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81.2 -9

ISBN 978-5-17-071032-4
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ISBN 978-5-271-32110-8
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1. :
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1. Adjourn 10. End 18. Prepare

2. Appear 11 . Finish 19. Prolong
3. Arise 12. Get 20. Put off
4. Become 13. Grow 2 1 . Renew
5. Begin 14. Interrupt 22. Repeat
6 . Cease 15. Last 23. Resume
7. Complete 16. Pause 24.'Start
8 . Continue 17. Postpone 25. Stop
9. Delay

1. Abandon 20. Dash 39. Fold
2. Accompany 21. Deliver 40. Follow
3. Achieve 22. Descend 41. Glide
4. Advance 23. Desert 42. Go
5. Alight 24. Dive 43. Hasten
6 . Approach 25. Drag 44. Hop
7. Arrive 26. Draw 45. Hunt
8 . Attain 27. Drive 46. Hurry
9. Avoid 28. Drop 47. Jump
10. Bathe 29. Drown 48. Land
11 . Bend 30. Encounter 49. Lead
12. Bow 31. Enter 50. Leap
13. Carry 32. Escape 51. Leave
14. Catch 33. Fall 52. Lift
15. Chase 34. Fetch 53. Lower
16. Climb 35. Fill 54. Meet
17. Come 36. Float 55. Mount
18. Crawl 37. Flow 56. Move
19. Cross 38. Fly 57. Nod
58. Pass 69. Roll 80. Swim
59. Post 70. Run 81. Transfer
60. Proceed 71. Rush 82. Travel
61. Pursue 7 2 .Send 83. Tremble
62. Quicken 73. Shake 84. Turn
63. Quiver 74. Shift 85. Twist
64. Raise 75. Shiver 86.
65. Reach 76. Sink 87. Wander
6 6 . Return 77. Slip 88 . Whve
67. Ride 78. Stir 89. Whirl
68 . Rise 79. Stumble


1. Abolish 17. Exceed 33. Need

2. Acquire 18. Exhaust 34. Possess
3. Add 19. Exist 35. Reduce
4. Adopt 20. Expand 36. Remain
5. Be 21. Extend 37. Remove
6 . Belong 22. Gather 38. Require
7. Bring 23. Have 39. Reserve
8 . Collect 24. Include 40. Restore
9. Consist 25. Increase 41. Save
10. Contain 26. Involve 42. Share
11 . Deprive 27. Keep 43. Spend
12 . Disappear 28. Lack 44. Spoil
13. Double 29. Leave 45. Store
14. Eliminate 30. Limit 46. Substitute
15. Enclose 31. Lose 47. Vhnish
16. Enlarge 32. Maintain 48. Waste

4. /
1. Arrange 8 . Load 14. Put
2. Hang 9. Locate 15. Set
3. Insert 10. Occupy 16. Sit
4. Install 11. Pile 17. Stand
5. Lay 12. Place 18. Stay
6 . Lean 13. Plant 19. Thrust
7. Lie
5. :
, , , , ,

1. Ache 21. Drink 41. Pay

2. Awake 22. Earn 42. Play
3. Bite 23. Eat 43. Quit
4. Boil 24. Employ 44. Recover
5. Breathe 25. Engage 45. Rest
6 . Brush 26. Fade 46. Retire
7. Button 27. Faint 47. Roast
8 . Comb 28. Feed 48. Save
9. Cook 29. Fit 49. Sew
10. Cost 30. Fry 50. Shave
11. Cough 31. Gasp 51. Sing
12. Cure 32. Gnaw 52. Sleep
13. Dance 33. Heal 53. Smoke
14. Die 34. Inhabit 54. Suit
15. Dine 35. Knit 55. Swallow
16. Disguise 36. Lick 56. Treat
17. Dismiss 37. Live 57. Vaccinate
18. Divorce 38. Marry 58. Wear
19. Dream 39. Match 59. Weave
20. Dress 40. Order 60. Zip

6. :
, , , , ,
. .

1. Absorb 12. Attract 23. Confuse

2. Accuse 13. Bear 24. Curse
3. Admire 14. Believe 25. Dare
4. Adore 15. Blush 26. Delight
5. Amaze 16. Boast 27. Depend
6 . Annoy 17. Bore 28. Despise
7. Appreciate 18. Calm 29. Disappoint
8 . Arouse 19. Care 30. Discourage
9. Astonish 20. Comfort 31. Dislike
10. Attempt 21. Complain 32. Doubt
11. Attend 22. Concern 33. Embarrass
34. Encourage 59. Insult 84. Sob
35. Endeavour 60. Intend 85. Startle
36. Endure 61. Irritate 8 6 . Suffer
37. Enjoy 62. Kiss 87. Surprise
38. Envy 63. Laugh 8 8 . Suspect
39. Excite 64. Like 89. Swear
40. Experience 65. Long 90. Sympathize
41. Fear 6 6 . Love 91. Tempt
42. Feel 67. Moan 92. Terrify
43. Flush 6 8 . Neglect 93. Trouble
44. Frighten 69. Offend 94. Trust
45. Frown 70. Praise 95. Try
46. Grieve 71. Prefer 96. Undergo
47. Grin 72. Puzzle 97. Undertake
48. Groan 73. Quarrel 98. Upset
49. Hate 74. Rage 99. Urge
50. Haunt 75. Regret 100 . Vhlue
51. Hesitate 76. Relieve 101 . \fenture
52. Hope 77. Rely 102. Vex
53. Hurt 78. Respect 103. Want
54. Impress 79. Satisfy 104. Wfeep
55. Incline 80. Scare 105. Wish
56. Induce 81. Shudder 106. Wbnder
57. Influence 82. Sigh 107. Yawn
58. Inspire 83. Smile

7. :
, ,
1. Account 11. Choose 21. Count
2. Admit 12. Combine 22. Create
3. Anticipate 13. Compare 23. Criticize
4. Assess 14. Conclude 24. Decide
5. Associate 15. Consider 25. Describe
6 . Assume 16. Contradict 26. Design
7. Base 17. Convince 27. Determine
8 . Calculate 18. Copy 28. Develop
9. Change 19. Correct 29. Dictate
10. Check 20. Correspond 30. Differ
31. Discover 60. Invent 89. Relate
32. Distinguish 61. Investigate 90. Remember
33. Divide 62. Judge 91. Remind
34. Dream 63. Know 92. Render
35. Educate 64. Learn 93. Research
36. Estimate 65. Listen 94. Resemble
37. Examine 6 6 . Look 95. Reveal
38. Explain 67. Master 96. Risk
39. Explore 6 8 . Matter 97. See
40. Express 69. Mean 98. Seek
41. Feel 70. Measure 99. Seem
42. Foresee 71. Multiply 100. Select
43. Forget 72. Note 101. Show
44. Gaze 73. Observe 102. Solve
45. Glance 74. Outline 103. Spell
46. Graduate 75. Overlook 104. Stare
47. Guess 76. Paint 105. Study
48. Hear 77. Persuade 106. Suppose
49. Identify 78. Plan 107. Teach
50. Ignore 79. Predict 108. Test
51. Illustrate 80. Print 109. Think
52. Imagine 81. Prove 110. Train
53. Imitate 82. Read 111. Translate
54. Imply 83. Realize 112. Try
55. Improve 84. Recall 113. Type
56. Indicate 85. Recognize 114. Understand
57. Inquire 8 6 . Reflect 115. Watch
58. Instruct 87. Regard 116. Weigh
59. Interpret 88 . Register 117. Write

1. Accomplish 8 . Apply 15. Clean
2. Achieve 9. Assemble 16. Clear
3. Act 10. Attach 17. Close
4. Adapt 11. Bar 18. Compose
5. Adjust 12. Break 19. Conceal
6 . Affect 13. Build 20. Conduct
7. Alter 14. Cast 21. Connect
22. Control 55. Hide 8 8 . Secure
23. Cover 56. Hold 89. Seize
24. Crush 57. Issue 90. Separate
25. Cut 5 8 .Keep 91. Sharpen
26. Deal 59. Knock 92. Shed
27. Derive 60. Light 93. Shut
28. Destroy 61. Lock 94. Snatch
29. Dig 62. Make 95. Sow
30. Do 63. Manage 96. Split
31. Doom 64. Manufacture 97. Spread
32. Dry 65. Mark 98. Stick
33. Dye 66 . Master 99. Stretch
34. Equip 67. Mend 100. Substitute
35. Erect 6 8 . Mix 101. Succeed
36. Establish 69. Open 102. Take
37. Execute 70. Operate 103. Tap
38. Fail 71. Pack 104. Tear
39. Fasten 72. Peel 105. Throw
40. Find 73. Perform 106. Thrust
41. Fit 74. Pick 107. Tie
42. Fix 75. Plant 108. Touch
43. Fling 76. Pour 109. Transform
44. Form 77. Press 110. Trim
45. Fulfil 78. Pull 111. Unfasten
46. Glue 79. Repair 112. Unfold
47. Grab 80. Restore 113. Use
48. Grasp 81. Result 114. Wash
49. Grind 82. Rub 115. Weed
50. Grip 83. Ruin 116. Whip
51. Hammer 84. Saw 117. Wipe
52. Handle 85. Scatter 118. Work
53. Harness 8 6 . Seal 119. Wrap
54. Harvest 87. Search

9. : ,
, , , ,
1 Abuse 4 . Acquaint 7. Afford
2. Accept 5 . Acquire 8 . Agree
3. Acknowledge 6 . Address 9. Allow
10. Announce 49. Congratulate 88 . Help
11. Answer 50. Consult 89. Hint
12. Apologize 51. Contract 90. Hire
13. Appeal 52. Cry 91. Inform
14. Applaud 53. Deceive 92. Inherit
15. Appoint 54. Declare 93. Insist
16. Approve 55. Decline 9 4 .Insure
17. Argue 56. Demand 95. Introduce
18. Arrest 57. Deny 96. Invest
19. Ask 58. Deserve 97. Invite
20. Assign 59. Devote 98. Join
21. Assist 60. Direct 99. Justify
22. Assure 61. Discuss 100. Lend
23. Award 62. Display 101. Let
24. Back 63. Distort 102. Lie
25. Beg 64. Distribute 103. Mention
26. Behave 65. Disturb 104. Mind
27. Bet 6 6 . Elect 105. Murmur
28. Betray 67. Embrace 106. Mutter
29. Blame 6 8 . Emphasize 107. Nod
30. Bless 69. Enable 108. Nominate
31. Borrow 70. Exchange 109. Obey
32. Bother 71. Excuse 110. Object
33. Bring 72. Exhibit 111. Obtain
34. Buy 73. Expose 112. Offer
35. Call 74. Forbid 113. Oppose
36. Cancel 75. Forgive 114. Organize
37. Cause 76. Furnish 115. Owe
38. Celebrate 77. Gain 116. Part
39. Charge 78. Gamble 117. Participate
40. Cheat 79. Get 118. Present
41. Claim 80. Give 119. Pretend
42. Command 81. Govern 120. Prohibit
43. Commit 82. Grant 121. Promise
44. Compel 83. Greet 122. Promote
45. Complicate 84. Guarantee 123. Pronounce
46. Condemn 85. Guide 124. Propose
47. Confess 8 6 . Hand 125. Protest
48. Confirm 87. Head 126. Provide
127. Publish 142. Reward 157. Suggest
128. Punish 143. Ring 158. Supply
129. Purchase 144. Rob 159. Support
130. Question 145. Sacrifice 160. Talk
131. Quote 146. Say 161. Telephone
132. Receive 147. Scream 162. Tell
133. Recommend 148. Sell 163. Thank
134. Refer 149. Sentence 164. Unite
135. Refuse 150. Serve 165. Utter
136. Reject 151. Shout 166. Visit
137. Rent 152. Sign 167. Wait
138. Reply 153. Spare 168. Whm
139. Report 154. Speak 169. Whisper
140. Represent 155. Steal 170. Witness
141. Request 156. Submit

10. :
, , , ,

1. Aim 17. Guard 33. Resist

2. Arm 18. Hit 34. Retreat
3. Attack 19. Hurt 35. Shelter
4. Beat 20. Injure 36. Shoot
5. Bleed 21. Invade 37. Strengthen
6 . Block 22. Kick 38. Strike
7. Burn 23. Kill 39. Surrender
8 . Burst 24. Menace 40. Surround
9. Capture 25. Miss 41. Threaten
10. Conquer 26. Murder 42. Torture
11. Defeat 27. Overcome 43. Toss
12 . Defend 28. Perish 44. Volunteer
13. Face 29. Prevent 45. Win
14. Fight 30. Protect 46. Withdraw
15. Fire 31. Release 47. Wound
16. Free 32. Rescue 48. Yield


smb - -, -, -
smbs - -
smth - -, -, -
. . -

Bb Cc Dd

Ff Gg Hh

Ii Jj Kk U

Mm Nn Oo Pp

Qq Rr Ss Tt

Uu Vv Ww Xx



: , ,
1. Adjourn
to adjourn a meeting
to adjourn a session
to adjourn ones journey
to adjourn ones departure
to adjourn ones return
the meeting is adjourned
His return adjourns. ,
to adjourn for lunch
to adjourn to the living room

2. Appear
to appear briefly
to appear simultaneously
to appear out of nowhere
to appear out of the blue
to appear as expected
to appear at the appointed time
to appear promptly /
to appear on the horizon
to appear in the South of France
to appear at social gatherings
to appear in the character of Hamlet
to appear as helpless as a child
to appear to smb in a dream -
to appear on stage
to appear in print
to appear in person
to appear in a newspaper
to appear before a court
to appear attractive
to appear confident
to appear strange

3. Arise
difficulties arise
questions arise
obstacles arise
a disagreement arose
opportunity arose
accidents arise from carelessness

to arise above the horizon
to arise suddenly ,
to arise unexpectedly

4. Become
to become an actor
to become a doctor
to become a writer
to become angry
to become interested
to become rich
What has become of him? ?/ ?
The colour becomes you. /
The dress becomes you. .
It doesn't become you to complain. .
thinks everything becomes him. , ,
to become gradually
to become in the end
to become inevitably/ steadily
to become suddenly/ swiftly

5. Begin ()
to begin to speak

to begin to work
to begin to understand
to begin afresh
to begin all over again
to begin late
to begin on time
to begin straightaway
to begin at the beginning
The word begins with a capital letter.
The play begins at 7 oclock. 7 .
She began working. ,
to begin with a prayer
to begin here ()

6. Cease
The rain ceased. .
The noise ceased. ,
to cease the work
to cease fire /
to cease the discussion
to cease ones effort
to cease talking
to cease to be ,
to cease gradually
to cease suddenly
to cease at once /

7. Complete
to complete a book
to complete a story
to complete the construction
to complete a task ,

to complete ones tour
to complete the third year
to complete the railway
to complete the house
to complete a successful attack
to complete a form
to complete a questionnaire
to complete a group
to complete a set
to complete an outfit /
to complete smth ahead of schedule/ time
to complete as planned
to complete in record time
to complete on time
to complete smth satisfactorily -

8. Continue ()
to continue a story
to continue a meeting
to continue the game
to continue the trip
to continue to argue
to continue reading /
the meeting continued
smth continued for some time - -
the argument continued
The story will be continued. .
The road continues for miles. .
to continue indefinitely
to continue ad infinitum
to continue calmly to drink
to continue steadily to build
to continue stubbornly to research
to continue by citing more facts
to continue with ones work
to continue the education
to continue the battle /
The performance continued. .
The battle continued. .
The orchestra continued to play. ,
to continue on ones way
9 . Delay - ()

to delay ones journey

to delay the construction
to delay the departure
to delay smb -
The train was delayed by smth. - -.
I was delayed at the office. .
The plane was delayed by bad weather -
to delay sending goods
to delay deliberately /
to delay until it was to late ,

to delay indefinitely
to delay for 3 hours
to delay considerably
to delay temporarily

10. End ()
to end a strike
to end the manufacture /
to end ones labour on a book
to end up a speech with a quotation
to end the dinner with fruit
to end in success
to end in disaster
to end in a draw
to end testing
to end the cold war
The performance ended. .
The broadcast ended. (no ) .
to end in burst of laughter
to end in a consonant
to end ones meal with a nice dessert
to end abruptly ()
to end at last ()
to end badly
to end disastrously
to end eventually ()
to end finally ()
to end happily
to end in deadlock
to end in failure
to end in triumph
to end in victory
to end predictably
to end prematurely
to end successfully
to end unexpectedly
to end tragically

11. Finish ()
to finish breakfast
to finish ones military service
to finish working
to finish writing
to finish a book
to finish third
to finish the bottle ()
to finish smb -
to finish the performance by singing a song
to finish with a translation
The game finished. .
The war finished. .
The tool finishes in a point. .
The fever nearly finished him. .
The shock finished her. .
The news will finish her. .
The race finished me. .
to finish late
to finish at 5 oclock () 5
to finish in a few minutes
to finish next year
The repair has not been finished yet. .
to finish ones college
to finish hurriedly/ hastily

to finish in/ on time

to finish ahead of the schedule/ time

12. Get -
to get angry
to get cool 1. 2 .
to get trapped
to get free of debts
to get hungry
to get hot 1. 2 .
to get old
to get fat
to get grey
to get ready
to get rich
to get better
to get worse ( )
to get well
to get dark
to get warmer
to get rough
to get married ,
to get chilled
to get caught
to get lost
to get set
to get considerably better/ worse /
to get noticeably better
to get slightly better
to get significantly worse
to get somewhat better
to get steadily better

13. Grow
to grow angry
to grow alarmed
to grow tall
to grow big 1. 2 .
to grow dear
to grow young
to grow dark
to grow light
to grow weary ,
to grow worse
to grow well
to grow less
to grow smaller
to grow to like
to grow to hate
to grow to be more obedient

14. Interrupt -
to interrupt smbs sleep -
to interrupt traffic
to interrupt the speaker /
Traffic was interrupted by floods.
to interrupt a conversation
to interrupt smbs work
to interrupt a journey
Dont interrupt me! He !
to interrupt constantly/ continually
to interrupt rudely/ brutally
to interrupt briefly
to interrupt suddenly/ unexpectedly

15. Last
The war lasted four years. 4 .
The frost has lasted a month. .
The marriage lasted 3 month. 3 .
The suit will last. .'
His strength will last. .
The food will last for 3 days. 3 .
The money will last till the payday. .
The coal will hardly last the winter. .
The dinner lasted for 2 hours. 2 .
The concert lasted for 3 hours. 3 .
The rain lasted all night. .
The heat wont last more than a day.
The petrol will last. ( ).
The course lasted from September to May.
The meeting lasted from one to three.
to last for ages
to last unnecessarily long

16. Pause
to pause for lunch
to pause at the door
to pause for a moment/ for an instant
to pause on a word -
to pause briefly
to pause expectantly
to pause for breath ,
to work without pausing
to pause before speaking ,
to pause not knowing what to do

17. Postpone
to postpone a meeting
to postpone a conference
to postpone a payment
to postpone ones own interests -

to postpone ones departure
to postpone the journey /
The meeting has been postponed. ,
to postpone until 4 oclock 4-
to postpone to Wednesday
to postpone for a while
to postpone indefinitely
to postpone reluctantly
to postpone till a later date /

18. Prepare ()
to prepare the ground for sowing
to prepare lessons
to prepare a scheme of actions
to prepare a boy for an examination
to prepare smb to receive bad news -
to prepare for action/ for battle
to prepare for the worst
to prepare a medicine
to prepare dinner
to prepare beforehand
to prepare in time
to prepare for a party
to prepare for a meeting
to prepare for a trip
You must be prepared for the worst.
I am prepared to discuss you suggestion.
to prepare carefully/ thoroughly
They were preparing to leave. ,
to prepare children to cope with life
to prepare systematically
to prepare well ahead of time

19. Prolong
to prolong a line
to prolong a road
to prolong smbs life -
to prolong a visit

to prolong a trip
to prolong the length of life
to prolong indefinitely
to prolong unduly/ unnecessarily

to prolong by 20 metres 20
to prolong until Wednesday
to prolong smbs medical certificate -
to prolong ones subscription

20. Put off

to put off a meeting
to put off a play
to put off a concert
to put off a payment
He is always putting things off. .
to put off ones guests
to put off with a jest
to put off with a promise
to put off a driver
The smell puts me off. ,
to put off on a long journey
The meeting had to be put off. ,
to put off until next week

21. Renew
to renew ones strength
to renew ones youth
to renew ones skin ( )
to renew ones supplies of coal
to renew ones wardrobe
to renew ones subscription
to renew ones acquaintance with smb -

to renew a promise
to renew the subject
to renew objections
to renew the lease
to renew a library book
to renew a contract
to renew ones demand
to renew effort

22. Repeat ()
to repeat a mistake
to repeat by heart
to repeat ones lesson
to repeat a secret (-)
The figures repeat in the same order.
History repeats itself. ,
to repeat an experience -
to repeat ones question
to repeat again and again
Repeat after me! !
This type of food repeats on me. ,
to repeat constantly/ continually
to repeat incessantly
to repeat over and over again
to repeat parrot-fashion
to repeat verbatim
to repeat word for word

23. Resume
to resume ones courage
to resume ones good spirits
to resume work /
to resume a story
to resume ones duty
to resume a game
to resume fire
The book resumes all his views. ,
to resume ones study
to resume the negotiations

to resume singing
to resume writing ones book
to resume smth after a short pause -

to resume smth with double energy -

to resume smth reluctantly -

24. S tart - ()
to start a quarrel
to start a subject -
to start a fresh loaf
How did the war started? ?
The fire started in the kitchen. ,
to start a family
to start chicks
to start a motor
to start a new clothing store
to start on a journey /
to start for India
The bus started. .
The train started. ,
to start early in the morning
to start late at night
to start to study french
to start crying
to start at the sudden noise
to start as a welder
to start for the airport
She started to cough. .
What started him drinking? ?/
to start smth afresh -
to start badly ()
to start from scratch /
to start in a small way
to start promisingly
25. Stop ()
to stop a train
Stop thief! !
to stop short at smth -
The dock stopped. .
The heart stopped. ,
to stop in the middle of a sentence ,
to stop smb from doing smth - - /
to stop the game
to stop talking /
to stop fire /
The rain has stopped. .
to stop water
to stop light
to stop a hole /
to stop smb's mouth -
The bus stopped. .
to stop at a hotel
to stop with ones friends
to stop at nothing
to stop dead

1. Abandon -
to abandon the sinking ship
to abandon his wife
to abandon the city to the enemy
to abandon the attempt
to abandon oneself to passion
to abandon oneself to despair
to be abandoned to grief
The search was abandoned. ,
to abandon the plan
to abandon the project
to abandon ones intention
Courage abandoned him. .
to abandon smb to his fate -
to abandon altogether/ completely /

to abandon smth totally/ utterly -
to abandon hastily
to abandon reluctantly
to abandon subsequently
to abandon suddenly

2. Accompany
to accompany ones husband
to accompany the President
to accompany ones explanations with illustrations

to accompany on the piano
to accompany a delegation
to be accompanied by a group of experts

She was accompanied by the orchestra.

3. Achieve
to achieve ones purpose
to achieve ones aim/ ones end
to achieve victory
Our plan was achieved. .
to achieve success
to achieve by dishonest means
They achieved nothing. .
It is difficult to achieve. .
It is impossible to achieve. .
to achieve easily
to achieve effortlessly
to achieve with difficulty
to achieve with great effort

4. Advance /
to advance on smb -
to advance in a threatening manner
to advance at a great rate
to advance the puck ( )
to advance the date (of the meeting) ()

to advance all clocks
to advance growth
to advance ones interests
to advance in knowledge
to advance in skill
to advance in rank
He was advanced. .
Coal advanced. .
to advance money ,
to advance opinion
to advance a claim
to advance rapidly
to advance slowly
to advance considerably
to advance at a great rate
to advance against the enemy
to advance towards the city
to advance carefully/ cautiously
to advance fearlessly
to advance inexorably
to advance step-by-step

5. Alight -
to alight at a station ( )
to alight on a tree ( )
Snow alights on her head. ,
to alight at a stop
to alight from a car
to alight from a carriage
to alight from a taxi

6. Approach
to approach the town
to approach the house
to approach a policeman
The work is approaching completion. .
Winter is approaching. .
Holidays are approaching. .
His kindness approaches imbecility. ,
to approach perfection
approach a commander
to approach the station /
to approach a problem
approach the manager about this matter

to approach from the other direction
to approach smb with a request -
to approach silently
to approach stealthily
to approach a problem from a different angle

7. Arrive
to arrive in Moscow
to arrive at the station /
to arrive on the scene
to arrive at a port
to arrive at an understanding
to arrive at a decision
to arrive at a conclusion
to arrive at the age of twenty
At last the hour arrived. .
to arrive at the airport
Autumn has arrived. .
to arrive punctually
to arrive in good time
to arrive from Paris
to arrive safe and sound
to arrive late ,

8. Attain
to attain aims
to attain ideals
to attain freedom
to attain the opposite shore
to attain the top of the mountain
to attain the age of ninety 90
to attain to power
to attain to prosperity
to attain political and economical independence
to attain ones goals/ objective
to attain a position in society

9. Avoid -
to avoid danger
to avoid the police
to avoid an accident
to avoid doing smth -
to avoid uttering ones opinion

to avoid a sentence
to avoid an agreement
to avoid difficulties
to avoid a punishment
to avoid publicity
to avoid meeting smb -
to avoid troubles
to avoid appearing in public
to avoid answering a question
to avoid being punished
to avoid at all costs
to avoid carefully
to avoid deliberately
to avoid instinctively
to avoid narrowly/ scarcely
to avoid scrupulously
to avoid skilfully/ cleverly
to avoid successfully

10. Bathe -
to bathe in the river
to bathe ones face
to bathe ones eyes
to bathC * W Un^
e bathed by the waters ()
athe in sweet
3tlle *n tears
tn k 8 was ^ th e d in moonlight. ,
athe in the sea
11. B en d -
to bend a pipe at the right angle
to bend ones body
to bend ones head over books
to bend over ones child
The road bends to the right. ,
to bend ones steps towards a place -
to bend smb to ones will -
to bend smb to a strict discipline -

to bend to smbs will -
to bend all ones energies to smth -
to be bent on smth -
to bend under a heavy load
to bend ones head
to bend into a right shape ,
to bend easily

12. Bow
to bow politely
to bow to audience
to bow over smbs hand and kiss it -

to bow ones thanks
to bow ones assent
to bow to the inevitable
to bow to fate
to bow to a great writer
to be bowed with age
to bow ones head over the book
to bow to ones host

13. Carry
to carry a bag to the house
to carry a baby in ones arms
to carry by rail
to carry smb before justice -

to carry a watch
to carry arms
to carry illustrations
to carry insurance
to carry a price
to carry a good staff
to carry the puck ( )
to carry a penalty
to carry the news
to carry a boy
to carry smth to a certain condition - -

to carry to extremes
to carry a suitcase
to carry in ones hand
to carry on ones back
The word carries two meanings. ,
to carry from the door to the centre of the room

to carry out of the room

14. Catch
to catch a ball
to catch a fish
to catch smb in the act -
to catch smb napping/ off guard -
to catch smb in a lie -
to be caught in a rain
to be caught cheating
to be caught in the turmoil
to be caught in a trap
to catch a thief
to catch at the rope
catch at everything
^o catch a likeness
tCa*ch an opportunity
catch smbs meaning -
to catch ones finger in the door
to catch on a nail
The blow caught him on the head. .
to catch a chill
to catch scarlet fever
to catch the train /
to catch a melody
to catch a glimpse of smth -
to catch smbs attention
to be caught in a net
to catch by the arm
to catch smb red-handed
to catch the measles from smb -

15. Chase
to chase after a butterfly
to chase a criminal
to chase riches
to chase after material goods
to chase the boar
to chase the wasp out of the room
to chase the enemy
to chase fears from ones mind
to chase after fame
to chase the dog out of ones yard
Hes chasing after the girls. .

16. Climb
to climb
to climb a tree
to climb a mountain /
to climb on all fours
to climb the stairs
to climb over the wall
The sun was climbing to the zenith.
The ivy is climbing up the wall. ,
to climb to success

to climb down the tree

to climb easily
to climb heavily
to climb aboard a raft
to climb onto ones mothers lap
to climb out of a pit
to climb to the top
to climb arduously

17. Come -
to come to the office
to come home
to come into a room
to come out of the house
to come to smb for advice -
to come at 3 oclock 3
to come to Moscow /
to come to the station
The forest comes to the very bank. .
The bill comes to 50 dollars. 50 .
His earnings comes to 1.000 dollars.
It all comes to the same thing. .
to come to a decision
A crisis is coming. .
An idea came into his head. .
It will come all right in the end. .
This word comes from Latin. ,
to come into some money
to come into office
to come into conflict
to come into fashion
to come into effect
to come across smb -
come after smth/ smb -, -
0 come against smb -
0 COme at the boy

to come at the truth
to come at the fence
Health comes before everything. - .
to come before the court
to come by a car
to come by money
to come early/ late /
to come first/ last /
Come with me! !
to come into the shop
Summer has come. .
What will come of it? ?
to come between two friends
to come upon a shocking scene
to come to ones senses /
got what was coming to him. , .
Her name finally came to me. , .
to come under suspicion
to come under smbs influence -
to come running
What will become of him? ?

18. Crawl
to crawl towards a prey
The train crawled over the bridge. .
The work crawled. .
Days and months crawled along. .
Snakes crawl. .
The baby was crawling on the floor. ,
to crawl into a hole
to crawl out of the ruins -
The city is crawling with reporters.

19. Cross
to cross the Atlantic
to cross a bridge
to cross a road

to cross a river
to cross the finishing line
to cross ones legs
to cross ones arms on ones breast
The roads cross. ,
to cross smbs name off the list -
to cross anothers plans -
Let us cross to the other side! !
They crossed from one bank of the river to the other.

20. Dash -
to dash out of the room
to dash along the street
to dash upstairs
to dash against/ into the fence
to dash smb to the ground -
to dash against the rocks ()
to dash smth to pieces -
The flowers are dashed by the rain. .
to dash away ones tears
to dash water into smbs face -
to be dashed with mud
to be dashed with terror
to dash smbs spirits -
to dash smbs hopes / -
to dash up to the door
to dash into the room
to dash for cover

21. Deliver
to deliver letters
to deliver luggage
to deliver by air
he goods are delivered at any address.
to deliver a lecture
to deliver oneself of an opinion
to deliver a blow
to deliver smb from captivity -
to deliver smb from death -
to deliver smb from the necessity of doing smth -
to deliver a child
She was delivered of a second child. ,
to deliver current to a motor
They delivered merchandise to us. .

22. Descend
to descend from the mountains
to descend a hill
to descend a ladder
The road descends. .
to descend from an ancient family
to descend to details
to descend to falsehood
to descend to smbs level -
to descend upon the enemy
to descend upon ones friends
to descend into a mine
to descend to the cellar
to descend to the bottom
to descend slowly/ rapidly/ swiftly / /

to descend steadily
to descend steeply

23. D esert
to desert a friend
to desert ones family
to desert ones post
to desert the ship
to desert from the army
to desert ones party
His courage deserted him. .

to desert in distress
to desert in time of danger
to desert to the enemy

24. Dive -
to dive into the water
to dive from the boat
to dive head first
to dive for pearls
to dive into the bushes
to dive for shelter
to dive into ones work
to dive ones hand into ones pocket
to dive into the pool from the high diving board

25. Drag
to drag logs
to drag a boat
to drag a cart
to drag into the room
to drag out of the room
to drag to the third floor
dragged the girl by the hand. .
to drag a net
to drag ones feet
to drag oneself along the street
I cannot drag my feet. .
to drag smb from his home -
The affair drags. .
to drag on a cigarette
to be dragged into a war
to drag smb to the door -

26. Draw
to draw a train ()
draw a net
to draw near a mountain
to draw near the town
to draw a chair to the table
to draw ones hat over ones eyes
to draw a blanket over ones head
to draw ahead of smb -
to draw into the station ( )
to draw
to draw a rein
His face drew tight. .
The accident drew a great crowd.
to draw smbs attention -
to draw a nail
to draw a cork
to draw a tooth
to draw ones sword
to draw the curtains / /
to draw a lesson from smth -
to draw lots
to draw smb into smth - -
to draw money from an account
to draw water from a well
to draw applause from an audience
to draw smb into a quarrel -
to draw on a pipe

27. Drive
to drive carefully ()
to drive
to drive in
to drive to ones door
to learn to drive ()
to drive recklessly
to drive smb out of the house -
to drive the enemy
The wind is driving the clouds. .
to drive a wedge

to drive a nail home

to drive smb to a place - -
to drive an engine by electricity

to drive smb into a state -
to drive smb out of ones senses -
What are you driving at? ?
He was driven by necessity to steal. .

28. Drop -
to drop a handkerchief
to drop a pencil
to drop a letter into a pillar-box
to drop to the ground
to drop to the floor
leaves drop
apples drop
to drop ones work
to drop ones studies
Let us drop the subject! !
Prices are dropping. .
His voice dropped to a whisper. .
to drop from the eaves
The book dropped out of his hands. .
to drop ones purse
to drop into an armchair
to drop smb somewhere - -
to drop into a place -
to drop out of the contest
to drop upon smb/smth -/ -
to drop into a dialect
to drop a coin into a slot /
to drop accidentally
to drop clumsily

29. Drown
to be drowned
e is drowning! !
She almost drowned. .
They wanted to drown him. ,
to drown smbs voice -
to drown the land
to drown ones grief in wine
to drown oneself in sleep
to be drowned in tears

30. Encounter
to encounter an old acquaintance
to encounter the enemy
to encounter so many problems
to encounter opposition
to encounter unexpected obstacles

to encounter danger
to encounter on the road
to encounter in the shop
to encounter in the street
to encounter frequently
to encounter occasionally
to encounter regularly

31. Enter
to enter a room
to enter a house at the front door
to enter into a forest
to enter a battle
to enter a war
to enter the curve
to enter into high society
to enter into negotiations
to enter into a treaty
to enter into obligations
to enter into partnership -
to enter a wedge into a log
The thorn entered the flesh. .

The bullet entered the heart. .

to enter the army
to enter a school
to enter a word in a dictionary
to enter a name in the list
to enter a boy in a college
to enter a race
to enter on a new stage of development

to enter into details
That didnt enter into our calculations. .
to enter by the rear door
to enter upon a career
to enter illegally
to enter without permission

32. Escape -
to escape from pursuit
to escape to the mountains
to escape from everyday life
to escape a blow
to escape punishment
He just escaped being killed. .
They barely escaped with their lives. .
All children escaped measles. .
You point escapes me. , .
The details escaped my mind. .
His name escapes me. .
Not a word escaped his lips. ,
to escape from prison
The prisoner escaped. .
escaped from the burning house. .
escaped from the crash uninjured. .
bird escaped from its cage. ,
to escape danger
escape justice
escape death
narrowly escaped being caught. .
He narrowly escaped being drowned. .
to escape notice
Gas is escaping. .
to escape by the skin of ones teeth
to escape under cover of darkness

33. Fall -
to fall to the ground
to fall out of a window
to fall down a precipice
to fall full length ,
to fall to ones knees
Her hair falls loosely on her shoulders. .
The dress is falling freely. ,
to fall in smbs estimation -
His eyes fell. .
Darkness fell. .
A mist fell. .
Night is falling. .
The temperature fell. .
Prices have fallen. .
The river has fallen. .
The wind fell. .
The music rose and fell. , .
His anger suddenly fell. .
The conversation fell for a few minutes.
to fall in a battle
His eyes fell on a misprint. .
Many houses fell in the earthquake.
The lot fell on him. .
The responsibility falls on me. .
The accent falls on the last syllable.
May Day falls on Monday.
to fall to smbs share -
It fell upon me to open the exhibition. -
to fall into a snare/ trap
to fall to temptation
to fall to pieces/ apart
It fell into my mind to do it. .
to fall on smb/ smth -/ -
to fall under smbs displeasure -
This does not fall within my province. .
to fall into a rage
to fall in love
to fall into error
Every girl falls for him. .
fell for the trick. .
to fall asleep
to fall ill
to fall silent
to fall due
to fall from a tree
to fall off a table
to fall on the ice
The leaves are already falling. .
to fall headlong/ flat
to fall into three categories
to fall under smbs influence -
to fall on hard times
to fall awkwardly
to fall from a great height

34. Fetch
to fetch a chair
to fetch a doctor
to fetch the children from school
Will you fetch me from the theatre? ?
fetch a laugh from the audience
fetch a deep sigh /
to fetCh one s breath
etch a blow on smbs head -
35. Fill -
to fill a bucket with water
to fill a page with writing
The report was filled with facts. .
to fill smbs heart with joy -
to be filled with admiration
to be filled with despair
The crowd filled the hall. .
Her eyes filled with tears. .
to fill a hole with sand
to fill a tooth
to fill a glass
to fill a barrel
The lorry is filled with coal. .
His story was filled with details.
The auditorium was filled to capacity. .

36. Float
to float on water
The boat floated down the river. .
The clouds float slowly. .
Dust floats in the air. ,
to float before ones eyes
to float in ones mind
A spot of oil floated on the surface.

37. Flow
Tears flowed from her eyes. ,
to flow into the sea
to flow through pipes
Blood flows though arteries and veins.
The milk flowed out of the bottle. .
The water flowed over the floor. .
The river flows through a valley. .
The crowd flowed out of the theatre. .
Blood flows from the wound. .
to flow fast/ rapidly/ swiftly
to flow silently
to flow smoothly
to flow steadily
to flow sluggishly /

38. Fly
to fly in the air
Bullets flew in all directions. .
Birds are flying in the air. .
Dust flies in clouds. .
The plane flew across the desert. ,
to fly non-stop
A car flew past me. .
The train was flying through the fields. ,
to fly into a room
to fly out of the room
to fly to smbs arms -
How time does fly! !
He was forced to fly for his life.
to send the enemy flying
The bird has flown. ( ).
could fly any type of plane. /
to fly blind
to fly passengers
The door flew open. .
to into a rage
fly into a temper
the dog flew at the boy. .
0 at smbs throat -
t ^ ye r the mountains
0 high/ low /
0 to the south

39. Fold
to fold a letter/ a newspaper /
to fold clothes
to fold ones arms
the table/ the bed folds /
to fold a blanket about oneself
to fold smth in paper -
to fold smb in ones arms -
to fold smb to ones breast -
to fold up ones business
to fold up a blanket/ a towel /
to fold neatly
to fold in half
to fold in two/ in three /
to fold diagonally
to fold lengthwise
to fold a newspaper into a hat

40. Follow
Follow me! !
I followed him into the room. .
The lecture was followed by questions.
Events followed in quick succession.
to follow smbs progress -
I cant follow when you speak too fast.
, .
to follow the flight of the bird
We are being followed. ,
to follow smbs advice -
to follow the custom
to follow the fashion ,
to follow the instructions
He followed his fathers example.
Follow the directions on the package! !

to follow an independent course

Follow this road to the end. .
The verb is followed by the preposition.
The thought follows me everywhere. .
Meat followed the soup. .
Dinner was followed by a dance. .
followed his father as head of the firm.
to follow a retreating enemy

They followed all his movements closely.
to follow the right road
to follow a policy -
to follow a strict diet
followed the argument easily.
to follow the conservative party
It follows from what I have said. ,
to follow blindly/ unthinkingly /
to follow faithfully (-)
to follow attentively/ carefully
to follow closely/ intently
to follow with difficulty ()
to follow hardly/ scarcely smb
to follow instructions closely/ faithfully /

to follow instructions in detail/ meticulously
to follow smth immediately -
to follow inevitably/ inexorably
to follow quickly/ swiftly

41. Glide
to glide through the water
skater glides over the ice. .
A brook glided through the valley. .
The years glided past. .
She glided out of the room. ,
to glide hopelessly into debt
to glide over the surface
to glide swiftly
to glide gracefully

42. Go
to go slow/ quickly /
to go backwards
to go by a roundabout route
to go directly/ straight to smth -
to go round in circles
to go sideways ()
to go along the road
Cars go on the road. .
to go upstairs
to go downstairs
She went to buy some food. .
went to visit her. .
to go to the doctor
You go first. .
to go to the window
to go to the country /
to go abroad
to go on a journey
They went for a trip to Moscow.
goes to the south every year. .
to go for a ride
to go for a walk
to go for a swim
The bus goes to Moscow. .
to go to a meeting
to go on a visit
to go to a party
to go on a tour
to go by land/ by water /
to go by plane/ by air
to go by train
to go by bus/ by tram /
to go in a motor-/ in a trolley-bus /

to go on foot
to go on horseback
We came at six and went at nine. 6 9.
I must be going. .
She is gone. / .
When does the train go? ?
The train goes from platform 5.
to go at 50 miles an hour 50
My watch is going too fast/ slow. / .
The motor wont go. / .
You must keep the fire going. .
The boundary goes along the river. .
The mountains go from east to west.
The park goes down to the river. .
Time goes quickly. .
\&cation goes quickly. .
How is the evening going? ?
I hope all goes well with you. , .
The pain has gone. .
The key has gone somewhere. - .
A rumour went through the office. .
The bulb went. .
The platform went. .
The names go in alphabetical order.
Where is the carpet to go? ?
The agreement goes as follows.
How does the story go? ?
The plan will not go. ,
to go halves/ fifty-fifty
My sight is going. .
His strength is going. .
She went about her work with energy.
We must go about it carefully. ,
to go at a hard task
went at me with his fists. .
Our dog went at the postman.
You are going the wrong way. .
The bus goes seldom. .
The train goes twice a week. .
to go to the cinema
to go to the theatre
to go to school
to go to sea
to go into army
to go on the stage
to go into business
to go to the university
The tunnel goes under the sea. .
She has gone shopping. .
They went skating. .
The hat goes well with your coat. .
to go blind
to go pale
to go bad
The milk went sour. .
She is going grey. .
to go quiet
to go to court
Our money goes on food and clothes.
to go to the streets
to go through ones exercises
He went through his pockets. .
to go into a question
to go without supper
to go hungry
to go free
to be six months gone
to go green with envy
He went white with anger. .
to go hot and cold
to go pop ,
to go smash
to go flop
to go phut , ,
to go against smbs principles -
to go beyond the limit
to go by the rules
The painting went for a hundred dollars.
went straight for me. .
She went for the first prize.
What he said goes for you too. ,
to go into detail(s)
The train went off the tracks. ,
to go over the dates
The dictionary went through three printings.
to go through a red light
to go through a door
to go through a ceremony
to go through the text ,
What verb goes with that noun?
to go unnoticed
Everything went wrong. ,
to go to bed
to go broke /
to go easy on smb -
to go to great expense
to go to extremes
The case went to trial. ,
to go from bad to worse
She has a lot going for her. /

43. H asten
to hasten away
to hasten home
to hasten to ones office
to hasten into the house
The mother hastened the children to school.
to hasten ones steps
to hasten ones departure
to hasten the growth of plants
to hasten to help
He hastened to apologize. .

44. Hop
to hop over the hedge
to hop into a taxi
to hop onto beds
He hopped on a red bus. ,
to hop with ones crutch
to hop on one foot
to hop from branch to branch

45. H unt
to hunt wolves
to hunt bears
They went hunting. .
to hunt for the document
We hunted all over the house. .
to hunt for a book ,
to hunt for a rare stamp

to hunt for big game

to hunt on horseback
to hunt with a pack of hounds
to hunt a thief
to hunt a clue
to hunt the truth
to hunt smth high and low -,
to hunt a cheap flat
to hunt through the shops ,

46. H urry -
to hurry to do smth -
hurried to respond to her letter.
to hurry to finish smth -
to hurry home
to hurry to work
to hurry to the station
to hurry to school
to hurry to the office /
to hurry out of the room
to hurry after a girl
He was hurrying along the street. .
Dont hurry me! He !
I dont want to hurry you. ,
to hurry into ones clothes /
He hurried to get the doctor. .
Many young people hurry into marriage.
to hurry over ones task

47. Jum p
to jump high
to jump to the side
to jump into the water
to jump on a platform
to jump with joy
to jump out of the window
to jump out of the bushes
to jump over the fence /
to jump over the ditch
to jump over the brook /
to jump off the train
to jump off the bridge
to jump off the roof
to jump to the conclusion
to jump to ones feet
to jump out of bed /
to jump into a taxi
The temperature jumped up to 30C. 30
The priced jumped up. ,
to jump sharply
to jump at a chance
to jump across a stream
to jump for joy
to jump from one topic to another

The child jumped into bed. .
The dog jumped onto the sofa. .
jumped on his opponent. ,
to jump to smbs defence -

48. Land
to land on the coast
The boat landed at a little wharf.
The ship landed at a small port.
The plane landed in a fog. .
We landed at an airfield. .
The goods were quickly landed. ,
to land on the Moon
The pilot landed the plane safely.
They landed at a roadside station. ,
to land the ball in the middle of the field
This lands me in great difficulties.
to land a fish
to land in prison
to land a criminal
to land smb a blow in the eye -
I am landed with my nephew for a week.

49. Lead -
to lead a child
to lead a group of people
to lead a horse
to lead into the room
to lead to the river
to lead through the forest
Where does this road lead? ?
to lead to the director
to lead by the hand
to lead to a conclusion
to lead to success
to lead to victory
to lead to good results
to lead to trouble
It didnt lead to anything. .
to lead to the city
to lead to the square
to lead to ones house -
to lead to serious consequences
to lead to an accident
to lead to misunderstanding
to lead to bankruptcy
to lead a delegation
to lead an expedition
to lead the procession
to lead a quiet life
to lead an idle life
to lead a double life
to lead a miserable existence
to lead an orchestra/ a choir /
to lead in oil production
to lead in all the subjects
to lead troops against the enemy
to lead by the bridle /
to lead from the house to the river
What led him to resign? ?
to lead directly/ indirectly /
to lead eventually/ finally
to lead gradually
to lead inevitably

50. Leap
to leap with/ for joy
to leap to ones feet
to leap on a horse
to leap into a saddle
to leap out of the window
to leap over the fence
to leap at an opportunity
to leap out of the water
to leap to smbs defence -
An idea leapt into his mind. .
leapt at my offer. ,
leaping ahead
His heart leapt with joy. ,
to leap boldly
to leap excitedly
to leap nimbly /

51. Leave
to leave the room
to leave for the office
to leave ones family
to leave ones friends
to leave willingly/ reluctantly /
to leave hastily/ in a hurry
to leave punctually
to leave for ones honeymoon
to leave in the morning/ at 5 / 5
to leave ones umbrella /
to leave at home
to leave in a taxi
to leave ones child with ones mother
left everything to his wife. .
They leave all the work to her. .
Leave it until tomorrow. .
Who left the door open? ?
She was left an orphan. .
The conversation left her exhausted. .
I leave the decision to your judgment. .
They left the field fallow. .
The film left me cold. ,
to leave a city/ ones house /
to leave a conference
Three from seven leaves four. ,
to leave Kiev for Leningrad
to leave business for literary work

His behaviour leaves much to be desired.
Hiere are three bottles left. .

52. Lift
to lift a load
to lift a cover
to lift ones hand
to lift carefully/ with care
to lift effortlessly
to lift with difficulty
She didnt lift her head from the TV. .
The material was lifted from smbs book.
- .
The fog/ the mist lifted. ,
to lift the ban on the book
to lift a tax
to lift the curfew
to lift a pan by the handle /
to lift to ones mouth
to lift to ones eyes
to lift the cover ofT the case
not to lift a finger to do smth ,
to lift a weight off smbs mind -
to lift ones voice
to lift ones voice against smth -
to lift an embargo
to lift a licence
She had her purse lifted. .
to lift a word out of the context
She had her face lifted. .

