock. out, he will present each of you
violently, as if reacting to electric with a Silver Shield of Cormyr.
shocks. Balko continues. So Tier went into And there is a personal favor I
Balko never looks away from the the keep. That was three months ask of you. It was a group of my
twitching corpse. He says, We ago. We havent heard from him men who conducted the search in
think that, in the same way plants since. the Veilstone Peaks for clues about
feed on sunlight and we feed on Next we hired two of the Kings the creature. During the search,

mount? Balko mumbles something would attract the least attention and
one of them, a seasoned veteran about the impropriety of disturbing minimize rumors. However, the size
named Cord Shoddar, deserted the rest of the dead, but indicates an of your party is up to you.
from the group. He said he had area near the location where the Neither Balko nor any of his aides
just had a vision about the location creature was discovered. They are accompanies the PCs. Pressing en-
of a fabulous treasure. The other buried in a shallow grave. gagements elsewhere, says Balko
men couldnt find Shoddar. If you What can you tell us about the tersely. In fact, theyre afraid to get
capture this traitor or bring evi- keep? Who built it? How long has close to the keep. The party cannot
dence of his death, I will reward it been standing? The keep was recruit volunteers from the Veilstone
you each with an amethyst amulet built centuries ago by a mage named Peak villages for the same reason.
engraved with the visage of an Amry Wolover who used at as a labora- How can we recognize Lenz-
owl, my personal emblem. tory for agricultural research. We min Tier? Kharla and Hakem?
dont know the exact nature of the re- The Sons of Stone? Your traitor-
A Silver Shield of Cormyr functions search, except that it was supposed to ous aide? Tier is a stocky human
as a large shield +1, +4 versus mis- increase the productivity of the who wears an eye patch and carries
siles. Balkos amulets are worth 2,000 farmers in the impoverished Veilstone an axe that glows green in the dark.
gp apiece. Peaks villages. In any case, there were The copper bracelet he wears is en-
no known results from the experi- graved with stars.
Questioning Balko ments. There are no records of what Kharla and Hakem are in their
At this point, Balko answers ques- happened to Wolover. mid-thirties and have fair skin,
tions as described below; all his infor- Is the keep really haunted? The shoulder-length black hair, and wear
mation is accurate. If the PCs dont peasants in the region think so, but red velvet robes.
ask the right questions, Balko offers then they always do. No one has ever The Sons of Stone wear silver
any of the following information you come back with a first-hand account. chest plates with an onyx embedded
feel they should have. Is there treasure in the keep? in the center.
Can we keep the creatures As far as we know, this is only a ru- My aide, Cord Shoddar, is about 40
corpse? Thats fine with Balko. (The mor. However, as far as the King is years old, has short blonde hair, and
remains are of no particular use to concerned, any treasure you find is carries a shield bearing the emblem
the party.) yours to keep. of the purple dragon.
Where did you find the crea- Where was Wolover from? He
was originally from Bedford. He indi-
tures corpse? How did it die?
Using a stick, Balko draws a crude cates an area in the foothills. Make an DEPARTURE
map of the Veilstone Peaks region in X on the sketch map indicating the If the PCs hesitate to accept the mis-
the dirt. Draw a rough sketch on a approximate location of area 12. sion, Balko says, If the reward
piece of scrap paper of the area rep- Have any investigations been means nothing to you, then consider
resented by the Veilstone Peaks Map. conducted in the Veilstone this request a personal favor to the
It was here, says Balko, indicating a Peaks villages? The people are King. And should you refuse this re-
location in the foothills near a grove hard-working and honest, but they quest, the King may be predisposed if
of trees. Make an X on the sketch are also ignorant and superstitious. you need his assistance in the future.
map indicating the approximate loca- We felt there was nothing to be If the PCs accept the mission, Balko
tion of area 16. gained from such investigations. You thanks them on behalf of the King
We dont know how the creature are welcome to ask around if you and the good people of the Realms.
died. It was dead when we found it. wish. Balko says that he will rendezvous
(The lichling accidentally escaped from Why all the secrecy? The King with them at this location in two
the labyrinth beneath Wolovers Keep wants to keep the discovery of the weeks time; if the PCs have not yet
through a network of underground creature and the investigation quiet, completed the mission, Balko and his
passages. Unaccustomed to the surface so as not to instigate a panic. Thats aides will return here every three
world and far removed from its natu- why we asked you to meet us here, days thereafter.
ral surroundings, the lichling died and not in a city where your pres- If the PCs have no further ques-
within an hour after killing the Cor- ence might raise questions. tions, Balko and his aides mount their
myran explorer and his horse.) May we recruit volunteers or horses, wish the PCs luck, and ride
Can we examine the bodies of hire retainers to go with us? east towards Cormyr.
the Cormyr explorer and his The King feels that a small party Proceed to Chapter 1.

DM's OVERVIEW Give the PCs a reasonable chance to About the Villages
attain these goals, but dont reward
This chapter details the partys in- poor playing or bad choices. The villages of the Veilstone Peaks
vestigations in the villages of the Veil- are among the most destitute in the
region, thanks to their limited natural
stone Peaks and the exploration of Climate and Terrain resources and isolation from major
Wolovers Keep. Use the Veilstone
Peaks Map on the module cover and The air in the Veilstone Peaks re- trade routes. Although linked by
the Wolovers Keep Map on the color gion is cool and dry. Daytime temper- trails, the villages tend to keep to
insert map for reference. atures range from the high 60s to the themselves. Communication between
mid-40s. Nighttime temperatures villages, as well as with the rest of the
plunge to the high 30s. outside world, is limited.
Goals Most of the region is flat and empty, A typical village is little more than a
In this chapter, the PCs should ac- with a few areas of empty hills and collection of crude single-room
complish the following: sparse pasture land, and modest homes of wood and stone with a few
hear rumors and legends associ- woodlands of oak and birch. Because modest shops and storehouses.
ated with Wolovers Keep. it is late autumn, most of the trees are Though unsophisticated, the villagers
learn information about Amry Wo- barren, their brown and scarlet are honest, friendly, and hard-
lover and his experiments. leaves scattered by gentle winds. For working, struggling to make a living
discover the body of Cord Shoddar the most part, the rocky soil is unsuit- from their small farms.
(area 2 of Level 2 of the keep). able for vegetation. All villagers are human (use typical
find a rusted black key in the cloak- The mountains of the Veilstone villager statistics). With the exception
room of Wolovers Keep that will Peaks rise 1,000-2,000 feet above sea of Garnerr (area 9 on the Veilstone
help unlock the treasure room level. The peaks are solid rock, their Peaks map), each village is run by a
door in Chapter 3. faces smooth and sheer; normal constable or sheriff elected by the cit-
find the gate in the basement of movement rates are halved. izens (use exceptional villager statis-
Wolovers Keep that leads to the tics for the constable).
subterranean labyrinth. Though most villagers are sympa-

thetic to the partys mission, none of Keep Rumor Table from the top floor. Sounds like ghosts
them agree to accompany them to the to me!
1-2: Villager claims to know some- 14: My great-grandfather told me
keep at any price.
thing useful, but I have to work so about how a couple of hundred years
hard to make money to buy food, my ago, there was a big earthquake that
Village Encounters memorys gone all cloudy. If the shook the earth for a hundred miles.
Each village encounter includes the party gives a bribe of at least 1 gp (or It knocked down trees and opened
following information: the equivalent in goods), roll again on big cracks in the ground. He said it
Size: The population of the village. this table, treating any roll below 7 as was caused by the ghosts in Wolover
Goods: All goods listed on the 7. Keep. (Actually, it was caused by Ice-
Equipment Lists in Chapter 6 of the 3-4: Says the keep is a dangerous lia, as she hollowed out areas deep be-
Players Handbook that are the indi- place, but has no specifics. Ive just neath the Veilstone Peaks to create
cated value or less are available for heard its supposed to be bad. He says her labyrinth. The villagers sense of
purchase. For instance, if the value hell pray for their safety. time is much exaggerated; this hap-
limit is 1 gp, soft boots (price 1 gp) are 5: Its haunted. Its filled with pened less than a century ago.)
for sale, but riding boots (price 3 gp) ghosts and evil spirits. They hate the 15: Up until the day he died, my fa-
are not. No magical items are availa- living. ther claimed that he saw a ghost up
ble in any of the villages. 6: Somewhere inside is supposed near the keep. He said it looked like a
Information Level: This indi- to be a kings fortune in gold and giant cockroach with a human skull
cates the quality of the information in jewels. for a head. The thing just cackled at
the village concerning Wolovers 7: The man that built itI dont him, then disappeared. (If the PCs
Keep and the legends associated with know his nameexperimented with show this villager the lichling corpse
it. Because of the general openness of poison. Some of the poison seeped from the Prologue, the villager shud-
the people, assume that the party has into the ground and permanently ders and says it looks exactly like the
no trouble finding talkative villagers. contaminated the ground around the ghost his father described.)
Though willing to engage in small keep. 16: Many have gone to the keep
talk and idle gossip, most of the vil- 8: The keep belonged to a wizard looking for treasure, but none have
lagers have nothing useful to say by the name of Wolover. He lived returned. The greedy fools deserved
about the keep; they respond to such there over a hundred years ago, I their fates. Dont you think that if the
inquiries with a shrug of the shoul- heard. He was experimenting on in- keep held treasure that someone
ders, or a slighting comment such as sects, I think. would have found it a long time ago? I
Never heard of it or I dont get out 9: Wolover was a great wizard, but dont think theres anything in there.
of town all that much. If the PCs he was also a great farmerat least, 17- 18: If the PCs ask the right ques-
brought the lichling remains (from thats what I hear. tions, the villager answers as follows,
the Prologue), the villagers are both 10: I dont know who built the and also supplies directions to the in-
repulsed and fascinated, but none of keep or why, but I know this: Every- dicated villages.
them can identify the creature or body who goes near it never comes What do you know about un-
know anything about it. back. dead walking the streets of
However, for every hour the PCs 11: Of course the keeps haunted. Garnerr?: (The PCs may have heard
spend in a village, they encounter a But its not the only haunted place about this in response 11 above.) Its
villager with (more or less) useful in- around here. You ought to check out true. Every day at dawn in the forest
formation about the keep. To deter- Garnerr. Thats where undead walk north of the village.
mine the information known by the the forests. If asked, the villager Where can we find out about
villager, consult the Keep Rumor Ta- gives directions to Garnerr. Amry Wolover?: In Bedford. His
ble below, and roll as follows: 12: The keep was built by a mage hometown. I think hes still got rela-
Information Level A = 1d6 named Wolover, hundreds of years tives there.
Information Level B = 1d10 ago. He was a farmer who tried to Wheres the best place to buy
Information Level C = 1d20 find ways to get rid of bad insects and goods?: Terrinton has the best se-
If you wish, choose specific infor- make crops grow faster. Dont know lection in the area.
mation instead of rolling randomly. if he ever came up with anything. Wheres the best place to buy
13: I had a friend of a friend who weapons?: Theres a weaponsmith
went up there oncecant remember in Anster named Eveneye. Just ask
his name. Anyway, he said that you around.
could hear a humming noise coming

Wheres the best place to hear 2. Trail villager. We faced starvation. Xamine
gossip?: Id try Redronde. The best went to Wolover Keep to search for
gossips this side of Cormyr live there. Because there is little interaction the treasure. He was going to use the
19-20: If the PCs ask about any of among the communities, the trails in treasure to buy food for us. He left
the areas listed below, the villager an- the Veilstone Peaks regions are sel- thirty days ago and has not returned.
swers as follows. dom traveled. However, at your op- If the PCs offer to search for
Area 11Lilac Pond: Thats a tion, the party may encounter 1d4 Xamine, the villagers gratefully ac-
poison pond. Drink one drop, and villagers (use generic villager statis- cept. The villagers describe Xamine
youll fall where you stand. tics). They may be hunters, families as a 50-year-old male who wears an
Area 14Roster of the Dead: on an outing, or religions pilgrims eye patch over his left eye and a sil-
That was started years ago, by the communing with nature, as you pre- ver medallion around his neck; the
people of Bedford, I think, as a memo- fer. medallion is shaped like an eagles
rial to all the people who ventured in- The villagers have Information head. The villagers have no other in-
to the Veilstone Peaks and never Level A. If asked, the villagers give di- formation about Xamine, except that
returned. rections to their home village (the about three months ago, Xamine held
Area 13Zone A or Area 15 nearest village, or a village of your several private meetings with a
Z o n e B : For ages, people have choice). stocky human who carried an axe
talked about experiencing visions of that glowed green in the dark. (The
wealth when they went up the moun- 3. Terrinton PCs may recognize the description of
tains. The ones that followed the vi- Population: 1,400 Goods: 50 gp Lenzmin Tier from the Prologue.)
sions never came back. I dont think Information Level: B The villagers dont know what the
theres any treasure up thereat meetings were about.
least, no ones ever found any, to my Thanks to their relatively fertile Just for offering to search for
knowledge. farmlands that produce dependable Xamine, the villagers give the party a
harvests of apples, grapes, and other plate of black cookies made from
The Chosen PC fruits, Terrinton is the most prosper- herbs and powdered minerals. Ac-
ous village in the area, with the wid- cording to the villagers, the cookies
At various points in this and subse- cancel the effects of any poison.
quent chapters, a single player- est variety of goods for sale. However,
they have no weapons for sale other There are six cookies; eating a cookie
character referred to as the Chosen has the same effect as a neutralize
PC will experience a specific phe- than those priced at 10 gp or less on
the Equipment Lists in Chapter 6 of poison spell. Xamine prepared the
nomenon as described in the text. cookies before he left and gave them
Pick a player, or roll randomly, to de- the Players Handbook. If the PCs ask
any merchant where to purchase to the villagers as a gift. If the PCs lo-
termine the Chosen PC. Select a new cate Xamine, or return with his me-
Chosen PC whenever a new Chosen weapons, they are directed to the vil-
lage of Anster. Ask for the weapon- dallion, the villagers promise them
PC phenomenon is indicated. samples of other magical cookies.
The Chosen PC should be a charac- smith, Eveneye.
As will be seen in Chapter 3,
ter who has exhibited greedy tenden- Xamine is dead. (He was conferring
cies in the past, or a character who 4. Melcher with Tier about strategies for enter-
you believe has an exceptional inter- Population: 870 Goods: 10 gp ing the keep. Both men had misinfor-
est in treasure. If none of the PCs fit Information Level: C mation that led them wrong.) If the
this description, choose any PC PCs return Xamines medallion to
whom you wish to take a more active This village is strangely calm. Most Melcher, the villagers make good on
role in the adventure. of the streets are empty, and the few their promise and give them six green
villagers in evidence look drawn and cookies, each of which functions as a
ENCOUNTER sullen. Black candles burn on the dose of potion of extra-healing. These
doorsteps of many of the homes. If cookies were also prepared by
KEYVEILSTONE the PCs ask a villager whats going on, Xamine.
PEAKS MAP he explains that the residents are
grieving the loss of their beloved ad- 5. Fishing Boys
1. Meeting Place ministrator, a skilled diviner named
If the PCs enter the area on the map
Xamine (ZAM-min). Insects de-
Here in this hilly area, the party met enclosed by the dotted line, they en-
stroyed our crops this year, sniffs the
Balko Verdemeer in the Prologue. counter two boys (use typical villager

statistics) with fishing poles slung where streams of sewage run A wooden fence surrounds this
over their shoulders. The boys through the streets and the rancid air poor but neatly kept village. Chick-
names are Garf and Terrett; they live reeks of rotting garbage. There is ens, goats, and other farm animals
in Hetchit. The affable boys ask the nothing of particular interest here. roam freely in the streets.
PCs their names, their homes, and However, the villagers arent particu- The party may inquire about the
why theyre in the area, speculating larly good at bartering; for any availa- availability of weapons in this village;
that such impressive-looking charac- ble item, they accept half the price on they might have learned about a
ters must be on a very important mis- the Equipment Lists in Chapter 6 of noted Anster weaponsmith as a result
sion. the Players Handbook. of a roll on the Keep Rumor Table or
The boys have no particularly use- by inquiring in Terrinton. They are
ful information for the party (they 7. Doff's Lake directed to a shack on the outskirts of
are of Information Level A), but if the town. This is the home of Eveneye
party asks them anything about fish- This clear lake is thick with game (use exceptional villager statistics), an
ing, the boys tell them that the best fish: pike, bream, loach, and innu- immensely overweight man about 60
place to fish in the area is Doffs Lake. merable minnows. Any PC fishing in years old, with thin lips and squinty
Whatever you do, stay away from Li- the pond does so as if he or she has eyes. Eveneye proudly says that each
lac Pondits poisonous. You can get Fishing proficiency. A PC who actu- of his weapons is hand-made from
hurt just from breathing the air. If ally has Fishing proficiency catches oak and is more effective than con-
asked, the boys offer directions to twice as many fish as normally al- ventional weapons.
Hetchit, Doff's Lake, and Lilac Pond. lowed (see Chapter 5 in the Players It takes the weaponsmith two full
Handbook). days to make any one weapon. He can
6. Hetchit make any of the following at the given
8. Anster price (non-negotiable); each does the
Population: 610 Goods: 10 gp listed amount of damage. The PCs can
Information Level: A Population: 870 Goods: 5 gp
Information Level: B order as many weapons as they like,
but they must pay in advance.
Hetchit is a small, dirty village

Eveneyes Weapons and he remains silent throughout the fesses that he plays out this ruse with
partys audience with Jenzen. the unknowing Jenzen every morn-
Weapon Price Damage ing.
Eveneyes club 10 gp 1d6+1 Lynce: 2nd-level priest; AL NG; AC About five years ago, he explains,
Eveneyes mace 15 gp 1d6+2 10; MV 12; hp 7; THAC0 20; #AT 1; the king got it into his head that hed
Eveneyes javelin 15 gp 1d6+2 Dmg 1d4 (staff). Spells: 1st Level: 2. lost the respect of the villagers. He de-
cided the best way to earn their re-
9. Garnerr If asked about the keep, Jenzen spect was to make them fearful, and
Population: 1210 Goods: 30 gp says he knows nothing about it. Its the best way to make them fearful
Information Level: A supposed to be haunted. But who was to execute one of them at ran-
knows? Or cares? If asked about dom each morning.
Among the areas larger villages, sightings of undead in the area, Jen- I couldnt talk him out of it, so I
Garnerr is surrounded by forests of zen shrugs and says such reports are constructed a phony magical weapon
oak trees, which the villagers use to absurd. Lynce has nothing to add. for him that blasts beams of harmless
manufacture a variety of simple The party learns nothing useful at light. Every morning, I appear in the
products, including carts (30 gp), fur- this time. woods, and Jenzen thinks Im one of
niture (tables for 5 gp, chairs for 2 If the PCs investigate the kings the villagershes always too drunk
gp), and small chests (2 gp). grounds at dawn, they notice that to know the difference. He shoots me
The PCs may ask a villager about shortly after the sun rises, Jenzen and I pretend to die. Afterwards, I
undead that supposedly lurk in the pokes his head out the north window sneak back to the house. Lynce adds
forest north of town; the party may of his home and aims a silver rod to- that a real villager must have ob-
have heard such rumors as a result of wards the forest. If the PCs approach served him rising one day, which is
a roll on the Keep Rumor Table. The and ask what hes doing, Jenzen tells how the rumors of undead walking in
villager becomes anxious. Youve them its none of their business. the woods got started.
heard right, he whispers. At sun- If the PCs continue to watch, they Lynce begs the party not to reveal
rise, watch the woods just north of notice a robed figure appearing on the truth to Jenzen. Its a harmless
King Jenzens house. A zombie will the edge of the forest. Jenzen aims his ruse. Youve got nothing to gain by ex-
come out! No one has a good descrip- rod at the figure. A beam of light posing me. If the party promises not
tion of the zombie, and no one will go flares from the rod and strikes the fig- to tell Jenzen, Lynce tells them any-
near the area where the zombie alleg- ure, who clutches his chest and col- thing he knows. Im a student of his-
edly appears. lapses. Satisfied, Jenzen disappears tory. I know more than most people.
If the PCs go to King Jenzens into his home. If the PCs later ap- If the PCs swear not to expose Lynce,
homea modest wooden structure proach Jenzen, he again refuses to and if they ask the right questions,
north of town, about 50 yards south discuss his actions. Lynce furnishes the following infor-
of a thickly wooded areahe wel- If the PCs take no actions, but re- mation:
comes them graciously. A pig-faced turn the following morning, this
man of about 40 years with beady scene plays out as described, as it Amry Wolover was a wizard of un-
eyes and a thin moustache (use excep- does every morning. paralleled skill engaged in agricul-
tional villager statistics), Jenzen is a If the PCs investigate the woods tural research that he hoped
self-proclaimed king; unlike other ad- within 10 rounds after the figure col- would lift the entire Veilstone
ministrators in the Veilstone Peaks lapses, they see that the figure has Peaks region out of poverty. He
villages, the rule of Garnerr is passed risen from the ground and is trying to was a good man with a good heart.
from father to son. However, Garnerr sneak away; the PCs can easily inter- One of Wolovers pet projects was
is essentially self-ruling, since Jenzen cept him. If more than 10 rounds finding a way to control pests. He
remains in a drunken stupor most of elapse, the figure loses himself in the was working on two methods. One
the time. woods and eludes capture. (The PCs was to create a powerful poison
Jenzen listens passively to what- can also easily intercept the figure be- that would kill insects and other
ever the party has to say, more inter- fore the king blasts him with the light pests. The other was to develop a
ested in savoring the wine in his silver beam.) species of predator insects that fed
goblet than engaging in conversation. A hood conceals the figures face; if on insects harmful to the crops.
Jenzen is attended by his aide, a 50- the party uncovers him, he is re- Neither method worked.
year-old priest named Lynce. The vealed to be Lynce. With the slightest No one knows what happened to
priest wears dark peasant clothes, coercion from the party, Lynce con- Wolover. He never left his keep.

Perhaps hes still there. of blackened earth surrounds the haps youre shoppers? Can I interest
lake. The black earth appears to have you in a fine . . . canary?
If the PCs betray Lynce to Jenzen (if been scorched by fire. The man introduces himself as
they go back on their word, or refuse Centuries ago, Amry Wolover Arlin Wolover, then asks the partys
to make the promise in the first dumped the results of a failed experi- names and homelands, accepting
place), Jenzen rejects their explana- ment in the lake, an attempt to create whatever information they care to of-
tion; nothing can convince him that a chemical that would kill farm pests. fer. He welcomes them inside his clut-
the trusted Lynce is disguising him- The lake was permanently polluted tered home, filled with perches and
self. Before the party leaves, the by the magical chemical. bird cages. Canaries are everywhere,
vengeful Lynce tries to cast destroy Any PC who comes within 20 yards and the room reeks of droppings.
water and putrefy food and drink on of the lake must save vs. poison or fall Arlin is honest, friendly, and wel-
their supplies. If the party protests, unconscious, succumbing to the comes the company of the PCs, con-
Lynce denies responsibility and Jen- fumes. The character immediately versing with them freely regardless
zen defends him. suffers 2d4 damage, plus 1d4 damage of whether they buy a canary (5 cp
each round thereafter until moved each). If the PCs asks the right ques-
10. Redronde out of the black earth area. If the wa- tions, he supplies the following infor-
ter contacts any PCs skin, the PC mation:
Population: 840 Goods: 10 gp must save vs. poison or die; a success-
Information Level: See below ful save still means 3d6 damage. He is indeed the descendant of
Amry Wolover. The last one, as far
Sparse grain fields surround this
village of small but well-constructed
12. Bedford as I know. And if I dont hurry up
and find me a wife, there wont be
wooden shacks. All villagers in Re- Population: 580 Goods: 5 gp any more.
dronde have been mobilized to con- Information Level: C Amry was a great wizard and a
struct an intricate network of great farmer. Arlin doesnt know
irrigation ditches to expand the vil- This is a village of stone huts built in much about Amrys agricultural re-
lages agricultural prospects, a pro- the foothills of the Veilstone Peaks. search, except that some of it
ject they are struggling to complete The villagers farm small plots of pota- sought a way to increase the birth-
before winter. The hard work has put toes and peas in the rocky soil. rate of animals. Thats where all of
everyone in a bad mood. If the PCs ask about living relatives these canaries came from. Amrys
If the PCs interview the villagers, of Amry Wolover, villagers direct cousin, Laudan, who built this
roll 1d6 once per hour on the Keep them to a home about a mile west of place, loved canaries. Amry gave
Rumor Table (Information Level A); town. Thats Arlin Wolovers place. him a mated pair of birds that were
this information is given grudgingly, You cant miss it. Just look for the treated with some kind of special
as if the villagers can barely tolerate birds. formula. The birds bred like crazy.
the intrusion of the PCs. However, if The villagers directions lead the In fact, all of these birds descended
the PCs volunteer to pitch in, the vil- party to a small stone hut built against from that original pair. Arlin
lagers attitude changes dramatically. the side of a barren hill. The tall trees shows the PCs a canary nest that
For every hour the party spends dig- surrounding the hut at first glance contains about 50 tiny eggs. They
ging the ditches alongside the vil- appear to be lush with brown leaves, lay that many every few weeks.
lagers, roll 1d10 and add 10 to the but closer inspection reveals that the The eggs and canaries radiate
result when consulting the Keep Ru- tree limbs are covered with hundreds slight magic.
mor Table. The now-friendly villagers of tiny brown birds. A successful In- If pressed, Arlin admits the canar-
are more willing to share their telligence check identifies the birds as ies arent worth much. They dont
choicest bits of information and gos- canaries. The canaries eye the party sing, theyre too scrawny to eat,
sip. impassively. If the PCs disturb the ca- and they usually dont live longer a
naries, they flutter away, only to re- few months. Which I suppose is a
11. Lilac Lake turn to the trees moments later. good thing. Otherwise, Id be over-
A smiling old man, at least 80 years run with them.
This is a still lake of slightly yel- old (use typical villager statistics),
lowed water that emits a powerful Amry built Wolover Keep as a place
waves at the party from the doorway. to conduct his research in private.
aroma of lilacs, noticeable from as far Wisps of white hair cover his head. A
as 100 yards distant, growing I dont know what happened to
pair of canaries perch on his shoul- him, but it had to be something
stronger as the party nears. A 60' ring der. Visitors! he exclaims. Or per-

bad. The place is crawling with necessarily the Chosen PC. The phe- below the keep.)
ghosts nowat least thats what I nomenon is a result of the supernatu-
hear. ral forces permeating the area. 17. Empty Fields
Rumors have spread for decades
These sprawling acres of tilled soil
about the treasure supposedly hid- 15. Zone B are primarily notable for their utter
den in the keep, but nobody has
ever found any. Thats why Bed- Shortly after the party enters this lack of vegetation; not a single blade
ford is as small as it is. Everybody area, the Chosen PC collapses to the of grass nor the tiniest weed grows
went looking for treasure, and ground and lapses into unconscious- here. Some areas smell faintly of lilac,
none of em ever came back. He ness (no saving throw). He can be re- some of cinnamon, and some of alco-
describes a mountain cliff that lists vived by a slap from a companion, hol.
the names of hundreds of treasure water in the face, or similar stimuli. Wolover used these fields to test his
hunters who never returned, in- While unconscious, the Chosen PC various magical pesticides and fertil-
scribed in the cliff by their families. experiences a vivid vision of an im- izers. Though the fields arent poison-
If the PCs ask, Amry gives them mense golden door studded with ous, the earth is so contaminated that
general directions to area 14. black diamonds. Three keyholes are no plants can grow here.
centered the door. The door swings
13. Zone A open to reveal mountains of dia- 18. Wolover's Keep
monds, emeralds, and other precious
Shortly after the party enters this gems. (As with the Area 13 illusion,
An icy wind chills you as you stare
area, the Chosen PC sees what ap- this vision is intended to draw the
at the old stone tower before you.
pears to be the glitter of gold in a pile greedy closer to the keep.)
It looks empty, dark, and grim as a
of stones about 20 yards distant. If
crypt. Its windows are shattered.
the party investigates, they see no 16. Burial Mound The tarnished copper door is
signs of the gold.
The gold was an illusion generated Near a grove of leafless trees is a closed.
by the supernatural forces within the mound of earth. This covers the re-
mains of the soldier and his mount Though the keep once comprised
area, created as a lure to draw the
discovered by Balko Verdemeers men numerous buildings, only the central
greedy closer to the keep. This illu-
(see the Prologue). The remains are a tower remains somewhat intact; the
sion attracted Cord Shoddar, Balkos
human corpse and a horse corpse; rest of the keep consists of crumbled
traitorous aide (see Prologue).
both bodies have been clawed and walls filled with rubble and debris.
shredded, as if attacked by a vicious Behind the keep is a well shaft 500
14. Roster of the animal. There is nothing of interest deep, once the keeps main water sup-
Dead buried with the bodies. ply, now dry and useless.
A few yards from the grave is an 8 The black granite tower is about
The face of a stone cliff has been in-
inch-diameter hole in the side of a 150 in diameter and many stories
scribed with hundreds of names.
granite hill. This is where the lichling tall, but only the first four levels are
From the condition of the inscrip-
emerged that attacked the horse and accessible (see below); the rest are ru-
tions, some appear to have been
rider. If the PCs examine the hole, ined. There are 44 broken win-
carved decades ago; others are
they see claw marks defacing its cir- dows on all but the first floor. PCs
clearly recent. Residents from the vil-
cumference. The PCs cannot deter- able to climb walls can scale the side
lage of Bedford have been carving
mine what type of creature made the of the keep and enter any window.
these names for generations as a me-
claw marks. Otherwise, the party may open the
morial to those who went into the
If the PCs can enter the hole (per- copper door, the only ground en-
Veilstone Peaks in search of treasure
haps by consuming a potion of dimi- trance to the tower. (See #1 on the
and never returned.
nution), they discover an intricate key below.)
None of the names has particular
tunnel network that winds deep into When the PCs enter the keep, con-
significance to the party. However, if
the earth. Following the tunnel sys- tinue with the Wolovers Keep Map
a PC studies the roster for two con-
tem proves futile; the empty tunnels Key.
secutive rounds, he notices that his
own name is listed. If he looks away, twist and turn for dozens of miles.
or summons a companion to look, he (The lichling found its way to the sur-
can no longer find his name. Only one face world by traveling through this
PC experiences this phenomenon, not tunnel system from the stronghold

per hinges squeak loudly as the door eled by wood, that Wolover used to
ENCOUNTER opens. Musty air drifts out from inside, heat the tower during the cold
KEYWOLOVERS stale and cold. The interior is pitch months of winter. An exhaust tube
black. leads though a screened hole in the
KEEP west wall to expel smoke. Three thick
2. Entry Way iron rods, now covered with rust, ex-
tend upward through the tower. The
General Information This room is empty, except for a rods were enchanted to conduct
Amry Wolover built the keep sev- pair of 1-tall ivory statues in the up- heat, but the magic no longer func-
per corners of the north wall. The tions. If the party starts a fire in the
eral centuries ago to serve as both his
home and a laboratory in which to statues resemble tiny humans with furnace, this level warms up, but the
conduct his magical research. The bloated bellies, leathery wings, and upper levels dont.
tower is made entirely out of granite, spindly arms ending in long claws.
The statues beat their wings, wave
except for the interior wooden doors.
their arms, and clack their teeth
6. Study
The doors are splintered and rotten.
when the party enters; however, they Used by Wolover as a study, most of
Those not already ajar are unlocked
dont move from their corners. this room has been destroyed by
and easily opened.
Originally, Wolover constructed looters and the passage of time.
All objects of value are long gone,
taken by looters or rendered useless these statues to attack any unauthor- Against the south wall are what origi-
ized visitors, but over the centuries nally were chairs, tables, and book-
by the ravages of time. Hundreds of
their enchantments have waned. Now shelves; theyre now little more than
would-be treasure hunters have been
incapable of conducting attacks, they piles of sawdust and rotten planks.
drawn to the keep over the ages, most
can do nothing but clack and wave. Against the west wall, Wolovers
of whom have disappeared through
large oaken desk has survived more or
the gate in the basement (see below),
never to return. A close examination 3. Cloak Room less intact. But all the drawers have
been pulled out and demolished, their
of the floor throughout the tower re- Three empty iron hooks extend
veals numerous scuff marks, made by contentspencil stubs, broken glass, a
from the wall that Wolover used to few buttons, some rotted and indeci-
the boots of previous intruders. hang his coats. A filthy, ragged gar- pherable parchmentsscattered on
The air is cool, damp, and musty. ment lies crumpled in the southwest the floor. Likewise, a large bookshelf
There are no light sources, natural or corner. This is a cloth waistcoat, rot-
otherwise. Except where indicated, next to the desk has been toppled, the
ted and torn. A pattern of small cir- contentsbooks, parchments, notes
the tower is as silent as a tomb. cles covers the garment; Wolover piled in the northwest corner; the pile
favored this pattern. now resembles a mound of black
LEVEL 1 A small black key is in the left sludge, interspersed with planks of rot-
pocket; the iron key is covered with ten wood and a few illegible scraps of
This level contains Wolovers living rust. The key doesnt fit any lock in parchment that havent completely rot-
quarters. Within a few rounds after the keep; its one of three keys needed ted away.
the party has entered this level, they to unlock the treasure room door in If the party disturbs the debris pile,
hear intermittent scratching sounds Chapter 3. (Every treasure hunter they arouse a nest of immature mega-
coming from above, as if clawed crea- takes this key, but it returns here af- locentipedes, who scramble from the
tures were trying to dig through the ter the hunter meets the customary debris and try to bite random PCs.
ceiling. (A pair of giant squirrels is doom. Icelia has made this enchant- The young megalocentipedes, each
making the sounds. See the Level 2 ment undetectable.) about a foot long, fight to the death
section for details.)
but will not leave this room.
4. Wood Room
1. Copper Door Young megalocentipedes (6): Int
Wolover used this room to store
The tarnished copper door is fea- cords of wood to fuel his furnace non; AL N; AC 7; MV 15; 2 hp each;
tureless, except for a single thick ring, (Area 5), but now nothing remains THAC0 20; #AT 1; Dmg nil; SA poi-
about a foot on diameter, on the right but a small pile of moldy sawdust. son (bitten victim must save vs. poi-
side. Any PC who succeeds in a son or suffer 1d6 acid damage); SZ
Strength check pulls open the door; T; ML 5; XP 35.
any two PCs working together can pull
5. Furnace
open the door automatically. The cop- This is a spherical iron furnace, fu-

