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Musahib Hussain Qureshi,

Registrar Pakistan Engineering Council



Respected sir,

It is come to our knowledge that Multan Electricity Power

Company (MEPCO) Administration wants some clarifications about
course contents of subjected degree and equivalency as M.SC
Engineering, here we want to explain our point of view, background
and submit our presentation.


The above degree was planned and executed by Project

Management Unit (PMU), Directorate of PEPCO to train Electrical
Engineers in the field of Energy Engineering and higher Management
skills for high management requirements, initially it was 33 credit
hours but after the joint meeting of HEC& PEC with AIT and World
Bank representative under energy distribution services management
and technology program (EDSMAT),it was decided that it should be
36 credit hours as per HEC criteria for master degree program

Six participants/ Electrical Engineers /officers from MEPCO and Ten

participants/ Electrical Engineers /officers from LESCO were
nominated from there respective formations on bases of
Engineering criteria for the above subjected degree program
(Annex-B). The nominated officers were not stakeholders in this
decision. MEPCO had called applications for (Engineering) and
MEPCO admin issued our nomination orders and sent us to AIT to
complete degree. A huge fund has been spent in this regard.

All of them successfully completed their course and MEPCO and

LESCO have given them their due rights as M.Sc Engineering
(Annex-C) after getting equivalent certificate from HEC Pakistan.

Government of Thailand did not established AIT Bangkok, Thailand.

In 1957, the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO), initiated
establishment of a regional graduate school of engineering (only for
M.Sc & Ph.D), with principal support to be provided by SEATO
member countries (Australia, France, New Zealand, the U.K., and the
U.S.), with additional support from other regional member countries
(Pakistan, the Philippines and Thailand). Since 1957 to 2011 (54
years), the institute had invaded thousands of M.Sc and Ph.Ds
Engineers and started undergraduate program in 2012.The
minimum qualification to be member of Faculty at AIT is Ph.D.

The degree of Professional Masters in Energy Business Management

has not been offered at School of Management (SOM) but it was
offered by School of Environment, Resources & Development
(SERD). At AIT, we were studying at school of Energy & the School of
Energy is under SERD. Our degree was offered at SERD (School of
Energy) with the collaboration of SOM. Therefore on our transcripts
and thesis, the names of both schools have been written, SERD
(Energy) was written before SOM (Management) as confirmed by AIT
vice president for academic affairs

AIT link:!about/cjg9

M.Sc (Engineering) is a sequence of studies followed by series of

knowledge starting from initial basic after fresh graduation but for
people working in a Electricity Company for more than 10 years the
capacity enhancement needs more than that (starting them from
initial basic will be wasteful) therefore, AIT offered a variety of
program identifying the need of Companies dealing in Energy
business. The similar program is also offered by different institutes
abroad as well as countryside currently days. Even N.E.D University
of Engineering & Technology have also completing the similar
program of M.Sc Engineering with specialization in Energy
Management approved by HEC & PEC, minimum in 3 semesters and
each semester is of 4 & a half month.

Here we want to give our point of view, regarding our degree

equivalent to M.Sc Engineering.


1. According to HEC, Curriculum Vita of Electrical M.Sc

Engineering revised-2012 (Annex-D).

The course titles of the MS/ME in Electrical Engineering with

specialization in Power Engineering,
Communication/Telecommunication Engineering, Electrical Machines
and Power Electronics, Control Systems, Computer Engineering, and
have been outlined. Other specializations may be added as required
by each university offering the Masters program keeping in view the
availability of resources. The details of course contents, structure,
and requirement of programs is the responsibility of the individual
university according to faculty availability, suitability and needs.

PEC does not allow any equivalence; PEC only issues endorsement
for Master Degree/Higher qualification. HEC issues the equivalence
of foreign degrees and it has already been issued declaring PMEBM
degree as Masters enabling us to get direct admissions in Ph.D.