53. Lower
to lower blinds
to lower ones head
She lowed her eyes. .
to lower wages
to lower prices
to lower the resistance
She lowed her voice. .
to lower a bit/ a little/ slightly
to lower significantly/ substantially
to lower the sails
to lower a boat
to lower the rent of the house

to lower smbs pride -

to lower oneself

54. M eet -
to meet a friend/ an enemy /
to meet a train
to meet in the street/ at the corner /
to meet near the library/ at the station /

to meet by chance/accidentally
to meet by appointment/ by agreement

to meet on a regular basis
to meet in secret/ secretly /

They met with an accident. ,
to meet with smb -
to meet smb halfway -,
We arranged to meet at the theatre.
Meet my wife! !
to meet requirements /
to meet demands /
The streets meet. .
Our eyes met. .
Extremes meet. .
to meet smb with a hearty welcome -
to meet with rudeness
to meet with approval
to meet with objection /
to meet with a new experience
to meet with failure

^5. M ount
to mount a bicycle
mount a horse
to mount a hill
to mount easily/ with difficulty /
to mount to the top of the cliff
to mount the steps
The level of the water mounted. .
The bill mounted to 50 dollars. 50 .
His profits are mounting. ,
to mount a ladder
to mount the stairs
A blush mounted to his face. ,
to mount a statue on a pedestal
His anger was mounting. .

56. Move ()
to move furniture
to move books aside
Dont move anything! !
to move forward/ backwards /
to move awkwardly/ gracefully /
to move fast/ quickly/ swiftly
to move cautiously/ noiselessly /
to move aimlessly/ purposefully /

to move restlessly
to move stealthily
to move ones fingers
to move ones lips
to move ones hand
to move to another city
to move into a new house
to move into the country /
We were moved to tears. .
The film moved me to tears. ,
to move deeply/ profoundly
They moved from the city to the suburbs.
The firm is moving to another city.

to move towards the exit

What moved her to make such a gesture?
to move impatiently
It is your turn to move! !
You move first. .
to move about the room ()
to move to another seat
to move out of the station ( )
The Earth moves around the Sun. ,
to move into the station ( )
to move with grace/ with dignity /

to move in good society
to move among cultivated people

to move a piece/ a pawn /
to move the order of the day
to move an amendment
to be moved by a spring
to move smb to speak -
to move smb to take a decision -

to move the drawer out
to move ones car
to move at a speed of 50 miles per hour 50

Things are moving rapidly. .
to be moved by jealousy
Anger moves him. .
to move smb to laughter -
to move smb to pity - /
to move for a new trial

57. Nod
to nod approvingly/ appreciatively
nod complacently/ contentedly
0 nod thoughtfully

to nod in agreement ,
to nod vigorously/ wearily /
to nod sympathetically
to nod absently
to nod brightly
to nod in assent/ in approval
nodded greeting. .
nodded his thanks. .
to nod ones head
to nod to his friends
He was nodding in his armchair. .
The trees are nodding in the wind. .
The building is nodding. .

58. Pass
to pass the post office
to pass through a forest /
to pass through villages
The train passed the station without stopping.
The week passed quickly. .
Some time passed. .
The guests passed the time pleasantly.
to pass the salt/ bread /
to pass an examination
to pass a new law
I dont know what passed between them. ,
to pass smth over smth - -
to pass ones hand over ones forehead
to pass without hindrance
You can pass for a Frenchman. ,
to pass from one subject to another

The judge passed the sentence on the accused.

to pass over a bridge /

He passed the cable through a hole.
to pass unnoticed
to be passed fit for service
to pass an exam brilliantly/ easily/ without any difficulty /
to pass an exam barely
the pain / the love/ the crisis passes / /
to pass from house to house
to pass through many hardships
to pass through a crisis
to pass from memory
to pass into disuse
to pass ones time in lying in the sun
to pass unmentioned
to pass into the room
to pass by in silence
to pass an ocean
to pass a frontier
to pass the thread through the eye of the needle
to pass from joy to tears ,
A substance passes from a solid to a liquid.
The trick will not pass. // .
No words passed between them. ,
to pass offices /

59. Post
to post a letter
to post a parcel
to post a book
The book was posted from Moscow to Volgograd.
to post a letter registered
Post a letter as poste restan te

60. Proceed
to proceed with a story
to proceed to the next point
to proceed with ones work
to proceed on ones way
to proceed on ones journey
to proceed to explain ones views

to proceed at high speed
to proceed in easterly direction
to proceed to the next business
The dinner proceeded in silence.
Everything is proceeding according to the plan. ,
to proceed against smb -

61. Pursue
to pursue the enemy
to pursue a fugitive
to pursue a victim
to pursue an aim
to pursue persistently/ doggedly
to pursue relentlessly/ ruthlessly /
to pursue systematically
to pursue a runaway
111 luck pursued him till his death.
to pursue pleasure
to pursue fame
to pursue the policy of peace
to pursue an inquiry
to pursue ones studies
to pursue a subject
to pursue science

62. Quicken
to quicken ones pace
to quicken smbs departure -

His pulse is quickening. .

to quicken smbs interest -
to quicken smbs imagination
She is quickening with child. .
The tempo quickened. .
Her heart quickened. .

63. Quiver -
to quiver with fear
to quiver with cold
to quiver with emotion
to quiver with joy
to quiver with anger
to quiver with indignation
Her lips quivered. .
Her limbs quivered. .
Her voice quivered. .
quivered from head to foot. .

64. Raise
to raise ones hand
to raise ones head
to raise the curtain
to raise dust
to raise with one hand
to raise with difficulty
to raise prices
to raise appreciably/ considerably
to raise slightly/ sharply /
He raised himself from the chair. .
to raise wages
to raise taxes
to raise ones voice
to raise corn
to raise wheat
to raise cattle
raise pigs/ chickens/ ducks / /
They raised four children. .
to raise a ship from the bottom
to raise a weight from the ground
to raise anchor
to raise soil around a plant
to raise ones hat
to raise ones eyebrows
to raise smb at midnight -
to raise astonishment
to raise controversy
to raise suspicion
to raise a thirst
to raise a disturbance
to raise a quarrel
to raise smb to the defence of smth - -
to raise objections
to raise ones voice against smth -
to raise taxes
to raise an embargo
to raise a quarantine
to raise a blister
to raise a bump

65. Reach
to reach ones hand
to reach out a foot
to reach for the bread
She reached into her pocket for her keys.
, .
Reach me the mustard, please. , , ,
to reach the bottom
Your letter never reached me. .
to reach to the top of the mountain
to reach the coast
to reach the limit
to reach ones destination
We shall reach the town by night. .
to reach a conclusion
to reach an agreement
to reach a goal
to reach perfection
to reach success
to reach old age
The law does not reach these cases.
to reach Anally/ ultimately

6 6 . Return ()

to return money
to return a ticket
to return a book
to return home
to return to the country
to return to the front
to return to the room
to return from the theatre
to return again and again
to return in triumph
to return safe
to return from abroad -
to return immediately
to return unexpectedly
to return in time
to return from a holiday
to return books to the library
to return to a subject
to return a ball
to return empties
to return like for like
to return a gun to the holster

67. Ride
She rides well. .
She is learning to ride. ,
to ride a bicycle
to ride in /
to ride on a bus
to ride full speed/ full tilt
to ride a horse to death
to ride a joke to death
The car rides smoothly. .

68. Rise
to rise from ones chair
to rise from the table -
to rise early/ late /
The sun is rising. .
The mountain rises 2000 metres above sea-level.
2000 .
The wind is rising. .
The curtain rose. .
Prices have risen. .
to rise considerably/ appreciably/ noticeably
to rise fast/ rapidly/ sharply
to rise enormously/ tremendously
to rise inexorably/ uncontrollably /
to rise against tyranny
Smoke rose from the chimney. .
to rise to ones feet
to rise to the surface
to rise in an applause
to rise from ashes
The mist is rising. .
His spirits rose. .
to rise above prejudices
to rise in the world
to rise to greatness
to rise in smbs estimation -
to rise to the occasion
to rise in arms
The river rises from a spring. .
The quarrel rose from a mere trifle. - .
69. Roll
to roll a wheel
to roll a barrel
to roll a ball
Stones are rolling down the hill. ,
to roll wool into a ball
to roll a map ( )
to roll a cigarette for smb -
Pigs were rolling in the mud. .
New cars rolled off the assembly line.
to roll heavily/ smoothly /
to roll down the hill
to roll under the table
to roll into a hole /
to roll on the ground
Tears were rolling down her cheeks. .
The ship rolled in the waves. .
to roll in money
Thunder rolled in the distance. .
to roll a snowball
to roll ones eyes
to roll snow into a ball
to roll oneself in a blanket
The hedgehog rolled itself into a ball. .
to roll ones p

70. Run
to run quickly/ with difficulty /
to run after a hare
to run across an old friend
to run after a bus
to run between two cities ( )
to run down the stairs
to run for Congress

The fence runs from the house to the road. .
to run into an old acquaintance
to run into the house
The expenses will run into thousands of dollars.
The engine runs on diesel oil.
She ran out of money. ,
to run out of the room
A strange thought ran through her mind.
to run through the material again

She ran to the doctor. .
Ill run you to the station. ,
to run up the stairs
The road runs south. .
The supplies are running low. .
The differences run deep. .
to run badly ( )
to run effectively/ efficiently
to run like a clockwork
to run as hard as one can
to run oneself out of breath
to run about the fields
She is very much run after. .
to run for the doctor
Dont run me too fast! He !
to run for ones life
to run on rails
to run off the rails
Life runs smoothly for her. .
to run behind the schedule
to run on a regular service
The trains arent running. .
The train runs at 50 miles an hour. 50
This contract runs for seven years.
Tears ran down her cheeks. .
The floor was running with water. .
was running at the nose. ./
to run water into a bath
to run on an axis
The letter ran thus. ./
to run a business
to run a theatre
to run the house
I run this machine. .
will run this experiment. ,
to run in a race
to run second
We ran this play six times. 6 .
The film runs for 2 hours. .
to run risks/ hazards
to run against difficulties
to run at smb with a knife -
to run a splinter into ones finger
to run smb into expenses -
The ran into a lamppost. .
to run a thread through an eyelet
to run a comb through ones hair
to run over the text
to run to fat
to run to sentiment
The book runs to 300 pages. 300 .
to run upon a rock
to run cold
My imagination ran dry. .
The sea runs high. .
Passions ran high. .
Drinking water was running short. .
His imagination ran wild. .
They run in all shapes. ,
to run a temperature

71. Rush
to rush forward
to rush at smb -
to rush out of the room
to rush into the room
to rush down the street
to rush to smbs assistance -
to rush smb to hospital -
Blood rushed to his face. .
The days rushed by. .
The river rushes past. ,
to rush to a conclusion
to rush into extremes
to rush an order
to rush through ones supper
She rushed him into marriage. .

72. Send
to send a letter/ a parcel /
to send an answer
to send an invitation
to send abroad
to send to Moscow
to send for the tickets
to send for newspapers
to send by mail/ by post
The letter was sent back. .
was sent to hospital. .
to send by e-mail
to send by fax
to send by messenger
We sent the manuscript to her. .
They sent him as their representative.
to send for a doctor
They sent me for some beer. .
The coach sent some new players into the game.
The teacher sent the unruly pupils out of the room.
Her parents sent her to a camp. .
We sent him to buy beer. .
to send help/ aid
to send a child to school
to send smb on an errand -
to send smth to be mended -
to send sheets to the wash
The plumber has been sent for. .
I sent a blow to his chin. .
sent the ball between the goalposts. .
to send smb to sleep -
to send smb ofThis head -
to send smb sprawling -
to send smb into a rage -

73. Shake
to shake a tree
to shake a blanket
to shake clothes
to shake a tablecloth
to shake violently/ energetically/ vigorously
to shake thoroughly
to shake snow off ones coat
to shake a bottle of medicine
to shake hands ,
to shake ones fist
to shake ones head
The table shakes. .
to shake with cold
to shake with excitement
to shake with fear
to shake with fright
to shake with weakness
His hands were shaking. ,
to shake smbs faith -
Nothing could shake his decision.
They were much shaken at the news.
/ ,
to shake apples from a tree
to shake by the shoulders
to shake up a pillow
to shake sand out of ones shoes
to shake the dust from the blanket
His voice shook with emotion. .
She shook herself loose from his grasp.

74. Shift
to shift ones place
to shift furniture
to shift a burden from one hand to another

to shift ones glance
to shift cargo
to shift quickly/ gradually/ easily /
to shift from place to place
to shift in ones chair
to shift ones ground
The wind shifted. .
The family had to shift. .
to shift the blame on smb -
Shift this rubbish out of the way! !
to shift for a living ,
to shift with little money
to shift for oneself
to shift ones clothes
to shift gear (<)
75. Shiver
to shiver with cold
to shiver with fear
to shiver with anger
to shiver with fury
to shiver from head to foot /
to shiver at the thought of smth -

76. Sink
Wood doesnt sink in water. .
The ship sank. .
His feet sank in the sand. ,
to sink into a deep sleep
to sink into poverty
to sink into an armchair
to sink on a couch
to sink to the ground
to sink a submarine
The sun was sinking. / .
Her voice sank to a whisper. ,
to sink below the surface
to sink ones teeth into a good steak /

to sink to the bottom
The lake is sinking. .
The foundations have sunk. .
Prices are sinking. /.
The wind is sinking. .
His health began to sink. .
His courage sank. .
Let us sink our differences. ,
to sink a fact -
to sink into ones mind
They sank the poles into the ground. /
sank all his capital into house building.

to sink into silence

to sink into a faint
to sink into vice
to sink into insignificance

77. Slip
to slip on the ice
to slip on the parquet
The newspaper slipped ofT his knees.
The boat was slipping through the water. ,
to slip over a subject -
Mother slipped into the childrens room.
The mouse slipped into its hole. .
She slipped out of the room. .
Errors have slipped into the text. ,
to let a chance slip
The power was slipping from them. .
slipped from his pursuers. .
The cup slipped out of her hands. .
The dog slipped his collar. .
My foot slipped. .
rarely slips. ,
to slip in ones grammar
The appointment slipped from my memory.
let slip the truth. .
slipped from poetry to prose. ,
to slip a drawer into its place
to slip smth into smbs hand - -
to slip into clothes
to slip out of clothes

78. S tir
to stir the fire with a poker
The wind stirred the leaves. /
He couldnt stir a foot. ,
not to stir out of the house
Nobody was stirring in the house. ,
to stir ones tea
to stir the blood ,
to stir smb to pity -
to stir smbs passion -
Pity stirred in his heart. .
not to stir a finger
not to stir an eyelid

79. Stumble
to stumble over a stone
to stumble over a difficulty - -
stumbled across the room. .
I stumbled after him. .
to stumble in ones speech
to stumble through a lesson
to stumble over words
to stumble over pronunciation
to stumble upon a rare book /

to stumble on the enemy
I stumbled onto the truth.
to stumble at smth -

80. Swim
to swim on ones chest
to swim on ones back/ side /
to swim under water
to swim a race
to swim the English Channel -
He cannot swim a stroke. .
Let us go swimming! !
to swim in luxury
Everything swam before his eyes. .
My head swims. ,
to swim for the shore
Her eyes are swimming with tears. .
to swim with the stream
to swim against the stream
to swim in the river
to swim well/ badly /
to swim in the sea

81. Transfer
to transfer a book from a table to a shelf

to transfer a prisoner from one prison to another

to transfer a name to a different list
to transfer ones affection to another object

to transfer smbs baggage
to transfer smb to another department -

to transfer to another college
to transfer information
to transfer the case to another court
to transfer ones right to smb -
to transfer at a station -
to transfer wastes into fertile fields

was transferred to a new post. .

82. Travel
to travel a great deal
to travel extensively/ widely
to travel first class /
to travel light
to travel incognito /
to travel by air
to travel from London to Tokyo
to be travelling with a group of students

to travel on business /
to travel abroad
to travel by / by train /
to travel on foot
to travel round the world
to travel rarely/ seldom
to travel all over the world
to travel from one end of the city to the other

to travel 500 km a day 500
Many birds travel north in June. .
Light travels faster than sound.
Bad news travels quickly. .
His mind travelled over recent events.
to travel in wealthy circles

83. Tremble -
to tremble with anger
to tremble with fear
to tremble from head to foot
to tremble like a leaf
to tremble in every limb
to tremble at a sound ,
His voice tremble with excitement. .
to tremble at the thought /
to tremble for smbs life -
The cottage trembled. .
to tremble at the sight of the man

84. Thrn ()
to turn abruptly/ sharply /
to turn a key/ a tap /
to turn ones head
He turned his face towards the speaker.
A door turns upon its hinges. ,
to turn a handle
to turn a screw tight
He kept turning his hat in his hands.
The Earth turns round the Sun. .
Heights make my head turn.
to turn a leaf/ a page
to turn in ones sleep
to turn an hourglass
to turn the dough onto a board
to turn the contents of ones bag onto the table

to turn ones steps (-)
to turn the car left
to turn west
Shall we turn? ?
The river turns here. ,
to turn ones gun on smb -
to turn the telescope on a star
to turn a somersault
to turn smth in ones head -
to turn a conversation to another topic

Her hair has begun to turn. ./
The wind is turning. .
to turn ones attention to ones work

to turn to the dictionary
to turn to painting
to turn cream into butter
They turned her into a film star. .
to turn into a criminal
Whter turns to ice. .
to turn against ones former friends
The weather is turning colder. .
She had to turn to her family for help.

to turn into a side street
Caterpillars turn into butterflies.
They turned the meeting into a brawl.
to turn to the right
You should not turn you back to the audience.
to turn traitor
She turned pale. .

85. Twist
to twist smbs arm -
to twist linen (<)
to twist a garland
This rope is twisted from many threads.
to twist flowers into a wreath
to twist smbs neck -
to twist ones ankle
He twisted his knee. .
to twist wire into a loop
Her face was twisted with pain. .
to twist smbs words -
to twist facts
to twist a key in a lock
to twist ones face
to twist silk thread on a reel
The road twists a good deal. .
to twist uneasily in ones chair

8 6 . Walk

to walk fast/ slowly /

to walk back and forth
to walk on tiptoe
to walk close behind -
to walk up and down
to walk with a stick
to walk along the road
to walk about the room
to walk a baby ,
to walk ones dog
to walk towards the square
to walk across the field
to walk through the forest
to walk to the comer
to walk home
It is too far to walk. .
She is fond of walking. .
I walk to work. ,
to walk about the town
He walked her to the elevator. ,
to walk across the street
to walk along the river bank
to walk past the library
We walked from the park to the station.
Dont walk on the wet floor! He !
to walk out of a meeting
to walk through puddles
to walk arm in arm
to walk down the hill
to walk up the stairs
to walk on all fours
to walk with a slight limp
to walk on crutches
to walk behind smb -
to walk before smb -

87. W inder
to wander round the park
to wander over the countryside
to wander through the forest
to wander from place to place
Dont wander from the subject! He !
His thoughts were wandering. ,
to wander over the world
to wander out of ones way ,
to wander from a path /
to wander from a course
to wander off from ones home
to wander from proper conduct
to wander through the shops

8 8 . Wave

to wave ones hand

to wave ones hat
They waved us goodbye. .
waved a pistol menacingly. ,
to wave smb nearer -
to wave aside/ away (-)
Flags waved in the wind. .
She had her hair waved. .
Her hair waves softly. .
Branches wave to and fro. .
People were waving from windows. ,
to wave in farewell
waved to us to come nearer. ,
to wave ones hair ()

89. Whirl
The leaves whirled in the wind. .
The dancers whirled round the room.
Her thoughts/ brain whirled. .
His senses were whirling. .
The papers were whirled away by the wind. .
Tomorrow her boyfriend will whirl her away to the sea.

1. Abolish
to abolish slavery
to abolish taxes
to abolish a law
to abolish customs duties
to abolish capital punishment
to abolish a post
to abolish an institution
to abolish by law
to abolish by an act of parliament
to abolish by a decision
to abolish for ever
to abolish once and for all
to abolish poverty
to abolish illiteracy
to abolish wars
The law was abolished recently. .

2. Acquire
to acquire friends
to acquire distinction
to acquire a reputation for honesty
to acquire a strong liking for smth -
to acquire property
to acquire knowledge
to acquire a habit
The word has acquired a new meaning.
She acquired her French while living in Paris.
, ,
to acquire information
to acquire a skill /

3. Add
to add some salt
to add 3 to 5 3 5
1 have nothing to add. .
This adds to the impression. ,
to add to ones experience
to add to history
to add lustre to smth -
We added this amount to the bill. .
These changes added to the contusion.
to add as an afterthought -
to add appreciably/ substantially to the income

to add some water
to add ten roubles
to add to ones tea
added three more names to the list.
to add a few words
to add to difficulties
She added a tree to the picture. .
to know how to add
to add quickly/ correctly /
to add to ones vocabulary
to add smbs pleasure -

4. Adopt
to adopt a resolution /
to adopt a report
to adopt a child
to adopt another course of action
to adopt a patronizing tone
to adopt the attitude of an onlooker

to adopt smbs ideas -
to adopt smbs methods -
to adopt a proposal
to adopt a programme ()
The resolution was adopted by a majority.
to adopt an antiwar stance
to adopt a left-hand stance (
to adopt a threatening pose

5. Be
They are in the other room. .
The big shops are in the centre of the city.
is not at home. .
How long have you been here? ?
The book is on the shelf. .
I was there twice. .
We havent been to a concert for ages.
There was only one window in the room.
It was yesterday. .
is from Russia. .
is an engineer. .
My room is not large. .
The play is very interesting. .
That is the most important thing. .
Everything is ready. .
I am very glad. .
It is cold/ hot. / .
Today is Monday. .
It is ten oclock now. .
You are right/ wrong. / .
That is very kind of you. .
We are to start on Monday.
is seven (years old). .
This is London. .
It is a pity. .
It is a lovely day. .
It was yesterday that he bought the .
Was she at the same hotel? ?
I was before you in the queue. .
The key is in the lock. .
I shall be down in a minute. .
When is the wedding to be? ?
New year is on Sunday this time.
How is that you were there? , ?
Twice two is four. .
How much is it? ?
What are these shoes? ?
It is nothing to me. .
is above suspicion. .
His behaviour is beyond my endurance.
The police were after him. .
Who is for going home? , ?
is about to marry. .
is on the board. .
The boys are up to something. - .
He is up to no good. - .
is not up to his job. .
Our task is to finish the work in time. -
If I were you. .
I am cold. .
is asleep/ alive/ tired. / / .
He is glad/ happy. / .
She is absent. .
He is in trouble. .
is at work. .
She was nowhere to be found. .

. Belong
The book belongs to me. .
The house belongs to me. ,
to belong to a club
to belong to a different historical period

This wheel belongs to the car. .
Where do these things belong? ?
This book belongs on the shelf.
The dishes belong in the cupboard.
I belong here. . .
Who does the house belong to? ?
She doesnt belong here. .
belongs in jail. ,
to belong to an organization
This item belongs under a different heading.
Put things where they belong. .
It belongs to him by right/ legally. /
to belong exclusively to smb -
The belt belongs with the coat. ,
to belong in the same category
to belong to the sphere of science
belongs to the older generation.
That belongs to my duties. ,
to belong to the same nationality

to belong to a secret society
7. Bring
to bring a cup/ a knife /
to bring ones friend
to bring to market
to bring a present
to bring a criminal to justice
It brought a blush to her cheeks. .
Spring brings warm weather. ,
to bring the score to four to nil 4:0
to bring into fashion
to bring into action / /
His literary work brings him a small income.
to bring an action against smb -
to bring charges against a person -

I cannot bring myself to believe. ,
to bring to ruin
to bring smb to disgrace -
to bring to an end
to bring water to the boil
to bring smb to his senses -
to bring into discredit
to bring a fire under control
to bring to account
to bring smth to light / -
to bring smth to eat -
to bring wealth/ happiness /
to bring a proposal before a committee

was brought before the court. .
She brought chairs into the room. .
brought trouble on himself. .
We couldnt bring him to share our views.
to bring a child into the world
8 . Collect -

to collect information/ data /

to collect material for a dictionary
to collect signatures
to collect evidence
to collect pupils in the hall
to collect stamps/ pictures /
to collect taxes
to collect duties
to collect the rent
to collect goods from the station
to collect ones suitcase
to collect the ball ( )
to collect oneself ,
to collect ones thoughts
to collect ones courage
to collect eyes
A crowd collected around them. .
to collect money from ones colleagues
to collect enthusiastically
to collect indiscriminately /
to collect laboriously
to collect dry brushwood
to collect exercise books
to collect the children from school
to collect for a charity
to collect scrap metal
to collect waste paper
to collect autographs
to collect membership duties
to collect debts

9. Consist
Witer consists of hydrogen and oxygen.
The course consists of five subjects. 5 .
The committee consists of scientists. .
The delegation consists of five people. 5
Her work consisted in answering the phone. ,
Our state consists of 80 regions. 80
Freedom consists in the absence of oppressive laws.

10. Contain
to contain a high percentage of iron

to contain vitamins
to contain fat, carbohydrate, protein , ,
to contain information
to contain good ideas
to contain 2 litres 2
The library contains two million books.
to contain a bibliography

The book contains a short chapter on the subject.
What does this package contain? ?
to contain valuable minerals
to contain a lot of chemical elements

to contain ones anger/ laughter /

11. Deprive
to deprive smb of his property -
to deprive smb of life -
to deprive smb of his reason -
to deprive smb of the pleasure -
to deprive oneself
to deprive of freedom
to deprive of privileges
4 -- 136
to deprive of rights
to deprive of smth altogether -
to deprive smb cruelly of smth - -
to deprive a peasant of his land

12. Disappear
to disappear from smbs sight
to disappear in the darkness
to disappear in the crowd
to disappear into thin air
This distinction disappeared. ,
to disappear for a moment
The pain disappeared. ,
to disappear altogether/ completely
to disappear from sight/ from view
to disappear mysteriously
to disappear without trace
My hat has disappeared. .
All his confidence disappeared. .
The sun disappeared behind a cloud. ,
to disappear round the corner
to disappear from the scene

13. Double
to double ones offer
The population doubled. .
Our force doubles that of the enemy.
to double for smb -, -
to double a blanket
to double ones fists
I was doubled with a woman. ,
to double on smb -
to double up in pain / /
to double effort
to double ones income
to double the quantity/ the amount
to double expenses
It will double our work. .
The picture has doubled in value. .

14. Eliminate -
to eliminate errors
to eliminate a possibility
to eliminate unnecessary words
to eliminate smb from an organization -

to eliminate from the competition

to eliminate war
to eliminate poverty
to eliminate the personal factor
to eliminate from the organism /
to eliminate a disease
to eliminate illiteracy
to eliminate unemployment
to eliminate the state of backwardness
to eliminate smth altogether/ completely/ totally -

to eliminate from the list
Our team was eliminated from the competition.

15. Enclose
to enclose money in a letter /
I enclose herewith. .
to enclose a word in/ with brackets
to enclose a picture in a frame
to enclose smb -
to enclose with a fence
to enclose a porch with glass
to enclose a document ( )
I enclose two tickets along with this letter.
Find enclosed the documents in question.
to enclose a cheque with a letter

16. Enlarge
to enlarge a hotel
The dictionary has been enlarged to 1.500 pages.
1500 ,
to enlarge the scope of activity
to enlarge the powers vested in the government

to enlarge upon a theme -
I shall enlarge upon the point.
to enlarge a photo
to enlarge windows
The pores of the skin enlarge. .

17. Exceed
The task exceeds his ability. ,
to exceed in strength ,
to exceed in height
The reality exceeded our expectation.
Some man-made fibres exceed natural fibres.
to exceed authority
to exceed instructions
to exceed the speed limit
to exceed ones leave
to exceed the allotted time
Demand exceeds supply. ,
to exceed smth far/ greatly -
to exceed smth slightly/ marginally/ fractionally /

to exceed smth substantially /
to exceed in productivity
The temperature exceeded 40C. 40C.
18. Exhaust -
to exhaust resources
to exhaust patience
to exhaust a subject
to exhaust all possible combinations

Our stock is nearly exhausted. ,
to exhaust a well
to exhaust ones health
to exhaust the soil
The climb exhausted us. .
She exhausted him psychologically and physically.
to exhaust the food resources
to exhaust totally/ absolutely/ utterly
to exhaust well-nigh
My patience was exhausted. .
I was exhausted by the heat. () .
was exhausted by his illness. / .

19. Exist
Fat exists in milk. ,
to exist on a salary
Such things exist. ,
to exist in the sea
to exist in big cities
to exist in imagination
to exist on this diet
to exist on ones pension
to exist on bread and water
to exist miserably/ cheerlessly /
How do you manage to exist here? ?
to exist in such conditions
to exist under such a government
The planet Earth has existed for millions of years.
to exist in real life
She cannot exist without TV. .
20. Expand ()
to expand cultural exchanges
to expand the volume of trade
Metals expand when they are heated.
The tulips expand in the sun. ,
to expand a phrase into a sentence
to expand on a theme/ on a topic -

to expand the production
to expand exports
to expand fast/ rapidly ()
to expand continually/ step by step () /

to expand tremendously /
to expand an article into a book
The citys population expanded by 12 per cent.
12 .

21. Extend - /
to extend a helping hand
to extend
The garden extends as far as the river. ,
to extend a school building
to extend the city boundaries
to extend a railway line to X /
to extend ones potential
to extend ones influence
to extend a visit for another day
His visit will extend from ... to... ...
to extend credit to customers
to extend aid to poor people
to extend special privilege to smb -
to extend an invitation ,
to extend congratulations to smb -
to extend a warm welcome
to extend good wishes
to extend thanks
to extend a horse
to extend oneself
to extend hands
The forest extends beyond the border.
The cold wave extended into May. .
His power extends over the whole country.
The plain extends for many kilometres.
to extend from the wall /
to extend into the evening

22. G ather -
to gather a crowd
to gather ones things
to gather ones tools
to gather in a heap
A crowd had gathered. .
Clouds gathered. / .
Suspicion was gathering in his mind. .
The bee gathers honey. .
to gather a rich crop
to gather the pieces of a broken dish

to gather wealth
to gather facts
to gather information
A storm is gathering. / .
to gather experience
to gather ones energies
to gather speed
to gather from facts
to gather the dress at the waist
to gather ones brows
to gather head / ( )
to gather ones breath
to gather ones wits/ thoughts

23. Have
He has a flat. .
has a family, friends. , ,
to have shares in a company
The house has a garden. .
The bag had no name on it. .
Do you have time for reading? ?
I have no words to express it. ,
I have nothing to do. .
I had my work to do. () ./
to have smb on ones side -
to have much in common
He has blue eyes. .
She has a bad memory. .
She has an ear for music. .
She has a fine taste. .
has perfect health. .
These strawberries have a beautiful flavour.
/ .
has a sense of humour. .
The book has 300 pages. 300 .
had a letter. .
had a rough lesson. .
You may have it for 100 roubles. 100
to have an answer
We had an earthquake. .
We had much rain this year. ,
to have a good time
I had dinner at 3. 3 .
She is going to have a baby. .
had an odd experience. .
104 1
She has a headache. .
has a sore throat. .

24. Include
The price includes postage charges.
Your duties will include cooking.
to include smb/ smth on a list -/ -
The volume includes all his stories.
Our programme includes a visit to the picture gallery.
Both points are included in the agenda.
is included in the team. .
The book includes the bibliography on the subject.
to include a fact in ones report ()

25. Increase ()
to increase the speed
to increase ones vigilance
to increase in number /
to increase in size
to increase in price
to increase by 10 per cent 10
to increase to 1.000 / 1000
to increase by degrees
to increase appreciably/ considerably/ significantly

to increase enormously/ tremendously /

to increase steadily/ gradually /
to increase slightly/ marginally
to increase the output
to increase the cost
to increase the choice of smth -
to increase ones income
to increase the weight
The output has increased by 20 per cent. 20
The population is increasing rapidly.
The property has increased in value.

26. Involve
The experiment involves expensive equipment.
It involves expenses. ,
to involve ones acquaintance in the quarrel

to involve in the dispute
to involve in the crime
to involve in an unpleasantness
to involve in expense
We got involved in the affair.
was not involved in the affair directly.
to be involved with criminals
to involve oneself in smth -
The film involved me. / ,
to involve smb in a project -
We were involved with technical details.
The job involves travelling a great deal.

27. Keep
Do you keep a screwdriver around the house?
She kept them at their studies. .
The librarian will keep the book for you.
She couldnt keep from talking. .
She keeps secrets from me. - .
Dont keep her from working! He !
Keep off the grass! He !
Keep out of their quarrel! He !
to keep to the right
He kept us waiting. .
They kept him prisoner. .
to keep in a garage
to keep money in the saving bank
to keep a revolver in ones pocket
to keep smb in prison -
to keep silence
to keep old clothes
to keep the book for a month
to keep poultry
to keep bees/ a dog /
to keep
to keep a shop /
to keep a family
to keep eggs/ butter /
I am kept here by business. .
to keep a fortress
to keep goal ()
These apples will keep till spring.
to keep at home
to keep ones bed
to keep on the right track
to keep to the point/ subject
to keep to a promise
to keep to the law
to keep to the rules
to keep ones birthday
to keep in mind
to keep ones feet
to keep the house
to keep out of danger
to keep awake
to keep cheerful
to keep cool
to keep silent

28. Lack
to lack courage
to lack knowledge
He is lacking in common sense. .
They are lacking food. .
lacks nothing. ./
Nothing is lacking for comfort. .
Five copies are lacking. He .
He lacks a sense of humour. .
lacked foresight. .
We lack both time and money. .
She lacks experience. .
to lack the confidence
to lack any individuality
to be lacking in intelligence

29. Leave
to leave the room
to leave for the office
to leave ones family
to leave ones friends
to leave willingly/ reluctantly /
to leave hastily/ in a hurry
to leave punctually
to leave for ones honeymoon
to leave in the morning/ at 5 / 5
to leave ones umbrella /
to leave at home
to leave in a taxi
to leave ones child with ones mother
left everything to his wife. .
They leave all the work to her. .
Leave it until tomorrow. .
Who left the door open? ?
She was left an orphan. .
The conversation left her exhausted. .
I leave the decision to your judgment. .
They left the field fallow. .
The film left me cold. /
to leave a city/ ones house /
to leave a conference
Three from seven leaves four. ,
to leave Kiev for Leningrad
to leave business for literary work
His behaviour leaves much to be desired.
There are three bottles left. .

30. Limit
to limit the amount
to limit the number
to limit the time
to limit ones expense
to limit ones wishes
We dont want to limit you in any way.
Our time is limited. .
His power is limited. .
They were limited for time. .
All speeches were limited to ten minutes.
to limit drastically/ strictly /
to limit the speed
to limit the might
to limit the size
to limit military expenditure
This problem is not limited to Moscow.
to limit the prices
to limit fuel

31. Lose
to lose ones purse
to lose a leg/ arm /
to lose ones friend /
to lose colour
to lose a key
to lose oneself
to lose ones job
to lose ones head
to lose ones reason
to lose ones hair/ ones sight/ ones health /
to lose patience
to lose ones temper
to lose weight ,
to lose the end of a sentence
to lose an opportunity
to lose a chance
to lose ones time
to lose ones bus
to lose a game
to lose a lawsuit
to lose a war
to lose oneself in smth / -
to lose narrowly /
to lose by a wide margin
to lose ones interest
to lose ones parents
to lose ones nerve
to lose ones heart
32. M aintain -
to maintain contact /
to maintain peace
to maintain silence
to maintain an open mind
to maintain heat
to maintain prices
to maintain resistance
to maintain an army
to maintain one's family
to maintain one's rights
to maintain ones ground ,
to maintain relations with smb -
to maintain order
to maintain the temperature

33. Need
He needs rest. ./ .
They need one another. .
The dress needs washing. .
These facts need no comment.
The soup needs salt. .
needed no second invitation. .
needs to be careful. .
You need not go there. .
You needn't wait. .
to need badly /
to need urgently ( -)
to need obviously/ really /
I need more ten minutes. 10 .
The factory needs skilled workers.
They need a dictionary. .
The house needs painting. ./
34. Possess
to possess property
to possess wealth
to possess courage
to possess good qualities
to possess sprinting ability ( )
to possess oneself of smth -
to possess oneself
to possess one's soul in patience
Melancholy possesses him. .
to possess land
to possess power
to possess ability
The country possesses large mineral resources.
to possess skills /

35. Reduce
to reduce expenditure
to reduce production
to reduce the stuff
to reduce taxes
to reduce prices
to reduce temperature
to reduce speed
to reduce the term of imprisonment
to reduce a text
to reduce pain
to reduce ones sight/ ones hearing /

to reduce in weight
to reduce by 5 kilogram 5
She has been reducing for 6 weeks. / 6
to be greatly reduced by illness
to reduce to powder ( )
to reduce to ashes
to reduce yards to inches
to reduce to tears
to reduce to despair
to reduce to an extremity
to be reduced to penury
to reduce to nothing
to reduce everything to a single principle

to reduce to an absurdity
to reduce to silence
to reduce to submission
to reduce smb to discipline -
to reduce to order ,
to reduce an article
to reduce the length of a skirt
to reduce wages
to reduce smth considerably/ significantly/ substantially -
to reduce smth slightly/ drastically /
He was reduced in rank. .

36. Remain
Only one ticket remained. .
Nothing remained of the house after the fire.
Much remains to be done. .
I shall remain here all summer. .
She remained at home. .
remained silent. - .
remained unconscious. .
Let it remain as it is. ,
to remain faithful to smb -
to remain in force
One thing remains certain. .
She remained a widow for the rest of the life.
It remains to be seen. .
If you take three from eight, five remains. ,
to remain with smb -
to remain at the seashore
Let us remain friends. .

37. Remove - ()
to remove ones furniture
to remove the cloth from the table
to remove oneself
to remove ones coat
to remove ones hat (< )
to remove ones hand
to remove ones eyes
to remove smb from his position -
to remove grease stains
to remove ones name from the list

Rust should be removed. .
to remove obstacles
to remove a bandage
to remove a tumour surgically /
to remove all doubts
He was removed by poison. .
to remove into the country
to remove difficulties
to remove the cause of illness
to remove all suspicion
to remove things
to remove smth altogether/ completely/ entirely/ totally -
to remove smth easily/ with difficulty - /

to remove smth unceremoniously -

to remove smth bit by bit/ partially - /

38. Require
to require much time
to require much effort
to require money
to require food
The matter requires great . .
You will have everything you require. , .
This plant requires a plenty of water.
You will require a coat. .
The situation requires calmness. .
The verb requires a preposition. .
One is not required to be a specialist. He ,
if required .
She requires a term paper of each student. ,
The house requires painting. .
All the boys were required to study religion.
was doing what was required of him. ,
Is there anything you require? - ?

39. Reserve
to reserve a room at a hotel
to reserve tickets
Seats in the plane were reserved for us.
to reserve money for emergencies

to reserve oneself for smth -
to reserve the subject for future discussions

to reserve the right to do smth -

These seats are reserved for the handicapped.
40. Restore
to restore a city
to restore a railway
to restore a bridge
to restore ones health
to restore ones authority
to restore ones confidence
to restore the former glory
to restore the original condition

to restore completely/ partly /
to restore faithfully
to restore smth patiently/ painstakingly -
to restore smth lovingly/ impeccably -
The house was restored to its former condition.
His good name was restored. ,
to restore smbs property -
to restore a borrowed book
to restore an employee to his old post

to be restored to liberty
to be restored to happiness
to restore smb to life -
to feel oneself restored to life
to restore public order
to restore smbs reputation -
to restore a picture
to restore a palace
to restore old customs
to restore a belief in smth -

41. Save
to save a child
to save smbs life -
to save ones property -
to save from death/ from danger /
to save from destruction
to save from the fire
He saved the child from drowning. .
Save a place for me. .
They are saving for a new .

to save money for a new TV
During the mild winter we saved on fuel.
It will save you the trouble of making a second trip.
The computer will save us a lot of time.
to save from disgrace
They tried to save themselves. ,
to save the situation
to save smb from making a mistake -
This saved him much trouble and expense.
to save smb from himself -

to save time/ labour /
has never saved. ,
to save some of the meat for tomorrow
to save ones best clothes (
to save the apples for the children
to save against a rainy day
to save oneself ;
to save appearance
to save the day

42. Share
to share a meal with smb -
to share money
to share property
They shared their troubles and joys. .
They decided to share the expenses. ,
to share experience and knowledge
to share smbs views -
to share smbs fears -
to share the responsibility
He shared my feelings. .
shared my opinion. .
I dont quite share his optimism. .
shared a room with his friend. .
offered to share in the expenses.
to share smth equally -
to share smth among five men -
to share smth with smb - -
to share ones bread with smb -
to share a table
to share an umbrella
to share in the losses ,

to share blame
to share smbs hardships -
to share smbs grief -
to share smbs likes and dislikes -
to share smth equally -
to share smth willingly/ readily -
to share smth generously/ unwillingly /

The thieves shared the loot among themselves.
to share in the profits
to share in using the computer

43. Spend
to spend money /
to spend time /
to spend time on the trip
to spend on clothes
I spent two hours on this work. 2 .
She spends half her salary on clothing.
to spend ones free time
to spend ones holidays
to spend the day in the country
spent his childhood in a small village.
They spent a lot of money for a new .
to spend a great deal of time in studying

to spend money extravagantly/ heavily

to spend money lavishly/ liberally /

to spend money wisely
to spend ones time happily/ idly /

to spend labour/ strength /
to spend much money on foolish pleasures

to spend much trouble on/ over smth -
to spend oneself in vain endeavour
She spent herself for her children. ,
to spend on foreign travel
to spend for public purposes
to spend ones time in playing chess

to spend the winter in the south
Our ammunition was all spent. .
His anger spent itself. .
He spent his fury on the dog. .

44. Spoil
to spoil a book /
to spoil a clock/ a machine /
to spoil a game/ a party /
to spoil a day/ a holiday /
to spoil smbs mood -
to spoil smbs appetite -
to spoil the fun/ the pleasure
to spoil smth completely/ totally/ utterly -

to spoil a dish
to spoil ones eyes
to spoil a joke in telling
to spoil ones best frock by wearing it too often/ much /

to spoil a child
The goods are liable to spoil. .
Fish spoils quickly. .
to be spoiling for a fight ,

45. Store
All these facts were stored in his memory.
Wine was stored in bottles. .
The tool kit is stored under the seat.
Whter is stored in tanks. / /
Electricity is stored in piles.
to store grain
to store goods
to store data
His mind is stored with knowledge. .
Dont store your mind with trifles. He ,
to store food for the winter
to store up resentment
The crop is not yet stored. .
How much energy can this battery store?
46. Substitute - /
to substitute a word
to substitute nylon for silk
to substitute margarine for butter

to substitute copies for the original
Can you substitute for me? ?
to substitute a player for another one

to substitute a spare part for the defective one

to substitute one medicine for another

to substitute juices for fruit
to substitute a tractor for a horse

The coach substituted Smith for Clarke.

47. \bnish
to vanish into darkness
to vanish in the distance
to vanish in the crowd
to vanish from sight/ view
to vanish into thin
to vanish without trace
to vanish slowly/ gradually /
to vanish altogether/ completely
Suspicion vanished. .
Prospects vanished. .
Many types of animals vanished. .

48. W iste
to waste time/ money /
His efforts were wasted. .
We cant afford to waste a minute. .
to waste words
to waste an opportunity
to waste water
to waste ones life ,
to waste ones chance
My jokes were wasted on him. ,
to waste time talking
to waste breath / ()
All advice will be wasted on him. .
His resources were rapidly wasting. .
Her body was wasted by disease. .
The country was wasted by the war.
to waste away for lack of food

1. Arrange
to arrange books /
to arrange flowers (
to arrange ones hair
to arrange ones affairs
to arrange for an appointment
We have arranged to meet at the theatre.
We have arranged for a taxi. ,
to arrange a concert /
to arrange a party
to arrange a trip
The agenda for the following day was arranged.
to arrange ones tie
to arrange ones dress
to arrange oneself
to arrange disputes
to arrange neatly/ tastefully /
to arrange smth beforehand/ in advance -

2. Hang
to hang a picture/ a coat /
to hang curtains/ a map /
to hang on the wall
to hang over the window
to hang on a nail
to hang high/ low/ evenly/ unevenly / / /

to hang on a hook/ on a chain/ on a string / /

to hang in the air
to hang over the table
to hang round the neck
His coat hangs on him. ,
to hang loosely ,
to hang by a thread
He was hanged for murder. .
They hung on every word. /
Your fate hangs on the result of the examination.
We intend to hang on this property.
to hang on a peg
to hang in the wardrobe
Her pictures were hung in the exhibition.
to hang wallpaper
to hang a door on its hinges
A great disaster is hanging over him. .

3. Insert

to insert a letter into a word

to insert a word into a phrase
to insert a key into a lock
to insert a coin into a slot
to insert an article in a newspaper
to insert a peg into a hole
to insert some quotation in ones speech

4. Install
to install equipment
to install an electric stove
to install an elevator
to install machines
to install central heating
to install a lighting system
A new bath was installed. ,
to install free of charge
to install properly
to install smb in an office -
to install a judge
to be comfortably installed in a new house

5. Lay
to lay on the shelf/ on the table /
to lay bricks ,
to lay the foundation
to lay plans
to lay a cable
to lay dust
to lay the cloth
to lay a floor with a carpet
to lay table
to lay an ambush
to lay a trap
The hens are laying well. ,
to lay a tax on smth -
to lay the blame for smth on smb - -
to lay ones hopes on smb -
to lay stress/ emphasis on smth -, -

to lay ones ideas before smb -
to lay an information against smb -
to lay a claim to smth -
His doubts were laid. .
to lay smb under obligation -
to lay smb under a necessity -
to lay smth flat -,
to lay the land waste
to lay ones heart bare /
to lay the wounded man on a stretcher

6. Lean ()
to lean forward
She leaned over the sleeping child.
leaned over the table. .
She leaned out of the window. .
leaned back in his chair. .
to lean against the wall ()
to lean to a pole ()
to lean against a tree ()
to lean on a cane
to lean to the right
to lean on a stick
to lean on crutches
to lean on a friends advice /

to lean towards buying a new

We had to lean on them to make them agree.
, .

7. Lie
to lie on the couch
to lie on the ground
to lie in the sun
to lie under a tree
to lie face down
to lie on ones back
to lie in bed ,
He lay asleep. {).
He lay reading. ,
to lie on the shelf
Ireland lies to the west of England.
to lie in prison
to lie under an obligation
to lie under an imputation { -)
The trouble lies in the engine. .
It lies with you to decide this question. .

8. Load
to load a truck
to load with bricks/ with boxes /
to load a gun
to load a camera /
to load coal into a ship
to load a ship to full capacity
to load a ship with coal
to load furniture into a van
to load ones stomach with food
to load with
to load smb with gifts -

9. Locate / /
We cant locate the village on the map.
The tourist camp was located high in the mountains.
to locate the source of an error
to locate the enemys camp

to locate a town on a map
His office is located in this building.
to locate oneself ( , )
to locate smb -
to locate a good restaurant
The house was located in the heart of the city.

10. Occupy
to occupy a house/ an apartment /
to occupy a seat/ a position /
occupies a high position in the government.
The greater part of the area is occupied by forests.
to occupy most of ones time -

was occupied with his thoughts. .
The army occupied the city. .
occupied himself with solving some algebra problems.
The workmen were occupied in building a house.
The territory was occupied during the war.

11. Pile /
We piled the books in the corner. .
All the things were piled up on the floor.
The table was piled up with papers. ,
to pile logs on each other ,

to pile a plate with food
to pile a table with dishes
to pile coal on a fire
The counter was piled with goods. ,
to pile into a restaurant
to pile out into the street /
to pile off a train
to pile it on ,
12. Place
to place things on the table
to place books on a shelf
to place a chair at the wall
to place glasses on the table
to place an advertisement in a newspaper

to place smb in a room - /
to place a pie in the oven
to place a board edgeways
to place sentries
to place no restrictions on smth

to place a question on the agenda
to place a seal on the document
to place a child under smbs -

to place smb under smbs service - -

to place ones money to the best advantage

to place an order with a firm
to place importance on smth -
to place confidence in smb -
He placed second. ( ).
to be placed well
to place responsibility on smb -
to place blame on smb -
I cannot place him. He , .

