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Saxxon Duncan Duncan 1

Ann Fillmore

ENGL 1010-004

30 April 2017

Critical Reflection

Part I: The Big Picture

In both the English and Disasters classes, I learned persistence. There were plenty of times that I

didnt feel capable of finishing an assignment and by some miracle inside me was able to power

through. At one point in the semester, I even considered dropping out because I was

overwhelmed but I decided it was best to stick it out and Im glad I did. The biggest thing I

learned is that science isnt my forte and that I prefer English. I was reluctant to do my science,

but the learning community made it so much better, as did Adam. Without the class, I do not

think I would have finished. With that being said, like Neil deGrasse Tyson said about being

scientifically literate, I fully intend to, but I will not be seeking a career in science.

Part II: Core Concepts

Writing: Writing is an everyday process. I use writing to express myself, to inform

others, persuade, entertain, and many others. The manner in which I write can be both informal

or formal depending on who Im trying to address. I could simply send a text message, which

would be informal means of writing, but I could write an email which by many respects is

considered formal. I learned that it is important to know why your writing and in what way. This

leads to the rhetorical situation in which I must find the audience to be able to write effectively.

Rhetoric: The Rhetorical Situation was something that I didnt quite understand when I

began this course. I was aware that everything I wrote had an audience, but I also learned that

what I chose to present and what I say is dependent on the situation too. To write effectively you

must ask, who are my readers? What do readers know about my topic? What do readers need to

know about my topic? How do readers feel about my topic? This course helped me to analysis

the audience so that I know how best to address them.

Action: I think of action in two ways when it comes to writing. The first is inspiring or

persuading others to do something. The other way I see action is when you get begin formulating

your writing. The drafting rewriting, revising, and editing process requires action. To be able to

write something at brings change, one must also overcome writing struggles. Writing has the

ability to change the world. Writing is very powerful and it is able to spread information faster

than verbal communication can.

Deliberation: Unlike verbal communication, writing is a slow process that one is able to

revise and edit. Before something is handed over, sent, or submitted, it can be redone. During

this course, deliberation was something that hindered my work. I wanted everything to be fully

developed in its first draft and was reluctant to turn my work in without it be such. However, I

also learned that allowing peers to evaluate my work allowed me to revise my work. I could take

their feedback and decide whether or not to accept, and I was able to see if my writing was my

best work.

Engagement: Like action, there is a lot of groundwork before your writing can be

finished. When writing we want the message to be conveyed in the best manner possible. To do

that we must put an effort into doing so which may require researching, reading, discussing

topics, until you are able to understand. For our rhetorical essays, it required a lot of engagement.

I had to annotate the whole article before I was fully able to understand what it was discussing. I

didnt want to mislead the reader because I didnt understand. As writers, I believe it is our job to

understand what we write before we allow others to read. In my essay, I researched everything

possible and it was a labor of love but it was worth the dedication.

Contingency: We write for a purpose and an audience. Whether it is writing a paper for

school, filling out a document, texting a friend, or writing in a journal to express yourself, there

is an audience and a purpose. Throughout the day this changes and we must accommodate our

writing for these changes. In the Self Study assignment, we had to write in first person, while the

Rhetorical essay required us to write in third is another example of how writing changed

depending on the assignment. This course helped me shape my writing in accordance to who I

may be writing to and to know that it changes often.

Part 2B:

The core concepts change the way I wrote by making focus on making sure I was writing

to the audience. Before this course, I had a tendency to assume the reader knew what I was

talking about. This for obvious reasons isnt a good thing and probably in the past left a lot of

people confused. So as I was prewriting and when I was actually writing, I made sure to stop at

times and make sure everything was cohesive and that I hadnt jumped topics without a


Part III: Significant Learning Experience

I was on the Redwood Campus leaving my American Sign Language leaving to go home.

My mother had to come pick me up because my car had recently been totaled. I was telling her

my frustration with the class and how the instructor had expected us to sign in front of the class

shortly after we had learned over one hundred new signs. This made me very uncomfortable, so

much so I didnt want to do it. As I was explaining this to my mom, I told her I was going to

drop it. My mom was too pleased with this idea as it seemed as though I was quitting because I it

was hard and it make me feel awkward.

At first I thought I was doing just that, but as when I got home I felt that this wasnt the

case. The reason I hated the class was because I didnt have the time to practice the signs before I

had to present. I realized that I was a perfectionist and that it was negatively effecting my ability

to learn. I decided I actively needed to work on changing my perfectionistic behavior to be able

to continue on in school. The reason why this was significant was because for so long I believed

this was just my nature that I couldnt change the way I am. However, that night after class I

decided that wasnt going to be the class and that one day Ill be free from the that terrible

feeling that I must make everything perfect. Still havent had that day yet, but Im still trying to

this day.