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Electrical Engineering Concentrations

1. Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering will continue to offer one degree in Electrical Engineering and transcripts will not state the area of concentration that a student undertakes. This is consistent with the current practice.

2. The department will offer five different concentration areas. A student will be required to take three core courses in a concentration area. All core courses will be offered on a regular basis, preferably every semester.

3. Each concentration area will be supported by a list of courses, called advising lists 1 . Advising lists will be maintained by the graduate program office. A student will be recommended to take six courses from the advising list.

4. A student will have flexibility of taking any two courses within Jonsson School. Students will need advisor approval for courses that are offered outside the Jonsson School.

Concentration Areas

Proposed concentration areas and associated courses are listed below:

Concentration Area

Core Course 1

Core Course 2

Core Course 3


EECT 6325

EECT 6326 Analog Integrated Circuit Design

EERF 6311 RF and Microwave Circuits

VLSI Design

Computing Systems

EEDG 6301 Advanced Digital Logic

EEDG 6302 Microprocessor Systems

EEDG 6304




EEGR 6316 Fields and Wave

EEMF 6319 Quantum Physical Electronics

EEOP 6311 Photonic Devices and Integration

Power Electronics and Energy

EEPE 6354 Power Electronics

EEPE 6356 Adjustable Speed Motor Drives

EEPE 6357 Control, Modeling and Simulation in Power Electronics

Signals and Systems

EESC 6349 Random Processes

2 out following 3 courses:

EECS 6331 Linear Systems and Signals EESC 6352 Digital Communication Systems EESC 6360 Digital Signal Processing I

Degree Structure

Concentration Core = 3 courses Department Electives (Courses recommended from advising lists) = 6 courses Free school-wide electives = 2 courses Total Requirement = 3+6+2 = 11 courses (33 credits)

1 Area faculty will be responsible for creating advising lists and will be able to modify advising lists on as-needed basis.