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Hot sept eve

Racism afro American
Microcosm about mini cooper sexual tnsn
In her forties
She tries to attract boys by proclaiming that she was molested
White goddess; also woman as site of birth defended by men
Concept of honor linked with defence of women along with it being weaker sex but
when consent comes in, concept of weaker sex is no longer there.
The story is grounded in character
He also knows the woman approaching menopause touching forties and not married so
sexually disturbed
In mini coopers high school days, the white American culture described
Narrative changes between characters
The violence is countered by lynching
There is a stereotypical action connecting sexuality and race, violence and raical tnsn
Sexuality and race blacks perception of whites is missing in this text
The inferiority of blacks over superior white thats bestiality perverse sex
If a woman is in control then purity of race is ensured. But if she cant she indulges in
perverse or deviant sex
Sexuality is a channelized form of social function of it
Female body is an extension of the male and her choice is a threat to identity.
Even inside marriage, female sexuality has been set limits on.
Sticking to biological aspects, females have to undergo pregnancy and pain so protect
her from this.
Childs legitimacy is what doesnt allow women to have children and have sex outside
In the contemporary time, it is about family honor also, virginity ensured so bastard
doesnt come about and claim a stake.
Through the idea of assault we come up with a very basic model assault signifies
breaching a boundary. Through this category of boundary we can understand the self.
Attack on I if boundary is assaulted in.
The minimal self which can be threatened is the BODY.
Larger cultural category of self can also be assaulted, still a notion of self and identity.
(mother and sister) located within the females body. So to assault somebodys cultural
identity rape a woman and the other way around protect the woman.
Form different parts, action unfolds sequentially, violence (this not talked about, but
what leads up to it) and counter( central action lynching[aftermath]), agents of this
action (characters and their relation to action), idea of characters means there are
differences, characters and different motives (same action or diff actions), aesthetic
representation of the title (Dry September) and relation with the story.
We have just the descriptions of the atmosphere (not visual but something thats felt)
and inner motives of characters not described. (just interiority-unavailable to others.
not exteriority-facets of character available to other) (If at all present thru action.) The
short story first and foremost going to focus on the event in its formal presentation.
Because it cant expand itself.
For action committer interiority to exteriority but readers the other way around.
Characters are enigmatic but we dont have all the explicit explanations.
Event over character, because short stories are concentrated so prioritised action/event
and everything else viewed from the centrality of action. (Focal point) removal of
Revelation of characters thru action.
White identity conditional upon not being a nigger lover. (othering the blacks)
oppositional binaries. Hate speech concept
The veracity of the event in question later but it doesnt matter because it was based
on the general stereotype. Also preventive measures to stop blacks to do it because
potential of a similar event that can be realised in the future. Degree of uncertainty.
Stereotyping of blacks, their character and identities they are rapists. The essential
looming threat that blacks are rapists because of racial stereotypes.
The attack by whites on the blacks is legitimised by the defence due to the rape. If no
event then defence legitimised by potential threat.
Representation of law or embodiment through the assumption of lynchmob; sheriffs
role played down. Complete disregard for the real institution of law.
With me or not white or not
Get up not state of being but state of action
Within the stereotype, the other is always a potential threat to the seat of ones
community. (Masculine heroism)
White can be female but domain of action (social construct) is just for men.
Uncomfortable because they are shamed to assume the group identity.
The actions are not done of own agency. The weather overpowered the men. And they
avoid responsibility due to this as they are carried away by outside forces.
Mclendons service in the WWI gives a sense of his masculinity.
Pistol object that commands intimidation
Speaker utterance listener

Event Character

General stereotype and black/nigger by negating past event and characters.

Also white identity is established thru utterance; which is the real agenda and
establishment of black identity is the medium. (thru utterance of course)
Speaker and listener esp white identity. Normative set of values for being a white. It is
specific cultural code.
Speech is antagonistic
Why white identity needs black identity
What kind of white identity w/o black and if it takes derivation what kind of white
identity then. (binary opposition)
Other identity source of threat and the anxiety that comes with it.
Speech act constructs the character.
Speech act theory jl Austin
Identities are constructed by speeches and expressions to convince characteristics to
Reading plays, speech comes later first speaker but while listening, speech comes first.
Whiter than other whites, the salesman, constructed identity (a) because of black being
a threat.
Factual acts are irrelevant but the stereotypes and threats more important. Will mayes
becomes the representative of a race. (a stereotype)
Aristotle from particular to general (empiricist way) with some exceptions but from
general to particular in the case of the story as nigger characteristics known and
stereotypes evident here. Stereotype as repository of truth. Stereotype is always about
the other. Construction of negative identity depends on the fear and anxiety that
emerges from the threat of the other.
The guys in the barber create an own, other and collective identity. The speech makes
threat cause the anxiety. ( a manoeuvre) and just one way of responding that is the
normative white male.
Boogeyman- Bogeyman (usually spelledboogeyman in the U.S.; also spelled bogieman orboogie man;
see American and British English spelling differences), pronounced/bimn/ or /boimn/,[1]is a common allusion to a
mythical creature in many cultures used by adults to frighten children into good behavior. This monster has no specific
appearance, and conceptions about it can vary drastically from household to household within the same community; in
many cases, he has no set appearance in the mind of an adult or child, but is simply a non-specific embodiment of terror.
Parents may tell their children that if they misbehave, the bogeyman will get them. Bogeymen may target a specific
mischieffor instance, a bogeyman that punishes children who suck their thumbsor general misbehaviour, depending
on what purpose needs serving. In some cases, the bogeyman is anickname for the Devil. Bogeyman tales vary by region.
The bogeyman is usually a masculine entity, but can be any gender, or simply be androgynous.
Use of social psychological concepts such as compliance and normality
In the barber shop, actual event and character not there but fabricated.
Dust is a word most often repeated in part 4
Dry September means winter late in coming and drought situation and leads to
affectation of the characters.
The theme of dust is symbolic of dryness and oppression.
Sound of breathing rasping sound parched lungs so oppression of humans
Naming particularises, individualises by will mayes. They intended to be covert from
potential witness. Also secrecy because they know it is a crime.
Vigilante justice action is lawful but person who does it is not lawful.
Lynchmob knows whatever they are doing they assume is legally and morally right
also act themselves
Mclendon just doesnt assume the responsibility of law upon himself but also white
Will mayes is like a scapegoat who has to be sacrificed for the assertion of whiteness.


police force didnt always exist

when police came
detective literature 18th century
figure of detective central issue is not law crime morality but exercising intellect.