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MCAT Jewels

Definitely memorize the amino acids!

Memorize the amino acid structures, the three letter abbreviations (Met, Leu, etc.), the
one letter abbreviations (H, K, R, etc.), and the chemical properties of each amino acid.
Know the enzymes of glycolysis and Krebs and know the structures of glycolysis.
Understand how the metabolic systems converge with one another
Know the main idea of each paragraph in CARS, then take 10-15 seconds to tie all the
ideas together when you finish the passage. Highlight vigorously.
Word on the street is that the psych/soc section is definition-based, memorization heavy,
and like taking a shot in the dark
Be aggressive with using Process of Elimination. It'll save you a ton of time.
MEMORIZE: amino acids (structure, properties, one and three letter abbreviations)
enzyme kinetics (MichaelisMenten) and substrate-enzyme interactions, and major
biochemical pathways (metabolic pathways, fat synthesis and break down, etc.) the
intermediates, and all enzymes involved (especially those involved in metabolic
Also content review is not that huge. I guarantee so many people out there probably
know way more content than I do. It's all about critical reading. You have to be able to
parse through passages and extract the necessary information without being
overwhelmed by the unfamiliar terms and things like that.
This test is largely about confidence and confidence =/= memorizing as much as
The best test-taking strategy is the one that works best for you
Pay attention to whats going on in your mind