Two rounds after the PCs disturb pesticide combination. Substance smashed. Splintered shelves dangle
the young megalocentipedes, the 2C/XA negates the effects of the S3/ from the walls. There is nothing here
mother megalocentipede who was A poison.) of interest.
scrounging for food in the library
(area 7) scuttles through the north 7. Library 12. Pantry
door of the study and attacks the PCs
If the party didnt disturb the debris This storage area for food and
for threatening her babies. The mega-
pile in area 6, the megalocentipede spices is as thoroughly devastated
locentipede fights to the death, pur-
lurking in this room attacks as soon as and uninteresting as the kitchen.
suing anywhere in the keep.
the PCs enter (see area 6 for details).
Adult megalocentipede: Int ani- Wooden bookshelves once lined the 13. Trapdoor
mal; AL N; AC 5; MV 18; HD 3; hp walls of this immense room from
floor to ceiling, but all have been top- In the middle of the floor is a 5 foot-
21; THAC0 17; #AT 1; Dmg 1d3; SA square trapdoor with a rusted iron
poison (bitten victim must save vs. pled and smashed. The remains of
hundreds of books are strewn on the ring in the center. If any PC lifts the
poison, failure means death, suc- ring, the door opens easily; a strong
cess means 2d4 acid damage); SZ M; floor, their pages crumbled to dust.
If the PCs look through the mess, aroma of oranges wafts from below.
ML 10; XP 175. Springs attached to either side of the
they find a few reasonably intact
leather covers that indicate the type door from below automatically close
If the PCs defeat the centipedes and the door if no one holds or props it
search the debris pile, they may dis- of books kept here. Typical titles in-
clude The Gentleman Farmer, Mod- open. Minor magic has kept the trap-
cover several interesting documents, door functional over the decades.
each specially treated by Wolover to ern Alchemical Fertilizer Techniques,
Merks Guide to Animal Husbandry, The trapdoor leads to a granite
withstand the passage of time. It stairway. If the PCs take the stairs,
takes 10 rounds of searching to locate and Chickens: From the Egg to the
Dinner Table. proceed to the Basement section, be-
each document: low.

Some general notes about an ex- 8. Personal Quarters

periments involving the acceler-
14. Stairway
Scattered about this room are the
ated growth of farm animals. broken and rotten remains of a small This stairway leads up. If the PCs
Though the details are vague, the night stand, a featherbed and several take the stairs, continue with the
experiments apparently were fail- cotton blankets, and a wooden chest. Level 2 section.
ures. There is nothing of interest.
Notes about a project to develop
predator insects to feed on insects
harmful to agricultural crops. Be-
9. Closet This level contains the laboratory
low these notes is a diagram for the There are several iron hooks im- where Wolover conducted much of his
construction of a rod that the notes bedded in the wall, all empty. Several research. As soon as the party enters
say will disperse swarms of all in- filthy shirts and pairs of torn cotton this level, they hear a faint buzzing
sect life. Keep near hatchery for trousers are strewn on the floor, all sound coming from above. The buzz-
emergencies. The rod, about two emblazoned with small circles. ing persists as long as the party re-
feet long, appears to be made of mains on this level. (An immense
gold with a white pearl on the end. 10. Lavatory swarm of wasps is the source of the
The party cant manufacture such buzzing. See the Level 4 section). The
a device from these sketchy notes. This room contains a broken PCs no longer hear scratching; the
A scrawled note with the word IM- wooden table, a cracked ceramic squirrels in area 3 have stopped mov-
PORTANT written in large letters chamber pot, a rusty metal wash ba- ing.
across the top. Underneath is writ- sin, and nothing of interest.
SUBSTANCE S3/A. (These sub- 11. Kitchen
stances are experimental materi- These stairs lead down to Level 1.
Broken cups, plates, and goblets fill At the top of the stairs is a dark stain,
als, stored elsewhere in the keep. the floor, along with an assortment of
Substance S3/A is a highly poison- resulting from streams of liquid seep-
dented pots and kettles. A wooden ing from the doorway above. Close
ous experimental fertilizer and cupboard has been tipped and examination reveals the liquid to be

dried blood. (The source of the blood him and didnt pursue. animal; AL CN; AC 6; MV 15; HD
is the body in area 2.) On the body are a short sword, a 7 +2; hp 51 each; THAC0 13; #AT
dagger +1, and a bag containing 21 3; Dmg 2d4/2d8/2d6; SA + 1 attack
2. Wash Room gp, 40 sp, and a turquoise chunk bonus due to extreme viciousness;
worth 30 gp. SZ L; ML 12; XP 650.
Against the north wall stands a
wooden table containing a rusty As soon as a PC enters this room
metal wash basin, an empty glass
3. Laboratory
(whether by door or window), the
pitcher, and a few soiled cotton rags. This large room is where Wolover squirrel on the wall drops and at-
Sprawled on the floor is the corpse of performed many of his experiments. tacks, slashing and snapping at ran-
a man lying in a pool of dried blood, Clinging to the east wall, almost near dom PCs. Two rounds later, the
which has seeped through the east the ceiling, is a gray squirrel, nearly squirrel from room 8 joins its com-
door and trickled down the stairs. 10' long. (A second squirrel lurks in panion the attack. The squirrels fight
The corpse is torn and shredded, as if room 8.) to the death, pursuing the party any-
attacked by a large animal. If the PCs These were once normal squirrels where in the keep.
listen near the west door, they hear that came through the west window The laboratory floor is littered with
nothing. in search of food. The creatures made smashed flasks, bottles, and tubes. All
The corpse is a man, about 40, with a nest in room 8. After they nibbled the glass is dark green; the opaque
long blonde hair. He still clutches a on the contaminated bones in the dis- glass prevented chemicals from be-
shield bearing the emblem of a purple section room (see area 4), the magical coming inert as a result of exposure
dragon. This is Cord Shoddar, the chemicals retained in the bones to light. Various colored powders,
missing aide of Balko Verdemeer, caused the squirrels to grow. They herbs, and salts surround toppled
whom the PCs learned about in the eventually swelled to their current metal shelves near the west wall. Two
Prologue. When the squirrel in area 3 size, becoming extremely vicious in large marble tables are discolored
attacked him, he tried to flee, but the process. with light stains that smell vaguely of
dropped before he could get to the vinegar, sulfur, and charcoal. Three
stairway. The squirrels lost interest in Modified gray squirrels (2): Int

iron rods rise from the floor in the lost as a result of exposure to the poi- 8. Nest Room
southwest corner and extend to the son are immediately recovered. Also,
ceiling. These rods extend from the eating a pellet immunizes a character Another former storage room, this
furnace on Level 1; the heating rods against all effects from S3/A poison area was demolished by the two giant
are no longer functional. for the following 1d4 turns. squirrels (see area 3), who have been
There is nothing of interest here. using it as a lair. Amid the broken
green glass and twisted metal shelv-
6. Storage Room ing is a pile of rags and debris, the
4. Dissection Room This room was used to store experi- squirrels nest. The nest contains 14
Here Wolover dissected experimen- mental fertilizers and insecticides. cp, 9 sp, 5 gp, and a ring of warmth,
tal animals. The room contains a The rusted metal shelves now lie use- brought here from the outside world
metal table splattered with dark less on the floor, surrounded by frag- by the squirrels.
stains (an Intelligence check identifies ments of broken jars and flasks. The
liquid contents of the flasks have all
them as blood stains); a shelf contain-
ing a few metal probes and clamps (an evaporated, and the solid contents,
Intelligence check identifies them as which lie scattered about the floor, On this level Wolover conducted
dissection tools; anything usable as a are now inert dust. many experiments in horticulture. As
weapon is long gone); and a toppled A toppled metal barrel in the east soon as the PCs enter this level, they
metal barrel, its contents spilled on corner contains a violet residue in the notice that the buzzing sound coming
the floor. bottom. The residue has the texture from above is much louder. The buzz-
In the barrel are bloodstained rags, of cotton and smells vaguely of vine- ing persists as long as the party re-
broken probes, and a few gnawed gar. The material is derived from rain mains on this level. (An immense
bones. An Intelligence check identi- clouds, which were magically treated swarm of wasps is the source of the
fies these as chicken and frog bones. to permanently solidify. Wolover in- buzzing. See the Level 4 section.)
However, the bones are several times fused the material with fertilizers,
the size of normal bones. which he believed would not only fa- 1. Stairway
These are bones from experimental cilitate plant growth, but would also
animals that Wolover treated to grow protect the plants from drought. The These stairs lead down to Level 2.
larger than normal. The bones retain experiment was a failure. Icelia The stairs leading to Level 4 are im-
traces of chemical residue, but not adapted this material for a section of passable, blocked with rubble and de-
enough to affect the PCs; chewing on the second level of her stronghold; bris.
these bones caused the transforma- see Chapter 3.
tion of the squirrels in area 3. Many glass fragments still bear la- 2. Laboratory
bels, all seemingly random combina- Several long tables stretch across
5. First Aid Room tions of letters and numbers that the room, filled with rows of clay
Wolover used to identify the contests. flowerpots. The pots contain only
Used to store Wolovers first aid One of the fragments bears the label
supplies and other materials, this black earth; some of the pots smell
S3/A; it smells faintly of lilacs. The faintly of lilac, sulphur, and cinnamon
room is a jumble of debris: broken ta- PCs feel slightly dizzy but otherwise
bles, shattered green glass, and (results of experimental pesticide and
suffer no ill effects from smelling the fertilizer treatments). A huge metal
shredded cotton toweling. A marble lilac fragment. box of earth stands near the south-
table like the one in area 3 stands (The S3/A designation stands for a
against the east wall. east corner. A collection of larger pots
powerful poison; a derivative of the li- is located near three iron rods rising
The debris includes blunt scissors, lac poison that caused the pollution of
medicine droppers, chunks of soap, from the floor in the southwest cor-
Lilac Lakesee area 11 of the Veil- ner. The pots were used to grow small
and small burlap bags. One bag, la- stone Peaks Map. The 2C/XA pellets in
beled 2C/XA, contains four small yel- trees, but now contain only black
room 5 act as an antidote for this poi- earth; the rods extend from the fur-
low pellets that smell like fresh oats. son.)
This is an antidote for the S3/A lilac nace on Level 1 and are no longer
poison, described in area 6. A pellet functional.
consumed within five rounds after
7. Stairway Against the north wall is a 10' diam-
exposure to S3/A poisonpresuming This stairway leads up to Level 3. eter glass lens, about 2 thick. A wide
the victim is still alivenegates all ef- crack extends the length of the lens.
fects of the poison, and all hit points The lens was once enchanted to pro-

duce artificial sunlight to nourish the wide, and about an inch thick. Tend- 1. Stairway
plants. It no longer functions. rils on its underside let it scurry along
There are three 4 X 6 cabinets the floor. It can squeeze through These stairs lead up from Level 3.
near the west wall (2a, 2b, and 2c), small openings, such as the space be- As the party climbs the stairs from
each made of rusted iron. All are en- neath a door. It pursues the PCs re- Level 3, the sound of buzzing grows
chanted with wizard lock. If wizard lentlessly, attacking until destroyed. ever louder.
lock is negated, a cabinets opens eas- The mold drains 4d8 damage per The stairway ends at a closed door.
ily. Otherwise, 25 points of damage round from all warm-blooded victims If the PCs carefully open the door a
breaks a cabinet open; assume the within 5; it has greater speed and a crack, they can peek inside without
cabinets are AC 0. better chance of attacking victims angering the wasps inside (see area
Cabinet 2a: This cabinet contains than normal brown mold. Unlike nor- 2).
a red velvet robe covered with small mal brown mold, torches, fireballs,
circles. Given to Wolover by his wife and similar sources of fire do not 2. Wasp Room
(before she died from pneumonia), it cause it to grow in size. Hundreds of thousands of red
has only sentimental value. wasps fill this room, covering every
Cabinet 2b: This contains several 3. Barrel Room square foot of the floor and walls, and
flasks of Wolovers favorite raspberry swarming in thick clouds near the
wine. This room contains several large
iron barrels. About half of them are ceiling. Clusters of cellulose nests
Cabinet 2c: The seams of this cabi- crowd the corners of the room, re-
net have been sealed with wax to filled with old dirt, the others with
dried manure (used as a natural fertil- sembling broad towers of pear-
make it airtight. The sides of the cabi- shaped honeycombs made of
net are icy cold. izer). There is nothing of interest
here. innumerable tiny cells. Characters
The cabinet contains a sentient must shout to be heard over the roar
brown mold that Wolover acciden- of the buzzing.
tally created, a hybrid of various 4. Storage Room Three iron rods covered with
chemically treated fungi. Wolover Used to store lab equipment, this crawling wasps rise from the floor in
magically drained the air from this room is now a jumble of broken the southwest corner and extend to
cabinet and sealed the mold inside shelves, shattered green glass, and a the ceiling. These rods extend from
until he could figure out what do it few assorted gardening tools, includ- the furnace on Level 1; the heating
with it. The inert mold has been here ing trowels, hoes, and spades, none of rods are no longer functional. Near
ever since. them suitable as weapons. There is the west wall about 3 from the floor
If the cabinet is opened, the fresh nothing of interest here. is a metal cabinet (similar to the metal
air invigorates the mold, and it slith- cabinets in Level 3). The cabinet is
ers out, seeking warm-blooded vic-
tims. 5. Stairway also crawling with wasps.
If the PCs dont enter the room,
These stairs lead down to Level 2 there is no danger. However, if the
Animated brown mold: Int ani- and up to Level 4. PCs wish to explore the room, they
mal; AL N; AC 9; MV 6; HD not ap- have to deal with the wasps.
p l i c ab le ; THA C 0 1 7 ; # A T not
applicable; Dmg see below; SA ab-
LEVEL 4 The wasps are about two inches
long, with powerful jaws and needle-
sorbs heat; SD killed by direct sun- On this level Wolover bred his ex- like stingers. They are more vicious
light, ultraviolet light, cone of cold perimental insects and other re- and somewhat hardier than normal
cold wand, and disintegrate (only search animals. The wasps (in area 2) wasps.
other spells that affect it are plant- were supposed to feed on insects that Combat Notes: The wasps attack
affecting magic and cold spells; ice ate agricultural crops, but Wolover only when angered. Any violent dis-
storm and wall of ice cause it to go never succeeded in this goal. How- turbance angers them, such as an in-
dormant for 5d6 turns); ring of ever, his efforts to increase their rates truder stomping his way through the
warmth causes complete protec- of reproduction were a resounding room, or an attack such as a hurled
tion against its attacks; SZ M; ML success: Centuries after Wolovers stone or a fireball spell.
not applicable; XP 420. disappearance, the wasps continue to The wasps attack as a swarm. They
thrive and multiply and have now attack every character in the room,
The mold resembles a patch of taken over this entire level. biting and stinging every section of
wooly brown carpet about 5 long, 3 exposed skin, even working their way

inside openings in clothing. Victims of wasps can enter the smallest open- nificant damage, but the explosions
the wasp swarm are attacked auto- ings in the clothing). Only a totally anger them, and the swarm immedi-
matically, suffering 3d6 damage each airtight covering provides com- ately attacks.
round. Also, victims are so disori- plete protection. The cabinet opens easily. Inside are
ented that they suffer a -2 attack Spells such as repel insects offer a bag of a dozen 2C/XA pellets (see
penalty and have movement rates re- protection. area 5, Level 2 for details), a flask of
duced by 2/3. A PC who enters the room care- raspberry wine, and a 2 long rod
The angry swarm pursues victims fully and slowly can avoid angering made of gold with a white pearl on
down the stairway (area 1) and any- the wasps, even though each step the end.
where in the keep, if the victims are may crunch dozens of wasps. For The rod is a rod of immobile
foolish enough to leave the door every five rounds in the room, the insects, which the party may have
open. If the door is closed (this takes PC must make a Dexterity check. If learned about in the study (area 6,
one round), a few angry wasps may a check fails, the character stum- Level 1). The rod has 13 charges. (See
slip through, but not enough to do bles and angers the wasps, and the New Magical Item appendix for
any significant damage. they attack. Because of the clouds details about the rod.)
A swarm remains angry for half an of wasps in the air, airborne char-
hour after the disturbance ends or af- acters must also make Dexterity 3. Stairway
ter all victims have been killed or checks to avoid angering the
leave the areafor instance, if the swarm. This stairway originally led to the
PCs trap the wasps in this room, with- A PC can paralyze the entire upper levels of the tower but is now a
draw down stairway 1, and close the swarm by using the rod of immo- heap of collapsed planks and saw-
door behind them. When the half bile insects (see below and the ap- dust. The upper levels are inaccessi-
hour has passed, the wasps calm pendix on page 62). ble and contain only rubble and
down and do not attack until dis- debris.
turbed again. E x p l o r i n g t h e a r e a : The two
Because of the staggering number rooms on the east side of this level (2a BASEMENT
of wasps, damage inflicted on the and 2b) used to hold spare cages and
swarm does not significantly affect its other supplies, but now contain only As the PCs descend the stairs into
ability to attack. At your discretion, wasp nests, scraps of rotten wood, the basement, the odor of oranges be-
exceptionally formidable assaults and small tangles of wire. comes more intense. Shattered bar-
against the swarmsuch as a succes- The room on the south side (2c) was rels, empty crates, and toppled
sion of cloudkill spellsmay reduce used to breed other experimental shelves lie against the walls; Wolover
their numbers so much that each creatures. Among the shards of bro- once used this whole area for storage.
swarm inflicts 1d6 or even 1d2 dam- ken fish tanks and scraps of shattered Icelia had other ideas.
age. cages, the PCs find small bones and Nearly the entire floor of the base-
The PCs can minimize or avoid tiny husks. An Intelligence check ment is filled with a circular pool of
wasp attacks by the following meth- identifies the remains as those of fish, orange mist. Any PC who touches the
ods: leeches, butterflies, and worms. mist pool instantly loses conscious-
Aside from the wasp nests, the only ness and disappears (no saving
Smoke or fire scatters the wasps, other objects in the main part of room throw). PCs entering this gate con-
but doesnt completely deter them. 2 are dilapidated wire cages along the tinue the adventure in Chapter 2.
If the party fills the room with north and south walls (originally used
thick smoke, or if a PC carries a to house the wasps) and a metal cabi-
torch and waves it around, the an- net secured on the west wall about 3
gry swarm inflicts only 1d6 dam- from the floor. The 6 X 4 cabinet is
age per round. Note that filling the made of rusty iron. It is also protected
room with smoke or waving a by a firetrap spell. Unless the firetrap
torch angers the wasps, causing is removed or negated, it explodes as
them to attack. soon as the cabinet is touched (the
A PC who wears protective cloth- wasps cant trigger the firetrap). All
ing that completely covers the those within 5 of the cabinet suffer
body suffers only 1d6 damage per 1d4 +20 damage (save vs. spells for
round from the angry swarm (the half damage). The wasps suffer insig-

DM's OVERVIEW ARRIVAL maybe thousands, of human skele-
This chapter details the first level of Read the following after the PCs tons are floating in the water. You
Icelias stronghold. Consult the have disappeared into the orange see flecks of gold among the bones.
Stronghold Level 1 map on the color mist in the Basement section of Chap- Suddenly the ghostly image of a
mapsheet. ter 1. giant bat swoops from beneath the
bridge, hovers briefly in front of
The smells of sea water and alco-
Goals hol fill your nostrils as you gradu-
you, then silently flies away.
In this chapter, the PCs should learn ally regain consciousness. You are The party has regained conscious-
the fate of (most of) the Sons of the sprawled on your backs at one end ness at the left side of the granite
Stone, and they find the mist pool at of a narrow granite bridge span- bridge (see map). All their equipment
the bottom of the lake that leads to ning an immense cavern. The ceil- is still with them. They have been un-
Level 2 of the stronghold. ing is about 20 feet overhead. conscious for only a few minutes (a
There are glowing patches of side effect of the teleport).
Physical Features green fungus on the cave walls. What happens next depends on the
The encounters of this chapter take When your eyes adjust to the partys actions:
place in an immense cavern of jagged light, you see a golden door at the
black granite filled with a deep lake. opposite end of the bridge, stud- If the PCs try to cross the bridge,
The temperature is about 65 degrees ded with what look like black see area 1 below.
Fahrenheit. The humid air smells like gems. If the PCs try to climb the walls, see
a mixture of alcohol and sea water. You hear splashing water be- area 3.
Patches of fluorescent fungi cover the neath the bridge. When you look Any PC who tries to explore the ca-
walls, illuminating the cavern in soft over the edge, you see the surface vern by flying or otherwise moving
green light. of a lake 200 feet below. Hundreds, in the air is attacked by the three
ghost bats that constantly circle
the cavern.

Ghost bats (3): Int low; AL NE; AC 1; granite piston that extends 200 into acter is slammed for 6d6 damage. If
MV Fl 24 (B); HD 10; hp 65 each; the ceiling. The bottom of each pis- the check succeeds, the character
THAC0 11; #AT 1; Dmg 3d8 (bite); ton, which is set flush with the ceil- must immediately take one of the fol-
SA piercing screech causes such ing, is about the same length and lowing actions:
pain that victims who fail to save width as the slab below it (20 10).
vs. paralysis seek to cover their The slab bridge and the pistons are Stay put (and be slammed by the
ears rather than fight (screech is permanently enchanted with wall of piston).
effective to a 30 radius around the force. Dive into either of the adjacent
bat); SD can only be struck by + 1 As soon as any PC sets foot on the slabs. Because the pistons slam so
or better weapons; immune to Activation Slab (see map), the party fast, the PC cant tell if a piston is
charm, sleep, cold, electricity, and hears groaning and grinding coming slamming into an adjacent slab,
death spells; SZ G; ML 14; XP 3,000. from the ceiling above. One round and must take a chance. (For in-
later, the pistons become active. The stance, assume a die roll of 3. A PC
The ghost bats resemble translu- piston system remains active until all on the P2 slab who dives onto the
cent mobats; they have 30 wingspans PCs are either dead or teleported P4 slab is not slammed, but a PC
and black, empty eyes, They attack from the cavern via the orange mist who dives onto the P3 slab is.)
with their paralyzing screech, then (4p). Jump off the bridge, taking 12d6
with their huge fangs. They cannot Active pistons shoot from the ceil- damage from the fall. Flying PCs, of
be turned by clerics. ing and slam the corresponding slabs course, dont suffer this damage;
The ghosts bats always remain air- below. A piston shoots from the ceil- but if still airborne in the next
borne, and dont attack PCs who are ing, slams the slab below, then with- round, they are attacked by the
on the bridge, climbing the walls, or draws back into the ceiling, all within ghost bats.
in the lake. The ghost bats fight until the space of a few seconds. Charac- Try to grab the edge of the slab and
destroyed, or until all airborne PCs ters slammed by a piston suffer 6d6 hang over the side. This requires
return to the bridge, enter the lake, damage; items must save vs. crushing another Dexterity check; failure
or cling to a wall; a PC who leaves the blow. The slabs suffer no damage means the PC falls into the lake
safety of such an area is attacked from the pistons. (12d6 damage). Because the piston
again. Otherwise, the ghost bats re- Some, but not all, of the pistons is slightly smaller than the slab, a
main a safe distance from the party. slam in every round. As shown on the PC hanging on the side takes no
map, the pistons are labeled P1-P8. To damage from a slamming piston. In
A PC who jumps off the bridge suf- determine which pistons slam in the the round after the piston has
fers 12d6 damage from the fall. current round, roll 1d8; all pistons slammed, the character may climb
The surface of the lake is thick with that number or less slam on that back onto the slab with a success-
with bones; striking the bones ac- round. For instance, if 3 is rolled, ful Strength check; failure means a
counts for most of the damage. Al- then pistons P1, P2, and P3 slam. fall into the lake (12d6 damage). Al-
ternately, a PC could secure a rope Note that four slabs are designated ternately, the PC can try to swing
to the bridge and rappel down to as Safe. The pistons corresponding to hand over hand along the edges of
the lake; there are enough jagged these slabs are broken; therefore, the bridge to a Safe slab. Moving
edges on the bridge to secure a PCs in these areas are never struck by hand over hand requires a
rope. If the rope doesnt quite pistons. Also note that the Arrival Strength check per 20 traveled;
reach the surface and the PC has to Area is not safe, as it corresponds to failure means a fall into the lake.
fall the rest of the way, the PC suf- the P5 piston; PCs who linger here af-
fers 1d6 damage for each 10 fallen ter the pistons are activated risk get- Repeat this sequence until the PCs
(maximum 12d6). Once a PC enters ting squashed. have all died, made their way to the
the lake, see area 4, below. After the pistons are activated, run most eastern Safe slab, or fallen in the
the encounter as follows: lake.
1. At the beginning of each round,
ENCOUNTER ask the players how far each PC 2. Golden Door
KEYLEVEL 1 wants to go, and note their positions.
(For ease of play, use graph paper or a This 10 10 door is identical to
sketch map to keep track of PC posi- the door previously seen in the Cho-
sen PCs vision (Chapter 1, encounter
1. Bridge tions.)
15), except that this door has no key-
2. Roll 1d8; the pistons slam.
The 240-long bridge is made of 12 3. Any PC beneath a slamming pis- holes. The door is made of black iron,
granite slabs joined end to end; each ton gets to make a Dexterity check. If coated with a thin layer of fools gold
is 20' X 10 X 10. Above each slab is a the check fails, the slow-moving char- that can easily be scraped away. A

close examination reveals the gems to age; decrease or increase damage de- the lake.
be made of glass. pending on how close the PC was to Small goldfish, about 4 long, dart
There are two fools gold handles, the lake when the check failed. among the corpses, scattering at the
one on each side of the door; only the approach of the PCs. These are car-
left one is functional. A PC who grabs 4. Lake nivorous fish who nibble on the re-
the right handle suffers 6d6 electrical mains of the dead. The fish steer clear
damage (save vs. spells for half dam- The surface of the lake is roughly of the PCs, as they only feed on dead
age). The left handle opens the door if circular, about 150' in diameter. The or helpless victims. If the PCs wish to
the PC succeeds in a Strength check; lake smells like a mixture of alcohol examine a fish, theyre reasonably
two PCs working together can open and sea water. After clearing away easy to capture or kill. Individually,
the door automatically. the bones, PCs on the surface of the the fish are harmless.
The door is a fake; behind it is noth- lake can stare down through schools 4b. Goldfish schools: Several
ing but solid black granite. Two things of goldfish (4b) and a tangle of sea- schools of goldfish, each containing
occur immediately when the door is weed (4g) to see a pool of orange mist hundreds of fish, swim in this area,
opened: at the bottom (4p); the mist pool ap- dispersing at the approach of the PCs.
A. A cacophony of agonized shrieks pears to be similar to the one encoun- The fish do not attack; if the PCs dis-
fills the chamber, representing all tered in the basement of Wolovers turb them, they swim through the 4c
those who have died here before. The Keep. passage and join their companions in
sounds persist for five rounds. The The enchanted water has several the hatchery (4d).
PCs experience no ill effects from the magical properties: (1) it never evapo- 4c. Passage: This is a narrow, eas-
soundsphysically; however, their rates; (2) it is breathable both by ily traversed passage leading to the
fear goes to feed the lichlings else- water-breathers and air-breathers; goldfish hatchery (4d).
where in the stronghold. and (3) it is quite buoyant even ar- 4d. Hatchery: Countless thou-
B. The entire bridge flips upside mored PCs can float in it. sands of carnivorous goldfish swim in
down. Those on the bridge may make For convenience, assume that nor- this alcove. Millions of tiny black gold-
a Dexterity check to grab the edge of mal characters can swim underwater fish eggs line the bottom. Unlike else-
the bridge. Success means the PC is at half their normal movement rate, where in the lake, the goldfish
dangling from the bridge (with the and proficient swimmers can swim at aggressively attack any PC who en-
options described above); a failed their normal movement rate; de- ters the hatchery. The goldfish attack
check means the PC plummets into crease these swimming rates for as a massive school, nipping and snap-
the lake to suffer 12d6 damage. heavily encumbered PCs. In all other ping with their sharp teeth. Treat the
The slamming pistons continue as respects, the lake water is similar to swarm as a 10 HD monster with AC 6;
before. One round after the bridge normal water. Refer to the Special each successful attack causes 2d6
flips, the door slams shut. One round Underwater Rules in the Introduc- damage. If a PC inflicts 50 hit points of
after that, the bridge flips back over tion for combat penalties. damage against the school, it tempo-
to its original position (same game ef- 4a. Surface: Thousands of skele- rarily withdraws, only to attack again
fects as above). tons bob on the surface of the lake; 1d4 rounds later. The goldfish will
these are the remains of explorers not leave this area.
and treasure hunters from ages past
3. Walls who never got though this level of the
4e. Passage: Connecting areas 4d
and 4h, this passage is similar to 4c.
The jagged walls have plenty of stronghold. The magical water helps 4f. Narrow passage: This pas-
handholds, making climbing rela- preserve the bones. There are no sage is only about 4 in diameter, and
tively easy. If a PC tries to climb down weapons or treasure on the corpses, is lined with jagged rocks. Any PC
a wall, use the rules in the Climbing only pieces of rusted and useless ar- swimming through this passage must
section of Chapter 14 in the Players mor. All valuables have been transfer- succeed in a Dexterity check or suffer
Handbook. red to the treasure room in Chapter 1d6 damage from sharp scrapes.
Alternately, have the PC make a 3. 49. Seaweed outcroppings:
Dexterity check (with a -2 bonus if If the PCs spend 15 minutes exam- The lake narrows here to a diameter
the PC is a thief and a - 1 bonus if the ine the bobbing corpses, they find of about 50. Long fronds of green
PC has the Mountaineering profi- one wearing a silver-colored breast- seaweed float lazily in this area. Two
ciency). Make only one check if the plate with an onyx imbedded in the strangleweeds are attached to both
PC is climbing down to the lake; make center; this is one of the Sons of the the east and west outcropping (for a
three checks if the PC tries to climb Stone, most of whom were killed by total of four). Each strangleweed has
all the way around the cavern to the pistons or falls from the bridge. If four exceptionally long fronds (for a
reach the door. If a check fails, the PC they continue to search, the PCs find total of 16), which are concealed in
falls to the lake and suffers 12d6 dam- more Sons corpses. There are 92 in the seaweed. The fronds are long

