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1Kings 8

. Then Solomon
az iqel shlme ath - zqni ishral ath - kl - rashi emtuth assembled the elders of
then he-is-cassembling Solomon old-ones-of Israel all-of heads-of thestocks Israel, and all the heads of
the tribes, the chief of the
   fathers of the children of
Israel, unto king Solomon in
nshiai eabuth lbni ishral al - emlk shlme irushlm leoluth
Jerusalem, that they might
princes-of thefathers tosons-of Israel to theking Solomon Jerusalem toto-cbring-up-of
bring up the ark of the
covenant of the LORD out
  : of the city of David, which
ath - arun brith - ieue moir dud eia tziun : [is] Zion.
coffer-of covenant-of Yahweh fromcity-of David she Zion

And all the men of Israel
uiqelu al - emlk shlme kl - aish ishral birch assembled themselves unto
andthey-are-being-assembled to theking Solomon all-of man-of Israel inmonth-of king Solomon at the feast in
the month Ethanim, which

: [is] the seventh month.
eathnim bchg eua echdsh eshbioi :
theEthanim inthecelebration he themonth theseventh


And all the elders of Israel
uibau kl zqni ishral uishau ekenim ath - came, and the priests took
andthey-are-coming all-of old-ones-of Israel andthey-are-carrying thepriests up the ark.

earun :


And they brought up the
uiolu ath - arun ieue uath - ael muod uath - kl - ark of the LORD, and the
andthey-are-cbringing-up coffer-of Yahweh and tent-of appointment and all-of tabernacle of the
congregation, and all the

holy vessels that [were] in
the tabernacle, even those
kli eqdsh ashr bael uiolu athm ekenim
did the priests and the
utensils-of theholiness which inthetent andthey-are-cbringing-up them thepriests
Levites bring up.
ueluim :


And king Solomon, and
uemlk shlme ukl - odth ishral enuodim oliu all the congregation of
andtheking Solomon andall-of congregation-of Israel theones-being-congregated onhim Israel, that were assembled
unto him, [were] with him
before the ark, sacrificing
sheep and oxen, that could
athu lphni earun mzbchim tzan ubqr ashr la -
not be told nor numbered
withhim tofaces-of thecoffer ones-making-sacrifices flock andherd which not
for multitude.

isphru ula imnu mrb :
they-are-being-numbered andnot they-are-being-counted frommultitude


And the priests brought in
uibau ekenim ath - arun brith - ieue al - mqumu the ark of the covenant of
andthey-are-cbringing thepriests coffer-of covenant-of Yahweh to placeri-ofhim the LORD unto his place,
into the oracle of the house,

: to the most holy [place,
even] under the wings of the
al - dbir ebith al - qdsh eqdshim al - thchth knphi ekrubim :
to oracle-of thehouse to holiness-of theholinesses to beneath wings-of thecherubim

For the cherubims spread
ki ekrubim phrshim knphim al - mqum earun forth [their] two wings over
that thecherubim ones-spreading-out wings to placeri-of thecoffer the place of the ark, and the
cherubims covered the ark
 and the staves thereof
uisku ekrbim ol - earun uol - bdiu
andthey-are-overshadowing thecherubim over thecoffer andover poles-ofhim

mlmole :

And they drew out the
uiarku ebdim uirau rashi ebdim mn - staves, that the ends of the
andthey-are-csticking-out thepoles andthey-are-being-seen tops-of thepoles from staves were seen out in the
holy [place] before the
oracle, and they were not
seen without: and there they
eqdsh ol - phni edbir ula irau echutze
are unto this day.
theholy-place on faces-of theoracle andnot they-are-being-seen theoutsideward

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1Kings 8

uieiu shm od eium eze :
andthey-arebc there unto theday thethis


[There was] nothing in the
ain barun rq shni lchuth eabnim ashr ench shm mshe ark save the two tables of
there-is-no inthecoffer but two-of tablets-of thestones which he-cleft there Moses stone, which Moses put
there at Horeb, when the

LORD made [a covenant]
with the children of Israel,
bchrb ashr krth ieue om - bni ishral btzathm
when they came out of the
inHoreb which he-cut-a-covenant Yahweh with sons-of Israel into-come-forth-ofthem
land of Egypt.
martz mtzrim :
fromland-of Egypt


