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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry

Marten Liflnder as Tom Sawyer

Mark Twain - Sander Ollino

Huckleberry Finn - Sander Ollino
Becky Thatcher - Alana Juus
Amy Laurence - Iti-Krt Nursi
Aunt Polly - Elerin Kinsiver
Sid - Sander Perillus
Mary, Sids cousin - Elerin Aesma
Jonah Pauper, Toms classmate - Kevin Kerk
Injuin Joe - Henri Vrtmaa
Doctor Robinson - Kristiina Muuga
Muff Potter - Kevin Kerk
A man in the graveyard - Sander Perillus
Beckys mum - Kadi Krts
Fence painters - Kadi Krts, Elerin Aesma, Sander Ollino

A presenter - Sandra Perillus

Screenplay - Kristiina Muuga, Anneli Tumanski

Scene 1
Mark Twain is coming to the scene (backround music from the film)
Part of my plan has been to try to pleasantly to remind adults of what they once were
themselves. And of how they felt and thought and talked, and of what queer enterprises
they sometimes engaged in .the beautiful past, the dear and lamented past

Out of the heart of Mark Twain into the hearts of the world.

Scene 2
Having Lunch with Aunt Polly
Tdi Polly (comes to the doorway): Tom! Hei, Tom!
(goes back to the dining room to lay the table, Sid sitting behind the table, Mary
preparing food)
Take that boy, he is always late! I declare you would never know Tom and Sid were
even half-brothers, wouldnt you?
Sid (behind the table with very cunny face): If he would learn his bible and go to sunday
school he might be a better boy.
Aunt Polly: We cant wait for him. Sit down and eat. (Tirns to Mary) Fetch the cake!
Mary brings the cake
Tom comes to the scene running and sibling-sobling around, backround music. Aunt
Polly goes out to look for Tom who comes in so that aunt Polly cant see him. Tom sits
behind the table, praying for food.
Tdi Polly We have a negotiation. Your hair looks like an horror,... did you wash your
hands, Tom? Its just
(Sitting behind the table)
Polly asking from Tom: Didt you want to go swimming, Tom?
Tom: No...mmm, well, not very much
Polly: Tom, you didnt have to undo your shirt-collar, did you? Unbutton your jacket!
Tom (unzips his coat)
Polly: Well, I was sure you played hookey and went swimming. I know you are a kind of
single cat. Better you look, this time.
Sid: Well, I didnt think you sewed his collar with white thread. But its black!
Polly: Why! I did sew it with white! Toomm!
Polly sends Tom to his room, Tom climbes out of the window. Aunt Polly waits for him,
gaveshim a slap.
Tom: Au (ronib kiiresti les tagasi).

Scene 2
Tom paints a fence
Vravast tulevad vlja tdi Polly, kes hoiab Tomi krvapidi pihus, Sid targa noga
krval. Laval pruun tara.
Polly: Tray hookey on Friday? White wash on Saturday!
Tom: I wouldnt, aunt Polly, But I dont any white wash
Sid targutavalt: Always there is. I have made..

Tom vrvib, kes suur pintsel, krval maas vrvipott.