enough to reach anywhere in area 49. broad rock ledgeswhich pose no and nothing of interest.
problem for the partythere is noth- 4L. Passage: Connecting areas 4j
Strangleweed (4): Int animal; AL N; ing of interest here. and 4n, this passage is about 30 in di-
AC 6; MV Nil; HD 4; hp 30 each; 4i. Opening: This opening leading ameter.
THAC0 17; #AT 1; Dmg see below; to 4j is only about 10 in diameter. 4m. Narrow passage: This nar-
SA crushing; SZ L; ML 9; XP 270. 4j. Guarded area: As soon as a PC row passage is similar to 4f (same
enters this area of clear water, a mon- chance of damage).
The fronds continually attack any strous creature bolts from area 4k 4n. Turtles lair: This cavern is
PC in area 4g until he leaves the area and attacks. The creature resembles similar to area 4k. A second zombie
or until all fronds have been de- a giant turtle with blazing red eyes dragon turtle lurks here (use area 4j
stroyed. A hit by the strangleweed and shards of flesh hanging from its statistics). This creature does not at-
means that the victim is entwined by bony frame. Its shell is black and tack unless the party enters this area.
a frond with 4d4 Strength points. A cracked. However, once the PCs enter 4k, it at-
victim can try to escape once per tacks as described in 4j. Because of its
round if his Strength exceeds the Zombie dragon turtle: Int low; AL size, it can only pursue into areas 4j,
combined Strength of the fronds NE; AC 0; MV 3, SW 9; HD 14; hp 4k, and 4L; its too big to swim
grabbing him. I f t h e v i c t i m i s 100; THAC0 7; #AT 3; Dmg 2d6/ through the 4i opening. If the PCs
stronger, each point of Strength in his 2d6/4d8; SA breath weapon (see be- elude the creature, it withdraws into
favor gives a 10% chance to escape. low); SD immune to sleep, charm, 4n, attacking again if the PCs enter
For example, if the PCs Strength ex- hold, death magic, poisons, and 4n.
ceeds the combined Strength of the cold-based spells; cannot be turned 4o. Crystal barrier: A barrier of
fronds by 3 points, the PC has a 30% by cleric; SZ G; ML 17; XP 13,000. clear crystal blocks access to the or-
chance to escape. ange pool (area 4p); the barrier is 90%
If the fronds are stronger than the The zombie dragon turtle attacks undetectable by normal vision. The
victim, the victim cant escape alone with its teeth and claws, supplement- crystal is enchanted with wall of
and suffers crushing damage every ing these assaults with its steam force. Unless the party is able to
round equal to 1 hit point per point of breath weapon (60 40 40 cloud breach this barrier, the only access to
Strength difference. For example, if causing 20d6 damage; save vs. breath the orange pool is passage 4m.
the fronds Strength exceeds the vic- weapon for half damage; breath 4p. Orange pool: Fingers of mist
tims Strength by 3 points, the victim weapon is fully functional under- rise from this orange pool lining the
suffers 3 hit points of damage per water). The creature fights to the bottom of the lake. Because of the na-
round. Entwined victims suffer an ad- death; because of its size, it can only ture of the enchantment, the misty
ditional -2 attack penalty. pursue into areas 4k, 4L, and 4n (its pool is not dispersed by the water.
In 1d4 rounds after a victim is en- too big to swim through the 4i open- The pool resembles the one in the
twined, a school of carnivorous gold- ing). If the PCs elude the creature, it basement of Wolovers Keep. Any PC
fish arrives; the school attacks the withdraws into 4k, attacking again if who comes within 3 of the pool in-
victim and is dispersed as described the PCs re-enter area 4j. stantly loses consciousness and disap-
in 4d above. The fish do not attack 4k. Turtles lair: This small ca- pears (no saving throw) and
PCs who are not trapped. vern, serving as the zombie dragon continues the adventure in Chapter 3.
4h. Rocky area: Aside from the turtles lair, contains rocks, weeds,

the crystal eyes from area 20 and sented by the golden door in area 2 of
DM's OVERVIEW take them to area 30. The third key the last chapter, appears to be made
This chapter details the second is the rusted black key in the cloak of gold but is actually made of black
level of Icelias stronghold. Use the room of Wolovers Keep (see Chap- iron coated with a thin layer of fools
Stronghold Level 2 map on the insert ter 1). The door to the treasure gold (which is easily scraped away).
color map for reference. room is in area 33. These doors are studded with what
learn the fates of Hakem and appear to be black diamonds but are
Goals Kharla (area 33). actually made of glass.
learn the fate of Lenzmin Tier There are two fool's-gold handles
In this chapter, the PCs can accom- (area 35). on each door, one on each side; only
plish the following: gain access to the third level of the the left one is functional. A PC who
learn the fate of Xamine (area 1). stronghold, either by negotiating grabs the right handle suffers 6d6
meet Jharold the Chosen, an arro- with Kharla (area 33) or entering magically-generated electrical dam-
gant member of the Sons of the the treasure room (area 34). age (save vs. spells for half damage).
Stone, and negotiate for informa- The left handle opens the door if a PC
tion (area 7g).
liberate the trapped spirits of two
Physical Features succeeds in a Strength check; two PCs
working together can open the door
deceased explorers and learn their Except where otherwise noted, all automatically. The doors close auto-
secrets (area 20). passages and rooms are made of matically when released. The oppo-
locate the three keys necessary to black granite, ceilings are about 8 site side of a door has no handles and
unlock the golden door to the trea- from the floors, and all areas are com- can be pushed open by one PC with a
sure room. Two of the three keys pletely dark; the PCs must provide successful Strength check, or by two
are in areas 8p and 31. To get the vi- their own illumination. The tempera- PCs working together.
olet key from area 8p, the party ture is about 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Mist doors: The second type of door
must first obtain the spectre violins The air is musty and dry. doesnt look like a door at all. Instead,
in area 5 and the violet key cube in Doors: All doors are 6 6. There it appears to be a curtain of opaque
room 7m. To get the ivory key from are two types of doors. black mist.
area 31, the PCs must first recover Golden doors: One type, repre- Mist doors emit a faint odor of mint,

detectable from a distance of 5. a Physical Encounter. No encounter as necessary:
Sounds and odors pass easily through occurs on a roll of 4-6. Feel free to 1. The labyrinth experiences a brief
mist doors. Passage through the mist modify or substitute encounters as series of mild tremors, implying that
door is one way only, indicated by the appropriate to the partys current sit- the labyrinth is about to collapse. The
direction of the arrow (see map). A uation and environment. walls may crack and rubble may fall
character who sticks a hand, head, or Sensory Phenomena: As indi- from the ceiling, but the party suffers
any other part of the body in the mist cated on the Sensory Phenomena Ta- no damage.
is instantly transported to the oppo- ble, each Phenomenon has two 2. The image of Wolover appears be-
site side. The opposite side of a mist stages. Each Phenomenon is experi- fore the party (as in the Wolovers
doorthat is, the side opposite that enced by one randomly chosen PC. Spirit encounter on the Sensory Phe-
indicated by the arrowacts as a wall Different PCs may experience differ- nomena Table) and implores them to
of force to prevent passage. ent stages of a given phenomenon. hurry, saying that, The time of reck-
Lichling holes: These are 8- The first time a particular phenome- oning draws near. The spawn of Icelia
diameter holes the lichlings use to non occurs, the victim experiences grow stronger with each passing hour.
gain closer proximity to doomed in- Stage A; on the second and all subse- You have to stop them at the source!
truders and feed directly on their quent occurrences, the victim experi- 3. As the party ventures deeper in-
fresh emotions. The lichlings also pop ences Stage B. To help keep track of the to the labyrinth, increase the number
from the holes to scavenge treasure phenomena stages, check the appropri- of encounters with lichlings (use the
from dead intruders. ate box when a phenomenon occurs. statistics on p. 64) to lead the PCs to
PCs able to enter a hole (perhaps Physical Encounters: The entire believe that theyre coming closer to
using a potion of diminution) discov- party experiences these, and they are the source of the lichlings.
er an intricate tunnel network that not divided into stages. There is no lim-
it to the number of times a given Physi-
winds deep into the earth. Following
the tunnel system proves futile; the cal Encounter can occur. ARRIVAL
empty tunnels twist and turn for Some of the Physical Encounters are Read the following after the PCs
dozens of miles. All tunnels lead to encounters with monsters. Should a have disappeared into the orange
the lichling incubation chamber; see random roll indicate a monster that mist at the end of Chapter 2:
Chapter 4, area 13. isnt appropriate to the current envi-
Lichling fluid: The black liquid ronment (for instance, if a roll indicates You wake up to the odor of rotten
found in the streams and pools in areas an air-breathing monster and the party meat. You are lying on your back
11, 12, and other locations in the laby- is in an aquatic environment), choose a
in a pile of sharp lumps. A dim
rinth is lichling fluid. Lichling fluid is a different monster or roll again. Mon-
glow from the ceiling above shows
thick, brackish smelling substance that sters scuttle from the shadows or oth-
that the lumps are dozens of
promotes the development of matur- er hiding place of your choice and fight
to the death. corpses, with blackened and twist-
ing lichlings; as far as the PCs are con-
cerned, the lichling fluid has no special ed bones.
The room is about 70 square,
properties. The lichling fluid is gener- Spending the Night each wall containing three golden
ated in area 3 of Chapter 4.
Since its unlikely the party can ex- doors studded with black gems. A
plore the entire stronghold in a single corpse grasps the right handle of
Sensory Phenomena day, they may spend the night in any the door in the northwest corner.
and Physical location that seems safe to them. If The corpse has an eye patch over
Encounters the party makes camp for the night, its left eye and a silver medallion
check twice for Sensory Phenomena around his neck.
In this chapter and the next, the and Physical Encounters.
characters experience two special If the PCs become hopelessly lost in The party has regained conscious-
categories of encounters, called Sen- the stronghold, feel free to run the
sory Phenomena and Physical En- ness in area 1 of the Level 2 map. All
Benevolent Spirit Sensory Phenom- their equipment is still with them.
counters. All Sensory Phenomena enon at any time.
and Physical Encounters are listed on They have only been unconscious for
this modules inside covers. a few minutes. All PCs and their gear
When the party enters an area Incentive are completely dry, thanks to the en-
marked with an X on the map, If the PCs drag their feet, neglect chantment of the orange mist that
roll 1d6. On a roll of 1-2, roll for a their goal, or lose momentum for any brought them here.
Sensory Phenomenon (or choose other reason, feel free to run any or Continue with area 1 in the En-
one). On a roll of 3, roll for or choose all the following encounters as often counter key.

Doors 1g-1i conceal a series of 1- 2. Drain and
diameter granite tubes connected to
Recycling System
KEYLEVEL 2 an immense tank of water (area 2d). If
any of these doors is opened, all three A gently sloping incline (2a) leads to
(1g-1i) disappear, and water begins to a funnel-like room with several 1-
pour in. The water pours with such diameter holes in the bottom (2b). Wa-
1. Arrival Room force that the entire room is com- ter draining from room 1 enters these
The room is dimly lighted by sev- pletely filled in five rounds. Once holes and is magically returned to a
eral glass tiles in the ceiling that are filled, the water remains until door 1a holding tank (2d) via a series of gran-
permanently enchanted with contin- is opened (see below), or one full day ite pipes (2c). All corpses swept into
ual light. There are dozens of bodies has passed, at which time the water this room from the water in room 1
piled here, the remains of intruders magically withdraws through the disappear when they touch the drain,
who never got past this room. If the granite tubes into the tank, and doors instantly teleporting back to room 1.
PCs search the piles, they find a few 1g-1i magically reappear. Only corpses are affected in this way.
skeletons wearing tarnished silver The right handles of all the golden A stairway (2e) leads up from the
chest plates imbedded with onyx doors in this room cause 6d6 electri- funnel to a golden door.
stones; these are more remains of the cal damage, as described in the Physi-
Sons of the Stone (there are seven
Sons bodies in all). Except for the
cal Features section at the beginning 3. Mosaic Room
of this chapter. If the PCs grasp the
corpse grasping the door (see below), right handles of any of the doors A dark corridor ends at a black vel-
there are no weapons, treasure while water is present in the room, all vet curtain, supported between two
items, or anything else of interest on PCs within 10 of the door suffer 6d6 black granite pillars. Beyond the cur-
these bodies. All items of value have electrical damage (save for half dam- tain is a rectangular room. Its floor is
been transferred to the treasure age). marked with three mosaic diagrams
room, area 34. If a PC opens door 1a, the water (3a, 3b, and 3c) made of tiny ceramic
The corpse grasping the right han- empties into area 2 (Xamine had the chips. As shown on the map, each dia-
dle of door 1a is Xamine of Melcher, right idea, but the wrong handle). Un- gram appears to show a section of a
whom the PCs may have learned less they take precautions, such as corridor, one branch leading to a key.
about in Chapter 1. Xamine died hanging tight to one of the phony The diagrams are intended to trick
when he grasped the wrong handle doors left handles, the water sweeps the unwary; if the PCs enter the cor-
of door 1a. His medallion is worth 100 the PCs into room 2, along with the responding arches and follow the
gp. If the PCs search Xamines ragged corpses; PCs swept along by the wa- corridors as diagrammed, they are
clothing, they find the parchment ter suffer 2d4 damage. led into deadly traps instead of find-
shown in Figure 1. When the water has all drained into ing the keys.
Before he entered the keep, Xamine room 2, doors 1g-1i magically reap-
used his great divining skills to deter- pear.
mine that three keys were needed to
unlock the treasure room. He wrote
the types of required keys on this
piece of parchment: VIOLET, IVORY,
and OLD. Two small rips have de-
faced the parchment. Though the PCs
can probably deduce that the first
word actually means VIOLET, they
may misinterpret the bottom word to
mean GOLD, COLD, or some other
word, when in fact, this third word is
intact; old refers to the black key
found in the cloak room of Wolovers
All nine doors in this room are iden-
tical in appearance. Door 1g is slightly
Doors 1b-1f and 1j-1L lead no-
where; there is nothing behind them
but solid granite.

Three arches (3d, 3e, and 3f) open in spell, with a duration of one hour per 4b. Slanting passage: A network
the north wall. Diagram 3a and arch level of the caster, when used to ne- of filmy spider webs blocks the pas-
3d are made of black marble. Diagram gate the darkness. (For more about sage. The webs can be cleared away
3b and arch 3e are made of opaque adventuring in darkness, see the easily. PCs feel tiny spiders scuttle
green glass. Diagram 3c and arch 3f Darkness section of Chapter 12 in over their flesh; the spiders are
are made of a violet substance that the Dungeon Masters Guide). harmless.
feels like dried sponge. All diagrams The party must feel along the walls 4c. Web sheet: Like area 4b, a net-
and arches are icy cold to the touch. to determine where passages turn work of spider webs blocks the pas-
Above the arches is a message and end. Provide vivid descriptions of sage. However, this web is actually a
spelled out in a patchwork mosaic of the various areas in terms of sound, living web.
black marble, opaque green glass, smell, and touch. Walls are rough to
and a violet sponge-like substance. the touch. Golden doors have cool, Living web: Int semi; AL N; AC 9; MV
The message reads: THREE KEYS smooth surfaces and dome-like pro- 6; HD 6; hp 45; THAC0 15; #AT 2;
FOR THE GOLD, TWO STRINGS TO trusions (the fake diamonds). Scut- Dmg 3d4/3d4 (lighting bolts at 60
BREAK THE CUBE, ONE CUBE TO tling insects crunch beneath the range, save vs. spells for half dam-
TRAP THE MIST. partys feet. The air smells of mint age); SD absorb electrical energy,
(The first phrase means that three near a mist door. permanently gaining 1 HD per 8
keys are necessary to unlock the Sensory Phenomena occur normal- points of energy absorbed; blows
golden door leading to the treasure ly in this area; phenomena with a vis- from edged weapons divide them in-
chamber. The second phrase indi- ual element are perceived by the to two webs, each with half the orig-
cates that two violin strings victim as described in the Sensory inals remaining hit points; blunt
available in room 5are necessary to Phenomena Table, hovering in a field weapons cause half damage; im-
shatter the case enclosing the violet of darkness. mune to fire, water, heat, and cold
cube, found in room 7m. The third As the party explores area 4, they attacks; SZ M; ML 10; XP 2,000.
phrase means that the violet cube is hear faint sounds of eerie, discordant
necessary to solidify the mist key in violin music coming from the north. The living web waits for a PC to
room 8p. Icelia created these clues to The music becomes louder as they touch it, causing the victim 1d4 elec-
lure hardy adventurers farther into move towards area 5. trical damage. The web then ad-
the labyrinth.) 4a. Slime trap: The odor of rotten vances towards the party, making
A PC who steps through any of the meat rises from below as the PCs de- two lightning bolt attacks per round
arches hears a faint, echoed cackle scend this stairway. The 13th and fi- (normal attack rolls). The web fights
and feels the caress of an icy wind. nal step is exceptionally slippery. Any to the death and pursues if necessary,
The cackle and the wind are gone in a PC stepping on the 13th step must although it will not enter area 4d.
moment. make a Dexterity check; those who 4d. Slimy passage: As the pas-
succeed catch themselves before sage continues to descend, the walls
4. Corridors of they fall. Others fall into a pit of slime become slimy and cold, and the air
below and immediately begin to sink; reeks of dead fish. Farther north, the
Shadows the slime has the consistency of passage becomes deeper with rancid
These areas have been perma- quicksand. It takes 10 rounds for a water, a few inches at first, gradually
nently enchanted to negate all forms fallen PC to sink below the surface. becoming waist deep.
of natural and magical light. While The walls here are too slick for a 4e. Rancid pool: This 5-deep
exploring these areas, torches burn sinking PC to climb, but a PC with a pool of rancid water reeks of dead
but generate no illumination. Contin- ring of water walking or boots of levi- fish. The walls enclosing it are slimy
ual light, dancing lights, and other tation, or who has access to similar and cold. A PC in the pool must suc-
light-related spells do not function, items or spells, can avoid sinking. ceed in a Constitution check every
nor does infravision. Spells such as Assume that the distance from the five rounds or suffer 1d2 damage
magic missile that require the caster twelfth stair to a sinking PC is 6; a from breathing the sickening air; all
to see a target are useless. PCs suffer companion on this stair could extend attacks take a -1 penalty in this area
a -4 penalty to attacks and saving a pole or throw a rope to the sinking due to nausea.
throws, and their ACs are 4 worse PC. To grab the pole or rope, a sink- A PC wading across the pool feels
than normal (minimum 10). ing PC must make a Dexterity check tiny fish-like creatures brushing
So powerful is the enchantment of with a +4 penalty (due to the dark- against any areas of bare skin. These
the Corridor of Shadows that not ness). Note that a PC attempting a res- creatures are small leeches, less than
even a wish negates the darkness cue who steps on the 13th stair also half an inch long, especially enchant-
completely; treat a wish as a light risks falling in the slime pool. A PC ed to survive indefinitely in the ran-
who sinks is never seen again. cid water. The pool is filled with

leeches. A PC without airtight protec- avoiding contact with the skulls. For shadow per PC). The shadows attack
tion who spends five or more rounds instance, if the PCs approach a sec- relentlessly, fighting to the death and
in the water has a 90% chance of tion of the corridor where clacks can pursuing as necessary.
picking up dozens of tiny leeches; the be heard from the left and front, but 4j. Bony floor: Human bones lit-
leeches are small enough to work not the right, they should figure out ter the floor here, the remains of the
their way beneath folds of clothes. that the corridor turns right. victims of the lurker above that clings
When they attach themselves, the 4g. Spear room: When this door to the ceiling of this large room.
leeches secrete an anesthetizing sali- is opened, a spear shoots out, flying a
va so they cant be felt; PCs arent maximum of 30. The spear is magi- Lurker above: Int non; AL N; AC 6;
likely to notice the leeches until they cally guided toward the nearest living MV Fl 9 (B); HD 10; hp 70; THAC0
enter a lighted area. being, striking with a THAC0 of 12 if 10; #AT 1; Dmg 1d6; SA constric-
Assume a leech-infested PC suffers the target fails a Dexterity check. The tion causes automatic 1d6 damage
1d6 damage per hour of infestation. spear is made from solidified per round and suffocation within
Leeches can easily be pulled off, but shadows, inflicting 2d10 damage and 1d4 + 1 rounds, regardless of dam-
an infested PC must examine his or draining 1d4 Strength from the vic- age suffered by victim; prey can
her entire body to spot them all. tim; lost Strength returns in 2d4 fight only with short weapons in
A giant leech also lurks here. It at- turns. When the door is closed and hand when lurker attacked; SD op-
tacks a random PC within 1d4 + 1 re-opened, another spear fires. ponents suffer -4 penalty to sur-
rounds after the character enters the 4h. Roach room: From the oppo- prise rolls; SZ H; ML 11; XP 1,400.
water. The leech drops off its victim site side of the door leading to the this
of its own accord as soon as the vic- room, the PCs hear the sounds of tiny The lurker above falls on and con-
tim leaves the water. clawed feet, scuttling and scratching. stricts around the first PC who enters
All interior surfaces of this room are the room. The lurker fights to the
Giant leech: Int non; AL N; AC 9; covered with tiny roaches. Though death. Among the remains on the
MV 3, SW 3; HD 4; hp 30; THAC0 they crunch underfoot and crawl up floor are a cloth bag containing 45 gp,
17; #AT 1; Dmg 1d4; SA successful the arms of PCs who touch a wall, the a flask containing two doses of a po-
hit means the leech has attached to roaches are harmless. tion of healing, and a short sword
victim; drains blood every round An iron ring is centered in the floor +1. These items, belonging to a re-
thereafter, causing 4 hp damage; of this room. Any PC making a cently killed intruder, havent yet
victim has only a 1% chance of de- Strength check can lift the ring to re- been taken to the treasure room.
tecting the attack if it occurs in the veal a trapdoor, leading to a stairway 4k. Tunnel: This is a 4-diameter
water; bite and blood drain not felt winding down. tunnel, with rough walls of black
until victim loses half its hit points; 4i. Trapdoor: This is identical to granite. PCs crawl through the tun-
SZ M; ML 7; XP 270. room 4h, except there are no roach- nel at 1/3 their normal movement rate.
es. Instead, a quartet of shadows The tunnel system absorbs light just
Two granite mounds rise from the waits beneath the trap door. If the like the rest of the Corridors of
pool, as shown on the map. PCs able PCs approach this room from the tun- Shadows.
to locate the mounds in the darkness nel below, the shadows wait in the 4L. Collapsing cavern: One
can use them to traverse the pond. room above. round after a PC enters this area, the
PCs on the mound are not attacked walls begin to shake. Small chunks of
by leeches. Shadows (4): Int low; AL CE; AC 7; granite begin to rain from the ceiling.
MV 12; HD 3+3; hp 30 each; One round later, the ceiling collapses,
4f. Clacking corridor: The sounds THAC0 17; #AT 1; Dmg 1d4 + 1; SA filling the cavern with granite chunks.
of clacking teeth fill this corridor. successful attacks drain one point All PCs in the room when the ceiling
Chattering skulls are imbedded in the of Strength from victim, lost collapses suffer 3d6 damage (there is
walls from ceiling to floor, running Strength returns in 2d4 turns (vic- enough space between the chunks so
the length of the corridor between tims reduced to 0 Strength become that PCs dont risk suffocation). A PC
the golden doors on either end. Any shadows); SD 90% undetectable in can dig free of the rubble in 1d4 turns;
PC touching a wall or brushing up all but brightest of surroundings; the time is halved if a companion as-
against it is nipped by the skulls for immune to sleep, charm, hold, and sists the buried character.
1d4 damage. Damaging the skulls has cold-based attacks; SZ M; ML spe- 4m. Stairway: The tunnel widens
no effect, since they magically regen- cial; XP 650. to 10, ending in a stairway leading
erate as soon as theyre harmed. upward to a golden door.
As the party makes its way through The shadows attack as soon as the 4n. Collapsing cavern: This is
this passage, indicate the direction of trapdoor is opened, using their chill- identical to area 4l.
the clacks so the PCs have a chance of ing touch against the closest PCs (one 40. Ooze lair: This area serves as

the lair of a gray ochre ooze, a bizarre single tone, and the blue chandeliers
blend of a gray ooze and an ochre throne. The images have glowing vibrate. A moment later, chandelier
jelly. blue eyes, shimmering silver 5a crashes to the ground; any PC oc-
beards, and violins propped be- cupying the 5a section of the map suf-
Gray ochre ooze: Int animal; AL N; neath their chins. The images fers 2 d 6 d a m a g e . T h e b l u e
AC 8; MV 4; HD 7; hp 50; THAC0 pluck the violins to produce eerie, chandeliers continue to crash, one
15; #AT 1; Dmg 1d10 + 2; SA secre- discordant tones. The violins ap- per round, until all eight have fallen.
tions that dissolve flesh and cor- pear to be real. The chandeliers fall in order (5b, 5c,
rode metal (chain mail corrodes in and so on). All PCs occupying the
one round, plate mail in two; note The old men are spectres, minions space below a falling chandelier suf-
that weapons striking the creature of Icelia. The blue glass of the chande- fer 4d6 damage (a successful Dexter-
may corrode and break); SD im- liers is identical to the blue glass of ity check reduces the damage by ;
mune to all spells (as per gray the key box in 7m. The blue chande- the spectres are unaffected by falling
ooze), immune to fire- and cold- liers are labeled 5a-5h on the map. chandeliers.
based attacks; lightning and blows When the party enters the room or After the first chandelier falls, the
from weapons cause full damage; otherwise makes their presence spectres tuck their violins in their
SZ L; ML 10; XP 975. known, the spectres stop playing and belts, then spring from their thrones,
call out to them. The spectres speak hands extended, toward the nearest
When the party passes the en- in unison. PC. The spectres intend to kill all PCs
trance to its lair, the gelatinous crea-
Come forward, they say, their with their chilling touches and en-
ture oozes out. It resembles a 10-long
voices like death rattles. We know of ergy draining ability.
gray amoeba that creeps and slides
along cavern floors; it cant climb your quest. Many have come before
walls or ceilings. you, and all have failed. But these use- Spectres (2): Int high; AL LE; AC 2;
The creature tries to devour the less deaths must end. Allow us to MV 15, Fl 30 (B); HD 7 +3; hp 55
PCs, pursuing to any part of the ca- help; we will be happy to answer each; THAC0 13; #AT 1; Dmg 1d8;
vern system (areas 4k-4n). The crea- your questions. And when your ques- SA successful attacks drain two life
ture locates its prey by movement tions have been answered, we ask energy levels from victim; SD + 1
and vibrations, and therefore it is not only that you grant us the honor of or better weapon to hit; immune to
significantly affected by the dark- hearing our music. The spectres sleep, charm, hold, and cold-based
ness. If the PCs destroy the ooze, they urge the party to come close, claiming attacks; immune to all poisons and
may discover 74 sp, 45 gp, a gold that they cant hear from such a dis- paralyzation attacks; SZ M; ML 15;
bracelet (worth 590 gp), and a dia- tance. XP 3,000.
mond ring (worth 1,200 gp) con- If the PCs leave or decline to come
cealed in its lair. further into the room, the spectres The spectres fight to the death. To
resume their playing. If the PCs take obtain a spectres violin, the spectre
5. Music Room any hostile actions, the spectres at- must be destroyed.
tack as described below. Otherwise, If the PCs destroy the red chande-
Read the following when the party
if the PCs come at least 30 into the lier (it is AC 3; 30 points of damage
enters this room:
room, the spectres entertain their shatter it), the room becomes com-
questions. The spectres have no ac- pletely dark. The spectres see nor-
Beyond the golden door is a 60- tual interest in the partys welfare; mally in the darkness of the room; the
square room of black granite, lit by they are feigning cooperation in PCs are affected as in the Corridors of
nine immense chandeliers hanging hopes of catching the PCs off-guard. Shadows.
from the 40-tall ceiling. Eight of At your discretion, the spectres re- The spectres will not leave this
the chandeliers are made of blue sponses can be blatant lies (Only one room. If all the PCs withdraw, the
glass; the ninth is made of red key is necessary to open the golden spectres return to their thrones and
glass. The chandeliers cast pools of door) or empty advice (The secrets resume playing. All fallen chandeliers
dim light on a polished granite of the stronghold have baffled the magically repair themselves and re-
floor. best minds in the Realms. We advise attach to the ceiling. If the party en-
Against the north wall are two you to proceed with caution). ters again, the spectres immediately
black granite thrones. A ghostly Once the party appears to relax, the play the notes causing the chande-
image of an old man sits in each spectres abruptly rise and cry, Now liers to fall; the chandeliers fall in the
hear our song! Each spectre plucks a order described above, and the spec-