And it came to pass,
uiei btzath ekenim mn - eqdsh ueonn when the priests were come
andhe-is-becoming into-come-forth-of thepriests from theholy-place andthecloud out of the holy [place], that
the cloud filled the house of
: the LORD,
mla ath - bith ieue :
he-filled house-of Yahweh


So that the priests could
ula - iklu ekenim lomd lshrth mphni eonn not stand to minister
andnot they-were-able thepriests toto-stay-of toto-mminister-of fromfaces-of thecloud because of the cloud: for the
glory of the LORD had
 : filled the house of the
ki - mla kbud - ieue ath - bith ieue : p
that he-filled glory-of Yahweh house-of Yahweh

. Then spake Solomon,
az amr shlme ieue amr lshkn borphl : The LORD said that he
then he-said Solomon Yahweh he-said toto-tabernacle-of inthemurkiness would dwell in the thick

 7  :
I have surely built thee
bne bnithi bith zbl lk mkun lshbthk oulmim : an house to dwell in, a
to-build I-built house-of residence foryou site toto-dwell-ofyou eons settled place for thee to
abide in for ever.
And the king turned his
uisb emlk ath - phniu uibrk ath kl - face about, and blessed all
andhe-is-cturning-around theking faces-ofhim andhe-is-mblessing all-of the congregation of Israel:
(and all the congregation of
: Israel stood;)
qel ishral ukl - qel ishral omd :
assembly-of Israel andall-of assembly-of Israel standing


And he said, Blessed
uiamr bruk ieue alei ishral ashr dbr bphiu ath [be] the LORD God of
andhe-is-saying being-blessed Yahweh Elohim-of Israel who he-mspoke inmouth-ofhim with Israel, which spake with his
mouth unto David my

: father, and hath with his
hand fulfilled [it], saying,
dud abi ubidu mla lamr :
David father-ofme andinhand-ofhim he-mfulfilled toto-say-of


Since the day that I
mn - eium ashr eutzathi ath - omi ath - ishral mmtzrim la - bchrthi brought forth my people
from theday which I-cbrought-forth people-ofme Israel fromEgypt not I-chose Israel out of Egypt, I chose
no city out of all the tribes
  of Israel to build an house,
that my name might be
boir mkl shbti ishral lbnuth bith leiuth shmi shm
therein; but I chose David
incity fromall-of tribes-of Israel toto-build-of house toto-bebc-of name-ofme there
to be over my people Israel.
uabchr bdud leiuth ol - omi ishral :
andI-am-choosing inDavid toto-bebc-of over people-ofme Israel

And it was in the heart of
uiei om - lbb dud abi lbnuth bith lshm David my father to build an
andhe-is-becoming with heart-of David father-ofme toto-build-of house forname-of house for the name of the
LORD God of Israel.

ieue alei ishral :
Yahweh Elohim-of Israel

And the LORD said unto
uiamr ieue al - dud abi ion ashr eie om - lbbk David my father, Whereas it
andhe-is-saying Yahweh to David father-ofme because which he-became with heart-ofyou was in thine heart to build

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1Kings 8
an house unto my name,

7 : thou didst well that it was in
lbnuth bith lshmi etibth ki eie om - lbbk : thine heart.
toto-build-of house forname-ofme you-cdid-good that he-became with heart-ofyou

8:19 7
Nevertheless thou shalt
rq athe la thbne ebith ki am - bnk eitza not build the house; but thy
but you not you-shall-build thehouse but rather son-ofyou theone-coming-forth son that shall come forth out
of thy loins, he shall build
7 : the house unto my name.
mchltzik eua - ibne ebith lshmi :
fromloins-ofyou he he-shall-build thehouse forname-ofme


And the LORD hath
uiqm ieue ath - dbru ashr dbr uaqm thchth performed his word that he
andhe-is-ccarrying-out Yahweh word-ofhim which he-mspoke andI-am-rising instead-of spake, and I am risen up in
the room of David my
father, and sit on the throne
of Israel, as the LORD
dud abi uashb ol - ksa ishral kashr dbr ieue
promised, and have built an
David father-ofme andI-am-sitting on throne-of Israel aswhich he-mspoke Yahweh
house for the name of the
LORD God of Israel.