13. Plant
to plant a tree
to plant a garden /
to plant a field with wheat
to plant mines ,
to plant posts /
to plant ones foot on smth -
5 436 129
to plant a dagger in smbs heart
to plant ones fist on smbs nose -
to plant potatoes
to plant a forest
to plant seedlings
to plant early in spring
to plant bushes in the streets
to plant rose bushes in the yard

14. Put
to put ones things/ a key/ a box / /

to put some money into ones purse
to put a handkerchief into ones pocket

to put ones hand into ones pocket
to put flowers into the water
to put smth on the stove -
to put a chair near the fireplace
to put plates/ glasses on the table /

to put an advertisement in a newspaper

to put smth into words -
to put smth aside/ away -
to put a thing in its right place
to put a child in a chair
to put some water in a jug
to put papers in the file
to put sugar into tea
to put words in alphabetical order

to put difficulties in the way
to put smb in hospital -
to put a child to school
to put smth on the list -
to put a glass to ones lips
to put a new handle to a hammer
to put ones proposal on paper

to put it mildly
to put a question
to put the motion to the vote
to put ones signature to a document
to put a tick against an item -

to put capital into a business
to put value on smth -, -
to put a tax on imports
to put ones hopes on smth -
to put the blame on smb -
to put a knife into smb -
to put a proposal before a committee

to put milk into the refrigerator
to put new equipment into service

to put a criminal in prison
to put money into circulation
to put ones affairs in order
to put a theory into practice
Put yourself in my place. .
to put a stamp on a letter
The doctor put the patient on a diet. .
to put money on a horse -
to put out of action
We put them all to work. .
to put words to music
Put the children to bed! !
to put smb under arrest -
to put smb to great expense -
to put smb through ones paces -
to put smb against smb - -
to put smb to the test -
to put smb to inconvenience -
to put smb to trouble -
to put smb to trial -
to put smb to torture -
to put smb to death -
to put smb into rage -
to put smb into a fright -
to put smb in a good humour -

to put smb in doubt -
to put smb out of countenance -
to put smb out of heart -
to put smb out of misery -
to put into operation ,
to put smth into practice -
to put in force / ()
to put smbs actions down to shyness -

to put the accident down to negligence

to put down to smbs inexperience -

15. Set
to set a cup/ a glass/ a dish / /
to set smth in its place -
to set a chair at the table /
to set a trap
to set a great deal on smth -
to set little on smth -
to set smb by the fire -
to set glass in a window
to set ones face towards the sun
to set a piano
to be set for smth -
to set standards
to set requirements
to set a limit
to set bounds to smth -
to set the pace 1. 2 .

to set the style
to set a date
to set a wedding day
to set a price /
to set a fine
The sun is setting. .
to set a clock
to set ones watch by the time signal

to set an alarm clock
to set a goal
to set a task
to set oneself an ideal
to set lessons for tomorrow
to set a good example
to set ones teeth
The mortar hasnt set yet. ,
to set a record
He quickly set the table. ,
to set a dislocated joint
to set ones hair
to set music to words
to set about ones work
to set oneself to smth -
The mother was set against the match.
to set upon smb with blows -
to set the dog on/ at smb -
to set one language against another
to set a chain reaction in motion
to set a prisoner free /
to set smb wrong -
to set smbs mind at ease -
to set smbs mind at rest
to set smbs curiousity agog -
We must set things going. .
The teacher set several problems for the pupils.
to set a ladder against the wall
to set brother against brother
The wolves set upon the sheep. ,
to set fire to smth -

16. Sit
to sit in an armchair
to sit at a table
to sit with an invalid
to sit through an awful film

to sit into midnight
to sit on/ over a case -
to sit over a problem
to sit at home / ,
The car will sit six persons. 6 .
to sit for ones portrait
to sit in Parliament
The coat sits badly on him. .
The dress sits too close. ,
to sit upright/ comfortably /
to sit quietly/ still
to sit on a committee
to be sitting pretty

17. Stand
to stand on tiptoe
to stand at attention
to stand at ease
to stand in smbs light -
to stand in the way of smb -
to stand on end ( )
The castle stands on a hill. .
The thermometer stood on 0C. 0C.
to stand over smb -
to stand a ladder against the wall
The colour will stand. / .
to stand heat/ strain /
to stand a siege
to stand the test of time
to stand fire
to stand pain well
to stand an assault
to stand trial
He cannot stand criticism. ,
to stand good in force
He stands against abortions. ,
to stand on ceremony
The bus stands 41 people. 41 ,
to stand a chance
to stand to win /
The affair stands thus. .
to stand a bottle of wine
to stand the post
White stands for purity. ,
to stand by constitution

to stand alone
to stand aloof from an argument
to stand in terror of smth -
to stand ready for anything
to stand corrected /

to stand godfather -
to stand erect /
to stand motionless
to stand quietly/ still
to stand firm/ patiently /
He will not stand for such conduct.
How do you stand with your boss?
to stand by ones guns
to stand on ones own feet ,

18. Stay -
to stay at home/ at school /
to stay in the country/ in the room /
to stay for a long time
to stay for two months
Will you stay for dinner? ?
Dont stay long! He !
to stay at a hotel
to stay at ones parents
I am staying with my friends. .
Why dont you stay with us for the night?
stayed away from the meeting. .
Stay off the grass! He / !
to stay out of trouble
to stay calm
to stay in bed
to stay to dinner
to stay bloodshed /
to stay the spread of a disease
to stay the rise of prices
to stay ones appetite/ ones hunger
to stay the distance ,
Stay with me a little longer. ,
to stay young
never stays sober. .
stayed single. .
The shop stays open till 8 p.m. 8 ,
to stay out of reach
to stay ones hand

19. Thrust
to thrust smb forward -
to thrust smb out of the house -
to thrust ones way through the crowd
to thrust at the door
to thrust oneself into smbs society -
to thrust oneself into the conversation
to thrust oneself into a highly paid job

to thrust ones hands into ones pockets
to thrust on ones gloves
to thrust smth under smbs nose - -
to thrust ones nose into smbs affair
to thrust ones friendship
to thrust a dagger into smbs breast -
to thrust a spade into the ground
to thrust at ones opponent
to thrust troops into combat
5. :
, , , , ,
1. Ache
My head/ my tooth/ my heart aches. / / .
I ached all over. .
My eyes ached. .
His muscles were aching with fatigue.
It made my head ache. .
My heart aches at the sight of it.
I ached to see him. .
was aching for home. .
She was aching for a cigarette. .
I was aching to tell you all my news.

2. Awake
to awake the children
to awake interest in smb -
to awake in smb a sense of duty -
to awake from a sound sleep
to awake to a fact -
to awake early/ late /
It was still dark when I awoke. , .
to awake at a sudden noise
to awake at the murmur of voices
to sleep without awaking
Has the baby awoken yet? ?
to awake at dawn/ at night /
to awake with a headache
to awake to danger/ to the truth /
to awake to life
Dont awake me! He !
The event will awake him a little. .

3. Bite
The dog bit her leg. .
She has been badly bitten by mosquitoes.
to bite ones lips
The dog doesnt bite! !
pepper/ the frost bites ,
to bite at the bait
She bit into the apple. .
We were bitten. / .
The children bit into the cake. .
The boy was bitten by a viper. .
The prices are biting. .

4. Boil
The kettle/ the water is boiling. / .
The milk boiled over. .
to boil vegetables/ fish/ meat / /
to boil potatoes/ eggs /
to boil the eggs for 10 minutes 10
to boil linen/ clothes/ sheets
to make smbs blood boil -
boiled about trifles. .
The water has boiled away. .
Fill the teapot with boiling water. .
She is boiling with anger. .

5. Breathe
to breathe deeply/ evenly/ regularly /
to breathe hard/ with difficulty
to breathe rapidly/ softly /
We went to breathe the fresh air.
She breathed a sigh of relief. ,
to breathe in
to breathe out
He is still breathing. / .
A better fellow does not breathe. .
The wind is breathing. .
softly breathed her name. .
not to breathe a word , ( -)

6. Brush
to brush clothes
to brush ones teeth
to brush ones shoes
to brush a carpet
to brush ones hair
to brush the floor
She brushed the childs cheek with her Angers.
The house needs to be brushed. .
to brush away dirt
to brush away flies
to brush the snow off /
I brushed him off. .
to brush up the crumbs
to brush past/ by smb -
to brush through the crowd

7. Button
to button ones collar
to button ones dress
to button up ones coat
The blouse buttons at the back. / .
My collar wont button. .
buttoned his mouth. .
He forgot to button his trousers. .
His shirt was buttoned up.
Button your coat up! !

8. Comb - ()
to comb ones hair
to comb ones child
to comb a horse
to comb wool
She combed the files for the missing letter.
to comb smbs hair the wrong way -
to comb the town
to comb the forest for smb -

9. Cook -
to cook a dinner
to cook meat/ eggs /
None of us could cook. .
Who cooks for you? ?
She knows how to cook. ,
to cook well/ deliciously/ excellently / /

to learn to cook ()
to cook ones own meal
The food was tastefully cooked. .
to be cooked alive in the tropics
to cook accounts
to cook a story /
to cook ones own goose ,

10. Cost
to cost much/ little /
to cost one hundred roubles
How much will it cost? ?
How much did the suit cost you? ?
It cost next to nothing. .
It wont cost you anything. .
It cost him much effort. .
It cost him a lot of trouble. ,
to cost dear/ cheap / /
It cost her much time. .
It cost him a lot of work. .
It cost him his life. .
Making a dictionary cost much time.
It cost him many sleepless nights.

11. Cough
She began to cough. .
coughed softly. .
She burst into a fit of coughing. .
The engine coughed. .
to cough up phlegm
to cough blood
Coughing comes from smoking. .
He coughed nervously. ,
to cough up money ()/
to cough loudly/ continually /

12. Cure
He was finally cured. , , .
My cold is cured. .
cured her of this disease. ,
to cure smb of a habit -
to cure a child/ a patient /
to cure a disease/ a headache /
to cure immediately
to cure partially/ radically /
to be cured of bad habits
to cure by applying mustardplasters
to cure by taking a medicine
to cure by injections
to cure drunkenness

13. Dance
to dance well/ badly /
to dance excellently/ gracefully /
to dance clumsily/ awkwardly
to dance slowly/ quickly /
He asked me to dance. .
We danced all the evening. .
Can you dance? ?
to dance with ones husband
to dance with a boyfriend
to dance with a nice girl
to dance to the music
to dance to a piano
to dance the twist/ the waltz /
to dance for joy
to dance wildly /
to dance off ones head
to dance with rage
to dance with pain
to dance on the waves
He danced away his chance. .

14. Die
to die of an illness
to die of/ from wounds
to die of heart failure -
to die of hunger
to die a natural death
to die a violent death
to die for ones country
to die for ones ideals
to die young
to die at the age of 90 90
What did she die of? ?
She died in her sleep. .
to die suddenly/ gradually ,
to die with laughter
I am dying for a drink. , .
I am dying from the heat. ,
to die peacefully
Plants/ trees die. / .
The motor died. .
Their hope has died. ,
to die before ones time
to die in old age
to die in poverty
to die from loss of blood
to die from drinking
to die in action
to die for ones friend
to die of/ with boredom /
to die of/ with shame
to be dying with curiously
The child is dying for a new toy.
to be dying with sleep
to be dying with thirst
She is dying to see the film. ,
to die rich/ poor () /
Old habits die hard. .

15. Dine

to dine early/ late /

We dine at 5. 5 .
Today we dine out. ,
to dine on steak
to dine at home
dined alone. .
She dined with her sister. ,
to dine at a restaurant
to wine and dine smb / -
to dine with Duke Humphrey
to dine on roast beef and ice cream

16. Disguise
to disguise oneself as a pirate
to disguise oneself as Father Xmas
to disguise oneself as a woman
She disguised herself as a man. .
He disguised his voice. .
to disguise ones intentions
to disguise ones feelings
I didnt disguise the fact. .
to disguise oneself with a false beard
to disguise the truth
to be disguised with snow

17. Dismiss
to dismiss an official
to dismiss a servant
He was dismissed from his post. ,
to dismiss from the army
You are dismissed. ./ ,
to dismiss a plan
She dismissed him from her mind. .
They were dismissed for drinking. .
They were dismissed for absence from work. .
to dismiss ones doubts
to dismiss ones hesitations
He dismissed the thought. .
to dismiss the assembly
Dismissed! !
to dismiss the subject

18. Divorce
to divorce ones husband
to divorce ones wife
She divorced her first husband and married again.
I was divorced from her two years ago.
to divorce sports from politics
to divorce the church from the State
They were divorced from each other by divorce court.
./ ,
to divorce three month after the wedding

The couple is going to divorce.

19. Dream /
I dreamed that I was in a dark forest. ,
You must have dreamt it. , , .
I dreamed about you. () .
dreamed of being home again. .
to go about dreaming
Dont waste time dreaming. He .
to dream every night
to dream deliciously
to dream vividly /
to dream disconnectedly
to dream of success
to dream of wealth
to dream of home
to dream about ones friend
to dream empty dreams
to dream about buying

20. Dress ()
to dress a child
to dress quickly/ slowly () /
It is time to dress. .
to dress well/ smartly /
to dress simply/ fashionably /
She knows how to dress. ,
to dress for the theatre/ for a ball /

to dress in a hurry
to dress with
to dress without assistance
to dress with taste/ without taste /
to dress a doll
to dress ones hair
to dress a dish
to dress a wound
to dress smb in his best clothes -
to dress in silk/ in black /
to dress for the occasion -
Are you dressed yet? ?
to be dressed plainly/ richly /
to be dressed in furs/ in bright /
to be dressed as a soldier/ as a sailor /

to dress oneself
to dress elegantly/ lightly/ warmly / /
It took him five minutes to dress. ,
She dresses after the latest fashion.
to be dressed in a long coat
was dressed in a uniform. ,
to dress modestly/ faultlessly /

21. Drink
to drink water/ tea/ milk/ coffee / / /
to drink quickly/ briskly/ hurriedly /
to drink from a cup/ from a glass/ from a bottle /
to drink heavily/ moderately /
to drink toast to smb -
to drink to smbs health -
to drink to smbs happiness -
to drink to the success of an enterprise
to drink smb under the table -
to drink a glass of milk
to drink a cup of coffee
to drink a glass dry
to drink deep
What will you have to drink? ?
I could drink the sea dry. ,
to take to drinking
to drink smb drunk - ()
to drink oneself drunk
to drink to the host
to drink the cup of suffering
to drink away ones earnings
to drink flat / ( )

22. Earn
to earn money/ wages/ a salary / /

to earn ones livelihood
to earn ones daily bread
earns 1.000 dollars a month. 1000
to earn smth by hard work -
to earn much/ very little /
to earn enough
He earned good pay. .
He earned by teaching music. .
to earn praise
to earn an award/ good rest /
to earn a great reputation
to earn hatred
She earned a scolding from her boss.
to earn distinction by service
to earn the gratitude
23. E at
to eat greedily/ hungrily
to eat quickly/ hurriedly
to eat in/ out /
to eat well 1. 2 .
to eat at home/ at a restaurant /
to eat with the family
to eat between meals ,
to eat ones dinner/ a good breakfast /
to eat bread, meat, fish, ice-cream , , ,
to eat little/ much /
I want something to eat. - .
to eat with salt/ with pepper /
to eat with mustard/ with sauce /
to eat smth for breakfast/ for dinner - /
I havent eaten anything for two days. .
to eat chicken/ potatoes/ an apple / /
to eat with a fork/ with ones hands /
to eat a square meal
to eat up ones food ,
to eat at the same table ( -)
Olives are eaten with fingers. ( ).
to eat to repletion/ to fullness
to eat to ones heart content
to eat to excess ,
to eat with relish ,
The river had eaten its banks. .
to be eaten with rust
The flame ate up the forest. .
to eat ones heart ,
to eat ones words

24. Employ
to employ workers, doctors, nurses ,
to employ hundreds of hands
The factory employs 600 hands. 600 .
to employ ones time usefully
to employ smb at a salary -
to employ at a high rate of pay

to be employed in/ at an office
to be employed in / at a factory /
to be employed in agriculture
to be employed on a railway
to be employed continually
to be employed fully
to be employed on a half-pay
to be employed as a lawyer/ as a nurse /

to employ ones time in reading
to employ a man as an interpreter -

to employ questionable methods

to employ capital
to employ the right word
to employ ones time profitably
She employs herself in growing roses. .

25. Engage
to engage a lawyer
to engage a guide/ a teacher /
He engaged the girl as secretary. .
to engage a room in a hotel
to engage tickets
to engage a table at a restaurant
engages in this work. .
is engaged in this work. ,
to engage ones attention/ interest /
to engage smb in a conversation -
to engage smb to do a job -
is engaged in the research.
to engage in sports
The first gear engages with the second.
I engaged her for the position. ,
to engage a seat ( )
to engage in teaching
to engage in an attempt
to engage in a game of tennis
to engage in a contest /
I dont engage myself in such affairs. .
Reading engages all my spare time.
Her work engages her completely.
The number is engaged. .
The seat is engaged. ,
to engage all eyes
to engage the sympathy
He engages for the honesty of his brother.
to engage oneself to provide smth
is engaged to her. .
We decided to engage with the enemy. .
to engage the target

26. Fade
The flowers have faded. / .
Her beauty faded. / .
Her hair faded. / .
Her eyes faded. .
The colours have faded. .
The colours faded in the sun. .
Will the stuff fade? ?
The dress faded after being washed. .
The sun has faded the wallpaper. .
The outline has faded. .
The daylight faded. ./ .
Summer fades into autumn. .
The coast faded from sight. .
The idea has faded from my mind.

27. Faint
fainted from the loss of blood.
She fainted because of the heat. .
The pain made him faint. .
She almost fainted with terror.
She would faint if we told her. ,
She fainted at the news. .
to faint from hunger
will not faint in danger. .

28. Feed
to feed the cows/ the horses /
The cows/ horses feed in the meadow. /
to feed on flesh/ on good food /
to feed a child
to feed an invalid/ a sick person /
to feed regularly/ well /
to feed poorly/ forcibly /
to feed pigs/ birds/ the fishes / /
to feed a baby on milk
to feed a kitten on cows milk
to feed animals on hay
to feed cows milk to a puppy
to feed meat to ones dog
to feed smb with a spoon -
to feed coal into a furnace
The lake is fed by two rivers. .
to feed the baby at the breast
They fed us well at the hotel. .
They fed us on porridge. ,
to feed oneself
The baby cant feed itself. .
to feed plants with fertilizers /
This stuff will feed the roots of the hair.
to feed the mind
has a family of 5 to feed. 5
to feed a wire into a hole

29. Fit - /
to fit well/ badly , /
to fit neatly/ smoothly/ snugly
to fit closely/ tight
to fit perfectly/ exactly ,
to fit beautifully/ comfortably /
The shoes fit well. / .
to fit into a hole/ a buttonhole /
to fit into one another
The tube fits into another one.
This coat does not fit you. / .
The dress fits you nicely. .
The key fits to the lock. .
The words fit the occasion. ,
to fit oneself for a job
to fit oneself for a journey
to fit a workshop for a certain purpose

to fit a hat to the head
to fit a pipe into an opening
to fit a library with shelves
to fit a hotel with modern conveniences

to be fitted for school
to be fitted for an expedition

2 ______________________________________________________
The classrooms are fitted with computers.
to fit oneself into ones surroundings

to fit to a T
to fit like a glove /
The description fits him. .
The punishment fits the crime.
to fit a handle to a broom
to fit ones conduct to circumstances

This school fits the students for college.
to fit a ring to the finger
to fit together
to fit into the suitcase /

30. Fry
to fry fish
to fry potatoes
to fry eggs
to fry in a pan/ in deep fat /
to fry in vegetable oil
Shall I fry fish for dinner? ?
to fry chips
to fry smb -
to fry in the sun
to have other fish to fry

31. Gasp
to gasp with exertion
to gasp with rage
His impudence left me gasping. .
was gasping for a breath. .
They gasped at our offer.
The fish was gasping on a bank. , ,
to gasp for life
to gasp after smth -
It made him gasp. .
was gasping for air. .

32. Gnaw
to gnaw a bone
The dog was gnawing on a bone. ,
to gnaw ones lips
The mouse was gnawing at crust of bread. .
The rabbits began to gnaw at the fence.
to gnaw a hole
He was constantly gnawed by fear. .
She was gnawed by anxiety. .
He was gnawed by doubt. .
Rust gnaws away steel. .
This desire gnawed away at us constantly.
The ant tried to gnaw through the thread.

33. Heal
to heal wounds
to heal a cut/ a burn/ an injury / /
to heal with herbs/ with medicine /
to heal with an ointment
Time heals wounds. .
The ointment will help to heal the wound.
to heal quickly/ beautifully/ miraculously
to heal badly
The sore soon healed up. .
to heal dissensions
to heal the breach
34. Inhabit
Who inhabits the island? ?
to inhabit the territory/ area
Fish inhabits the lake. .
What animals inhabit the forest?
They inhabited a two-room apartment.
So many thoughts inhabited his mind.
The house is inhabited by Chinese people.
The seaside town was inhabited by fishermen and hoteliers.
The forest is inhabited by bears/ tigers.
/ .

35. Knit
to knit socks
to knit a jumper
to knit three rows
to knit ten stitches
to knit by hand/ by machine /
to knit a babys garment out of wool
to knit with knitting needles
to knit ones brows
She earns her living by knitting. ,
to knit wool into socks
Mortar knits bricks together. ,
to knit together by marriage
They are knitted together by common interests.
to knit ones strength

36. Lick
The dog licked her hand. .
The dog licked its wound. .
to lick a spoon/ ones fingers /
The cat licked the saucer clean. .
to lick ones lips 1. 2 .
to lick smbs boots
The fire licked up everything. .
to lick a bad habit out of smb -
deserves to be well licked. .
has licked all problems. ,
to lick into shape 1. , 2 .

to lick into fits
to lick all creation

37. Live
As long as I live. .
Is he living or is he dead? ?
The doctor said the patient would live. ,
His name will always live. .
to live simply/ poorly/ economically / /
to live honestly/ blamelessly /
to live well/ comfortably /
to live happily/ lavishly /
to live hard
to live abroad
to live alone /
to live beyond ones means
to live downstairs
to live down the street
to live extravagantly
to live from hand to mouth ,

to live in luxury
to live in peace/ harmony /
to live in cramped conditions
to live next door /
to live to a ripe old age
to live to be 90 90
to live dangerously
to live by certain principles
to live for ones children
to live off ones parents
They live with each other. ,
to live in the country
to live in Moscow
to live from day to day
to live in close friendship
to live in richness/ in poverty /
to live on the other side of the river
to live over the street/ across the street
to live under the same roof
to live at a small town
to live on a farm
to live at a hotel
to live in a hostel/ in a dormitory
to live in water/ in a forest /
to live under an assumed name
to live through financial difficulties
to live on ones income/ on ones pension /
to live on ones salary/ on ones savings /

to live on rice/ on fish/ on fruit / /
to live on bread and water
to live on ones relatives
to live at the expense of smb -
to live a long life
to live an idle life
to live by selling fruit

to live like a coward
Live and learn. , .
to live in the past
to live within ones means
to live up to ones income
to live in a small way/ modestly
to live to oneself
to live together
to live with ones parcnts-in-law /
She lived through a lot of trouble. ,
to live by ones wits -
He had to live with an unpleasant situation.

38. M arry /
to marry well /
to marry foolishly/ recklessly
is too young to marry. ,
to marry early/ late in life /
to marry for love /
to marry for money
to marry against smbs will -
to marry a sailor
to marry smbs sister -
to marry smbs brother -
to marry happily/ hastily /
to marry smb for ones beauty - -
The clergyman married Mary to John.
got married recently. .
She is married to an army officer. ,
to marry into a good family
to marry young ,

to marry again/ a second time /
never married. .
They have been married for 20 years. .
to marry beneath oneself
to marry money
to marry a foreigner
to marry an old man
has three daughters to marry.
was married to his work. .
39. M atch
The curtains and carpets match well.
The rugs and wallpaper match well.
/ .
These two colours do not match well.
She was wearing a brown dress with a hat and gloves to match.
to match with the colour of ones hair
These ribbons dont match with your eyes.
His tie doesnt match his suit. ,
to match colours
to match smbs talent -
to match smbs success
We cant match their speed. .
You cannot match him. ,
to match smb in race - /
to match smb in game -
I matched my strength against his. .
The teams were matched well. .
was matched against a formidable opponent.
No one can match him in speed and agility.
to match beautifully/ exactly/ perfectly
His looks match his character.
We try to match the job with the applicants.
to match smb for speed -
to match smb / -

40. O rder
to order m eat/ dinner /
to order a new suit
to order a taxi
to order an advance/ a retreat /
The doctor ordered complete rest. ,
to order smb abroad/ south - /
The plane was ordered down.
A player was ordered off the field. ,
to order smb back -
to order smb to leave the room -
to order him some new clothes
to order smb out of the room -
to order merchandise from a mail order house

The doctor ordered her to bed.
to order silence
was ordered to come. ,
to order ones affairs
ordered the gate to be locked. ,
to order in advance

41. Pay
to pay monthly/ annually /
to pay punctually/ willingly/ reluctantly /
to pay by bank draft /
to pay by credit card
to pay in cash
to pay cash on delivery
to pay generously
to pay in advance
to pay immediately
to pay in full
to pay in installments
to pay through the nose
to pay on the stop/ promptly /
The effort pays. .
6 436 161
The shop/ the farm/ the business pays. / /
to pay out of ones pocket
to pay out of the public funds
to pay by the hour
to pay for the
to pay for the damage
to pay for smbs education -
to pay for smbs services -
to pay for a years subscription
to pay for him/ for his girl /
to pay dearly
to pay bitterly
to pay for ones mistakes
to pay for ones insolence
to pay for ones foolish behaviour
Ill make him pay for it! !
to pay the dressmaker/ the tailor /
to pay the doctor/ the lawyer /
to pay the electric light
to pay wages/ ones debts /
to pay the monthly rent
to pay the bill
to pay ones bus fare
to pay for the ticket
to pay by the time
to pay by miles
We are paid on Fridays. .
The work has been paid for. .
It pays to be polite. .
It pays to buy good things. ,
to pay attention to smth -
to pay a visit to smb -
to pay smb a compliment -
to pay smb in his own coin -
to pay handsomely/ highly/ well
We have been paying into a pension fund.
The money was paid into her account. .
It doesnt pay to economize on essentials. He
How much did you pay on my behalf? ?
to pay ready money
to pay in kind
to pay at the gate
to pay for ones apartment
to pay ones debt
to pay on demand
to pay ones passage

42. Play
Children like to play. / ,
to play badly/ poorly ( )
to play brilliantly/ perfectly
to play professionally
to play softly/ loudly / ( )
The orchestra is playing. .
to play in the sand/ in the water /
to play with toys/ with a kitten /
to play with ones dolls
to play with fire
to play for money/ for pleasure /
to play for ones school/ for ones country /
to play for time
to play at concerts /
to play the piano/ the violin /
to play the flute
to play at sight
to play by ear
to play football/ tennis /
to play a match
to play a losing game
to play a double game
to play a comedy/ tragedy / / /

to play the host/ the hostess /
to play a tune/ a piece of music /

to play the fool ,
to play an important part
to play fair with smb -
to play foul/ rough - /
to play against a strong team
She plays for our team. ,
to play on words
They played a joke on us. ,
to play to a full house
They played dead. ,
to play a prank on smb -
to play chess/ cards /
to play right back ()
to play at hide-and-seek
to play at robbers
to play white ( )
to play the great man
to play the man
to play safe
to play on a hunch
to play off one person against another

to play for high stakes
to play Hamlet
to play in a film
to play upon smbs credulity -
Lightnings played in the sky. .

43. Quit
to quit the place ,
to quit ones job ,
to quit ones office
had to quit. .
wasnt fired, he quitted. , .
to quit ones family
to quit a habit
to quit school
to quit ones business
to quit smoking
Quit bothering me! !
to quit the house
to quit the army ,
to quit ones post ( )
to quit ones debt
to quit oneself of fear

44. Recover -
to recover completely/ fully
to recover gradually/ miraculously /

to recover from ones illness
to recover from ones injuries
He hasnt quite recovered yet. ,
to recover ones health
to recover ones strength
to recover from ones astonishment
to recover consciousness
to recover a lost umbrella
to recover a territory
to recover lost ground
to recover smbs affection -
to recover ones peace of mind
to recover ones courage
to recover ones breath ,
to recover to ones feet ( )
to recover from a defeat
to recover lost time
to recover smb from a fainting fit -
to recover debts /
to recover in ones suit ( )
Recover! ! ()
45. Rest
to rest a little/ completely /
to rest quietly/ well /
to rest for a few minutes/ for an hour /
to rest at night/ during ones vacation /

to rest in an armchair/ on a couch /
to rest from worry/ from ones work /

The roof rests on eight columns.
to rest ones horse
to rest ones legs
to rest ones eyes
to rest ones chin on ones hand
The statue rests on a pedestal. .
The decision rests with the court. .
likes to rest after dinner. ,
to rest on ones oars
Rest! ! ()
to rest ones elbows on the table
to rest ones head on a cushion
to rest a picture against the wall
to rest responsibility on smb -
rested all his hopes in his son.
The fault rests with him. .
Let the matter rest. .

46. Retire -
She retired to her room. .
retired at the age of 50. 50 .
The troops retired to safer positions.
retired from his job. / ,
to retire from sight
to retire to bed /
to retire for the night
to retire on a pension
Nobody retired from the distance. ,
to retire from the world
to retire into oneself

47. Roast
to roast meet
to roast beef/ mutton/ pork / /

to roast chicken
to roast coffee
to roast chestnuts
to roast ones feet at the fire
I am roasting in here. .
The meat is roasting. .
She was roasting chestnuts. .
The chicken has been roasted. .

48. Save -
to save a child
to save smbs life -
to save ones property -
to save from death/ from danger /
to save from destruction
to save from the fire
He saved the child from drowning. .
Save a place for me. .
They are saving for a new .
to save money for a new TV
During the mild winter we saved on fuel.
It will save you the trouble of making a second trip.
The computer will save us a lot of time.
to save from disgrace
They tried to save themselves. .
to save ones teeth
to save smb from making a mistake -
This saved him much trouble and expense.
to save smb from himself -

to save time/ labour /
has never saved. .
to save some of the meat for tomorrow
to save ones best clothes { )
to save the apples for the children
to save against a rainy day
to save oneself
to save appearance
to save the situation/ the day

49. Sew
to sew a dress
to sew a shirt
to sew a suit
to sew a coat
to sew with a needle
to sew buttonholes
She sewed the button. .
She sews all her childrens things.
to sew pieces together
to be taught to sew
to sew on a machine
to sew money into ones belt
to sew sheets of a book
to sew buttons onto a shirt
They teach the children to cook, sew and knit.
, .
They sewed military uniforms. .
50. Shave
to shave with a razor
He has shaved off his beard. .
to shave ones face
to shave ones chin
This razor will not shave. .
His beard was freshly shaven. .
hadnt shaved for a week. ,
to shave a lawn
to shave the price of smth -/ -
The shaved the kerb. .
She shaved her legs and under the arms.
shaved his head bald. .

51. Sing
to sing a song
to sing well/ badly /
to sing in a loud voice/ softly /
to sing out of tune
to sing over the radio
to sing at a concert
to sing at a party
to learn to sing
The birds were singing in the garden. .
to sing merrily
to sing to the guitar
to sing to the piano
to sing for joy
to sing over ones work
to sing over ones child
to sing in chorus
to sing by ear
to sing from score
to sing in the choir
to sing in opera
His heart sang for joy. .
to sing a refrain
to sing a solo/ a duet /
to sing smb praises - /
to sing offhand
A cricket sings. .
My ears are singing .
The mosquitoes sing around me.

52. Sleep
to sleep soundly
to sleep like a log/ like a top
to sleep round the clock 12
to sleep badly/ uneasily/ fitfully /
to sleep lightly
to sleep for ten hours
to sleep beyond ones usual time
to sleep on the floor/ on a bed /
to sleep in the open air/ out of doors
to sleep the night through
to sleep in the morning
to sleep without waking
Sleep on it. .
to sleep with smb / -
to sleep with one eye open
The sentinel slept at his post. .
to sleep oneself sober
The blue sea was sleeping. .

53. Smoke
to smoke too much/ heavily
You mustnt smoke here. .
A fire smokes. .
to smoke a pipe/a cigarette/ a cigar / /
to smoke meet/ fish /
He smokes like a chimney. .
Smoking is harmful to your health.
Smoking is a health hazard. .
I dont want my daughter to smoke. ,
to stop/ give up smoking
Nearly all young girls in Russia smoke.
to make a break for smoking

54. Suit -
to suit perfectly/ down to the ground /

to suit exactly/ admirably /
to suit our family /

It suits her fair skin. .
This job suits me. .
This part suits her. .
Suit yourself. , !
Will six oclock suit you? 6 ?
It will suit me perfectly. .
That colour doesnt suit her. .
I am not easily suited. .
Nothing suits him today. .
to suit to a T
is not suited to be a teacher. .
They are suited to each other. .
It doesnt suit you to have your hair cut short.
to suit punishment to the offence

to be suited for such work /

55. Swallow
to swallow food
to swallow hurriedly
to swallow greedily
to swallow a piece of smth -
to swallow an insult /
to swallow at one gulp
to swallow words ,
to swallow ones pride
to swallow ones resentment
to swallow tears ,
The work swallows all my time. .
to swallow a story
to swallow the bait
to swallow ones words

56. TV-eat -
I ll treat today. / ,
to treat a subject/ a theme
to treat the visitors
to treat the friends
to treat well/ badly /
to treat abominably/ disgracefully /

to treat fairly/ unfairly /
to treat generously/ humanely /

to treat leniently/ indulgently
to treat with contempt/ with respect /

to treat condescendingly
to treat sympathetically
to treat cruelly
to treat like a child
to treat like a member of ones family

to treat like a dog
to treat a patient
to treat the wounded
to treat a disease
to treat for tuberculosis
to treat for rheumatism
to treat for cancer
to treat with drops/ with X-rays /
to treat to an ice cream
to treat to a good dinner
to treat to a bottle of champagne
to treat a problem
to treat thoroughly/ exhaustively /

to treat a tooth
to treat a sprained ankle
to treat smb roughly/ hospitably /
to treat with severity/ with courtesy /
to treat a cut with an ointment
to treat to the theatre
Your information will be treated as confidential.
to be treated kindly/ coolly /
to treat oneself to an ice cream
to treat oneself to a bottle of champagne

to treat oneself to a good dinner
to treat a matter as a joke
to treat smth as serious matter -
They treated us as honoured guests.
to treat smb for a cold with a new drug -

treated him like his own brother.
Her books treats economic problems.
to treat smb like a lord -
to treat smb like dirt/ a dog -
to treat a substance with acid
to treat fruit trees with chemicals

57. Wccinate
I was vaccinated against smallpox.
to vaccinate against measles
Most of them were vaccinated against hepatitis.
to vaccinate by an injection
to vaccinate against influenza
All children are vaccinated obligatory against some diseases.


58. Wear -
I dont know what to wear. , .
This stuff wears well/ long/ splendidly. ,
to wear a coat/ a hat/ heavy shoes / /

to wear black/ white/ green / /
to wear a beard/ a moustache /
to wear a ring/ a pretty brooch /
I have worn my socks. .
This is much worn now. ,
to wear ones hair short
to wear ones hair brushed back

to wear stockings
to wear ones hair in braid
to wear ones hair curled
to wear a troubled look
to wear ones years well
to be worn by anxiety
to wear away ones life in trifles
My patience is wearing thin. .

59. Weave
to weave cloth
_______________________________________________ Zip
to weave a mat
to weave a basket
to weave a wreath
to weave a nest
to weave a plot
to weave ribbons into ones hair
to weave a web
to weave a plan
to weave ones way through a crowd

60. Zip
to zip a bag
to zip a cover
to zip boots
I zipped my bag open. () .
She zipped her dress. .
Ill just zip upstairs. .
The drink will zip you up. .
The jacket zips open easily.
6. :
, , , , ,
. .

1. Absorb
was absorbed in reading. ,
to be absorbed in painting
She was absorbed in thoughts. .
was absorbed in his work. .
They were absorbed with the problem.
to be absorbed totally/ completely /
( -)
to absorb heat
Large companies absorb smaller ones.
to absorb the full meaning of a remark

to absorb liquid
The substance absorbs water. .

2. Accuse
to accuse smb rightly/ justly/ unjustly/ falsely -
to accuse smb openly/ repeatedly /
to accuse smb of telling lies -
was accused of carelessness. /
She was accused of speeding. .
to accuse smb of stealing -
to accuse smb of taking bribes -
to accuse smb of being rude -
to accuse a young man/ a woman /

to accuse an official
to accuse of the theft/ of the crime /
to accuse of cowardice
to accuse of treason
to accuse of unfaithfulness
to accuse of cheating at cards

3. Admire
to admire her
to admire the architecture
to admire a picture
to admire a landscape
to admire the view of the sea
We admired their acting. .
I admire her ability to learn foreign languages.
I admire your taste. .
They admired him for courage. ,
to admire a baby
to admire enormously/ tremendously
They had been admired for their discipline.

4. Adore
She adores visiting museums. .
They adore their child. .
She adores her father. .
The children adore sweets. .
He adores music. .
She adores going to the cinema. .
They adore swimming/ dancing. /
I adore your new dress. .
People will adore this . .
They adore going to the country.
/ .

5. Amaze ()
was amazed by her attitude. .
She was amazed at the number of people.
was amazed to see her there. ,
to amaze smb with smth - -
to be amazed absolutely/ totally/ utterly
to be speechlessly amazed
It amazed me to hear it. , .
You amaze me! !
was amazed by the response. .
She was amazed that I was only twenty. ,
, .

6. Annoy
The slightest noise annoyed her. .
was very annoyed. .
I was a great deal annoyed with him. .
His indifference annoyed me very much.
My presence annoyed her. .
Her tears annoyed him. .
annoyed me with his questions.
to annoy smb to death -
annoyed me by playing finger practice.
She felt annoyed with the weather. .
You are just saying that to annoy me. ,
She was annoyed with herself for forgetting it.
to be annoyed very much

7. Appreciate
to appreciate enormously/ immensely
to appreciate smbs kindness -
to appreciate smbs qualities -
to appreciate smbs merits -
to appreciate smbs effort -
to appreciate smbs help -
to appreciate smbs friendship -
He thought that he was not appreciated. , .
I always appreciated that quality in you.
to appreciate risks
to appreciate the full meaning of smth
to appreciate smbs talent -
I fully appreciate your difficulties. ,
to appreciate poetry
to appreciate music/ painting /
to appreciate smbs education -
I appreciate your kindness. /
to appreciate the difficulty
The land will appreciate greatly.

8. Arouse
to arouse smbs interest in smth - -

to arouse anxiety
to arouse excitement
to arouse pity
to arouse sympathy
to arouse suspicions
to arouse curiosity
to arouse a feeling of sadness
to arouse a wave of indignation
The book aroused widespread discussion.
The announcement aroused no enthusiasm.
Her curiosity was aroused. ,
to arouse a child
was aroused by a light noise. .
to arouse smb from his indifference -
The village began to arouse. ,
to arouse the dormant faculties

9. Astonish ()
His answer astonished me. .
I was astonished at what she chose. .
I was astonished at her courage. .
was astonished to meet us there. ,
She was astonished at his behaviour.
I was astonished at the result. ,
to be greatly/ very much astonished
They were astonished to learn of his divorce. ,
She was astonished that he had survived. ,
You never cease to astonish me.

10. Attempt
She attempted to find a job. ,
to attempt smth in vain -
to attempt again and again
to attempt desperately/ foolishly /
to attempt to do smth -
to attempt to climb a mountain
to attempt a difficult task
to attempt a settlement of the dispute
I will attempt to reply to your question.
to attempt a mans life
to attempt to break a record
to attempt an excuse

11. Attend
You are not attending at all! !
to attend to the teacher
to attend to their words
to attend smbs instructions -
to attend school/ lectures /
to attend a meeting/ a performance /

to attend regularly/ occasionally /
to attend conscientiously/ faithfully
All children over six must attend school.
to attend to ones duties
to attend to the education of ones children /

to attend to ones own business

Who will attend to the baby? ?
was attended by the best doctors. ,
to attend on a customer
Are you being attended to? ?/
Your wishes will be attended upon.

12. Attract
A magnet attracts steel/ iron. / ,
to attract people/ admirers /
Bright light attracts moths. .
Her beauty attracted everyone. .
The mystery attracted him. / .
The plan does not attract me. .
She always attracts attention. .
One picture attracted me. .
The town attracts many tourists. .
Salt attracts moisture. .
The exposition attracted large crowds.
She didnt attract me physically.

13. Bear
to bear with her manner
to bear with smbs bad memory -
to bear with smbs temper -
to bear a heavy load /
to bear a sleeping child
to bear a banner
to bear a burden
to bear the name of John
to bear marks/ signs/ traces of smth -
to bear pain/ sorrow/ hardships / /
to bear smth patiently/ courageously - /

to bear an operation satisfactorily

This is more than I can bear. .
I cannot bear the noise/ the smell. / .
I cannot bear the sight of him. ,
to bear the responsibility
to bear the blame for smth -
to bear children
to bear fruit/ fine apples /
to bear smth on ones shoulder -
to bear smth on ones back -
to bear in ones hands
to bear resemblance to smb -
to bear a grudge/ malice /
to be born in April
I cannot bear living alone. .
to bear oneself with dignity
to bear like a man
to bear smth in mind -
She bore him two children. .
This facts bear on the case. .
We had to bear to the right. .
bears us no ill will. /
to bear east/ west /
to bear a test
to bear expenses
to bear evidence
to bear testimony/ witness

14. Believe
I believe so. , ./ -, .
I believe not. , .
to believe in God/ in immortality/ in miracles /
to believe in our leader
I believe in his methods. .
I believe in early rising. , .
to believe firmly/ strongly/ truly/ fully { -)
to believe honestly/ genuinely/ sincerely
to believe passionately/ wrongly /
to believe deeply
to believe ones own son
to believe smbs word -
to believe smbs promise -
to believe smbs statement -
to believe smbs story -
to believe ones own eyes
It is commonly/ generally believed that...
, ...
is believed to be alive. .
He is believed to be dead. ,
to make believe ,
to believe a rumour /
to believe in human nature

15. Blush
to blush from shame
to blush from embarrassment
to blush to the root of ones hair
to blush deeply
She blushes readily. .
to blush like a rose
blushed at their praise. .
I blush for you. .
I felt myself blushing. , .

16. Boast
to boast of ones wealth
to boast of ones success
to boast of ones car
to boast of ones intelligence
She boasted once that she was a good shot.
, ,
to boast openly/ rashly /
She boasted to the reporters that she would win the race.
, .
Not much to boast of. .
The town boasts of its parks. .
France can boast about its NPP.

17. Bore
I hope I am not boring you. , ().
bores me stiff. .

to be bored
He was bored in the country. .
We began to be bored. .
I am bored doing nothing. .
She was bored with life. .
He bored us to death. .
Television bored me to distraction. .
The book had bored him. .
I wont bore you with the details. He ,
to bore smb to tears - /

18. Calm
to calm smb -
to calm ones wife/ ones boss /
to calm smbs fears -
to calm women and children
to calm animals
to calm ones nerves
She calmed (herself) a little. .
He calmed after a while. .
Mother calmed the frightened baby.
The sea calmed. .

to care very much/ a great deal
Who cares? ?
I dont . .
to about a matter -
to about music
to only for ones own interests
She does not for children. .
does not for apples. .
does not for anybody. .
cares for nothing. .
I do for him. - .
She does not to go for a walk. .
He does not care to stay here. .
We dont about going there. .
She cares for dancing/ swimming/ skating. /
/ .
I dont what he does. , .
I couldnt less. ,
to deeply/ passionately about smth -
She does not care about our opinion. .
Would you for some coffee? ?
She cares for her elderly mother.
I dont to attend. .
I dont much for meat. .
doesnt for fishing. .
She cares for you. .
The children are well cared for. .

20. Comfort
I tried to comfort her. .
came to comfort her. , .
The child ran to his mother to be comforted.
is able to comfort anybody. .
His promise comforted her. .
Her presence comforted him. .
Words failed him to comfort her. ,

21. Complain
to complain loudly/ noisily /
to complain constantly
to complain strongly/ forcefully
I cant complain. He .
Some people are always complaining.
to complain of the heat
to complain of bad food
to complain of a headache
to complain about the child
to complain about the neighbour
to complain of having been cheated ,
to complain of not having enough work

to complain vociferously /
She complained of indigestion.
to complain of ill treatment
to complain about hotel service

to complain bitterly
to complain to ones mother
to complain to the director
to complain to the doctor
We cant complain about the weather.
to complain about low quality of goods

22. Concern /
This concerns everybody. .
The article is concerned with the problems of ecology.
That doesnt concern you. .
wasnt concerned about what people would say.
, .
We are concerned about her health. .
Everybody was concerned at the news.
He was concerned about the level of unemployment.
One of the things that concern me is the rise in vandalism.
We are concerned with the efficiency of production.
She concerned herself with the problem of illiteracy.

23. Confuse
His gaze confused her. .
to confuse a pupil by difficult questions

to confuse two words
I always confuse him with his brother.
to be totally/ completely/ altogether confused about smth
You must be confusing me with someone else. , ,
to confuse a situation

24. Curse
She cursed him for his clumsiness. .
cursed the day he was bom. , .
I cursed my curiosity. .
cursed loudly. .
to be cursed with difficulty in hearing
missed his train and cursed violently.
I was cursing him under my breath for his carelessness.

25. Dare
No one dared to oppose them. .
How dare you? ?
How dare you speak to me like that?
Dont you dare to touch my things! He !
We hardly dared to look up. .
I didnt dare to protest. .
She didnt dare open her mouth. .
darent do it. .
Dare you jump from the top? He ?
He wont dare to deny it. .
Dont you dare to touch him! He !
to dare the perils
I will dare his anger. .
to dare smb to a fight - /
I dare you to jump over the stream. .
to dare all things

26. Delight /
We were delighted by the performance.
They were delighted with everything they saw.
She was delighted with the gift. .
I am delighted to meet you. .
We shall be delighted to have you with us. ,
We were all delighted at the news.
We delighted in the beauties of nature.
It delighted me to learn that you can attend. ,
, ,
to delight the eye
It delights the heart to see it. , .
I am delighted with you. .
to delight in music
to delight in praises
to delight in flattery
She delights in her son. .

27. Depend
to depend on the prices
to depend on her answer
to depend on his courage
to depend on ones health
to depend on the weather
to depend on your mother
to depend on ones watch
to depend on the
to depend on smbs help -
to depend on ones own effort
to depend on what he says ,
to depend on ones parents
to depend on ones sewing
to depend on ones piano
to depend crucially
to depend solely on smth -
to depend entirely/ partly /
to depend on the condition
to depend on the distance
You may depend on him. .
I depend on you. .
I depended on him for the money. , ,
to depend on the size
to depend on smbs conduct -
to depend on oneself
The country depends on imports from abroad.

