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Romeos Character Analysis

By: Izhea Barnes

In Shakespeares tragedy, Romeo and Juliet, there are many dynamic

characters. The one character I find most interesting is Romeo because he is

a hopeless romantic, an irrational thinker, and a peaceful person. These

characteristics lead to some hasty decisions conveying the audience to

believe that love conquers all.

When we were first introduced to Romeo it was clear that he was a

hopeless romantic. When we were introduced to him at the beginning of the

play he was heartbroken, because Rosalign the girl he loved did not love him

back. However when he goes to the party he sees Juliet and falls face first for

her. He says If I profane with my unworthiest hand this holy shrine, the

gentle sin is this: my lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand to smooth that

rough touch with tender kiss (Shakespeare 66). When he says this he is

saying her body is a temple and that he wants to kiss her. If he actually had

this profound love for Rosalign he couldnt have fell in love in this fashion.

This proves why love conquers all. And shows that Romeo is the true

hopeless romantic that he is.

Romeo is an irrational thinker, and he makes dumb decisions all for

Juliet. In act 2, scene 1 when he goes back to the Capulets mansion because

he wants to see Juliet again. At this point in the play he knows that she is a

Capulet. I thought that he would leave her alone, because his life is at stake.
This is what he said when he found out Juliet was a Capulet.

Is she a Capulet? O dear account! My life is in my foes debt (Shakespeare

68). The average Montague wouldve either killed her or cut her off. (Stop

contacting her, stop talking to her). This proves that the theme is love

conquers all and that he is an irrational thinker.

I think Romeo is a peaceful person, even though he killed two people

he still has a heart of gold. He killed Tybalt and Paris for good reasons. He

killed Tybalt to save himself, because Tybalt wouldve killed Romeo if he

didnt fight back. Tybalt angers and provokes Romeo by saying thou

wretched boy, that didst consort him here shalt with him hence

(Shakespeare 148). Romeo only killed Paris to get into the tomb to see Juliet.

But Paris wouldnt let him he got in his way and then Romeo gave him a

warning that he would kill him, but Paris wouldnt stop and then Romeo said.

Wilt thou provoke me boy? Then have at thee, boy! (Shakespeare

266) Paris provoked Romeo, because Romeo had little time and they knew

that he was in Verona and Romeo knew he was going to die if he was found

so when he got in the tomb he laid next to Juliet drunk the poison and died.

This proves why love conquers all and why I think that Romeo is a peaceful


As you can see from the evidence that Romeo is a hopeless romantic,

an irrational thinker and a peaceful person. And how this led to some hasty
decisions. And that love conquers all, because at the end Romeo sleeps with

his true love Juliet,

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