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The CX Designer Series

Two Drawer Inverter Range

NEW Leaders in Multi

release Drawer Refrigeration
CX 370L and 402L Two Drawer Inverter Models

600W x 660D x 1698H mm

MR-CX402EJ *
600W x 660D x 1820H mm

370 Litres 402 Litres

Left Hand Available

White & Stainless only

Onyx Red White Stainless

Please see back for model release dates. Black Steel

Our new Designer Series CX Multi Drawer Refrigerators are perfect for those that have limited
kitchen space, with a big focus on style. With a stunning flat panel design, inverter technology,
and advanced functionality, the CX range is the ultimate solution for small to medium sized

Inverter Technology for 30% More Power Savings*

ENERGY kWh 500 32% decrease

USAGE 400 Mitsubishi Electrics CX Series is 30% more efficient in comparison to our
300 G Series for greater energy savings. Equipped with an advanced inverter compressor

200 with Mitsubishi Electrics Neuro Fuzzy Logic Technology, the CX series achieves an
100 impressive 3.5 star energy rating. The CX is able to memorise your usage patterns
375G CX370 and adapt energy usage for more savings.
*Compared to G-Series model.

Humidity Drawer with Advanced Vitalight Technology

The celebrated Humidity Drawer has now gone a step further with advanced
Vitalight Technology. The addition of an amber LED light allows fruit and vegetables
to stay fresher than ever before by absorbing energy from the light.

Vitalight System Conventional Model Vitalight Technology Keep Vegetables Fresher for Longer
The unique Vitalight LED lighting system is designed to slow down the wilting
process of leafy greens and maintain their original vitamin and antioxidant levels for
longer. Vegetables and fruit stored in the specially designed Humidity Drawer with
its integrated Vitalight LED system will last significantly longer in comparison to
conventional vegetable crisper bins.

Non-Plumbed Automatic Ice Maker

The water tank located at the base of the Refrigeration Compartment saves
significantly more space in comparison to plumbed ice makers, which typically
have ice makers integrated into the door design and compromise on available
depth. The water tank is easily removed, cleaned, and refilled at the kitchen sink
without the hassle and additional cost of plumbing the refrigerator into the water
Next Generation Refrigeration - Multi Drawers with Inverter Technology

Two Drawer Multi Drawer Technology is more advanced than ever

before with the introduction of the CX Series. Incorporating Inverter
Technology for advanced energy savings, Vitalight Technology to
ensure fruit and vegetables stay fresher for longer, and a new flat
panel design, this is the ultimate in fresh food storage.

The Mitsubishi Electric Inverter Advantage

A tenfold reduction in sound 30% more energy efficient*

Next generation
The new CX Series Inverter Technology
truly is whisper quiet. 17dBA means unparalleled
Rated at 17 dBA no power savings in comparison to
other refrigerator in its traditional non-inverter models.
class is quieter!
*In comparison to G Series Models.

Ergonomic User Friendly Layout

Designed with frequency of use taken
into consideration, the Refrigerator
Compartment is located at the top, the
fruit and vegetable Humidity Drawer is
in the middle and the Freezer Drawer
is at the bottom. This design minimises
the amount of bending required when
accessing the refrigerator.

Sliding Chilled Cases Easy Clean Ice Maker

Set at around 0C, the Sliding Chilled The water supply system for the
Cases are perfect for dairy products, Automatic Ice Maker is easy to clean;
meats, or chilling drinks. Two separate removable water tank components
cases provide flexible storage options just need to be flushed periodically
for longer lasting freshness. with water to maintain optimum

Two-Way Glass Flexi Shelf Freezer Drawer

The Two-Way Glass Flexi Shelf enables The Freezer Drawer is divided by
you to maximise your storage options a sliding tray at the top that can
by creating additional space when you be pushed back to reveal the rest of
need it. the drawer.

The Freezer Drawer is roomy enough to

fit bulky items such as ice cream tubs,
loaves of bread and frozen vegetables.
The top tray is ideal for storage and
organisation of flat pack items such
as meat packs.

All Features: MR-CX370EJ & MR-CX402EJ

Adjustable Tempered Sliding Non-Plumbed
Multi Airflow Egg Shelf LED Lighting Humidity Drawer Deodoriser
Glass Shelves Chilled Cases Ice Maker

Neuro Inverter Whisper Quiet

Frost Free Freezer Drawer Door Alarm 4 Casters 2 Adjustable Feet
Technology 17dBA



Model CX370EJ CX402EJ
Model CX370EJ CX402EJ

Net 55 55
Freezer Automatic Ice Maker
Drawer Gross 104 104
Frost Free
Refrigerator Net 167 196
Standard Ice Mode
Compartment Gross 189 221
Removable Water Tank
(Litre) Vegetable Net 44 44
Water Purifying Filter
Drawer Gross 77 77
Removable Easy Clean Water
Net 266 295 Tank Components
Gross 370 402
Ice Tray And Scoop
Width 600 600
Height 1698 1820
Humidity Drawer
Depth 660 660 Vitalight LED System

Net 65 68 Top Tray

(kg) Gross 72 76 Removable Vegetable Case

Clearance Behind 50 50 Freezer Drawer

Dimensions Above 100 100
Frost Free
(mm) Sides 20 20
Standard Freeze Function
Castors 4 4
Sliding Top Tray
Adjustable Feet 2 2
Multi Temperature Setting
Cooling System
Non CFC Cooling System
Neuro Inverter Technology Steel
Neuro Fuzzy Logic Onyx Black
Energy Star Rating 3.5 3.5 Red
kWh Per Year 337 351 White
Monitored Temperature Sensors 5 5 Left Hand Stainless
Door and Drawer Alarms Steel


Refrigerator Compartment
Cooling System Multi Airflow
Two-Way Flexi Shelf 1 1
Adjustable Shelf 1 2
Sliding Chilled Case 2 2
Egg Tray 1 1
Release Dates
Large Bottle Pocket 1 1
Free Pocket 2 2
LED Compartment Light
Model MR-CX370EJ MR-CX402EJ
Multi Temperature Setting
White (Right hand) September 2016 September 2016
Small Items Pocket 0 1
Stainless Steel (Right hand) September 2016 September 2016
Black September 2016 September 2016
Warranty Red December 2016 December 2016
Every Mitsubishi Electric Refrigerator White (Left hand) December 2016 December 2016
is backed by a 2 Year Parts and Labour Stainless Steel (Left hand) December 2016 December 2016
Warranty and a 5 Year Compressor Warranty.

For more information on Mitsubishi Electric Refrigeration, please call our customer service team on 0800 784 382
or visit www.mitsubishi-electric.co.nz/fridges



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