28. Despise
was despised by his fellow workers. .
I despised him for his cowardice. .
I despise his refusing to accept responsibility. ,
This is not to be despised. ,
to despise smb for ignorance -
to despise smb for ones petty mind -
to despise smb for pettiness -
to despise smb for being closefisted -
to despise smb for treason -
to despise smb for promiscuity -

29. Disappoint -
The exhibition disappointed us. .
We are disappointed in him. ,
to be disappointed with/ at the results
to be deeply/ terribly/ tremendously disappointed

He was greatly disappointed. .
We were disappointed when the concert was put off. ,
to be disappointed in love
She was disappointed with the present. .
I was disappointed at not finding her home. - ,
to disappoint smbs plans -
to disappoint smbs expectations -
to be disappointed of ones prize /
The results disappointed him. /
We must not disappoint the hopes of the people.

30. Discourage
His first failure didnt discourage him.
I discouraged him from that job. .
His answer discouraged me. .
She wanted to discourage him from marrying the girl.
has discouraged them from going there.
It might discourage him from taking part in the competition.
to discourage smbs attempts -
to discourage smbs intentions -
to be discouraged a t/ about/ over smth -
We were discouraged to see that many students had failed.
, ,

31. Dislike
to dislike smb/ smth/ intensely/ strongly -/
I disliked them intensely. .
dislikes going to the opera. .
We dislike his hanging around with that people. ,
to dislike going away from home
The two dislike each other instinctively.
dislikes the teacher. .
She dislikes cooking. .

32. Doubt
to doubt the truth of smth -
to doubt the facts
We do not doubt your ability.
I doubt whether they will succeed. ,
I have no reason to doubt his words.
to doubt smth strongly/ very much -
She doubted that they would finish in time. ,
There was doubting his sincerity. He
I doubt if this is true. He , .

33. Em barrass
The question embarrassed her. .
was not in the least embarrassed. .
The girl seemed a little embarrassed. , ,
was embarrassed by this tense silence.
She felt embarrassed in his company.
She stopped embarrassed. .
It embarrassed him to admit it. .
The law embarrassed transactions.
to be embarrassed about/ at smth -
She had been too embarrassed to ask her friends.

34. Encourage
to encourage ones children
to encourage by ones example
to encourage the crowd with a stirring speech

His first success encouraged him.
encouraged the others by his example.
The others were encouraged by his example.
to encourage smbs hobby -
to encourage smbs curiosity -
to encourage smbs studies -
His efforts must be encouraged. .
Dont encourage bad habits. He .
Your appreciation of my work encourages me.
to encourage the people to hostility

The husband encouraged her to get a car.
7 436 193
35. Endeavour
He endeavoured to draw her into conversation.
to endeavour to overcome difficulties

to endeavour to climb the peak
to endeavour to compromise the case

We must constantly endeavour if we are to succeed.
, ,
to endeavour to control emotions
to endeavour to win
to endeavour at perfection
to endeavour after riches
to endeavour the extirpation of smth -
He endeavoured to adopt a positive attitude.

36. Endure
to endure a pain
to endure hunger
to endure a suffering
to endure hardships /
to endure a noise
to endure smth patiently/ stoically /
to endure smth bravely/ without complaint
I cant endure heat. .
I cant endure rudeness. .
She cant endure pop music. -.
couldnt endure it any longer. .
She cannot endure seeing hungry children.
to endure the rigours of an arctic winter

Few of the runners endured to the finish.
I cannot endure th at man. .
We must endure to the end. .
As long as life endures. .
The phrase will not endure such an interpretation.

37. Enjoy
to enjoy a concert/ a conversation
to enjoy music/ a book/ life / /
to enjoy the cool air/ fine weather /

to enjoy smth heartily/ thoroughly/ wholeheartedly -

to enjoy a meal
I always enjoy a good laugh. .
How did you enjoy the concert? ?
How did you enjoy your vacation? ?
to enjoy walking/ listening to music /
to enjoy talking to smb -
to enjoy oneself enormously/ immensely/ tremendously
to enjoy oneself greatly/ thoroughly ,

I hope you enjoyed yourself at the party. ,
to enjoy good health
to enjoy a good reputation ,

The film has enjoyed widespread success.
to enjoy rights

38. Envy
to envy ones friend
They envy us our new house. .
to envy smbs youth -
to envy smbs beauty -
to envy smbs success -
to envy smbs courage -
There is nothing to envy me for. .
Envy no man! !
I dont envy you the task. ,
./ .
I envy your having a trip to the sea. , .
envied her ability to sleep in any circumstances.

39. Excite -
The news excited everybody. .
The patient mustnt be excited. .
The film excited us. .
Dont excite yourself. He !
to excite curiosity /
to excite interest
to excite jealousy
to excite envy
to excite suspicion
to excite pity
to excite admiration
to excite the imagination
to get excited about smth -
to be excited a t/ with smth /
to excite passions
to excite enmity
I excited him to anger. ,
to excite to pity
He was so excited he could hardly sleep. ,

40. Experience
to experience hardships
experienced a lot of difficulties. .
to experience pain
to experience grief /
to experience joy
to experience a feeling
to experience fear
to experience a situation
to experience a problem
Few of the soldiers had experienced combat.
She experienced a mild burning sensation.
to experience pricking of conscience /

to experience prickles /

41. Fear
You have nothing to fear. .
to fear for smbs life -
to fear for smbs safety -
to fear darkness
to fear the enemy
to fear nothing
I fear the worst. , .
We have nothing to fear of. .
She fears that the children will be sick. ,
to fear greatly/ awfully
She fears my getting involved into the affair. ,
You shall know, never fear. , .
I fear the guests are late. , .
I fear there isnt enough money. , .

42. Feel
to feel smth deeply/ strongly/ profoundly /
to feel smth instinctively/ instantly -
to feel smth distinctly/ definitely - /

How do you feel about this? ?
to feel kindly/ sweetly towards smb -
to feel strongly about smb -
to feel for smb -
to feel for a coin in ones pocket
to feel for a box of matches
to feel up to the work /
to feel up to a serious discussion

to feel up to a long hike

to feel at home
to feel at ease /
to feel ill at ease
to feel hunger/ thirst /
to feel cold
to feel anger/ fear/ doubt / /
to feel joy/ pleasure/ want / /

to feel ones strength/ the approach of age /

to feel the need for a little exercise

to feel music/ poetry /
to feel the force of an argument
to feel the necessity of education

to feel a childs forehead
to feel the edge of the knife ()
to feel the pulse /
I dont feel up to going to the theatre. .
I dont feel up to playing tennis. ,
to feel young/ old /
to feel well/ ill /
I feel cold/ hot. / .
to feel happy/ unhappy /
to feel sure
to feel proud of smth -
to feel grateful
to feel doubtful ( -)
He feels sleepy. .
to feel hurt
to feel a good deal embarrassed
to feel relieved
to feel it ones duty to do smth -
to feel very much moved
to feel oneself touched
to feel like a cup of tea
to feel like a glass of beer
to feel like a walk
I dont feel like eating. .
I dont fell like a walk just now. .
She hasnt been feeling like herself since the accident.
I feel it in my bones. ,
to feel comfortable
It feels good to be on vacation. .
The blind recognize objects by feeling them.
Feel whether the water is warm enough. , ,
to feel the liquor
She feels her friends death. ,
to feel keenly the beauty of the landscape

43. Flush
to flush with pleasure/ with shame /
to flush with anger
She flushed to the root of her hair. .
The exercise had flushed her cheeks.
to be flushed with victory
The blood flushed into his face. .
to flush the toilet
to flush smth down the toilet -
to flush animals out of a place -

44. frighten
to frighten a child
to frighten a horse
to frighten birds
How you frightened me! () !
She was so frightened. .
I am not frightened at all. .
Dont be frightened! He !
She is frightened of spiders. .
He was frightened to look down. .
She was frightened to death of him. ,
to frighten smb into submission /
to frighten smb out of doing smth -
to frighten smb out of his wits -

45. frown
frowned. .
She frowned at me. .
frowned trying to remember smth. ,
to frown at an evil habit

Her whole family frowned on her match.
to frown disgust
frowned as though deep in thought. ,
to frown angrily
to frown thoughtfully ,
to frown with displeasure ,
46. Grieve
His conduct grieved her to the heart. .
We are grieved to learn it.
to grieve a t/ for/ about smb/ smth -/ -

The whole nation grieved at his death.
I grieve to see them in such poverty. .
She was grieving for the dead baby.
to grieve deeply
She grieved about his being severely injured. ,
She is still grieving for her dead husband.
to grieve at the death of ones friend

47. Grin
to grin with pleasure
to grin with delight
He grinned at the photo. , .
grinned from ear to ear at the news. ,
to grin broadly
to grin at smb -
to grin approbation/ approval
to grin assent
to grin like a dog
to grin and bear it

48. Groan
to groan with pain
to groan with fatigue
He lay groaning. .
groaned more loudly. .
to groan inwardly ,
The wounded groan. .
to groan under the joke of tyranny
The bookshelf groaned with books.
The table was groaning with food. ,
to groan over new taxes -
to groan with frustration
to groan under the weight of oppression
to groan for liberty

49. Hate
to hate the enemy
to hate criminals
to hate blindly/ groundlessly
to hate passionately
to hate quarrels
to hate lies
to hate inactivity
to hate smb for his behaviour -
to hate smb for conceit -
I hate myself for consenting. , ,
to hate to get up early in the morning
to hate to wait for anybody -
to hate to be contradicted ,
I hate to trouble you. ,
to hate deeply/ intensely/ utterly
She hates going to school. .
She hates his staying out late. ,
to hate such people
to hate hypocrisy
They hate each other like poison.
I hate to ask him for a favour.
I hate having to tell you. .
50. H aunt
Old memories haunt him/ his mind.
is haunted by remorse. ,
to haunt smbs house -
to haunt bad company
The tune haunts me.
/ .
was haunted by doubt. ,
to haunt about a place -
Ghosts haunt the house. .
Lack of money haunts me.

51. H esitate
to hesitate continually/ regularly/ always /

to hesitate for a long time/ for a moment /

to do smth without hesitating -
to hesitate while speaking
to hesitate about a matter -

to hesitate over the price
to hesitate between two courses
hesitates at nothing. .
didnt hesitate for a moment. ,
to hesitate for a word ,
to hesitate to do smth -
Dont hesitate to call if you need. He ,
to hesitate about taking part in the competition

hesitated in doing it. , .
hesitated before making the decision. ,
hesitated before singing. , .
She hesitated in speaking. ,
to hesitate over a choice
I hesitated about taking the position. ,
I hesitate to affirm. .
to hesitate about accepting a gift
hesitated over the price. .
I hesitate rather than choose my opinion.
who hesitates is lost. - .

to hope vainly/ fruitlessly
to hope sincerely/ naively /
to hope realistically
to hope confidently/ fervently/ very much
to hope for smbs arrival -
to hope for a settlement of a problem

to hope for a change
We should hope for the best and prepare for the worst.
, .
I hope to see you soon. .
We hope to hear from you soon.
to hope against hope
to hope for an improvement
I hope so. , / .
I hope not. , / .
to hope for success
to hope desperately
I hope Im not interfering. , .
I dont know what she is hoping for. , .

53. H urt
to hurt bitterly/ greatly
to hurt a little/ slightly
His tone/ remark hurts bitterly. / ,
to hurt smbs finger/ smbs arm / smbs head / -
/ /
to hurt badly/ seriously/ severely (-)
to hurt smbs feelings -
to hurt smbs reputation - ,
A glass of wine wont hurt you.
to feel deeply hurt (-)
I was rather hurt by their criticism. .
She looked hurt. .
I hope your feelings arent hurt. , .
It hurts me to cough. , .
I hurt my leg. / .
Is he seriously hurt? ?
You are hurting me! !
Where does it hurt? ?
These shoes hurt me. .
My back/ my foot hurts. / .
It wont hurt to postpone the matter. ,
My tooth still hurts. ,
to hurt oneself ,
Nothing hurts like the truth. .

54. Impress
to impress smb favourably/ unfavourably /

tried to impress his girl.
didnt impress me at all.
to be greatly/ deeply/ profoundly impressed
was impressed by the speech.
to be impressed by the film/ by the performance
to be impressed by/ at the sight
to impress ones beliefs on others
His words are strongly impressed on my memory.
She impressed me as a scholar.
tried to impress on them the importance of being punctual.
She impressed me with her grasp of the subject.

55. Incline
to incline ones head
to incline ones body
He inclined his head in greeting.
to incline smb to think that... - ...
The news inclines me to change my mind.
They inclined to the opinion that... , ...
I am inclined to believe you. .
is inclined to leanness. .
She is inclined to mental instability.
I am inclined to tiredness in winter. .
is inclined to laziness. .
She is inclined to stoutness. .

56. Induce / /
to induce smb to do smth - -
What induced you to go there? ?
to induce fatigue
to induce illness
to induce doubt
It is a difficult thing to induce these people to talk.
to induce the meaning of the word
to induce a rule
to induce a rule from given facts

to induce from these data
couldnt induce her to come. .

5 7 .Influence -
to influence smb/ a child -/
to influence smbs decision -
to influence smbs opinion -
No one seemed able to influence him. ,
His example influenced me greatly.
The high mountains influence the climate.
is easily influenced. ,
to influence deeply/ profoundly/ strongly ,

Who influenced her to do it? ?
Japanese literature was influenced by Russian writers.
I cannot influence the situation. ,
to be influenced by bad examples

58. Inspire
to inspire smb / -
It inspired him to write a poem.
Her beauty inspired him. .
His first success inspired him to further attempts.
The news inspired us with hope. ,
to inspire smb with courage -
to inspire smb with confidence -
to inspire smb with distrust -
to inspire smb with terror -
to inspire hope in smb -
to inspire smb with new life - ,
to inspire smb with respect -
to inspire respect
to inspire false stories about smb -
We inspired the clean cool air.

59. Insult
to insult a person
to insult a stranger
to insult ones friend
to insult deliberately
to insult smb unintentionally
Why did you insult him so? ?
I didnt mean to insult you. () .
to insult smb by word -
to insult by act -
to insult on/ over smth -
The food insults the body. .

60. Intend
to intend to leave in a month
to intend to buy a new suit
to intend to go home/ to stay /
to be intended for children
to be intended for emergency use

to be intended for a certain use

to intend calling smb up -
He intends to continue his experiment.
How do you intend to arrange matters?
We didnt intend to spend so much.
The building was intended as a museum.
Was this intended? ?
It was so intended by me. .
This remark is intended for you. .
What do you intend by your words? ?

61. Irritate
to irritate smb -
His behaviour irritates me. .
His insolence irritates me. .
She was irritated by his refusal. .
It irritated him more than anything else.
- .
The noise irritated my nerves. .
The tight collar irritates my neck. .
The smoke irritated his eyes. ,
to irritate deeply/ exceedingly/ extremely (-
He was irritated by the delay.

62. Kiss
to kiss a baby
to kiss a girl
to kiss a letter
to kiss tenderly/ affectionately
to kiss ardently/ passionately /
He kissed her hand. .
kissed her cheek. .
She kissed him on the lips. .
They kissed each other. .
He kissed her goodbye. .
to kiss smbs mouth -
to kiss ones hand to smb -
The moonbeam kissed the sea. ,
to kiss smth goodbye -,

63. Laugh
She is always laughing. .
to laugh merrily/ heartily /
to laugh loud and long
to laugh foolishly
to make smb laugh -
to laugh spontaneously
to laugh about smbs mistakes -
to laugh at a joke
to laugh at a funny story
to laugh at smbs appearance -
to laugh over the book ,
to laugh in smbs face -
to laugh behind smbs back -
to be laughed at
to laugh oneself helpless
to laugh oneself to death
to laugh scornfully
to laugh hysterically/ nervously /
to laugh at danger
to laugh with pleasure
We heard them laughing , .
They will laugh at you. .
laughed till he cried. .
I couldnt help laughing. .
tried to laugh the whole thing off. .

64. Like /
to like ones brother/ the neighbours children /

to like animals/ dogs /
I like this man. .
She likes fish/ fruit/ wine. / / .
I liked the concert/ his offer. /
I like it very much. .
I dont like it at all. .
I like his impudence! !/ !
Would you like another cup of tea? ?
Whether he likes it or not. .
She likes dancing/ swimming. / .
likes to have a nice chat with good friends.
likes his tea weak. .
I like her voice. .
She likes the house. .
You will like the place. .
How do you like my new hat? () ?
I dont like your smoking. , .
I like my steak . .

65. Long - /
She longed for children. .
longed to be at home. .
We are longing to see you. .
to long for a change
to long for smth new -
I long to return there. .
to long for ones friends
to long for home
She longed for her children. .
to long to forget
to long to be told (-)
I longed for a drink. / ,
to long for peace

66. Love
can hate but cannot love. ,
to love dearly/ tenderly
to love passionately/ to distraction /
to love with all ones heart
to love ones husband devotedly
to love ones country passionately
to love sweets/ ice cream/ comfort / /

to love mountain climbing/ tennis /
I love my work. .
to love smb at first sight -
to love to walk along the river
to love to be praised ,
to love playing chess/ hunting /
to love a girl/ ones parents /
to love ones family
to love music/ art /
to love freedom/ adventures /
to love animals

67. Moan
from time to time he moaned. .
She moaned with pain. .
She is always moaning about smth. -
Stop moaning! !
to moan about ones fate
My brother is moaning about money again.
, .
She is moaning about her health. .
There is no use moaning over lost time.
, ,
to moan feebly/ loudly /
to moan over new taxes

68. Neglect
to neglect ones duties
to neglect ones health
to neglect opportunities
to neglect rules
to neglect smbs advice -
to neglect details /
to neglect ones affairs
to neglect a garden
to neglect ones children
to neglect ones appearance
neglected his clothes. .
neglected writing home. .
neglected to give back the book.
to neglect ones studies /
to neglect to spray fruit trees
to neglect no precaution

neglected to wrap it. .
You have neglected to clean your shoes.

69. Offend

to offend ones friend

to offend deeply/ mortally /
His words offended her. .
was offended by my remark. .
I didnt mean to offend you. .
She is easily offended. .
Are you offended with me? ?
to be offended a t/ by smbs behaviour -

Even the slightest criticism offends her.
to offend the eye/ the ear /
to offend ones sense of justice -
It offends my ear to hear that. ,
to offend against custom
to offend against good manners
to offend against the law

70. Praise
to praise a pupil/ a book /
to praise highly/ strongly
He praised her work. .
loved to be praised. , .
hated to be praised. , .
The children were praised for their good conduct.
to praise smb/ smth to the skies -/ -

The father never praised her. .
His speech was praised for its clarity and humour.

71. Prefer
to prefer coffee to tea
to prefer meat well done
to prefer this play above all others
to prefer personally
to prefer particularly
to prefer wine to vodka
to prefer the town to the country
to prefer death to surrender
to prefer to read rather than sit idle
She prefers knitting to sewing. , .
I prefer my tea hot. .
I prefer a light breakfast. .
If you prefer. ,
to prefer a request
to prefer a complaint
to prefer a charge against smb -
She prefers fish to meat. .
They prefer living in the suburbs.
72. Puzzle
His letter puzzled me. .
It puzzled everyone. ,
to puzzle over smth -
to puzzle smb with a question -
This question puzzled me. /
was puzzled how to act. , .
puzzled his brains to find the answer.
to puzzle over a problem /
to puzzle over solving a crossword
There was one sentence which puzzled me deeply.
, .
The scientists had puzzled over the phenomenon.

73. Q uarrel
to quarrel with ones friend
to quarrel with ones parents
to quarrel about the money -
to quarrel about a toy -
to quarrel over the children -
They often quarrel. .
What are they quarrelling about? - ?
I dont want to quarrel with you. ,
to quarrel constantly/ continually/ incessantly
to quarrel bitterly/ fiercely/ violently
to quarrel about trifles -
to quarrel over an apple -
to quarrel with each other
to quarrel heatedly/ hatefully
They quarrelled among themselves.
quarrelled about politics with his colleagues.
Let us not quarrel about this. .
to quarrel with the statement
A bad workman quarrels with his tool.

74. Rage
to rage at ones own weakness
to rage against fate
to rage at smbs stupidity -
to rage against war
to rage at the traitor
An epidemic of grippe raged through the country.
The storm raged for three days. .
The sea raged. .
The fire was raging in the forest. .
The debate raged throughout the whole day.

75. Regret
to regret ones mistake
to regret what had happened ,
I regret I cannot come. , .
I regret to say... ...
We regret to inform you... ...
to regret having done smth -
You will live to regret it. ,
to regret sincerely
to regret bitterly/ deeply/ very much ( -)
Everyone regretted his being dismissed.
We regret that we cannot accept your invitation. ,

76. Relieve
to relieve a pain
to relieve anxiety
to relieve suffering
She felt relieved. .
to relieve a cough
to relieve shortages / (-)
to relieve smbs mind -
to relieve ones feelings
I am much relieved to hear it. .
to relieve from need
to relieve a sentry
to relieve the guard
to relieve of responsibility
to relieve the monotony
The general was relieved of his command.
It relieved me to learn that they were safe and sound.
, , .

77. Rely
to rely on ones friend
to rely on smbs word -
to rely on smbs promise -
to rely fully/ absolutely/ completely/ totally
to rely mainly/ mostly /
to rely solely/ only on smth -
I rely on you to arrange everything. ,
You may rely on me. ,
to rely on guesses
They rely on the spring for their water.
They cannot be relied upon to offer much support.

78. Respect
to respect the older generation
to respect ones parents
to respect smbs memory -
to respect smbs rights -
to respect each other
to respect deeply/ highly
He is respected by everybody. .
We all respect him for fairness. ,
to respect smb as a scholar -
to respect the law /
We must respect his desires. ,
to respect smbs privacy -

79. Satisfy
to satisfy smbs curiosity -
to satisfy smbs request -
to satisfy smbs claim -
to satisfy ones ambitions
, -
to satisfy ones wants
Nothing satisfies him. ,
to satisfy ones hunger
to satisfy ones thirst
to be satisfied with the answer
to be satisfied with the results
to be satisfied with ones work
to satisfy all demands/ requirements

to satisfy smbs taste -
We can satisfy all your conditions.
to satisfy completely/ entirely/ fully/ altogether/ totally
She satisfied herself that all doors were locked. ,
to satisfy smbs aspirations -
This piece of work does not satisfy me.
to satisfy the ear
to satisfy a question
to satisfy doubts
to satisfy fears/ anxieties

80. Scare
to scare smb -
The sudden noise scared the child.
How you scared me! !
to be scared by smbs appearance -
Dont be scared! He !
She scared me out of my wits. ,
to scare smb to death -
to be mortally scared of smth -
to be scared out of ones wits/ senses
to scare smb into grey hair -
to scare birds from an orchard

81. Shudder
to shudder at the sight of blood
to shudder at the sight of the dentist

to shudder at the thought of smth -
to shudder with disgust
to shudder with fear
to shudder to think of smth -
The smell made her shudder. .
I shuddered to think of the consequences. ,
The car shuddered to a violent halt.

82. Sigh
to sigh with relief
only sighed in reply. ,
to sigh deeply
to sigh heavily
to sigh wearily
to sigh softly
to sigh with fatigue
to sigh with grief
to sigh with pain
The trees are sighing. .
to sigh for home
to sigh for the old days
to sigh over ones misfortune

83. Smile

to smile at smb -
to smile at the child
to smile at a joke
She smiled at his words. , .
never smiles. .
She smiled at the thought. .
smiled with satisfaction. .
At last fortune smiled on him. , .
to smile happily
to smile tenderly
to smile warmly/ pleasantly/ politely /
to smile from ear to ear
to smile ironically
to smile smb into a good humour -
to smile back ,
to smile smbs tears away -
to smile smbs fears away -
The authorities smiled on the project. ,
to smile at the claims -
to smile at the efforts -
to smile at ones own troubles

to smile assent
to smile forgiveness
to smile welcome
Keep smiling! !
84. Sob -
She was sobbing bitterly. ,
to sob loudly
to sob uncontrollably
to sob smth - /
The child sobbed a few words to us.
to sob oneself to sleep
to sob ones heart out ,
sobbed his repentance. .
She sobbed out her grief. .
The engine sobbed. .

85. Startle /
A birds cry startled me. .
A sudden noise startled me. .
How you startled me! !
We startled a hare. .
I was startled to see so many people. ,
She was startled to hear that. , .
They were startled at the news. ,
to startle smb out of his apathy -

to startle smb into doing some work -
The knock on the door startled me. () .

86. Suffer
to suffer abominably/ badly/ dreadfully
to suffer in silence/ without complaints /
to suffer unduly/ unfairly
to suffer economically
to suffer psychologically
to suffer continually
to suffer a lot/ much/ greatly
His business suffered much. .
His reputation suffered. .
Many passengers suffered. .
to suffer from hunger/ cold/ heat / /
to suffer from lack of water
to suffer from a severe crisis
to suffer from inconvenience
to suffer for ones actions
to suffer for negligence -
to suffer for ones convictions
to suffer from rheumatism
to suffer from nervous breakdown
to suffer from headaches
to suffer a pain
to suffer hardships
to suffer losses
to suffer damage
to suffer defeat
to suffer from insomnia
to suffer from fatigue
He was suffering from a bad cold. .
Your interests will not suffer. .
could not suffer criticism. ,
to suffer fools gladly
to suffer changes

87. Surprise ()

to surprise smb -
Her answer surprised everybody. .
is not easily surprised. .
The news surprised me greatly. ,
to be surprised agreeably/ pleasantly
to be surprised extremely
It surprised me to see him drunk. ,
We surprised the enemy. .
I am surprised at him. .
We surprised him in the act. .
She was not surprised about it. .
88. Suspect -
to suspect smb of smth - -
was suspected of theft. .
She suspected nothing. ,
to suspect all along/ from the very beginning

to suspect rightly/ wrongly /
to suspect dimly/ vaguely
to suspect of deceit
to suspect of murder
to suspect of treason
to suspect of treachery
to suspect evidence
He suspected the evidence of his eyes. .
to suspect a plot ,

89. Swear ()/

is always swearing. .
swore at them. .
She swore to tell the truth. ,
to swear an oath
to swear to do smth -
to swear eternal fidelity
to swear on the Bible
I swear he is right. , .
swears by this doctor. / ,
to swear smb to secrecy -
to swear to smth -
to swear allegiance
to swear like a sailor

90. Sympathize
to sympathize with smb -
I sympathize with you in your anxiety. ,
to sympathize with smbs scheme
to sympathize with smbs ambition
to sympathize deeply
I sympathized with her and tried to help.
I can sympathize with your hesitations. .
She didnt sympathize with his eagerness.
I sympathize with you but I cannot help you. ,
Everybody sympathized with the proposal.

91. Tempt -
I was tempted by his offer. .
You offer doesnt tempt me at all.
I was greatly tempted to telephone her.
to tempt fate/ providence
to tempt smb to steal -
to let oneself to be tempted
I am tempted to accept. .
I am tempted to question it. .
Nothing would tempt me to do it.
to tempt smb into a trap -
to tempt the appetite
He is tempted by the price. .

92. Terrify - ()/

to terrify smb -
The mere thought of the man terrified her.
to terrify smb to death -
It terrifies us that there may be another earthquake.
, .
She was terrified into telling the truth.
They were terrified out of their wits. .
Rats terrify me. .
Their dog can terrify everyone.

93. Trouble -
to trouble over ones health -
to trouble about their absence -
Dont trouble about that! He !
What is troubling you? ?
to trouble smb a good deal/ greatly -
to trouble smb perpetually -
May I trouble you for a match? ?
I shall not trouble you with the details. He
to be troubled about ones son
to be troubled about ones sons behaviour

to be troubled about ones future
His absence troubles me. .
That hardly troubles him. .
We must not trouble about small misfortunes. He
- .
His wound troubles him a great deal.
is much troubled by gout. .
is always troubling me about his private affairs.
Dont trouble trouble until trouble troubles you. He ,

94. TVust
to trust in ones own strength
to trust in smbs honesty -
to trust a person
8 436 225
l a
to trust a statement
to trust smb absolutely/ completely -
to trust smb blindly -
to trust smb with a large sum of money -

to trust smb with -
to trust her with a secret
to trust smb with ones life -
to trust ones money to smb -
Can I trust the keys to him? ?
to trust to ones memory
We trust that you will keep your word. ,
I trust him as I would myself. , .
I could scarcely trust my own eyes. ,
to trust to ones instinct
to trust to ones intuition
Dont trust to chance. He .
may be trusted to do the work. .
I cant trust him with buying furniture.
not to trust smb out of ones sight -
You are quite well, I trust. , .

95. Try /

If you cant do it the first time, try again. ,

It is worth trying. .
to try for a position/ a job () /

to try for college
to try for the theatre
to try a jump
to try an experiment
to try everything
It seems easy until you try it. ,
to try ones best ,
to try brakes
to try this brand of tea
to try smbs courage -
to try smbs loyalty -
to try smbs patience -
to try a criminal ( )
was tried and found guilty. ,
to try smb for the job , -
to try ones hands at knitting
to try smb for theft -
to try smb on a charge of theft -

to try to persuade him
to try to repeat it correctly
to try again and again
to try repeatedly/ over and over again
to try desperately/ frantically /
to try in vain
to try tentatively/ halfheartedly /

to try for a prize
She tried to telephone us. .
didnt try it. .
Try for a calmer tone. ,
to try ones skill /
to try ones strength
to try ones fortune
to try the strength of the
I have never tried this dish before.
I have tried all measures. .

96. Undergo ()
to undergo an examination
to undergo changes/ alterations
to undergo an operation
to undergo criticism
to undergo inspection
to undergo repairs
to undergo treatment /
The area has undergone a great change. .
to undergo a modification
to undergo hardships
to undergo danger
to undergo suffering
to undergo pains
They underwent much suffering. .

97. Undertake
to undertake a number of measures
to undertake steps
to undertake investigations
to undertake a journey
He was successful in whatever he undertook. ,
to undertake a research
to undertake responsibility for smth
to undertake the leadership
undertook to finish the job by Friday.

98. Upset
to upset the father
The news will upset everybody. ,
to upset smb accidentally/ unwittingly - /

to upset smb deliberately -
You shouldnt be upset by such small things. He
- .
She had no cause to be upset.
to upset a cup
to upset a chair
to upset a boat ,
to upset smbs plan -
to upset everything in the house
ate something that upset him. - ,
to upset the leading team

99. Urge
Everyone urged her to agree.
to urge smb to take a decisive step -

needs no urging. / .
I am not urging you. .
to urge repeatedly /
to urge forcefully/ strongly ,
The foremen urged his workers. .
to urge ones horse
to urge to riot
to urge dogs
I urged him to take more .
urged us to leave. .
The saleswoman urged me to buy a new coat.
to urge a plan of action
to urge a claim /
to urge the need of caution

100. Value
to value a friend
to value smbs friendship -
to value smbs opinion -
to value smbs advice -
to value smbs frankness -
to value above all else
to value smth dearly/ greatly/ tremendously
to value smth for its size -
to value smth for its colour -
to value beyond all things
I value it as reminder of old times.
to value a painting at 500 dollars 500
to value time
to value smbs present -
was valued as a good secretary.
to value ones life
to value ones health
to value a house at two millions 2
to value smth above gold -

101. Venture
to venture ones life
to venture ones neck
to venture ones money
to venture an opinion
to venture reproaches
to venture a question
to venture too far ,
Nothing venture, nothing have. ,
to venture upon a new step
I venture to disagree. .
Dont venture to do such a thing! He !
to venture into advertising

102. Vex -
to vex smb with chatter -
to vex with ridicule
His behaviour vexes me. .
Her attitude vexes me. .
She was vexed at her failure. ,
was vexed that nobody came. ,
I was vexed at not being able to help. ,
to be vexed at smth -
to be vexed with smb -
Dont be vexed with me! He !
He was vexed with himself. .
How foolish to vex over such trifles. -
Dont vex the dog! He !
This would vex a saint! !
to vex ones mind with insoluble problems
to vex oneself about smb -

103. Want /

I want an apple. .
I dont want any soup. .
I dont want to discuss it. .
She wants to learn English. .
wants to ask you a question. /
I want to see you badly. .
What do you want to buy? ?
I want you to explain me. , .
I want you. .
That is all I want. , .
I wanted a new tyre. .
wants energy/ courage. / .
wants self-confidence. .
The house wants painting. .
You are wanted on the phone. .
The chief wants you. .
A few pages of the book were wanting.
Your answer wants courtesy. .
does not want intelligence. .
to want for nothing
You want to see a doctor. .
You ^ant to look like a teacher. .

104. Weep
to weep with pain
to weep for joy
to weep openly
to weep bitterly
to weep uncontrollably
to weep bitter tears
Her eyes were red from weeping. .
The windows are weeping. .
The girl was weeping as she kissed him goodbye. ,
to weep oneself to sleep
to weep over the lost game -

105. Wish
I dont wish for more. .
She doesnt wish for better. .
Do you wish to stay? ?
As you wish. .
What do you wish me to do? , ?
I wish I knew what is happening. , .
I wished the children a pleasant trip.
I wish you luck! !
to wish smb good night -
We wish you the very best! !
to wish for happiness
Another duty was wished on him.
106. Wonder -
I dont wonder at his attitude. .
I wonder at his doing it. , .
I wonder why they left. , .
I wonder if/ whether it is true. , .
I wonder what he is doing now. ,
I wonder what happened to him. ,
I wonder where she is from. , .
I wonder why he didnt come yesterday. ,
She wondered about the size of the house. ,
to wonder very much
to wonder about a phenomenon -
I wondered at her strength. .
I used to wonder about his slowness. , ,

107. Yawn
to yawn with boredom
to yawn with fatigue
to yawn frankly
The audience yawned through the performance.
sat yawning over the book. ,
to make smb yawn - ,
to yawn ones life away
She stifled a yawn. .
When you yawn you breathe in more air than usual. ,
, .
7. :
, ,

1. Account
to account for ones absence
to account for ones being late
to account for ones behaviour
to account for ones mistake
How do you account for this sudden change in her behaviour?
That accounts for several things. ,
to account to ones parents
to account to the commission
to account for money spent

How do you account for the accident?
/ ?
Our battery accounted for three enemy planes.
to account smth a merit -
I account him a hero. ,
to account oneself lucky
was accounted guilty. .
was much accounted of. .
will account for his crime. .
Many virtues were accounted to him.
The humidity accounts for the discomfort.
2. Admit
to admit ones mistake
to admit ones guilt
to admit at once/ straightaway /
to admit afterwards/ finally /
to admit cheerfully/ laughingly ,
to admit frankly/ openly/ honestly /
to admit reluctantly/tacitly /
to admit willingly/ readily (-)
to admit children /
to admit only grown-ups
The college doesnt admit women.
to admit a large audience
to admit a stranger into the house
to admit the students to the lecture

to admit having taken the book ,
The accused admitted his guilt to the police.
She was admitted to the university. .
The situation admits of no delays.
admitted to the complicity in the crime.
to admit an assumption
It is generally admitted, th a t... , ...
to admit to the UNO
The word doesnt admit of any other interpretation.

3. Anticipate
to anticipate success
to anticipate a positive decision

How could I have anticipated this? ?
to anticipate a failure /
to anticipate a lot of trouble
to anticipate a refusal
to anticipate smth with pleasure -
to anticipate wisely/ cleverly
We anticipated his winning first prize. ,
to anticipate a disaster
to anticipate the enemys move
to anticipate smbs wishes -
to anticipate smb in doing smth - -
to anticipate payment

4. Assess -
to assess damages /
to assess the value of property
to assess results
to assess the situation
to assess smbs ability -
to assess smbs skill -
to assess smbs character -
to assess accurately/ carefully /
to assess coolly/ properly /

to assess at one million
to assess a personality

5. Associate ()
to associate the name of Columbus with discovery of America

I associate this song with my visit to Georgia.
to associate with people of art
to associate with ones colleagues
She associates mostly with girls much older than herself.
Dont associate with dishonest people! He
to be associated commonly/ generally/ usually with smth
to be associated subconsciously/ vaguely

to associate one firm with another
I associate myself with that answer.
to associate only with wealthy people
to associate with riffraff

6. Assume
I assumed that everything would be ready by now. ,
They assumed that she was a witness. ,
to assume rightly/correctly
to assume immediately/ automatically /

to assume innocently/ naively
to assume safely/ confidently
I assumed him ill. , ,
to assume responsibility
to assume charge of a business
to assume measures
to assume a right to oneself
Let us assume that this is true. , ,
to assume smbs innocence , - ,
to assume a look of innocence
I was mistakenly assumed to be guilty.
Her eyes assumed an indifferent look.

7. Base
to base relations on the principles of equality

to be based on experiments
to be based on ones experience

to be based on an actual event
to base on facts
to base on official data
to be based in Sevastopol ( )
This film is based on British life.
I was based in London. .
The contract is based on the current prices.
, .

8. Calculate /
to calculate smth accurately/ carefully - /

to calculate smth roughly/ approximately -
to calculate the cost of the journey
to calculate expenses
The astronomers calculated eclipses of the sun.
His remark was calculated for effect.
Her remark was calculated to hurt my feelings.
, ,
to calculate the speed
to calculate on fine weather
to calculate on smbs assistance -
to be calculated to deceive

9. Change ()
Times change. .
The weather changes. .
The city changes. .
The colour changes. .
to change for the better/ for the worse /

to change abruptly/ overnight/ quickly/ rapidly/ suddenly
/ / /
to change gradually/ slightly/ slowly / /

to change completely/ drastically/ fundamentally
to change irrevocably
to change out of recognition
to change radically/ significantly/ substantially
/ /
to change unpredictably
to change imperceptibly /
You have changed a lot of late.
You have just time to change. .
Where do we change? ?
to change with the time
to change from day to day
to change into ones working clothes
to change into winter clothes
to change for a party
to change into another train
to change a tyre
to change ones address ,
to change ones name
to change ones convictions
to change ones way of thinking
to change ones mind ,
to change ones dress
to change bedclothes
to change money
to change a hundred-rouble bill
to change places/ seats with smb -
to change dollars for pounds
The disease changed him from an athlete into an invalid.
She changed the appointment to Monday.
to change ones appearance
to change the direction
to change hands
I must change. ,
to change ones shoes
to change ones flat
You will have to change twice. ,
to change countenance
Success changed him. , .
Caterpillars change into butterflies.
The milk is changed. .
to change from a train to a bus

10. Check

to check a list
to check smbs passport -
to check an account/ a bill
to check smth again and again/ repeatedly -
to check carefully/ closely/ properly/ thoroughly/ meticulously/
painstakingly / /
/ /
to check quickly/ automatically /
to check an enemys advance

to check the spread of the disease

to check ones anger
to check ones laughter
to check ones tears
to check ones baggage
to check the items on the agenda ()

to check a name with a mark
His blood was checked for the virus. ,
to check into a hotel
to check out of a hotel
She checked the book out of the library.
to check into smth/on smb -/ -
to check through the files /
to check the address
to check the amount/ the weight /
The pilot checked both motors. .
I checked myself in time. .
He checked his coat in the cloakroom. .
to check extravagant spending
to check the growth
to check a fire
She checked herself. / .
to check examination papers
to check for errors ,
Check into the matter! !
to check on a statement
to check on the past experience
Check your text with/ against mine. .
to check (in chess) ( )

11. Choose

It is difficult to choose. ,
to choose smth well/ badly - /
to choose blindly/ deliberately /
to choose smth carefully/ wisely - /
Just as you choose. .
Do as you choose. ,
to choose from the goods
to choose from the three books
to choose between the candidates

to choose at random
to choose a new flat
to choose a method
to choose a course of action
to choose the lesser of two evils
to choose a title for the book
to choose a name for a film
to choose a wife for him
to choose by election
to choose by show of hands
to choose to remain in ones room

What would you choose to do? ?
to choose from/ between/ among smth -
to choose between two offers
to choose as ones leader
to choose by tossing a coin
to choose the right moment
Choose an author as you choose a friend. / ,
Nothing to choose between them. .

12. Combine ()
to combine forces/ efforts /
to combine two groups
She combines patience and energy.
to combine business and pleasure
to combine work with study
The two groups combined to do the work. ,
to combine forces against a common enemy

Hydrogen combines with oxygen. ,
to combine initiative with caution

to combine harshness and softness

13. Compare ()
to compare with ones brother /

to compare with ones rival () /

to compare two things
to compare two books
to compare favourably/ unfavourably /

to compare well/ badly with smth / -
to compare carefully/ thoroughly /
to compare a translation with the original

to compare life to a theatre
Vienna is not to be compared with Paris.
to compare notes
to compare advantageously ( )
These roads cannot compare with ours.
to compare this wine with that one
to compare Moscow to a beehive
to compare the results
to compare figures
The two books cannot be compared.

14. Conclude /

to conclude ones speech

to conclude a talk
to conclude negotiations
concluded with a quotation from Shakespeare.
to conclude a treaty/ a pact /
to conclude an agreement
to conclude a transaction
to conclude a letter (-)
to conclude a composition with smth -
to conclude a meeting
to conclude a trial
What do you conclude from his behaviour?
The jury concluded from the evidence that the defendant was not guilty.
I concluded not to go. .
It was concluded to bring him to trial.

15. Consider /

Let me consider a little. .

Consider carefully before coming to a decision!
, !
to consider carefully/ seriously /
to consider briefly/ urgently / (-)
to consider objectively (-)
to consider a possibility (-)
to consider smbs suggestion -
to consider the facts
to consider expenses
to consider the danger of smth
to consider the feelings of other people

to consider arranging a party
to consider taking part in the competition

to consider smth hopeless -
to consider smth good/ bad/ clever - /
I consider him to be a clever man. .
I consider him a real artist. .
I considered it my duty to tell you about it.
We considered him as a possible candidate.
cannot be considered for the job. .
He considered resigning. .
We considered her to be our friend. .
We considered him a genius. .
They considered where to hide the money. ,
I consider it important. .
I consider him the best man for the job. ,
We must consider the matter. ,
to consider a request

16. Contradict
often contradicts himself. .
The results of the experiment contradicted the theory.
The two reports contradict each other.
Dont contradict me! !
to contradict a statement
to contradict facts
to contradict smth apparently -
to contradict directly/ flatly
I took care not to contradict her. .
The rules contradict each other.

17. Convince
convinced me of his sincerity.
to convince ones parents
to convince smb of his mistake - ,
to convince of the need to act
We finally convinced him that he was wrong.
, .
We convinced her to stay at home. .
has convinced himself that his method is the best. ,
to convince smb of his errors -

to be absolutely/ completely/ firmly/ thoroughly convinced that...
/ / / ,
to be not altogether/ not entirely convinced that...
, ...

copied the names into his book.
I had to copy the whole letter.
She copies everything her friend does. ,
to copy carefully/ exactly/ faithfully /

to copy a document
to copy from a model
Our scheme has been copied by other universities.

I copied down his lecture. .
She copied some quotations from the book.

to copy a person -

19. C orrect
to correct a mistake
to correct a list
to correct smbs pronunciation -
to correct smb gently/ politely/ tactfully / /
to correct smb discreetly/ sympathetically -
to correct smb roughly/ tactlessly - /

to correct smbs translation -
to correct ones watch by the time signal

to correct a child for disobedience
to correct a false impression
to correct a piece of writing -
to correct oneself ( )

20. Correspond /
to correspond with a friend
His story does not correspond to/ with the facts.
/ ,
to correspond closely/ exactly with smth -

His actions do not correspond with his words.
What English word corresponds to the Russian word?
The house corresponds to my needs. ,
The double lines on the map correspond to roads.
His expenses do not correspond to his income.

21. Count
Can you count? ?
This doesnt count. / .
Every minute counts. ./
Once doesnt count. ,
to count from one to hundred 1 100
to count from tomorrow/ from Monday /

to count on smb / -
to count on his promise
to count on fine weather
to count pages/ the number of words /
to count mistakes
to count the absent people
Dont forget to count your change! He !
Count twenty! !
We were ten not counting the children. ,

to count smth by one/ by tens - /

to count smth on fingers -
to count smb among ones friends -
to count smb among the greatest writers -

to count on his coming
to count smb as lost/ as dead - /

to count smb as a member of the club -
The draw counts as a victory. .
This opinion counts for very little.
She counted on us for help. .
We must count ourselves lucky. ,
to count money
to count things /
to count in ones head
I counted two hundred people in the hall.
to count losses /
to count smth a great honour -
Money counts with him more than anything.
to count for a great deal
to count for nothing
His past record counts against him.
to count heads/ noses
to count ones chickens before they are hatched
22. C reate -
to create a piece of art
to create difficulties
to create an impression
to create good working conditions
to create a sensation
to create a character /
to create a theory
to create a powerful industry
to create the mood
to create a character { )
to create a feeling of surprise
to create a painful feeling in the throat
is always creating noise about nothing.
- ,
to create smth from scratch -
to create smth jointly -
to create smth single-handedly -

23. Criticize
to criticize an author
to criticize a book/ a picture /
to criticize a plan
to criticize the way they live
to criticize justly/ fairly/ rightly
to criticize harshly/ severely/ sharply
to criticize openly/ publicly
to criticize bitterly/ fiercely
to criticize constructively
to criticize mildly/ benevolently /

to criticize for a sloppy work

24. Decide
to decide a question
to decide a matter /
to decide unanimously
to decide on the spot/ immediately/ instantly/ on the spur of the moment

to decide arbitrarily/ foolishly /

to decide calmly ,
to decide belatedly
to decide against buying
It was difficult to decide between them.
The jury decided for the plaintifT.
We have decided on a new computer.
We decided to stay home. .
We couldnt decide what to do. ,
We cannot decide such a serious question hastily.
to decide a point/ an issue
to decide a battle
to decide a m atter/ a case in smbs favour -

to decide by toss
This day will decide his fate. ,
to decide between two alternatives ,

to decide against smth -
That decided him to depart. .

25. Describe
to describe a person/ place /
to describe a thing/ a room/ objects / /

to describe smbs appearance/ smbs face - /
to describe the circumstances
to describe exactly/faithfully/ accurately/ precisely/ adequately

to describe smth at length/ briefly /
to describe smth brilliantly/ vividly /
to describe in detail
It is impossible to describe the scene in words.
It deserves to be described in detail.
to describe minutely
described how we should proceed.
to describe ones purposes
to describe smth as good -

26. Design /
to design a bridge
to design a factory /
The course is designed for engineers.
The building was designed as a theatre.
to design the room to be a study
The books are designed for children.
to design a dress
to design a carpet
The fur coat was designed in Italy. .
The new model is designed much better.

27. Determine
to determine the size /
to determine the time /
to determine the amount
to determine the policy
to determine ones course of action
to determine the outcome (-)
to determine the result

to determine the location of smth -

to determine the direction of the wind
to determine ones blood group
to determine beforehand/ in advance
to determine precisely/ approximately/ roughly /
to determine once for all time
This determined his fate. .
Demand determines supply. ,
to determine to leave at once
to determine to try again
She determined to learn English.
The police determined that no crime had been committed.
, ,
to determine smbs duties -
to determine the meaning of a word
to determine the cause of death
to determine the choice
This determined him to act at once.
We were determined to sell the .
to determine the crisis

28. Develop ()/

to develop slowly/ gradually () /
to develop normally/ naturally/ systematically
/ /
to develop rapidly
to develop physically/ intellectually/ economically
/ /
The plot develops rapidly. .
Our acquaintance has developed. ,
to develop from a seed
to develop from a simpler machine

This town developed out of a fishing village.
to develop into butterflies
to develop the natural resources of the country

to develop speed
to develop the muscles
to develop ones memory
to develop ones mind
to develop new facts/ new details /

to develop ones films ()
to develop a gift/ a taste /
He is well developed mentally.
to develop industry/ agriculture /

to develop ones business /
The situation developed rapidly .
developed symptoms of measles.
developed a strange habit.
to develop ones plans to an audience

to develop a system
to develop a new race

29. D ictate
to dictate a letter to the typist
to dictate ones terms to smb -
This is dictated by common sense.
The teacher was dictating smth to his pupils. -
The conqueror dictated his terms to the conquered.
I refuse to be dictated to. .
It took him a long time to dictate the text over the telephone.
The law dictated imprisonment.
The unions are hardly in a position to dictate to the Labour party.