tres attack. (the PC notices their eyes or detects a MV 3, Fl 24 (B); HD 2 +2; hp 15;
The violins can be used to shatter slight movement). Otherwise, the THAC0 19; #AT 1; Dmg 1d6 (bite);
the glass key box. See area 7m for de- piercers drop and attack any PC who SD can only be struck by +1 or
tails. moves more than 3 from the wall. If a better magical weapons; immune
piercer misses its target, it tries to to charm, sleep, enfeeblement,
6. crawl back up the wall to the ceiling polymorph, cold, electricity, fear,
to position itself for another attack. insanity, and death spells; SZ S; ML
Archway/Teleporter Translucent glass plates block the 19; XP 270. (See page 63 for more
An archway of black marble arcs passage at various points in the corri- about the lichling.)
over the golden door leading to this dors (see map). Only about an inch
room. The archway is similar to the thick, the plates are easy to break (AC 7e. Stalactite room: This is iden-
one in area 3. A strong odor of or- 10; 6 points of damage shatters them tical to room 7b, except that a human-
anges seeps from beneath the door. completely). A PC who shatters a oid with the head of cockroach lies
The interior of the empty room is plate instantly experiences a Sensory motionless on the floor, a glass stalac-
several degrees cooler than the outer Phenomenon (roll or choose); if more tite piercing its chest. The creature
corridor. Wisps of orange mist rise than one PC damages a plate at the has black antennae, a pair of bulbous
from the floor. Any PC stepping inside same time, randomly choose one of golden eyeballs, and long claws. It
is automatically teleported to room 3. the PCs as the victim of the phenome- wears a tattered scarlet robe.
non. A shattered plate magically re- The creature is a dead lichling ser-
pairs itself in 10 rounds. vitor, a former human intruder mur-
7. Corridors of Glass 7a. Spear room: When this door dered by Icelia, then transformed to
The surfaces of the rooms and cor- is opened, a barrage of magical glass attend to the needs of the lichlings
ridors of this section (including the 7c spears shoots out, striking all PCs be- and guard the stronghold. The servi-
tunnel system) are made of jagged tween the door and the west wall tor was guarding this room when a
green glass. The glass floors, covered who fail Dexterity checks. PCs struck stalactite fell from the ceiling and
with rough bumps and angular pro- by the spears take 4d6 damage. When killed it.
jections, make travel difficult, reduc- the door is closed and re-opened, an- If any PC comes within a foot of the
ing normal movement rates by . other spear barrage fires. corpse, it reflexively swipes at the PC
Green glass stalactites and stalag- 7b. Stalactite room: The ceiling with one claw. A PC must succeed in a
mites, averaging 3-4 long and a foot of this room is about 20 high. Six-foot Dexterity check to dodge the claw;
in diameter, sprout from the floors green glass stalactites cover the ceil- failure means 2d6 damage. The
and ceilings. (Unlike the Corridors of ing. The stalactites are harmless. corpse attacks only once.
Shadows, light sources and spells An iron ring is centered in the floor. 7f. Smooth glass: The glass floor
function normally in the Corridors of Any PC making a Strength check can of this area is perfectly smooth and
Glass.) lift the ring to reveal a trapdoor and a lighter green than the glass walls. In
Interspersed among the glass sta- stairway winding down. fact, the floor glass is significantly
lactites are what appear to be several 7c. Tunnel: This is a 4-diameter thinner than the walls or the glass
6 limestone stalactites. The glass sta- tunnel made of rough green glass. elsewhere in the Corridor of Glass.
lactites pose no threat, but the others PCs crawl through the tunnel at 1/3 Any PC who steps on the smooth glass
are actually piercers. their normal movement rate. feels it crack slightly. There is a 20%
7d. Blocked passage: A pile of chance that the entire floor shatters
Piercers (8): Int non; AL N; AC 3; MV broken glass completely blocks this from the weight of any PC. This
1; HD 4; hp 30 each; THAC0 17; section of the passage. It takes one PC chance is cumulative; if two PCs are
#AT 1; Dmg 4d6; SA can only attack 20 rounds to remove enough glass so crossing at the same time, there is a
once (if attack fails, it must resume the party can proceed; two PCs can 40% chance that the floor shatters. If
its position on ceiling to attack unblock the passage in 10 rounds, three are crossing, the chance in-
again); inflicts 1 point of acid dam- and so on. creases to 60%; if five or more are
age when touched; SD victims have A lichling is buried beneath the crossing, the floor definitely shatters.
- 7 penalty on surprise roll; SZ M; glass. After the party spends five PCs on the floor when it shatters
ML 9; XP 420. rounds removing glass, the lichling fall 20 below into a pit of glass spikes,
squirms free and attacks, lunging to- suffering 4d6 damage. The shattered
A PC is safe from the piercers wards the nearest PC, snarling and floor magically becomes intact again
within 3 of a wall. Any PC who care- ripping with its long claws. It fights to in one hour.
fully observes the phony stalactites the death. 7g. Noisy door: When the party
for two consecutive rounds deter- comes within 90 of the door to this
mines that they are living creatures Lichling: Int animal; AL CE; AC 1; room, a magic mouth is activated; a

mouth opens on the south side of the 1d4 (dagger). Spells (number per tells them to leave him alone. The
door and bellows, By order of the level): 4/4/4/4/4/1. gods will send others. If the PCs
King of Cormyr, I demand that you leave, Jharold continues to struggle.
open this door and help me! Jharold was one of the com- If the PCs return to this area after an
T h e m a g i c m o u t h was cast by manders of the Sons of the Stone bat- hour has passed, they discover
Jharold the Chosen, whos trapped in- talion that King Azoun IV ordered to Jharolds dead body; his struggles
side the room. The magic mouth was investigate Wolovers Keep. He was caused another avalanche that killed
ordered to activate at the approach of among the handful of survivors to en- him.
any living human or demi-human. ter the labyrinth, and the only Son to If the party agrees to help, it takes
If the party opens the door, they dis- make it past the arrival room (area 1). them only a few minutes to move
cover a middle-aged man lying on the A few days ago, his investigation of away enough glass to free Jharold. He
floor, trapped beneath a pile of glass this room activated a trap that caused staggers to his feet, brushing away
shards that completely covers his an avalanche of glass shards, burying glass from his tunic. Bruises and small
body from the waist down. The man him from the waist down. He has cuts cover his body, and his right leg
has beady brown eyes, a long thin been unable to free himself, but he is severely sprained, but otherwise
nose, and an arrogant sneer. He has subsisted on a bag of food he was hes in remarkably good shape. The
wears a filthy silver tunic with an carrying with him. gods protect their favorites, he
onyx secured to the center; he smells Egocentric and pompous, Jharold sniffs. (Again, he was just lucky.)
foul. The man eyes the party with a believes that the gods specifically Jharold accepts any medical aid the
mixture of curiosity and contempt. chose him to liberate the treasure party offers. He asks their names and
Dont just stand there! he barks. from the labyrinth. Thats why hes homelands, though hes not particu-
Get me out of here! gotten this far when all the other larly interested, and he accepts what-
Sons have died. (In fact, the gods have ever they care to share.
Jharold the Chosen: 12th-level hu- little interest in Jharoldhes gotten Jharold proudly introduces himself
man mage; AL NG; AC 10; MV 6 (re- this far mostly by pure luck.) and says he helped lead the Sons of
duced due to crippled leg); hp 17 Jharold refuses to speak with the Stone on an investigation of Wolovers
(maximum of 40; reduced due to party until they free him. If the party Keep, but shortly thereafter, he re-
injuries); THAC0 17; #AT 1; Dmg does not cooperate, Jharold angrily ceived a vision of vast treasure, a vi-

sion from the gods. He brushes a lieve a gold key is necessary as a
speck of glass from his staff. I as- First, I know the name of the en- result of misunderstanding
sume youve come for the treasure as tity who built this labyrinth. Xamines note in area 1in fact, it
well, correct? If the party says they- Second, I know how to success- isnt.
've come for other reasonssuch as fully traverse the room of the red
finding the source of the lichlings glass skull. Jharolds information:
Jharold smiles sarcastically; obvious- Third, I know a word uttered to
ly, he doesnt believe them. me in a vision by an old man wear- The name of the entity who built
You had the same vision I had, he ing a robe covered with small cir- this labyrinth is Icelia. Jharold
says. Dont bother to deny it. A vision cles. heard the name whispered to him
of a golden door that opens with For each question of mine you in a dream; he has no details.
three keys. (Like the Chosen PC, answer, I will tell you one of these To cross the room of the glass
Jharold experienced the vision de- things. You may choose which skull, toss gems or any metal ob-
scribed in The Veilstone Peaks en- piece of information you wish for jects in his pool until the door
counter 15 in Chapter 1.) But youre me to reveal. What do you say? opens. If the PCs havent yet been
wasting your efforts. By the time you
to this room, Jharold tells them
find the door, the treasure will al- If the party declines, Jharold how to get there.
ready be mine. The gods will see to shrugs and leaves; the encounter is The word uttered in a vision by an
that. If the PCs ask what makes him
over. If the party agrees, Jharold asks old man wearing a robe covered
so sure, he puffs himself up and pro-
them his first question: How do I re- with small circles was heart.
claims, I am Jharold the Chosen! I am
turn safely to the Mosaic Room (area Jharold has no idea of the signifi-
the gods favorite!
3)? If the PCs answer honestlythat cance of this word, nor can he
Jharold thanks them for rescuing
him, then orders them to leave. I is, if they give him precise directions identify the old man. In fact, the
have treasure to find. If the PCs offer to area 3Jharold gives them which- word was spoken by the spirit of
to accompany Jharold, he laughs. I ever of the three pieces of informa- Amry Wolover.
dont need the likes of you. The gods tion they like (the information is listed
will give me all the help I require. If below), then proceeds to the next After the party has had the chance
the PCs try to take Jharold captive, he question. to answer all three questions, Jharold
uses hold person and charm person If the PCs dont know the answer, bids them farewell and the encounter
on the unlucky and ignorant PCs be- choose not to answer, or tell an obvi- is over; Jharold has no other informa-
fore reluctantly surrendering. He ous lie, Jharold doesnt give them any tion useful to the party. If asked,
wont assist them in any way, and he information; he proceeds to his next Jharold refuses to accompany the
tries to escape at the earliest opportu- question. Assume that Jharold is a PCs.
nity (with the results described be- good enough judge of character to tell After Jharold and the PCs part com-
low). when hes being lied to; if you judge pany, the PCs never see him again
If the party takes no hostile actions, that the PCs give an exceptionally sin- alive, that is. Place Jharolds body in a
Jharold makes an offer before they cere or creative lie, Jharold believes room the PCs havent yet explored
part company. them. but are likely to get to later; for in-
stance, Jharold might be killed by the
It occurs to me that the gods may Jharolds other questions: glass skeletons in area 7i or by the gas
have brought us together for rea- in area 8j.
sons beyond my rescue, Jharold What lies beyond the black arch in 7h. Spear room: This is identical
says. We are all honorable folk, the Mosaic Room? Jharold was to room 7a.
and we all seek the same thing. afraid to go in. He accepts any gen- 7i. Glass pit: A long stairway leads
Perhaps the gods meant us to ex- eral information about the Corri- down to this circular room, which is
change information. dor of Shadows, such as how those about 80 in diameter. Sharp shards
I have three questions that trou- areas absorb light or any details of broken green glass fill the room to
ble me about this labyrinth, he about any of the rooms. a depth of about 3; the ceiling rises
continues. If you answer them Is one of the keys needed to open 30 from the surface of the glass. Any
honestly, I will provide you with the treasure door gold in color? PC who studies the pit from the door-
three pieces of information I have Jharold believes he saw a gold key way for two consecutive rounds no-
learned that you may not know: in a dream, but his memory is tices slight movements among the
fuzzy. Though the party may be- glass shards.

Two rounds after any PC enters this The lichlings attack random PCs clear glass; there are also numerous
room, six figures rise from the pit, re- and fight to the death, pursuing as gems, coins, and jewelry pieces in the
sembling 9'-tall skeletons made of necessary. However, the lichlings bottom of the pool, also made of clear
sparkling glass fragments. The crea- cant pass through a closed golden glass.
tures wield long glass swords which door or closed trap door. The golden door on the south side
appear to be fused to their hands. of the room shown on the map
Two glass wings sprout from their Lichling (10): Int Animal; AL CE; AC doesnt exist when the party enters
spines. 1; MV 3, Fl 24 (B); HD 2 +2; hp 13 the room. The partys actions may
Immediately after they rise from each; THAC0 19; #AT 1; Dmg 1d6; create it, as described below. Note al-
the pit, the creatures open their jaws SA fangs cause 1 hp/rd bleeding so that if the party approaches area
and emit bone chilling screeches that less unless removed; SD immune to 7L from the corridor south of area
sound like fingernails scraping slate. charm, sleep, enfablement, poly- 7L, they see only a blank wall instead
They beat their glassy wings and be- morph, cold, electricity, fear, in- of a door.
gin to soar in the air, zooming toward sanity, and death spells, + 1 or The enchantment of the pool is
the party with their swords slashing. better weapon to hit; SZ S; ML 19; such that all inanimate objects that
XP 270. (See page 63 for more touch the waterboth magical and
Flying glass skeletons (6): Int non; about the lichling.) normal objectsare instantly and
AL N; AC 3; MV 12, Fl 15 (C); HD 7; permanently turned to glass! Glass
hp 55 each; THAC0 13; #AT 1; Dmg 7k. Needle trap: The space be- weapons are useless, and gems and
1d10; SD immune to all sleep, tween the dotted lines on the map is other precious objects turned to glass
charm, and hold spells; immune to littered with tiny glass needles. As lose all value. Flesh is unharmed by
fear and cold-based attacks; edged soon as any PC steps into the space, the water; for instance, should a PC
or piercing weapons do only half two panels magically appear (on the stick a gloved hand in the water, the
damage; explode when reduced to dotted lines), completely sealing the glove turns to glass, but the hand is
0 hp (see text); regenerates in 2d4 area. The panels are 5 thick and unharmed.
(2d4) rounds (see text); SZ L; ML made of opaque red glass. Two As soon as the PCs enter this room,
15; XP 1,400. rounds later, volleys of tiny glass nee- the skull babbles in a high, scratchy
dles fire from the panels towards the voice, Pay me! Pay me for entering
The glass skeletons remain air- trapped PCs. All those caught in the my room! The babbling continues
borne for the duration of the battle, volley of needles automatically suffer until the PCs place 1,000 gp or its
making diving attacks at random PCs. 1d4 damage per round. equivalent in weapons, gems, or oth-
They fight to the death, but will not The magical needles pass through er items in the pool (thus perma-
leave this room. A skeleton reduced all types of armor, shields, and nently turning them to glass), at
to 0 hp explodes in a shower of frag- magically-generated protection; they which point the golden door on the
ments; all PCs within 10 of an explod- are unaffected by any spell short of a south wall appears; it functions as a
ing skeleton suffer 2d6 damage wish. The needle volley continues un- normal golden door. The door stays in
(intact skeletons are unaffected by til either of the panels is shattered; place for five rounds, then vanishes
the explosion). each panel is AC 3 and has 25 hp. again; it takes another 1,000 gp worth
PCs wading through the glass pit While the needles are firing, PCs of items placed in the pool to make it
must move at 1/3 of their normal make all attacks at a -2 penalty. reappear.
movement rate; falling or being When a panel is shattered, both pan- The skull cant defend itself, and
knocked down into the glass results els disappear, and the needle volley the PCs can attack it if they like. It
in 1d4 damage. stops. When 10 minutes elapse, the takes 30 hit points of damage to de-
7j. Stalactite Room: This is the trap resets and triggers again if a PC stroy the skull (it is AC 3). If the skull
same as room 7b, except that ten lich- steps in the space between the dotted is destroyed, glass stalactites rain
lings cling to the stalactites, immobile lines. from the ceiling, striking all PCs in the
and in plain sight. 7L. Hovering skull: Foot-long room for an automatic 4d6 damage
The lichlings are semi-dormant. If green glass stalactites cover the ceil- per round (Successful Dexterity
the PCs move through the room slow- ing of this room. A 5-diameter glass checks reduce damage by ). The
ly and quietly, the lichlings do not at- skull hovers about 3 off the ground rain of stalactites stops in five rounds,
tack. However, if the PCs dont near the south wall of the room. Just at which time the skull reappears
specifically state that theyre taking north of the skull is a pool of clear wa- with all hit points intact.
precautions to be quiet, or if they at- ter, about 20 deep. The bottom of the 7m. Violet cube room: In each
tack the lichlings, all lichlings instant- pool is filled with swords, daggers, corner of this room stands a square
ly come to life, soaring at the party shields, and a variety of other weap- chamber, 6 6 10, made of trans-
with their jaws snapping. ons and armor pieces, all made of lucent blue glass. Inside each cham-

ber stands a humanoid made of the string 4 on the other violin, the chambers reappear, imprisoning
same translucent blue glass. These blue cube shatters; the PCs must them again. These golems immedi-
are glass golems (labeled G1-G4 on the pluck these strings at the same ately recover all lost hit points. Ex-
mapsheet). As soon as any PC enters time (that is, they must pluck them ploded golems remain shattered and
the room, all the golems pound on the in the same round). Any PC may do not revive.
sides of their chambers, but are un- then remove and take the violet 7n. Archway/teleporter: Except
able to free themselves. cube. that the archway is made of opaque
In the center of the room is a cube On the same round, if a PC plucks green glass, this is identical to room 6.
of translucent blue glass, about 3 string 1 on one of the violins, and a
square; the cube is fused to the green second PC plucks string 1 on the
glass of the floor. Clearly visible inside other violin, golem G1 is instantly
8. Corridors of Mist
the blue cube is a small block of reduced to 0 hp and explodes, in- The surfaces of the rooms and pas-
opaque violet glass. The violet cube is flicting 3d6 damage to all PCs with- sages of this section are made of a vio-
about 6 square and has a key-shaped in a 20 radius; other golems arent let cloud-like substance that smells
impression on the top. (The violet affected by the explosion. This re- vaguely of vinegar. The substance has
cube is needed to solidify the mist key sult also occurs if golem G1 is still the texture of cotton. The PCs may
in room 8p). in its chamber. have discovered the source of this
If the PCs have been to room 6, they Likewise, plucking string 2 on both substance, one of Wolovers failed ex-
recognize the translucent blue glass violins in the same round destroys periments, in Chapter 1. Icelia adapt-
in this room; it is identical to the glass golem G2, string 3 on both violins ed that material for her own
making up the blue chandeliers in destroys golem G3, and string 4 on purposes.
room 6. both violins destroys golem G4. Characters walking through these
The blue glass cube, the violet cube, passages move at half their normal
and the glass golem chambers (that is, Plucking any other string or any movement rate, sinking slightly with
all glass objects except the golems) combination of strings has no re- every step as if walking through
are permanently enchanted with wall sult. snow. Falling on these surfaces from
of force. However, all the blue glass any height is like falling into feathers
objectsthe golem chambers, the go- Glass golems (4): Int non; AL N; AC and causes no damage.
lems themselves, and the blue cube 3; MV 6; HD 14; hp 85 each; THAC0 Climbing walls made of the cloud
encasing the violet blockcan be 7; #AT 2 or 1; Dmg 2d8/2d8; SA substance is quite easy; a climbing
shattered by plucking the proper spew glass needles (see text); SD af- character can punch or kick as many
strings on the spectre violins (from fected only by + 1 or better magi- handholds and footholds as desired.
room 6). cal weapons; magical electrical (The PCs must discover this tech-
The PCs must determine the results attacks slow it for 3 rounds, all oth- nique for themselves.) Thieves, as
of plucking the strings by trial and er- er spells are ignored; if reduced to wells as PCs proficient in Mountain-
ror. Each violin has five strings; for 0 hp, explodes in shower of glass, eering, can climb these walls at half
convenience, assume the strings are inflicting 3d6 damage to all within their normal movement rate; others
numbered 1-5. The enchantment of 20 radius (save vs. spells for half climb at 1/3 their normal rate. Because
the violins is such that no more than damage); SZ L; ML 20; XP 10,000. the walls are so easy to climb, the
one string can be plucked on each per chance of falling is greatly reduced.
round; therefore, a total of two Once released, the golems attack all Thieves and PCs proficient in Climb-
strings can be plucked in the same PCs in the room, smashing victims ing or Mountaineering must make a
round, one from each violin. A PC with their powerful fists. Every five Dexterity check for every 20 rounds
who plucks a string must announce rounds, a released golem automati- spent climbing a wall; others must
the number of the string being cally spews a shower of tiny glass check every 10 rounds. Failing a
plucked. needles at the nearest target within check means the PC falls. Though fall-
Plucking specific strings produce 20 (make a normal attack roll); if the ing PCs suffer no damage, they may
the following results: attack succeeds, the victim suffers end up in an area where they risk
3d8 damage. If no target is within sinking.
If string 5 is plucked on either vio- range, the golem spews needles As described in the text, various
lin, all four of the golem chambers harmlessly into the air. The golems floor surfaces in the Corridors of Mist
shatter, releasing the glass golems. fight to the death, but will not leave have the texture of quicksand, and
The glass golems attack as de- this room. PCs risk sinking in them. When a PC
scribed below. If all PCs withdraw from the room, steps or falls into one of these areas,
If a PC plucks string 1 on one of the all golems that havent exploded re- execute the Sinking Routine:
violins, and a second PC plucks turn to their corners; their blue glass

The victim makes a Dexterity trapped victim. pursues relentlessly; the zombie is
check with a penalty to find a The floor reappears one hour after able to open the golden doors and
solid handhold. A Strength check the trap is triggered. trap doors. However, if the PCs elude
with a + 6 penalty pulls the victim 8b. Trapdoor: An iron ring is cen- the zombie for 10 consecutive
free; otherwise, two characters tered in the floor. Any PC making a rounds, it returns to area 8b.
working together can pull the vic- Strength check can lift the ring to re- 8d. Blocked passage: Pebble-
tim free as described below. The veal a trapdoor, leading to a stairway sized chunks of violet cloud sub-
penalties reflect the powerful pull winding down. stance completely block both ends of
of the quicksand-like cloud. 8c. Tunnel: This is a 4-diameter this passage section. Trapped be-
A failed Dexterity check means the tunnel with walls of the violet cloud tween the blockages is a cloud of col-
victim sinks 2 per round. A com- substance. PCs crawling through the orless poison gas that smells like
panion can pull the victim free tunnel do so at 1/3 their normal move- sulphur and cinnamon.
with a Strength check at a + 6 pen- ment rate. A PC who digs through the cloud
alty; two companions working to- When the party descends into this chunks for 15 rounds clears a passage
gether combine their Strength passage from either stairway (the 7b large enough for the party to pro-
scores and make a single successful or 8j stairway), they see a humanoid ceed. After digging for two rounds,
Strength check with a + 6 penalty creature crawling towards them. If the PC smells an odor of sulphur and
to pull him free. For example, if the party entered the passage from cinnamon seeping from the opposite
one PCs Strength is 11 and a sec- stairway 7b, the creature is advanc- side of the passage. The fumes arent
ond PCs Strength is 12, their ing from the bottom of stairway 8j; if strong enough to cause damage at
Strength total is 23. With the + 6 the party entered the passage from this point. However, if the PC con-
penalty to the roll, they must roll a stairway 8j, the creature is advancing tinues to dig, the fumes become
17 or less to pull the victim free. from the bottom of stairway 7b. The stronger. After five more rounds of
Two PCs whose Strengths total 26 creature has gray, leathery skin. A digging, the gas cloud comes billow-
or more succeed automatically. hateful light burns in its eyes. This is a ing through, subjecting all PCs in the
A victim who sinks below the sur- juju zombie, a former treasure tunnel to its noxious fumes.
face can still be rescued if compan- hunter who was transformed by Ice- PCs who save vs. poison are unaf-
ions feel around to find him. To lia. fected by the gas. Those who fail are
determine when a submerged PC debilitated for the next 4d6 hours.
suffocates, see the Drowning sec- Ju-ju zombie: Int low; AL NE; AC 6; During that time, all abilities are re-
tion of the Special Underwater MV 9 (crawling rate 3); HD 3 + 12; duced by half; apply all appropriate
Rules in the Introduction. If not hp 32; THAC0 15; #AT 1; Dmg 3d4; adjustments to attacks, damage, ar-
rescued, the victim suffocates, SA armed with necklace of mor class, and so on from the low-
sinks, and is never seen again. missiles; SD can climb walls as a ered ability scores. Also, victims
thief (92%); strikes as a 6 HD mon- normal movement rates are halved,
8a. Pit Trap: Though this appears ster; only harmed by +1 or better and they cannot heal by normal or
to be an empty room, the floor con- magical weapons (only edged or magical means. Neutralize poison
ceals a magical pit trap. The floor re- cleaving weapons inflict normal neutralizes all gas effects.
acts to the pressure of any weight damage, blunt and piercing weap- One hour after the gas seeps
heavier than five pounds. One round ons cause half damage); immune to through either blockage, it dissipates
after such weight touches the floor, all mind affecting spells, electricity, into the walls; both the broken block-
the entire floor disappears. All those magic missiles, poisons, cold-based age and the gas cloud magically reap-
in the room who succeed in a Dexteri- spells; immune to sleep, charm, pear one hour later. Note that if one
ty check at a + 4 penalty jump to the hold, and death magic spells; SZ M; blockage is destroyed and the gas dis-
safety of the doorway in the room; ML special; XP 975. sipates, the party can dig through the
those who fail drop 10, landing on a other blockage with no risk, provid-
surface of dark, sticky mist. The fall The ju-ju zombie wears a necklace ing they do so within an hour.
causes no damage, but those landing of missiles with 5 missile globes (one 8e. Trapdoor: If the PCs listen at
in the mist are stuck tight. 10 dice and four 4 Dice fireballs). As the mist door on the east wall, they
For every round stuck in the mist, a soon as the zombie sees the party, it can hear the faint cries of what
victim suffers 3d6 damage from its uses its necklace to cast fireballs at sounds like an agonized woman. The
contact poison (save vs. poison for them, once per round. It continues to source of the cries is the groaning
half damage). Water or any other liq- crawl towards them and blast fire- spirit in area 8h. Otherwise, this
uid applied negates the stickiness and balls until all 5 missiles have been ex- room is identical to room 8b.
frees the victim; otherwise, nothing pended; it then attacks with its claws. 8f. Cloud chamber: This dome-
short of a limited wish can free a The zombie fights to the death and shaped chamber is about 100' in di-

ameter and has an 80 ceiling. The mist, her long claws raking the air 8j. Lilac mist: A thin yellow mist
dome is made of the violet cloud ma- and her jaws snapping. that reeks of lilacs hangs in the air of
terial, as is a pathway that leads to six This groaning spirit was in life an this corridor. The magical mist is con-
doorways. The remainder of the floor elf assistant of Icelia. When the elf fined to area 8j and cannot be dissi-
is covered with clumps of white refused to obey a direct order, Icelia pated by any means short of a wish.
cloud-like material that looks like cot- killed her, later transforming her into Any PC who spends one round ex-
ton. Wisps of greenish clouds drift a groaning spirit. The spirit is eter- posed to the poisonous mist must
near the ceiling. nally bound to the stronghold, save vs. poison or die; a successful
Any PC who steps or falls in the charged with destroying all in- save still means 3d6 damage.
white clouds immediately begins to truders. The poison is derived from the S3/A
sink; execute the Sinking Routine chemical that the party may have
(above). Groaning spirit: Int exceptional; learned about in Chapter 1. A 2C/XA
The odor of burning sugar seeps AL CE; AC 0; MV 15; HD 7; hp 50; pellet, available in Chapter 1, negates
from the mist door and the golden THAC0 13; #AT 1; Dmg 1d8 the effects of the mist.
door leading to area 8g; PCs also hear (touch); SA wail once per day (all 8k. Phony mist corridor: The
what sound like the cries of an ago- those within 30 must save vs. mist in this corridor looks and smells
nized woman coming from behind all death magic or die immediately); like the lilac mist in area 8j. However,
the east doors. The source of the cries any creature who sees her must it is actually the result of a permanent
is the groaning spirit in area 8h. The save vs. spells or flee in fear (flee in illusion and is harmless. The illusory
odor of lilacs seeps from the door- terror for 10 rounds, 50% likely to mist is confined to this corridor.
ways leading to areas 8j and 8k. drop any items carried in their One round after any PC has crossed
Five rounds after the first PC enters hands); SD invulnerable to weap- any of the servitor locations indicated
8f, the green clouds near the ceiling ons of less than + 1 enchantment; on the map, black clawed hands
begin to rumble and darken. Five immune to charm, sleep, and hold emerge from the floor at all four ser-
rounds later, greenish rain begins to spells, and to cold-based and elec- vitor locations. Humanoid creatures
fall. All characters exposed to the rain trical attacks; killed by dispel evil; with the heads of cockroaches bear-
for a total of three or more rounds MR 50%; SZ M; ML 13; XP 4,000. ing black antennae and bulbous gold-
must make a Constitution check. PCs en eyeballs begin pulling themselves
who fail become nauseated, and their The spirit attacks the party first up through the floor.
heads throb; they make all attacks with her wail, following with touch The creatures are lichling servitors,
with a -1 penalty for the rest of the attacks directed at any wail survi- former human intruders murdered
day. PCs able to keep themselves com- vors. After making a few touch at- by Icelia, then transformed to attend
pletely dry (such as a warrior holding tacks, she retreats to area 8j, hoping to the needs of the lichlings and guard
a shield overhead, or a wizard using to lure the PCs inside this poisonous the stronghold. The servitors were
fabricate to create an umbrella) are area (she is immune to the lilac poi- concealed in the floor of this passage,
immune to the effects of the rain. The son). If she loses half her hit points, ready to destroy any trespassers.
rain persists for an hour after the last she tries to flee to area 8f, then west
PC has left area 8f; the rain resumes into the labyrinth. If cornered, she Lichling servitors (4): Int semi; AL
five rounds after any PC enters this fights to the death; otherwise, she re- CE; AC 2; MV 12; HD 6; hp 45;
area again. treats to a distant region of the THAC0 15; #AT 2; Dmg 2d6/2d6
8g. Brown mist: This passage is stronghold. At your option, the (claws); SD can only be struck by
thick with a dense brownish fog that groaning spirit may wait a day to re- + 1 or better magical weapons; im-
smells like burnt sugar. The fog cover her wail attack, then track the mune to poison, charm, sleep, en-
causes no damage, but obscures all party and ambush them at an oppor- feeblement, polymorph, fear, cold,
sight, normal and ultravision, to 2. tune moment. electricity, insanity, and death
The magical fog is confined to area 8g 8i. Soggy section: This section of spells; SZ L; ML 15; XP 975.
and cannot be dissipated by any the corridor is filled with the same
means short of a wish. brown mist as in area 8g. The section It takes a full round for the servi-
The agonized cries grow louder as between the dotted lines is indistin- tors to pull themselves from the floor.
the party nears area 8h. guishable from the floor elsewhere in During this time they can be attacked
8h. Banshee lair: When the party this corridor, but actually contains but are unable to defend themselves.
comes within 20 of the opening to several patches of soggy material. For Once free, the servitors shamble to-
this room, a luminous phantasm re- every round spent in the area, each wards the party, intent on destroying
sembling a withered crone with wild PC has a cumulative 20% chance of random PCs. The servitors fight to
and unkempt hair and a dress of tat- sinking; execute the Sinking Routine the death, pursuing as necessary; the
tered rags comes shrieking out of the for each sinking PC. servitors are able to easily open gold-

