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Jewish Nightlife

Poetry, Music, and Ritual Performance

From Renaissance Italy to Contemporary Israel
JEWISH 121-001 & MUSIC 139-001
Topics in Jewish Music &
Topics in Musics of the World

Prof. Francesco Spagnolo

TU-TH 2-3:30pm
4 Units
Includes weekly workshops
with Victoria Hanna
Schusterman Visiting Artist
Fulfills the Arts & Literature, L&S
& International Studies
Breadth Requirements

Can be used toward completing the

Jewish Studies Minor and Religious
Studies Major/Minor

This course explores the connections between the ritual performance of

Jewish texts and social change across Jewish history, and focuses on
three related topics: the rise of Kabbalistic nocturnal rituals in the Italian
ghettos during the early-modern period; the performance of Hebrew
poetry in North Africa and the middle East in the modern era; and the
renaissance of piyyut (Hebrew liturgical poetry) in Israel from the 1970s to
the present, from the singing of bakkashot among Syrian and Moroccan
Israelis to the current transcultural activities of online and participatory
communities. The course will also feature in-depth work in collaboration
with Jerusalem-based artist, Victoria Hanna, a world-renowned
composer, creator, performer, researcher, and teacher of voice and
language (victoriahanna.net).

Meets at 2121 Allston | More at: bit.ly/jewishnightlife