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EPortfolio (Digital Portfolio) Rubric - 40 points total

1 point 4 points 7 points 10 points

Criteria Unsatisfactor Emerging Proficient Exemplary Rating


Few of the Some of the Most of the All artifacts and

required artifacts and artifacts and work samples are 9
CONTENT: artifacts and work samples work samples included with
work samples are included. are included. headings, titles,
are included. Some of the Most of the and/or descriptive
WORK SAMPLES Few headings, artifacts artifacts include text.
titles, and/or include headings, titles,
descriptive text headings, and/or
are included. titles, and/or descriptive text.

Reflections do A few of the Most of the Reflections are

not effectively reflections reflections clearly articulated 8
critique work or critique work critique work and draw strong
provide effectively or effectively, connections about
constructive provide demonstrate learning outcomes.
ideas for suggestions for growth, Reflections provide
WRITTEN revision. constructive competencies, context and fully
COMMUNICATIO Project revision. accomplishment explain how the
N: development Language is s, and goals for artifact
REFLECTIONS process is appropriate to continued demonstrates
unclear. the intended learning. growth,
Project audience. Text Reflective text competencies,
development draws explores accomplishments,
process is connections students and goals for
minimally between personal continued learning.
explained and learning development Language is
little context is outcomes and process. appropriate to the
provided. provides some Language is intended audience.
Language is context about appropriate to Reflections are
incongruent students the intended clear, succinct, and
with audience. personal audience. impeccably edited.
Reflections are development Reflections are
vague, wordy, process. clear and edited.
and not edited. Reflections are
vague, written
in generalities,
and not well
The eportfolio The eportfolio The eportfolio is Content
is difficult to is often difficult generally easy presentation takes 8
read due to to read due to to read. Fonts full advantage of
VISUAL inappropriate inappropriate and type size color, space and
use of fonts, use of fonts vary design to convey
COMMUNICATIO type size for and type size appropriately for specific ideas.
N, headings, sub- for headings, headings, sub- Effectively uses
DESIGN & headings and sub-headings, headings and visual elements of
CREATIVITY: text and font text or long text. Visual text, layout, and
styles (italic, paragraphs. elements are color for ease of
bold, Some evidence well edited. reading. Fonts and
underline). of creativity or Presentation is type size vary
Visual originality in clean but does appropriately for
presentation is content or not enhance or headings, sub-
disorganized. execution. detract from headings and text.
Project Visual portfolio content. Demonstrates
appears presentation creativity and
rushed and is looks cluttered originality in
not edited. and distracts content and
from the execution. Visual
portfolio elements are
content. impeccably edited.
Presentation is
visually appealing
and enhances
portfolio content.

Project is not There are There are a few There are very few
edited. There occasional errors in errors in grammar,
are frequent errors in grammar, capitalization,
CONVENTIONS distracting grammar, capitalization, punctuation, and
errors in capitalization, punctuation, and spelling. Correct
grammar, punctuation, spelling. These citations format
capitalization, and spelling are not documents
punctuation, that may be distracting to the references.
and spelling distracting to reader and Reference citations
requiring major the reader. require minor are incorrectly 8
editing and Correct citation editing and formatted.
revision. format is revision. Most
inconsistent. sources are

40 Points TOTAL 33

Adapted from:
Pratt Institute School of Information and Library Science. (2014).
Stout. (2016). University of Wisconsin. Retrieved from