en doors. If the party eludes the servi- black lumps litter the floor; the lumps ing here all along. The creatures un-
tors for 10 consecutive rounds, the feel like greasy cotton. The clumps dulate through the air, attacking
surviving servitors return to area 8k are flakes from the bodies of the pud- random PCs. The creatures fight to
and again conceal themselves in the ding creatures in 8L. Otherwise, this the death; if the PCs leave this room,
floor. is identical to area 8i. the creatures withdraw through the
8L. Pudding lair: If the party 8o. Archway/teleporter: Except floor and return to area 8L. (Note that
comes within 10 of this chamber, two that the archway is made of a violet the lightning may strike a pudding in-
massive black blobs ooze from the substance that feels like dried stead of a PC; if so, the pudding splits
chamber opening, hovering a few sponge, this is identical to room 6. in two.)
inches from the ground. The crea- 8p. Cloud chamber: This dome- The violet key is merely an image of
tures resemble undulating clusters of shaped room is identical to 8f, except a key and has no physical properties
bubbling blisters and wet cotton. that the floor is composed entirely of of any kind. Nothing but the violet
The creatures are a magically dark gray cloud-like clumps, and the cube from area 7a can transform the
blended combination of black pud- clouds near the ceiling are black. The image into an actual physical key.
dings and the cloud-like material of only door is on the east side of the Such is the nature of the enchant-
the Corridors of Mists; the creatures dome, centered in the wall about 70 ment that the mist key even resists
have all the properties of normal from the floor. the power of a wish; at your discre-
black puddings, with an increased ar- Just above the door, a shimmering tion, a wish might change the mist
mor class and magic resistance, along image of a 10-long key hovers in the key to a real key for a limited time
with the ability to fly. air. The key appears to be made of vi- say, an hour or lessafter which it
olet mist. PCs who cant fly or teleport changes back to mist and instantly re-
Modified black puddings (2): Int must climb the walls to reach the turns to this area.
animal; AC -1; MV 12, Fl 12 (C); door and the key. If a PC brings the violet cube within
HD 10; hp 68 each; THAC0 11; #AT The entire floor is similar to the 5 of the key image, the image begins
1; Dmg 3d8; SA dissolves metal Spongy Areas (area 8i and 8n): For to shrink and darken in color. Two
(chain mail dissolves in one round, every round spent on a particular rounds later, the key image is swept
plate mail in two; each magical section of the floor, a PC has a 20% cu- into the cube as if drawn by a power-
plus increases the time required mulative chance of sinking (requiring ful suction; the cube disappears, and
to dissolve the metal by one the Sinking Routine). If the pudding the PC holds a 6 key made of violet
round); SD immune to acid, cold, creatures retreated here (from area crystal. This is one of the keys neces-
and poison; lightning bolts and 8L), they lurk beneath the spaces of sary to unlock the golden door in area
blows from weapons divides in the cloud clumps, about 10' down, 33.
half, each with statistics of original near the rooms center.
pudding; fire and magic missiles Three rounds after the first PC en- 9. Mosaic Room
cause normal damage; MR 50%; SZ ters 8p, the black clouds near the ceil-
L; ML 17; XP 6,000. ing begin to rumble and crackle with This room is similar to area 3. As in
static electricity. Three rounds later, area 3, each mosaic diagram appears
The creatures, intending to devour lightning begins to crack; for every to show a section of a corridor lead-
the party, pursue the PCs anywhere round thereafter, roll 1d6: ing to a key, but is actually intended to
in the passages leading from 8L. If the 1-4No bolt hits a character. trick the unwary. Diagram 9a and
party retreats through any of the 5A bolt singes a random charac- arch 9c are made of black granite. Di-
doorways, the creatures withdraw ter, causing 2d6 damage (save vs. agram 9b and arch 9d are made of
into 8L; the creatures then seep spells for half damage). ivory. The diagrams and arches are
through the cracks in the north end 6A bolt directly hits a random icy cold to the touch. Above the arch-
of their lair (8m) and hide among the character, causing 6d6 damage (save es is a message spelled out in a patch-
dark clouds on the floor of area 8p. vs. spells for half damage). The light- work mosaic of ivory and black
Likewise, if a creature loses half or ning storm persists for an hour after granite. The message reads: THREE
more of its hit points, it retreats into the last PC has left area 8p. The storm KEYS FOR THE GOLD, TWO EYES
8L and seeps through the 8m cracks begins again three rounds after any FOR THE IVORY.
to hide in the 8p cloud floor. PC re-enters area 8p. (As before, the first phrase means
8m. Cracks: This passage leads to As soon as the lightning storm be- that three keys are necessary to un-
a dead end with several inch-wide gins, the modified black puddings lock the golden door leading to the
cracks in the wall. Beyond the cracks seep from the floor (assuming they treasure chamber. The second phrase
is a short tunnel that leads to the made it here from 8L). If the party means that the PCs must take two
cloud floor of 8p. hasnt yet encountered the puddings, crystal eyesavailable in area 20to
8n. Spongy area: Several small assume the creatures have been wait- area 30. From area 30, the party can

gain access to area 31 where the ivory Chosen PC continues to suffer 3d6
It splashes into a dark stream that
key is located.) damage per round until rescued by
winds around the chamber and
If the PC pass beneath arch 8d, they companions. Note that the Chosen PC
hear a desperate whisper in their ends in a small pool. Wisps of va-
also risks drowning in the lichling flu-
heads saying, Bring me my eyes . . . por rise from the bubbling stream.
id. (See the Special Underwater Rules
Rivulets lead from the stream to an
in the Introduction.)
open grave centered in the cham-
10. Stairway ber. It looks like there is writing en-
The lichling fluid stops when it
This granite stairway winds deep reaches the top of the grave. The lich-
graved on the black tombstone.
into the earth. Mid-way on the stairs ling fluid remains in the grave for a
sprawls the corpse of a human male full day, or until the Chosen PC is res-
The black liquid in the waterfall cued, whereupon the fluid recedes
(10a). The corpse has been savagely
(11a), the stream (11b), the ground into the ground.
mutilated, as if rent by powerful
pool (11c), and the pool on top of the A gentle granite slope leads to the
claws. The corpse clutches a short
sword in its hand, which the PCs may ledge (11d) is lichling fluid. Icelia uses pool at the top of the ledge (11d). If
take if they like. There is nothing else this liquid for various purposes in the PCs investigate the ledge, they see
of interest on the corpse. The corpse breeding new lichlings. Not inciden- a 5 high and 12 wide opening in the
is that of a human treasure hunter, tally, it also serves to terrorize trea- north wall (11f). A stream of lichling
killed by the lichlings described be- sure hunters. fluid pours from this opening into the
low. The fluid is extremely hot, scalding ledge pool.
About 20 west of the bottom of the anyone who barely touches it (1d4
stairs, two lichlings are dragging a 3- damage) and severely burning any- 12. Stream Passage
long gold rod imbedded with bits of one immersed in it (3d6 hit points of
emerald. The lichlings are dragging damage per round). The pools and This winding passage, reeking of
the rod to the nearest lichling hole stream are waist-deep; the stream is rotting meat, slopes upward to the
(10b). If the PCs dont draw attention 5 wide. Fluid in the ground pool (11c) north. It is bisected by a 3-wide, 3-
to themselves, and if they dont attack seeps into the earth, preventing the deep stream of steaming lichling flu-
the lichlings, the monsters drag the pool from overflowing. id. See area 11 for damage from the
rod into hole 10b and vanish; eventu- The grave (11e) is 6 deep. A steep fluid.
ally the rod is deposited in the trea- stairway of black granite leads to the After the party moves about 20
sure room (area 34). However, if the north of the waterfall pool (11d), a
bottom. To all but the Chosen PC, the
PCs make their presence known, or if ghostly image of a bald-headed man
grave appears to be empty, and the
they attack the lichlings, the lichlings shimmers into view in front of them;
headstone is blank. However, the
drop the rod and soar towards the the image doesnt appear if the party
Chosen PC sees an ivory key at the
party, attacking random PCs with has already been to area 15. The im-
bottom of the grave and his or her age has pleading blue eyes and a curly
their fangs. The lichlings fight to the
own name inscribed in the head- blonde beard, and wears a long robe
death and pursue if necessary.
stone. The key and the name are illu- covered with small circles. The image
Though the now-deceased treasure
hunter mistakenly believed the rod sions; t h e C h o s e n P C c a n n o t beckons the party to head north, then
would bring him good luck, it has no disbelieve these powerful illusions. vanishes. (This is an image of Amry
magical properties. The rod is worth If any PC other than the Chosen PC Wolover). The party experiences this
5,000 gp. enters the grave, there is no effect. vision only once.
The Chosen PC, entering the grave,
falls unconscious upon reaching the 13. Geyser
11. Grave Chamber bottom (no saving throw). Scalding
lichling fluid immediately begins to Centered in this 40-diameter ca-
The sounds of hissing steam and vern is a 10 pit, surrounded by a
bubbling water echo in this vast rise from the bottom of the grave, fill-
ing the grave at the rate of one foot wide ring of sticky granite that is
black cave. Its dimly lit by patches slightly warm to the touch. The air
of glowing fungi on the chamber per round; the Chosen PC (and any-
over the pit ripples with heat.
walls. The air reeks with the odor one else in the grave) suffers 3d6
The pit is actually a lichling fluid
of rotten meat. damage per round from immersion in
geyser that erupts every hour. Once
A waterfall of thick black liquid the lichling fluid.
the party enters the cavern, roll 1d20;
falls over a ledge on the north wall. The Chosen PC doesnt float in the this indicates the number of minutes
rising lichling fluid, remaining in- before the next eruption. One round
stead on the bottom of the grave. The of rumbling precedes an eruption. An

eruption sprays a blast of scalding small circles. This is an image of tive lichling, still alive, that acciden-
lichling fluid from the pit. All PCs Amry Wolover. tally crawled here from area 17 and
within 10' of the pit suffer 3d6 dam- The image opens its mouth to is now trying to find its way back.
age; all those more than 10' from the speak, and the party hears a voice in If the party follows the thing, it leads
pit but still inside the cavern suffer their heads, as soft as an autumn them to area 17; the lichling crawls in-
2d6 damage. wind. Come to the heart . . . come to to the pool and disappears. If the PCs
If the geyser doesnt erupt, a PC the heart . . . The image then disap- disturb it in any way, it flutters into the
within 3 of the edge of the geyser pears, and the pool is suddenly calm. air, then makes a beeline towards the
has a 5% chance of slipping and fall- If the PCs return to this area, the pool nearest PC, flying with a rate of 3. Un-
ing in, suffering 6d6 damage from less the thing is swatted out of the air
remains still; they will not experience
landing in the hot surface of packed or destroyed, it grabs and claws the
the image a second time.
dried fluid 80 below. targeted PC; the targeted victim suffers
The lichling fluid pool is about 10'
1d2 damage per round. The lichling at-
deep and contains nothing of inter- tacks until destroyed. Ripping it free of
14. Husk Alcove est. (See area 11 for damage resulting its targeted victim (which any PC can
This small alcove is empty, except from contact with the fluid.) The do) automatically pulls its arm off and
for a 6-long object on the floor that cracks in the north wall lead to tiny kills it; otherwise, assume it is AC 3 and
looks like a black cockroach shell, passage that wind for miles into the has 3 hp.
cracked and chipped. Two arm earth.
bones, each about 3 long, extend Both passages leading from the ca- 17. Dead Pool
from the shell. One of the bones is vern slant down from the pool.
broken off in the center; the other
ends in a bony hand with five bony The odor of sour milk and rotten
fingers. The arm, hand, and finger
16. The Thing on the eggs in this cavern is so strong it
bones resemble those of a miniature Shore makes your eyes water. In the ca-
human. The air in this cavern smells like a vern is a pool of milky liquid thick
These are the remains of a defec- sickening combination of sour milk with yellowish lumps. There are
tive lichling that crawled here from and rotten meat. A mixture of lichling mounds of black shells piled in the
area 17 and died. fluid (from the stream leading from pool and along its shores. Tiny
the pool in area 15) and milky liquid bones and wings protrude from
15. Image Pool with yellowish lumps (from the the piles. A few of the bones and
stream pouring down from the pool wings are twitching.
in area 17) fills the oblong pool cen- Streams of the milky liquid, thick
The passage opens into a large ca-
tered in the cavern. A 5-wide stream with yellow lumps and an occa-
vern filled with a bubbling pool of
of the lichling fluid and milky liquid sional black shell, come from
black fluid and a powerful odor of
mixture flows east. cracks in the north wall and spill
rotting meat. Streams of the liquid The 3-deep pool emits the foul
trickle from cracks in the west into the pool.
odor of rotten meat and sour milk,
wall and empty into the pool. but causes no damage. The area 17
Without warning, the pool starts The cracks in the north wall lead to
liquid cools the lichling fluid from ar- small passages that wind for miles in-
to boil. A whirlpool widens over ea 15, while the lichling fluid dilutes to the earth, ending in the modified
the surface, going faster and the area 17 liquid, making it less nox-
faster. brain of Icelias husk (see area 13,
ious. There is nothing of interest in
Chapter 4). Defective lichlings,
the pool; the lumps are masses of or-
The black liquid is lichling fluid. If spawned in the brain area, are dis-
ganic tissue.
the party leaves the cavern, the charged into the passages and depos-
A small black object can be seen on
whirlpool subsides, and the surface the north shore of the pool, moving ited in this pool, where they
becomes calm in five rounds. slowly towards area 17. Closer exam- eventually rot away.
Otherwise, if the party remains in ination reveals the object to be a 6 The yellow lumps are masses of or-
the cavern for two rounds, a hazy im- cockroach shell with a pair of ragged ganic tissue, discharged in area 12 of
age rises from the whirlpool and hov- gauzy wings and a single 3-long arm Chapter 4 along with the defective
ers in mid-airthe ghostly figure of a bone, ending in a bony hand with five lichlings. The mounds of black shells
bald-headed man with pleading blue fingers; the bones resemble those of a are piles of defective lichlings, each
eyes and a curly blonde beard. The tiny human. The object drags itself about 6 long. There are all kinds of
man wears a long robe covered with along the floor with its hand, at a defects: Some have only bony arms,
movement rate of 1. This is a defec- others have only legs. Some are limb-

less, having only tiny human-like the passage. Continuing east, the wa- they hear the sounds of loud rum-
skulls with long fangs. A few only ter contains fewer and fewer traces bling, as of boulders striking the
have a pair of ragged gauzy wings. of lichling fluid (from area 15) and ground, interspersed with hisses and
Most are dead, though a few still re- yellow lumps (from area 17). low grunts. If the PCs enter the room,
tain a slight spark of life, causing their The green liquid smells like sea wa- read the following.
wings and limbs to twitch. ter and is undrinkable. The green wa-
Every PC who enters this cavern ter comes from sources deep inside The packed earth floor of this huge
must make a Constitution check; fail- the earth; its color comes from vari- granite cavern is lit by the soft
ure means violent nausea from the ous minerals and salts.
green glow of fungus covering the
stench, 1d4 damage, and a fall to the If the PCs havent yet been to area
walls. Thick granite stalagmites
ground, where the character cannot 15, they experience the vision of Wo-
rise from the floor; long stalactites
act for the next 2d4 rounds. lover (see area 15) when they reach
The pool is about 10 deep; PCs im- drip from the ceiling. There is
the intersection of areas 18 and 19;
mersed in the pool suffer 1d6 damage the vision beckons them west (to- brown sand in front of a wide
per round of exposure to the foul, wards area 15). The PCs experience opening on the east wall of the ca-
corrosive liquid. this vision only once. vern. Two small pits open in the
The first PC who comes within 3 of floor near a pair of mist doors in
the north wall.
a defective pile notices the shells 19. Sticky Stairway In the center of the room you see
twitching more violently, rocking
back and forth, and vibrating their At the south end of this passage is a two huge serpentine monsters
wings. If the PC doesnt immediately sticky stairway rising up to a mist locked in combat, writhing on the
move away from the pile, a horde of doorway. The stairway is similar to floor in a tangle of coils.
defective lichlings swoops from the the one in area 10, save that there are One creature looks like a 40-
pile and swarms over the PC. The two bodies at the foot of the stairs long violet worm with a long sting-
mindless defectives attack for three with four lichlings atop them. The er on the end of its tail. The worm
rounds. They inflict damage on the lichlings attack with ferocious speed, lashes its tail at its opponenta 50'
targeted PC as follows: round 13d6 gaining a -1 bonus to Initiative rolls.
slug with shiny gray skin. The slug
points; round 22d6 (about a third retaliates by spewing a stream of
fall harmlessly to the ground); round Lichling (4): Int animal; AL CE; AC
sizzling liquid at the worm. The
31d6 (another third fall). After 1; MV 3; Fl 24 (B); HD 2 + 2; hp 15;
THAC0 19; #AT 1; Dmg 1d6 (bite); wounds on both creatures disap-
three rounds, the defectives fall pear a moment after they are in-
away, lifeless and without energy. SD can only be struck by +1 or
better magical weapons; immune flicted.
If the victim remains still and does
to charm, sleep, enfeeblement, On the back of each creature,
not defend against the defectives,
polymorph, cold, electricity, fear; you can just barely see a cloudy hu-
halve the damage. Similarly, if the vic-
insanity, and death spells; SZ S; ML manoid figure. The surfaces of the
tim remains still and one or more
companions try to fight off the in- 19; XP 270. (See page 63 for more figures crackle with blue sparks. A
sects, halve the damage again. How- about the lichling.) single eyeball made of bright blue
ever, if the victim moves, the crystal is centered in the head of
defectives become more agitated and The bodies are of two treasure each figure. The figures kick their
increase their assault; attempts to at- hunters whose luck got them quite mounts, urging them to attack
tack the defectives have no significant far, but not far enough. One, clad in their opponents.
effect on the damage they inflict. The now rent chainmail, carries a scimi-
defectives are vulnerable to the rod tar +3 which constantly glows a The cavern ceiling rises about 150.
of immobile insects from Chapter 1. bright emerald green when un- The stalactites and stalagmites are
Only one PC is attacked by the de- sheathed (equivilent to torch light). solid granite, averaging 10 wide and
fectives, regardless of any subse- His companion, a female mage, wears 30 long. The pits (20a) are lichling flu-
quent actions the party takes. a ring of jumping and she carries a id geysers, exactly like the one de-
beaker of plentiful potions in her scribed in area 13. The geysers erupt
18. Green Stream backpack. There is nothing else of in- simultaneously every 20 minutes;
terest here. when the party enters the cavern,
As the passage winds east, the roll 1d20 to determine the number of
stream becomes dark green and less 20. Battle Room minutes until the next eruption. The
malodorous. The party notices thin
If the PCs listen on the west side of sand pit (20b) is only a few feet deep;
streams of green water seeping from
cracks along the northern walls of the mist door leading to this room, characters do not sink in the sand,

but their movement rate is halved ML 12; XP 15,000. in the center. The mist smells like ran-
when moving through it. cid meat but is harmless. If a PC re-
The cloudy one-eyed figures are The worm and the slug originally moves the crystal eye (Strength check
wraiths, loyal minions of Icelia. Their were two human explorers named to pry it free of the mist), the mist dis-
mounts are a purple worm and a gi- Culhane Ohna and Lorris Larr, lured sipates and the wraith is permanently
ant slug. to the keep by the promise of trea- destroyed. Otherwise, if the eye is un-
sure. Icelia transformed them into disturbed, the wraith completely re-
Wraiths (2): Int very; AL LE; AC 4; these grotesque creatures, cursing generates an hour later. (The crystal
MV 12, Fl 24 (B); HD 5 + 3; hp 41 them to fight each other for all eterni- eyes are required by the spirit in area
each; THAC0 15; #AT 1; Dmg 1d6; ty, goaded on by the wraiths. While in 31 to take the party to area 33).
SA successful attacks drain a level these forms, Culhane and Lorris have When the worm or the slug is re-
of experience from victim, includ- no memories of their former lives. duced to 0 hp, it transforms into a
ing hit points and all abilities asso- The emotional trauma of the em- shimmering image of a normal-sized
ciated with that level (spells, etc.); battled creatures feeds the lichlings. human, sprawling helplessly on the
lost experience must be earned The wounds they inflict on each oth- ground and moaning in pain. The im-
again or magically restored; SD im- er instantly regenerate. However, ages represent the spirits of Culhane
mune to all weapons except silver damage inflicted on the worm and and Lorris. The slug becomes an im-
(half damage) or + 1 or better (full the slug by other sources (such as the age of a young man with a long nose
damage); immune to sleep, charm, lichling fluid geyserswhich they and a plump belly (Culhane); the
hold, death, and cold-based spells; avoidand the PCs) is taken normal- worm becomes an image of a young
SZ M; ML 15; XP 3,000. ly. When either creature is reduced to man with a lean body and long fin-
0 hp, it transforms as described be- gers (Lorris). The images can speak
Purple worm (Lorris Larr): Int non; low. but can take no other actions, includ-
AL N; AC 6; MV 9; HD 15; hp 110; The slug and the worm direct their ing movement. Unless the PCs dispel
THAC0 5; #AT 1 and 1; Dmg 2d12 attacks against each other and not the images (see below), they revert
(bite) and 2d4 (tail stinger); SA poi- against the wraiths. However, when back to their creature forms in one
son (victim hit by stinger must save the party enters the cavern, the crea- hour, all hit points intact, and resume
vs. poison or die); swallow whole tures immediately become aware of attacking; if no PCs are present, they
(if attack roll exceeds required their presence. The worm and the attack each other as described above.
score to hit by 4, victim is swallow- slug then cease attacking each other, They resume these attacks even if
ed and dies in six rounds, com- and squirm towards the party. Goad- their wraith riders have been de-
pletely digested in 12 turns; ed by the wraiths, the worm and the stroyed.
swallowed victim can attack from slug attack the party relentlessly, us- If the PCs approach the Culhane im-
the inside; interior of worm is AC ing stinger and acid breath attacks age and speak to him, the image re-
9, but each round, digestive juices whenever possible. They also try to sponds only with incoherent mutters,
cause a cumulative -1 penalty to back PCs against the cavern wall to along the lines of must feed the
damage that a swallowed victim make them easier to bite or swallow. bugs and the bugs are our broth-
can cause worm); SZ G; ML 12; XP The slug and the worm dont go ers.
13,000. near the mist doors. Not only are they The PCs find the Lorris image to be
too big to go through, they avoid go- more lucid, smiling weakly at their
Giant slug (Culhane Ohna): Int non; ing near the lichling fluid geysers. But approach and speaking in a soft whis-
AL N; AC 8; MV 6; HD 12; hp 93; they pursue through the 20c opening, per. Lorris identifies himself and ex-
THAC0 9; #AT 1; Dmg 1d12; SA which leads to a dead end. plains that he and his partner are
spits acid once per round (inflicts If a mount is reduced to 0 hp, its from the village of Garnerr (see Chap-
4d8 damage, save vs. breath weap- wraith rider continues to attack, tak- ter 1). The two entered Wolovers
on for half damage; equipment ing to the air and trying to strike with Keep about 50 years ago in search of
must save vs. acid or be destroyed; its energy drain. The wraiths are im- treasure. They were intercepted and
first spit has 10% chance of hitting, mune to the lichling fluid geysers and killed by the wraiths. The power of
subsequent spits have a 90% base pursue anywhere in the cavern, Icelia transformed us into abomina-
chance of hitting at 10 yards, with though they will not pursue through tions. We were cursed to fight each
a -10% penalty per additional 10 a mist door. other until the end of time.
yards; if spit misses, the acid hits The wraiths are subject to all vul- Lorris knows nothing about the lo-
10 away from the target in a ran- nerabilities of normal wraiths. How- cation of the keys or the treasure
dom direction); SD not harmed by ever, if a wraith is reduced to 0 hp, it room, but can supply the following
blunt weapons or spells that cause transforms into a small puddle of information. If the PCs dont ask the
crushing or impact damage; SZ G; black mist, its crystal eye suspended right questions, Lorris offers any in-

formation you feel the PCs should is grotesquely twisted.
have. This is a dead umber hulk from ar- 24. Cracked Passage
ea 23, killed by a band of undead ma-
Icelia is responsible for the laby- rine scrags when it ventured too Long cracks line the north wall of
rinth. All of its minions are her ser- close to the pool. The scrags current- this passage. The cracks were created
vants. Icelia was a lich. She is ly lurk in area 25. by four umber hulks, who lurk be-
something else now. He doesnt hind the wall in the east passage of ar-
ea 23, waiting for passing victims (see
know what. 23. Rough Passage area 23 for hulk statistics). Unless the
The insect creatures are Icelias
spawns. They feed on trauma and This rough passage appears to have party has already dealt with the hulks
fear, like a man feeds on bread and been made by clawing and scooping in area 23, the hulks burst through
meat. Lorris doesnt know any- away huge chunks of rock. In fact, the cracks and attack as the party
thing else about the lichlings. the passage was made by five umber passes by.
The PCs are not Lorriss first hulks. The hulks investigated the pool The hulks fight as described in area
would-be liberators. Recently, a in area 22 and were attacked by a 23; they pursue the party to any area
human carrying a green glowing band of undead marine scrags (who west of area 24, but will not go east
axe came here and tried to free us, withdrew to area 25). One of the (toward area 25). If the PCs elude the
but he lacked the magic to do so. hulks was killed; the other four hulks for 15 rounds, the hulks give up
He was brave and kind. Lorris has carved a new passage to the east and dig themselves a new passage,
no further details, since he trans- where they now wait near the area- causing cave-ins behind them so they
formed back into the purple worm 24 cracks for passers-by to ambush cant be followed. If the battle goes
before the human left. He may be and eat. against the hulksfor instance, if
dead now, so far as I know. Lorris Unless the PCs have already dealt they each lose half or more of their
is describing Lenzmin Tier. with the hulks in area 24, the hulks hit pointsthey try to cause a cave-in
lurch from the darkness, attacking if as described in area 23.
When the PCs complete their ques- the PCs enter the east passage of area
tions, Lorris begs them to release 23 (no surprise modifier for the 25. Green Pool
our spirits and end our torment. Re- hulks). The hulks attack with their
leasing the spirits requires remove claws and jaws, using their confusion
gaze if possible. The descending passage opens into
curse or wish (one spell per image). If
a vast cavern with shiny granite
a spirit is released in this manner, it
Umber hulks (4): Int 10; AL CE; AC walls. A pool of murky green wa-
disappears in a flash of soft light and
2; MV 6, Burrow 1d6 (soft earth, ter fills the cavern; a ball of bones
is never seen again. (At the end of the
adventure, award extra XP to the PC solid stone); HD 8 + 8; hp 60 each; tied tightly with what look like
who freed the spirit.) If not freed, the THAC0 11; #AT 3; Dmg 3d4/3d4/ dark vines floats on the pools sur-
image eventually reverts to its crea- 1d10; SA looking into creatures face. You smell the odor of sea wa-
ture form as described above. eyes causes confusion as per spell ter, but you dont hear anything.
unless victim saves vs. spells; oppo-
nents have a - 5 on their surprise A 3-wide granite pathway crosses
21. Sloping Passage rolls if creature springs from crack the pool, which is about 15 deep.
This passage slopes down in a in wall; SD infravision to 90; SZ L; Slimy patches of algae cover much of
northwesterly direction. The passage ML 13; XP 4,000. the pathway, which contains a 10 gap
smells vaguely of sea water (carried (25a). Except for a small ledge near
from the stream in area 18). If the battle is going against the the west opening (25b), the perimeter
hulksfor instance, if they lose half of the pool is only a few inches wide
22. Small Pool their hit pointsor if the PCs retreat, and is too narrow to walk on; the
the hulks try to cause a cave-in of the pathway is the only way to traverse
This is a 10-deep pool of opaque east passage of area 23 (25% chance
green water, similar to the water in the cavern on foot. A 5-wide under-
of success per round per hulk). If the water passage (25c) links this pool
area 18. A bulky black figure is cave-in succeeds, each character in
sprawled next to the west shore. The with the smaller pool in area 22. Sev-
this passage suffers 6d6 damage. It
creature has clawed feet, thick scales, eral smaller passages carry excess
takes a PC buried in rubble an hour to
four eyes, and huge mandibles. Clos- water deep into the earth, maintain-
dig free; an unburied PC who helps
er inspection shows it to be covered ing the level of the pool at a relatively
can cut this time in half. The hulks dig
with deep slashes; one mandible their way to freedom, causing cave- constant level.
hangs limply from its jaws and an arm ins behind them so PCs cant follow. Six marine scrags lurk beneath the

surface. Icelias enchantments have The scrags hope that one or more centered on the floor beneath the
given the scrags the immunities of of the PCs will enter the water to ex- key.
zombies; they otherwise resemble amine the bone ball or to swim the The key is actually an illusory im-
normal marine scrags. (For the pur- pathway gap (25a). If so, the scrags at- age with no substance; staves and
poses of regeneration, assume the tack each PC in the water (one scrag other physical objects pass harm-
pool has the properties of salt water.) per PC), first with their slime ball and lessly through it. However, if any liv-
The scrags are 8 tall, with pot bellies then with their claws and teeth. At ing object, such as a PCs hand,
and rows of needle-like teeth. Shards the same time, the remaining scrags touches the image, the image van-
of rotting green scaly hide hang from surface and try to pull all PCs on the ishes and a 10 10 granite piston set
their dark bones. pathway into the water; PCs on the flush in the ceiling slams to the floor.
bridge must make a Dexterity check The piston immediately withdraws
Modified marine scrags (8): Int with a + 4 penalty (due to the algae on back into the ceiling. All PCs slammed
low; AL CE; AC 2; MV 3, SW 12; HD the bridge and the strength of the by the piston suffer 6d8 damage (Dex-
6 + 12; hp 60 each; THAC0 13; #AT scrags) or fall in. terity check for half damage). The im-
3; Dmg 1d4/1d4/1d8+8; SD begin- Scrags who fail to push their vic- age reappears 10 rounds later,
ning three rounds after it is first tims either join the attack against any resetting the trap.
wounded, regenerates 3 hp/round other fallen PCs, or submerge, surfac- The white stain on the floor is from
when immersed in salt water; ing again in a few rounds to make an- crushed bones that have been pound-
scrags reduced to 0 hp stand up other pushing attempt at PCs still on ed flat, the remains of a long-ago in-
and fight as soon as they have posi- the pathway. truder who triggered the piston trap.
tive hp (1 or more); a natural attack If it appears to the scrags that none
roll of 20 severs the scrags limb; of the PCs will voluntarily enter the 28. Big Door
severed limbs continue to fight water, the scrags surface and try to
with normal chances to hit, rejoin- push in all PCs on the pathway. The This golden door resembles the oth-
ing body at end of battle; only fire scrags then continue to attack as de- er doors found elsewhere in the
and acid cause permanent damage scribed above. When the opportunity stronghold, except that it is about
to scrags (destroying its regenera- presents itself, the scrags scoop new 50% larger. The door is actually a
tive abilities); immune to sleep, handfuls of slime from the bottom of killer mimic, who attacks the first PC
charm, hold, death magic, poisons, the pool to attack PCs who havent yet who touches it. The mimic fights to
cold-based spells, and holy water; been successfully slimed. the death and pursues if necessary.
cannot be turned; SZ L; ML 16; XP The scrags fight to the death with
2,000. any PCs in the water. They make no Killer mimic: Int semi; AL NE; AC 7;
attempt to move onto the pathway, al- MV 3; HD 10; hp 74; THAC0 11;
The bobbing ball (25d) is a collec- though they can freely swim under it. #AT 1; Dmg 3d4 (smash); SA glue
tion of hollow bones bound together If a PC flees from the pool through (any creature or item touching
with tough aquatic vines that grow on the underwater passage (25c), the creature is stuck fast; alcohol
the bottom of the pool. A long vine scrags pursue; otherwise, the scrags weakens the glue in three rounds,
tied to a heavy stone prevents the ball will not leave area 25. or victim can break free with suc-
from moving out of position. The cessful Strength check at +2 pen-
bone ball is intended to distract in- 26. Teleporter alty); SD immune to acid; SZ L; ML;
truders, giving the scrags a better 13; XP 3,000.
chance to ambush them. An arch of black granite rises over
Dark slime lines the bottom of the the golden door leading to this room. 29.
pool. The slime is comprised of tissue A strong odor of oranges emanates
lumps from area 17, rotting vegeta- from beneath the door. Inside is a Archway/Teleporter
tion, and chunks of putrefied hide pool of orange mist. Any PC stepping An ivory arch arcs over the golden
from the scrags. Each scrag carries a inside is automatically teleported to door leading to this room. Except for
handful of slime that it can throw 10. area 9. flecks of ivory imbedded in the black
If a scrag hits a surfaced PC with this walls, this room is identical to area 6. A
slime or rubs it into the face of a sub- 27. Hovering Key PC stepping into the orange mist is im-
merged PC (make a normal attack roll mediately teleported to area 9.
An ivory key appears to be hover-
in either case), the PC must succeed in
ing in the center of this black granite
a Constitution check or suffer ex-
room. The walls contain flecks of pol- 30. Butterfly Room
treme nausea, making all attacks at a
ished ivory. A soft halo of white light Read the following if the party en-
-2 penalty for the next hour. Scrags
surrounds the key. A white stain is ters this room.
are unaffected by their slime.

