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Name: Maryam Alblooshi Grade Level: 4

CCSS Standards: Review unit 7.

Main Lesson Aims (Concepts, Procedures, & Processes):

Students will be able to remember the number and picture codes.
Students will be able to relate the sentence to the three types of instructions (action with
hand, action with legs and something you say).
Students will be able to write questions about their experiences.


teacher books _

student book(s) _

worksheets/ papers -

teacher materials Ball for the engaging part+ Laptop to display the number and picture codes+ cards
for the words and sentences+ poster to show the example of the questions.

student materials/ Pencil.


technology Data show to display the number and pictures codes.

other _

Key vocabulary with definitions (and pictures if appropriate):

word glossary definition image

Codes A system of words, litters, numbers used instead of

other words.

Experience The things that you have done or the knowledge or

skill that you get from seeing or doing something.

Students Prior Knowledge:

Some student will know the codes but they dont know how to use them.
Some students will know how to write questions but they have spelling mistake.

Possible Problems and Misconceptions:

The data show will not work.
The teacher doesnt have ability to manage the class.
Teacher voice is not clear.
Teacher should print out copies for the song.
Teacher should use a special method to manage the class.
Teacher should have confidence and raise her voice to become clear for the all the class.

Lesson Schedule
Targeted teacher language:
Greeting (Good afternoon, How are you students). Today I will teach you and for my class we have a new rule that if
you were good and dont make noisy you get green point and if you make noisy and speak to other friends you will get
blue points. The more you collect the green points you will win in Thursday. Now I have ball that I will throw it to one
person and I will ask you one question. After that, we will do activity using codes.
Student language:
Greeting (good afternoon teacher, Fine thank you). Wow yes we will be quite to win in Thursday. This
code is will work best. That sentence is for action using hand. This one is for actions with legs. That is
something you say it.

Engage (warm up, review prior knowledge): time:

The teacher first will throw the ball to specific students to ask them questions. 3min
1- What is the name of our unit?
2- Do you know how to use a code?

Core (introduce and practice new concepts & procedures): 37min

I will put the codes on the board so, students can see it and use it for the activity I will put 4
words in board (red, happy and wonderful). After that, I will pick up one student from each
group to transfer these words to codes.

I will give each group a card that include one sentence about the instructions (action with hand, action
with legs and something you say)in groups they will relate that sentence is connected to which type.
The sentences are:
Action with hand: I can clap with my hands.
Action with legs: I walk with my legs.
Something you say: I can count to ten.

I will put a poster on the board that has different questions about my experience I will discuss it with the
class. After that each group in 5min to write their own sentences about their experience.

Close (wrap up, discussion, brief review activity or assessment): 5min

In groups students will write one question about their experience and they will transfer it to a code.
I walk
with my
I clap
with my
I can
to ten.