uabne ebith lshm ieue alei ishral :
andI-am-building thehouse forname-of Yahweh Elohim-of Israel

And I have set there a
uashm shm mqum larun ashr - shm brith ieue ashr krth place for the ark, wherein
andI-am-placing there placeri forthecoffer which there covenant-of Yahweh which he-cut [is] the covenant of the
LORD, which he made with

: our fathers, when he
brought them out of the land
om - abthinu beutziau athm martz mtzrim : s
of Egypt.
with fathers-ofus into-cbring-forth-ofhim them fromland-of Egypt


. And Solomon stood
uiomd shlme lphni mzbch ieue ngd kl - qel before the altar of the
andhe-is-standing Solomon tofaces-of altar-of Yahweh in-front-of all-of assembly-of LORD in the presence of all
the congregation of Israel,
: and spread forth his hands
toward heaven:
ishral uiphrsh kphiu eshmim :
Israel andhe-is-spreading palms-ofhim theheavens



And he said, LORD God
uiamr ieue alei ishral ain - kmuk aleim bshmim of Israel, [there is] no God
andhe-is-saying Yahweh Elohim-of Israel there-is-no likeyou Elohim intheheavens like thee, in heaven above,
or on earth beneath, who

keepest covenant and mercy
with thy servants that walk
mmol uol - eartz mthchth shmr ebrith uechsd
before thee with all their
fromabove andon theearth frombeneath keeping thecovenant andthekindness

7 :
lobdik eelkim lphnik bkl - lbm :
toservants-ofyou theones-going tofaces-ofyou inall-of heart-ofthem

8:24 7 
Who hast kept with thy
ashr shmrth lobdk dud abi ath ashr - dbrth lu servant David my father
who you-kept toservant-ofyou David father-ofme which you-mspoke tohim that thou promisedst him:
thou spakest also with thy
7 7

 : mouth, and hast fulfilled [it]
with thine hand, as [it is]
uthdbr bphik ubidk mlath kium eze :
this day.
andyou-are-mspeaking inmouth-ofyou andinhand-ofyou you-mfulfilled astheday thethis


Therefore now, LORD
uothe ieue alei ishral shmr lobdk dud abi ath ashr God of Israel, keep with thy
andnow Yahweh Elohim-of Israel keep-you ! toservant-ofyou David father-ofme which servant David my father
that thou promisedst him,
 7 saying, There shall not fail
thee a man in my sight to sit
dbrth lu lamr la - ikrth lk aish mlphni ishb
on the throne of Israel; so
you-mspoke tohim toto-say-of not he-shall-be-cut-off toyou man fromtofaces-ofme sitting
that thy children take heed
to their way, that they walk
7 before me as thou hast
ol - ksa ishral rq am - ishmru bnik ath - drkm llkth walked before me.
on throne-of Israel but if they-are-keeping sons-ofyou way-ofthem toto-go-of

lphni kashr elkth lphni :
tofaces-ofme aswhich you-went tofaces-ofme

7 7
And now, O God of
uothe alei ishral iamn na dbrik dbrk ashr Israel, let thy word, I pray
andnow Elohim-of Israel he-shall-ncome-true please ! words-ofyou word-ofyou which thee, be verified, which

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1Kings 8
thou spakest unto thy
7 : servant David my father.
dbrth lobdk dud abi :
you-mspoke toservant-ofyou David father-ofme


But will God indeed
ki eamnm ishb aleim ol - eartz ene eshmim ushmi dwell on the earth? behold,
that ?truly he-shall-dwell Elohim on theearth behold ! theheavens andheavens-of the heaven and heaven of
heavens cannot contain
: thee; how much less this
house that I have builded?
eshmim la iklkluk aph ki - ebith eze ashr bnithi :
theheavens not they-are-mcontainingyou indeed that thehouse thethis which I-built

Yet have thou respect
uphnith al - thphlth obdk ual - thchnthu ieue unto the prayer of thy
andyou-face-about to prayer-of servant-ofyou andto supplication-ofhim Yahweh servant, and to his
supplication, O LORD my