Tara laua sees suur auk, millest piilub Sid. Tom neb seda, vtab potist vrvi ja viskab
valge vrvi auku. Sid saab vrviga nkku, ngu leni vrviga koos.
Sid pistab karjuma ja jookseb toa poole: Aunt Polly! Aunt Polly!
Tdi Polly tuleb vahepeal td vaatama, Tom vrvib usinalt, tdi polly lheb aeda
Mda tnavat tuleb suur poiss ja rgib kvasti: Steam boat on the river, Im a steam
boat Big Missouri. There I go! Boat steam ahead!
Tom vaatab mtlikult, hakkab siis kiiresti edasi ttama .
Poiss jb seisma, sb una ja tleb Tomile: Im going swimming, but youd rather
Tom: What you call work? All I know is that it suits Tom Sawyer.
Poiss: Oh, come now, you dont mean that you like it.
Tom: Like it? Does the boy get a chance to whitewash a fence every day?
Poiss: Say! Let me wash a little.
Tom: Think I had never do white wash?
Poiss: Ou, come on now! I were you if you was me
Tom: No. If it would inside it would mine, and aunt Polly wouldnt. But she is particular
from the outside
Poiss: O shhht...Ill be careful. Ill give you the rest of my apple.
Tom: Well,...no (vrvib edasi)..Im afraid
Poiss: Ill give you this too. (Vtab taskust he asja)
Tom jtab vrvimise, vaatab asja, vtab selle heldinult enda ktte: ..What is it?
Poiss: ..donucker
Tom: Ou, Ive neved had a.donucker. Take, here (ananb pintsli) I changed my mind.
Tom paneb selle asja tnni peale ja sb poisi antud poolikut una. Tuleb veel lapsi
juurde, kellest igaks annab Tomile midagi. Kik vrvivad aeda.
Aed saab vrvitud.
Tom: Aunt Polly! Aunt Polly!
Tdi Polly tuleb ja rgib omaette: Aunt Polly this, aunt Polly that. Aunt Polly here, aunt
Polly there.
(Juab lbi vrava Tomini, lheb Tomi nina alla ja ksib): Well, whats the matter now?
Cant you intend to work and leave your body in peace?
Tom: May I go now, aunt Polly?
Polly: All might have to be done.
Tom: Its all done. Three ...two.
Polly: Dont lie to me. I cant bet it.
Tom: ou, look!
Polly tstab prillid eest, kib mda tara ja tleb: Well, Ive never..You can work if you
want. Now run and play
Tom jookseb kekseldes mda aiart, vtab pooliku vrvipoti, viskab le aia, Sidile
jlle phe.
Sid jookseb jlle karjudes: Aunt Polly, aunt Polly!
Tom seisatab korraks ja jookseb siis minema mda vahekiku tooliruumi.
Sid lheb Polly juurde, pott peas, ise ka valge vrviga koos.
Polly: Ou saik, that...ou, ou dear, dont you worry dear. You can put on a sunday suit.
Polly tleb kurjalt Tomi kohta: let me.my hands to this bloody...when it comes home.
(lhevad ra)
Polly tleb: go, go, ou my dear, my dear.
Scene 3
Tom meets Becky
Amy jookseb Tomi juurde:
Tom: Hello Amy!
Amy: Hi Tom! Ive got something for you! (tleb seda hsti edvistavalt ja annab
pulgakommi Tomile hammustada.)
Tom hammustab ja ksib: Where have you been such a long time? I havent seen you
since we got engaged.
Amy: I had a chickenbox. (ja lheb edvistavalt Tomile lhemale)
Tom: Chickenbox?
Tom vaatab Amyst eemale ja neb Beckyt: Who is moving crunch away?
Becky korjab aias lilli.
Amy: ...ou, thats a silly little girl. She is awful. Mum said I would play with her but I
wouldnt. She is too ugly. Nobody will like her.
Tom vaatab Amyt piidlevalt ja ksib: Say, Amy...Are you sure youve got over the
Amy: Yes.
Tom: Are you sure?
Amy (vaatab imestunult Tomile otsa): Yes, Whats the matter?
Tom: Why are there a pink spots over your cheek?
Amy: Pink spots? Could I(Amy ngu kisub nutule, jookseb nuttes minema) Ou, no!
Mum, Mum!

Tom lheb Becky aia juurde, piidleb Beckyt. Beckyl on lillekimp kes ja piidleb vastu.
Tom mtleb, mida teha, teeb kukerpalli.
Becky ema hab: Becky! Becky!
Becky: Yes, mama! Lheb aia juurde, viskab Tomile iekese, lheb tuppa.
Tom teeb aia taga kannaprde, Becky piilub kardina vahelt.
Tom mtleb jlle, kuidas Becky thelepanu tmmata. Ronib Becky aiale ja hakkab sulg
ninal sellel kndima. Puu tagant piilub Sid, kes jookseb ja teeb aiavrava lahti. Becky
neb seda ja teeb hirmsa no. Tom neb Beckyt, Becky lheb kardina tagant ra.
Tom vtab maast Becky visatud lille.
Sid tuleb Tomi selja taha ja hiskab: cant get a girl, cant get a girl!
Tom hakkab sidi taga ajama, jooksevad. Lpus kib kva klirin.