Our degree justify the above HEC Rules

2. HEC Minimum criteria for MS / M.Phil (Annex-E)

For award of M.Phil/M.S/Equivalent degree, candidates will either

need to complete 30 credit hours of course work or complete 24
credit hours of course work along with a minimum of 6 credit hours
for research work/thesis.

Our degree justifies the above HEC Rules.

3. The criteria laid down by HEC and PEC for declaring a degree as
Engineering degree. According to that criteria , a engineering degree
program consists of 65% to 70% Engineering degree related
technical courses and 30% to 35% percent other non technical
courses. For PMEBM program, the above %age will be;

Non Technical Courses Technical Courses

Subject name Credit Subject name Credit
Hours Hours
Human Resource 2 Energy resources and 2
Management Technologies
Managerial Accounting 2 Power Distribution 3
Corporate Finance 2 Managing technology for 2
Development and 3
Evaluation of Energy
Energy Management 3
Energy Economics and 3
Energy Risk 1
Power Sector 3
Management under

Choice and Transfer of 3
Energy Technologies
Workshop on Energy 1
Issues and
Project 6
Total Credits gained 6 Total credits gained 30

4. HEC has issued equivalence certificate (Annex-F).

In supersession to this office letter of even number dated

September 3, 2013 on the subject, it is informed that the Asian
Institute of Technology is a chartered institute of Thailand. As
confirmed by the Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand, Higher
Education Commission recognizes Master in Energy Business
Management degree held by you as equivalent to corresponding
Masters degree involving 17-year of schooling in the relevant field
from Pakistan and you are eligible to get direct admission into Ph.D
degree program.

HEC Pakistan is the only body present in Pakistan to issue the

Equivalence of foreign degrees. When HEC has equalized the degree
as Masters and criteria for a declaring Master degree is present at
HEC official website and HEC has also issued equivalence, we think
there should be no further elaboration is required. HEC has not
written anywhere that it is a non technical or management degree
but HEC has endorsed the degree as Masters as it is understood that
Engineering Management is a technical degree similarly

5. According to Vice President for Academic Affairs Prof.

S.Kumar have given official letter on the request of PEC
( Annex-G).

The professional Master in Energy Business Management is an

Interdisciplinary program offered by the School of Environment,
Resources and Development and the School of Management. The
curriculum of the program comprises of energy related engineering
and management courses. The courses were developed and shared
with the World Bank and the academic representatives of Islamabad
Electric Supply Company (ESSCO). Hyderabad Electric Supply
Company (HESCO), Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) and
Multan Electric Power Company (MEPCO). The titles of the courses

offered are attached for the management of Multan Electric Power
Company (MEMCO) Pakistan to decide on the discipline of the

6. The Masters in Energy Management program is also being offered in

Pakistan by N.E.D UET Karachi , COMSAT and NUST under approval
of HEC and PEC with different names. It is not possible to go beyond
without giving details of Institutes offering similar programs as
PMEBM under approval of HEC & PEC.

University Degree School/Departm Credit Annexure

ent hours to
be gained
N.E.D UET Masters of Department of
Karachi Engineering Electrical
Management Engineering 30
of energy
COMSAT MS Energy School of
Management 30
NUST Energy Department of
Systems Electrical 30
AIT Professional Department of
Masters in Energy with 36
Energy collaboration of
Business SOM

7. M.Sc Electrical Engineering Department NED University has started

same course as their major, energy management (Annex-H).