7 God, to hearken unto the cry
and to the prayer, which thy
alei lshmo al - erne ual - ethphle ashr obdk
servant prayeth before thee
Elohim-ofme toto-listen-of to thejubilation andto theprayer which servant-ofyou
to day:
7  :
mthphll lphnik eium :
spraying tofaces-ofyou theday

8:29  7  
That thine eyes may be
leiuth oink phthchuth al - ebith eze lile uium al - open toward this house
toto-bebc-of eyes-ofyou ones-being-nopen to thehouse thethis night andday to night and day, [even]
toward the place of which
 thou hast said, My name
shall be there: that thou
emqum ashr amrth ieie shmi shm lshmo al - ethphle ashr
mayest hearken unto the
theplaceri which you-said he-shall-bebc name-ofme there toto-listen-of to theprayer which
prayer which thy servant
shall make toward this
7  : place.
ithphll obdk al - emqum eze :
he-is-spraying servant-ofyou to theplaceri thethis

7 7
And hearken thou to the
ushmoth al - thchnth obdk uomk ishral ashr supplication of thy servant,
andyou-listen to supplication-of servant-ofyou andpeople-ofyou Israel which and of thy people Israel,
when they shall pray toward
  this place: and hear thou in
heaven thy dwelling place:
ithphllu al - emqum eze uathe thshmo al - mqum
and when thou hearest,
they-are-spraying to theplaceri thethis andyou you-shall-listen to placeri-of
7 :
shbthk al - eshmim ushmoth uslchth :
to-dwell-ofyou to theheavens andyou-listen andyou-pardon

If any man trespass
ath ashr ichta aish lroeu unsha - bu ale against his neighbour, and
which he-is-sinning man toassociate-ofhim andhe-lifts inhim imprecation an oath be laid upon him to
cause him to swear, and the

7 oath come before thine altar
in this house:
lealthu uba ale lphni mzbchk bbith
toto-cimprecate-ofhim andhe-comes he-imprecates tofaces-of altar-ofyou inthehouse

eze :



Then hear thou in
uathe thshmo eshmim uoshith ushphtth ath - obdik heaven, and do, and judge
andyou you-are-listening theheavens andyou-do andyou-judge servants-ofyou thy servants, condemning
the wicked, to bring his way

upon his head; and
justifying the righteous, to
lershio rsho lthth drku brashu uletzdiq
give him according to his
toto-ccondemn-of wicked-one toto-give-of way-ofhim inhead-ofhim andtoto-cjustify-of
tzdiq lthth lu ktzdqthu : s
righteous-one toto-give-of tohim asrighteousness-ofhim

8:33 7 

When thy people Israel
bengph omk ishral lphni auib ashr ichtau - be smitten down before the
into-be-struck-of people-ofyou Israel tofaces-of one-being-enemy which they-are-sinning enemy, because they have
sinned against thee, and
 7  7 shall turn again to thee, and
confess thy name, and pray,
lk ushbu alik ueudu ath - shmk uethphllu
and make supplication unto
toyou andthey-return toyou andthey-cacclaim name-ofyou andthey-spray

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1Kings 8
thee in this house:
7 :
uethchnnu alik bbith eze :
andthey-ssupplicate toyou inthehouse thethis

Then hear thou in
uathe thshmo eshmim uslchth lchtath omk ishral heaven, and forgive the sin
andyou you-are-listening theheavens andyou-pardon tosin-of people-ofyou Israel of thy people Israel, and
bring them again unto the

: land which thou gavest unto
their fathers.
ueshbthm al - eadme ashr nthth labuthm : s
andyou-crestorethem to theground which you-gave tofathers-ofthem