30. Differ
to differ fundamentally/ totally/ radically from smth
/ / -
to differ markedly/ noticeably/ significantly from smth
/ / -
to differ slightly/ marginally/ insignificantly from smth
/ -
to differ in character
to differ in appearance
The materials differ in width. .
Nylon differs from silk in cost.
They differ from each other. ,
to differ in opinions
to differ in approaches
Their views differ. .
I differ with you on that point. .
Tastes differ. .
I differ from you there. .
The witnesses differed. ,
to agree to differ
31. Discover
to discover a scientific law
to discover an unknown land
to discover a new star {)
to discover the cause of smth -
to discover an old photograph
I discovered my mistake. ,
to discover smth by chance/ by accident -

to discover smth recently -
to discover smth a fresh/ anew -
to discover smth eventually -
to discover smth unexpectedly -
We discovered that he can cook. , .
I have never discovered how it works. ,
to discover among waste paper
to discover the theft
to discover a defect
to discover a hiding place
to discover too late
to discover deep in the ground
to discover among other things
to discover radium

32. Distinguish -
to distinguish one thing from another
to distinguish good from bad
to distinguish facts from fiction
I can distinguish them by their shape. ,
to distinguish right and wrong

to distinguish people on the other bank /

to distinguish clearly/ sharply between smth and smth
to distinguish a light in the distance
I couldnt distinguish him among the crowd.
will distinguish himself. .

33. Divide
The road divides. ,
to divide 30 by 10 30 10
to divide equally/ evenly /
to divide fairly
to divide profits among the partners

They divided the loot into equal shares.
to divide into 3 6 3
to divide the field into four parts 4
to divide the cake into six parts 6
to divide ones time between work and play

to divide words into groups
to divide the book into chapters
to divide the hair at the side/ in the middle /

to divide a part from the whole
to divide the sheep from the goats
to divide money
to divide the land
The children were divided into groups according to their age.
to divide smth in two - /
to divide fancy from fact
to be divided in opinion
My mind divided on the point. .

34. Dream /
I dreamed that I was in a dark forest. ,
You must have dreamt it. , , .
I dreamed about you. () .
dreamed of being home again. .
to go about dreaming
Dont waste time dreaming. He .
to dream every night
to dream deliciously
to dream vividly /
to dream disconnectedly
to dream of success
to dream of wealth
to dream about ones youth
to dream of home
to dream about ones friend
to dream empty dreams
to dream about buying

35. Educate /
to educate ones children
was educated to the law. ,
to educate smb to do smth - -
to educate smb to ones responsibilities -

was educated at the local school.
She was educated at Harvard.
was educated at the University of Moscow.
to educate smb for a profession -
to educate smbs taste in literature
to educate smb out of prejudice -

36. Estim ate

to estimate the cost/ the value
The losses were estimated at one million.
9 436
His results are highly estimated.
to estimate accurately/ correctly /
to estimate roughly/ approximately /

to estimate tentatively
to estimate the value of a gem
to estimate the powers of an author
We estimate that well arrive at two oclock. ,
We estimated the cost to be five thousand dollars.
They were not able to estimate the losses.
/ .

37. Examine /
to examine a picture
to examine ones hands
to examine smbs face -
to examine smth closely/ intently/ carefully -

to examine smth critically -
to examine smth in detail/ minutely - /

to examine smth rigorously/ thoroughly/ properly /
to examine smth briefly/ superficially -
to examine ones papers
to examine the subject/ the question /
to examine a new theory
to examine the patient
to examine the wounded man
to examine smbs heart / -
to examine smbs eyes -
to examine schoolboys/ students /

to examine a witness/ criminal /
to examine smb in English/ in grammar -
to examine with a magnifying glass
to examine on both sides
to have ones teeth examined
to examine for defects

My luggage was examined at the customs.
to examine smbs wound -
to examine smth through the field glasses -

to examine by touch
to examine accounts
to examine facts
to examine ones conscience

38. Explain -
to explain a rule
to explain the meaning of words
to explain a principle
It is difficult to explain. .
to explain briefly/ at length /
to explain smth patiently/ politely /
to explain smth fully/ completely
to explain simply/ clearly /
to explain partly/ partially
to explain apologetically
to explain ones absence
to explain smbs behaviour -
to explain smbs attitude -
He explained why he was late. , .
to explain a task
to explain to the visitors/ to the children /

to explain smbs viewpoint -
39. Explore
to explore a region
to explore an island
to explore outer space
to explore a problem
to explore a subject/ a question /
to explore various ways of smth -
to explore possibilities
to explore carefully/ in depth/ systematically/ thoroughly
/ / /
to explore smth gingerly -
to explore for oil
The patient was explored. .

40. Express
to express ones opinion
to express ones ideas
to express ones thoughts
to express a wish
to express freely/ openly/ publicly / /

to express awkwardly/ incoherently /
to express beautifully/ eloquently /
to express vividly/ tangibly /
to express forcefully/ convincingly
to express vaguely/ figuratively /
Words cannot express that. ,
to express in good English
to express in a few words
to express by gesture
to express by ones looks
to express ones joy at the good news

to express on paper
to express thanks to smb -
to express ones anger by shouting
to express oneself fluently/ easily/ clearly / /
He expressed his sympathy to the bereaved family.
to express ones deep regret at the untimely death of smb

His face expressed sorrow. ,
to express oneself officially
to express the juice from an apple
The false evidence was expressed by torture.

41. Feel

to feel smth deeply/ strongly/ profoundly /

to feel smth instinctively/ instantly -
to feel smth distinctly/ definitely - /

How do you feel about this? ?
to feel kindly/ sweetly towards smb -
to feel strongly about smb -

to feel for smb -
to feel for a coin in ones pocket
to feel for a box of matches
to feel up to the work /
to feel up to a serious discussion

to feel up to a long hike

to feel at home
to feel at ease /
to feel ill at ease
to feel hunger/ thirst /
to feel cold
to feel anger/ fear/ doubt / /
to feel joy/ pleasure/ want / /

to feel ones strength/ the approach of age /

to feel the need for a little exercise

to feel music/ poetry /
to feel the force of an argument
to feel the necessity of education

to feel a childs forehead
to feel the edge of the knife ()
to feel the pulse /
I dont feel up to going to the theatre. .
I dont feel up to playing tennis. ,
to feel young/ old /
to feel well/ ill /
I feel cold/ hot. / .
to feel happy/ unhappy /
to feel sure
to feel proud of smth -
to feel grateful
to feel doubtful ( -)
He feels sleepy. .
to feel hurt
to feel a good deal
to feel relieved
to feel it ones duty to do smth -
to feel very much moved
to feel oneself touched
to feel like a cup of tea
to feel like a glass of beer
to feel like a walk
I dont feel like eating. .
I dont feel like a walk just now. .
She hasnt been feeling like herself since the accident.
I feel it in my bones. .
to feel comfortable
It feels good to be on vacation. , .
The blind recognize objects by feeling them.
Feel whether the water is warm enough. , ,
to feel the liquor
She feels her friends death. ,
to feel keenly the beauty of the landscape

42. Foresee
to foresee the future
to foresee the outcome
to foresee the result
to foresee trouble /
to foresee the difficulties
Who could have foreseen it? ?
to foresee a catastrophe
to foresee an accident /
to foresee problems

43. Forget
to forget about danger
to forget a friend/ smbs name / -
to forget a poem/ data /
to forget facts
to forget completely/ totally/ entirely
to forget quickly/ promptly/ momentarily
to forget a hat/ an umbrella /
to forget quarrels
to forget smbs kindness -
The event was utterly forgotten. .
It is never to be forgotten. .
to forget to post letters
to forget to pay back the money
to forget to close windows
I forgot to call her up. .
She forgot about the concert. .
to forget smbs face -
to forget a telephone number
to forget ones promise
to forget about the time
Such things are not forgotten. .
to forget ones duties

44. Gaze
to gaze at smth fixedly/ intently/ steadily -

to gaze at smth admiringly -
to gaze at smth anxiously -
to gaze pensively
to gaze sadly/ sorrowfully /
to gaze vacantly/ blankly
to gaze fondly/ longingly / /
We gazed at each other. .
to gaze in perplexity
to gaze with admiration
to gaze with astonishment
to gaze with rapture /
to gaze in bewilderment
to gaze into smbs face -
to gaze into space
to gaze on smb like one entranced -

to gaze about in an idle way
to gaze fondly after smb -

45. Glance
to glance at smb/ smth -/ -
to glance swiftly/ quickly/ hastily at smb -

to glance surreptitiously/ furtively
to glance anxiously
to glance casually /
to glance knowingly
to glance uneasily/ nervously
to glance inquiringly
to glance at the watch
to glance imploringly /
to glance indignantly
to glance meaningfully
to glance quizzically
to glance suspiciously

46. G raduate
to graduate from school
to graduate from the university
to graduate from an institute
to graduate with honours
He graduated in medicine. .
She graduated in chemistry.
to graduate a tax according to the taxpayers income

to graduate in inches
to graduate from a less important job to a more important

She recently graduated from law school.

47. Guess
to guess the answer
to guess smbs thoughts -
to guess smbs reaction -
to guess the result
to guess the outcome of the game
to guess smbs age -
to guess smbs weight/ height/ stature /
to guess correctly/ rightly
to guess wrongly
to guess a riddle
to guess smth from smth - -
I guessed it from her appearance. .
I guess you are right. , .
I can only guess the reasons for his conduct.

48. H ear -
to hear clear/ distinctly /
to hear vaguely/ indistinctly /
to hear faintly/ in the distance /
to hear about a robbery
to hear of this strange disease

to hear of a storm
to hear of smbs safe arrival -

to hear of smbs misfortune -
to hear from a good authority
to hear from a reliable source
I have never heard of such a thing. .
Father wont hear of it. .
to hear from ones son
to hear from home
to hear a noise/ a voice/ a sound / /
to hear an excuse
to hear smbs explanation -
to hear a concert
to hear news/ an interesting story ,

to hear a witness
to hear the defendant/ the plaintiff /
to hear the sound of steps on the stairs

to hear the firing of a gun in the distance

Have you heard about the earthquake?
I heard them go out. , .
We have heard that he is in town. , .
She doesnt hear well. .
Do you hear me well? ?
to hear a question
to hear an answer
to hear a shout/ a cry
to hear a shot
to hear a course of lectures
to hear a sermon
We heard it over the radio. .
I heard my name mentioned. , .
to hear a lesson

49. Identify
to identify the plant
to identify by its leaves/ by flowers /
to identify the animals age by its teeth

to identify a person
to identify a criminal
to identify a picture
to identify a prisoner
She identified him as a man who... ,
to identify oneself
I identified myself by showing my papers. /
to identify smth/ smb beyond all doubts -/ -

to identify immediately/ straightaway
to identify without difficulty
She identified the murderer to the police.
to identify the problems to be discussed

to identify solutions to the issue
to identify ones umbrella ()
He identifies with the majority ,
to identify oneself with smbs view
Their tastes always identify. .

50. Ignore /
to ignore smbs rude remarks -

to ignore smth pointedly/ deliberately /
to ignore smth completely/ totally/ altogether
/ -
to ignore smth blithely -
to ignore smth blatantly -
to ignore a person -
to ignore smbs greetings -
to ignore smbs advice -
to ignore smbs presence -
You cant ignore the fact. .
Nobody likes to be ignored. ,
to ignore the pain
to ignore the invitation
to ignore a prohibition
to ignore a rule

51. Illustrate
to illustrate a book
to illustrate an article
to illustrate smth with pictures -
to illustrate with charts and diagrams -

to illustrate by examples
to illustrate clearly/ attractively /

to illustrate vividly/ colourfully / /

to illustrate lavishly
to illustrate marvelously/ superbly
He gave comparative figures to illustrate the point.
illustrated his point by quotations from classics.
The book is richly illustrated. .

52. Imagine - /

to imagine life without electricity

to imagine smbs surprise -
to imagine smbs despair -
It can be easily imagined. ,
to imagine smbs marrying the girl , -

to imagine smb rich/ famous - /

to imagine oneself to be famous
to imagine oneself on a deserted island
to imagine the team defeated ,

Can you imagine her as an actress?
I cant imagine going to the party without invitation.
, -
Can you imagine me becoming a teacher?
, ?
Can you imagine him president?
The boy imagined himself a cosmonaut.
Just imagine! !
Imagine you have been shipwrecked. ,
Lets imagine that the plan is successful. ,
Dont imagine it will be easy. He , .
They couldnt imagine how they would do it.
, .
I had imagined you as a tall man. .
I cant imagine what he looks like. ,
Try to imagine our position. .
She imagined that smb was watching her. , .
I imagine it will rain. , .
I cannot imagine what you mean. ,
You are always imagining things. - .

53. Im itate -
to imitate ones father
to imitate smbs manner of speaking -

to imitate the classics
to imitate modern artists
to imitate unconsciously
to imitate deliberately
to imitate exactly/ faithfully
to imitate ones acquaintances
to imitate politicians
to imitate singers
to imitate smbs voice -
to imitate smbs gesture -
to imitate leather (.)
to imitate smbs movements -
to imitate a picture
to imitate gems

54. Imply
Silence often implies consent. .
Drama implies conflicts. .
What do you imply by that? ?
to imply clearly/ obviously /
to imply strongly/ subtly /
implied that he was unhappy. , .
His statement implies more than it expresses.
Her refusal to answer implies her guilt. ,
That implies a lot of work for me. ,
At one point she implied she would marry me.
, .
In Italy this gesture implies offence.
These discoveries imply that the seabed is rich in oil.
, .

55. Improve ()

to improve conditions
to improve relations
to improve knowledge
to improve ones position
to improve quality
to improve the wellbeing of the population

to improve ones mind
to improve the education system

to improve considerably/ significantly/ substantially/ markedly
to improve enormous/ tremendously/ greatly ()

to improve slightly/ marginally/ insignificantly ()

to improve suddenly/ overnight/ unexpectedly

to improve steadily/ continually
to improve by degrees/ gradually
I hope the weather will improve. , .
Her health/ strength has improved. / ,
to improve the standard of living
to improve ones handwriting
The situation has improved. .
His spelling has improved. ,
to improve in health ,
to improve in looks
to improve the occasion

56. Indicate
to indicate the temperature
to indicate the pressure
to indicate the level
The needle indicates speed. .
The new roads are indicated on the map.
indicated that I could leave. , .
They indicated that they would sign the contract. ,
to indicate beyond all doubt
to indicate by ones manner
to indicate in a roundabout way/ implicitly
to indicate clearly/ plainly
to indicate discreetly /
to indicate subtly
His tone indicated that my help was not welcome.
, .
These figures indicate a fall in production.
This indicates on long treatment. ,
to indicate the way

57. Inquire /
to inquire smbs name -
to inquire smbs address -
to inquire smbs telephone number -

to inquire smbs occupation
We inquired the way from the policeman.
She inquired the price of the oranges.
I inquired what he wanted. , ,
to inquire about the tickets
to inquire about the arrival of the plane

to inquire after smbs health -
to inquire after the patient
You must inquire at the post office.
They inquired into the case. ,
to inquire into the circumstances of the death

to inquire about smth cautiously/ discreetly -

to inquire about smth quietly/ tactfully -
to inquire about smth formally - /

to inquire the reason for smth -
to inquire for a book in a shop

58. Instruct
to instruct the young
to instruct children
to instruct in literature
to instruct in good manners
to instruct in driving
to instruct in swimming
to instruct in skiing
to instruct smb/ a team -/
to instruct the personnel
He instructed us what to do in case of fire.
, / .

59. Interpret /
to interpret a text
to interpret an inscription
to interpret smbs intentions -
to interpret smbs actions -
to interpret smbs behaviour -
Her silence was interpreted as an admission of guilt.
I am not sure how to interpret their behaviour. ,
to interpret an interview
to interpret talks
Who will interpret for you at the meeting?
to interpret for the president
to interpret smth correctly/ wrongly -
to interpret smth literally - /
to interpret smth faithfully/ strictly - /

to interpret smth roughly -

60. Invent /
to invent a new machine
to invent the telephone
to invent a new game
to invent ways and means (
to invent an explanation /
to invent lies
to invent a device
He invented every word of it. .
to invent an excuse /
to invent a story
61. Investigate
to investigate a crime
to investigate a case {)
to investigate a murder
to investigate causes of the accident
to investigate nature
to investigate climate
to investigate the atmosphere
to investigate a matter
to investigate a problem
to investigate the effect of the new medicine

to investigate carefully /
to investigate thoroughly/ rigorously/ closely
to investigate urgently

62. Judge
to judge correctly/ fairly/ justly /
to judge impartially/ objectively /

to judge exactly/ accurately
to judge harshly/ severely
to judge wisely
As far as I can judge. .
It is for you to judge. .
to judge by/ from appearance
to judge by ones dress
to judge from a certain point view

to judge by the results
I judged from his manner that he was guilty.
, ,
to judge a person accused { )
to judge a burglar
Dont judge them too harshly! He !
to judge a project
to judge smbs conduct -
to judge the distance by the eye
to judge people by their appearances

to judge a man by his deeds
to judge from the facts
We judged that she is the best candidate. ,
I judge her to be about twenty years old. / ,
to judge leniently/ honestly /
to judge of people
to judge of the incident
to judge by the statistics
to judge by public opinion

Judge for yourself! !
Dont judge others by yourself! He !
Hard to judge in such cases. ,
to judge at a contest

63. Know
As far as I know. / .
How do I know? ?
to know about/ of the matter
to know about a man
Ill let you know about it. ,
to know of a good doctor
to know of a shop where you can get the things ,

to know a foreign language
to know a poem
to know ones part
to know smbs name -
to know smbs age/ smbs address - /
to know literature/ the law /
to know by heart
to know for certain/ sure
to know smth backward - /
to know from experience
to know from the outset
to know from A to Z /
to know in detail /
to know Moscow
to know somehow -
to know by name/ by sight /
to know intimately (-)
to know smb personally -
to know smb since childhood -
to know smb slightly/ vaguely - /
You dont know much. / .
to know life
to know poverty and sorrow
to know fear
to know the value of time
Do you know Mr. Green? ?
to know smb at once/ immediately -
I know all about it. .
I know nothing about him. .
to know a friend from an enemy
to know a fool from a wise man
You would not know him from an Englishman.
This fact is little known. ,
to be generally/ widely known
He is known as a successful architect.
She is known to have experience in interpreting. ,
I knew her as a colleague. .
She knows how to drive. ,
to know smth for a fact -
to know smth inside out -
to know the answer
to know the reason
to know the way
to know the word
to know the meaning
to know the truth
to know smbs habits -
to know beforehand
to know precisely
to know superficially
to know how to play chess
to know how to behave
to know the family
I dont know anyone here. .
I hardly know him. .
I know them well. .
to know smb by his voice -
to know smb by his walk -
to know oneself
to know smbs peculiarities -
to know positively that... , ...
to know smth against smb - -
The place is known to me alone. .
Be it known to you! !
Not that I know of it. ,
to know the multiplication tables
to know music/ poetry /
to know from hearsay
to know ones faults
The summer was gone before I knew. He ,
/ .
doesnt know his own mind. , ,
to get to know smb better -
to make oneself known to smb -
He is known to the police. / ,
to be known to the world

64. Learn ()/

It is never too late to learn. ,
to learn rapidly/ quickly/ fast
learn by heart
learn by observation
learn by rote /
learn from experience
learn hard way ()
learn diligently
learn at school/ at the university /
learn by imitation
learn by sheer memory
learn from the mistakes
learn from a master /
learn about their customs
learn of the details of smth -
learn of smbs departure -
learn of smbs illness -
learn from a letter
learn from the papers
learn from their conversation
learn languages
learn the rules
learn ones lessons
learn music
learn shorthand
learn painting
learn a trade of a shoemaker
learn the art of administration
learn the art of wrestling
learn the piano
learn patience
learn self-control
learn / a song /
learn a code /
learn English from an excellent teacher

learn with ease/ with difficulty /
s English difficult for you to learn? ?
learn willingly/ reluctantly /
learn to swim/ to skate /
to learn how to cook /
to learn to be more polite
to learn how to ride bicycle
to learn ones lesson
Live and learn. , .
She learned everything from me. .
We have learned that he has found a job. ,
They are learning how to dance. ,
to learn the truth
to learn the results
to learn about the change
to learn by chance/ by accident
to learn from the television
He is learning to be an interpreter. ,
to learn slowly
to learn to be careful
He learned that hard work pays. ,
to learn the good/ sad news /
I have yet to learn this. .
Soon learnt, soon forgotten. .

65. Listen
Listen to me! !
to listen attentively/ carefully/ closely
to listen eagerly/ intently/ hard
to listen patiently/ with interest /
to listen impassively /
to listen indifferently
to listen sympathetically
We listened but heard nothing. ,
to listen to the radio
to listen to the birds
to listen to smbs conversation -
to listen to music
to listen to the beating of ones heart
to listen to a distant noise
to listen for a bell
to listen with interest
to listen with half-closed eyes
to listen with open mouth
to listen for hours
to listen at a keyhole
to listen to ones parents
to listen to smbs advice -
to listen to reason
You have been listening to tales. ,
to listen to smb singing , -
to listen to smbs singing -
to listen for a signal
to listen to a song
to listen to a story
to listen to smbs explanation -
to listen to smbs arguments -
to listen to a speaker
to listen with close attention

Dont listen to him! He !
She never listens to my advice. .
We listened in to the presidents speech.
to listen to a plea

6 6 . Look /

is not looking. .
to look at smth carefully/ closely - ,

to look impassively/ indifferently/ dispassionately -

to look at smth objectively -
to look at smth from another point of view -

to look at smth in detail / -
to look about/ around /
to look back
to look up
to look forward
to look aside
to look the other way
to look another way
The house looks the south. .
to look at each other
to look at the map
to look fixedly/ intently
to look critically
to look questioningly
to look with interest
to look with distrust
to look with suspicion
to look in a mirror
to look at oneself in the glass
to be pretty to look at
to be disgusting to look at
The man is not much to look at.
to look after the girl
to look after the train
He looked aimlessly before him. .
to look into the darkness of the forest
to look into a room
to look through the window
to look through the field glass
to look through a keyhole
to look towards the sea
to look about oneself
to look round the room
to look down the street
to look out of the window
to look out of the corner of ones eye
to look to the right
to look over the wall
to look at the matter
to look at the offer
to look at all the facts
to look upon the country as one's second motherland

to look at smb as ones teacher
looked upon the remark as an insult.
to look upon smth as useful -
to look after children
to look after an old man
He is able to look after himself. ,
to look after smbs house -
to look after smbs luggage -
to look for ones dictionary
to look for a job
to look for a flat
Dont look for trouble. He ,
to look for the news
to look for the arrival of the ship
I never looked for such results.
to look to the new achievements
to look to the future
to look into the point
to look into the matter /
to look into the causes
to look to smb for help -
to look to smb for advice -
to look to smb for protection - /

to look to smb for money -
to look to smb to make arrangement
looks to me to help him. .
The house looks on a river. .
to look on a garden/ on a street /
to look ones age /
She looks about fifty. .
to look pretty
to look young/ old /
to look well/ healthy
to look ill/ sick
to look tired/ cheerful/ fresh / /
to look great/ fine/ marvelous/ wonderful /
to look terrible/ awful
to look after smth carefully/ properly -
to look ahead
to look ahead optimistically/ with confidence
to look ahead anxiously/ apprehensively/ pessimistically
/ /
to look around anxiously
to look around helplessly
to look around shyly
to look forward to smth eagerly/ enormously/ keenly
- ( )
to look for smth desperately/ frantically -
The hat makes him look taller. .
The hat looks well on you. .
I have no idea what he looks like. ,
She looks like winning. , .
It looks like rain. , .
It looks like a fine day. .
It looks like a nasty day. .
It looks as if he were afraid. , .
Look alive/ sharp! !/ !
to look on the bright side of things
to look on dark/ gloomy/ seamy side of things

Look before you leap. He ,
to look for a needle in a haystack
to look at a painting
to look into a complaint
to look through ones files
to look to ones parents for help

to look smb squarely in the eyes -
to look inquiringly
to look doubtfully
I have always looked on you as a friend. ()
I look upon myself as very fortunate in that. ,
They looked upon her marriage with that man as a suitable alliance.
You will look foolish. .
You look as though you are in pain. ,
- .
doesnt look like his brother. .
You dont look yourself. () ().
to look happy/ miserable /

67. M aster

to master a foreign language

to master a trade
has mastered the instrument thoroughly.
to master a subject
never really mastered the language.
to master a problem
The horse was difficult to master.
couldnt master the impulse to laugh.
to master the enemy
to master unruly children
to master ones feelings
to master ones temper ,
to master a difficulty
to master the piano
to master the art of public speaking

to master the house

68. Matter
It doesnt matter.
to matter enormously/ greatly/ tremendously

It doesnt matter in the least. ,
to matter to smb -
Nothing else matters to me.
It matters little to him. .
It matters a great deal to him. .
It matters very much whether he passes the examination.
, .
It hardly matters at all. .
What does it matter? ?
Thats all that matters. .
not to matter a hoot/ / a straw

69. Mean
What does this word mean? ?
It means nothing to me. .
Your friendship means a lot to me.
His mother means the world to him. .
to mean well/ kindly
I am not joking, I really mean it. , .
I meant no harm. .
What exactly do you mean? ?
to mean business
His refusal means a lot of extra work.
This name means nothing to me. .
What do you mean by that? ?
Was that book meant for me? ?
These figures are not meant to be accurate.
to be meant for an interpreter/ a pianist
What do you mean by looking at me like that?
Do you mean to see him before you go?
I never meant going there! !
I mean you to translate the text. ,
never meant us anything but good.
, ./ ,
to mean actually/ really
to mean obviously smth
The title means nothing to me. .
The gift was meant for you. .
I mean to leave tomorrow. .
What do you mean? / ?

70. M easure
to measure a distance
to measure the length/ the width/ the height /
to measure the depth/ the thickness /
The loss cannot be measured in terms of money.
to measure a client/ a customer
She measured her for a new dress.
The room measures six meters by four.
to measure ones accomplishments against smb elses
to measure a piece of cloth
to measure a piece of ground
A clock measures time. ,
to measure smb for clothes -,

to measure the gravity of the situation

to measure smb with ones eye -
He measured his foe. .
She measures 60 centimetres round her waist. 60
to measure ones strength with smb -
Ill measure my strength against his. ,
to measure ones desires by ones means

Measure your speech by your listeners.
to measure swords with smb -
Measure twice and cut once. , .

71. Multiply
to multiply two numbers
3 multiplied by 4 is 12. .
Such instances could be multiplied.
to multiply words
to multiply ones chances of success
Rabbits multiply rapidly. .
The shops began to multiply.
Multiply this figure by the number of years you have worked.

72. N ote
As I noted before. .
to note the language/ smbs words /
to note the fact
to note smbs habits/ smbs gestures -
to note smbs warning -

to note a resemblance between smb/ smth
-/ -
to note the fact /
to note the changes
to note officially /
to note triumphantly /
to note ironically /
to note authoritatively
to note particularly
to note at once/ immediately /
to note every word
He noted the figures in his notebook. /
to note a misprint
to note improvement
to note confusion/ embarrassment
I noted what he said. , .

73. Observe /
to observe ones pupils
to observe the moon
to observe an eclipse of the sun
to observe the behaviour of birds
to observe a surgical operation

to observe smbs pronunciation -
to observe smth keenly/ carefully/ intently
to observe smth systematically
to observe smth closely/ scrupulously
436 289
to observe smth patiently/ curiously -
to observe anxiously
to observe smbs excellent manners -
to observe smbs cleverness -
Did you observe the difference? ?
to observe the law /
to observe the rules
to observe customs ,
to observe smbs birthday -
to observe the New Year
to observe nothing queer in smbs behaviour
to observe some contradictions in the writing of different authors

to observe a great difference between these two approaches

to observe smb leave the room -

to observe smb doing the exercises , -

to observe smb starting the motor -

to observe the rules exactly/ precisely/ rigorously/ religiously

to observe smth at close quarters -

to observe smth from a distance -
to observe the movement of clouds
to observe the development of events
to observe the changes taking place

We observed the birds building their nest. ,
to observe discipline
to observe silence
to observe the time
to observe the speed limit
Did you observe her reaction? ,
I didnt observe the colour of his eyes. .
Allow me to observe. .
I have very little to observe on what has been said.
to observe common decencies
to observe good manners

to observe anniversaries

74. Outline /
to outline a plan
to outline a scheme
She outlined the main points of her talk.
outlined the story. .
She outlined the main point of visit to him.
to outline a country on a map
The tree was outlined against the sky.
They outlined the project to us.
The ship was outlined against the horizon.
to outline an idea
I outlined my reasons. .
was clearly outlined in the light a lamp.

75. Overlook /
The window/ the balcony overlooked the canal. / -
() ,
to overlook the street /
to overlook the yard /
to overlook a line
I am afraid I overlooked your name. , .
to overlook men at work /
She was overlooked by someone. - ,
to overlook a printers error/ a misprint
We overlooked her when we sent out invitations. ,
to overlook arguments brought against ones views

His services have been overlooked for years.
to overlook an offence
to overlook a fault

76. Paint

to paint a picture
to paint a portrait
to paint a landscape
to paint a still life
to paint skillfully
He paints after/ in the manner of Repin. ,
to paint in oil
What words can paint the beauty of the sea?
to paint a house
to paint a door/ a gate /
She painted the walls white. ,
to paint smth green/ red - /
to paint a fence
to paint from nature
to paint scenery for a play
to paint in bright colours
to paint smth black -
to paint smth in rosy colours -
is not as black as he is painted. ,
to paint with iodine
He painted a little. .
They painted a white line in the middle of the road. /

77. Persuade -
to persuade smb of smth - -
to persuade smb to do smth - -
That argument wont persuade anybody.
We tried to persuade him to postpone the departure.
Once he persuaded me to go hunting with him.
to persuade smb in the end / -

to eventually/ finally persuade smb -

We persuaded them of the need to assure their property.
We persuaded them to stay with us. .
We persuaded her that it would be best to wait. ,
persuaded me of the truth of his statement.

I am thoroughly persuaded of it. .
I am persuaded of his honesty. .
They will not persuade him into accepting it.
I persuaded him out of his plan. .

78. Plan
They planned to spend the day at the exhibition.
We are planning to visit London.
When do you plan to come? /
Everything went as planned. ,
to plan ahead/ beforehand /
to plan in detail /
to plan meticulously
to plan systematically (-)
to plan secretly
to plan a piece of work -
The school was planned for 500 pupils.
500 ,
to plan for the future
to plan a visit
We had planned an ascent of the mountain.
to plan out ones time

79. Predict
to predict the future
to predict the outcome
The television forecasters have predicted rain for today.
to predict the result of the game
to predict wisely/ precisely /
to predict wrongly
I predict she will be success with boys. ,
I predicted their getting into trouble. ,
Who can predict how the elections will turn out?
, ?
predicted a brilliant future for the child.
I can predict what they are going to do. ,

80. Print -
to print a book
to print an article
to print newspapers
How many copies of the book were printed?
to print in bold face
to print in italics
to print in Roman ,

to print on the memory
to develop the film and print the photographs

81. Prove

to prove a theorem
to prove the correctness of smth -
to prove ones innocence
to prove smbs mistake -
to prove conclusively/ decisively /
to prove definitely
to prove beyond all doubt ,
to prove theoretically/ practically /

to prove logically
The book proved interesting/ dull. /
proved himself (to be) a coward. .
History proved him to be right. .
The evidence proved him guilty. ,
to prove smbs guilt -
to prove ones good will
It remains to be proved. .
The exception proves the rule. ,
to prove ones identity
to prove smbs honesty -
to prove a new weapon /

to prove a new car model
to prove (to be) satisfactory
to prove (to be) useful
to prove (to be) insufficient
to prove unequal to ones task
The report proved false. .
The play proved a success. ,
to prove ones skill
The correctness of the subtraction has been proved.

82. Read -

to read aloud/ slowly/ too fast / /

to read distinctly/ fluently /
to read attentively/ carefully/ closely
to read avidly/ eagerly/ with great interest / /

to read from cover to cover
to read voraciously
to read widely/ extensively
to read thoughtfully
to read quickly/ superficially /
to teach smb to read -
to be able to read
to read a letter/ a rule /
to read about sea voyages
to read of heroes of other days
to read upon ancient Rome
to read from ones favourite author
to read from Pushkin/ Shakespeare /
to read for pleasure
to read before the class
to read in bed /
to read at meals
to read in a low/ in a loud/ in a clear voice / /

to read with much expression /
to read to oneself
to read a word/ a sentence/ an inscription /
to read in English/ German /

to read traffic signs
to read shorthand
to read hieroglyphs
to read a barometer
What does the thermometer read? ?
to read smbs thoughts/ mind -
to read smbs desires -
to read a story to the children
to read an author in the original
This book is largely read by the youth. ,
to read between the lines
The telegram reads as follows.
to read smb like a book -
to read a novel
to read music
to read in translation
to read smth over -
to read a passage
to read a quotation
to read through the contract
to read about a disaster
to read of smbs death -
to read law
to read for the law
to read for a degree
to read a riddle
to read an omen
to read a persons character in his face

to read smbs fortune -
to read the future
to read smbs hand
to read the cards
83. Realize / /
to realize ones mistake
to realize ones situation
We realized that we had a difficult task before us. ,
She realized how much it meant to her. ,
At first he didnt realize what had happened. ,
to realize a danger
to realize consequences
You dont seem to realize how serious it is. , ,
, ,
to realize a plan
to realize ones dreams
realized his ambitions. .
Our hopes were realized. / ,
to realize the difficulties
to realize ones error
to realize that one was wrong ,
I realize how it was done. , .
I quite realize the fact that... ,
These details help to realize the scene.
to realize securities ()
The goods are difficult to realize. ,
to realize a profit
to realize a fortune
to realize at once/ at a flash/ immediately /

84. Recall /
to recall a name
to recall an address
I cannot recall why we went there. He ,
to recall clearly/ in detail /
to recall vaguely/ scarcely /
to recall vividly
to recall instantly
to recall fondly /
to recall distinctly
I recall him as a very bashful child.
She recalled seeing him. , .
She recalled that she had an appointment. ,
to recall an ambassador from his post
He was recalled from abroad by urgent private affairs.
- ,
to recall from exile
to recall the words of a song
to recall old faces
to recall to mind/ to ones memory
Everything here recalls my youth.
to recall smb to life -
to recall a feeling -
to recall smb from an occupation -
to recall smb from his dreams -
to recall smbs mind to a subject -

to recall smb to the immediate situation -

to recall smb to the sense of his duties -

to recall ones words
to recall a promise
to recall from circulation ()

85. Recognize
to recognize smb -
to recognize smbs voice -
to recognize smbs handwriting -
to recognize a tune
to recognize smb/ smth at once/ immediately/ instantly -
/ - / /
to recognize easily/ fully /
to recognize hardly/ scarcely /
to recognize from far
No one will recognize you in this disguise.
I could hardly recognize her. () .
didnt recognize me. .
didnt recognize his native village.
I recognized him the moment I saw him. ,
to be generally/ universally/ widely recognized
to recognize officially
She is universally recognized as an authority on the subject.
We recognized that the situation was hopeless. ,
to recognize an old acquaintance
to recognize smb by his walk -
to recognize the omens of defeat
to recognize danger
to recognize ones duty
to recognize services ,
to recognize smbs devotion
to recognize smbs loyalty
His talent was at last recognized.
to recognize ones defeat
to recognize a new country
to recognize claims justified

8 6 . Reflect /

Reflect upon what I have said. , .

I want time to reflect. , .
She reflected over this for a moment.
to reflect light/ the sound /
to reflect an event
The article reflected public opinion.
The room reflected the personality of its owner.
The surface of the lake reflected the trees.
The mirror reflected her face. ./
His face reflected his emotions.
to reflect credit on smb -
His conduct reflects dishonour upon him. .
to reflect upon smbs honour -
to reflect faithfully/ precisely smth -
to reflect directly/ indirectly /
to reflect accurately/ strongly /
to reflect dimly/ vaguely / (-)
to reflect closely/ seriously upon smth -

to reflect upon ones past mistakes

Her unselfish act reflects well on her upbringing.
The teams victory reflected credit on the coach.

87. Regard
to regard the rising sun
to regard a statue
to regard a new girl -
to regard smth/ smb attentively/ intently/ fixedly -
/ - /
to regard affectionately ( -)
to regard contemptuously
to regard with admiration/ admiringly /

to regard with interest
to regard with wonder
to regard with an angry look
to be regarded as an achievement

to be regarded as a danger for society

is regarded as a great authority on this problem.
The matter may be regarded as closed.
to regard smb as a friend -
to regard smb as the best interpreter -

to regard smth as a crime -
to regard smth as an insult -
to regard smb highly / / -
Your application will be regarded with sympathy.
It does not regard me. .
As regards his suggestion... ...
to regard with curiosity
I dont regard his opinion. .
regards nobody. .
is much regarded. .
His rights were strictly regarded. .

8 8 . Register ()

to register smbs birth -

to register smbs marriage -
to register smbs death -
to register a fact
to register the election results

He was not registered as a voter.
to register as a candidate
She registered for two courses. .
How many registered for the course?
to register a pistol with the police

to register ones
to register ones property
to register for service
to register with the police
to register a name
The thermometer registered 30C. 30C.
Her face registered surprise. ,
to register ones luggage
to register a letter
to register every part as perfectly as possible
The holes register perfectly. .

89. Relate -
to relate a story
to relate ones adventures
to relate in detail
to relate briefly
to relate brilliantly/ vividly /
to relate at length ,
She related her version of the incident to the police.
This law does not relate to your case.
to relate theory and practice
It is difficult to relate these phenomena to each other.
She finds it difficult to relate to her fellow students.
She was related to Tolstoy. .
90. Remember -
to remember events
to remember smbs face -
to remember English words
to remember about smth -
Do you remember about it? ?
to remember a lot of facts
to remember a place
to remember a poem by heart
to remember smth right/ correctly (-)
to remember smth clearly/ vividly/ distinctly - /
to remember smth perfectly/ exactly/ precisely -

to remember faintly/ vaguely
to remember smth hardly/ scarcely -
to remember smth gratefully/ fondly -
I shall always remember your kindness.
to remember smth with regret/ regretfully -

It is worth remembering. .
to remember the girl/ a proverb /
Remember to turn out the lights. He .
As far as I remember. .
Not that I remember. - .
Remember me to your brother. .
What do you remember of them? ?
She remembered to buy a newspaper. .
I remember him being very generous. ,
If I remember right... ...
suddenly remembered an appointment. ,
Dont remember this unfortunate affair against me. He
91. Remind
to remind smb about/ of smth - -
to remind smb of his promise -
to remind smb to do smth -, -

Remind him that we must leave in the morning. ,
That reminds me of a story. .
reminds me of his father. .
failed to remind me about it. ,
to remind smb about smth gently/ politely -
We reminded them that the meeting has been postponed.
, .
Remind me to answer these letters. ,
Travellers are reminded that inoculation is obligatory.
, .
She had to remind him that he had a wife.
, .
What does that remind you of? ?

92. Render
to render aid/ assistance/ help
to render a service
We rendered him our full support.
renders Bach in a very original manner. -
/ .
The painter rendered a good likeness. ,
to render a French expression into English

to render a decision
to render smb helpless -
to render smth unnecessary -
to render tribute
to render homage
to render blow for blow
to render a bill for payment
to render an account of smth -
to render a report
They rendered themselves prisoners. .
The town was rendered to the enemy. .

93. Research -
to research a problem /
to research into the causes of cancer

to research elementary particles

to research for a book
to research the market
to research outer space
to research into development of a new ,

to research smth thoroughly/ carefully/ accurately -

to research smth properly -
to research smth exhaustively/ meticulously -
to research public opinion

94. Resemble
She resembles her mother. .
The two brothers resemble each other.
to resemble smb/ smth closely -/ -

to resemble smb faintly/ slightly/ vaguely
to resemble smb remotely -
The situation resembles that one before the crisis.
, .
The plane resembles an eagle. .
R isk

The wine resembles a Georgian one.

You resemble him very much physically.

95. Reveal /
to reveal ones feelings
didnt want to reveal his ignorance.
to reveal the truth
to reveal a secret passage
The conversation revealed the fact that...
, ...
to reveal a secret to smb -
His conduct reveals great intelligence.
to reveal ones soul to smb -
to reveal the reason of the arrest
to reveal a talent for basketball
She drew the curtains aside to reveal a beautiful garden.
, .

96. Risk
to risk ones neck
to risk money
to risk ones happiness
He risked his life in trying to save the child.
, ,
to risk foolishly/ stupidly
to risk recklessly
to risk within reasonable limits
She risked losing everything. .
to risk ones health
to risk a battle
I cant risk a failure. .
risked breaking his neck. .
to risk an action -
97. See / /
cant see, he is blind. , .
As the eye can see. ,
to see well/ far /
to see clearly/ distinctly /
to see faintly/ vaguely/ indistinctly
to see in the distance
to see exactly/ precisely what smb means ,
to see instinctively/ intuitively /
Do you see? ?/ ?
to see in this light
to see in the dark
to see through a keyhole
to see with ones own eyes
to see about smbs luggage -
to see about the fire
to see about the
to see something interesting -
to see before/ again/ often / /
to see later/ soon /
to see smb openly/ secretly - /
Can I see you for a moment? ?
to see the doctor
to see the manager
to see a town
to see a play
to see a good deal of the world
to see the joke
to see the meaning of smth -
to see smb in ones dream -
to see through rose-coloured glasses /

I see him for the first time. .
I dont see any harm in what she is doing.
, ,
to see much of each other
I havent seen you for ages. ,
to see in the same light ( -)
to see smb to the gate -
to see a friend to the station
to see her through the difficulty
to see about sending the report in time

to see smb angry/ happy - /
to see everything black
to see them leave their home ,
to see for oneself
What does she see in him? ?
We havent see much of you recently.
May I see you home? .
to see a difference
to see results
to see a mistake/ an error
to see a film
to see a match
He never sees the joke. .
Let me see! !
Will you see that all the necessary documents are prepared?
I never saw such rudeness.

to see to the house
to see to the children
Who will see after the house? ?
to see after ones own interests
to see about packing ,
to see into a matter -

98. Seek
to seek a shelter
to seek safety
to seek smbs help/ support / -
to seek smbs protection -
to seek smth constantly -
to seek smth desperately -
to seek smth in vain -
to seek for/ after smth -
to seek (for) employment
to seek an explanation for smth -
to seek safety in flight ,

They sought through the house. .
She seeks a situation as cook. .
The reason is not far to seek. .
to seek smbs approval -
to seek wealth /
to seek fame
to seek ones fortune
to seek information
to seek advice ,
to seek to make peace
to seek to kill smb -
to seek smbs life -
to seek ones bed

99. Seem

to seem like a dream

He seems to be a good fellow. , , .
seems to be homesick. , , .
I seemed to hear a voice in the distance. -
to seem easy/ difficult /
to seem happy/ unhappy/ sad / /

It seems to me th a t... , ...
It seems so to me. .
It doesnt seem cold to me. , .
seemed glad to see me. .
He seemed tired/ surprised. / .
The work didnt seem difficult. .

100. Select -
to select a gift
to select a suitable person
to select carefully/ thoroughly /
to select the best singers
to select the most typical cases
to select the best samples
to select rigorously
We selected her from among many candidates.
We selected her to represent us.
to select tastefully
to select painstakingly
to select fastidiously
to select by vote
to select at random/ blindly /
He was selected for promotion. (

101. Show
to show ones new hat
to show ones new watch
to show a film
He showed no signs of life. .
Try not to show any emotion. ,
/ ,
to show ones true nature
to show the existence of smth -
to show the impossibility of doing smth -
to show time
The chart shows the rise in production.
A light carpet will show the dirt. .
to show smb out -
to show in the picture
to show on the map
to show ones tongue to the doctor
to show smb into the room -
to show respect for him
to show hatred towards the enemy
to show sympathy for the girl
to show kindness
to show displeasure
He didnt show any signs of joy.
His answer showed that he knew the subject well. ,
to show good results
Show me the way to the Red square.
showed me how to play the game.
to show smb round a museum -
We showed him the sights of the town.
The stores are showing new spring suits.
to show smb to be a coward -
to show smb to be a swindler -
to show smbs designs -
He showed himself in public places.
to show ones ticket
to show ones passport
to show oneself a coward
to show oneself clever

102. Solve
to solve a problem
There are various ways of solving the question.
to solve a puzzle
to solve a crossword
That mystery has never been solved.
to solve smth altogether/ completely -
to solve smth satisfactorily -
to solve smth partly/ partially -
to solve smth single-handedly -
to solve a difficulty
to solve a mystery
to solve a knot
to solve a tangle
to solve a debt
to solve ones vows
to solve an equation

103. Spell -
to spell ones name
to spell a word
How do you spell the word? ?
to spell correctly/wrongly /

We do not pronounce as we spell. ,
You have spelt this word wrong. ./
/ .
I found it hard to spell out his meaning. ,
to spell disaster
to spell baker
Twenty per cent of the words were spelt wrong.

104. S tare
to stare at smb/ smth -/ -
stared at the newcomer.
She stared into his eyes. .
stared at this in amazement/ with astonishment.
/ .
sat staring ahead of him. , .
The children stared at the elephant in wonder.
It is rude to stare like that. ,
to stare blankly/ blindly

to stare intently
to stare straight before oneself
to stare into vacancy/ vacantly
to stare into the darkness
to stare smb into confusion/ out of countenance -

to stare smb into silence -

to make people stare /
to stare in the face ,
Her lie stared him in the face. .
The error stared from the page. .
The white benches stared against the green of the grass.

105. Study
to study agriculture
to study facts
to study a problem
to study history
to study English
He is studying music. ,
to study abroad
to study at the university
to study at school
to study well/ badly /
to study smth carefully/ closely/ thoroughly -

to study smth conscientiously -
to study smth dispassionately -
to study smth profoundly/ in depth -
to study smth in detail/ minutely -
to study smth objectively/ properly - /

to study smth under laboratory conditions -

to study diligently/ hard /
to study under a well-known professor

to study how to survive , /

to study the situation /
to study medicine/ law /
to study for an examination
to study smbs comfort -
to study ones own interests ,

106. Suppose
to suppose the existence of life on the planet

to suppose smth correctly/ rightly -
to suppose smth wrongly/ mistakenly/ falsely
to suppose smth logically -
I suppose so. , / .
is not supposed to do this. .
is not supposed to know it. ,
to be supposed to learn the rules
The question is more difficult than it is commonly supposed.
, .
Let us suppose that it is really so. ,
Suppose we meet at the theatre. , .
is supposed to be a rich man. .
This work supposes a great skill. ,
is supposed to do this every morning.
What is the button supposed to do? ?

107. Teach
to teach well/ badly/ poorly / /
to teach skilfully/ competently /
to teach at school
to teach in a secondary school
to teach in the eighth form
to teach for living
to teach children/ adults /
to teach botany/ literature /
to teach social sciences
to teach music
to teach drawing
to teach the child/ the culprit /
to teach this subject to the pupils

to teach the first aid to the girls

What subjects are taught at your college?
to teach the students to speak English
to teach her to drive
She taught them to swim. ,
to teach smb to write -
to teach smb dancing -
to teach a child to obey
I have been taught never to tell a lie.
They were taught that this was inevitable. ,
to teach an old dog new tricks -
108. Test /
to test a motor /
to test a plane
to test a new missile
to test nuclear weapon
to test smbs abilities -
to test smbs knowledge -
to test smbs reading , -
to test a microphone /
to test smth carefully/ thoroughly / -

to test smth repeatedly / - /

to test smth systematically -
to test smth rigorously -
to test smbs eyesight -
to test eggs /
It tests your stamina to the full.
to test for a part
to test smbs blood -
to test a child /
to test a class in algebra
to test the urine for sugar
to test for excessive air pollution
to test smb in English -
Some students tested high.