courses offered by Electrical Engineering department of N.E.D U.E.T
Karachi under approval of HEC & PEC, the one of ancient
Engineering University of Sub continent and a charter University of
HEC. The detail of courses in M.Sc Engineering program with
specialization in Energy Management offered by N.E.D U.E.T Karachi
is given below with its comparison with PMEBM Program at AIT.
NED UET Karachi AIT Thailand
Subject name Credit Subject name Credit
Hours Hours
Compulsory Courses Compulsory Courses
Organizational 3 Human Resource 2
systems Management
Accounting and 3 Managerial Accounting 2
Strategic Planning 3 Development and 3
and Decision Making Evaluation of Energy
Project Management 3 Energy resources and 2
Framework and Tools Technologies
Operations Research 3 Power Distribution 3
Managing Technology 2
for Competitiveness
Total Credits 15 Total Credits 14
Common Electives Courses Common Electives Courses
Total Quality 3 Corporate Finance 2
Project Evaluation 3 Supply Chain 2
and Feasibility Management
Research methods in 3
Elective Courses Energy Elective Courses Energy
Management Management
Power Generation 3 Choice and Transfer of 3
Economics Energy Technologies
Energy Audits 3 Workshop on Energy 1
Issues and
Energy Conservation 3 Energy Management 3
Power System 3 Energy Economics and 3

Restructuring Planning
Distributed 3 Energy Risk 1
Generation Management
Reliability Engineering 3 Power Sector 3
Management under
Energy Planning 3 Rural Electrification and 3
Distributed Generation
Reactive Power 3 Solar System 3
Project 6 Smart Grid for 2
Dissertation 9 Biomass Technologies 3
Project 6
Candidates have to choose 15 Candidates have to choose 14
credit hours of compulsory credit hours of compulsory
courses of management courses of technical and
necessarily and remaining 15 management courses (4 credits of
credits can be chosen from non technical/management
technical and non technical courses and 10 credits of
subjects including project. Technical courses).Then out of 24
credit hours including project,
only 2 credit hours of non
technical/ management courses
and 22 credit hours of Technical
This can be straightforwardly viewed that M.Sc (Engineering) degree
offered at N.E.D UET Karachi is of 30 credit hours as per HEC criteria,
more than 50% courses are management courses and at AIT, the
Energy Management Program is of 36 credit hours, 6 credit hours
more than N.E.D UET Karachi and HEC laid down criteria for M.Sc
(Engineering) and all 30 credit hours including project are technical
courses and 6 credit hours are nontechnical courses. AT N.E.D UET
the program is started since 2012 and in current session, about 100
students are enrolled in this program of M.Sc (Engineering) with
specialization in Energy Management.
Now question is why the degree at N.E.D UET Karachi approved by
HEC & PEC is M.Sc (Engineering) with specialization in Energy
Management and is technical degree and Masters in Energy
Business Management at AIT Thailand is a management degree, the
foreign Universities like AIT offered such degrees to provide more
advance knowledge to the professional people working in energy
related companies than a simple M.Sc ( Engineering).Master of
Energy in Business Management is a more advance & technical

degree offered for professional people than that of any local
University who is starting M.Sc (Engineering) for the first time. The
experience & exposure of AIT degree contains acquiring knowledge
from an institute invading Ph.Ds and M.Sc Engineers since more
than 50 years. The degree also contains exposure to remain in
mentorship of more than 15 Ph.D Faculty members including 3 Ph.Ds
supervising the thesis project which we have completed. Among the
faculty, more than 5 members were among the first 10 people in the
world in their field, including dean of Energy department and School
of management.

N.E.D UET Advertisement link:

N.E.D UET Electrical engineering department link Where 100

students are doing degree in 2 sections.

N.E.D UET list of courses offered under this program are present at
%20Prospectus%2020 12.pdf

Maximum completion period of master degree program may be

reduced by one semester for day program and two semesters for
evening program

8. Center of energy NUST has also started the same course (


9. PEC is giving status of M.Sc engineering and endorsing

CASE Islamabad M.Sc Engineering Management program

Keeping in view of all above facts our this degree program is

Engineering program and equivalent to M.Sc engineering, if

the authority / committee at PEC is not satisfied with our
point of view it is kindly requested please call us and heard
in person before any decision.

Yours sincerely
Participant of PMEBM of

Engr. Muhammad Hasnain

Engr. Kamran Zahoor
Engr. Sajid Yaqoob
Engr. Qaser Abbas
Engr. Muhammad Raza Zaffar
Engr. Muhammad Shahzad