When heaven is shut up,
beotzr shmim ula - ieie mtr ki ichtau - lk and there is no rain, because
into-be-restrained-of heavens andnot he-isbc rain that they-are-sinning toyou they have sinned against
thee; if they pray toward

this place, and confess thy
name, and turn from their
uethphllu al - emqum eze ueudu ath - shmk umchtathm
sin, when thou afflictest
andthey-spray to theplaceri thethis andthey-cacclaim name-ofyou andfromsin-ofthem

ishubun ki thonm :
they-are-turning-back that you-are-cmaking-humblethem


Then hear thou in
uathe thshmo eshmim uslchth lchtath obdik heaven, and forgive the sin
andyou you-are-listening theheavens andyou-pardon tosin-of servants-ofyou of thy servants, and of thy
people Israel, that thou
teach them the good way
wherein they should walk,
uomk ishral ki thurm ath - edrk etube ashr
and give rain upon thy land,
andpeople-ofyou Israel that you-are-cdirectingthem theway thegood which
which thou hast given to thy
people for an inheritance.
7 7
ilku - be unththe mtr ol - artzk ashr - nththe lomk
they-shall-go inher andyou-give rain on land-ofyou which you-gave topeople-ofyou

lnchle : s

If there be in the land
rob ki - ieie bartz dbr ki - ieie shdphun irqun arbe famine, if there be
famine that he-is-becoming intheland plague that he-is-becoming blast mildew locust pestilence, blasting, mildew,
locust, [or] if there be
caterpiller; if their enemy
besiege them in the land of
chsil ki ieie ki itzr - lu aibu bartz
their cities; whatsoever
beetle that he-is-becoming that he-is-cdistressing tohim one-being-enemy-ofhim inland-of
plague, whatsoever sickness
[there be];
shoriu kl - ngo kl - mchle :
gates-ofhim any-of contagion any-of illness

What prayer and
kl - thphle kl - thchne ashr theie lkl - eadm supplication soever be
every-of prayer every-of supplication which she-shall-become toany-of thehuman [made] by any man, [or] by
all thy people Israel, which
7  shall know every man the
plague of his own heart, and
lkl omk ishral ashr idoun aish ngo lbbu
spread forth his hands
toall-of people-ofyou Israel who they-are-knowing man contagion-of heart-ofhim
toward this house:
uphrsh kphiu al - ebith eze :
andhe-spreads-out palms-ofhim to thehouse thethis


Then hear thou in heaven
uathe thshmo eshmim mkun shbthk uslchth uoshith thy dwelling place, and
andyou you-are-listening theheavens site-of to-dwell-ofyou andyou-pardon andyou-do forgive, and do, and give to
every man according to his
 ways, whose heart thou
knowest; (for thou, [even]
unthth laish kkl - drkiu ashr thdo ath - lbbu ki -
thou only, knowest the
andyou-give totheman asall-of ways-ofhim which you-are-knowing heart-ofhim that
hearts of all the children of
7 :
athe idoth lbdk ath - lbb kl - bni eadm :
you you-know toalone-ofyou heart-of all-of sons-of thehuman

That they may fear thee
lmon irauk kl - eimim ashr - em chiim ol - phni all the days that they live in
so-that they-shall-fearyou all-of thedays which they ones-alive on surfaces-of the land which thou gavest

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1Kings 8
unto our fathers.

eadme ashr nththe labthinu :
theground which you-gave tofathers-ofus

8:41 7

Moreover concerning a
ugm al - enkri ashr la - momk ishral eua uba stranger, that [is] not of thy
andmoreover to theforeign-one who not frompeople-ofyou Israel he andhe-came people Israel, but cometh
out of a far country for thy

7 : name's sake;
martz rchuqe lmon shmk :
fromland afar on-account-of name-ofyou

8:42 7  7

(For they shall hear of
ki ishmoun ath - shmk egdul uath - idk echzqe thy great name, and of thy
that they-shall-hear name-ofyou thegreat and hand-ofyou thesteadfast strong hand, and of thy
stretched out arm;) when he

: shall come and pray toward
this house;
uzrok entuie uba uethphll al - ebith eze :
andarm-ofyou theone-being-stretched-out andhe-comes andhe-sprays to thehouse thethis


Hear thou in heaven thy
athe thshmo eshmim mkun shbthk uoshith kkl ashr - dwelling place, and do
you you-are-listening theheavens site-of to-dwell-ofyou andyou-do asall which according to all that the
stranger calleth to thee for:
7 that all people of the earth
may know thy name, to fear
iqra alik enkri lmon idoun kl - omi eartz ath -
thee, as [do] thy people
he-is-calling toyou theforeign-one so-that they-shall-know all-of peoples-of theearth
Israel; and that they may
know that this house, which
7 7 7 7 I have builded, is called by
shmk lirae athk komk ishral uldoth ki - shmk thy name.
name-ofyou toto-fear-of you aspeople-ofyou Israel andtoto-know-of that name-ofyou

nqra ol - ebith eze ashr bnithi :
he-is-called over thehouse thethis which I-built