109. Think
to think along the right line
to think along the same line
to think positively/ constructively /

to think logically /
to think hard/ deeply/ intensively /
to think dispassionately/ objectively /

to think with hindsight
to think practically
to think calmly/ to oneself /
Dont act without thinking. , .
I thought as much. .
I think so. , .
I dont think so. , .
to think in English
to think about ones mother
to think of others
to think only of oneself
to think about smbs feelings

to think about nothing but clothes
to think about nothing but pleasures
to think about the matter
to think of such a possibility
It is not worth thinking about. ,
to think about ones childhood /
to think of old times
to think of the accident
to think of smbs name -
I cant think of the right word.
to think high/ much of smb -
to think little of smb -
What do you think of the plan? ?
What do you think of her new dress?
It depends how you think of it. ,
to think a way out of the difficulty

I just didnt think of it. .
Think of the expense! !
to be well/ highly thought of
Think before giving your promise. ,
Think before deciding. , ,
to think about moving to another house

to think of buying a new piano
to think about going to the South
What do you think of her singing? ?
would never think of saying such a thing.
to think smb clever/ odd - /
to think smth interesting/ important - /

to think smth proper/ probable/ necessary -
/ /
I thought it better to stay. , ,
to think for oneself
to think of smb as still a child -
to think of golf as a waste of time
to think better of smth
I thought hard and finally remembered the name.
I was thinking about you. .
What do you think of this proposal?
She never thought of telephoning.
We thought it would rain. , .
is thought to be irreplaceable. .
Many people thought her charming.
I thought to myself that it would be nice to have some hot soup.
, ,
to think better of doing smth -
to think about the future
to think about ones family
I shall think about it. .
Think of the danger! !
He thinks himself very clever. .
I thought her very clever. .
I think I can help you. , .
I would never think of inviting him.
Dont think of him any more. .
This has set me thinking. .
It is so noisy here I cant think. ,
Think again! , !
is not so handsome, when you come to think of it. -
Did you think to bring any money?
What will people think? ?
says all he thinks. , ,
to think black thoughts
to think scorn of smb -
thought base thoughts. ,
to think badly of smth -
to think of marrying/ to marry smb -

The thinks to deceive me. .
I didnt think to see you. .

110. Train /
to train smb to do smth - -
to train smb to dance/ in dancing -
to train smb to drive a tractor -
to train smb for a profession - /

to train hospital nurses
to train airmen
to train smb for diplomatic service -

to train for the Navy
to train for the army
to train for a new job
was trained for a flyer. .
to train a team
to train footballers
to train ones memory
to train smb for a contest -
is training in accountancy. .
is training as a doctor. ,
to train a child
to train a child to obey
to train a pupil to read music at sight

to train smbs taste -
to train for priesthood

111. Translate / /
to translate a word/ a collocation/ an article /
to translate smth word for word/ verbatim -
to translate smth awkwardly/ badly -
to translate smth literally -
to translate smth adequately -
to translate smth with difficulty -
to translate orally/ in writing /
to translate from English into Russian

to translate at sight
to translate simultaneously
The novel has been translated into ten languages.
to translate offhand
to translate smbs silence as a refusal -

to translate a girl into a beauty
be translated to a fairy palace in a second.
/ .
436 321
5 7 ______________________________________________________
to translate ones thoughts into words
to translate schemes into actions
to translate promises into actions
to translate phonetic symbols into sounds

112. Try
If you cant do it the first time, try again. ,
It is worth trying. .
to try for a position/ a job /
to try for college
to try for the theatre ,
to try a jump
to try an experiment
to try everything
It seems easy until you try it. ,
to try ones best ,
to try brakes
to try this brand of tea
to try smbs courage -
to try smbs loyalty -
to try smbs patience -
to try a criminal ( )
was tried and found guilty. ,
to try smb for the job - -
to try ones hands at knitting
to try smb for theft -
to try smb on a charge of theft -

to try to persuade him
to try to repeat it correctly
to try again and again
to try repeatedly/ over and over again
to try desperately/ frantically /
to try in vain
to try tentatively/ halfheartedly /

to try for a prize
She tried to telephone us. .
didnt try it. .
Try for a calmer tone. ,
to try ones skill /
to try ones strength
to try ones fortune
to try the strength of the
I have never tried this dish before.
I have tried all measures.

113. ( , )
to type a letter ( /)
She types well. .
this letter for me. ,
to type in a correction
to type blindly
I typed the reply. .
to type information into a computer
( )
She is learning to type blindly. ,
to type 300 signs in a minute 300

114. Understand
to understand one another
to understand a foreigner
to understand spoken English
to understand smbs difficulties -
to understand an explanation
to understand the significance of the fact

to understand smth fully/ completely/ perfectly/ thoroughly -
/ / /
to understand smth rightly/ wrongly - /

to understand smth vaguely -
to hardly understand smth -
to more or less understand smth -
to understand mathematics
to understand political economy
to understand ones business thoroughly
to understand from smbs words -
I am beginning to understand. .
Now I understand! !
It is understood that you will come. ,
I understand your being angry. , .
I dont understand what you mean. ,
What do you understand by this term?
I cannot understand his behaving like that. ,
We dont understand why she left. ,
They dont understand anything about politics.
/ ,
to understand the meaning of the word
to understand ones mistake
to understand a question
to understand a joke
It is hard/ easy to understand. / .
I could hardly understand him. .
to give smb to understand -
He gave me to understand that there is no hope. ,
to make oneself understood
I dont understand the point of his remark.
The verb may be either expressed or understood.
1 1 5 . Watch / /

to watch the baby

to watch the game
to watch the development of the events
was being watched. .
watched the sunset. ,
to watch TV
We watched them do it. , ,
to watch a building
to watch smbs luggage - /
to watch smth closely/ intently/ carefully
to watch smth anxiously -
to watch smth enviously -
to watch smth impassively -
to watch smth unobtrusively - /

to watch smth uneasily -
to watch ones diet
Will you watch over my clothes? ,
to watch ones time
to watch for a chance
Witch out! !
to watch out for smb/ smth -/ -
to watch with a sick person
to watch beside a sick bed

116. Weigh /
to weigh five kilograms 5
How much does the box weigh? ?
What do you weigh? ?
to weigh a box
to weigh ones luggage
to weigh fruit
to weigh cheese/ butter /
Do you often weigh yourself? /
to weigh the consequences /
to weigh the pros and cons
to weigh chances
She weighed her words carefully.
Everything must be weighed. .
His word weighs heavily with me.
It weighs heavily against him. ,
to weigh a proposal
to weigh smb -
to weigh an argument against another

The matter weighed upon his conscience.
These troubles weighed upon his mind.
The fruit weighed the branches down.

117. Write
to write clearly/ legibly/ beautifully / /

to write slowly/ fast/ quickly /
to write hurriedly/ illegibly /
to write ones name ,
to write letters/ sentences /
to write on a piece of paper
to write in a notebook
to write in a pad
to write on the blackboard
to write with a pen ()
to write with a Biro
to write with a pencil
to write from dictation
to learn read and write
This word is written with a hyphen. .
to write in English -
to write a letter/ an invitation /
to write a message/ a note
to write seldom/ regularly /
to write a story/ a novel /
to write a poem/ music /
to write about children/ about sports /
to write on modern literature
to write about animals/ on birds /
to write books on mathematics
to write for newspaper / ,

to write on a typewriter
to write a legible hand /
to write shorthand
to write a cheque
to write a prescription
to write ones name on a document
to write down an address
How do you write this word? ?
This Biro writes well. .
Fear is written on his face. .
Nothing to write home about. ,
to write oneself man/ woman
8 .
1. Accomplish
to accomplish a task
to accomplish ones promise
You can accomplish a good deal in a week.
to accomplish ones object
We hoped to accomplish more.
So far we have accomplished nothing.
We have accomplished very little. ,
to accomplish a feat
How did you accomplish this? ?
to accomplish a distance / /

accomplished 60 years. 60 .

2. Achieve
to achieve ones purpose/ ones aim
to achieve good results
to achieve mutual understanding
to achieve smth easily/ effortlessly - /

to achieve smth with difficulty/ with great effort -
to achieve smth by hard work -
to achieve smth by dishonest means -

They have achieved very much. .
We achieved nothing. .
will never achieve anything. .
It is difficult/ impossible to achieve. /
to achieve ones ideal
to achieve greatness
Well stop at nothing to achieve our purpose.
to achieve victory
His words achieved their object. ,
to achieve the impossible
Our plan was achieved. .

3. Act /
to act immediately/ promptly/ quickly/ swiftly /

to act decisively/ cautiously /
to act impulsively/ instinctively /

to act sensibly/ rationally/ wisely
to act reasonably/ unreasonably/ unwisely
to act freely/ under duress /
to act correctly/ foolishly / /

to act honestly/ dishonestly / /

to act illegally
to act independently -
to act responsibly/ irresponsibly /

to act unconstitutionally
to act strangely/ in a strange way
to act recklessly
to act rashly/ thoughtlessly
to act unselfishly
to act courageously
to act impudently/ boldly
to act upon smbs advice -
to act up to ones principles
to act on impulse
acted like a true friend. .
You didnt act right. .
couldnt have acted otherwise. .
I acted for the best. .
acted from fear. ,
to act from a sense of duty ,
acted as if he knew nothing. ,
I acted like a complete fool. .
to act as an interpreter
to act as a guide
Who acted Desdemona? ?
is slow to act. .
The brakes wont act. .
to act a part wonderfully/ convincingly
She always acts. ,
to act according to instructions

to act to a plan
to act against smbs advice -
to act against ones own interests

to act for the common cause
to act from instinct
to act from jealousy
to act out of pity
He acted up to his promise. .
It acted on my heart/ on my nerves.
/ .
He acted in many films. ,
to act on the defensive /

These pills act on the liver. ()

4. Adapt ()
to adapt smth to new conditions -

adapted engine to drive his boat.
to adapt plans to suit new circumstances

to adapt oneself to/ for ones environments

to adapt oneself to the hot weather
to adapt oneself to darkness
to adapt a book/ a story /
to adapt oneself to changes
He cannot adapt himself to being free.
to be adapted to local requirements

5. Adjust - /
to adjust ones tie/ ones spectacles /
Your collar needs adjusting. ,
to adjust a suit
to adjust a device /
to adjust ones field glasses
I must adjust my watch. ,
to adjust oneself to new environments
to adjust oneself to living in a new country

has not adjusted himself to the climate.
to adjust oneself automatically
to adjust smth easily/ effortlessly / -

We adjusted our watches to local time.
to adjust differences
to adjust disputes
to adjust ones expenditure to ones income

freshmen soon adjust to school life.
Some wild beasts never adjust themselves to life in zoo.

6. Affect
to affect smbs health -
to affect smbs decision -
to affect smbs choice -
Bad weather always affects his mood.
This will not affect our resolution.
The criticism affected him. .
The strain has affected her heart.
to affect smth adversely -
to affect smth favourably -
to affect smth directly/ indirectly - /

to affect smth considerably/ significantly -

to affect smth greatly - /
to affect smb deeply/ profoundly/ strongly -
to affect public opinion
It affects me personally. .
The news affected him greatly.
to affect smb to tears -
to affect smbs interests -
Smoking affects health. ,
to affect ignorance
to affect indifference
He affected illness not to go to work. ,
to affect composure
to affect a southern accent

affects carelessness in dress. .

7. Alter
to alter smth radically/ completely/ fundamentally -
/ /
to alter smth slightly/ very little - /
to alter beyond recognition
to alter smth a great deal/ substantially - /

to alter smth markedly/ considerably/ significantly -
to alter the political course
to alter ones way of living
to alter the direction
That doesnt alter the situation. .
That alters things. .
It was too late to alter. - .
to alter a skirt
to alter a jacket
That alters matters/ the case. .
to alter for the better
to alter for the worse
to alter subtly

8. Apply /
to apply a rule
to apply a new method
to apply new means
to apply force
to apply a classification
This applies to everybody. .
That doesnt apply in your case.
to apply to the manager
to apply for help
to apply for advice
to apply for information
to apply for permission
Where would you advise me to apply for help?
to apply for a visa
to apply for the vacant office

to apply for the position/ for the job

to apply for smth in advance/ in person/ in writing -
/ / /
to apply paint
to apply smth evenly/ smoothly -
to apply smth generously/ sparingly - /

to apply in some cases
to apply for a rise ( )
to apply an epithet to smb -

to apply a nickname
to apply economic sanctions
to apply an embargo
to apply the brakes
to apply pressure to get what one wants ,

to apply a match to a cigarette
to apply paint to a surface
to apply oneself to ones job
9 . Assemble

to assemble an audience
to assemble ones friends
to assemble ones followers
to assemble the participants
to assemble pupils
to assemble parts of the motors
to assemble the watch
We assembled in the hall. .
The leaders assembled in Paris for a meeting. /
() ,
to assemble facts
The car is assembled in our city. ()

10. Attach /
to attach a label to a suitcase
attached the rope to his boat. .
attached his horse to a tree. ,
to attach documents to the letter
to attach importance/ significance to smth -
/ -
was attached to the group.
We were attached to the English group of tourists.
I am very much attached to her. .
She is very much attached to her aunt.
to attach a seal to a document
to attach ones name to a document ,

attached himself to a political party.
is foolishly attached to old customs.
The insurance attaches. ,
to attach smb -

11. /
to bar a door /
All the exits were barred. / .
A fallen tree barred the road. .
Soldiers barred our way. .
to bar progress
to bar economic development

to bar smbs advance -
to bar smoking
to bar from fishing
Dogs are barred from the store.
to bar all claims
to bar smb from undesirable actions -

was barred from the contest. .

12. Break /
to break a tree
to break a wall
to break a door
to break ones arm
to break ones watch
to break into two parts
Who broke the chair? ?
to break a cup/ a mirror /
to break a window
to break ones glasses
Who broke this plate? ?
to break into pieces
to break smbs will -
to break smbs resistance -
His spirit was broken. .
The knife broke. .
The glass broke. .
His voice broke. .
to break the law
to break a rule
to break an oath
to break a promise
to break an agreement
to break the peace
to break the silence
to break smbs rest -
to break smbs sleep -
to break the thread of a thought
The storm broke out. .
to break ones journey
The connection is broken. .
to break into a house
to break into laughter
to break into tears
to break open a safe
to break a stick
to break the enemy front
The boil broke. / .
to break the blow
Clouds broke. .
Darkness broke. .
The day broke. .
to break out of prison
A cry broke from her lips. .
to break ones word
to break a marriage
to break an appointment ,

to break a contract
to break a set
to break a secret
to break a horse (in)
to break (in) a child
/ a chain broke. ./ .
The leather breaks. .
The ice breaks. .
Ones heart breaks. .
An epidemic breaks out. .
to break in fragments
to break against a rock
to break into a shop
to break into a dance
to break into blossom
to break through clouds
The sun broke through clouds. .
to break with ones friends
to break smbs head -
to break ones health
to break new land
I had to break the news to them. ()
The waves were breaking against the rocks.
They broke for lunch. .
was broken of his drug habit.

13. Build
to build a bridge/ a house/ a city / /
to build a road/ a railway /
to build a hospital
to build new life
to build quickly/ slowly /
to build solidly /
How long did the factory take to build?
The station was built of reinforced concrete.
to build a fire
to build plans
to build vain hopes
I am built this way. .
You must build your theory upon facts.

to build upon a promise
They built a new library for us.
built bookcases into the wall.
to build a relationship on trust
They built a boat out of wood. ,
to build houses out of prefabricated concrete plates

The house is built of bricks. - .

14. C ast
to cast a glance/ a look
to cast lots
The trees cast long shadows. ,
to cast ones vote into the urn
This casts a new light on the event.
to cast a net
to cast smth ashore -
to cast into prison
to cast ones thoughts back on the past

The horse cast its rider. .
to cast ones clothes
to cast ones coat ( )
to cast an eye over calculations
to cast a slur on smb -
to cast the blame on smb -
to cast a spell upon smb -
to cast a gloom on smth -
to cast actors for parts
He was cast for the part. .
to cast facts under heads
to cast smb into despondency -

15. Clean
to clean ones clothes/ shoes /
to clean vegetables
to have ones suit cleaned
to clean the room
I must clean up my room. ,
to clean nails
to clean a window
to clean ones plate ,
to clean the town by getting rid of criminals

to clean fish ()
to clean a metal
to clean smbs clock - , -
to clean spotlessly ,

16. Clear
to clear a room
to clear the yard, to clear up a yard
to clear the table
The table was cleared. .
to clear the streets of snow
to clear a space for the desk
cleared his throat. .
to clear up a question
to clear up some points / /

to clear up a misunderstanding
to clear up a construction site
The weather cleared up. .
The sky soon cleared up. ,
to clear the snow from the doorway
to clear land of trees
to clear things out of a drawer
Our plane was cleared for takeoff.
to clear ones meaning ()
to clear the stones from the road
to clear the way
Clear the way! !/ !
to clear room of people
to clear ones mind of doubts
to clear ones character
to clear a hedge
to clear the bar ( )
Our bus just managed to clear the truck.
to clear casualties
to clear the enemy
to clear a fishing-line
to clear a ship of her cargo
to clear ones debt
to clear the puck
to clear the air
to clear a score
to clear the dirt of smb -
The fog cleared. .
The court cleared him. .

17. Close

to close a window
The window wont close. .
to close a meeting
to close an exhibition
to close a factory
The theatre was closed for repair. .
Road closed. .
The shop closes at 6. 6 .
We are closing. ,
to close a door quietly
to close a door firmly
to close a speech
to close a subscription
to close a bargain /
to close ones days
to close the ranks

18. Compose /
to compose music
to compose a piece of music
to compose a poem
I am trying to compose a letter. .
It is composed of many parts. ,
to compose a sentence
to compose a quarrel
to compose ones mind
to compose oneself
Wkter is composed of hydrogen and oxygen.
The book is composed of stories written by various authors.
, .
These qualities compose his individuality.
/ .

19. Conceal
to conceal bad news
to conceal the truth
to conceal real facts
to conceal ones feeling
to conceal ones fear
to conceal ones dislike
to conceal smth cleverly/ cunningly -
to conceal smth barely / -
to conceal smth partly/ partially -
to conceal a fugitive /
to conceal oneself ,
to conceal ones name
to conceal ones origin
to conceal ones ignorance
He concealed the bottle beneath his mattress.
might be concealing a secret from me. , ,
- ,
to conceal smth from ones wife/ husband / -
to conceal smth from ones parents -

20. Conduct
to conduct an excursion /
to conduct an examination
to conduct an experiment
to conduct a meeting
to conduct an election
to conduct a lesson
The lesson is conducted in English.
to conduct an orchestra
to conduct oneself
to conduct oneself with dignity
They conducted us through the museum. .
was conducted over the school. .
to conduct to a seat
She conducted on buses. .
The metal conducts electricity.

21. Connect
to connect two parts
to connect several data
The new road connects the two towns.
The events are not connected in any way.
is connected with that firm. .
to connect a TV set to an antenna

to connect two banks of the river by a bridge

to connect in parallel/ in series /

I was connected with a wrong person.
/ .
We are distantly connected. .
We connect the Middle Asia with deserts.
These trains are connected with each other.

22. Control /
knows how to control his horse. .
Who controls the islands? ?
to control accounts/ payments /
to control the expenditure
to control prices
to control one's emotions
to control ones anger
to control ones tears
He couldnt control his temper. .
The company controls the whole industry.
to control ones tongue
to control the quality

23. Cover /
She covered her face with her hands. .
She covered the child with a blanket. .
The ground was covered with snow. .
Clouds covered the sky. .
to cover smth completely/ totally - (-)
to cover a saucepan
to cover plants with straw
to cover a retreat
to cover a player / ( )
to cover ones shame
to cover ones confusion
to cover ones annoyance
to cover up ones tracks
to cover for smb -,
to cover up for a friend , ()
to cover oneself with shame
You are covered with dust. ,
to cover with wallpaper
The floods covered a large area.
His researches cover a wide field.
The police got all the roads covered.
covered the distance in an hour. .
to cover football matches
to cover the theatres
The rules cover all cases. ,
to cover ones expenses
My policy covers me against loss from fire.

24. Crush
to crush an insect
to crush the glass
to crush an uprising
to crush smb resistance -
The woman was crushed with grief. .
to crush grapes
The man was crushed to death by a car.
The dress is badly crushed. .
He crushed the letter (in his hand). .
This cloth crushes easily. .
Our hopes have been crushed. .
He was quite crushed by all these misfortunes.
They all crushed into the small room.
The people crushed through the gates as soon as they were opened.
, .

25. Cut
to cut cloth with scissors
to cut wood with a knife
to cut into pieces
She cut the meat. ,
to cut a piece of cake
The bread was already cut. ,
to cut ones finger on a knife
to cut smbs hair -
to cut oneself badly
to cut a slice of cheese
to cut across the field , ,

to cut a branch from a tree
was cut from the team. .
They cut the budget to the minimum.
She cut her hair short. ,
to cut smb to the quick - ()
This knife wont cut. .
to cut flowers
to cut a hedge
to cut ones nails
to cut prices
to cut a manuscript
He cut the man across his face. .
The lines cut one another. ,
to cut the hay
to cut ones way , ,
The baby is cutting its teeth. .

26. Deal /
to deal with smb -
We dont deal with that firm. .
is an easy person to deal with. .
is a difficult person to deal with. ,
to deal with a question
Your question has already been dealt with.
Who deals with such matters? ?
The book deals with a number of subjects.
to deal in household goods

to deal in furniture
to deal out gifts
The money must be dealt out fairly. ,
to deal out cards
to deal smb a blow -
to deal in politics
Botany deals with the study of plants. - ,
to deal with a famous firm
to deal with smb fairly -
to deal with smb cruelly -
to deal with smth at length/ in detail -
to deal with smth effectively/ efficiently/ successfully -

to deal with smb ruthlessly -
to deal with smth promptly/ swiftly -
We deal with many customers.
to deal with complains
This chapter deals with the problem of inflation.
27. Derive /
to derive pleasure from the trip
to derive profits
to derive words from Latin
to derive a word from a Latin root

to derive pleasure from music (
to derive benefit from smth -
to derive ones income from a farm
to derive from a principle
to derive ones character from ones father
to derive ones knowledge from books
They derive enormous pleasure from their grandchildren.
Wealth derives from political power.

28. Destroy
to destroy documents
to destroy a manuscript
to destroy evidence
to destroy enemies/ opponents /
to destroy smth completely/ totally/ utterly
to destroy smth by accident/ by mistake -
to destroy smth deliberately/ intentionally -
to destroy smth thoughtlessly/ carelessly -
to destroy smth methodically/ systematically -
to destroy smth ruthlessly -
to destroy a building /
to destroy an army
to destroy smbs hopes -
to destroy smbs plans -
to destroy a dress /
to destroy smbs love -
to destroy smb reputation -
to destroy oneself
Several buildings were destroyed by the bomb.
I dont wish to destroy our friendship.
During the epidemic farmers had to destroy entire herds of cattle. Bo


29. Dig
to dig the ground/ the soil /
to dig a hole
to dig a grave
to dig potatoes
We had to dig for an hour. .
to dig a well
to dig for gold
to dig through a mountain
to dig up new facts
to dig ones hands into ones pocket

to dig smb in the side -
tc dig into a report
1 was digging my garden. .
dug a deep hole in the ground. .
She dug into the bag and pulled out a photograph.

30. Do
did nothing the whole day. .
I shall do everything you say. , .
We shall do our best. .
I have very much to do. .
Do whatever you like. , .
I did it yesterday. .
Can you show how to do it? ,
What does your brother do? ?
Can you do without me today?
to do the room
to do well at school
is doing well. .
The garden was doing very well. .
to do ones duty
to do smb good -
to have to do with smb -
That will do! !
She did a favour to me. .
They did him out of his inheritance. /
What did they do to him? / ?
to do odd jobs
The amount of work he has done is amazing. ,
to do mischief ,
Will that do? / ?
to do harm
to do smb a good turn -
to do justice
to do credit
to do gardening
to do painting
to do ones military service
to do the beds
to do the dishes
to do ones hair
to do ones face , ,
to do sights
He can do the distance in an hour.
The patient is doing well. .
The speaker did well. .
did brilliantly at the examination. ,
to do smb well/ handsomely / /
has done with her. .
to do for a rival
We have been done for! !/ !
to do an article into English
I can do with a cup of tea. .
I cannot do with any noise. .
I cant do with his insolence. .

31. Doom
be doomed
The plan was doomed to failure. .
was doomed (to die). ,
to doom smb to exile -
to be domed to death
They are doomed to failure. .
was doomed to be killed in .
The government was doomed. (

32. Dry
to dry the linen
to dry ones hair
to dry ones hands
to dry dishes on a towel
to dry ones lips with a napkin
to dry ones forehead with a handkerchief

to dry ones feet on a rug
The well has dried up. ,
to dry smth by the fire -
The wind dried the skin. .
to dry in the wind /
to dry smth with a cloth -
to dry ones eyes ,
to dry ones tears
The washing dried in the sun. .

33. Dye
to dye the yarn
to dye a sweater
to dye ones hair
to dye smth red -
She is going to dye her hair red/ black.
/ .
She dyed the dress blue. /

34. Equip
to equip smb with clothes -
to equip smb with tools -
to equip a factory /
to equip oneself for a journey
The travellers were equipped with all they needed.
The factory was well equipped. ,
to equip a ship
to equip with nuclear weapons
to equip ones children with a good education

was ill equipped for such life.
Her training equipped her to cope with her new job.
The enemy troops were equipped with tanks, aircraft and missiles.
, .
The office is equipped with computers.
They are not equipped to face reality.

35. Erect
to erect a monument /
to erect a statue
to erect a temple
to erect a wall
to erect a house/ a building /
to erect a lighthouse
to erect ones body
to erect the ears
to erect a new government
to erect a machine /
This kind of tent is easily erected or folded away.
We had to erect 200 beds in the camp.
200 .

36. Establish
to establish a newspaper
to establish a business /
to establish a school
The firm was established in 1905. 1905 ,
to establish an international organization

to establish relations
to establish rules
to establish contacts with smb -
Peace was established. .
to establish order
to establish the truth
to establish the cause of death
to establish smbs guilt -
to establish smbs innocence -
to establish smth beyond all doubts -

12 436
to establish smth unequivocally -
to establish a state
to establish one's health
to establish ones reputation
to establish oneself in a new house
to establish smbs whereabouts -

to establish certain facts /

37. Execute
to execute smbs command -
to execute smbs will -
to execute a piece of work
to execute a plan
to execute a murderer
to execute a criminal
to execute a prisoner /
The traitor was executed. ,
to execute a purpose
Women are not executed in Britain.
The pilot began to execute a series of acrobatics.

38. Fail ()/

His attempt failed. .
Their plan failed. .
to fail ones examination
to fail in history
failed most of the tests. .
She failed her driving test. ,
to fail smb in an examination -
I fail to understand. .
They failed him. .
Words fail me to express my thanks. ,
failed to remind me of it. .
to fail smth altogether/ completely/ utterly/ entirely/ wholly
/ -
to fail smth dismally/ lamentably/ miserably -

to fail in life
to fail in a suit
His attempt has failed. ,
to fail the height
Time will fail me. .
The wind failed. .
The light failed. .
His health failed. .
Daylight is failing. .
The engine failed unexpectedly. .

39. Fasten
to fasten smth tightly/ loosely - /
to fasten smth securely/ carefully - /

to fasten smth neatly -
to fasten with a / a string /
Fasten these books together! !
to fasten a map/ a diagram /
to fasten to the wall/ to the blackboard / /

to fasten with a pin/ with tacks /
fasten a blouse
to fasten a zip
to fasten a belt
to fasten ones mind on smth -
to fasten shoelaces
to fasten ones hair
to fasten a nickname
to fasten a quarrel upon smb -
to fasten the window
Fasten your seat belts. .
Her skirt wouldnt fasten. .
to fasten the blame upon smb -
fastened his eyes on the picture. .
She fastened all her hopes on his arrival.
to fasten on smth -
to fasten on smbs pronunciation -

40. Find
to find a street
to find a mistake
to find a solution
to find a way out of the difficulty /

to find smth quickly -
to find smth after a long search -

to find smth by chance -
I have found your ring. .
I cant find my watch. .
She found a new job. ,
to find time to do smth -
to find opportunity to do smth -
to find satisfaction in ones work

to find happiness with smb -
to find a solution to the problem
to find a purse
to find a beautiful spot
to find oil/ coal /
to find new evidence /
to find an explanation
I found him at home. .
I found him in the garden. .
I find it impossible/ necessary/ difficult. /
/ .
We found ourselves far from home. .
He found himself in a rather difficult position.
to find means
to find courage to do smth -
was found guilty. .
was found innocent. .

41. Fit /
to fit well/ badly , /
to fit neatly/ smoothly/ snugly
to fit closely/ tight
to fit perfectly/ exactly ,
to fit beautifully/ comfortably /
The shoes fit well. / .
to fit into a hole/ a buttonhole /
to fit into one another
The tube fits into another one.
This coat does not fit you. / .
The dress fits you nicely. .
The key fits to the lock. .
The words fit the occasion. ,
to fit oneself for a job
to fit oneself for a journey
to fit a workshop for a certain purpose

io fit a hat to the head
to fit a pipe into an opening
to fit a library with shelves ,

to fit a hotel with modern conveniences

to be fitted for school
to be fitted for an expedition

The classrooms are fitted with computers.
to fit oneself into ones surroundings

to fit to
to fit like a glove /
The description fits him. .
The punishment fits the crime.
to fit a handle to a broom
to fit ones conduct to circumstances

This school fits the students for college.
to fit a ring to the finger
to fit together
to fit into the suitcase /

42. Fix
to fix a mirror
to fix a picture on the wall
to fix ones attention on smb/smth
-/ -
to fix ones hopes on smb -
The boy fixed his eyes on the newcomer.
to fix a day/ a date /
to fix time
Our departure was fixed for ten oclock.
to fix ones
to fix a broken chair
Ill fix everything for you. ,
to fix a lid on a box
to fix a shelf to a wall
to fix a post in the ground /
to fix a budget
to fix the blame
to fix responsibility
Well fix the whole business. .
to fix a fire
to fix oneself
to fix ones face ,
to fix the drain
to fix facts in ones mind

43. Fling /
to fling a stone at smb -
flung the parcel on the table. .
She flung the door open. ,
to fling a spear
to fling smb into prison -
to fling out of the room
to fling oneself into an armchair
to fling smb down -
to fling ones clothes
to fling abuse at smb -
She flung a few things into her handbag. -
They flung their rifles to the ground.

44. Form /
to form a piece of clay into a shape

Three parts together form a perfect whole.
to form an opinion
to form a plan
to form a habit
The idea slowly formed in my mind.
to form the mind
to form the character
to form a child
to form a government

to form a union
to form a committee
to form a club
to form an orchestra /
They form the majority of the population.
I formed the impression that... , ...
to form the basis of smth -

45. Fulfil -
to fulfil smbs wish/ desire -
to fulfil ones obligations
to fulfil smbs request -
to fulfil smth completely -
to fulfil smth altogether/ partially - /

to fulfil smth satisfactorily -
to fulfil conditions /
to fulfil the demands/ the requirements
to fulfil the regulations
to fulfil a promise
to fulfil ones work by a certain date

She has fulfilled herself as an actress.

46. Glue
to glue a stamp
to glue a label
to glue wallpaper
to glue on the wall/ on the floor /
to glue to the envelope
to glue a broken toy
He glued the pieces of wood together. .
was glued to the TV all the evening.
stood glued to the spot. .
He glued the model boat together. .
She is always glued to her mother.
to glue a sole to a shoe

47. Grab
to grab a parcel
to grab a boy
to grab the money
to grab at a branch
to grab at the rope
to grab at a chance
to grab smb by the collar -
to grab smb from behind -
He grabbed the purse and bolted.
to grab an audience
to grab at a highly paid job

She grabbed my arm. .

48. Grasp
to grasp a toy
to grasp a knife
to grasp at a branch
to grasp at
to grasp at a proposal
The idea was difficult to grasp. .
The policeman grasped his arm. .
The baby grasped the new toy.
I didnt quite grasp what she meant. ,
to grasp an argument
Did you grasp the main points of his speech?
/ ?
to grasp at the opportunity
to grasp for any chance
She grasped the post with her hands.
to grasp the importance of smth -
to grasp the nettle /
to grasp smth easily/ fully - /

49. Grind
to grind wheat
to grind coffee
to grind into powder
to grind ones teeth
to grind flour
to grind corn into flour in a mill

to grind small/ fine /
to grind smth under ones heel -
to grind dry/ wet /
to grind a knife/ an axe /
to grind a coffee mill
to grind at smth -
to grind at ones English
to grind for an exam
to grind grammar into smbs head -
to grind black pepper
He ground his cigarette in the ashtray.
The lift grinds in the shaft. .

50. Grip
to grip a toy
to grip a rifle
to grip smth firmly/ tightly -
The child gripped his mothers hand.
to grip ones coat
to grip smb by the arm -
Fear gripped the crowd. ,
to grip a railing
to grip smth in a vice -
Fear gripped his heart. ().
The brake doesnt grip. .
The wheels are not gripping.
I cannot grip his argument. ,
to grip smbs attention -
The story gripped me. .
was gripped by a powerful desire to laugh.
I was really gripped by the first few pages.

51. Hammer
to hammer nails
to hammer a lid to the box
to hammer a t/ on the door /
to hammer on the table
Someone was hammering at a typewriter. -
to hammer a nail into a board
to hammer smth into shape -
to hammer smb in the jaw -
hammered his opponent. ,
to hammer rules into smbs head
to hammer smth home / -
to hammer at a book
His pulse hammered. ./
They all hammer away at their thesis.

52. Handle
Please dont handle the things on my desk! ,
to handle the tool
He doesnt know how to handle a car. .
Can you handle a computer? ?
Handle that box carefully!
They handled him roughly. .
She knows how to handle children. .
handled the matter cleverly. ,
to handle smth awkwardly/ clumsily -
to handle smth deftly/ expertly/ skilfully -
to handle smth carefully/ gingerly/ gently/ tactfully -
to handle smth efficiently/ successfully -

to handle smth carelessly/ roughly - /

to learn how to handle smth -
Glass - handle with care! , !
to handle a book with dirty hands
to handle the ball well
to handle a problem
to handle documents
to handle a tractor
to handle the traffic
to handle troops
The car handles well. ./
is difficult to handle. ( ).
handles all the major accounts. .

53. Harness
to harness a horse
to harness the deer
harnessed the deer to the sledge. ,
to harness a waterfall

to harness natural resources
Techniques harnessing the energy of the sun are being developed.
to harness horses to a coach
to harness together in matrimony

54. Harvest
The crops were harvested in time. ,
to harvest wheat/ rice /
to harvest the fruit of ones acts

We harvested the grain before the rains came.
to harvest wheat with combines
to harvest hay
The students are invited to harvest fruit.
to harvest smth without losses -

55. Hide ()
I have nothing to hide. .
to hide among the trees
to hide behind the door
to hide in bushes
to hide from the police
to hide ones money
Clouds hid the sun. .
hide the truth
to hide the facts
to hide ones feelings
to hide smth carefully -
to hide in a safe place
to hide smth secretly/ surreptitiously -
to hide a matchbox from children
to hide smth in a drawer -
to hide smth in the cellar -
to hide the keys under the box
to hide smth from sight
You had better hide. / ,
to hide a scandal
to hide ones face , ,

56. Hold
to hold a spoon/ a knife /
to hold a gun/ a coin /
to hold a child
to hold smth tightly/ firmly -
to hold smth at a distance -
to hold smth at arms length -

to hold in ones hand
to hold in ones arms /
to hold under ones arm
He holds the record for the high jump.
to hold money in a bank /
to hold land
holds a degree. .
to hold the floor
to hold ones tears
to hold ones smile
He could hardly hold the horses.
to hold smb from a rash venture -

to hold ones tongue
to hold ones breath
The frost/ the heat is holding. / .
Will the rope hold? ?
The bottle holds half a litre. -.
The bag wont hold all my things.
I cant hold all these figures in my head.
Life holds many surprises. .
Who knows what the future holds for us? ,
to hold a meeting
to hold an election
to hold an investigation
to hold a festival
to hold Olympic Games
to hold a position/ a post /
I hold the same view. .
I hold it good. , .
I hold him wrong. , .
The theory holds true in all cases. .
The promise holds good. .
holds back some information. - .
She held out her hand. .
We were held up for two days. .
to hold ones head high
We will not hold against your past blunders.
to hold to the terms of a contract

I dont hold with his ideas. .
We hold him to be responsible. .
They hold life cheep. .

57. Issue
to issue a newspaper
to issue new stamps
to issue a new coin
to issue shares
to issue loans
The book was issued last year.
to issue tickets
to issue an order ,
to issue a licence
Blood issues from a wound. .
No words issued from his lips. .
I hope our work will issue well. ,
The game issued in a tie. .
to issue food to soldiers
Smoke issued from the chimneys. / .

58. Keep -
Do you keep a screwdriver around the house?
She kept them at their studies. .
The librarian will keep the book for you.
She couldnt keep from talking. .
She keeps secrets from me. - .
Dont keep her from working! He !
Keep off the grass! He !
Keep out of their quarrel! He !
to keep to the right
He kept us waiting. .
They kept him prisoner. .
to keep a car in a garage
to keep money in the savings bank
to keep a revolver in ones pocket
to keep smb in prison -
to keep silence
to keep old clothes
to keep the book for a month
to keep poultry
to keep bees/ a dog /
to keep a car
to keep a shop / /
to keep a family
to keep eggs/ butter /
I am kept here by business. .
to keep a fortress

to keep goal ()
These apples will keep till spring.
to keep at home
to keep ones bed
to keep on the right track
to keep to the point/ subject
to keep to a promise
to keep to the law ,
to keep to the rules
to keep ones birthday
to keep in mind
to keep ones feet
to keep the house
to keep out of danger
to keep awake
to keep cheerful
to keep cool
to keep silent

59. Knock
to knock a t/ on the door
to knock on the window
to knock on the wall
to knock gently/ loudly/ sharply / /
to knock twice/ three times /
knocked the boy on the head. ,
to knock smb down/ off -
I was nearly knocked off my feet. .
was knocked down by a bus. .
They are going to knock this house down.
to knock softly/ irritably /
to knock against the table
to knock against the pavement
to knock for admittance ,
to knock the ball hard
to knock ones foot against a stone
to knock smth from smbs hand - -
to knock ones head against a post
to knock a nail into a wall
to knock smth into smbs head - -
I knocked against him in a street. /
Her cool impudence knocked me down.
is always knocking the young. .
Knock on wood! !/ !
The impact knocked two teeth out of his mouth.
/ ,
to knock some sense into smbs head -

60. Light
to light a match
to light a cigarette
to light a candle
to light the gas
to light a fire
One candle lighted the room. .
The room was lit by a single candle.
to light the way
The streets were brightly lit. .
Our houses are lit by electricity.
All the windows lit up. .
A smile lit up her face. ,
to light up with pleasure
to light on a rare book /

We lit upon a solution. ,
to light on ones feet ( , )
The bird lit upon the bough. .
61. Lock
to lock a door/ the gate /
to lock a trunk
to lock the door on the inside
The door was locked from within. .
The door locks automatically. .
The door doesnt lock easily. .
locked himself in his room. .
Dont forget to lock up when you leave. He ,
to lock a secret in ones breast
The lake is locked in by hills.
The wheels have been locked. .
He has locked all his papers in the safe.
to be locked in a fierce battle

62. Make
to make a table/ a shelf /
to make furniture
to make a device /
to make smth with ones own hands -

made a boat out of paper. .
to make a house/ a bridge /
to make a dress/ a suit /
to make a garden
to make smth to order -
to make ones bed
to make an offer/ a proposal
to make a comparison
to make an announcement
to make a report
He made a statement. .
I can make no exceptions. .
He made a brilliant career. .
to make an agreement
to make a sensation
to make an impression
to make a speech
to make difficulties
They are made for each other. .
to make inquiries
to make a mental note of smth -
to make footwear/ cars /
to make electrical equipment
to make breakfast/ dinner /
to make tea
to make coffee
to make a fire
to make a cake /
to make money
to make ones living
to make a profit
She makes a good living from her shop.
I could make nothing of her letter. .
They made me do the work. .
You made us wait. .
to make for a door
to make for the exit
The dog made straight for the cat. .
Ttoo and two make four. .
will make a good teacher. .
to make smb angry -
She made an offer to us. .
Make an omelet for me! !
The ship made for the open sea.
Willingness to compromise makes for success in negotiations.
to make butter from cream
She made the children clean their room.
We made our position clear. .
She couldnt make herself understood.
/ .
finally made colonel. .

63. Manage /
to manage a factory /
to manage a business /
to manage a department
to manage a company
manages the theatre. .
knows how to manage people. ,
to manage ones household
We must manage without help.
We cant manage without him. .
will manage somehow. - .
Can you manage all that work alone?
will manage by himself. .
We can manage to finish in time. .
We managed to get two tickets. .
We managed to find him. .
We cant manage without extra money.
to manage a boat

64. M anufacture
to manufacture furniture
to manufacture clothing
to manufacture consumer goods

to manufacture household articles

to manufacture arms
The machines are manufactured on a large scale.
The country manufactures more cars than any other.
to manufacture shoes
to manufacture potboilers
to manufacture false evidence
to manufacture a charge
to manufacture an excuse

65. Mark
to mark the direction /
to mark a distance
Some of the names were marked with a tick.
The price is marked on the slip. .
to mark the accent
to mark the linen ( )
to mark a passage in a book
to mark the trees
to mark a place on the map
The thermometer marked 40C. 40C.
Her face was marked with suffering. ,
The judges marked his performance very high.
This novel marks him as a great author.
to mark the occasion
They marked their approval by clapping.
Mark him well. .
Mark my words! !

66. Master
to master a foreign language
to master a trade
He has mastered the instrument thoroughly.
to master a subject
never really mastered the language.
to master a problem
The horse was difficult to master.
couldnt master the impulse to laugh.
to master the enemy
to master unruly children
to master ones feelings
to master ones temper
to master a difficulty
to master the piano
to master the art of public speaking

to master the house

67. Mend
to mend a chair
to mend a watch
to mend ones clothes
to mend shoes
The door was mended. .
I must take my shoes to be mended.
to mend a TV set
to mend
to mend water pipes
to mend socks
My socks need mending. ,
to mend invisibly
to mend a broken window
The road was mended. .
My health is mending. .
His leg is mending. .
to mend ones ways /

68. Mix
She mixed the flour with water. .
Mix all the ingredients together! !
to mix business with pleasure
doesnt mix with the other students.
She doesnt mix well. .
I always mix up their names. .
You have got everything mixed up. .
Everything is mixed up in my mind. .
is mixed up in it somehow. - .
to mix wine with water
to mix with the crowd
to mix a salad
to mix drugs
Can I mix you a drink? ?
We can sometime mix business with pleasure.
These colours do not mix together. ,
to mix with people ,
to mix in the best society
You are getting mixed. - .

69. Open
to open a box/ a door /
to open the door wide
The door opens inwards/ outwards. /
The door opened suddenly/ unexpectedly. /
to open smth with difficulty -
to open smth without any difficulty -
She opened the chest with a key. .
to open the zipper
to open a meeting
to open a shop
to open an exhibition
to open a bank account
to open a new school
to open fire
to open a conversation
to open a game
The window wont open. .
The box opened quite easily. .
The exhibition opens on Rriday. .
They opened the road to traffic. .
Open on page 35. 35.
to open ones hand
to open a parcel ,
My heart opens to your words.
The buds are opening. ,
to open an abscess
to open a new park/ museum /
The spy opened our plans to the enemy.
The door opened on a courtyard. ,
to open ones eyes

70. Operate
Can you operate the machine? /
Can you operate the computer?
The machine wont operate under those conditions.
Only one elevator was operating. .
was operated on. ./
She was operated on for appendicitis.
This machinery operates day and night.
His mind operates slowly. .
This law operates to our advantage.

to operate changes
to operate a factory

71. Pack
to pack books/ clothes /
to pack smth neatly/ tidily -
to pack smth safely -
to pack smth hastily/ hurriedly -
to pack into a suitcase
to pack into a box
Have you packed up your things? ?
I have packed my suitcase. .
I need half an hour to pack. ,
I am going to pack. ,
to pack furniture
to pack goods
to pack a trunk with clothes
to pack ones bags ,
The audience packed the theatre. .
Passengers packed the railway carriage.
The book is packed with facts. .
People were packed up like sardines.

72. Peel
to peel an apple ,
to peel an orange/ a banana/ potatoes / /

The paint is peeling. .
The wallpaper is peeling. .
He got sunburnt and his skin peeled. , /
She peeled off her dress. / .
I found her peeling potatoes. .
Her nose was peeling. .

73. Perform
to perform ones duty
to perform ones duties
to perform a task
to perform a deed
to perform miracles
to perform an experiment
to perform an operation
to perform a dance
to perform a part
to perform smth brilliantly/ flawlessly - /

to perform smth poorly/ badly /
to perform smth with great skill/ skilfully -
to perform smth with great success
The orchestra is performing a new symphony.
Many animals perform in circus.
to perform useful work
to perform an obligation
to perform the part of the host
to perform a conjuring trick
Our team performed very well in the match.
The children had to perform on stage.
Who was the first to perform an operation on heart?
to perform live
74. Pick
to pick berries/ fruit/ mushrooms / /
to pick flowers
to pick a beautiful spot for the camp

We want to pick the right person.
to pick a pencil from the ground
to pick the best
They picked the most deserving candidate.
to pick ones men
to pick ones words
to pick a thread off ones coat
to pick a thorn out of ones finger
to pick a quarrel
to pick an occasion
Pigeons were picking grain. ,
to pick ones teeth
to pick ones nose
to pick at ones food /
to pick a pimple
to pick a hole
to pick a chicken
to pick a bone
to pick the skirt to pieces
They will pick you to pieces among themselves.
to pick smbs pocket -
to pick smbs purse -
They are always picking at each other. .
Pick a nice watermelon for me. .
She picked this album from our record library.
She is always picking on me. .
They picked me to serve as secretary. .
The dog picked the bone clean. .
75. Plant
to plant flowers/ potatoes /
to plant trees/ a forest /
to plant a tree
to plant seedlings
to plant early in spring
to plant late in autumn
to plant a park
to plant a field with wheat
to plant posts along the road
They planted themselves in some safe nook. -
to plant ones foot on smth -
to plant a dagger in smbs heart -
to plant a bullet in a target
to plant ones fist on smbs nose -
to plant love for learning
to plant guards at the entrance
to plant a bomb
The evidence was planted. ,
to plant an idea in smbs head -

76. Pour
to pour water/ milk/ a liquid / /
It is pouring. .
to pour water into a basin
to pour tea into cups
to pour wine into glasses
Water was pouring out of the tap. .
poured water over the flowerbed. .
The sweat poured off him. .
Tears poured down her cheeks. .
Water poured from the roof. .
The hostess poured coffee for the guests.
to pour gifts upon smb -
to pour out ones heart
Crowds poured in. .
After the match the fans poured out of the stadium.
to pour cold water on/ over smb
Pour a cool drink for me! - !
Blood poured from the gaping wound.
to pour gravy over meat /

77. Press -
to press a button/ a bell /
to press a trigger
to press smth lightly/ heavily - /
to press smbs hand -
to press clothes
to press ones trousers
He is pressed for time. .
She is pressed for money. ,
to press a lever
My shoe presses on my toes. .
Dont press him too hard. He ,
to press smb to ones breast -
to press grapes
to press juice out of apples
to be hard pressed
to press a stamp on a document ,

was hard pressed for an answer. , .
Time presses. .
The business presses. / ,
to press ones claims
I will not press the point. .
The judge pressed the witness to answer the question.
, ,
to press for rent
They are pressing us for an answer. ,
to press ones advice upon smb -
to press ones goods on smb -
Debts pressed heavily upon him. .
to press smb against a door -
to press smb for information -
to press clay into various forms

78. Pull -
to pull a boat
to pull a net /
to pull out a drawer
to pull a door
to pull smth gently -
to pull smth hard/ with all ones might - /

to pull smth steadily/ vigorously - /
to pull the trigger /
to pull at ones moustache
to pull with a jerk
The train pulled into the station. .
The train pulled out of the station. .
to pull a sledge /
to pull the
to pull carrots /
to pull weeds /
to pull the branch down
to pull up ones stockings
to pull the furniture into room
to pull smth into the yard -
to pull a fish out of the water
to pull a rabbit out of the hole
to pull smb by the sleeve -
to pull smb by the hair -
to pull smb by the ear -
to pull ones cap over ones ears
to pull ones blanket over ones face
to pull faces
to pull a long face
to pull smbs leg / -
to pull smb by the hand -
to pull oneself together
to pull down a building
He pulled off his heavy sweater. ,
to pull a cork
to pull a tooth
to pull nails
pulled out his wallet from his pocket.
to pull at a bottle
to pull to a shore
to pull ones muscle
to pull ones tendon
to pull a hair ()
to pull to pieces
She pulled the boys apart. .
Advertising pulls customers. ,
to pull a crime
to pull stunts
He pulled an A in his English.

