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Be the voice walk

The name of the event was Be the voice walk that was held on 19th of April 2017 from

12pm to 2pm. The event was in partnership with the government association. It was a wakeup

call to all miners to take action and walk with us in support of the victims and survivors of

sexual assault. In this last time, there is more and more frequent talk of sexual abuse, however,

there is still not much information about what to do if one learns that a family member, friend,

patient, and even child is being sexually abused. Someone who to contact, where the complaint is

made and who can do it. Sexual abuse is understood to mean involving a child in sexual

activities to whom he is not in a position to give informed consent, or for which he is

evolutionarily immature ... or in sexual activities that transgress social laws or restrictions.

Sexual abuse in minors despite being a topic known for centuries. Despite this, the fact

that sexual violence has become a global problem, is a violation of fundamental human rights

and is the most traumatic form of maltreatment in children with repercussions on short and long

term for both the victim his family and society, has become one of the main public health

problems. Therefore, a matter concerns not only all health personnel, but also teachers, police,

workers in the criminal area and anyone who has contact with minors in some way or another.

It should also be made clear that the difference between rape and sexual abuse is that the

former only occurs once and is an accidental fact, whereas sexual abuse is something that occurs

recurrently and remains in time, although it may Be rape sexual abuse, indicating that there is

penetration. This is why it is of the utmost importance that once informed that a child is being

abused, he must report immediately to stop the situation. To define our action in the face of the
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situation in which as professionals we learn that one of our patients was or is being a victim of

sexual abuse.

Equally important, day by day we realize in the media how sexual abuse and child abuse

are increasing in our society, and few are actually involved in each case and denounce the

aggressor out of fear. But we cannot remain silent, we are health professionals in close

relationship with children, who after all do not have all the necessary tools to be able to defend

themselves by such a fact. Although we will not be close relatives or friends of the family, we

must open our eyes to parents and society. We cannot allow this to increase every day and there

are more people who are silent in the face of such a brutal fact. Reporting is an ethical and social

responsibility. In addition to the complaint, we must promote and sensitize people to commit

themselves to reducing the incidence of sexual abuse and ill-treatment in infants, which must be

addressed by all means whether social, political, family, community, Judicial and health care; On

the other hand, to promote the creation of a network of protection.

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