8:44 7 

If thy people go out to
ki - itza omk lmlchme ol - aibu bdrk battle against their enemy,
that he-is-going-forth people-ofyou tothebattle on one-being-enemy-ofhim intheway whithersoever thou shalt
send them, and shall pray
 unto the LORD toward the
city which thou hast chosen,
ashr thshlchm uethphllu al - ieue drk eoir ashr bchrth be
and [toward] the house that
which you-are-sendingthem andthey-spray to Yahweh way-of thecity which you-chose inher
I have built for thy name:
7 :
uebith ashr - bnthi lshmk :
andthehouse which I-built forname-ofyou


Then hear thou in heaven
ushmoth eshmim ath - thphlthm uath - thchnthm uoshith their prayer and their
andyou-listen theheavens prayer-ofthem and supplication-ofthem andyou-do supplication, and maintain
their cause.
mshphtm :


If they sin against thee,
ki ichtau - lk ki ain adm ashr la - ichta (for [there is] no man that
that they-are-sinning toyou that there-is-no human who not he-is-sinning sinneth not,) and thou be
angry with them, and
 deliver them to the enemy,
so that they carry them
uanphth bm unththm lphni auib ushbum
away captives unto the land
andyou-are-angry inthem andyou-givethem tofaces-of one-being-enemy andthey-capturethem
of the enemy, far or near;

shbiem al - artz eauib rchuqe au qrube :
ones-capturing-ofthem to land-of theone-being-enemy far or near


[Yet] if they shall
ueshibu al - lbm bartz ashr nshbu - shm bethink themselves in the
andthey-cturn-back to heart-ofthem intheland which they-are-nheld-captive there land whither they were
carried captives, and repent,

and make supplication unto
thee in the land of them that
ushbu uethchnnu alik bartz shbiem lamr
carried them captives,
andthey-return andthey-ssupplicate toyou inland-of ones-capturing-ofthem toto-say-of
saying, We have sinned,
and have done perversely,
: we have committed
chtanu ueouinu rshonu : wickedness;
we-sinned andwe-care-depraved we-are-wicked

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1Kings 8

8:48 7

And [so] return unto thee
ushbu alik bkl - lbbm ubkl - nphshm bartz with all their heart, and with
andthey-return toyou inall-of heart-ofthem andinall-of soul-ofthem inland-of all their soul, in the land of
their enemies, which led

7  them away captive, and
pray unto thee toward their
aibiem ashr - shbu athm uethphllu alik drk artzm
land, which thou gavest
ones-being-enemies-ofthem who they-captured them andthey-spray toyou way-of land-ofthem
unto their fathers, the city
which thou hast chosen, and

the house which I have built
ashr nththe labuthm eoir ashr bchrth uebith ashr - bnith for thy name:
which you-gave tofathers-ofthem thecity which you-chose andthehouse which you-built

7 :
bnithi lshmk :
I-built forname-ofyou

Then hear thou their
ushmoth eshmim mkun shbthk ath - thphlthm uath - prayer and their
andyou-listen theheavens site-of to-dwell-ofyou prayer-ofthem and supplication in heaven thy
dwelling place, and

: maintain their cause,
thchnthm uoshith mshphtm :
supplication-ofthem andyou-do judgment-ofthem


And forgive thy people
uslchth lomk ashr chtau - lk ulkl - that have sinned against
andyou-pardon topeople-ofyou who they-sinned toyou andtoall-of thee, and all their
transgressions wherein they

have transgressed against
thee, and give them
phshoiem ashr phshou - bk unththm lrchmim
compassion before them
transgressions-ofthem which they-transgressed inyou andyou-givethem tocompassions
who carried them captive,
that they may have

: compassion on them:
lphni shbiem urchmum :
tofaces-of ones-capturing-ofthem andthey-mhave-compassionthem