Interview subjects! he exclaims. the party, then proceeds with his
Would you mind answering a few inane interview questions, still re-
The walls of this room are ivory.
Theyre lined with tall white trees. questions? If the PCs decline, Hurcol cording the answers in meaningless
The tree limbs are thin but reach says he understands. I respect your scrawls. If the PCs ask whats happen-
privacy. He continues with his ing, Hurcol says matter-of-factly,
almost to the ceiling. Hundreds of
scrawls and mumbles about his lost Were going to the key. Isnt that
white butterflies perch in the
branches, beating their wings eyes. If the PCs agree to the inter- what you wanted?
slowly and steadily. view, Hurcol asks them disjointed Hurcol continues with his interview
Against the south wall sits the questions. (Who are you? Have as the room falls. Each PC must make
ghostly image of a young man, sur- any pets? Do you have a favorite a Dexterity check to avoid falling
rounded by a clutter of ivory frag- song? What day is it?). If the PCs from the rapid descent, but suffers
ments and broken bones. The examine his ghostly parchments, they no damage in any case. After ten
image is bright blue, except for see only the scrawls of a child. rounds of descent, the room slows.
two black holes opening in his Hurcol has no useful information Five rounds later, the room stops
head where his eyes should be. for the party; if they ask him a ques- moving, settling gently as if on a bed
The image is writing on a piece of tion, he says, Let me look into that of feathers.
ghostly parchment with a ghostly for you, then grabs a random pair of Were here, says Hurcol. Good
broken bones or ivory fragments luck. The image of Hurcol shimmers
feather pen. My eyes, he moans
in a thin squeaky voice. Bring me from the pile around him and puts and fades. A moment later, its gone.
my eyes . . . them in his head where his eyes
should be. The objects fall through 31. Ivory Death
The trees are solid ivory. The but- his head and clatter to the floor. Sor-
ry, he mutters, then continues his in- The descending room (from area
terflies appear to be normal white 30) lands in the area indicated by the
butterflies, but have the heads of tiny terview.
dotted lines. After the image of Hur-
humans, contorted in misery and de- If the PCs give Hurcol the blue crys-
col disappears, the walls of the de-
spair. (The butterflies were human in- tal eyes (from area 20), he accepts
scending room also shimmer and
truders lured into the keep whom them and puts them in his head. The
fade; the ivory trees and butterflies
Icelia killed; she cursed their spirits eyes stay in place. Hurcol blinks and remain.
and resurrected them in this form.) It looks around. Much better, he says, After the walls of the descending
is impossible to communicate with then turns to the party. Now, lets try room vanish, the PCs see an immense
the butterflies. If attacked, the butter- this again. What is it you wanted to cavern with sheer ivory walls. The
flies do not defend themselves. A know? Hurcol still has no useful in- 40 ceiling is enchanted with perma-
wish or remove curse ends the curse formation (other than described be- nent continual light, bathing the ca-
of a single butterfly; it vanishes in a low), answering the partys questions vern in a dim glow. Before them
flash of soft light and is never seen with a shrug and a sheepish Couldnt looms an ivory statue of a head, near-
again. tell you. ly 30 in diameter (31a). The head re-
The image represents the spirit of However, if the PCs ask for help in sembles a human skull covered with
Hurcol Nirimor, a human scholar who locating the treasure room or the ivo- withered and rotting flesh. Shanks of
made his way into the stronghold ry key, and theyve given him his eyes, long matted hair, also rendered in ivo-
Hurcol nods affirmatively. Yes, I can ry, extend from the scalp. Intense pin-
about 20 years ago. Hurcol planned to
help you, he says. That one I can points of red light shine from the
keep a diary of his experiences, later
help you with. He steps past the par- black eye sockets. Imbedded in the
to be used as a basis for a series of
ty and walks to the center of the center of the forehead, in plain view,
books about the supernatural. Icelia
room. The key! he shouts. Take us is an ivory key. (The ivory statue rep-
killed him, then resurrected him in resents the head of Icelia.)
this form, plucking the eyes from his to the key!
All the butterflies instantly stop Dozens of spindly ivory trees, their
head and turning them to crystal. branches filled with white butterflies
(The wraiths in area 20 now have beating their wings. The entire room
whose wings beat in a slow, steady
them.) Hurcol has no memory of his begins to sink into the ground, slowly
rhythm, sprout from the ivory floor
original life. Since hes only an image, at first, then faster and faster, as if the
throughout the room. The butterflies
Hurcol cannot attack or be attacked. room were plunging in free fall down and trees resemble those in area 30.
If the PCs speak to Hurcol or other- an empty shaft. Shallow dish-like indentations open
wise make their presence known, Hurcol seems oblivious to the free in two sections of the cavern floor
Hurcol gropes the air in front of him. fall. Now where were we? he asks (31b and 31c). There is no exit from

the cavern in sight. smashing attacks.
If the PCs attack the head in any
33. Key Room
Butterflies: A butterfly swarm
way, or come within 10' of it, the light surrounds each PC; it cannot be evad-
in its eyes flares brightly and its jaws ed. A swarm does no damage but is so Beyond the door lies an immense
slowly widen. The head spews a blast distracting that the PC attacks at a - room brightly lit with shining gold-
of poison gas in a cone 50 wide and 2 penalty. A swarm can be dispersed en globes suspended from the ceil-
100 long, reeking of decay and if the PC spends a round doing noth- ing. Centered in the room is a
death; all those in the cones area of ing but fending it off with smoke or square pit, filled to the top with
effect suffer 3d6 damage (save vs. fire. A swarm also disperses if it suf- thousands upon thousands of glis-
poison for half damage). fers 25 hp damage; assume the tening gold keys. A soiled red cloth
Immediately after the stench at- swarm is AC 7. A dispersed swarm the size of a handkerchief extends
tack, the ground near 31b and 31c be- leaves the PC alone for 1d4 rounds, from the key mound in the center
gins to rumble. A moment later, two then returns; if a PC disperses the of the pit.
20-diameter i v o r y f i s t s b u r s t same swarm a second time, the A 30-square golden door sits
through the 31b and 31c indenta- swarm no longer returns. flush in the north wall. You see
tions. Each hand has 12 fingers that Head statue: The head statue sparkling black gems in the door.
end in snarling reptilian heads with cant move, but it can swivel to make The center of the door contains
razor-sharp fangs. special gas attacks. Each gas attack is three keyholes.
a cone 50 wide and 100' long; note
Ivory hydra hands (2): Int semi; that PCs are safe from the gases at The globes, keys, and door are all
AL CE; AC 1; MV 9; HD 12, 8 hp per the far ends of the cavern. The head made of iron covered with a thin lay-
head; THAC0 9; #AT 12 or 1; Dmg can emit any of the following spews, er of fools gold. The globes are per-
1d10 (bite from each head) or 4d10 one per round:
manently enchanted with continual
(smash victims in 10' radius); SZ G; 1. Poison gas. (Described above.)
ML 10; XP 2,000. light. The door is identical to the door
2. Fear gas. Any PC exposed to this
previously experienced as a vision by
colorless, odorless gas must save vs.
The hydra hands lurch towards the the Chosen PC (Veilstone Peaks en-
breath weapon or fall trembling to
party, the reptilian heads hissing and the ground, unable to act for 2d4 counter 15, Chapter 1).
snapping. As the hands lurch, all the rounds. So powerful is the magic that en-
butterflies flutter from the trees and 3. Silencing gas. Any character ex- chants the huge golden door that not
move towards the party in thick posed to this gray, odorless gas must even a wish can open it. At your op-
cloud-like swarms. save vs. spells or lose the ability to tion, a wish might allow a PC inside
Once the hydra hands burst speak for 2d4 rounds. the door without opening it, but note
through the floor, the hands, the but- The head statue is AC 1. If it suffers that the PCs cant open the door from
terflies, and the ivory head attack the 120 hp damage, it crumbles into dust, inside, either. However, if the violet
party as described below. The hands leaving the intact ivory key behind. key (from area 8p), the ivory key
and the head fight until destroyed, or Destroying the head also reveals a (from area 31), and the old key (area
until the PCs escape the chamber, as golden door that was hidden behind 3, Level 1 of the Wolovers Keep map)
described below. it. The door opens to a winding ivory are inserted in the keyholes (each key
Hydra hands: The hydra hands staircase that descends deeper into fits in any keyhole), proceed immedi-
are connected to long, flexible ivory the earth. ately to the area 34 encounter.
arms extending from the floor. The Aside from minor variations in col-
hydra hands can reach anywhere in 32. Mosaic Room or and size, the 99,999 keys in the pit
the chamber. Every round, a hand are identical. All fit in the keyholes in
can either make biting attacks against This room is similar to area 9. How-
ever, there is only one diagram and the huge golden door, but none of
PCs (up to four heads can attack a sin-
one arch, both made of iron plated them open it.
gle foe), or it can form the heads into
with fools gold. The diagram and the The red cloth is part of a velvet
a fist and smash all PCs within a 10'
radius. Make a normal attack roll arch are icy cold to the touch. robe. The robe surrounds the skele-
against each potential victim. Each Above the arch is a message spelled tal remains of a human male. These
smashed victim suffers 4d10 damage; out in a mosaic of gold-plated iron. The are the remains of Hakem, whom
items must save vs. crushing blow. message reads: THREE KEYS FOR THE Balko told the party about in the pro-
Each arm is AC 1 and has 70 hp. If GOLD. As before, the phrase means logue. When Hakem and his sister
the PCs sever a hands arm, the hand that three keys are necessary to unlock Kharla reached this area, the treach-
continues to move and attack, but it the golden door leading to the treasure erous Kharla stabbed him in the back
can no longer form a fist and make chamber (area 33). and dumped his body in the key pit,

so that she could keep the treasure spells; vulnerable to rod of immo- alds, and rubies; glistening drifts of
for herself. bile insects from Chapter 1; SZ L; gold and silver coins.
If the party doesnt have the keys ML 15; XP 975. A moment after the door disap-
needed to open the treasure door, let pears, it is replaced with the ghostly
them experiment for a while with al- Kharla originally entered the image of a human skull covered with
ternate methods of opening it (all of stronghold with her brother Hakem, withered and rotting flesh and
them fail). When theyre on the verge in search of riches. She killed him shanks of long matted hair. Intense
of giving up, proceed to the Clawed when they found the treasure room. pinpoints of red light shine from the
Intruders section. Impressed with Kharlas treachery, black eye sockets. (This is an image of
Icelia, similar to the ivory statue in ar-
Icelia murdered her, then resur-
Clawed Intruders ea 31). The image cackles loudly, its
rected her to serve as a commander
voice like nails scraping on slate.
of the lichling servitors. Icelia al-
Opening its jaws wide, it inhales
Your attention is drawn to a low lowed Kharla to retain her intelli- sharply. Every PC, regardless of his
humming coming from the west gence, though Kharla has no memory location, is swept into the jaws of the
wall. The humming increases in in- of her former life. image as if pulled by a powerful vac-
tensity, becoming so loud that it In exchange for a promise of a king- uum. The PCs can do nothing to resist
seems to drill into your brain, as a dom of human slaves to rulea the vacuum; they crash into a pile of
ten-by-ten section of the wall be- promise Icelia has no intention of gold coins, each suffering 1d6 dam-
gins to glow. As the humming keepingKharla now willingly serves age from the impact.
builds to a painful crescendo, Icelia. Her principal duty is finding When all the PCs have been drawn
streams of white light flare from exceptionally able humans who can into the treasure room, the image
the glowing square, and the hum- be transformed into new servitors. vanishes, and the door reappears, ef-
ming stops. Kharla has the same statistics as the fectively trapping them inside. The
The wall section is gone. Stand- other servitors. Also, Kharla has a 5-thick door is made of iron, perma-
ing in the opening is a woman with wand of lightning with 12 charges. nently enchanted with wall of force.
the head of a cockroach. She has Kharla opened the section of wall by The room is made of black granite.
twitching black antennae, a pair of touching it with a small copper ring The chamber is pitch black. PCs
bulbous golden eyeballs, and she wears on the claw of her right who examine the treasure find that
wisps of long black hair growing hand. The wall section remains open most of it has been fused together in
for 15 minutes. immense clumps. Icelia did this to
from her shiny scalp. She wears a
Before the PCs can act against the prevent theft. Tampering with the
tattered scarlet robe and carries a
fused treasure in any way causes it to
glowing silver rod in her clawed servitors, Kharla hurls a glass sphere
crumble into near worthless dust.
hand. Eight other humanoids, just that shatters and fills the room with a
Diligent searching reveals many
as hideous, cower behind her. gray mist. All PCs in the room must
loose gems and coins that the PCs
The woman steps through the save vs. poison at a -7 penalty or
may take. All gems listed in the
opening. The other creatures fol- lapse into unconsciousness for an Gems section of Appendix 1 in the
low her closely. You seek trea- hour. The servitors attack PCs who Dungeon Masters Guide are in ample
sure? she asks in a raspy voice. I dont succumb to the gas; if conscious supply. Determine how much trea-
bring you a gift far more valuable PCs dont surrender, the servitors sure is available to the party accord-
than gold and gems. fight to the death. Unconscious and ing to your own campaigns
captured PCs are taken to the cavern standards, up to about 50,000 gp val-
The creatures are mindless lichling north of the treasure room; proceed ue per PC.
servitors (see area 8k for details). The to area 36. The PCs also discover several skele-
female is Kharla, another servitor. tal remains among the treasure piles.
34. Treasure Room These are adventurers who were
Lichling servitors (9): Int semi; AL trapped in the treasure room and
CE; AC 2; MV 12; HD 6; hp 45; When the proper keys are inserted died here. If the PCs examine the
in the keyholes of the golden door (in north side of the room, they discover
THAC0 15; #AT 2; Dmg 2d6/2d6
area 33), the door disappears, reveal- an 8-diameter hole that appears to
(claws); SD can only be struck by
ing a vast circular chamber filled have been crudely hacked into the
+ 1 or better magical weapons; im- with staggering amounts of treasure:
mune to poison, charm, sleep, en- wall. The hole opens to an 8-
pearls, opals, and sapphires as nu- diameter, roughly chiseled passage
feeblement, polymorph, fear, cold, merous as grains of sand on a beach;
electricity, insanity, and death that winds into the earth.
a sparkling ocean of diamonds, emer-

near death. reappearing in their original loca-
35. Dying Ally Tier explains that the promise of tions for other intruders to find.
Sprawled against the north wall of treasure is only a ruse to lure people (Good guesshes right.)
this cavern is a stocky human clutch- into this stronghold, which was cre-
ing a green-glowing battle axe and ated by an evil force of enormous Stonesplitter: When the party
wearing a copper bracelet. His eyes magnitude. Her name is Icelia. She completes its questions, Tier gives
are glassy, his lips are cracked, and must be stopped, or all the Realms them his axe. This is Stonesplitter. It
his skin is bright yellow. Thin streams will be hers. now belongs to you. Use it to cut a
of yellow liquid trickle from small Tier gags and chokes, struggling to path due east, then continue in that
cracks in the cavern wall. The human catch his breath. When he resumes direction until you find a way to de-
struggles to rise when he sees the breathing normally, the party can stroy Icelia.
party, then collapses back to the question him. He has no information Stonesplitter acts as both a vorpal
ground. He smiles weakly. Good to other than that listed below. If the battle axe and a spade of colossal ex-
see you, he gasps. Looks like you got PCs dont ask the right questions, Tier cavation, except that it can cut and
here just in time. offers any of the information that you scoop away sections of solid rock.
feel the PCs should have. Tier also gives them his remaining
Lenzmin Tier (13th-level human Who is Icelia?: An evil wizard food (two days rations for one per-
fighter): AL LG; AC 5; MV nil (due who was later reborn as a lich. She son) and his copper bracelet (value 5
to illness); hp 5 (normally 90 hp, re- has since become something far more gp).
duced due to illness); THAC0 nil powerful than a lich, and far more Tier is too weak to accompany the
(normally 8) #AT nil (normally 1); dangerous. Tier has no details. party. However, if the PCs use magical
Dmg nil (normally by weapon); AL What do you know of her or other methods to return Tier to at
LG. Carries Stonesplitter (see text). plan?: She is creating her own ar- least half of his original hit points, he
my to conquer the world, an army of feels well enough to accompany them
Tier introduces himself. If the PCs insectile monstrosities, spawned for the rest of their journey, if they
speak, he interrupts them. Hear me from her body. If asked, Tier de- ask. Such are his injuries, though,
out, he says. I may not last much scribes the physical appearance of that he cant walk faster than MV 3. If
longer. Tier says he entered the the lichlings; PCs who have seen the Tier accompanies the party, he keeps
stronghold at the King of Cormyrs re- lichlings elsewhere recognize Tiers Stonesplitter for himself. If the PCs
quest, and through perseverance description. This labyrinth was built dont take Tier with them and return
and a great deal of luck found the for Icelias spawns. They feed on the to this area within an hour, they dis-
keys needed to unlock the treasure fear and emotional trauma of in- cover that Tier has died.
room door. I had a bit of help, he ad- truders trying to navigate safely past If the party uses Stonesplitter to cut
mits, saying that he consulted with an its traps and minions. Tier has no a tunnel to the east, or if Tier goes
old diviner friend before he arrived more details. with them and shows them the way,
at the keep. His name is Xamine. How do we stop Icelia?: Tier they enter area 39.
Lives in a little town called Melcher. doesnt know, but he knows where to
He used his divining skills to figure find her. She is somewhere to the 36. Transformation
out which keys I needed. (If the PCs east.
visited Melcher in Chapter 1, they How did you learn all this in-
may have heard about Tiers meetings formation?: A man appeared to Events here depend on whether the
with Xamine.) me in a vision. He didnt say his name, party has experienced the Clawed
Once Tier opened the treasure but he had blue eyes, a curly blonde Intruders section above.
door, he was trapped inside like the beard, and wore a long robe covered If the party hasnt experienced
PCs. Using his axe, Stonesplitter, he with small circles. The image said Clawed Intruders: The party
hacked open an escape passage. But I that in his former life, he was a wiz- most likely has entered this area be-
went the wrong way. A yellow liquid ard engaged in magical research to cause they didnt follow Tiers direc-
sprayed through these cracks in the benefit the poverty-stricken farmers tions (see area 35). As soon as the
wall and doused me with poison. I ha- of his homeland. But Icelia killed him party enters area 36, they encounter
vent been able to go on. and corrupted his ideas for her own Kharla and her eight lichling servitors
Tier was sprayed by a stream from purposes. (The image was that of (see the Clawed Intruders section
the poison pool in area 37. There isnt Amry Wolover.) for details). Kharla tries to knock out
enough of the lilac liquid left in this If you had the keys to the the PCs with her glass globe (as de-
cavern to harm the PCs. Tier has kept treasure room door, how were tailed in Clawed Intruders), after
himself alive through various potions we able to find them?: Perhaps which the encounter plays out as de-
hed carried with him, but now hes the keys vanish when the door opens,

scribed below. fall to the ground. During the next vitors pursue the PCs relentlessly,
If the party has experienced 2d4 rounds the character can take no though they do not go near the mist
Clawed Intruders: The party action. (The party should recognize pool (area 40).
awakens in the bottom of a bowl- this fluid as similar to that in area 17). All the servitors, including Kharla,
shaped pit about 15 deep and 20 in The fluid fills the pit at a rate of 1' can be affected by the rod of immo-
diameter (36a); small projections of per round. The PCs cannot float or bile insects from Chapter 1.
jagged rock line the sides of the pit. swim in the thick fluid; once sub- A group of PCs whose Strength
All PCs have their hands tightly merged in the fluid, they risk drown- scores total 20 can replace the boul-
bound behind them with thick vines. ing (refer to the Special Underwater der plug in the hole (36b) and stop the
All their weapons, armor, and other Rules in the Introduction). Kharla in- flow of fluid. As long as the servitors
possessions are gone. tends all PCs to drown in the pit. Dead are engaged in battle, they dont both-
The pit is centered in a black gran- PCs are left in the pit for 24 hours, at er to pull the plug again.
ite cavern, illuminated by patches of which time Icelia will transform them
fluorescent fungus clinging to the permanently into NPC lichling servi- 37. Yellow Pool
walls. The cavern ceiling is 30 high; tors. In two days time, the fluid grad-
stalactites and stalagmites, about 5 ually seeps into tiny cracks in the This cavern reeks of lilac, emitted
thick and 10 long, sprout from the bottom of the pit, emptying it. from a large pool of yellow liquid.
ceiling and floor. If they wish, the PCs can speak with Any PC who touches the liquid must
Kharla and seven of her lichling ser- Kharla while the pit fills. If asked to save vs. poison or die (save for 3d6
vitors stand near the perimeter of the identify Icelia, Kharla says only, The damage).
pit, staring down at the party. The master and mother of us all. If asked The poison is derived from the S3/A
eighth servitor stands near the north about Hakem, she says, He was too chemical that the party may have
wall beside a 3-wide granite boulder weak to serve, fit only for lichling learned about in Chapter 1; a 2C/XA
thats been plugged into a hole in the food. If asked about the lichlings, she pelletavailable in Chapter 1
wall (36b). A tiny stream of yellowish identifies them as the developing negates the effects of the liquid. Lich-
fluid leaks from the boulder, dripping children of Iceliasoon to be your ling servitors are immune to the
into a gutter (36c) that leads to the pit. brothers. To all other questions, she liquids effects.
All of the partys possessions are answers, This is not for children to
piled near the west wall (36d). The know. 38. Blockage
passage in the south wall (36e) leads There are three ways the PCs can
The passage is blocked by large
back to the key room (area 33); it ends break free of the vines binding them:
chunks of black granite caused by a
at a solid granite wall, enchanted with
collapsing ceiling. One PC working
wall of force (unless the PCs can ne- Snap them with a Strength check.
for an hour can clear away enough
gate the wall of force and break their Untie them with a Dexterity check
chunks to create a man-sized hole
way in, only the touch of Kharlas cop- at a +4 penalty; a PC back-to-back
through the blockage.
per ring can re-open the magical en- with a companion takes only a + 2
try to area 33). penalty on attempts to untie the
As soon as the PCs regain con- companions bonds. 39. Cavern
sciousness, Kharla peers into the pit Scrape the vines against the sharp This huge cavern is filled with thick
and speaks to them. You have been projections on the walls of the pit. stalactites and stalagmites. It holds
chosen for a great honor. In a short The projections cut the bonds in nothing of interest.
while, you will join the select ranks of 1d4 + 1 rounds of scraping.
those who serve the children of Icelia.
But first, we must rid you of your re- As soon as Kharla realizes that any
40. Mist Pool
pulsive flesh. Kharla motions to the of the PCs have freed themselves (for When the party comes within 20 of
servitor by the granite plug (36b). The instance, if a PC begins to climb out of this cavern, they smell the sweet aro-
servitor pulls out the boulder, and the pit, or attacks a servitor with a ma of oranges.
thick streams of milky fluid with yel- missile weapon), she and the servitors A pool of orange mist fills the floor
low lumps pour from the hole, flow attack all freed PCs, leaving the of the cavern. Any PC touching the
down the gutter, and plop wetly into bound PCs to drown in the pit. Kharla mist is instantly teleported to area 1
the partys pit (36a). When the first attacks with her wand of lightning; of Chapter 4.
gush of fluid splashes into the pit, the servitors swarm at the PCs, slash-
each PC must make a Constitution ing with their claws and snapping
check; failure means violent nausea with their teeth. Kharla does not ne-
from the stench, losing 1d4 hit points gotiate, and she and the servitors
and the slippery liquid causes a PC to fight to the death. Kharla and the ser-

lias transformed body in this part of gans, valves, and capillary bundles
DMs OVERVIEW the adventure, making their way (all described below), the entire husk
This chapter details the third and through a maze of ducts and modi- is made of petrified tissue with AC
final level of Icelias stronghold, the fied organs. The players arent likely -1. Networks of tiny capillaries filled
transformed husk of what was once to be aware of the exact nature of with a magical freezing gas extend
Icelias body. Use the Stronghold their characters surroundings, at from the cavern walls and permeate
Level 3 map on the insert color map least at first. Allow them the fun of all petrified tissue, making the tissue
for reference. The PCs begin this figuring it out for themselves. ice cold to the touch. Should a PC
chapter in area 1. The husk is suspended horizontally damage the tissuefor instance, by
in an immense cavern miles beneath digging through itthe damage auto-
the surface of the earth. Thick webs matically ruptures the capillaries and
Goals of iron strands, generated by Icelia sprays a mist of freezing gas, causing
In this chapter, the PCs can accom- and permanently enchanted with 2d6 damage (save vs. breath weapon
plish the following: wall of force, connect the husk to the for half damage). PCs continue to
cavern walls. The strands are only suffer this damage every round they
l locate the spirit of Amry Wolover inches apart and instantly regenerate attack the tissue. Damaged husk tis-
and learn his secrets (area 11). if destroyed. sue completely repairs itself in one
l find the spawning ground of the Except where specified otherwise, round; ducts, organs, and capillary
lichlings (area 12). the interior of the husk, including all bundles also heal in this way.
l face Icelia and Zhorach in a final ducts, organs, and fluids, is about 45
showdown (area 13). degrees Fahrenheituncomfortably Map Features
cold, but not damaging.
General Features All ducts, organs, and other areas All of these features are designated
of the husk generate their own on the Stronghold Level 3 Map.
Icelia has transformed her body in- greenish light. The light is very dim, Ducts: The PCs travel in the husk
to an immense husk, magically adapt- equivalent to the light produced by mainly through ducts, which resem-
ed to generate and incubate her small candles. ble 10-diameter gray tunnels. Cov-
lichlings. The PCs travel through Ice- With the exception of the ducts, or- ered with small bumps and ridges,

ducts have the texture of alligator Valves: Valves are passageways be- round to squirm free of the contract-
hide and emit a slight odor of rotten tween ducts and organs. They resem- ing section with a Strength check at a
eggs. The ducts continuously expand ble puckered circles of black leather, + 2 penalty. Failure means 2d4 dam-
and contract as if breathing; the con- 5 in diameter. A character who age on that round. Because the ends
tractions are very slight and dont in- touches a valve is instantly trans- of the contracting section pinch
terfere with the partys actions. ported to the opposite side. Like the themselves shut, PCs not caught in
The ducts are AC 0. Damaging a mist doors in Chapter 3, passage the section can do little to assist their
duct exposes the petrified tissue be- through a valve is one-way only, indi- trapped companions; damage inflict-
hind it (see above). Damaged ducts cated by the direction of the arrow ed on the contracting section of the
magically repair themselves in one (see map). The opposite side of a duct is instantly negated. At the end
round. valvethat is, the side opposite the of the contractions duration, the duct
Though the ducts have occasional one indicated by the arrowacts as a expands to its normal diameter.
slopes and inclines, for the most part wall of force to prevent passage in the Cracked ducts: These crack-
they lie on a horizontal plane, allow- other direction. laced duct sections are significantly
ing PCs to use their normal move- Though valves are opaque, they weaker than adjacent sections. PCs
ment rates. transmit sounds and odors, which walking carefully through these sec-
There are four types of ducts, each can provide helpful clues to the PCs tions (moving at or less of their nor-
designated by the substance it con- about the opposite side. For instance, mal movement rates) can make the
tains. The substances are confined to a valve leading to a lilac duct emits a trip across these sections safely. A PC
the ducts; they are not transmitted to lilac odor. A valve leading to a lichling moving at more than normal move-
adjacent ducts and organs by valves fluid duct is warm to the touch and ment rate must make a Dexterity
(see below). exudes a coppery odor. check; if the check fails, the PC chips
The duct types: Capillary bundles: These are off a section of the duct, breaking
1. Lilac ducts: Translucent yellow bundles of tiny ducts. Each duct is open a tiny capillary that sprays
mist that smells like lilacs fills these about an inch in diameter, and the en- freezing gas (2d6 damage; save vs.
ducts. Any PC who comes in contact tire bundle is about 10 in diameter. dragon breath for half damage) in a
with the mist must save vs. poison or The capillary bundles deliver fluids, 10 radius.
die; a save still means 3d6 damage. gasses, and other nutrients generated Blockages: These are web-like ob-
The poison is derived from the S3/A by the various organs to the brain ar- structions of thick tissue that block
chemical that the party may have ea (area 13) to stimulate the produc- the partys progress. To clear a block-
learned about in Chapter 1; a 2C/XA tion of lichling buds. As seen on the age, the PCs must inflict 50 hp dam-
pellet (available in Chapter 1) negates map, these bundles penetrate and age on it; the blockage is AC 0.
the effects of the mist. flow outside the body. Destroying a Sensory Phenomena and
2. Clear water ducts: Crystal clear capillary bundle or interfering with Physical Encounters: When the
water that smells like a mixture of sea its flow has no significant effect on party enters an area marked with an
water and alcohol fills these ducts. It the delivery of nutrients to the brain, X on the map, roll 1d8. On a roll of
has the same properties as the water since the bundles can magically re- 1-3, roll for or choose a Sensory Phe-
described in area 4 of Chapter 2. (PCs pair and unclog themselves in one nomenon. On a roll of 4-6, roll for or
can breathe this fluid as easily as air). round. choose a Physical Encounter. No en-
3. Lichling fluid ducts: These ducts Constricting ducts: The weight counter occurs on a roll of 7-8. Feel
are filled with lichling fluid, a thick, of the party occasionally triggers free to modify or substitute encount-
brackish smelling liquid that pro- spasms in sections of the ducts. For ers as appropriate to the partys cur-
motes the development of maturing every 50 of duct travelled, roll 1d6. rent situation.
lichlings. The fluid is extremely hot On a roll of 1, the party feels the walls When a Physical Encounter indi-
and severely burns anyone immersed of the duct begin to spasm and quiver. cates a monster attack, the monster
in it (3d6 damage per round). If the PCs stop moving for two con- may charge from a valve, approach
4. Stench ducts: Wisps of gray mist secutive rounds, the quivering sub- the party from behind, or appear in
float lazily in these ducts. The mist sides, and the encounter is over. any other manner you like. Monsters
reeks of rotten meat, but is harmless. Otherwise, a 10-section of the duct pursue into other ducts, but not into
Organs: Like ducts, all organs are tightly contracts (choose any random organs.
AC 0; damaging them exposes petri- 10-section of the duct occupied by at
fied tissue (see above). Damaged or- least one PC). All PCs within this sec-
gans magically repair themselves in tion are tightly squeezed for the next
one round. Organs not discussed in 1d4 rounds, as though crushed by a
the text have withered away and dis- constrictor snake.
solved. A trapped PC can try once per