Scene 4
Tom wants to marry Becky
Tom on ksi vee res, rgib hrdalt omaette Becky kirjutatud snu: How could you
be so noble.how could you be so noble.
Tuleb Becky: Hello, Tom!
Tom: Hello Becky!
Becky istub Tomi krvale.
Tom:Do you love rats?
Becky:No, I hate them!
Tom: Well, I do, too, live ones. But I mean dead ones. To swing round your head with a
Becky: No, I dont care for rats much, anyway
Tom hakkab kukerpalle tegema
Tom ksib Beckylt: Becky, was you ever engaged?
Becky: Whats that?
Tom: Why engaged? To be married.
Becky: No
Tom: Would you like to?
Becky.I dont know. Whats it like?
Tom: Like? You only just (say that to each other) tell a boy you wont ever have anybody
but him, ever, ever, ever, then just kiss and thats all. Anybody can do it .
Becky: Not now. Some other time. Tomorrow.
Tom: Please Becky. I whisper. I whisper so it is easy.
Tom sosistab Beckyle krva ja ksib Beckylt: Are you whisper to me?
Becky on hbelik ja kahtlev: Turn your face, then I cant see it, then I will.
Tom prab no ra, Becky tuseb psti, jookseb minema, kuid kukub. Tom jookseb
jrgi, aitab Becky psti.
Becky: Can you face away? Tom prab no ra, vtab Becky ke, Becky sosistab talle
Tom: Now its all over with the kiss.
Becky ksib imestunult: Kiss? Why do you kiss for?
Tom: We always do that. Pab Beckyle musi anda, Becky prab ra, lheb puu
najale, tstab seeliku ette.
Tom: Please, Becky, why do you afraid. There isnt anything at all. Please, Becky,
Becky vtab seeliku no eest ra ja keerab pse ette, paneb silmad kinni.
Tom teeb psele kiire musi: Now its all done. And now you wont marry with anybody
but me. Never. Will you?
Becky: Yes, Tom. And you will not marry anybody but me either.
Tom: Of course.
Becky: its so nice.
Tom: Yes, Its gay. Me and Amy Lance
Becky: Amy lance?? You and Amy Lance.... Prab vastu puud nutma. Ou Tom
tleb nuttes. And you were the first I have ever been engaged to. Nutab lohutamatult.
Tom tunneb end ebamugavalt: Dont cry, Becky..That was a month ago.
Becky: Go away.
Tom: mtleb, siis trkab: Look, here is something to give you. Vtab taskust poisi antud
Donucker(mis see iganes on)
Becky: I dont want it.
Tom: Its a.donucker. Please Becky, would you take it...Becky sirutab tagantselja ke
vlja, Tom paneb selle talle ke peale. Becky vaatab, kuid nutab siis ikka lohutamatult
Tom vtab krnkonna ja tleb: But here is the best treasure I got. Take it.
Becky sirutab ke vlja, Tom paneb konna talle ke peale. Becky vaatab ja kiljatab.
Viskab konna maha ja jookseb minema.

Scene 5
In the Graveyard

On . Tom on oma toas teisel korrusel.

Huck krunub ta akna all: Mjaoooo, mjaooooo.pikalt ja aeglaselt. Neb, et Tomi ei
ilmu aknale, mjaub kskivamalt: mjao? mjao?
Tom ilmub aknale: mjaauuu
Huck mjaub vastu. Tom ronib aknast vlja.
Lhevad surnuaiale, Huckil thi katrulikott lal. Lhevad edasi.
Huck: Its alright. Dont step on them...
Tom: Say Hucky, do you reckon Hoss Williams hear us talking?
Huck: Of course, he does. Least his spirit does.
Klab koputus.
Tom: Tssss. The devilsre coming. Astuvad edasi, kki nevad puude vahelt inimesi.
Huck: We are gonners. Can you pray.
Tom: Ill try. (Tom paneb silmad kinni ja loeb palvet). Now I leave it down to sleep..
Huck: Look!
Hauast tuleb vlja mees, latern kes.
Huck: They arent devils. They are humans. One of them is old Muff Potters voice.
Teine mees seisab haua res, prab mber.
Tom vaatab teda ehmunult ja tleb sosinal: Thats doctor .Ahh, I know another voice.
Its Injun Joe.
Mehed tstavad kirstu kastist vlja.
Doktoril pstol kes, osutab kirstule ja tleb: Lets get started.
Joodik mees likab kie lbi.
ks mees istub kivil ja tleb doktorile: I want my money
Doktor: You get your money when the job is finished.
Mees: I want my money now. And the more next week, and the more after that
Doktor: Are you blackmailing
Lb mehele pika pulgaga vastu keha, mees kukub maha.
Teine mees tuleb doktori juurde: Ou my god, cant you...saab ka pulgaga ja kukub
Indiani Joel on nuga kes, lb sellega doktorit, see kukub hauda.
Indiani Joe kuuleb, et midagi praksub, lheb paneb noa hele oimetuks ldud mehele
Poisid jooksevad minema. Indiani Joe raputab mehe teadvusele ja tleb:
Come on, Muff, youve got a gun here.
Mees, ikka veel uimane: Whats the matter?
Indiani Joe nitab mehele teist, surnud meest.
Mees viskab noa kest: Joe, Joe, I have never meant to do it.
Joe: Of course you didnt, Muf. Of course you didnt.
Tom ja Huck jooksevad vanasse kuuri
Tom: Huck, do you suppose us to tell anybody?
Huck: You want to get us killed? Muf and Injuin Joe will drown us like a couple of cats.
Tom: Lets swear we wont to tell. Lets sign it in blood.
Kirjutavad mingile papile totuse, et kunagi ei rgi sellest kellelegi.

Tegelased tulevad lavale ja kummardavad. Mngib lpumuusika laul Tom Sawyerist