8:51 7 7

For they [be] thy people,
ki - omk unchlthk em ashr eutzath mmtzrim and thine inheritance, which
that people-ofyou andallotment-ofyou they whom you-cbrought-forth fromEgypt thou broughtest forth out of
Egypt, from the midst of the
 : furnace of iron:
mthuk kur ebrzl :
frommidst-of crucible-of theiron

8:52  7  7
That thine eyes may be
leiuth oinik phthchuth al - thchnth obdk ual - open unto the supplication
toto-bebc-of eyes-ofyou ones-being-nopen to supplication-of servant-ofyou andto of thy servant, and unto the
supplication of thy people
7 : Israel, to hearken unto them
in all that they call for unto
thchnth omk ishral lshmo aliem bkl qram alik :
supplication-of people-ofyou Israel toto-listen-of tothem inall to-call-ofthem toyou

8:53 7
For thou didst separate
ki - athe ebdlthm lk lnchle mkl omi eartz them from among all the
that you you-cseparatedthem foryou toallotment fromall-of peoples-of theearth people of the earth, [to be]
thine inheritance, as thou
7 7

spakest by the hand of
Moses thy servant, when
kashr dbrth bid mshe obdk beutziak ath - abthinu
thou broughtest our fathers
aswhich you-mspoke inhand-of Moses servant-ofyou into-cbring-forth-ofyou fathers-ofus
out of Egypt, O Lord GOD.

mmtzrim adni ieue : p
fromEgypt my-Lord Yahweh

. And it was [so], that
uiei kkluth shlme lethphll al - ieue ath kl - when Solomon had made an
andhe-is-becoming asto-mfinish-of Solomon toto-spray-of to Yahweh all-of end of praying all this
prayer and supplication
unto the LORD, he arose
from before the altar of the
ethphle uethchne ezath qm mlphni mzbch ieue
LORD, from kneeling on
theprayer andthesupplication thethis he-arose fromtofaces-of altar-of Yahweh
his knees with his hands
spread up to heaven.
mkro ol - brkiu ukphiu phrshuth eshmim :
fromto-bow-of on knees-ofhim andpalms-ofhim ones-being-spread theheavens

And he stood, and
uiomd uibrk ath kl - qel ishral qul gdul blessed all the congregation
andhe-is-standing andhe-is-mblessing all-of assembly-of Israel voice loud of Israel with a loud voice,

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1Kings 8
lamr :


Blessed [be] the LORD,
bruk ieue ashr nthn mnuche lomu ishral kkl ashr dbr that hath given rest unto his
being-blessed Yahweh who he-gave rest topeople-ofhim Israel asall which he-mspoke people Israel, according to
all that he promised: there
  hath not failed one word of
all his good promise, which
la - nphl dbr achd mkl dbru etub ashr dbr bid mshe
he promised by the hand of
not he-fell word one fromall-of word-ofhim thegood which he-mspoke inhand-of Moses
Moses his servant.
obdu :


The LORD our God be
iei ieue aleinu omnu kashr eie om - abthinu with us, as he was with our
he-shall-bebc Yahweh Elohim-ofus withus aswhich he-wasbc with fathers-ofus fathers: let him not leave us,
nor forsake us:
al - iozbnu ual - itshnu :
must-not-be he-is-forsakingus andmust-not-be he-is-abandoningus


That he may incline our
letuth lbbnu aliu llkth bkl - drkiu hearts unto him, to walk in
toto-cause-to-stretch-out-of heart-ofus tohim toto-go-of inall-of ways-ofhim all his ways, and to keep his
commandments, and his

statutes, and his judgments,
which he commanded our
ulshmr mtzuthiu uchqiu umshphtiu ashr
andtoto-keep-of instructions-ofhim andstatutes-ofhim andjudgments-ofhim which

tzue ath - abthinu :
he-minstructed fathers-ofus


And let these my words,
uieiu dbri ale ashr ethchnnthi lphni ieue qrbim wherewith I have made
andthey-shall-bebc words-ofme these which I-ssupplicated tofaces-of Yahweh near-ones supplication before the
LORD, be nigh unto the

