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12:2 Chinese Chinese Chinese Chinese Chinese

0- Literacy: Literacy: Literacy: Literacy: Literacy:
1:10 Students will Students will Students will Students will Students will
read aloud do pair learn basic listen to learn Chinese
short story reading aloud sentence teacher tones which
books to and then frame to reading a will help their
practice their there will be practice story book to pronunciation
pronunciatio Chinese communicatio get .
n and stroke writing n and then vocabulary And then
vocabularies practice to there will be and students will
then there help them reading aloud expression. pair up to
will be story better time to And then practice this
telling time understand practice students will skill.
to practice the orders of speaking skill. learn to write
their writing Chinese
representatio Chinese words from
n skills. Characters. the story
1:10 Science: Science: Science: Science: Science:
- Students Students will Students will Students Students
3:00 will learn learn the learn What will learn will do
about functions of all plants characterist Experiment
different each part of need to ics of living about what
parts of a a plant) survive. things vs. stuff float
plant and Math: Math: non-living and what
the life Students will Students will things. sink.
cycle of a review learn to Math: Math:
plant) sorting stuff guess Students Students
Math: by peoples will practice will learn
Students conducting rule and problem about
will learn sorting make up solving Collecting
how to sort buttons their own And 30 and
shapes. activity and rule for minutes Representin
Then then sorting out activity: g Data
students reinforce stuff. Guess my
will learn this skill by rule with
how to interactive people
solve whiteboard
problems sorting
(minus) by game
thinking in