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I, SPO1 CRESENTE PAULATE, of legal age, single, Filipino,

a bonafide member of the Philippine National Police (PNP)
presently assigned and designated as member of Station Anti-
illegal Drug Unit (SAIDU) in Digos City Police Station, Digos City,
Philippines, after having been sworn to in accordance with law do
hereby voluntarily depose and say:

1. That on or about 6:00 p.m. of September 05, 2016, our

confidential informant (CI) arrived in our station and informed us
that a certain alias STONEY is actively engaged in
selling/peddling of SHABU. The CI further averred that he had
known and has long acquaintance with the above suspect and
had transacted many times with her. The CI also told us that he
will meet the suspect STONEY anytime in the evening of the
same date for a sale of SHABU and to introduce a buyer to her
at Purok Tugas, Bonifacio 8th , Brgy Zone 3, Digos City as place
of transaction;

2. That upon assessment of the information and considering it as

actionable, our Team Leader PI GIAN CARLO ESPINA
immediately informed our station commander PSUPT ELVIN
PALAO who, in coordination with PDEA RO XI, organized a team
to conduct the buy-bust operation to which I was designated as
the poseur buyer, PI Gin Carlo Espina as our Team Leader to
remain in our unmarked vehicle to be parked opposite Mers
restaurant; PO1 Melvin Malabute as blocking officer to post
himself along corner of Lapu-Lapu St.,; while PO2 Marcus
Micabalo as blocking officer to post himself in front of Mers
restaurant and PO3 Pete Bayani Camporedondo as blocking
officer to post himself along Rizal St.;

3. That I am to removed my baseball cap I will be wearing as

signal to indicate the consummation of our buying of the shabu
transaction and forthwith I was given two (2) FIVE HUNDRED
(P500.00) peso bills with Serial Nos., MF650593and GT835540
wherein I placed the initials JN at the lower portion as the
markings. With the details of the buy-bust planned, an Pre-
Operation Report and the AUTHORITY TO OPERATE with
CONTROL NO. 51115-4321-10987 B were issued. Attached is
the copy of the money marked Annexes A and A-1 and the
authority to operate marked Annex B;

4. That we caused our buy-bust plan to be recorded in our police

blotter. Attached is the copy of the blotter marked Annex C;

5. That on September 5, 2015, I and our CI posted ourselves at

the corner of Rizal and Lapu-lapu Streets when we noticed the
STONEY standing in front of a cigarette stand in the waiting
shed fronting Mers restaurant which prompted our CI to approach

6. That seeing our CI, STONEY immediately approached her and

our CI changed his direction by walking towards me with
Stoney walking behind her;

7. That when we were in a conversing distance, our CI

introduced Stoney to me and said Stoney asked me, MOSCORE
DAW KA PARTS? a known signal by drug users that I am to buy
shabu, to which I replied GAMAY RA BALI P1,000.00 lang and
simultaneously handed her my marked money which I retrieve
from my wallet and, in the meantime, the CI walks towards the
cigarette vendor beside Mers restaurant under the pretense of
buying candies;

8. That Stoney took my money that I handed her and

simultaneously she took something from the back left pocket of
her maong pants two small sachet of white crystalline substance
which I suspected is SHABU/methamphetamine hydrochloride and
forthwith I remove my cap to indicate our signal to my
companions that sale transaction of shabu was consummated;

8. That seeing my signal, PO1 Melvin Malabote and PO2 Marcus

Micabalo immediately rush toward us while I introduced myself as
a police officer from Digos City Police Office and immediately held
the right wrist to prevent Stoney from getting away and thereby,
I informed said Stoney that I am arresting her for violation of
R.A. 9165 and that anything she will say may be used against her
in the court of law and further informed her of her right to

9. That I frisked Stoney while PO1 Malabote and PO2 Micabalo

held Stoney to prevent her from escaping;

10. That I recover from the possession of STONEY, one

P500.00 bill, the two (2) P500.00 bill which is my marked money,
one (1) cellular phone (MY PHONE brand) with SIMPACK, one (1)
black wallet and one (1) Identification card (drivers license); one
(1) lighter and one (1) tooter

10.) That PO1 Melvin Malabote left in his motorcycle to fetch a

barangay official of Zone 3, Digos City and a media representative
of the Digos Times;

11.) That we brought Stoney to our unmarked vehicle van where

I conducted an inventory of the things I seized from Stoney. I
also placed the white crystalline substance in another but bigger
plastic bag where I label it by affixing my initials while the
persons fetched by PO1 Malabote arrived and witnesses the
inventory I prepared. Attached is the Inventory of Evidence
Report/Property Seized marked Annex D;

12.) That we proceeded back to Digos City Police Station together

with the seized items and the arrested suspect who later
identified in her true name as ROLANDA DELA ROSA, 33 years
old, married, jobless and a resident of Purok Talisay, Bonifacio
Corregidor, Brgy Zone 3, Digos City and presented to the duty
Desk Officer for documentation;

13.) That we were able to conduct physical inventory of the

seized items in the presence of the herein arrested person and
witnesses in the presence of the herein arrested persons and
witnessed by BRIX TRAZONA from Digos Times as media
representative, LEE IVY ACEVEDO from the DOJ and Kgd.
ERWIN VERANO an elected public official of Brgy. Zone 3, Digos
City. Attached is a copy inventory of evidence marked as Annex
D which forms an integral part hereof; (See attached Inventory
of Evidence Searched)

14.) That afterwards, we proceeded to Davao del Sur Crime

Laboratory Office XI, Magsaysay St, Digos City, Davao del Sur
and submitted the recovered/seized drug items for laboratory
examination for qualitative and quantitative examination while
the arrested person Rolanda dela Rosa alias Stoney believed to
be indulged in the use of illegal drugs based on her physical
appearance (pale, profuse sweating, dried lips, uneasy and
reddish eyes) were subjected to urine test to determine the
presence of illegal drugs;

15.) That the recovered non-drug evidence remained in the

custody of Property Custodian NISA OPALLA while cases for
violation of Sec. 5 and Section 11 of Republic Act 9165 are being
prepared against the arrested person; and

16.) That I am executing this affidavit in order to apprise the

concerned authorities of the truthfulness of the above-mentioned
facts and to ask the filing in violation of Sec 5 and 11 of Article II
of R.A. 9165 against Rolanda dela Rosa.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and

affixed my signature this 6TH day of September 2016 at Digos
City, Philippines.



SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me this 6TH day of

September 2016 at Digos City, Philippines. I hereby certify that I
personally examined the herein affiant and that I am fully
satisfied that he both voluntarily executed and understood his


Deputy City Prosecutor

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