LORD our God day and
night, that he maintain the
al - ieue aleinu iumm ulile loshuth mshpht obdu umshpht
cause of his servant, and the
to Yahweh Elohim-ofus by-day andnight toto-do-of judgment-of servant-ofhim andjudgment-of
cause of his people Israel at
all times, as the matter shall
   : require:
omu ishral dbr - ium biumu :
people-ofhim Israel matter-of day inday-ofhim


That all the people of the
lmon doth kl - omi eartz ki ieue eua ealeim ain earth may know that the
so-that to-know-of all-of peoples-of theearth that Yahweh he theElohim there-is-no LORD [is] God, [and that
there is] none else.
oud :


Let your heart therefore
ueie lbbkm shlm om ieue aleinu llkth be perfect with the LORD
andhe-becomes heart-ofyou(p) equitable with Yahweh Elohim-ofus toto-go-of our God, to walk in his
statutes, and to keep his

 : commandments, as at this
bchqiu ulshmr mtzuthiu kium eze :
instatutes-ofhim andtoto-keep-of instructions-ofhim astheday thethis

. And the king, and all
uemlk ukl - ishral omu zbchim zbch lphni ieue : Israel with him, offered
andtheking andall-of Israel withhim ones-sacrificing sacrifice tofaces-of Yahweh sacrifice before the LORD.


And Solomon offered a
uizbch shlme ath zbch eshlmim ashr zbch sacrifice of peace offerings,
andhe-is-sacrificing Solomon sacrifice-of thepeace-offerings which he-sacrificed which he offered unto the
LORD, two and twenty

thousand oxen, and an
hundred and twenty
lieue bqr oshrim ushnim alph utzan mae uoshrim alph
thousand sheep. So the king
toYahweh herd twenty andtwo thousand andflock hundred andtwenty thousand
and all the children of Israel
dedicated the house of the
 : LORD.
uichnku ath - bith ieue emlk ukl - bni ishral :
andthey-are-dedicating house-of Yahweh theking andall-of sons-of Israel

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1Kings 8 - 1Kings 9

The same day did the
bium eeua qdsh emlk ath - thuk echtzr ashr lphni king hallow the middle of
intheday thehe he-mhallowed theking midst-of thecourt which tofaces-of the court that [was] before
the house of the LORD: for
there he offered burnt
offerings, and meat
bith - ieue ki - oshe shm ath - eole uath - emnche uath
offerings, and the fat of the
house-of Yahweh that he-did there theascent-offering and thepresent-offering and
peace offerings: because the
brasen altar that [was]

before the LORD [was] too
chlbi eshlmim ki - mzbch enchshth ashr lphni ieue qtn little to receive the burnt
fat-pieces-of thepeace-offerings that altar-of thecopper which tofaces-of Yahweh small offerings, and meat
offerings, and the fat of the
peace offerings.
mekil ath - eole uath - emnche uath chlbi
fromto-ccontain-of theascent-offering and thepresent-offering and fat-pieces-of

eshlmim :

And at that time
uiosh shlme both - eeia ath - echg ukl - ishral Solomon held a feast, and
andhe-is-doing Solomon inthetime theshe thecelebration andall-of Israel all Israel with him, a great
congregation, from the

entering in of Hamath unto
the river of Egypt, before
omu qel gdul mlbua chmth od - nchl mtzrim lphni
the LORD our God, seven
withhim assembly great fromtoto-enter-of Hamath unto watercourse-of Egypt tofaces-of
days and seven days, [even]
fourteen days.

ieue aleinu shboth imim ushboth imim arboe oshr ium :
Yahweh Elohim-ofus seven-of days andseven-of days four ten day


On the eighth day he sent
bium eshmini shlch ath - eom uibrku ath - emlk the people away: and they
intheday theeighth he-msent-away thepeople andthey-are-mblessing theking blessed the king, and went
unto their tents joyful and

glad of heart for all the
goodness that the LORD
uilku laeliem shmchim utubi lb ol kl -
had done for David his
andthey-are-going totents-ofthem rejoicing-ones andgood-ones-of heart over all-of
servant, and for Israel his

etube ashr oshe ieue ldud obdu ulishral omu :
thegoodness which he-did Yahweh toDavid servant-ofhim andtoIsrael people-ofhim

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