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My favorite city

My favorite city is Medellin. Because, it have places interesting for visit how the
antioquia museum, the explora park, discotheques, the metropolitan theatre,
paisa village and Palace of Beautiful Arts. His landscapes and places are

Medellin the city of eternal spring, has been characterized by having the nicest
people and the most beautiful women of Colombia. Also, it has established
itself as the most innovative city in the worl, even is the city of fashion textil
industry. You can also enjoya ll the tourist places like the subway, Botero
sculptures, traditional silleteros parade, the christmas lights, theme parks and
of course your typical food paisa tray.
I want to compare Bogot with Medelln. Medelln is a beautifull city as well.
Food and peoples treatment is excellent. I do not like the fact is very small if
you compare with Bogot. I love Medelln has excellent transportation means.
I would like Medelln to be closer to Bogot.

o Bogot is bigger than Medelln.

o Medelln is smaller than Bogot.

o Medelln is hotter than Bogot.

o Bogot is colder than Medelln.

o In Medelln There are more nature and forest than in Bogot.

o Bogot is noisier than Medelln.

o Bogot is more populated than Medelln.

o Bogot is more polluted than Medelln.

o Medelln is more modern than Bogot.

o Bogot is dirtier than Medelln.