79. Repair
to repair
to repair a clock/ a watch
to repair a road
to repair a house
to repair water pipes
to repair a tap ()
to repair smth properly/ skillfully -
to repair smth badly -
to repair a bicycle
to repair clothes/ shoes /
My shoes need repairing. .
to repair ones health
to repair ones lipstick
The wound was not repairing. .
to repair a mistake
to repair an injustice
to repair damages
No one knew how to repair the engine. ,
We can repair these omissions.
to repair ones failure

80. Restore
to restore a city
to restore a railway
to restore a bridge
to restore ones health
to restore ones authority
to restore ones confidence
to restore the former glory
to restore the original condition

to restore completely/ partly /
to restore faithfully
to restore smth patiently/ painstakingly -
to restore smth lovingly/ impeccably -
The house was restored to its former condition.
His good name was restored. ,
to restore smbs property -
to restore a borrowed book
to restore an employee to his old post

to be restored to liberty
436 385
to be restored to happiness
to restore smb to life -
to feel oneself restored to life
to restore public order
to restore smbs reputation
to restore a picture
to restore a palace
to restore old customs
to restore a belief in smth -

81. Result
Their conversation resulted in quarrel.
Our talks resulted in reconciliation.
The attempt resulted in complete failure.
Nothing has resulted from my efforts.
to result in a win
to result in a goalless draw
Heavy rains resulted in floods.
to result in lessening of tension

to result automatically/ inevitably in smth /
to result eventually in smth -
Her death resulted from an overdose of pills.
The argument resulted in a fight. .
The use of such techniques resulted in disastrous environmental
This will result in higher prices. .
A huge saving in cost will result from your proposal.
82. Rub -
to rub the surface dry /
to rub ones hands with soap
The dog rubbed its head against my legs.
to rub two things together
to rub the glasses with a towel
My shoe is rubbing my heel. ,
to rub sore
to rub ones leg with ointment
to rub smth to powder -
to rub the wrong way ,
to rub ones ears in the frost
The lift was rubbing against the guides in the shaft.
to rub a cream into ones skin
to rub ones eyes
He rubbed at his throat. .
She rubbed her glasses slowly. .
rubbed the ointment into his wound.

83. Ruin
to ruin a city
to ruin smbs hopes -
to ruin smbs plans -
He was ruined. .
to ruin the economy of the country /

to ruin ones health
to ruin ones reputation /
to ruin ones career
to ruin ones life
to ruin ones dress
The storm ruined the crops. .
to ruin oneself
to ruin smth completely/ utterly -
You are ruining your health. .
The textile industry was ruined.
The contract would certainly have ruined him.

84. Saw
to saw wood/ a log/ a tree / /
to saw a branch/ a bough /
to saw off a branch
to saw off a piece of wood
to saw down a tree
to saw a log in half
to saw planks out of a log
All the timber was sawn up. .
This kind of wood doesnt saw easily.
to saw the air ,
Saw the branches off the main trunk! !

85. Scatter
to scatter ones things/ ones clothes /

to scatter ones toys
to scatter seeds
to scatter over the floor/ over the flowerbed /

The wind scattered the dead leaves. .
The books and papers were scattered on the table and the bed.
to scatter crumbs
to scatter far and wide
to scatter the birds
The police scattered the crowd. .
The clouds scattered. .
The tourists scattered about the town. .
The soldiers scattered. ,
to scatter smbs hopes -
to scatter the field with seed
to scatter a road with sand
to scatter fragrance

86. Seal
to seal a letter
to seal a parcel
to seal a bottle
The envelope was not scaled. .
All doors have been sealed. ,
to seal a puncture ( )
The windows must be sealed up. .
The police sealed off the entrances. ,
to seal an agreement
His eyes were sealed on the door.
to seal hermetically/ airtightly
Small cracks can be sealed with this compound.

87. Search
to search for a key
to search for a child
to search for a solution
to search for a way out
to search for smth systematically/ methodically -
to search for smth carefully/ thoroughly/ tirelessly -
/ /
to search for smb everywhere -
to search for smth in vain -
to search for smth desperately/ frantically -
to search for a lost ring
to search after happiness
to search after new remedies
to search after truth
to search out all the facts
to search the city for the thief
to search a house
to search a ship
Luggage is searched at the custom house.
to search ones heart
to search ones conscience
to search into the cause of smth -
to search into the matter
to search to the root of smth -

88. Secure -
to secure a victory/ success /
to secure good results
to secure an increase
to secure tickets
to secure smth completely/ perfectly/ totally
to secure smth absolutely -
to secure smth comparatively/ reasonably -
to secure the liberty of smth -
to secure a place
to secure an object ( )
to secure a house
to secure an order
to secure a crop
to secure ones ends
to secure a prisoner
to secure a bridge from the threat of blowing up

secured only 10 per cent of votes. 10% .
89. Seize
to seize a boy by the arm
to seize a weapon
to seize a pencil
to seize smb by the collar/ by the coat - /

to seize smth firmly/ tightly -
The dog seized the stick. ,
to seize a city/ a ship /
to seize smbs property -
to seize the enemys position
to seize smth by force -
to seize smth unlawfully -
Fear seized them. .
He was seized with shame. .
She was seized with remorse. .
to seize an opportunity
to seize
to seize smb by the throat -
to seize a thief
to seize the reins of power
to seize an idea
to seize contraband
to seize a suggestion
to seize the point/ the essence of the matter

I cant seize your meaning. .
was seized with terror. .
She was seized with a fit of coughing. .
The lock seized. .

90. Separate /
We separated the good apples from the bad ones.
The Channel separates England from France. Jla-
We separated at midnight. .
He has separated from his wife. / ,
to separate a word by a hyphen
to separate the wires
to separate the truth from falsehood
to separate smth into parts -
to separate smth into classes -
to separate cream from milk
to separate bran from flour
A fence separates us from the neighbours.
They are separated by their political views.
Her parents separated when she was seven. ,

91. Sharpen
to sharpen a knife/ a razor / /
to sharpen a stick
to sharpen a pencil
to sharpen ones wit
The pain sharpened. .
The man sharpened his pace. .
The stick was sharpened at both ends.
His senses sharpened. .
Her voice sharpened. .

92. Shed
to shed tears/ blood /
Ill shed no tears over him. ,
to shed in small drops ,
The fire sheds warmth. .
Some light was shed on recent events by his statement.
to shed fragrance
sheds confidence. .
The cloth sheds water. .
He begins to shed teeth. .
The trees shed their leaves. .
The cat is shedding. .
The snake sheds its skin. .
to shed eggs ,
She shed her heavy coat. .
I shed all my restraint. .
A lorry shed sand. ,
to shed light on a problem -

93. Shut
to shut a window
to shut a drawer
to shut a suitcase
to shut ones mouth ,
to shut ones eyes
1 door shuts easily. .
The suitcase shuts with difficulty. ,
to shut the door on/ to smb -,
They shut their eyes to the poverty. /
to shut the lid
to shut ones ears to smth -
The door shut with a slam. .
to shut ones lips
The shops are shut. .
to shut smb in prison -
to shut an umbrella
to shut a finger in a door
Shut your face! !/ !

94. Snatch
to snatch a bag
to snatch a sheet of paper
The boy snatched an apple from the table.
He snatched at the chance. .
The boy snatched the ball out of the girls hands.
to snatch an object from smbs hand -
snatched up his gun and fired.
to snatch at
to snatch at any excuse
to snatch a few hours of sleep
to snatch a meal
to snatch a glimpse of smth -
to snatch a victory
snatched the purse from her hand. .

95. Sow
to sow seeds/ / grass / /
to sow field with wheat
It is too early to sow. .
to sow doubts in smbs mind -
A sky sown with stars. , .
As you sow, so shall you reap. , ,
to sow the seeds of enmity
The land was cleared of weeds and sown with grass.
to sow discord
to sow dismay

96. Split /
to split wood/ logs /
The explosion had split the rock into a number of pieces.
to split the atom
The bottle split. .
The tourists split into three groups. 3 .
My head is splitting. / ,
to split ones forces
to split ones sides with laughter
to split a nut
to split a safe open
The air was split with outcries.
to split upon a rock
to split profits
to split a work among a number of people

The crowd split into several groups.
They split after a year of marriage.
to split with smb over smth -
to split a political party
Water splits into hydrogen and oxygen.
to split smbs ears -
to split the difference ,
to split hairs ,

97. Spread
to spread rumours/ news /
to spread knowledge
Rumours spread quickly. .
to spread a blanket/ a carpet /
She spread some butter on her bread. .
to spread ones net
to spread all over the world/ far and wide/ for miles
/ /
to spread fast/ like wildfire/ rapidly
to spread smth thickly/ thinly /
to spread a cloth on a table
to spread manure over a field
The sofa was spread with a blanket. ,
to spread a map
The branches spread themselves far and wide.
The desert spreads for miles. .
The rash is spreading all over his body.
Flies spread disease. .
The fire spread quickly. ,
to spread a course of study
to spread oneself thin , ,

to spread oneself ,
to spread paint evenly
The epidemic spread. .

98. Stick /
to stick a needle into the cloth
to stick a knife into the wood
stuck his fork into a potato. ,
to stick a stamp on an envelope
IWo pages are stuck together. .
We must stick together. .
You must stick to your word. .
to stick to facts
The key stuck in the lock. .
The stuck in the mud. ,
to stick fast
to stick by ones friends
She stuck her head through the window.
to stick in ones throat
to stick a spade into the earth
to stick a needle into ones finger ()
to stick a nail into the wall
to stick a pig
to stick a flower in ones hair
to stick ones forefingers into ones ears
to stick ones hands in ones pockets
Dont stick your nose into other peoples business. He
to stick ones heels in ,

99. Stretch
to stretch ones neck
to stretch ones legs
to stretch ones shoes
to stretch ones gloves
to stretch a rope /
The forest stretches to the sea. .
The plain stretched to the horizon.
stretched out his hand. ,
to stretch every nerve
to be fully stretched ,
to stretch a string across the room
to stretch a story
to stretch the truth
to stretch the law
to stretch a point
to stretch a long way/ away into the distance

to stretch endlessly/ for miles /

100. Substitute
to erase a word and substitute another

to substitute nylon for silk
to substitute juices for fruit
to substitute margarine for butter
Can you substitute for me till I return? He ,
to substitute a player for another

The coach substituted Smith for Bird.
Force was substituted for argument.
to substitute easily/ successfully for smth (
Gas has substituted for coal. .

101. Succeed {)
We finally succeeded in reaching the shore.
succeeded in overcoming all the difficulties.
The attack succeeded. .
Hard workers always succeed.
succeeded in life. ,
to succeed in ones business ,

I have succeeded in persuading him. .
Winter is succeeded by spring. .
One exiting event succeeded another.
to succeed smb on the throne -
to succeed to the family business
to succeed not altogether/ not entirely
to succeed admirably/ brilliantly
to succeed beyond ones wildest dreams ,

I succeeded in getting the job.
/ .
Nobody expected that strike to succeed. ,

to take ones things /
to take a chair
to take papers out of the drawer
to take in ones hand
to take in both hands
to take with ones fingers
to take with a fork
Take some money with you! !
to take a book from the library
to take lessons
to take a holiday
to take a boy by the ear
to take smb in ones arms -
to take smbs arm -
to take a fortress/ a town /
He was taken prisoner. .
They took a toy from him. .
They took a purse from her. ,
to take the shortest way
Ill take that hat. ,
to take pills
I must take smth for my headache. -
Will you take tea or coffee? ?
I cannot take whiskey. ,
to take a meal
to take an order for smth -
to take smth as a joke -
to take to heart
Take it easy! He !
I took him for an Englishman. .
took me for her brother. ,
to take a bus/ a tram /
It will take a long time. .
It takes patience. .
It takes a lot of money. .
It takes courage to admit you are wrong. ,
It doesnt take much to make her happy. ,
He took the suitcase into the house. .
takes her to school every day.
That suitcase wont take all your clothes.
I took to you the moment I saw you. ,
I have taken a room in a hotel. () ,
to take a seat
to take after ones father
to take a matter lightly/ seriously - /

I took his remark as a compliment.
She took her daughter for a walk. .
Do you take me for a fool? ?
I took the money from the safe. ,
to take five from ten
to take smb into ones confidence -
to take smth into account -
I took the book off the shelf. .
took to drink. .
took to fishing. ,
to take to ones bed
She took us to the art museum. .
She took money to the bank. ,
to take smb under ones wing - /

to take to ones heels
to take smb by surprise -
to take smth for granted -

to tap gently on/ at the door
tapped lightly on the table with his fingers.
He tapped me on the shoulder. ,
to tap the ashes out of a pipe
to tap a rhythm
to tap the heel of a shoe
to tap a nail in
to tap a cask ,
to tap liquor
to tap talent /
to tap smb for information -
to tap smb for money -
to tap the line
to tap into a power line

104. Tear
to tear a letter
to tear ones skirt on a nail
to tear a page out of a notebook
The cloth tears easily. .
couldnt tear himself from the book. ,
to tear ones hair
to tear at smbs heart -
to tear at each other
to tear ones hand on barbed wire

to tear along the road
to tear upstairs
to tear out of the room
Critic tore into his opponent. ()
to tear an argument to shreds
She tore a button off the coat. ,
to be torn between two things
, -

105. Throw
to throw a stone at smb -
to throw a ball to smb -
He threw the bone to the dog. .
She threw a glance at the newcomer.
was thrown into prison. ,
to throw light on a subject -
to throw ones arms around smb -
to throw oneself on the ground
to throw oneself on the grass
to throw the ball into the basket
The dog threw at her. .
to throw a bucket of water over smth -
The cow threw a healthy calf. .
threw the blame on me. ,
to throw smb into a dilemma -
threw himself into the work.
They threw the body into the river. .
They were thrown out of work. .
to throw smb off balance -
to throw smb into confusion -
to throw the audience into ecstasy
The door was thrown open. .
to be thrown into utter despair
to throw smb a kiss
She threw herself into his arms. .
to throw oneself at smbs head -

to thrust ones hands into ones pockets
to thrust ones nose into smbs affair -
to thrust oneself forward
to thrust smb out of the house -
to thrust ones way through the crowd /

to thrust at the door ,
to thrust in between smb -
to thrust oneself into the conversation
to thrust oneself into a highly paid job

to thrust on ones gloves ,

to thrust a bunch of flowers into smb hands -

to thrust smth under smbs nose - -
to thrust ones friendship upon smb -

to thrust a part on smb -
to thrust a dagger into smbs breast -
to thrust a spade into the ground
The tree thrust its roots deep into the soil.

to thrust at ones opponent
to thrust troops into combat
thrust his way towards her. ( ).
The new religion was thrust upon the population by force.

107. Tie
to tie a knot/ a ribbon /
to tie a scarf
to tie smth tightly/ fast/ securely - /
to tie smth loosely/ neatly - /
She tied the ends together. .
He tied his things together. .
My hands are tied. .
to tie up ones shoes
to tie a horse to a post
to tie smth in a bunch/ in a bundle - /
to tie a ribbon in the hair
to tie a tie
to tie smb to secrecy -
The garden ties him very much. .
is tied to the job. ,
to tie with smb -
to tie the score
to tie smbs hand and foot -

108. Touch
The branches of the tree touched the water.
to touch smth with ones hand/ with ones finger -
Please dont touch! !
Nobody will touch you here. .
touched me on the shoulder. .
was touched by her words. .
I am deeply touched. ,
to touch upon a subject
touched on a number of questions. ,
to touch smb accidentally -
barely touched on the matter.
to touch smth slightly/ gently -
has not touched food for two days. /
never touches a drop. .
I havent touched the piano for a long time.
His garden touches mine. .
Can you touch the ceiling? ?
The thermometer touched 40 yesterday.
Is there one of you that could touch him? -
The leaves are touched with frost. .
He is slightly touched. .
His vanity was touched. .
Admiration touched with envy. .
Clouds touched with pink. .
He touches 200 dollars a week. 200
He touched me for a large sum of money.
The ship will touch at three ports. .

109. Transform
to transform heat into power

to transform smth beyond recognition -

They transformed the cottage into an inn.
was quite transformed by the removal of his beard.
The smile transformed his face. ,
to transform a sentence
to transform an expression
Success transformed his character. ,
to transform electrical energy into heat

A tadpole transforms into a frog.
A caterpillar transforms into a butterfly.
to transform to a great extent
to transform within a short space of time

to transform current from one voltage to another

to transform the lives of millions of people

to transform a desert into fertile fields

110. Trim
to trim bushes
to trim ones beard /
to trim ones moustache /
to trim nails /
She trimmed his hair. .
I must have my hair trimmed. ,
to trim ones dress
to trim smth with lace/ with fur - /
to trim the Christmas tree
to trim oneself up
to trim a room
to trim a hedge
to trim dead branches off the tree
to trim a budget
to trim a building with marble
to trim smb at chess -
to trim the sails

to trim the fat from the budget
The grass needed trimming. .
His beard was freshly trimmed.

111. Unfasten
to unfasten a zipper
to unfasten ones belt
to unfasten hooks and eyes
to unfasten buttons
to unfasten ones dress
to unfasten a sleeping bag
The zipper/ the bag unfastened. / .
He unfastened the boat. ,
to unfasten a knot/ a string /
to unfasten the bolt of a door
He unfastened the buttons of his shirt.

112. Unfold
to unfold a newspaper /
to unfold a map
to unfold the plan of the city
to unfold a parcel
to unfold a tablecloth
He unfolded his plans. .
She unfolded her dreams. .
The plain unfolded before us. ,
to unfold a roll of wallpaper
The plan begins to unfold. .

113. Use
to use a machine
to use tools
to use a dictionary
to use gas
to use electricity
Do you often use your car? ?
Do you know how to use a tape recorder? ,
used every opportunity. .
May I use your telephone?
to use coal/ iron /
to use much flour
to use force
to use smbs influence -
to use a new method
to use all possible means
It is widely/ largely used. ,
to hardly ever use smth -
to use smth constantly/ regularly -
to use smth efficiently/ effectively -
to use smth carefully/ cautiously -
Let us use paper plates for the picnic!
to use ones brains
to use smth to advantage -
We have used all the eggs for this omelette.
They used thirty days to do the work. 30
to use smb like a dog -
to use oneself to speak aloud

114. Wash
to wash dishes
to wash ones hands
to wash a window
to wash the floor
to wash fruit
to wash ones
to wash ones hair
Where can I wash my hands? ?
to wash ones mouth
to wash ones face
to wash clothes
to wash the linen
to wash with cold water
to wash with soap
to wash smth carefully/ thoroughly -
to wash with detergent
The coast is washed by the warm waters of the Gulf Stream.
to wash a cup
The stain washed out. ,
to wash away ones guilt
These clothes wash easily. .
The explanation just wont wash.
to wash ones dirty linen in public cop

115. Weed
to weed a kitchen garden
to weed beds
She was busy weeding the garden. ,
to weed a library
to weed a purse
It is difficult to weed beds with onions.
Our task is to weed the field planted with sugar beet.
, .
Natural selection had weeded out the weakest.

116. Whip /
to whip a horse
She whipped the horse to make it faster. ,
The rain was whipping the windowpanes. ,
to whip a slave
to whip a boy
That boy deserves to be whipped.
to whip eggs/ cream /
whipped the money off the table. .
whipped a gun out of his pocket.
Flags whip in the wind. .
to whip downstairs
to whip round the corner
I saw him whipping his son. , .
The wind whipped my face. .
to whip off ones mask

117. Wipe
to wipe ones hands/ ones face /
to wipe dishes with a towel
to wipe ones forehead with a handkerchief

to wipe smth dry
She wiped the perspiration/ sweat off her forehead.
wiped the sentence off the blackboard.
to wipe tables
to wipe a window/ /
to wipe from memory /
to wipe off a debt
to wipe out disgrace
to wipe out recollections
to wipe smbs tears -
He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.
She wiped the tears from her eyes. .
to wipe knives/ forks /
to wipe records from a tape/ CD /

118. Work
to work hard/ tirelessly/ untiringly /
to work hand-in-hand with smb -
to work creatively/ efficiently/ effectively /

to work alone
to work full time/ part time /

to work continuously/ steadily/ systematically
to work conscientiously
to work fast/ slowly /
to work willingly/ reluctantly /
to work in /a t a factory
to work in/ at an office
to work in school/ in hospital /
to work in/ at the mines
to work in the field/ on a farm /
to work with/ for a firm /
to work on the night shift
to work at a book
to work at a new invention
to work on a thesis
He works as an interpreter. .
The lift/ the bell wont work. / ,
to work like a horse/ like a nawy/ like a slave
to work at a question
to work ones fingers to the bone
His heart is working well. .
The medicine didnt work. ,
to work dough
to work ones connections
to work mischief
Time has worked many changes. .
Friendship works wonders. ,
to work for peace
to work ones way to smth -

119. Wrap
to wrap the butter
to wrap the cloth
to wrap a child in a blanket
to be wrapped in mist
to be wrapped in flames
to be wrapped in slumber
The affair is wrapped in mystery. .
wrapped a scarf round his neck. .
to wrap oneself in a rug
to wrap oneself in a dressing gown
9. :
, , , , ,

1. Abuse
She abuses mercilessly her husband. /
to abuse ones privileges
to abuse smbs kindness -
to abuse ones authority
to abuse smbs trust -
to abuse ones rights
to abuse smb left and right -
to abuse a child
to abuse ones eyesight ,
to abuse a girl

2. Accept
to accept a gift/ smbs help / -
to accept smbs excuse -
to accept a post/ a job/ the responsibility -
/ ,
to accept smth willingly/ reluctantly - /

to accept smth gratefully/ eagerly /

to accept a proposal/ a suggestion
to accept a plan/ smbs opinion / -
to accept the facts
to accept the correctness of the theory

to accept smbs words -
to accept everything printed
His terms were accepted. .
applied for the job and was accepted.
to be generally accepted
to accept a decision unhesitatingly
to accept smth grudgingly -
to accept smth uncritically/ unquestioningly -
to accept an invitation
to accept smbs challenge -
to accept smbs congratulations -
to accept smbs point of view -
to accept smth without hesitation -
to accept bribes
to accept equipment
to accept office
to accept the resignation of the cabinet
to accept smth at its face value -
to accept valid
to accept poor living conditions

to accept the situation

3. Acknowledge
to acknowledge ones mistake/ ones guilt /

I acknowledge the truth of your statement.
They acknowledged their defeat. ,
to acknowledge smth promptly/ immediately - /

to acknowledge smth readily/ reluctantly -
to acknowledge smbs kindness -

to acknowledge smbs service /

was acknowledged as their leader.
to acknowledge receipt
to acknowledge a letter
acknowledged the greeting with a nod.
to acknowledge the applause
He acknowledged being ignorant of the fact. ,
They acknowledged us to be winners of the contest.

4. Acquaint
acquainted me with my duties.
to be acquainted with smb -
is acquainted with many musicians.
She is acquainted with many facts.
We are already acquainted. ,
to acquaint oneself with the information
to be fully acquainted with smth
to be closely/ intimately acquainted with smb
to be casually acquainted
I will acquaint you with the facts.
They were well acquainted with modem farming methods.

5. Acquire
to acquire knowledge/ a habit /
to acquire property
to acquire distinction/ friends /
The word had acquired a new meaning.
to acquire a reputation for honesty
to acquire smth dishonestly/ fraudulently -
to acquire smth by accident/ by chance -
He acquired a strong liking for sports. .
I tried to acquire the information.
to acquire a skill /

6. Address
to address a letter/ a parcel /
to be addressed in smbs name -
addressed the audience. .
She addressed the meeting. ,
to address smb in a friendly way -
to address a teacher
to address a stranger
to address smb politely/ rudely - /

addressed me in English. -.
I was addressed by a passerby. .
The letter was wrongly addressed.
/ ,
to address a woman as madam

addressed me to his chief.
to address oneself to the business /
to address a problem/ a task
to address a remark to smb -
7. Afford
I cant afford the trip. .
She couldnt afford any luxuries.
can afford to buy a house.
You can easily afford the expense.
I can hardly/ scarcely afford it. .
I cant afford to waste time.
You can ill afford to lose this opportunity.
She cant afford to risk. .
She cant afford to miss lectures.
spends more that he can afford. .
I cant afford the money. .
I cant afford to speak freely.
You cannot afford to neglect your health.
to afford shelter (-)
to afford consolation
to afford satisfaction
to afford pleasure to smb -
The transaction afforded him a good profit.
The family can afford an expensive car.
I cant afford to rent this flat.
We cannot afford another scandal.
They have been afforded some assistance.
/ .
8. Agree

to agree unconditionally/ enthusiastically to do smth

- /
to agree reluctantly/ wholeheartedly to do smth
- /
to agree to do smth at once/ straight away -

to agree with smth absolutely/ completely/ entirely -
/ /
to agree to do smth at last/ in the end/ eventually
/ -
to agree to smbs proposal -
to agree to smbs plan -
to agree upon the time and place
to agree upon the price
to agree upon the terms
to agree with the experts
to agree with the chief
to agree with ones wife
This food doesnt agree with me. .
This climate doesnt agree with her. .
The verb must agree with the subject.
She agreed to come with us. .
She agreed to stay a little longer.
She agreed on making an early start.
agreed on leaving the house at once.
to agree with the facts
The figures dont agree. .
Father agreed to her marrying John.
We agree the stipulation. .
The children can never agree. .
14 436 417
The translation agrees with the original.
The predicate agrees with its subject in number and person.

9. Allow -
to allow the children to do smth -
Allow me to introduce myself. .
Smoking is not allowed. .
Passengers are allowed 20 kilograms of luggage free of charge.
20 .
She is not allowed out after dark.
She allowed herself no sweets. .
No dogs allowed. .
She allowed her imagination full play.
to allow a cake to burn
to allow a short interval for rest

to allow a week for the composition

to be allowed with the boys
Dont allow the child to behave like that. He
to allow people time for the rest

to allow for other expenses
to allow a litre for leakage
The matter allows of no delay. .
The machine doesnt allow of rough treatment.
to allow a claim

10. Announce
to announce the results
to announce the names of the winners ()
to announce smbs arrival -
to announce smbs engagement -
to announce ones decision
to announce smth in the newspapers -

to announce over the radio
to announce at the meeting
He announced his intention to retire.
The programme hasnt announced yet.
They announced my flight. ,
to announce smbs birth / -
to announce smth formally/ officially -

to announce smth with great pleasure/ with great satisfaction
/ - /

11. Answer
to answer in the negative/ in the positive /

to answer curtly/ bluntly /
to answer truthfully
to answer in detail/ at length
to answer defiantly/ politely /
to answer for ones pupils
to answer for ones younger sister
to answer to the board for the expenses /

to answer to smbs idea of happiness -

to answer a teacher/ a passerby /
to answer smbs question -
Not to answer a word. ,
to answer a riddle
to answer a letter /
to answer smbs demands/ requirements -

He answered nothing to me. ,
to answer with hot words
to answer blows with blows
to answer vaguely
to answer for ones action
to answer the telephone
to answer the bell

12. Apologize
to apologize for smth to smb - -
to apologize for ones words
to apologize for keeping smb waiting ,
You should have apologized to him.
I apologize for my son. ,
to apologize profusely/ unreservedly
to apologize sincerely
to apologize for an incident
to apologize for coming late
I must apologize to you. .
apologized for his late arrival. .

13. Appeal
to appeal to the nation /
to appeal to other countries
to appeal to the public
We have appealed to the administration.
to appeal to smb for help -
It is no good appealing to him. ,
to appeal to smb for forgiveness -
to appeal to smb eloquently/ publicly/ desperately -
/ /
to appeal to smbs reason -
to appeal to smbs feelings -
to appeal to smbs sense of honour -

to appeal to smbs sense of pity -
to appeal to smb for money -
to appeal to higher court
to appeal against a decision
The new job really appeals to me.
This picture appeals to me. .

14. Applaud
to applaud enthusiastically/ loudly/ wildly/ vigorously
/ / /
to applaud a clown
to applaud a musician/ a speaker /
to applaud smbs performance -
The audience applauded the singer. ,
to applaud an actor
to applaud smbs skill -
to applaud smbs decision -
These changes will be applauded.
The whole assembly applauded him.

15. Appoint
We appointed him as head of the group.
to appoint smb ambassador -
to appoint smb headmaster -
to appoint smb to a post -
to appoint a committee
to appoint the day for the wedding
to appoint the day for trial
They appointed her to the committee.
They appointed me to serve as secretary.
to appoint smb a chairman -
to appoint smb unanimously
to appoint smb officially
to appoint smb temporarily
to appoint the day for the opening of the exhibition

was appointed our ambassador to Cuba.
They appointed him to examine the pupils.
I appointed him a task. ,
to appoint each member of the committee his duty

to appoint smb as a representative of our country -

to appoint smb chief engineer -

16. Approve
to approve the policy of the government

to approve a plan/ a suggestion / /

The majority approved of the idea. .
I dont approve in any way of the modern tendency.
Her mother doesnt approve of the friendship.
The proposal was unanimously approved.
I dont approve of wasting time. , .
The book was approved for publication.
to approve a report
to approve the minutes of the meeting

17. Argue
to argue with the editor
to argue with ones wife/ with ones friend /
What you arguing about? ?
There is nothing to argue about. .
I am tired of arguing with him. .
to argue in favour of the proposal

to argue against the plan
It is no use arguing with him. - ./
I wound like to argue that point.
I dont argue the point. ,
to argue calmly/ logically /
to argue heatedly/ passionately /
to argue strenuously/ vehemently /
We argued with them about the new law.
to argue against the amendment
to argue for the new policy
to argue smb out of doing smth - -
argued me into accepting his proposal.
to argue that smth is not true
to argue that black is white ,
His accent argues him (to be) a foreigner.

18. Arrest /
to arrest a criminal/ a thief /
to arrest smb for smth/ on charges of smth - -
/ -
He was arrested and tried. ,
to arrest smbs attention -
The scene arrested my attention.
to arrest growth
to arrest hemorrhage
to arrest goods
to arrest inflation
Sickness arrested his activities.
to arrest sight/ smbs interest / -
to arrest a device
A friend had been arrested for possession of explosives.

19. Ask /
to ask ones friend about his trip
to ask after smbs health -
Ask him how to get there. , .
I shall ask my wife. .
May I ask you a question? ?
to ask the way , (-)
to ask the time , /
There is a man asking for you. - .
Has anybody asked for me? - ?
to ask smb for help/ for advice - /
Ask him to help/ to come. / .
I asked for another room. .
She asked to be woken at 6 . .
We asked him to dinner. .
They asked me about my work. .
asked after her mother. .
She asked me politely for the dictionary.
The guests asked for the manager. ,
We asked them to the party. / .
She asked to be excused. .
The family asked that the story should not be printed.
, .
asked a favour of me. .
She asked to speak. .
It is too much to ask of me. ,
to ask (for) complete obedience

to ask rhetorically
to ask hopefully/ anxiously /
to ask doubtfully/ incredulously/ suspiciously

to ask point-blank /
to ask impatiently/ repeatedly /
to ask calmly/ aggressively /
to ask politely/ casually /

20. Assign
to assign the day for a trial
to assign a piece of work to smb -
to assign a task
to assign a bed to smb -
She was assigned to the mens ward.
to assign a role/ a function /
These rooms have been assigned to us. .
to assign smb his portion -
to assign lessons
to assign a mission
Two pupils were assigned to sweep room.
to assign a sum
to assign a quotation to smb -

21. Assist
to assist smb with money -
to assist smb to finish the task -
She assisted him with his mathematics.
to assist smb in the work -
to assist in the experiment
to assist in building the house

to assist actively/ gladly/ willingly /
The young nurse was assisting at her first operation.
to assist in preparation of a report

to assist with the editing of a manuscript

to assist smb with the form-filling -
to assist an old lady into a bus

to assist a blind man across the street
assisted at the ceremony. .

22. Assure
assured me that he was an excellent climber.
, .
assures me of his innocence. , .
She assures me that I am mistaken. ,
They assured me to the contrary. ,
to assure oneself of smth -
Before going to bed she assured herself that the door was locked.
, , ,
to assure good work
They are assured against any unpleasant consequences.
to assure comfort
The father assured his frightened child.
to assure ones life
23. Award -
to award smb the first prize -
to award punishment
to award a new sentence
to award a contract
to award smb the highest mark -
The judges awarded the prize to her. .
to award a prize for research
was awarded a gold medal. .
to award smb a title -
was awarded an order. .

24. Back /
to back a plan/ an appeal /
His father backed him in business. ,
to back a wrong horse ,
to back
backed a step to let them pass. ,
The hills backed the town. .
The house backs onto the park. .
The organization is backed by the UN.
She backed the car into the garage.
They backed out of the deal. .
to back ones friends up
to back a candidate
He was backed by the majority. .
She backed him in the argument. .
The exhibition was backed by the firm.

25. Beg
I begged him to stay. .
begged for help. .
I saw children in the street begging for money.
to beg for mercy
I must beg a favour of you.
They begged to be allowed to go there.
begged that his family should be spared. ,
/ ,
to beg permission of smb -
to beg for ones life
to beg ones bread
to beg from door to door
I beg to differ. .
I beg to say. .
We beg to inform you. .
We beg to acknowledge the receipt.

26. Behave -
had behaved in a strange way. /
is old enough to behave himself. ,
to behave abominably/ appallingly/ badly /

to behave properly
to behave childishly/ irresponsibly -/

to behave disgracefully
to behave courageously
to behave oneself with gallantry
to behave with insolence
to behave like a man of sense
to behave like a pig -
to behave to ones friends
How is your new car behaving? ?
to know how to behave
He behaved meanly towards her.
You should behave with more self-control.

27. Bet
I told him which horse to bet on. ,
Ill bet against your winning. , .
bet me 100 dollars I would not do it. 100
, .
I bet you are wrong. , .
I never bet. / .
I am willing to bet. .
likes to bet. .
bet a months salary on that horse.
I bet her that it would snow. ,

28. Betray /
His best friend betrayed him. .
to betray smbs trust -
to betray a secret
The informer betrayed them to the police.
His voice betrayed him. .
His mistakes betrayed his lack of education.
His face betrays his fear. .
betrayed my trust in him. .
My judgement would not betray me.
betrayed the girl. / .
to betray ones country
betrayed his ignorance. .
29. Blame /
I was blamed for the theft. .
Who is to blame? ?
You are to blame. .
I am in no way to blame. .
is entirely to blame. .
cannot be blamed for it. .
She blamed herself for having committed an error.
, .
I have nothing to blame myself for. .
She blamed it on him. .
The fire can be blamed on a short circuit.
to blame unfairly/ unjustly
They blamed her for the accident.
They blamed the accident on her.
I am not to blame for the mistake. ,
to blame for refusing
You have only yourself to blame.
to blame for starting a quarrel

30. Bless
A priest blesses people. ,
to be blessed
to bless ones stars
I bless him for his kindness. ,
to bless oneself
He was blessed with good health. .
She is blessed with immense talent and boundless energy.
God bless you! !
Bless you! ! ( )

31. Borrow
I need to borrow five thousand dollars.
Could I borrow your ?
They are always borrowing money from us.
The word was borrowed from English into German.
to borrow heavily
borrowed my theory. .
to borrow things
to borrow from a neighbour
English has borrowed many words from Hrench.
borrows books from the library.

32. Bother -
I never bother to iron my shirts.
It doesnt bother me. .
Is smth bothering you? - ?
I didnt want to bother him while he was working.
Dont bother me with foolish question! He
Dont bother to lock the door! !
didnt bother to be polite. .
I didnt bother about what I looked like. ,
Is the noise bothering you? ?
Does it bother you if I type? ,
I didnt want to bother you. .
His bad leg bothers him. .
Dont bother about it! He !
She bothers too much about him. .

33. Bring
to bring / a knife /
to bring ones friend
to bring to market
to bring a present
to bring a criminal to justice
It brought a blush to her cheeks. .
Spring brings warm weather. ,
to bring the score to four to nil 4:0
to bring into fashion
to bring into action / /
His literary work brings him a small income.
to bring an action against smb -
to bring charges against a person -

I cannot bring myself to believe. ,
to bring to ruin
to bring smb to disgrace -
to bring to an end
to bring water to the boil
to bring smb to his senses -
to bring into discredit
to bring a fire under control
to bring to account
to bring to light
to bring smth to eat -
to bring wealth/ happiness /
to bring a proposal before a committee

was brought before the court. .
She brought chairs into the room. .
brought trouble on himself. ,
to bring within the limits
We couldnt bring him to share our views.
to bring a child into the world

34. Buy
to buy meat from the butcher
to buy from / of smb -
to buy wholesale
to buy secondhand
to buy at auction
to buy cheaply /
He bought a ring for her. .
She bought her car from the local dealer.
to buy retail
to buy at a reasonable price
The victory was dearly bought. ,
to buy a public official
to buy a bag/ a house /
to buy for cash
to buy on credit
She used to buy her clothes at the shop.
bought the flowers from an old woman.
cant be bought. .
to buy on the installment plan

35. Call /
to call the waiter over
He is in the next room, call him. , .
What is this thing called? ?
What do you call this flower? ?
to call things by their proper names
to call a meeting
to call a doctor /
to call a taxi
You will be the next called in. .
to call to mind
to call the meeting to order
to call upon smb -
The teacher always called on her. .
to call a strike
to call at smbs office - /
to call smbs house - / -
She will call for the parcel. .
You plan will call for a lot of money.
called me from London. .
Do you call English an easy language?
I call that a shame. -, ,
to call into doubt ,
to call into play ,
to call it a day /
The ship will call at several ports. .
I ll call for you. ,
to call for help
She was called into the room. .
Several friends called on us. .
The boss called me on my sloppy writing.
to call smb to account -
She called him a stuffed shirt. .
I call that mean. -, .
to call long-distance

36. Cancel
to cancel a meeting
to cancel a performance
to cancel a date
to cancel a match
to cancel a trip
to cancel a visit
to cancel a treaty
to cancel a contract
to cancel smth unexpectedly -
to cancel smth without warning -
to cancel smth at the last moment -

to cancel smth regretfully
to cancel a line
to cancel a record { , )
to cancel an order
to cancel a stamp
to cancel an impression

37. Cause -
to cause pain/ suffering /
to cause trouble
What caused his death? ?
What caused the accident? ?
to cause losses
to cause a fire
to cause a disorder/ panic /
The news caused a sensation. ,
to cause offence to smb -
to cause smth accidentally -
to cause smth inadvertently - /

to cause smth inevitably -

38. Celebrate -
to celebrate an anniversary /
to celebrate a victory
They celebrated their silver wedding.
How do people in your country celebrate the New Year?
We celebrate Victory Day on the 9th May.
to celebrate a hero in a song
On her birthday she was too sick to celebrate.
, ,
to celebrate smth formally/ officially -

to celebrate smth noisily/ joyously - /

to celebrate smth privately/ publicly -
to celebrate smth solemnly -
We ought to celebrate it. Lets have a bottle of champagne.
. .
The company was celebrating it fiftieth birthday.

39. Charge /
What did they charge you for the work?
They charged me three dollars. 3 .
The lorry was charged to the full.
to charge ones memory with trifles
Charge your glasses! !
to charge a battery
to charge a rifle
was charged with an important mission.
to charge with individual responsibility

to charge oneself with smth -
to charge smb with a crime -

to charge smb with neglecting his duty -

to charge a fault on smb -
to charge a high price
Our soldiers charged the enemy. .
to charge double /
The bull charged at us. .
They charged ten dollars for shipping our books. 10
charges by the hour. ,
to charge into a room
to charge a book out of the library
Charge it to my account. .
was charged with the theft .
They charged that he had cheated them. ,

40. Cheat /
cheated me. ,
to cheat at cards
to cheat in/ on an exam
to cheat smb out of his money -
to cheat on ones wife/ husband /
to cheat the eye
to cheat death
to cheat time
We all used to cheat in exams. , ,
His father was cheated out of land.
She cheated her sister out of some money.

41. Claim /
claims to have seen her. , .
She claims to be a doctor. , .
I dont claim to know everything. , ,
to claim a post
to claim a property
to claim falsely/ honestly /
to claim smth legitimately/ rightfully -
to claim ones right ,
to claim attention ,
to claim ones luggage
to claim damages
to claim on/ against smb -
to claim compensation for the loss

42. Command
to command smb to do smth - -
The captain commanded his men to attack.
to command an army/a unit /
to command a battalion/ a company /

to command a ship
He commanded a regiment in war. .
commanded his men to fire.
to command silence
I advised him to command his temper.
commands vast sum of money.
to command a large vocabulary
to command respect
to command a high price
to command sympathy
The hill commands a good view. .

43. Commit
to commit a crime/ a murder /
to commit a terrible mistake
to commit an unpardonable act

committed suicide. .
to commit an error/ a blunder
to commit a sin
to commit a breach of the peace
to commit a breach of promise
to commit smb for trial -
to commit a child to the care of a nurse

to commit smth to the flames -
to commit smth to memory -
to commit smth to paper -
He was committed to a lunatic asylum.
has committed himself to support his brothers children.

to commit funds to a project
to commit a poem to memory
to commit ones thoughts to paper

committed himself to support her parents.
to commit oneself completely/ totally/ wholly to smth
to commit oneself enthusiastically/ fervently to smth -

44. Compel
Circumstances compelled him to act as he did.
was compelled by illness to give up the work.
Nothing could compel him to change his decision.
They compelled him to sign the paper.
Rain compelled us to stay indoors. -
to compel obedience
to compel confession
to compel smb to ones will -
to compel smb to behave in a certain way -

She was compelled to change her diet.
felt compelled to intervene in the dispute.
to compel attention
to compel a feeling -

45. Complicate
to complicate a m atter/ a case
to complicate a situation
to complicate life for smb -
to complicate smth further -
to complicate smth unnecessarily -

Too many rules complicate the game.
to complicate a task
The weather complicated the harvest.
complicates things. .
The fire complicated the financial situation of the company.
/ .

46. Condemn -
to condemn smb for smth - -
His action was condemned by everyone.
was condemned to 5 years imprisonment. 5
to condemn smb bitterly/ harshly/ strongly -
to condemn unfairly/ unjustly -
to condemn smb/ smth roundly/ unequivocally -/ -
/ /
to condemn a person for his conduct

to be condemned to inactivity
to be condemned to poverty
The meat was condemned as unfit for food.
The house was condemned. .
I dont condemn him for what he had done. ,
condemned the report as inadequate.

47. Confess -
She broke down and confessed.
confessed his mistake. ,
to confess a debt
The prisoner refused to confess. .
I must confess I like good food. ,
She goes to church to confess.
to confess smth frankly/ honestly/ willingly -

confessed his crime to the police.
to confess to a crime
confessed to cheating in the exam. ,
confessed to us that he had lied. , .
confessed to forging the signature. ,
I confess to a certain weakness for puddings. ,
had confessed his guilt. .

48. Confirm
to confirm ones intention
to confirm smbs suspicions -
That confirms what I have thought. , -
Do you have any documents to confirm that? -
, ?
to confirm smth definitely -
The report has now been confirmed.
Please confirm your telephone message by a letter.
to confirm smb in office -
to confirm a treaty
to confirm smb in his decision -
glanced around to confirm that he was alone.
, , .
They have confirmed what I suspected long ago. ,
There is no one to confirm whether these memories are correct.
, ,
to confirm an appointment

49. Congratulate
to congratulate smb on their birthday -

to congratulate smb on their marriage -

to congratulate smb on their safe return -

I congratulate you on the happy event.
You should congratulate yourself on your appearance.
I congratulated myself on my escape. ,
to congratulate smb heartily/ sincerely/ warmly -
/ /
to congratulate smb on his/ her promotion -

to congratulate smb on passing the exam -

to congratulate smb on graduating from the university
Friends came to congratulate the parents and see the baby.

50. Consult
I want to consult you about a very important matter.
You must consult a lawyer. .
She must consult a doctor. ,
to consult a dictionary
She consulted her notes. ,
to consult with smb about a problem -
to consult an encyclopaedia
to consult smbs interests -
consults for a large building firm.
If your baby is losing weight, you should consult your doctor promptly.
They will have to consult with their allies.

51. C ontract /
to contract to build a house
to contract an alliance with a foreign country

to contract bad habits
to contract debts
to contract a disease/ an illness
to contract muscles
to contract a word
to contract ones forehead
to contract ones eyebrows
The firm contracted to construct the bridge.
to contract with smb to do smth -
Metals expand with heat and contract with cold.

52. Cry /
to cry with pain/ with shame/ with joy / /

to cry loudly/ bitterly /
to cry openly/ softly /
She cried like a baby. .
She burst out crying. .
to cry smth loudly/ happily - /

to cry for justice
to cry with grief
to cry over ones bad luck
Dont come crying to me. He .
to cry havoc ,
to cry over spilt milk
to cry for the moon /
to cry for quarter /
to cry for help
to cry bitter tears
to cry over ones loss
to cry halt -
to cry shame

53. Deceive
He tried to deceive us. .
We were deceived by his appearance. .
to deceive the teacher
to deceive ones parents
The boy deceived you about it. .
You are deceiving yourself. .
His friendly manner deceived me.
to deceive smb into doing smth -
You have deceived my expectations.

54. Declare
to declare ones decision
She declared her intention to marry.
to declare independence
Do you have anything to declare? ,
declared his love to her. ,
to declare war on/ against another country

The president declared that the situation improves. ,
The court declared the law to be unconstitutional.
to declare peace
to declare a strike
to declare the result of an election
to declare smb a traitor -
He was declared guilty. .
She was declared an invalid. /
to declare for/ in favour of smth -
to declare against war
He declared himself strongly in favour of the project.
/ .

55. Decline
to decline smbs offer/ proposal -
to decline smbs invitation -
He declined to answer questions.
The trade is declining. .
His influence began to decline. .
His health slowly declined. .
His courage began to decline. .
The road declines. .
The sun is declining. / ,
to decline considerably/ markedly/ noticeably/ significantly
/ /
to decline abruptly/ sharply/ steeply
to decline gradually/ steadily /
The prices began to decline. .
The fever has declined. ,
to decline battle
to decline ones head on ones breast

56. Demand
to demand an answer
to demand peace
to demand freedom
to demand ones rights
to demand higher wages
to demand shorter hours
to demand justice
to demand
to demand skill
to demand angrily/ persistently/ promptly /
This demands serious thought/ research/ special knowledge.
/ /
demanded an explanation from them.
to demand an apology from smb -
She demands to be informed of everything. ,
to demand payment ()
The case demands skill and energy.
to demand identification
demanded what their business was. , .

