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Lesson Title: Learning Long Division The Long Way

Grade Level: 3rd Grade

Subject: Math
Description of Learning Goals, Standards, Objectives
CC/GPSs: Which of the GPSs or QCCs align with the curriculum and your specific
MGSE3.OA.1 Interpret products of whole numbers, e.g., interpret 5 7 as
the total number of
objects in 5 groups of 7 objects each. For example, describe a context
in which a total number
of objects can be expressed as 5 x 7.
MGSE3.OA.2 Interpret whole number quotients of whole numbers,
e.g., interpret 56 8 as the
number of objects in each share when 56 objects are partitioned equally
into 8 shares (How many
in each group?), or as a number of shares when 56 objects are
partitioned into equal shares of 8
objects each (How many groups can you make?). For example,
describe a context in which a
number of shares or a number of groups can be expressed as 56 8.
National Technology Which technology standard(s) are you addressing in this activity? (See the
Standards: NETs-S standards in Week 3)
- Knowledge Constructor
-Computational Thinker
- Creative Communicator
Long-Term Learning Goal At the end of this unit of curriculum, what is it that you want your students
or Outcome: to learn?
I would like to see my students be able to independently know how to
do long division.

ABCD Objectives or With your learners characteristics in mind, take the standards written
Outcomes: above and rewrite them using the Audience Behavior Condition Degree
method. Note: You will need to break down the GPSs into several
Audience- The students in Ms. Walthour's Classroom
Behavior- I will expect the students to learn how to do long division count by
mastering their multiplication.
Condition- Obviously, a student must know how to add, subtract and
multiply before learning this lesson. I believe that before we introduce the
apps and other learning materials, I need to do a pre-assessment and

see if my students can count and if they know number recognition.

Degree- I want this lesson to be an introductory lesson. I don't expect
the children to master this lesson in a day. This lesson will take practice
and time.

Description of Assessment
Assessment Plan: What evidence do you have of students understanding? How will know that
they have met the objectives above? You must have an assessment
statement for each objective. Write your assessment statements in this
I will test students knowledge by having small group activities as well as
having one on one time with each student to see if he or she understands
the material.
Description of Activities with Technology and Materials
Activity Design:
Plan to create curricula that includes diverse and
multiple perspectives.
Class starter and lesson connection:
How will you get the students attention and
motivate them? I will motivate them by using
different teaching methods. Students at this age love
candy. So I would incorporate using skittles or
M&M's as a way for students learn how to do long

What will you do/say or have the students do/say in

order to connect this lesson with the previous one or
build on prior knowledge?
Teacher and student activities: I will tell them that adding, subtracting, multiplication
all tie together and in order to master division one
must know all other mathematics skills.
Describe the activities in which you and the
students will engage. Be a "fly on the wall" and
describe in detail what is going on in your
I love the idea of small groups. So imagine myself
as walking around the classroom and making sure
that all students are staying on tasks and they are
getting all the help that they need.

Describe the strategies you will use.

Do you need to provide direct instruction? If so,

Technology Connection:
describe it.
I need direct instruction for assignment because I
students will have be taught this lesson step by step
in order to learn and grasps the information.

Will you facilitate the lesson? If so, describe your


Yes, I will facilitate this lesson and also have

students be apart of the teaching process as well. I
will have students who want to volunteer to show
other students how do long division on the board.

Will students work independently, with a partner or

in groups? Describe.
Students will work in all these settings.

What strategies, materials, etc. are you using to

teach children with exceptionalities?
I believe that with using the ipad is a method that
Materials and Resources: teachers use for students with exceptionalities.

Which technology will support the lesson? List the

technology, software, URLs, etc. that you and/or the
students will use. Describe the technology
integration strategies you will use.
I will be using an Ipad and the app that the
students will use an app called Math Slide

List any handouts, books, equipment, media, etc.

that you will use to support your lesson.
I will use clips from YouTube as well as the math
book that is instructed for this classroom. An iPad
as well as a Smartboard.

Reflection on Lesson Design

Future Actions : Answer the following questions:

Explain how you incorporated information from the

chapter and D2L modules into this lesson plan.

I was able to incorporate the standards and

objectives that we have learned to facilitate this

After considering this lesson plan, what will you do

differently when you design the next lesson in light
of your new understandings?
I think that I will add more instruction as far as
teaching on my end. I think also I would need to
know what level each child is on and try to
incorporate that in the lesson

Or, if you had more time/resources, etc., how would

you change the lesson and/or technology artifact?

I wouldn't change anything for this lesson because it

is very direct and clear of what is to be taught and
what is to be expected.

How does your technology artifact showcase des

ign principles?
My artifact has great visual hierarchy. It shows
clear meaning and understanding.

How does your technology artifact require student

use of higher order thinking skills? Students are
now required to put everything they have learned and
put it all in one. They will have to follow steps as
well as know basic math skills.

How does the technology in your lesson align to the

content you are trying to teach in your lesson?

The technology supports what I am teaching and it

also gives the lesson a fun spin. I like these apps
and resources because it engages the students to
higher thinking as well as higher learning.