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Keith Bartholomew

115 S. 1100 E., #404

Salt Lake City, UT 84102

April 26, 2017

The Hon. Stan Penfold, Chair

Salt Lake City Council
451 South State Street, Room 304
PO Box 145476
Salt Lake City UT 84114-5476

The Hon. Jackie Biskupski, Mayor

Salt Lake City
451 State Street, Room 306
Salt Lake City, UT 84114 -5474

Re: My resignation from the UTA Board of Trustees

Chair Penfold and Mayor Biskupski,

This morning, Mayor Biskupski asked that I resign my appointment to the Board of Trustees of the Utah
Transit Authority, effective immediately.

It has been my privilege and pleasure to serve as Salt Lake Citys appointee to the UTA board since 2004.
During those 13 years, UTA has seen a lot of growth and expansion. There are now 32% more riders
than there were then. In 2004, we had two rail lines totaling 18 miles; we now have six rail lines
covering more than 134 miles. Bus service and ridership has also expanded substantially during that
period. We now have over 100 bus lines and more than 6,300 bus stops.

But of course, transit agencies are much more than just facilities and vehicles. They are about
connecting people to opportunity. The rail and bus expansions I highlighted above make it possible for
tens of thousands of people to get to and from where they live, work, educate, and play. That
improvement in access to opportunities has improved the lives of countless citizens in Salt Lake City and
around our region. And given that virtually all of that rail service and most of the bus service converges
on Salt Lake City, it has been Salt Lake City that has enjoyed many of the economic and societal benefits
of the expanded UTA system.

Social equity is an important guiding light for transit. At my very first board meeting, in the spring of
2004, I spoke out against a proposed fare increaseand I was shocked when the motion to approve the
increase failed. In 2014, I was part of a group of board members that pushed for the idea of a distance-
based fareone that would charge people for only the amount of service they consumed. It seemed
more fair and it would have (incidentally) meant lower fares for the average Salt Lake City resident, as
they tend to make shorter trips. In the end, our customers (and representatives of low-income affinity
groups) shot down the idea as too complicated and nebulous. But the idea of fairness and equity is
central to transits mission and I will continue to promote those ideas where I can.

In recent years, there has been a great deal of criticism of UTA for lapses in openness and integrity
criticism that was warranted. Recent renovations to policies, procedures, and practices, however, are
paving the way toward repairing the public trust in the agency, and I am pleased to have had a hand in
making some of those corrections.

I am indebted to Salt Lake City for making it possible for me to serve my community by being on the UTA
board, and I thank you for your support and encouragement.

Pursuant to the mayors request, I hereby resign from my appointment to the Board of Trustees for the
Utah Transit Authority, effective today.


Keith Bartholomew

cc: Robert McKinley, Chair, UTA Board of Trustees

Jerry Benson, CEO, UTA
Robert Biles, Secretary, UTA Board of Trustees