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Summary of Edges
This list contains a complete summary of the Edges presented in Hunter: the Reckoning. Please note that
some Edges have various uses and all the details for using Edges isnt presented here. This is simply a
guide to help players remember what Traits which Edges use, difficulties, and such. For complete descriptions
refer to the rulebook!

Edge Page Traits Virtue Notes
Hide 148 Wits + Mercy Difficulty 6. Supernaturals tend to overlook the Hunter (Per. + Alert. diff.: 6 to notice the Hunter).
Iluminate 148 Per. + Mercy Difficulty 6. Identifies all supernaturals nearby. If successful this power benifits all Hunters in the area.
Radiate 149 Sta. + Mercy Difficulty 6. The Hunter radiates an aura. For each succes supternatural are at +1 diff. to hit.
Confront 149 Man. + Mercy Difficulty 5. Spend 1 Conviction. For each success supernaturals must spend a Willpower to attack.
Blaze 149 Str. + Mercy Difficulty 8. Light can cause damage to supernaturals. Damage varies.

Edge Page Traits Virtue Notes
Demand 150 No roll. Receives 1 level of Bashing Damage and your Mercy rating may be applied to Strength.
Witness 150 Per. + Mercy Difficulty 6. Reveals the true nature of supernaturals. May also grant visions.
Ravage 150 Man. + Mercy Difficulty 7. Heat wave. Deals 1 lethal dmg. for each success. May target incoporeal entities.
Donate 151 X + Mercy Difficulty 7. Spend 2 Conviction points. X is the chosen Attribute you want to lend to someone.
Payback 151 Man. + Mercy Difficulty varies. Spend 5 Conviction. Imposes human limitations upon the target.

Edge Page Traits Virtue Notes
Bluster 152 Wits + Mercy Difficulty 6. Single word of defence. Cannot be combined with other defences.
Insinuate 152 Man. + Mercy Difficulty 6. Each success adds 1 to targets next action. Target is confronted with mortal emotions.
Respire 153 Sta. + Mercy Difficulty 6. May heal damage or drain supernaturals (Dex. + Mercy, instead). Cost varies.
Becalm 153 Man. + Mercy Difficulty 7. Spend 1 Conviction point. Calms people down. Violent actions are harder to perform.
Suspend 154 Cha. + Mercy Difficulty 8. Spend 2 Conviction points. Seals the material world.

Edge Page Traits Virtue Notes
Foresee 155 Int. + Vision Difficulty 7. Each success allow for a extra dice roll an action (only two roll per action).
Pinpoint 155 Per. + Vision Difficulty 6. Reveals weaknesses of supernaturals. May only be used once per scene.
Delve 156 Per. + Vision Difficulty 6 (may vary). Past viewing. To hear as well as see spend 2 Conviction or raise diff. +2.
Restore 156 Sta. + Vision Difficulty 6 + 1 for each health level lost (max. 10) Spend 3 Conviction points. Restores lost limbs.
Augur 157 Int. + Vision Difficulty 8 (Storyteller makes the roll)! Spend 3 Conviction points. Future sight.

Edge Page Traits Virtue Notes
Ward 157 Sta. + Zeal Difficulty 6. Holds supernaturals at a distance (Roll Stamina to approach).
Rejuvinate 158 No roll. Defenders heal faster than others (see chart page 158). May spend Conviction to heal others.
Brand 158 Zeal Difficulty 6. Target must be touched. May brand a supernatural.
Champion 159 App. + Zeal Difficulty 6. Spend 1 Conviction point. Draws supernaturals to the hunter. May be resisted.
Burn 159 Sta. + Zeal Difficulty 6. Spend 2 Conviction points. The hunter burns with inner heat.

Edge Page Traits Virtue Notes
Dicern 160 Per. + Zeal Difficulty 6. May detect supernaturals and the Hunters sight may not be obscured.
Burden 161 Sta. + Zeal Difficulty is targets Stamina + 3. Be staring upon the target it is tied to the spot.
Balance 161 Wits + Zeal Difficulty is targets Stamina + 2. Utter a curse and remove some of the targets power.
Pierce 161 Per. + Zeal Difficulty 6. The Hunter can detect lies or is able to gain visions from an indivitual (Per. + Zeal Diff. 7).
Expose 162 Zeal Difficulty 8. Spend 2 Conviction points. Exposes supernaturals to normal people.

Edge Page Traits Virtue Notes
Cleave 162 No roll. Imbues a weapon with power and they do damage +2. Some Hunters manifests weapons.
Trail 163 Per. + Zeal Difficulty 6. The target leaves a trail of smoke only visible to the Hunter. Some edges may detect Trail.
Smolder 163 Man. + Zeal Difficulty 7. Creates a cloud of smoke. Hunters may see through it if Second Sight is activated.
Surge 163 No roll. Spend 1 Conviction point. The Hunter may enhance his physical Attributes with Zeal.
Smite 163 Dex. + Zeal Difficulty 6. Spend 1 Conviction point. Normal attack. Strengh is added to the damage which is lethal.

Kim Mikkelsen 2001