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Lesson #4 Monster Cookie Lesson

Teacher: Meghan Leuschner Date: 16th Subject/ Topic/ Theme: Math, Fractions, Monster

I. Objectives
What is the main focus of this lesson?
-Students will be able to explain why fractions are important to learn (practical)
-Students will be able to estimate fractions
-Students will be able to measure ingredients with fractions
-Students will work together to create cookie dough.

Overall, this lesson is meant to take their understanding of what a fraction is to a deeper level. Parts to a
whole should have a new light after connecting it to cookies.
How does this lesson tie in to a unit plan? (If applicable.)

Estimating and measuring fractions give practicality to fractions in the way that people use fractions
every day. Students will have hands on experience and visually experience how much a fraction truly is,
by creating their own fraction measuring cups, shading on paper the ingredients, and then making their
own cookie dough.

My unit is an intro to fractions and this lesson will be one that helps students estimate fractions, measure
fractions, understand the practicality of fractions, and be a reference point that we will come back to as
we get into equivalent fractions and multiplying fractions later after this unit. Im also hoping that this will
build community in my classroom and put a positive spin on fractions so that they will continue to grow
their love for math.

What are your objectives for this lesson? (As many as needed.) Indicate connections to
applicable national or state standards. If an objective applies to only certain students write the
name(s) of the student(s) to whom it applies.

Understand a fraction 1/b as the quantity formed by 1 part when a whole is partitioned into b equal parts;
understand a fraction a/b as the quantity formed by a parts of size 1/b.

You have met your objectives of estimating, measuring, and the concept of parts of a whole.
II. Before you start
Prerequisite knowledge All previous lessons. Ability to follow directions carefully.
and skills.

Answers to questions on the board.

Their recipe sheets (do not let them continue if they didnt
shade in the correct fractions).
(formative and
Tasting their cookies (too much salt?).

Universal Design for Learning Networks/Domains (see UDL Guidelines)

Multiple Means of Representation Multiple Means of Expression Multiple Means of
(Action) Engagement
Options for Perception Options for action/interaction Options for recruiting interest
-questions on whiteboard -Coming to board to show
-directions given through a skit and thinking -Making their own monster
written on paper -Moving to groups cookies.
-expectations given through oath -Moving to ingredients -This will help them for their life.
-practice on paper by shading -Pouring and adjusting relevant lesson
-experiencing fractions by making cookies ingredients for fractions

Options for Language/Symbols Options for Expression Options for Sustaining Effort &
-skit for directions (visual) -First exploring questions on Persistence
board with teacher
-Then following teacher to divide First showing the amounts of
parts on the cup ingredients on paper, before
-Working in groups to shade in being allowed to put the
amounts on paper ingredients in their bags.
-Working in groups to create
dough They must work together to
create their dough. Taking turns
at each station.
Options for Comprehension Options for Executive Function Options for Self Regulation
-Having students come up to board to -Goal setting through
show estimating thinking. How they saw expectations by using pledge and Judging ability to follow directions
the fraction. explaining what will happen if before tasting cookies and after.
they do not stay on track.
Ingredients (see ingredient sheet then multiply by 10 to be
Handout: 1 side with directions and ingredients, the other
with the interactive recipe that they must shade in.
Cooking pan tin rectangles
Materials-what materials
Extra plastic bags to put down under ingredients.
(books, handouts, etc) do
At least 40, 1 gallon bags that can zip up.
you need for this lesson
Extra adult support (parents in the future, but Mr. H & Mrs. G
and do you have them?
for this lesson)
Estimation double sided worksheet for students to sit down
and do if they are not on track.
Classroom computers for fun if they are done.
Pledge slide for the pledge to stay on task

Do you need to set up Ingredients spread out on the outside of the classroom.
your classroom in any One teacher always by the eggs.
special way for this
lesson? If so, describe it.
The preparation was great. The students were all in for the following directions pledge! The movement
from board work to skit to pledge to making the measuring device to report check off was a lot to handle
but it went well. The students were very excited.
III. The Plan
Tim The description of (script for) the lesson, wherein you describe teacher
e activities and student activities
Motivation Open with fractions represented by pictures on the board. (, , ) Dont show the
(Opening/ lines that show what the fraction is. Ask students to imagine those lines themselves
Introducti so that they can estimate or guess the name of the fraction. Have students come up
on/ to share their thinking by drawing dotted lines where they imagined the parts to be
Engageme divided.
Then take objects in the room that can be filled and ask them to estimate how full
they are by naming it with a fraction. Pick an item that is full or move hand to
show how full it should be. (in our class use garbage can).

Take small cup and have students think what it would look like to be full.

Developm Split students into groups of 3 and number them 1, 2, and 3. Hand out
ent cups to each group as you go along splitting them. Each group should be
standing behind their set of desks.
Have the 1s follow the teacher by splitting one side of the cup into
4ths and drawing the 4th lines. 2s will check the work. 3s will follow the
teacher splitting the cup into 3rds on the other side. 2s will check the work.
Explain that we will be using these cups to make monster cookies.
Have students pledge to stay on task by repeating after teacher and reading
from screen. Teacher explains that if they can not stay on task they will sit
down with estimation worksheet to learn that way and will not receive
cookies the next day. Also explain that the results of not following the recipe
are the cookies not tasting good warn about salt and sugar. The cookie
dough they make will stay with them since their name is on the bag.
Demonstrate how to hold bags, take turns, measure flour, and crack
an egg while respecting all through skit with another adult (Mrs. G).
Read directions with students on the direction sheet and explain they
must prove they know their ingredients and how much the fractions are on
paper before receiving the plastic bags with their names on it.
Let students go. 2 Teachers walk around helping and observing. 1
Teacher always stays by the eggs helping students.
When students finish, they may have free time on the laptops.

Have students rate themselves on their understanding and then again

on their ability to follow directions. (1-Im the best, 2-I need practice, 3-I need
Tell them that we will rate ourselves again after we taste the cookies

Your reflection on the lesson including ideas for improvement for next time:

I really needed to make this lesson a 2 day event. I should have had the board work intro,
demonstrations, and directions all in one day with the paperwork. Then had the actual making of the
cookies the next day. In the future I will have students each bring in an ingredient, since it cost a lot more
than I realized. I appreciated the extra help from other adults greatly! I would ask for parent help in the
future or help from other staff. There really does need to be more support in the room than just the

I still havent figured out how long something will take in my classroom, but I am appreciating all the
experience and practice that will hopefully bring me there overtime.
Your reflection of the idea of a two day event is great. Pacing is one of the biggest
issues with teaching and it will come with practice. There were many components to
this lesson. I also think additional parent volunteers would be helpful. The students
were thoroughly enjoying the task. I salute you for taking on this very big project.
The students will associate fractions with cookies forever especially if they had to eat
the salty ones!!! You are very creative. Your enthusiasm is contagious.