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Fila table

Project title: Runde Metal Recycling

Fact Idea Learning issue Actions

Old vehicles Can be recycled How can the metal scraps affect Find out and discuss the effect
Metal scraps Non-biodegradable the environment? of metal scraps to the
Tyres Can be reused How is the recycle process environment and how the
Melting being carried out? recycle process has been
What can be produced through conduct.
the reuse and recycle process?
Rusting of metal Cause pollution What type of pollution caused Doing some research in the
Health problems by rusting of metal? internet about the type of
Animal death Who will be affected by this pollution caused by the
problem? rusting metal and who will be
the victim.

Different types of scrap metals Ferrous and non-ferrous What is the characteristics of Find information from books
metals ferrous and non-ferrous metals? in the library regarding the
What is the difference between characteristics of ferrous and
both metals? non-ferrous metals and also
the difference between both

Leftover petrol Explosion Where is the suitable place to Doing some research and
Pollution put all this metals? collecting information from
Is there any technology that can the previous journals that
reduce this problem? related to this topic.