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Research Project Proposal


My group and I feel compelled to investigate the exciting origins of the popular American sport,
NASCAR. Specifically, we will look at the origins and history of the sport, how it turned from a rebels
hobby to an organized tradition, and how todays NASCAR is connected to its controversial past. We feel
that by looking into the past of this prominent piece of American culture, we can learn about the history
of our nation, and how this sport has evolved to withstand the test of time.

Project Plan-

We intend on accomplishing this project by dividing up research topics and researching our
particular pieces of information independently. By utilizing a spreadsheet, the group will be able to record
their findings and keep track of their citations in a single, shared space. The spreadsheet will be organized
by one group member. That member will eventually be in charge of creating the final presentation using
the information and citations placed in said spreadsheet. The remaining members will be able to
contribute to the research spreadsheet at any given time, as it will be shared between the three group
members. When the research is completed, the organizer will utilize Prezi to present the visual aids and
information in an easily-digestible way. We will also be utilizing different modes of presentation like
images to touch on the visual mode, and the use and explanation of particular words of the period in order
to touch on the linguistic mode. The presentation itself will touch on the gestural, aural, and spatial
modes. When the presentation is completed, the entire group will approve it, and make any changes that
are deemed necessary. The group, then, will begin rehearsing the presentation until all group members are
satisfied with the final product.


The previously mentioned plan will work well for our group, as we will be able to divide up the
research topics, and research them on our own time- considering we all have very busy schedules, and
meeting up would be troublesome for us all. It is best for us to communicate electronically, all the while
staying connected, organized and on top of our duties. We believe this topic will work best for us, as none
of us are all that well versed on the history of moonshining, yet it is something we all can find an interest
in. It allows us to look deeply into a troublesome period of American history, and examine the motives
and perseverance of the very lucrative, yet illegal, moonshine industry. Perhaps, there are parallels to be
found between the prohibition era and the modern age.
Roles and Responsibilities-

- Samantha Darwin -
- Organizer
- Prezi creator

- Joe Whitley -
- Research
- Citations

- Brenden Strueber -
- Research
- Citations


2/20 - 2/26 - Proposal Edits and Final Proposal Completed

- Proposal will be re-worked and edited depending on peers comments/ ideas from other
- Final Proposal will be submitted by 2/27
2/27 - 4/16 - Research/Citations
- Research will be done during this period of time.
- All research will be submitted to the spreadsheet along with citations.
4/17 - Planning/Executing Presentation
- During this period, the organized research will be transferred to the Prezi presentation,
along with visual aids.
- The presentation must be approved by all group members in order to move forward.
4/19 - Review of Presentation/ Presentation Practice
- The presentation will then be split up into sections where each group member will have a
considerable amount of information to relay to the audience.
- The presentation will then be rehearsed until all members are comfortable with the
4/24 - 5/1 - Presentation
- The presentation will be executed in front of an audience.


The presentation will hopefully end with both the groups, and the audiences better
understanding of such an interesting time period of American history- along with a better appreciation for
such a large part of American culture. We decided on this topic because it isnt really something we fully
understand, so we hope the change that, and then communicate our findings to our audience in an
interesting and informative manner.