near area 3. or better weapon to hit; immune to
ENCOUNTER all heat and fire-based attacks; SZ
KEY-LEVEL 3 3. Modified Kidney H; ML 17; XP 10,000.
This organ was formerly an im- Within two rounds after the party
mense kidney. However, instead of fil-
1. Modified Gall tering blood, the organ now
enters the organ, the fire elemental
Bladder bursts through the surface of the lich-
generates lichling fluid, transported ling fluid pool to attack the intruders.
If the PCs have just arrived here via capillary bundles to the modified The elemental can walk effortlessly
from the orange circle in area 40 of brain (area 12). The fluid also seeps on the surface of the pool and
Chapter 3, read the following: through small cracks in the husk to unlike normal elementalswill not be
fill pools and streams elsewhere in diminished or extinguished by con-
the labyrinth (such as areas 11 and 12 tact with the lichling fluid. Any PC hit
When you wake up, the first thing in Chapter 3).
you notice is the smella sour while on a tissue island must succeed
PCs touching the valve leading to in a Dexterity check or fall into the
combination of alcohol, sea water, this organ are instantly transported lichling fluid. The elemental attacks
and rotting meat. Shivering from to a ledge of spongy red tissue (3a) in- as long as a living PC remains in its
the cold air, you realize that youre side a purplish bean-shaped chamber. chamber. The elemental will not leave
sitting chest-deep in a pile of peb- The chamber is swelteringly hot and the kidney.
bles. But the pebbles crush like reeks of decaying meat. Steaming
crackers when you move. lichling fluid fills the chamber to a
You take a closer lookthe peb- depth of 10. Immersion in the fluid 4. Tickle Zone
bles are actually the dried re- causes 3d6 damage per round. PCs in the portions of the ducts
mains of tiny green worms, and Four islands of spongy red tissue within the dotted line feel a tickling
the floor of this chamber is filled float in the fluid (3c). A PC can jump sensation on their flesh, as if hun-
with them. between two islands with a success- dreds of tiny invisible hairs are
ful Dexterity check; a failed check brushing against them. There, is no
The party is inside the right lobe means a fall into the hot lichling fluid apparent source of the tickling,
(1a) of a pear-shaped organ with (3d6 damage). Ledge 3b leads out of which persists as long as the PCs re-
spongy pink walls. The organ was the organ. main within this area. The PCs suffer
formerly an immense gall bladder. Streams of lichling fluid pour stead- no penalties from the tickling.
However, instead of storing digestive ily from purple spigots growing from
fluids, the organ now serves as recep- the chamber walls (3d). The spigots, 5. Modified Intestine
tacle for dead green worms manufac- made from pulsating purple muscle
tissue, magically generate the lichling This organ was formerly an im-
tured in the modified intestine (area mense intestine. However, instead of
fluid. A capillary bundle opens on the
5b). The dead worms are sucked functioning as a digestive organ, it
east wall near the surface of the lichl-
through a duct (area 6) and deposited now serves primarily to generate tiny
ing fluid pool; the bundle carries the
here, where they eventually decom- green worms, which are taken to ar-
fluid to area 12. A valve is also open in
pose and are absorbed into the organ the north wall, and a spongy tissue ea 1 where they are absorbed and
walls. The dead worms smell awful ledge extends beneath it. used to help nourish the newly-
but are harmless. At the bottom of the pool is a larger spawned lichlings in area 12.
Except for their sizes, lobes 1a and valve (3e) leading to a 30-diameter The valves leading to this organ
1c are identical. A 10-long passage of chamber of fire, the home of a fire el- emit a strong odor of rotting fish. The
spongy tissue connects them (1b). As emental that keeps the lichling fluid entire interior of the organ reeks
soon as the first PC enters the pas- hot. Only the elemental can use the with the same odor, emanating from
sage, the passage begins to close, as if valve leading to its chamber (which the green worms magically generated
it were a Constricting Duct (see the contains nothing of interest to the by the organs walls (see below).
Map Features section above). party). 5a: The pinkish walls of this section
of the organ are spongy and wet.
Thin pink tendrils grow thickly on
2. Warm Zone Fire elemental: Int low; AL N; AC 2;
the walls, each about a foot long. The
MV 12; HD 16; hp 120; THAC0 5;
Portions of the ducts within the dot- #AT 1; Dmg 3d8; SA any flammable tendrils grope wetly at the passing
ted line are about 15 degrees warmer object struck by the elemental PCs, but do them no harm.
than elsewhere in the husk. The must save vs. magical fire at -2 or A carpet of writhing worms covers
ducts become warmer still as they immediately begin to burn; SD +2 the floor to a depth of about a foot.

The worms are light green in color, is 3 deep, reducing PC movement If the servitors from 5b pursued
slimy, and resemble tiny eyeless rates by half. the party here, the giant worm and
snakes. Each is less than half an inch 5d: This section is identical to 5a, the servitors do not attack each other.
long. The worms are harmless, but a except that the tendrils average 5 The worm will not pursue the party
PC who falls into the worm carpet long. The tendrils lash at the PCs like from this section.
must make a Constitution check or long whips, inflicting 1d4 damage per
suffer extreme nausea for the next round. A PC hacking the tendrils with 7. Screaming Zone
2d6 rounds, making all attacks at a a blade weapon reduces the damage
-1 penalty during that time. by half (minimum 1 hp per round). PCs in the portions of the ducts
5b. This section is physically identi- The tendrils do not attack PCs hold- within the dotted line telepathically
cal to section 5a. Six lichling servitors ing torches or wielding other fire- hear echoing human screams. The
can be seen through the opening of producing objects. anguished screams persist as long as
this section, sitting in the carpet of 5e: The walls of this section are the PCs remain within this area and
worms covering the floor. Optionally, pink, smooth, and narrow, averaging grow louder as the PCs near area 8.
these servitors can include trans- about 4 in diameter. There are no The PCs suffer no penalties from the
formed NPCs that the PCs met else- worms on the floor, and the tendrils screams.
where in the dungeon, such as from the walls are only about half an
Jharold the Chosen (Level 2, area 7g). inch long. 8. Modified Stomach
Lichling servitors (6): Int semi; AL This organ was formerly an im-
6. Worm Duct mense stomach. However, instead of
CE; AC 2; MV 12; HD 6; hp 45;
THAC0 15; #AT 2; Dmg 2d6/2d6 This is the same as a normal Stench functioning as a digestive organ, it
(claws); SD can only be struck by Duct, except the floor is strewn with now channels fear from the agonized
+1 or better magical weapons; im- green worm corpses (as in area 1). A spirits trapped inside to feed the lichl-
mune to poison, charm, sleep, en- gentle suction draws the worms ings. The spirits come from intruders
feeblement, polymorph, fear, cold, steadily from area 5b. who died in the stronghold. Icelias
electricity, insanity, and death A 20-long green tube worm (a dis- magic transferred the spirits here to
spells; SZ L; ML 15; XP 975. tant cousin of the giant centipede and endlessly contain and tap their linger-
the tunnel worm) lies coiled on the ing emotions. A capillary bundle
If the PCs specifically state that floor, buried beneath the worm car- transmits their emotions to the brain
they are moving past the opening to pet. (area 12).
area 5b quietly and slowly, the servi- The valves leading to this organ
tors dont notice them. However, if Tube worm: Int animal; AL N; AC 4; emit ear-piercing screams and a
any PC speaks in a voice louder than MV 6; HD 9 + 3; hp 70; THAC0 11; strong odor of sour milk. A PC who
a whisper, if the party moves rapidly #AT 1; Dmg 2d4; SA lunging (see touches a valve is instantly trans-
through the worm carpet, or if the below); SZ G; ML 12; XP 1,400. ported to a pool of thick fluid about 3
party takes any other action to draw deep, which fills the entire floor of
attention, the servitors rise and Two rounds after the party enters the huge bag-shaped organ. The pul-
charge the party. this section, a random PC feels a thick sating yellow walls ooze milky fluid
The snarling servitors attack sav- snake-like creature wrap around his that splashes heavily into the pool.
agely with their claws and teeth; the or her legs; the worm then surfaces The air reeks of sour milk. The
servitors arent required to make and lunges at the PC, striking with a odor is so powerful that each PC
Constitution checks if they fall in the +2 bonus to its attack. If the strike must make a Constitution check or
worm carpet. The servitors pursue succeeds, the victim is seized in the become violently nauseated for 1d4
into area 5a or 5c; however, they will worms mandibles; if the strike fails, rounds, taking 1d2 damage per
not leave the organ, nor will they en- it continues to strike at its chosen vic- round of sickness.
ter area 5d or 5e. tim with normal attacks. A seized vic- Dozens of shrieking ghostly human
A valve opening near the floor of tim takes no damage until the worm images soar through the air over the
the south wall produces a steady suc- chews through the victims armor pool; their screams are so loud that
tion to draw out dead worms. The (one round for chain mail or worse PCs must shout to hear one another.
dead worms are taken by a duct (area armor, two rounds for armor strong- The PCs cannot communicate with
6) to the modified gall bladder (area er than chain mail). Thereafter the the spirits, nor can they do anything
1c) where they eventually decom- worm inflicts an automatic 2d8 dam- about the spirits plight.
pose. age per round. Until the worm is re- Eight muck-men (distant cousins of
5c: This section is identical to sec- duced to 0 hp, it will not release its mud-men) dwell on the bottom of the
tion 5a, except that the worm carpet victim. pool. Their abilities mimic those of

normal mud-men, though their muck-man hurls himself at a victim. A this passage is the only valve that ex-
bodies consist of yellowish organic hit means the muck-mans death, but its from the organ. To clear the pas-
matter and tissue. slows the victims movement by 4; if sage, the PCs must inflict 40 hp
the muck-man misses, it must spend damage on it; the blockage is AC 5.
Muck-men (8): Int non; AL CE; AC 8; the next round re-forming before it
MV 3; HD 5; hp 39 each; THAC0 15; can attack again. A muck-man cannot 9. Modified Pancreas
#AT 1; Dmg special (see below); SA be attacked while re-forming.
muck-throwing, suffocation (see A victim reduced to a movement This organ was formerly an immense
below); SD harmed only by +1 or rate of 0 begins to suffocate, suffer- pancreas. However, instead of produc-
better weapons; vulnerable to all ing 1d8 damage per round until a ing digestive juices, it now produces
spells that cause damage to living companion takes one round to clear the poisonous yellow mist filling the li-
creatures; dispel magic and dig act the victims nose and mouth. A vic- lac ducts. The interior of the organ is
as fireballs cast at same level of the tims movement can be restored at a completely filled with mist, produced
caster; SZ M; ML not applicable rate of 1 per five rounds of scraping by hundreds of tiny spigots covering
(see text); XP 650. off muck. Muck-men will not leave the spongy yellow walls.
the organ to pursue the PCs. The valves leading to this organ emit
The muck-men look like stocky hu- Five rounds after the muck-men ap- an exceptionally powerful aroma of li-
manoids made from yellow muck im- pear, the spirits begin to swarm over lac. A PC transported inside the organ
bedded with reddish chunks of the PCs, wailing like sirens. So distract- suffers the effects of a lilac duct. How-
tissue. Their eyes are pools of black ing are these actions, which persist as ever, the poison is so concentrated in
shadow. The muck-men attack the long as the party remains in the organ, the organ that the 2C/XA pellets have
PCs by hurling muck. (PCs are consid- that the PCs make all attacks at a -2 no effect on it; nothing less than the
ered AC 10, modified by Dexterity, penalty. The PCs can do nothing to de- power of a wish can negate the effects
for these attacks.) The muck hardens ter the spirits. The muck-men are unaf- of exposure to the deadly mist.
on impact and slows the victims fected by the shrieking spirits.
movement rate by 1 if it hits. While A passage opening on the north 10. Heartbeat Zone
hurling muck, the muck-men con- wall of the organ is blocked by thick
PCs in the portions of the ducts
tinue to advance. When within 10', a chunks of yellowish muck. Beyond
within the dotted line hear in their
heads the faint echoed sounds of a
slowly beating heart. The sounds per-
sist as long as the PCs remain within
this area and grow louder as the PCs
near area 11. The PCs suffer no pen-
alties from the sounds.

11. Modified Heart

This organ was formerly an im-
mense heart. However, instead of
pumping blood, it now serves primar-
ily as a prison for the spirit of Amry
Wolover. The valves leading to this or-
gan emit a faint coppery odor. All ar-
eas of the heart pulsate in a slow,
even beat, matching the rhythm of
the faint heartbeats the party contin-
uously hears in their heads while ex-
ploring the organ. Neither the sounds
nor the pulsations have any signifi-
cant effect on the partys abilities to
move or take any other actions.
11a: This pinkish sac secretes a wa-
tery fluid from small pores in its slick
walls. The humid air smells like rot-
ten meat. The PCs heads throb while

moving through this section, and hand, causes it to open. The Con- the lake.
their breathing is labored, but they stricting duct effect does not occur in Shortly thereafter, he continues,
suffer no ill effects. this passage. I was visited by a creature named
11b: A thick layer of greasy fat 11h: As in 11b, a thick layer of Icelia, an unholy monstrosity who of-
coats the walls and floor of this cham- greasy fat coats the walls of this fered to decontaminate the lake in ex-
ber. The party sinks in the floor fat to chamber. The fat layer covering the change for permission to enter my
a depth of 6, reducing their move- floor is translucent. Suspended in the mind and sample my thoughts. In
ment rates by half. Before exiting this floor fat is the ghostly image of a desperation, I agreed. It was a grave
chamber, they hear a soft voice in bald-headed man with pleading blue mistake.
their heads saying, I can feel you eyes and a curly blonde beard; he With Wolovers defenses relaxed,
near . . . come closer . . . wears a long robe covered with small Icelia not only entered Wolovers
The PCs may have heard the same circles. The image is immobile, mind, but took control of it. Icelia
voice earlier, telling them to come to trapped in the fat like an insect fro- killed him, destroyed his body, and
the heart. This is the voice of Amry zen in an amber block. A capillary enslaved his spirit. She ignored her
Wolover. bundle leads from the head of the im- promise to decontaminate the lake.
11c: Like area 11b, this 10-long age to the north wall. (The lake remains poisoned, but the
passage is covered with fat. As soon The image represents the spirit of ground water was never contami-
as the first PC enters the passage, the Amry Wolover. The image cannot act, nated as Wolover feared.) With her
entire passage constricts like a Con- aside from communicating with the own powerful magic supplemented
stricting duct (see the Map Features PCs. by Wolovers arcane knowledge, Ice-
section). The eyes of the image flicker and lia transformed her body into an im-
11d: Webs of fibrous muscle tissue glow, dancing over the bodies of the mense husk, designed to generate
completely fill this chamber, reduc- party. The party hears a soft voice in and incubate a multitude of spawns.
ing movement rates by 2/3. Three 2- their heads. Wolover tells the PCs that they are
diameter spiders cling to the ceiling, I had nearly given up hope, says standing inside the heart of her husk
hidden behind a thick net of tissue. the voice. but someone has heard at this very moment.
Two rounds after the first PC enters my cries at last. I am the spirit of Her lichling spawns are being gen-
the chamber, the spiders scuttle to- Amry Woloverat one time, a wizard erated from corrupted cells in the
wards the party. The spider have of some renown. But I fear that I may brain cavity of the husk, Wolover
pink bodies, clusters of white eyes, be forever remembered as the man says. There are thousands of matur-
and long fangs dripping yellowish responsible for the end of the world. ing lichlings already, nourished by
venom. Amry continues to speak in a slow, the fear and trauma of doomed in-
even tones that the PCs hear in their truders who were lured into Icelias
Heart spiders (3): Int animal; AL N; heads. If the PCs interrupt, he asks stronghold by the promise of trea-
AC 7; MV 6 (on normal surfaces) or them to wait and ask their questions sure.
18 (on fibrous tissue webs, as in ar- later: It is important that you know The lichlings grow stronger every
ea 11d); HD 2; hp 14 each; THAC0 this first. day. See for yourselves what Icelia
19; #AT 1; Dmg 1d4; SA poison Nearly 300 years ago, I built a keep has planned when her spawn have
(save vs. poison or suffer 3d8 dam- in the Veilstone Peaks where I could fully matured.
age from venom); SZ S; ML 8; XP conduct my experiments undis- Wolover instructs the PCs to place
270. turbed. My expertise was in the field their hands on the floor over his im-
of agriculture. I hoped that from my age. PCs who touch the floor as di-
The spiders attack aggressively, research, the poor farmers of my rected lapse into unconsciousness (no
fighting to the death. The spiders homeland would some day flourish saving throw) and experience a vivid
pursue to area 11b, but will not enter and prosper. But the research was dream, the end of one image dissolv-
other areas of the organ. frustrating and slow. And I became ing into the beginning of the next:
11e: The walls of this duct are careless. Wolover explains that a
crusty and dry. The PCs suffer no ill failed experiment accidentally poi- An 80-tall insectile creature re-
effects from moving through the soned a lake near the keep (Lilac sembling a black cockroach with
duct. Lake, which the PCs may have inves- spindly human arms and legs, a
11f: This is identical to area 11d, tigated in Chapter 1). I feared the pair of ragged gauzy wings, and a
except that there are no spiders. poisoned lake would eventually con- grinning skull for a face, stalks
11g: This passage is similar to the taminate all of the ground water, through a village. Terrified hu-
11c passage, except that it is tightly making the surrounding communi- mans scatter at its approach. Spells
clenched shut. The slightest pres- ties uninhabitable. Despite his best cast at it bounce off its shell as it
sure, such as the touch of a PCs efforts, Wolover was unable to purify easily destroys the village.

An army of the insectile creatures 12. Modified Brain away by tubes in the bottom of the
stomp through a forest, trees snap- pool to be deposited in a dead pool
ping like twigs beneath their feet. Formerly an immense brain, this area 17 in Chapter 3where they
There are thousands of creatures organ serves now as the birthplace of eventually rot away. The flying crea-
in the army. new lichlings. The organ emits a nau- tures are freshly spawned lichlings
seating blend of sour milk, lilacs, or- that are heading to area 13.
The dream fades, and the PCs re- anges, and rotten eggs, detectable by Neither the new spawns nor the de-
gain consciousness. If Icelias spawn PCs outside the southern valve. fects attack the PCs in this chamber.
mature, the world as we know it is PCs touching the valve are instantly Attacks directed against the bubble
doomed, says Wolover. transported to a ledge of spongy red matrices are futile, since the bubbles
Wolover answers the PCs questions tissue (12a). The stench is so powerful instantly regenerate.
as described below. If the PCs dont inside the organ that every PC who Two thick red stalks (12c) extend
ask the right questions, Wolover of- enters must make a Constitution from the north wall, writhing like
fers any of the following information check; failure means violent nausea huge serpents. The stalks end in bulg-
you feel the PCs should have. from the stench, taking 2d4 damage, ing black eyeballs with fiery red pu-
What else do you know about and a fall to the ground. The ill PC pils. The eyestalks recoil when the
Icelia?: Wolover knows all the infor- cannot act for the next 2d4 rounds. party enters the chamber, hovering
mation in DMs Background in the A bridge of spongy tissue leads motionless like cobras.
Introduction. from the ledge to a circle of orange
How long will it take the lich- mist near the north wall (12b). Any Eyestalks (2): Int semi; AL N; AC 1;
lings to mature?: Wolover has de- PC who touches the mist is instantly MV 12; HD 9; hp 70 each; THAC0
t e c t e d a recent i n c r e a s e i n transported to area 13. 11; #AT 1; Dmg 6d4 (electric bolt;
supernatural activity in the husk; he The bridge crosses a pool of thick save vs. spells for half damage) or
suspects the time of maturation is fluid with yellowish lumps; the lumps 2d10 (butting attack); SD immune
near. are masses of tissue. The PCs may to cold-, heat-, and electricity-
How can we stop Icelia?: To de- have seen a similar pool in area 17 in based attacks; SZ G; ML 17; XP
stroy Icelia, you must destroy her Chapter 3. The pool is about 10 deep; 3,000.
skull. Wolover doesnt know exactly PCs immersed in the pool suffer an
how to reach her skull, nor is he sure automatic 2d4 points of poison dam- Two rounds after the party enters
how to destroy it. age per round of exposure to the foul the chamber, the eyestalks attack.
Where can we find Icelia?: I liquid (no saving throw). Once per round, each eyestalk can
sense her skull in a misty sea to the The walls of the cavern are matri- blast electric bolts (6d4; save vs. spells
north. You are close to it now. ces of shiny black bubbles, each no for half damage) or make butting at-
What is the purpose of the more than an inch in diameter. The tacks by swinging their eyes like
tube that connects your head to bubble walls crackle with bluish clubs (2d10). A PC on the tissue bridge
the wall?: The tube extracts magi- webs of static electricity. A PC who who is butted must make a Dexterity
cal energies from my spirit, deliver- touches a wall suffers 3d6 points of check or fall into the fluid pool. Both
ing them to the remnants of Icelias electrical damage (save vs. spells for attacks require normal attack rolls.
corrupted brain in order to stimulate half damage). Either attack can be directed against
the production of new lichlings. Simi- About 5% of the bubbles have tiny any PC in the chamber; however, the
lar tubes throughout the husk deliver skulls, gauzy wings, or bony arms stalks dont attack PCs who are sub-
other fluids and gasses to the brain. protruding from them. Occasionally, merged in the fluid pool.
Wolover explains that destroying the a few of these bubbles fall from the The stalks are AC 1, HD 9, and have
tube is futile, as it is enchanted to in- wall and plop into the fluid pool be- 70 hp. Severing the stalks doesnt de-
stantly regenerate. low, sinking out of sight. Every few ter their attacks; the severed stalks
When the PCs have finished their minutes, a 6" lichling pulls itself free fly in the air at a movement rate of Fl
questions, Wolover bids them good of a bubble, swoops towards the mist 12 (C) and continue their attacks as
luck. If the PCs wish to release Wo- circle (12a), and disappears. before. The eyes continue to attack as
lovers spirit, they can do so by cast- The bubbles are modified brain long as a living PC remains in the
ing remove curse or wish. If the spirit cells. Each produces a bud that gener- chamber.
is released, it whispers its thanks and ates a new lichling. The walls are en- Light attacks no longer blind these
then it disappears in a flash of soft riched by capillary bundles that eyes, but they do have other effects.
light and is never seen again. deliver fluids and gasses from the or- Continual light, color spray and oth-
gans elsewhere in the husk. The bub- er blinding spellsif successfully
bles plopping into the fluid are cast directly on the eyes and not the
defective lichlings, which are sucked stalkscancel the eyes electrical

bolt attacks for 1d3 rounds. cannot act during that time.
An image appears like a mirage The dormant lichlings do not de-
on the surface of the mist sea fend themselves if attacked. How-
13. THE SEA AND about 30 yards from the shore. A ever, make it clear to the players that
ghostly humanoid stands on the there are hundreds of thousands of
THE SKULL bow of a gleaming ship made of hu- lichlings here, and destroying them
Read the following aloud after the man bones. The ship has tattered all is impossible. The cliffs extend for
PCs have disappeared into the orange sails of black gauze. As the ship a mile in the air!
mist in the modified brain (area 12). nears the shore, pinpoints of light The 80 creature is the dried-out
The PCs awaken together in the Ar- flare in the ghosts eye sockets, and corpse of a fully-mature lichling. The
rival Area indicated on the map. it raises a fist to the sky. Icelia! it PCs recognize the corpse as identical
cries, fresh food for your chil- to the creatures shown to them in
The blood pounds in your temples dren! Wolovers dream in area 11. Unable to
as your head clears and you open From high above comes a rumble thrive, the creature died. The debris
your eyes. You are sprawled on of thunder. The ghost cries to the surrounding the corpse, as well as the
your back on a beach of bone meal, insects on the cliffs behind you, bones floating near the shore, are all
staring upward into a black void. Prepare to feed! thats left of other dead mature lichl-
An icy wind stings you like a bar- ings.
rage of tiny needles, and you smell This gigantic cavern is the main in- The sea is icy cold but is otherwise
the salty air of the ocean. To the cubation chamber for the lichlings comparable to normal sea water. The
east, wisps of gray mist rise from a (the insectile creatures clinging to the water averages about 50 deep and
dark sea, its rolling waves lapping granite cliffs). The cliffs function as contains nothing of interest to the
gently against the ivory shore. immense storage batteries for the party. PCs immersed in the icy water
Chipped cylindrical bones, the size fear, emotional trauma, and other must make Constitution checks.
of huge logs, litter the shore, along negative emotions drawn here from Those who fail suffer 1d4 damage per
with many other bones that look elsewhere in the stronghold. Most of five rounds of immersion; those who
like oversized finger joints, human the lichlings are dormant while they succeed suffer 1 point of damage per
ribs, and teeth. Large black fan- feed on the stored emotions from the 10 rounds of immersion. The gray
shaped objects stick up from the cliffs. mist smells faintly like rotten fish but
sand; these look like the shredded Periodically, a freshly spawned lich- causes no ill effects.
wings of giant insects. ling from the brain chamber (area 12) If the PCs attack the bone ship prior
Sheer cliffs of black rock enclose appears in mid-air (transferred from to Round 6 of the battle described be-
the cove west of the seashore, ex- the orange mist in area 12), then flut- low, the ship sinks beneath the sur-
tending as high as you can see. ters to a cliff wall where it stops mov- face of the water. The PCs cannot
Shiny curtains of black specks cov- ing and begins to feed. Occasionally, a locate it or harm it. The ship resur-
er every square inch of the cliffs. lichling detaches from the wall, soars faces on Round 6 of the battle.
The curtains ripple slightly, and in a lazy circle, then vanishes into one The boat is actually the poly-
you realize the curtains are alive. of dozens of small holes in the cliff; morphed skull of Icelia. The ghostly
Theyre made of thousands upon these holes lead to lichling tubes, humanoid is Zhorach.
thousands of motionless insects. which take the lichlings to various lo-
Near the far west wall are the re- cations in the stronghold, enabling Zhorach (ghost): Int 14; AL CE; AC 0
mains of an immense cockroach- them to feast directly on the fresh (prime material plane) or 8 (ethere-
like creature nearly 80 long. Its emotions of new intruders who are al plane); MV 9; HD 10; hp 60;
lying on its back in the sand, sur- succumbing to the strongholds dead- THAC0 11; #AT 1; Dmg age 10d4
rounded by piles of shattered ly traps and minions. years; SA magic jar attack; SD
bones and shredded wings. The If the PCs come within 20 of a cliff, when ghost is ethereal, only at-
corpse is not much more than a waves of discomfort and panic wash tacks from the ethereal plane hit it;
black shell and two tattered wings. over them, though they suffer no ill when semi-materialized, is hit only
Two enormously long human arm effects. Those who come within 10 of by silver weapons (half damage) or
bones and a pair of bent and twist- a cliff are immediately overwhelmed magical weapons (full damage); SZ
ed human leg bones extend from with anguish. They drop to the M; ML 18; XP 7,000.
the corpses shell. The creature has ground and shiver for the next 10
a human skull for a head. rounds (no saving throw), and they Zhorach asked Icelia for the plea-

sure of helping to destroy the party; 150; THAC0 5; #AT 3; Dmg 2d10/ the soul on all PCs, it then casts curse
the overhead thunder indicated Ice- 2d10/4d6; SA spew bone frag- on the survivors (one PC per round,
lias agreement. Zhorach will not ne- ments (see text); SD immune to within a 20-radius). A targeted PC
gotiate with the PCs. charm, sleep, enfeeblement, poly- who fails to save vs. spells automati-
morph, cold, electricity, fear, insan- cally fails all saving throws from then
The Battle of the ity, or death spells; SZ G; ML 20; XP on. The curse can be overcome with
12,000. remove curse, but the victim perma-
Misty Sea nently loses one point of Charisma
The battle begins immediately after The animated corpse lumbers to- when the curse is removed.
Zhorach reaches the shore. The bat- wards the party, striking at random The skull is AC -6 and has 50 hp. It
tle plays out as described below; feel PCs with its razor-sharp claws and can fly at a movement rate of Fl 12 (C).
free to have its events occur sooner biting them with its mandibles. When It is only affected by these spells: for-
or later, if you wish. no victim is within claw or mandible get (Icelias skull sinks away beneath
PCs who have had previous experi- range, it can spew a stream of razor- the sea without attacking), dispel evil
ence with liches may notice some dif- sharp bone fragments at any single (dmg 1d4 + 4), shatter (dmg 3d6), holy
ferences with Icelia; unlike many target up to 100 away (make normal word (dmg 5d6), and power word, kill
other liches, she and all her creatures attack roll) to inflict 6d6 damage. It (destroys skull if cast by an ethereal
fight to the death. She feels she has can make this attack once every other or astral wizard). The only weapons
too much at stake here to retreat. round. inflicting full damage are vorpal
If necessary, creatures pursue into Round 4: The sea beneath the swords, swords of sharpness, and
the sea. All creatures can move on the bone ship begins to boil. Fingers of swords +5 if wielded by fighters or
surface of the water or along the sea steam embrace the ship as it glows rangers. Paladins wielding vorpal +4
floor at their normal movement rates. with a soft green light. or better weapons inflict normal
The battle continues until Icelias Round 6: The bone ship shatters damage. Any character wielding
skull is on the verge of being de- to dust. In its place is a hovering skull Stonesplitter inflicts normal damage.
stroyed (for instance, it has lost 2/3 of covered with withered and rotting Any PC with a +4 or better weapon
its hit points). At that point, proceed flesh. Shanks of long matted hair ex- or a mace of disruption inflicts 1 point
to the Orange Circle section, below. tend from the scalp. Intense pin- of damage per strike. Other weapons
Round 1: Zhorach advances to- points of red light shine from the are useless.
wards the nearest PC. Zhorach at- black eye sockets.
tacks the partys most powerful This is the skull of Icelia. The visage The Orange Circle
spellcaster (or other powerful PC, if is similar to that of the ivory head in
there are no spellcasters) from the area 33 of Chapter 3. Eight of the When Icelias skull senses its de-
ethereal plane with its magic jar spell. skulls teeth have been replaced with struction is imminent, it opens its
If the spell is successful, the victims black diamonds. jaws and speaks to the party in a men-
soul is trapped in a hollow finger Immediately after it appears, the acing hiss. Destroy me, it says, and I
bone lying in the bone meal; the bone skull unleashes a howl that acts as a vow that my children will destroy
gives off a slight glow if used as a mag- death ray, affecting all PCs within a your world. Beams of violet light
ic jar receptacle. Regardless of 20-radius of its mouth. Those who stream from the skulls eyes and
whether the magic jar succeeds, fail to save vs. spells are permanently sweep over the cliffs. The dormant
Zhorach semi-materializes (in the dead. lichlings begin to stir, their wings
form of a human male with long On the following round and every beating in a slow, steady rhythm. The
stringy hair) and continues to attack round thereafter, the skull casts trap lichlings dont leave the cliffs, how-
with its touch. The semi-materialized the soul on one of the PCs within a ever, and the battle continues as de-
ghost is AC 0. 20-radius; the spell is directed at scribed above.
To adjudicate effects of the ghosts spellcasters first, then at all non- If Icelias skull is reduced to 0 hp or
aging touch, see Other Characteris- spellcasters. The targeted PC is al- otherwise destroyed (as from power
tics in Chapter 2 of the Players lowed to save vs. spells; if the saving word, kill), it crumbles to dust. Those
Handbook. throw fails, the victims body col- trapped in the tooth gems must save
Round 2: The mature lichling lapses and rots away in a single vs. spells. Those who fail are lost for-
corpse shudders and pulls itself up on round; the victims spirit is then ever. Those who succeed cause their
its arms and legs. trapped inside one of the skulls tooth gem to glow faintly; true seeing re-
gems. (An amulet of life protection veals a tiny figure trapped inside. The
A n i m at ed l i c hl i ng c o rpse: Int prevails over the tooth gem, but the soul is freed by crushing the gem; a
semi; AL CE; AC 3; MV 9; HD 20; hp victims body perishes regardless.) new body must be within 10 yards
When the skull has attempted trap for the soul to enter or the spirit is

lost. If still active, both Zhorach and the special event described below oc- thrusts through the crack and begins
the animated lichling corpse continue curs. to make broad sweeps over the sur-
their attacks. Round 5: The lichling swarm be- face of the sea, its fingers grabbing
Immediately after the skull crum- gins to flap towards the party. If the and clawing. This is one arm of Ice-
bles, the battle proceeds as described party has divided into several groups, lias husk; the party moved through
below. Round 1 is the first round fol- the swarm divides into an equivalent the husk earlier in this chapter.
lowing the skulls destruction. As be- number of swarms. Assume that hun- The mindless arm attacks random-
fore, feel free to have events occur dreds of lichlings are available to at- ly, splashing the surface of the sea,
sooner or later, if you wish. tack each PC. A lichling swarm has a swatting lichling swarms, and claw-
Round 1: Thunder begins to rum- movement rate of Fl 24 (B). ing at PCs. Each round after it ap-
ble high overhead. Bright streaks of The lichling swarms attack all PCs pears, the arm makes a random
violet lightning rip the sky. The lich- they can reach. For convenience, as- sweep of the area; it can reach any-
lings beat their wings faster. sume that each PC has a 75% chance where in area 13. Each PC has a 20%
Round 2: A bolt of violet lightning of suffering 3d6 damage per round chance per round of being swatted or
streaks from the sky and strikes an from random lichling attacks; a PC clawed by the arm. Swatted PCs suf-
area of the sea about 200 from the who is actively defending has a 25% fer 3d10 damage, and a swatted PC
shore (13a). The area begins to glow chance of suffering damage, and then riding a bone canoe is also knocked
orange. takes only 1d6 points per round. into the sea. Since all damage to the
The lightning bolt has activated a Vary t hese percent ages and arm instantly regenerates, attacks
gate leading to the basement of Wo- amounts of damage to respond to the against it are useless.
lovers Keep. Though Icelia intends actions of the PCs; for instance, a fly-
the lichlings to use the gate to teleport ing PC who takes evasive action has
to the surface world, the PCs can also little or no chance of being attacked. VICTORY OR
use it to return home. PCs unable to A PC doing nothing but lying on the DEFEAT
fly or employ similar magical means beach is an easy target for the lich-
to reach the orange circle may swim lings and is likely to suffer more dam-
the seakeep in mind possible dam- age. If the PCs reach the orange circle,
age from exposure to the icy water Impress on the players that there proceed to the Victory section. If
or they can use one of the dozens of are thousands upon thousands of the PCs fail to destroy Icelias skull (in
hollow bones floating near the shore lichlings, far too many for the PCs to which case the orange circle wont
as a makeshift canoe; the tattered subdue. As lichlings in the swarms appear) and are defeated by Icelia
wings make functional paddles. Two are killed, new lichlings become ac- and her minions, proceed to the De-
PCs can ride one bone canoe; the tive and detach themselves from the feat section.
movement rate of the canoe is equiva- wall to join the attack. However,
lent to the movement rate of the slow- when a PC uses the rod of immobile
est paddling PC. insects (from Chapter 1) on a lichling Defeat
PCs who reach the orange circle are swarm, the rest of the lichlings are News of the partys investigation of
immediately teleported to the base- temporarily intimidated by this pow- Wolovers Keep and their subsequent
ment of Wolovers Keepproceed to erful weapon; the lichlings refrain disappearance qu ickly s pr e a ds
the Victory or Defeat section below. from attacking the holder of the rod throughout the realm. The number
Round 3: Thousands of lichlings of immobile insects and all PCs within of adventurers entering the keep
detach from the cliffs and assemble in a 10-radius of the rod for the next dwindles dramatically. After all, if he-
a vast swarm that hovers near the 1d4 + 1 rounds, whereupon they re- roes as powerful as the PCs met their
cliff. The lichlings arent quite alert sume their attacks. end in the keep, what chance do
enough to attack the PCs, but the par- The lichlings do not pursue the PCs lesser mortals have?
ty may attack them as described be- into the orange circle but instead hov- With a shortage of new intruders to
low. er near its perimeter. As per Icelias nourish her lichlings, Icelia is forced
Round 4: The party hears a intentions, the lichlings will not in- to accelerate her plans. In 10 years,
pounding sound coming from behind vade the surface world until most of Icelia sends about a hundred mature
the lichling cliffs (area 13b), as if their number are active. lichlings into the surface world, a
something imprisoned behind the Special Event: At some dramatic number far short of the massive ar-
cliffs is trying to break through. The moment just before the PCs escape my she originally envisioned. The
pounding causes rocks to tumble through the orange circle, an im- forces of Cormyr rally to battle the
from the sides of the cliff and dor- mense crack opens in the side of the lichlings, eventually defeating them
mant lichlings to fall lifelessly to the cliff (area 13b). A gigantic bony hand at the cost of many lives and the near-
ground. The pounding persists until covered with shards of rotting flesh

devastation of the Veilstone Peaks re- The tremors persist as the PCs in their honor. Cormyran officials lis-
gion. Following the invasion of the make their way out of the keep and ten with interest to the partys story.
lichlings, Wolovers Keep mysteri- into the night air. Stress that explora- All payments promised in the Pro-
ously explodes, collapsing in a heap of tion of the keep at this point would be logue are made, and the PCs are
rubble and debris. most unwise! Gathered in foothills hailed as heroes.
surrounding the keep are a sizeable Cormyran court wizards suggest
number of curious villagers carrying that Icelia intended the lichling
Victory torches and lanterns. As the party de- shower as a final, desperate attack.
After entering the orange circle, scends from the keep, the villagers But not only did the lichling shower
the PCs lapse into unconsciousness. A mutter excitedly to one another. cause insignificant damage, local
moment later, they awaken in a circu- Looking over their shoulders, the PCs scholars theorize that the decompos-
lar room with granite walls. The air is see that the keep is glowing in a dim ing lichlings may act as a fertilizer to
heavy with the smell of oranges, and violet light. enrich the barren soil of the Veilstone
all is silent. Shattered barrels, empty A short plump man with a bald Peaks.
crates, and toppled shelves lie against head and bushy white eyebrows This theory proves correct. In
the walls. Nearly the entire floor is rushes from the crowd to greet the years to come, the farmlands in this
filled with a circular pool of orange party. The PCs instantly recognize region become some of the most fer-
mist. The PCs recognize this room as him as Balko Verdemeer. Balko excit- tile in all the Realms, and the Veil-
the basement of Wolovers Keep edly congratulates the PCs on their stone Peak villages begin a new era of
(from the end of Chapter 1). success. He says that he and his aides prosperity.
Give the PCs a few moments to get came to the keep a few hours ago
their bearings. As they try to leave
the room, or as they decide the dan-
when they saw the violet aura. We
took it as a sign of your success. Ex- APPENDIX: NEW
ger is past, the bony hand of Icelias
husk thrusts upward from the or-
actly how did you cause it to shine
like that?
ange pool and makes a sweeping rake Before the PCs can give more than a
of the room; each PC must make a brief answer, one of Balkos aides Rod of Immobile
Dexterity check to avoid being shouts, Take cover! The keep is
clawed or swatted against the wall
breaking up! The villagers, Balko,
(3d6 damage). The hand immediately and his aides scramble for safety. The This is a 2-long rod made of gold
withdraws, and the mist pool disap- PCs can find cover under a tree or with a white pearl on the end.
pears, leaving only an empty granite rock alcove; there are plenty in the The rod operates by the mental
floor behind. immediate area. command of the user, discharging a
After the hand withdraws, the One round after the aides warning, cloud of sparkling light that fills up to
room begins to shake. The PCs notice the top of the keep explodes in a a 100-diameter sphere. The center of
dust falling from the ceiling and gran- shower of rocks as the rest crumbles the sphere may be up to 200 away
ite chips flaking from the walls, into a mountain of dust. Any PC who from the user. All insect life within
though the slight tremors arent didnt take cover has a 50% chance of the area of effect freezes in place for
strong enough to impede the partys suffering 1d2 damage from the rain 3d6 rounds, unable to attack or move
actions. There is no apparent source of stones and debris. If the PCs search (no saving throw). Flying insects are
of the tremors. the area later, they find numerous frozen in place in mid-air.
(The death throes of Icelias husk, lichling corpses amid the wreckage of The rod is effective against all types
far below, are causing the tremors. the tower. of insect life, including giant insects,
Her doom will shortly trigger an en- magically conjured insects, thri-
chantment, cast on the keep long ago. kreen, and ankhegs. The lichlings and
The PCs see the effects of that en-
Aftermath lichling servitors found in this adven-
chantment shortly.) In the days following the lichling ture are also affected by the rod.
shower, Balko takes the PCs to Cor- XP Value: 2,500.
myr, where the king arranges a feast

Lichling FA2

Young Mature
CLIMATE/TERRAIN: Any land Any land
FREQUENCY: Very rare Very rare
ORGANIZATION: Solitary or horde Solitary
DIET: See below See below
INTELLIGENCE: Animal (1) Semi-(2)
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic evil Chaotic evil

NO. APPEARING: 1 or 10-100 1

MOVEMENT: 3, Fl 24 (B) 9, Fl 18 (C)
HIT DICE: 2+2 20
THAC0: 19 5
DAMAGE/ATTACK: 1d6 (bite) 2d10/2d10/4d6
SPECIAL DEFENSES: See below See below
MAGIC RESISTANCE: See below See below
SIZE: T (6 long) G (80' long)
MORALE: Fearless (19) Fearless (20)
XP VALUE: 270 12,000

The lichling is a vicious, insect-like terror spawned from the

body of a demilich.
The lichling resembles a 6-long black cockroach with spindly
human arms and legs, a pair of ragged gauzy wings, and a grin-
ning human skull for a head. Razor-sharp hooked fangs line its
mouth. The chitinous body is greasy to the touch and smells Ecology: Active lichlings dont consume organic food. Instead,
faintly of rotten meat. Lichlings make no sounds except in an at- they are nourished by the fear of their victims, along with the
tack, when they clack their teeth and hiss like serpents. emotional trauma generated by victims suffering physical dam-
age. In ways not fully understood, lichlings are able to assimilate
Combat: A lichling attacks any living creature, soaring in a
fear and emotional trauma and transform it into nourishing en-
straight line toward the most vulnerable area of the victims ergy.
body, such as the neck or other area of exposed flesh. A hit Though they are perfectly capable of inflicting damage and
means that the lichling has sunk its powerful fangs into the vic- causing victims to feel fear, lichlings can also assimilate fear and
tim, inflicting 1d6 damage. So powerful are the lichlings jaws trauma caused by other sources. For instance, lichlings some-
that it can chew through a tree trunk. times linger near battlefields to assimilate the fear and emotional
Once it hits, the lichling inflicts an automatic 1d6 damage each trauma that combatants inflict on each other.
round thereafter until it lets go or is killed. If a lichling is killed, it Lichlings show unwavering loyalty to the demilich who
remains attached to its victim; the victim suffers 1 point of dam- spawned them. If that demilich is destroyed, the lichlings may be
age per round, thanks to the deep wounds inflicted by the crea- pressed into service by an evil wizard or other powerful entity.
ture and an anti-coagulant produced by the fangs.
Removing the corpse is a delicate procedure. A lichling corpse Mature Lichling
does not respond to fire or prodding. If the corpse is forcefully A lichling matures in 100-1,000 years. The mature lichling resem-
removed (which can be accomplished easily), the hooked fangs bles an 80-long version of a young lichling, with long claws on its
rip the victims neck, inflicting 2 hit points of damage. If the lichl- hands used to supplement its biting attacks. The mature lichling
ing corpse is carefully detached (requiring a Dexterity check for can also spew a stream of sharp bone fragments at any single
the character removing the corpse), the corpse is removed with- target up to 100 away (make normal attack roll) to inflict 6d6
out inflicting any additional damage to the victim; if the check damage; it can make this attack once every other round. Mature
fails, the victim suffers an additional 1 hit point of damage. lichlings share the same diet and special defenses as young lichl-
Lichlings can only be struck by + 1 or better magical weapons. ings.
They are immune to charm, sleep, enfeeblement, polymorph,
cold, electricity, fear, insanity, and death spells.

Habitat/Society: Using arcane and complex magical proce-

dures, certain demiliches are able to transform their original
bodies into immense incubating husks. Infant lichlings are
spawned from the brain cells of the husks, nurtured by sub-
stances generated within the husk. Following a period of 1d4
decades of dormancy, the lichlings become fully active.
Active lichlings have no permanent lair. They sometimes travel
in loosely organized hordes that number as many as 100 mem-
This table presents vital statistics for some of the monsters featured in this adventure.
Refer to the various AD&D MONSTROUS COMPENDIUM volumes or this module for more detailed information.

Name AC HD/hp THAC0 #AT Dmg MV Remarks

Banshee, see Groaning spirit
Black puddings, modified (2) -1 10/68 11 1 3d8 12,Fl12 dissolves metal, immunities
Brown mold, see Mold
Eyestalks (2) 1 9/70 11 1 6d4 or 2d10 12 immunities
Fire elemental 2 16/20 5 1 3d8 12 fire, +2 weapon to hit, immunities
Flying glass skeletons,
see Skeletons
Ghost bats (3) 1 10/65 11 1 3d8 Fl24 screech, +1 weapons to hit, undead
Giant slug, see Slug
Golem, glass (4) 3 14/85 7 2 2d8/2d8 6 +1 weapons to hit, spell immunities,
or 1 explodes
Gray ochre ooze 8 7/50 15 1 1d10+2 4 corrodes metal, ooze immunities
Gray squirrels, modified 6 7+2/51 13 3 2d4/2d8/2d6 15 +1 THAC0
Groaning spirit 0 7/50 13 1 1d8 15 wail, fear, immunities
Heart spiders (3) 7 2/14 19 1 1d4 6,18 on web 3d8 poison
Ivory hydra hands (2) 1 12/8 9 12 1d10 per head 9
per head or 1 4d10 smash
Juju zombie 6 3+12/32 15 1 3d4 9,Crwl3 necklace of missiles, +1 weapon to hit,
Killer mimic 7 10/74 11 1 3d4 3 glue, acid immunity
Leech, giant 9 4/30 17 1 1d4 3,Sw3 drains 4hp/round
Lichling corpse, animated 3 20/150 5 3 2d10/2d10/4d6 See Chap. 4
Lichling 1 2+2/15 19 1 1d6 3,Fl24 See p. 64
Lichling servitor 2 6/45 15 2 2d6/2d6 12 +1 weapons to hit, undead immunities
Living web 9 6/45 15 1 2d4 6 absorbs electricity, divides at edged blows,
Lurker above 6 10/70 10 1 1d6 Fl9(B) constriction, surprise penalty
Marine scrags, modified (8) 2 6+12/60 13 3 1d4/1d4/1d8+8 3,Sw12 3hp regen, undead immunities, not turned
Megalocentipede, young (6) 7 2hP 20 1 Nil 15 1d6 poison
Megalocentipede, adult 5 3/21 17 1 1d3 18 poison
Mold, brown 9 N/A 17 N/A special 6 absorbs heat, spell immunities
Muck men (8) 8 5/39 15 1 special 3 +1 weapons to hit, muck-throwing,
Piercers (8) 3 4/30 17 1 4d6 1 one attack, acid, surprise
Purple worm 6 15/110 5 1/1 2d12/2d4 9 poison, swallow whole
Shadows (4) 7 3+3/20 17 1 1d4+1 12 Strength drain, undead immunities, 90%
Skeletons, flying glass (6) 3 7/55 13 1 1d10 12,Fl15 explode, undead immunities
Slug, giant 8 12/93 9 1 1d12 6 4d8 acid spit, no harm from blunt
Spectres (2) 2 7+3/55 13 1 1d8 15,Fl30 energy drain, +1 weapons to hit, undead
Spiders, see heart spiders
Strangleweed 6 4/30 17 1 special Nil crushes
Tube worm 4 9+3/70 11 1 2d4 6 lunging
Umber hulks (4) 2 8+8/60 11 3 3d4/3d4/1d10 6,Burrow 1d6 confusion, surprise bonus
Wraiths (2) 4 5+3/41 15 1 1d6 12,Fl24 energy drain, undead immunities
Zombie dragon turtle 0 14/100 7 3 2d6/2d6/4d8 3,Sw9 breath, undead immunities, not turned

Typical villager (0-level fighter): AC 10; MV 12; hp 4; THAC0 20; #AT 1; Dmg 1d4 (dagger); AL LN.
Use Typical statistics for laborers and other ordinary citizens.
Exceptional villager (1st-level fighter): AC 8 (leather armor); MV 12; hp 9; #AT 1; Dmg 1d6 (short sword); AL LN.
Use Exceptional statistics for merchants, middle class citizens, and low-level officials.
Elite villager (4th-level fighter): AC 5 (chain mail); MV 12; hp 30; THAC0 17; Dmg 1d8 (long sword); AL LN.
The Elite statistics are for higher-level officials, bodyguards, and other noteworthy folk.
See Chapter 3 for instructions. Once you run a given phenomenon, mark the box beside it. When you roll an entry that has already been
run, use the next unmarked entry down. Roll 1d20 or choose:

1. BENEVOLENT SPIRIT ward the victim with an MV of 3, passing effortlessly through

c Stage A: A shimmering image of a faceless human appears walls and floors. The hand continues to follow until it touches
before the victim. The image radiates a golden glow. The image the victim, and then it disappears; the hand causes no harm.
fades a moment after it appears. c Stage B: As Stage A, except that if the victim eludes the hand
c Stage B: As Stage A, except the image beckons the victim to for 10 rounds, it disappears. Otherwise, if the hand touches the
follow it. The image vanishes in 1d4 rounds. The spirit leads the victim, the victim suffers 3d10 chilling (cold-based) damage.
victim in an advantageous direction of your choice.
2. MALEVOLENT SPIRIT c Stage A: The victim feels warm drops of invisible, odorless
c Stage A: A shimmering image of a faceless human appears liquid rain steadily from an unseen source; no one but the victim
before the victim. The image radiates a violet glow. The image is aware of the rain. The rain follows wherever the victim goes,
fades a moment after it appears. and persists for 2d4 rounds.
c Stage B: As Stage A, except the image beckons the victim to c Stage B: As Stage A, except that after the rain stops, the vic-
follow it. The image vanishes in 1d4 rounds. The spirit leads the tim exudes a carrion stench in a 10' radius. All PCs attack at a -2
victim into a trap of your choice. penalty within 10' of the victim; the victim does not suffer these
penalties. If the victim is immersed in any type of liquid, the
3. WOLOVERS SPIRIT stench is washed off.
Note: This does not occur after the PCs visit area 11 of Chapter 4.
c Stage A: A hazy image of a bald man appears before the vic- 11. PHONY KEY
tim. The man wears a long robe covered with small circles. The c Stage A: The victim sees a gold key on the floor. No one else
image opens its mouth to speak, but suddenly vanishes. can see it. When the victim touches the key, it disappears.
c Stage B: As Stage A, except that the victim telepathically c Stage B: The victim sees a gold key on the floor. The key has
hears the images voice saying, Come to the heart . . . the weight and appearance of a normal key, though none of the
other PCs can see or feel it. While carrying the key, the victim
feels a painful skeletal throbbing, causing AC to drop by 2, halv-
c Stage A: An image of a floating head appears directly in
ing movement rates, and penalizing all attacks by -2. If the vic-
front of the victim, blocking progress. The head resembles a hu- tim discards the key, the ill effects end.
man skull covered with rotting flesh. Shanks of long matted hair
extend from the scalp. The image cackles insanely at the victim; 12. LILAC SMELL
only the PC hears the cackles. If the PC touches the image, it van- c Stage A: The victim smells a strong odor of lilacs for one
ishes. Otherwise, it disappears in 2d4 rounds. round. There is no apparent source of the smell.
c Stage B: Same as Stage A, except that a victim who touches c Stage B: Same as Stage A, except that a PC who does not
the image suffers 1d10 cold damage and must save vs. paralyza- immediately holds his or her breath for one round suffers 3d6
tion or be utterly unable to move for 2d4 rounds. If the victim points of poison damage.
doesnt touch the image, it disappears in 2d4 rounds.
5. CONSTRICTION c Stage A: The victim experiences the revolting taste of honey
c Stage A: The victim feels tightly squeezed, as if in the coils of mixed with rotting fish for one round. There are no ill effects.
a gigantic constrictor. The sensation persists for 1d4 rounds, c Stage B: As Stage A, except that the victim must make a Con-
during which time the PC cannot move. stitution check or become nauseated. For the next hour, the vic-
c Stage B: As Stage A, except that the sensation persists for tim makes all ability checks with a +1 penalty and attacks with a
2d4 rounds and the victim suffers 2d4 damage per round. If a -1 penalty.
companion physically moves the victim 5 away from where the
phenomenon began, the constriction immediately ends.
c Stage A: The victim smells an odor of sour milk for one
6. SCREAM round. There is no apparent source of the odor.
c Stage A: The victim hears the bone-chilling scream of a man c Stage B: As Stage A, except that a PC who does not immedi-
or woman, as if the person were dying in agony. ately hold his or her breath for one round doubles over with se-
c Stage B: As Stage A, except that the victim must save vs. vere stomach cramps. The intense pain prevents the victim from
spells or experience the effects of a fear spell (no saving throw), speaking, moving, or acting for the next 2d4 rounds.
fleeing in a random direction at top speed for 10 rounds.
7. TINGLE AND FAINT c Stage A: Both of the victims hands vanish for one round,
c Stage A: The victims skin tingles, as if pricked by thousands then abruptly reappear. Anything the victim was carrying is
of tiny needles. A moment later, the victim collapses unconscious dropped. The victim suffers no damage.
(no saving throw), but recovers if a companion rouses the PC. c Stage B: The victims hands shake uncontrollably for the
c Stage B: The victim feels the tingling and faints as in Stage next hour, changing (to the PC only) into violet mist. During the
A. However, the slightest touch from a companion revives the hour, the victim cannot hold a weapon or any other item. Spell-
victim. For the next hour, the victim can move and act normally casters cannot cast spells with somatic components.
while physical touching any companion. However, when not in
contact with someone, the victim instantly falls unconscious. 16. TICKLING INSECTS
c Stage A: The victim feels a tickling all over, as of tiny crawl-
8. FLASHES AND SHRIEKS ing creatures. There is no apparent source of the sensation,
c Stage A: The PC sees tiny bursts of light for the next 2d4 which lasts an hour.
rounds, making all attacks at a -1 penalty during that time. c Stage B: As Stage A, except that the victim (and only the vic-
c Stage B: The light flashes are accompanied by distant, tim) sees the source of the tickling: dozens of ghostly white but-
echoed shrieks of agony, persisting for 2d4 rounds. Attacks take terflies with human heads, their faces contorted in pain. The
a -2 penalty during this time. butterflies cannot be brushed away (all objects harmlessly pass
through them), nor can they be magically dispersed. An hour af-
9. MENACING HAND ter their arrival, the butterflies flap away of their own accord,
c Stage A: The victim sees a 5 long bony hand, its fingers
disappearing into mid-air.
crackling with energy, hovering in the air. The hand moves to-
17. HAUNTED LEGS conscious, the character experiences a vivid dream of his
c Stage A: The victims feet stick tight to the ground or her own violent deathcrushed by a collapsing wall,
for 2d4 rounds. eaten alive, or any deadly fate of your choice. Upon
c Stage B: The victim (and only the victim) believes his awakening, the PC immediately experiences the effects
or her legs have transformed into violet mist. The victim of a fear spell (no saving throw), and flees in a random
immediately collapses. The legs are useless for the next direction for 10 rounds.
hour; to move, the victim must crawl, fly, or be carried. c Stage B: As Stage A, except the victim has the violent
dream about another PC (choose randomly). The dream
may seem to be a premonition of the immediate future,
c Stage A: One of the weapons the victim currently
such as the next room of the labyrinth. When the victim
holds (roll randomly) abruptly disappears. One hour lat-
awakens, there are no ill effects unless the victim relates
er, the weapon reappears, undamaged, in the exact loca-
the dream to the subject of the dream. If so, the subject
tion where it originally vanished. (A victim who moves
experiences fear as described in Stage A (subject gains a
after the weapon vanished must return to the original
saving throw vs. spell).
location in order to retrieve the weapon.)
c Stage B: One of the victims weapons (roll randomly) 20. SEALED LIPS
abruptly lurches free from the victims hand and, hover- c Stage A: The victim feels sharp pains in the lips, as if
ing in mid-air, attacks the victim, hitting automatically for something were stitching the lips together. The victim
maximum damage. It then drops to the ground. cannot speak for the next 2d4 rounds. Spellcasters can-
not cast spells with verbal components during this time.
c Stage B: As Stage A, except the victims lips are
c Stage A: The victim faints for 1d4 rounds (no saving sealed for a full hour.
throw) and cannot be revived during this time. While un-


c See Chapter 3 for instructions. Roll 1d12 or choose: floor are easy to avoid, but any PC foolish enough to touch
one must save vs. poison and suffer damage accordingly.
1. Dark fog: A magical gray fog rises around the party, per-
sisting within a 50-200 (1d4x50) foot radius of the partys 8. Ominous rumbling: Mild tremors shake the walls and
current position for the next 1d4 hours. In the fog, missile floors for 1d4 rounds. The tremors cause no significant
combat has a - 1 modifier at point blank range, a -2 modi- damage, and the partys ability to move and take action is
fier at short range, a -5 modifier at medium range, and is unaffected.
impossible at long range. Movement rates are reduced by
9. Undead hellhounds (2d4): Int low; AL LE; AC 4; MV
. Vision, including infravision, is restricted to 10 yards.
12; HD 8; hp 55 each; THAC0 13; #AT 1; Dmg 1d10 (bite); SA
2. Crawling green fungus: The party discovers a small breath fire at victim up to 10 yards away for 2d10 dmg (save
patch of green fungus crawling along the floor at a move- vs. spells for half damage; can breathe flames while biting; a
ment rate of 3. The fungus is harmless and edible (it tastes natural roll of 20 on an attack roll means the hound has both
like mushrooms). Assume the fungus is big enough to supply bitten and breathed fire on a victim); SD can see hidden or
a meals worth of nourishment for each PC in the party. invisible creatures 50% of the time; opponents have a -5
penalty on surprise rolls; immune to fire, sleep, charm,
3. Crawling blue fungus: This is identical to the Crawl-
hold, death magic, poisons, and cold-based spells; SZ M; ML
ing green fungi encounter above, except the fungus is blue.
13; XP 1,400.
Though tasty, eating the blue fungus requires a Constitution
These resemble slightly larger versions of normal hell-
check; failure means the PC is nauseated and suffers a -1
hounds, with rotting flesh stretched over black bones and
attack penalty for the next 24 hours. with stronger fire breath. They cannot be turned.
4. Disease mist: A cloud of pink mist blocks the partys
10. Spectres (1d4): Int high; AL LE; AC 2; MV 15, Fl 30 (B);
progress. Undisturbed, the mist dissipates in 1d4 hours.
HD 7+3; hp 56 each; THAC0 13; #AT 1; Dmg 1d8; SA suc-
Otherwise, any PC who comes within 3 of the mist must
cessful attacks drain two levels from victim; SD +1 or bet-
save vs. poison or feel feverish for the next 24 hours, mak-
ter weapon to hit; immune to sleep, charm, hold, and
ing ability checks at a +2 penalty and attacking at a -2 pen-
alty during that time. cold-based attacks; immune to poison and paralyzation at-
tacks; SZ M; ML 15; XP 3,000.
5. Collapsing ceiling: A section of the passage extending
3d10 ahead of the party has a weak ceiling, evidenced by 11. Shadows (3d4): Int low; AL CE; AC 7; MV 12; HD 3+3;
hp 25 each; THAC0 17; #AT 1; Dmg 1d4+1; SA successful
the shower of chunks continually falling from it. The ceiling
attacks drain one point of Strength from victim, lost
chunks range in size from a few inches in diameter to about
Strength returns in 2d4 turns (victims reduced to 0 Strength
3. Each PC entering this area has a 25% change per 5 of
become shadows); SD 90% undetectable in all but brightest
ceiling to be hit by a chunk large enough to do 2d4 points of
damage. A PC can avoid damage with a Dexterity check. of surroundings; immune to sleep, charm, hold, and cold-
based attacks; SZ M; ML special; XP 650.
6. Chilling wind: A magical wind whips the party, chilling
them to the bones. Each PC who fails to make a Constitution 12. Wraiths (2d4): Int very; AL LE; AC 4; MV 12, Fl 24 (B);
check with a +2 penalty suffers 2d4 points of damage. HD 5+3; hp 40 each; THAC0 15; #AT 1; Dmg 1d6; SA suc-
cessful attacks drain a level of experience from victim, in-
7. Dripping ceiling: A thick yellow liquid reeking of rot- cluding hit points and all abilities associated with that level
ten meat drips from the ceiling for the next 30. Each PC (spells, etc.); lost experience must be earned again or magi-
entering this area has a 25% chance per 10 of having a drop cally restored; SD immune to all weapons except silver (half
strike him for 3d6 points of damage (save vs. poison for 1d6 damage) or +1 or better (full damage); immune to sleep,
points of damage). A PC who holds a shield or similar protec- charm, hold, death, and cold-based spells; SZ M; ML 15; XP
tion overhead avoids this damage. The pools of liquid on the 3,000.