57. Deny -
to deny the existence of flying saucers

to deny the truth of the statement ,

This cannot be denied. ,
to deny an accusation/ a charge
to deny a demand
to deny a claim
to deny smb help -
denied himself everything. .
denies himself nothing. .
She denies herself every luxury.
to deny smth absolutely/ categorically/ persistently/ flatly
- / / /
to deny smth vigorously/ strenuously/ emphatically
She denied knowing anything. , ,
to deny the possibility of smth -
to deny a theory
to deny a rumour
to deny charges
to deny this to be the case ,
It cannot be denied. ,
to deny providence
to deny a request
to deny smb the right to do smth -
to deny ones signature
to deny ones words
58. Deserve
to deserve attention/a reward /
to deserve a punishment/ praise /
to deserve good treatment
He deserves to be punished. ,
to deserve smth richly/ thoroughly /
She deserved to win. .
He deserved being recommended for a decoration.
to deserve well of ones country

to deserve ill of smb -
This people deserve recognition for their talents.

59. Devote
to devote all ones time
to devote ones life to research
to devote oneself entirely/ exclusively to smth
/ -
devotes all his free time to yachting.
She devoted herself to her children. .
The book is devoted to the description of the temple.
devoted himself to his work. ,
to devote oneself to amusements
She devoted herself to her studies. .
devotes all his energies to painting.

60. Direct
to direct ones attention at smth -
to direct ones gaze/ eyes
to direct ones efforts at smth -
His criticism is directed against his opponents.
to direct a work
to direct ones affairs
to direct the construction of smth -
An old man directed them to the camp.
Can you direct me to the underground?
?/ (), ?
Who directed the orchestra? ?
The letter was directed to me. .
The remark was directed at you.
Our efforts were directed towards elimination of poverty.
directed us to remain silent. .
The government directed that supplies must be sent to the flooded areas.

to direct ones gun at smb -
to direct ones steps to a house
to direct measures against smth -

61. Discuss
to discuss a m atter/ a question
to discuss problems
to discuss new fashions /
to discuss smth briefly/ at length - /
to discuss smth seriously/ thoroughly - /

to discuss smth openly/ freely - /
to discuss smth from all sides -
We met to discuss the latest development of the events.
, ,
to discuss a trip
to discuss the future of the children
15 436 449
to discuss the problem with oneself
We discussed how to do it. , .
We discussed the best road to take. ,

62. Display
to display courage
to display common sense
to display ones feelings
to display ones affection
She displayed no emotions at his decision.
to display exhibits/ goods /
to display the national flag
to display smth proudly/ openly - /

to display an injury /
to display ones plans
to display ones ignorance /

63. Distort
to distort facts
to distort the meaning of the text
to distort the truth
Her face was distorted with pain. .
His face was distorted with fear/ hatred.
/ ,
to distort an idea
You are distorting his argument. ,
to distort smth deliberately -
to be distorted out of recognition

64. Distribute -
to distribute food among the poor

to distribute money evenly/ fairly /

The teacher distributed the test papers to the students.
to distribute books among children
to distribute letters among the addressees

to distribute fertilizer over the field
The load was evenly distributed. .
The species is distributed all over Europe.
to distribute the words into twenty groups 20 .
We need a truck to distribute the goods. ,
Profits should be distributed among the employers and workers.

65. Disturb
was asleep and I didnt want to disturb him. ,
Her sons behaviour disturbed her. .
Sorry to disturb you. , .
The noise in the next room disturbed us.
You are not disturbing us. .
Not a sound disturbed the silence.
to disturb public order
to disturb smbs rest -
to disturb smbs peace of mind -

to disturb the balance
to disturb the train of thought
He was much disturbed by what he heard. ,
to disturb smbs plans -
to disturb smbs work -
to disturb the apparatus

66. Elect
to elect smb as a chairman -
to elect a president
to be elected president
to be elected into the committee
was elected to Parliament. ,
to be elected by a plurality of votes (
elected to say nothing. ,
to elect smb unanimously -
elected to become a physician .
Why should we elect him Mayor?
You could be elected as an MP.

67. Embrace /
to embrace ones mother
to embrace each other
embraced her warmly. .
They embraced. ,
to embrace an opportunity
to embrace a theory
to embrace a course of action
The treaty embraces the following provisions.
to embrace a situation
The course embraces elements of chemistry, physics, and drawing.
, .

68. Emphasize -
to emphasize a word /
to emphasize an idea
to emphasize the importance of smth -
to emphasize smth with a gesture -
to emphasize with ones tone
He emphasized the fact that... , ....
Let me emphasize one thing.
The sweater emphasized the breadth of his shoulders.
to emphasize smth repeatedly/ strongly -
Gesticulation emphasizes speech.

69. Enable
The money he earned enabled him to travel. ,
, .
The dam enabled the farmers to water a great area of land.

to enable smb enter the university -

to enable smb to take part in the competition -

Feathers enable a bird to fly.
The equipment enables us to manufacture various goods.

Training under the coach enabled him to break the record.

Knowledge of English enables you to work abroad.

70. Exchange ()
to exchange a purchase
to exchange dollars for roubles
to exchange opinions
to exchange experience/ ideas /
to exchange places
to exchange stamps
to exchange greetings/ glances /

I exchange the defective tyre for a good one.
I am going to exchange places with him.

71. Excuse ()
Excuse me! !
Excuse me for interrupting you. , .
Excuse my being late. .
This doesnt excuse her behaviour.
Nothing can excuse such cruelty.
I know she will excuse me. , .
I cant excuse such conduct. .
was excused from military service.
The teacher excused him from attending the class.
Can I be excused from football practice?
excused himself for being so careless. ,

72. Exhibit
to exhibit ones painting
to exhibit goods in a shop window
to exhibit courage
to exhibit ones feelings
They began to exhibit signs of anxiety.
He exhibited his ignorance.
to exhibit before the public
to exhibit a charge
The paintings are exhibited in chronological sequence.

73. Expose -
to expose an impostor
to expose a deception
to expose goods for sale
The books were exposed for viewing in the shop window.
to expose smb to danger -
to expose smb to risk -
to expose smb to criticism -
to be exposed to the rain
to be exposed to the sun/ to the wind /
to be exposed to ridicule ,

to be exposed to severe trials
to expose to radiation ,

to expose troops needlessly
to expose smb mercilessly/ ruthlessly to criticism -

74. Forbid
to forbid smb to do smth - -
I forbid you to go there alone. .
I am forbidden to smoke. .
Swimming is forbidden. ,
to forbid smb the country -
My health forbids my coming.
to forbid smth absolutely/ expressly/ strictly -
/ /
to forbid smth categorically/ outright -
I forbid you to take the car. ,
to forbid the sale
to forbid drugs
Heaven forbid! !

75. Forgive
Forgive me! !
I shall never forgive you! !
Forgive me for interrupting. , .
never forgave an insult. ,
to forgive smb for a mistake -
to forgive smb for smth completely -
to forgive a debt
I forgive him everything. .
Forgive my ignorance. .
She couldnt forgive him his deceiving her.

76. Furnish
to furnish smb with information -

to furnish a house with smth -
to furnish a room/ an apartment /
to furnish smth comfortably/ elegantly - /

to furnish smth expensively/ luxuriously /

to furnish smth poorly/ sparsely /
to furnish smth tastefully
The living room was furnished in modern style.
to furnish a library with books

to furnish supplies
to furnish resistance
to furnish proofs
to furnish benefits
Do you enjoy furnishing the house? ?
They furnished us with a translation. .

77. Gain -
to gain a victory
to gain a battle
to gain a suit at law
to gain an aim
to gain independence
to gain experience
to gain strength
to gain influence
to gain recognition
to gain smth quickly/ rapidly/ slowly/ gradually -
/ / /
to gain a living/ a livelihood
to gain ones bread
You will gain reading those books.
to gain smbs sympathy -
to gain smbs confidence -
to gain smbs heart -
to gain possession of the ball
to gain ones destination
to gain the top of a mountain
to gain to the shore
to gain speed/ altitude /
My watch neither gains nor loses. /
to gain in weight
to gain in renown
to gain on other runners
to gain time /
to gain the upper hand
78. Gamble ( . .)
to gamble at cards
to gamble on the stock exchange
I never gamble. .
has gambled away his money. ,
to gamble in oil shares
to gamble with ones future
Ill gamble my life on his honesty.
to gamble heavily
to gamble on smbs cooperation -

gambled heavily on the horses.

79. Get
to get tickets/ money /
got me a job. .
to get coal
to get fish
to get the victory
to get ones liberty
to get promotion
to get ones wish ,
to get the/ an advantage of smb -
to get permission from smb -
to get admission to smth -
to get the prize
to get good wages
to get ones living
to get a letter/ good news /
to get word/ the word /
to get a new suit
to get smth very cheap -
to get the thief
to get smth right -
I didnt get the last sentence.
I dont get your meaning. , ,
to get (a) cold
I got a blow on the head. .
I got the impression that... ...
got three years. .
If you add two and two you get four. - .
to get to a place / -
to get into a car
to get into society
to get out of the room
Get out of my sight! !
to get into time trouble
to get into a rage
to get into a tantrum
to get into debt
to get into touch with smb -
to get into the habit
to get smb into trouble -, -

to get smth ready -
to get smb into good humour -

to get ones feet wet
to get ones hands dirty
He got his hand broken/ dislocated. /
to get over the fence
to get over the road ()
to get over the first difficulties
to get over an illness
to get over a shock
to get over a loss
to get over smb -
to get through the woods
to get through the letters
to get at the meaning
What are you getting at? ?
to get to work
Lets get to business. ,
to get to blows
How did you get round him? ?
to get round smth , )
to get on a box
to get on a bus
Get off the grass! He !
to get off the subject
to get smth under control -
to get smb under ones influence -

The food is getting cold. / .
to get drunk
to get hungry
to get hot
to get fat
to get grey
to get rich
to get wet
to get better ( )
to get worse ( )
to get well
It is getting dark. .
The weather is getting warmer. .
Dont get rough! He !
to get done with smth -
to get married ,
to get used to smth -
to get lost
to get beaten
Get set! ! ( )
to get limbered up
to get a fright
to get some sleep
to get a sight of smb/ smth -/ -
to get a glimpse of smb -
to get ones breath
to get wind of smth -

80. Give
to give smb a cup of tea -
to give smb to eat -
Give me a day to think the problem over. ,
to give smb a bunch of flowers -
to give alms
to give the note
to give smb a place of honour -
to give smb assurance/ confidence -
to give smb strength -
to give smth shape -
Trees give fruit. .
The bell gives a dull sound. ,
to give information
to give details
to give testimony
This dictionary gives many new words.
to give a character
The lock gave under hard blows.
to give a child a name
to give a life sentence
I can give him 18. 18 .
to give ones life for ones country
to give ones attention to smth -
to give a ball/ a concert /
to give instructions
to give sorrow /
to give offence
to give pleasure
That clock gives the right time. .
to give place to smth -
The window gave into a park. .
I can give no reason. He .
to give smth in smbs hands - -
to give rise to smth -
to give an oath
to give an injection
to give thought to smth -
to give a reception
How much did you give for the sweater?
to give an example
to give a signal
We are given to believe that patience is a virtue.
to give smth willingly/ reluctantly - /
to give smth anonymously -
to give smth generously/ grudgingly - /
to give a porter ones bag to carry

to give a fair days wage for a fair days work

to give smth brilliance -
The frost is giving. .

81. Govern
to govern a country/ people /
to govern smth effectively/ wisely - /

to govern smth with justice -
to be governed by common sense

to govern public opinion
Dont let your passions governs you. He ,
to be governed by circumstances

Considerations that governed the choice of a representative.
to govern ones passion
to govern ones tongue
You must govern your temper. .
to govern the dative .

82. G rant
to grant a right /
to grant a permission
to grant privileges
to grant pardon
to grant a visa
to grant a petition
to grant a request
to take smth for granted -

took nothing for granted.
to grant an allowance
to grant autonomy
to grant credit
to grant a loan /
to grant a delay
to grant the truth of what has been said

to grant that smb is right , -
was finally granted a visa. /

83. Greet
to greet the guests
to greet the delegates
to greet a delegation
to greet a conference
He was greeted by thousands. .
to greet smb warmly/ formaDy/ respectfully -
/ /
to greet with a smile
to greet with a nod
to greet with a long speech
to greet smb with applause/ shouts -
greeted the news with relief.
The smell of coffee greeted us when we entered the room.
, .

84. Guarantee -
to guarantee peace
to guarantee work
to guarantee the right to work
to guarantee safety
They guarantee the watch for two years.
to guarantee success
to guarantee the results
I dont guarantee the truth of information.
She doesnt guarantee that the money will be returned.
, ,
to guarantee smth fully -
to guarantee a new against rust

This method guarantees success. ,
to guarantee against fire

85. Guide /
to guide tourists /
to guide visitors through a museum
to guide smb to a mountain -
to guide smb to the station -
to guide smb in his studies -
Circumstances guide his judgement.
to guide the state
to be guided by ones sense of duty

to be guided by ones passions
to guide smb around the city - ,
The blind man was guided by his dog.
to be guided by smbs advice -
to be guided by ones own experience

to be guided by impulse

8 6 . Hand

to hand smb papers -

to band smb a telegram -
I handed the note to him myself. .
She was handed the prize for the part.
to hand in an application
You must hand in a request. / .
The class handed in their compositions.
You have to hand to him, he could work. ,
I was tempted to hand in my resignation at once.
to hand over large sums of money
to hand out wages

87. Head /
to head a movement
to head the government
to head a delegation
to head an expedition
to head a department
to head east
to head straight for smb -
to head for ones destination
The boys were heading for the square.
to head a procession
to head the poll
to head a chapter
The article is headed. .
to head a boat towards the shore
to head smb to the proper door -
You are heading for disaster. .
to head determinedly for smth -

88. Help
to help smb to do smth - -
to help smb enormously/ tremendously -
to help smb willingly/ generously - /

to help smb in every way -
The medicine helped her. .
I shall be glad to help you. .
helped me very much with my work. .
She helped me with money/ with her advice.
/ .
helped us by checking figures. ,
helped her to her feet. .
She couldnt help laughing. .
It cant be helped. .
We helped them in their work. .
She helped me with translation. .
helped her off the train. .
She helped herself to the dessert. ( )
Can I help to some food? ( )?
She helped move the furniture. .
She helped us to move the furniture.
I couldnt help but laugh. .
I will help you with the luggage. .
helps his father a great deal. (),
to help toward the attainment of an end

To help matters, we had a puncture.
That doesnt help the situation. .
Remedies to help a cold. .
I helped the boy to more meat. .
May I help you to some more wine? ?
She helped herself to some grapes. .
Help yourself! , !
help yourself shop
to help smb into his clothes -

89. H int -
to hint at the possibility of smth -
to hint at the truth
What are you hinting at? ?
I hinted to her that we ought to go home. ,
hinted that he knew the story. ,
to hint at smth darkly/ tactfully - /

I hinted that I deserve an increase in salary. ,
/ .
hinted that the agreement had been reached. ,

90. Hire
to hire workers
We hired her to mow the lawn. .
to hire a lawyer
to hire
to hire a boat
He hired a car for a week. ,
to hire a private detective /
to hire a house
to hire a concert hall
to hire oneself
was hired to do the job.
to hire a flat
to hire out bicycles

91. Inform
to inform smb about/ of smth - -
We informed them about the incident.
She informed us that she would come. ,
The thief informed the police where the money was hidden.
, .
Inform me on this matter.
If I am rightly informed.
to keep smb informed of smth -
to inform the police on/ against smb
to inform smbs heart with pity -
to be informed of smth -
We were wrongly informed as to the date.
to inform smb of the change in ones address -

to inform smb in person/ personally -
to inform smb immediately/ belatedly/ in writing -
/ /
He informed her of his objections. ,
I informed my colleagues that I was unwell. ,

92. Inherit
to inherit a fortune
to inherit a property
to inherit the land
to inherit the money
to inherit a temperament
to inherit abilities
He inherited his fathers strong constitution.
to inherit a house from an uncle
She inherited her good looks from her mother.
They inherited a weak economy.
The tradition is inherited from the past.

93. Insist
to insist upon the conditions
to insist on ones refusal
to insist on ones own way
I cant insist on it. .
insisted on his innocence. ,
They insisted on my being present.
insisted on leaving at once.
to insist on smth absolutely/ adamantly/ obstinately/ stubbornly
- / / /
to insist on the importance of smth -
They insisted on more money. .
She insisted on coming with us. ,
She insisted that everyone attend. .
insisted that the accused was innocent.
, .

94. Insure
to insure ones life
to insure ones property
to insure ones house against loss from fire

insured his life for fifty thousand dollars.
50 ,
to insure ones against accidents

to insure success
to insure smb from/ against smth - -
to insure against drought
The house is not insured against fire.

95. Introduce /
to introduce a system /
to introduce a new method
to introduce a custom/ a law /
to introduce a fashion /
to introduce a bill
to introduce a newcomer /
to introduce a friend
to introduce a girl to ones parents

Let me introduce myself. .
I introduced them to each other. .
May I introduce my wife to you?
to introduce a key into a lock
He was introduced into the Cabinet. ,
to introduce a new word
to introduce a question for debate
to introduce ones speech with a joke
to introduce smth experimentally/ tentatively -

96. Invest
to invest ones money in a business
to invest ones capital in stocks
to invest in land/ in the firm/ in bonds
/ /
to invest prudently/ wisely ()
to invest foolishly/ unwisely
to invest heavily/ massively
to invest surplus funds in stocks

to be invested with an air of mystery
to invest smb with authority -
to invest ones energy in smth -
to invest in job creation

97. Invite
to invite ones relatives to supper

to invite ones friends to the theatre
Why werent they invited? ?
to invite smb cordially -
We were all invited to the wedding. .
Invite him to dinner! !
to invite a person to ones house /

The quiet invites sleep. .
to invite danger
to invite smb to reconsider the decision -

to invite attention to smth -
invited me for lunch at the hotel.
was invited for interview. ,
to invite questions
to invite opinions
to invite disbelief

98. Join
to join one length of a rope to another

joined the two pieces together. ,
to join wires
to join forces
to join theory and practice
to join in matrimony/ marriage
The path joins the highway. .
The bridge joins two parts of the town.
The two towns are joined by a railway.
The Oka joins the Volga. .
These two farms join. .
11join in your walk. .
to join in a game/ in an excursion /

to join (in) conversation
to join a club
to join the army
to join a party
to join ones regiment
to join battle
to join hands ,
to join issue with smb on smth - -
to join the guests
to join the procession
Would you join us for a drink? ?
They all joined in singing the national anthem.
to join smb in a drink -
We must join with them in solving the problem.

99. Justify
The end justifies the means. ,
to justify ones behaviour
His indignation is justified. ,
to justify smbs hopes -
It is hard to justify such actions. -
thought he was justified in asking for promotion.
The results will fully justify the cost.
Can you justify your actions to me?
Nothing justifies cheating on an exam.
What justified her being late? ?
to justify smth fully/ wholly -
to hardly/ scarcely justify smth -

100. Lend -
to lend money to smb -
to lend a dictionary /
to lend aid/ assistance /
to lend dignity
to lend enchant
Facts lend probability to the theory.
lends himself to illusory hopes.
Your house lands itself well to the purpose.
to lend smth willingly/ grudgingly - / /

Can you lend me the tools? ?
Could you lend me your ?
I never lend my .
She lent the money to him. .
She was reading the book I had lent her. ,
to lend advice/ support /
Tradition lends order to the world. .
It would lend credibility to her argument.
The problems dont lend themselves to simple solutions.
to lend someone a hand with smth - -

101. Let
to let smb into a waiting room -
to let smb into a club -
to let smb out of the room -
to let the water out of the bath tub /
to let smb through a door -
Let me by, please! , , !
to let land
to let a flat/ a room /
They will not let me pass. .
never lets himself to be pushed around.
Dont let the fire go out. He ,
to let smb know smth - -,
- -
to let fall a word
to let slip an opportunity
to let fall a perpendicular to a line

Let him come in. ./ .
Let it be done. .
Let us drop the subject. .
Dont let us quarrel. .
Let be equal to CD. , AB CD.
Let it go! He !/ !
to let smb alone -
Let alone... ...
Lets work a little longer. .
Lets talk things over. .
They let rooms to students. .
My parents wouldnt let me go out with boys.
Let them think what they want. , .

102. Lie
to lie intentionally/ deliberately
to lie flatly/ outright /
to lie constantly /
I could see that he was lying. , .
She is lying about the facts. .
You are lying! / !
lied to his mother. .
These figures lie. ,
to lie like a trooper
to lie like a gas meter
lied to the judge. .

103. M ention
to mention smbs name -
I have forgotten to mention that... , ...
You never mentioned it. .
We never mention her. ,
to mention as instance
She mentioned the book to me.
failed to mention my being late.
She forgot to mention where we should meet. ,
She decided not to mention her cold.
to mention smth briefly/ casually/ in passing -
/ /
to mention smth obliquely -
to mention smth seldom/ rarely -

104. M ind -
If you dont mind. .
Do you mind my smoking? , ?
No, I dont mind. , / .
Yes, I mind it very much. .
I shouldnt mind a cup of tea. .
Would you mind ringing? , .
Would you mind holding your tongue? ,
minds your attitude very much.
I dont mind what you do. , .
doesnt mind the cold weather. .
Never mind him. He .
Never mind the expense. He .
The dog minds his master. .
Mind what I say. , .
If he had minded me. .
Mind the step! ! !
Mind the dog! !
Mind your health. .
Mind what you are doing! !
Mind your language! !
Mind you dont forget. .
Mind you bring the book. He ,
to mind the baby
to mind ones business
Mind your own business! He !
Never mind! / !/ !
to mind ones P s and Qs ,

Mind your eye! !

105. M urm ur
to murmur smth in reply -
to murmur a prayer
The son is murmuring in his sleep. .
to murmur a secret into smbs ear -
They murmured like a swarm of bees. .
A brook murmured. .
to murmur against new taxes
The heart murmurs. ,
to murmur smth softly/ in a low voice/ faintly -
to murmur smth apologetically/ shyly -
to murmur smth confidentially -
to murmur a threat
She murmured his name. .

106. M utter
to mutter to oneself
to mutter threats at smb -
to mutter in ones sleep
to mutter in smbs ear -
to mutter at the policeman
to mutter against ones husband
Thunder muttered among the hills. ,
to mutter smth inaudibly/ under ones breath -

to mutter smth angrily/ discontentedly -
to mutter a curse
to mutter smth about smbs stupidity -
to mutter an excuse /

107. Nod -
to nod to smb -
to nod and smile at smb -
to nod assent
to nod approval
nodded comprehension. , .
to nod approvingly
to nod sympathetically
to nod thoughtfully /
nodded in agreement/ assent. .
nodded greeting. .
She nodded thanks. .
nodded his head. .
to nod towards smb/ in the direction of smth -
/ -
sat nodding at the fire. ,
to catch smb nodding -
There was not even a little breeze to make the poplars nod. He
, .
The building was dangerously nodding. .

108. Nominate
to nominate smb for the presidency -

to nominate smb for the best actress -
to nominate smb for the best sportsman -

to nominate smb for/ to a post -
She nominated him for the committee.
was nominated chairman.
She was nominated as our candidate.
to nominate smb for a job - -
to nominate ones representatives to smth
I have been nominated for a senior lectureship.

109. Obey
to obey orders
to obey ones superiors
to obey smb blindly/ strictly/ unquestioningly/ without question
- / / /

to obey smb humbly/ reluctantly/ willingly -
/ / /
to obey the law
to obey the rule
to obey common sense
to obey an impulse
to obey ones conscience
to obey ones mother
to obey ones parents
to obey smb instantly/ immediately /
didnt obey anybody. .
She obeyed him in everything. ,
to obey the officer /
The troops were reluctant to obey orders.
They obeyed me without question.

110. Object
I dont object to a cup of coffee. .
objected in strong language.
The new plan is much objected to.
to object to smth loudly/ strongly/ violently/ vociferously
- / / / /

to object to a plan
to object to a proposal
to object to the marriage
It was useless to object. .
I dont object. .
I object to your smoking here. ,
Do you object to my smoking? , ?
to object to new taxes
would never object to sharing whatever he had.
, .
We object to his nomination to the post.
I object very much to a wet summer. .

111. Obtain
to obtain experience
to obtain a prize
to obtain information /
to obtain knowledge
This gas is obtained from coal. ,
to obtain what one wants
to obtain a favourable settlement

to obtain permission
With great difficulty he obtained her address.
to obtain good results
to obtain a victory
to obtain smth easily/ freely/ without difficulty -
O ffer

to obtain smth legally/ legitimately - /

to obtain smth illicitly/ improperly/ unlawfully -
/ /
She obtained her degree in 1995.
1995 .
This book can be obtained from library.

112. Offer -
to offer help/ assistance /
to offer a bribe
offered me his for a week.
to offer smth for consideration -
to offer a plan/ a suggestion /
to offer an apology
to offer advice
to offer homage
to offer ones opinion
May I offer my congratulations? ?
to offer a house for 100 thousand dollars 100

to offer a certain sum for

to offer resistance
to offer violence

to take the first opportunity that offers

to offer ones hand
to offer smth to the guests -
to offer good wine
to offer ones services
to offer to buy/ to help /
I have been offered a job in the library.
16 436 481
I can offer no explanation. .
They offered to compromise. .
The money was offered as an inducement. *
to offer smth at a reduced price/ for nothing/ free of charge
- /
to offer smth generously/ kindly -
to offer smth rashly/ promptly - /

113. Oppose /
opposed our arguments with determination.
opposes our coming. ,
to oppose the enemy army

to oppose the passage of the bill
to oppose the plan
They are diametrically opposed one another.
to oppose force with reason
to oppose ones will against anothers

to oppose to the government

to oppose ones rival
to oppose smbs marriage -
to oppose the motion
to oppose smth firmly/ strongly/ actively/ vigorously / /
/ -
to oppose smth fiercely/ vehemently /
I opposed his dropping out of college.
My father opposed to my wish to become an actress.
, .
114. Organize -
to organize a demonstration /
to organize an expedition
to organize an army
to organize a political party
to organize business ties
to organize files in the office

to organize ones timetable
I hope all will organize. , ,
to organize an exhibition
to organize a picnic
to organize young people
He was the first to organize the work in this way.
Is he good at organizing? ?
to organize smth efficiently/ highly/ superbly -
We organized a concert in a village. .
The meeting was badly organized.

115. Owe
to owe smb a sum of money - -

How much do I owe you? ?
You dont owe me anything. .
owes his success to good luck.
owes everything to his wife. .
She owes ten dollars to her sister. 10
We still owe one thousand dollars for the . 1
I owe you my best thanks.
to owe smb a grudge -
I owe no thanks to him. .

116. P art
The island parts the river into two branches.
Our roads part here. .
Let us part friends. ,
to part in anger ,
Well part no more. ,
to part fighters
to part ones hair in the middle

to part error from crime
to part with money
to part with friends
They parted at the gate. / .
parted from his wife a year ago.
to part with smb acrimoniously/ amicably -
She hates to part with her money. .

117. Participate
to participate in a conversation
to participate in a discussion
to participate in a crime
to participate in a conference
to participate in the events
to participate in the talks
to participate in a fair
to participate actively in smth -
to participate in an antidrugs campaign

to participate in a competition /

118. Present
to present smb with -
to present a fur coat to ones wife
to present a watch
to present smb with a bunch of flowers -
to present a box of sweets
The watch was presented to him on that occasion.
was presented with a collection of stamps.
The discovery presents much interest to scientists.
It presented no particular difficulty.
The new employees were presented to the rest of the staff.
to present the prizes
to present best regards
to present ones apologies
to present a petition
to present documents
to present a case for discussion

to present in evidence
to present oneself for trial
to present oneself for duty
As soon as an opportunity presents itself.
The poor fellow presented a wretched appearance.
The case presents several vulnerable points.
to present with a fait accompli

119. Pretend
to pretend to be asleep
He pretends to be very busy. , .
He pretended to be a doctor. ,
to pretend ignorance
to pretend illness as a reason for ones absence

left early pretending that he had much to do.
to pretend to a title
to pretend to great learning
pretends to her hand. .
pretended to be interested. , .
She pretended to be tired. , .
pretended to have understood. , .
She pretended not to see me. , .
The children pretended to be cowboys. .
Her father tried to pretend that nothing unusual had happened.
politely pretended not to have heard the remark.
, .

120. Prohibit
Smoking strictly prohibited. .
The law prohibits men from selling opiates.
to prohibit smb from coming -
to prohibit smbs presence -
to prohibit the manufacture of atomic weapons

We were prohibited from swimming in the river.
The country has a law prohibiting employees from striking.
, ,
to prohibit the use of lead in petrol

to prohibit discrimination against women

to prohibit the discharge of industrial wastes into rivers

121. Promise
to promise money/ assistance /
always promises readily. .
I promise to come. , ./ .
The weather promises large crops.
The day promises well. .
Promise little but do much. , .
She always does everything what she promises.
, .
I cant promise anything but I ll try. ,
I promised to take the children to the zoo.
promised to marry her. .
The government promised homes to all who need them.
The discussion promises to be lively.
Early mist promised a clear day.

122. Prom ote

was promoted to the rank of captain.
was promoted to manager. .
had recently been promoted to head of a department.
to promote trade
to promote education
to promote disorder
to promote goods
to promote international cooperation

to promote friendly contacts
to promote economic growth

to promote pupils
to promote digestion
to promote malign tumours

to promote healthy way of life

123. Pronounce
It is a difficult word to pronounce. /
to pronounce faultlessly
to pronounce well/ badly /
to pronounce for/ in favour of a proposal

He was pronounced unfit for active service.
to pronounce a judgement
The jury pronounced for defendant.
to pronounce a sound
to pronounce smth correctly/ distinctly -
to pronounce ones opinion
I cant pronounce his name. .

124. Propose
to propose a plan
to propose a toast
A number of plans were proposed.
proposed that the question should be settled at the meeting.
What do you propose to do? ?
to propose smbs health -
He proposed to her. ().
to propose a motion
I propose Mr. Smith for chairman.
- .
I proposed to leave very early/ leaving very early.
/ .
She proposed that the culprit should be fined.
I dont propose to discuss this matter.
had known her for two year before he proposed.
, .

125. P rotest
to protest against a proposal
to protest against a measure -
to protest against government economic policy

to protest acts of violence
to protest about discrimination of women

I protest my innocence. , ,
to protest strongly/ vigorously about smth
to protest against war
The people protested that taxes were too high.
protested absolutely against the adoption of the resolution.

126. Provide
to provide smb with money -
to provide a boy with a good education

to provide oneself with smth -
I am provided with everything I need.
All rooms are provided with fridges.
to provide for a large family
to be poorly provided for
to provide an opportunity for smb -

to provide against a surprise attack

to provide against inflation
to provide for an eventuality

The contract provides for payment in cash.
to provide for ones parents
She is very comfortably provided for.
to provide with necessary equipment

to provide with supplies
to provide smb with information -
to provide blankets for refugees
Most animal provide food for their young.

127. Publish
to publish notice of a marriage

to publish a book
The newspaper is published weekly.
The book is now being published.
to publish news/ sports information /

The article was published in yesterdays newspaper.
to publish in a magazine
The book was first published in 1970.
1970 .
has published a lot of articles. .

128. Punish
to punish theft
The boy is punished for disobedience.
to punish a pupil for telling a lie
to punish smb for coming late/ for negligence -
to punish smb severely/ harshly/ cruelly -
to punish smb justly/ unjustly - /

has been punished enough. .
She deserves to be punished. ,
to punish smb lightly/ mildly -
They were punished for their crime.
Murder is punished by a life sentence in some countries.

129. Purchase
to purchase a picture/ a painting
to purchase / a house /
to purchase jewelry
She purchased her from a local dealer.
You can purchase a two-room flat for 30 thousand dollars.
30 .
They purchased an automatic washing machine.
to purchase smth cheaply -
to purchase smth at a reasonable price -

to purchase expensive furniture
It pays to purchase high quality goods.

130. Question
questioned me closely about what I had seen.
, ,
to question a witness
to question a decision
to question smbs right to smth -
to question the truth of smbs story
I question whether he is right. , .
Can I question you on that point?
to question smb delicately/ tactfully -
They were questioning passersby. ,
to question the suspect
to question smbs honesty -
to question smbs sincerity -
to question smbs veracity -
to question the value of smth -
I didnt question the wisdom of his choice.
We were not questioning that for a moment.
The police questioned her about her activity.
They were taken to the police station for questioning.
No one questioned the necessity of the work.

131. Quote
to quote from a book
to quote smbs words -
to quote from Shakespeare
I am quoting your own words. ,
to quote an instance
to quote a passage
to quote a price on a house
May I quote you on that? ?
to be quoted at 500 dollars per ton 500

to quote smth verbatim/ word for word -

to quote smth extensively/ at great length

I will quote only one or two examples. -
They quote figures to compare the cost of adult education in different

132. Receive
to receive a letter/ a telegram /
to receive an invitation/ a warning /

to receive a gift/ a present
to receive ones salary /
to receive payment
He received a good education. ,
to receive a severe beating
to receive a blow on the head
to receive a black eye
to receive insults
to receive disappointment
to receive sympathy from smb -
She received much acclaim. .
The proposal was well received.
to receive new ideas
I received the impression that... , ...
The vessel receives 20 litres. 20 ,
to receive a delegation/ guests /
to be cordially/ warmly received /

to receive smb with open arms -

to receive a station / -
to receive smb coldly/ coolly -
to receive into the church -
to receive visitors/ patients /
to receive at ones place
to receive in ones office

133. Recommend /
to recommend smb to do smth - -
Can you recommend me a good dressmaker? He
The doctor recommended light food.
I have been recommended to say nothing at present.
to recommend a candidate for a post
to recommend for promotion

His diligence recommends him. .
Behaviour of that sort will not recommend you.
to recommend a doctor/ a lawyer /
recommended me for the job.
recommended that building be pulled down.
to recommend smth highly/ strongly/ unreservedly
She recommended a good dictionary to me.
She was recommended as a suitable candidate for the job.
recommended waiting. .
recommended their investing in railroad stocks.
The diet is recommended for the old people.
recommends cycling as a good exercise.

134. Refer /
to refer a patient to a specialist
to refer smb to the Inquiry Office -

to refer students to books on a subject
- /
I have been referred to you. .
to refer to the board
to refer to a dictionary
to refer to an authority

The speaker referred to his notes. .
referred his success to the good teaching.
, .
The discovery of gunpowder is usually referred to China.
, ,
to refer to smth for proof -

never refers to it. .
We will not refer to it again.
Whom are you referring to? ?
to refer a matter to a tribunal
The regulation refers only to children.
In her autobiography she never referred to her parents.
to refer to smth casually/ in passing -
to refer to smth contemptuously/ despairingly -

to refer to smth scathingly -
to refer to smth jocularly/ obliquely - /

135. Refuse
to refuse a gift
to refuse an office
He was refused a hearing. .
He has never been refused. .
will propose and she wont refuse him. ,
to refuse obedience
refused to listen. .
The motor refused to start. ,
to refuse smth outright/ point-blank/ flatly -
, -
to refuse smth absolutely/ adamantly/ categorically
-/ -
to refuse smth obstinately/ stubbornly -

to refuse smth pointedly/ politely -
She refused to see him. .
refused them nothing. ,
to refuse the money
to refuse an invitation
to refuse an offer
to refuse to help/ to obey /
to refuse smth without hesitation -

to refuse to meet smb -
I had to refuse. .
He refused to grant my request. .
136. Reject
to reject an offer ,

to reject a plan
The proposal was rejected. /
Your application has been rejected. ,
to reject smth completely/ totally/ utterly -
to reject smth absolutely/ categorically/ flatly/ outright
to reject smth unanimously -
to reject the authenticity of a fact
to reject a doctrine - /
to reject a product
He was rejected for medical grounds.
/ ,
to reject a bill in Parliament
to reject an amendment
to reject an idea / -
Many candidates were rejected.

137. Rent -
rents his flat to us for 200 dollars a month.
200 .
We rent our flat from him. .
The house rents at 5 thousand dollars a year. 5
to rent an office from a company
to rent the land
to rent out an apartment/ a flat
to rent a fridge
He is lightly rented. .

138. Reply
to reply to a question
to reply for smb / -
to reply wittily
to reply evasively
to reply abruptly /
to reply firmly/ confidently
to reply gently/ politely
to reply in the negative/ in the positive /

None of my letters has been replied to.
to reply to the enemys fire
to reply to criticism

139. Report
to report an accident to the police

reported what he had seen. , ,
to report a request
had to report regularly.
, .
It is reported from Paris. .
It is reported that we are to have a new teacher. ,
/ .
is reported to be in Paris. , ,
to report to a superior
to report for a newspaper
Report my words to him. ,
to report rudeness
is badly reported on. ,
to report to the police
reported for work a few minutes ago.
to report smth verbatim/ word for word -
to report smth faithfully/ reliably -
to report smth briefly/ extensively/ in detail -
/ /
We reported the information to the authorities
The correspondent reported on/ over the situation at the front.
to report smb to the police for violating the traffic ordinance
was reported missing in action.
They reported how the accident took place.

140. Represent
to represent ones country ,

to represent ones company
represents the modern school of painting.
to represent smth graphically -
The picture represents a hunting scene.
to represent sounds by transcription signs

The flag represents the nation. - ,
to represent a play ( )
represented himself as an expert. .
They represented their grievances to the governor.
to be well represented at an exhibition

to represent an event as a success/ as a defeat

141. Request
to request a favour of smb -
to request a permission from smb -
An answer is requested. .
requests to be excused from the task. ,
to act as requested
Your presence is immediately requested.
The public is requested not to walk on the grass. .
She requested that I should be there. ,
to request information

142. Reward
to reward a service
They rewarded the winners with gifts.
People should be rewarded for special effort.
to reward smb generously/ lavishly -
to reward smb properly/ fairly - /

Success has rewarded our efforts.
to reward smb for help -
to reward smb for his valour -
to reward smb inadequately/ poorly -/

143. Ring
The telephone is ringing. .
The door bell is ringing. - .
to ring at the door
to ring the bells
to ring for a waitress
Ill ring you at five. .
to ring around
to ring back
to ring true/ false /
His ears were ringing .
The playground rang with childrens cries.
______________________________________________ Say
144. Rob /
to rob a person
to rob a house
to rob a shop/ a bank /
He was robbed of his watch/ money. / /
to rob a man of his money -
to rob smb of his rights -
to rob smb of his inheritance -
to rob smb of the pleasure -
The shock robbed him of speech.
The bandits robbed the passengers of their money.
, .
The trees rob the grass of light. .

145. Sacrifice
to sacrifice ones life
to sacrifice everything
to sacrifice a piece ( )
to sacrifice oneself for a just cause
sacrificed his life to save a child.
to sacrifice ones position
to sacrifice ones career
sacrificed his holiday in order to finish the experiment.
, .
She sacrificed her marriage to care for elderly parents.
She sacrificed her career to have three children.
, .

146. Say
to say a few words
to say smth to the mother/ to the teacher/ to the girl -
/ /
to say smth aloud/ in a loud voice - /

to say smth slowly/ quickly - /
to say rudely/ politely /
to say smth sadly/ thoughtfully - /
to say smth in English - -
to say smth in fun/ in earnest - /
to say smth without the slightest foundation -

didnt say anything to me about it.
It is difficult to say. .
I must say one more thing. .
I have smth to say to you. -/ - .
I have nothing to say. .
to say to oneself
Easier said than done. , .
I shall say no more. .
She didnt know what to say. , ,
to say harsh things to smbs face -

I have never said such a thing! !
What right do you have to say that?
What you say is impossible. To, , ,
to say good morning to smb -
to say goodbye to smb -
The letter says... ....
The law says. .
It goes without saying. .
That is to say. To .
to say a good word for smb -
I cannot much say for this method.
That doesnt say much for his intelligence.
to say a poem
to say a lesson ()
What did they say about our offer?
What can you say for yourself?
What do you say to the charges?
to say smth under ones breath -

147. Scream
The baby screamed all night. .
to scream with pain
to scream with fear
to scream with delight
to scream oneself hoarse
to scream for help
The brakes screamed. .
He was so funny, he made us scream. ,
to scream with laughter
to scream in anger
to scream out a song
She screamed that the house was on fire. ,
screamed at the children for making noise. ,
( ).

148. Sell
to sell / a house /
to sell at the going rate
to sell at cost
to sell at a profit
to sell at a loss
to sell for a song
to sell well/ slowly /
to sell at best
to sell on credit
to sell for cash
to sell dear/ cheap /
to sell wholesale/ retail /
to sell eggs by the dozen
I am selling very low. .
What are you selling plums for today? ?
to sell badly/ hard/ heavily
The book is selling well. .
The book will never sell.
The house is to be sold. .
to sell like hot cakes ,

Good advertising will sell goods.
His name on the cover sells the book. ,
to sell ones country
to sell ones honour
to sell ones peace of mind
to sell a match
to sell justice
I dont expect to sell anything to anyone.
I am not sold on either of these programs.
, .
We sold the to them for three thousand dollars.
to sell smb on an idea -

149. Sentence
was sentenced to a fine. .
was sentenced to three years imprisonment.
/ .
The judge sentenced him to five years for theft.
The murderer was sentenced to death.
to sentence for robbery
to sentence for committing a rape

to sentence for trafficking illicit merchandise

to sentence for selling opiates

to sentence to hard labour
to sentence smb conditionally -

150. Serve
to serve ones country
to serve two masters
If my memory serves me right. ,
to serve in an office/ in a shop /
to serve as a secretary/ as a waiter/ as a judge /
to be willing to serve at a small salary

to serve in the army/ in the air force/ in the navy /
to serve the organisation devotedly/faithfully/ loyally
to serve smb deftly/ fast -
to serve smb badly/ slowly - /
All floors are served by the elevator. ,
to serve a town with water/ gas/ electricity /
to serve customers
I am waiting to be served. , ,
to serve a customer with smth -
to serve breakfast/ dinner /
Dinner is served! !
To serve no purpose. / ,
to serve as a lesson to smb -
to serve as a pretext /
to serve its purpose
to serve smbs interests -
This didnt serve our turn. ,
to serve smbs need -
This amount will serve me for a year.
to serve a sentence
to serve ones time
to serve smb well/ tenderly - /

She was served very cruelly. ,
to serve a ball ( )
It serves you right! !/ !
to serve smb a dirty trick -
She served dinner to us. .
His illness served as an excuse.
to serve on a jury

151. Shout
to shout angrily
to shout at the top of ones voice
to shout furiously
to shout at the top of ones lungs
to shout with delight
to shout at smb -
to shout for help
to shout ones insults
to shout ones orders
to shout approval
to shout oneself hoarse
to shout for smb / -
to shout to smb to come -
The children shouted for joy. .
She shouted at us for spoiling her evening. ,
152. Sign
to sign a contract/ a document /
to sign in smb elses name -
to sign for a telegram
to sign assent/ dissent /
The policeman signed for him to stop.
signed to me to take a seat.
to sign on the dotted line
to sign under duress /
to sign an application
to sign an order
to sign a treaty/ an agreement /
There are papers which have to be signed. ,
She refused to sign. .

153. Spare -
to spare ones strength
to spare no pains ,
to spare neither effort nor expenses ,
I can spare you for tomorrow. .
Spare yourself the trouble. He ( -),
to spare time away from ones work
Can you spare me a few minutes? He
I have cash to spare. .
I have time to spare today.
Spare me your complaints! !
You need not spare to ask my help. He
I have an hour to spare.
to spare smbs feelings -
to spare the life of the enemy
I spare you the details. .
to spare no efforts
No expense was spared. .

154. Speak
The baby is learning to speak. .
Smith speaking. .
She didnt speak a word. .
to speak English/ German -/ -
to speak through an interpreter
to speak by signs
It is nothing to speak of. .
They didnt speak for a fortnight.
to speak through the nose
to speak calmly/ clearly/ confidently / /

to speak eloquently/ enthusiastically /

to speak in a loud voice/ loudly
to speak movingly/ passionately/ persuasively /
to speak in a low voice/ softly
to speak with an accent
to speak with a stammer/ stutter
to speak with a lisp
I can hardly speak these words.
speak plainly. .
Frankly speaking. .
As they speak. .
speaks with clarity. .
to speak at a meeting
to speak in public
to speak to an audience
to speak definitely
to speak against smth -
I ask to speak. .
to speak to the point -
The book speaks to the same effect. .
to speak (out) ones mind
to speak the truth
He spoke for the whole group. ,
to speak well/ ill of smb / -
to speak kindly of smb -
to speak volumes for smth -
Everything in the house speaks of refined taste.
Actions speak louder than words. ,
to speak coherently/ correctly /
to speak fluently
to speak irresponsibly
to speak truthfully/ rudely /
to speak about politics
to speak from experience
Dont speak to him! He !
She spoke to me for an hour. .
It speaks for itself. .
Strictly speaking. .

155. Steal -
to steal money/ a purse /
to steal documents/ jewels /
to steal from smb -
Someone has stolen my watch. - ,
to steal a glance at smb -
to steal from the rich /
to steal softly out of the room
felt sleep stealing over him. ,
Terror stole upon her. .

156. Submit
to submit entirely/ mutely/ docilely to smth /
/ -
to submit oneself to smbs authority -

to submit to terms
I ll never submit to indignity. ,
to submit to defeat
to submit to necessity
to submit smb to examination -
to submit smb to torture/ interrogation -
to submit smb to a strict diet -
The metal was submitted to analysis. ,
to submit smth to smbs approval - -

to submit a case to the court

to submit an application
He refused to submit. .
He submitted unwillingly. .
They submitted their report to us.
to submit to superior force

157. Suggest
to suggest a plan/ an idea /
to suggest a topic
I suggested that we should begin at once.
to suggest that smth should be done /
I shall do as you suggest. , .
Following points are suggested for consideration.
to suggest smb for president -

What suggested that thought? ?
The question naturally suggests itself.
She suggested a compromise to us.
I suggested waiting. .
Who suggested his taking part? ,
She suggested that an exception should be made.
to suggest smth diffidently/ hesitantly/ tentatively -
to suggest smth repeatedly -
to suggest smth in good faith -

158. Supply -
to supply smb with smth - -
to supply ones son with food
to supply an army with provisions

Everyone has been supplied with overalls.
to supply proofs
to supply goods
to supply services
to supply news for a newspaper
to supply the needs of smb -
to supply with water/ electricity /
Germany is supplying the steel for the new pipeline.
to supply smb regularly/ secretly with smth -
/ -
to supply with equipment /
to supply with all necessary information
We supplied them with money and clothes.
The firm supplies medical equipment.
to supply power to industry
159. Support
to support the government
to support a proposal
No one supported his suggestion.
to support a family
to support ones parent
His father refused to support him any longer.
to support smb openly -
to support smth/ smb strongly/vigorously -/ -

to support smth/ smb wholeheartedly -/ -

to support smb implicitly -
to support a roof
The life belt supported him on the surface.
to support a hospital
to support life
She decided to support herself.
is supported by his parents. ,
to support logistically -

to support the spirits
Your approval supported him. .
A glass of wine supported his strength.
to support the peace policy
to support the motion
These facts support my theory.
to support an alibi -
supports fatigue well. .
couldn't support insolence. .
to talk to / with smb -
to talk about ones children
to talk about ones work
to talk about many things
She was talking over the telephone with her friend.
Stop talking! !
I am not talking to him any more. ,
to talk nonsense/ business /
to talk politics
to talk French -
to talk on the point
He began talking on another subject. .
We must talk the matter over. .
I talked him into doing it. .
talked of going abroad.
to talk of one thing and another ,
She has found smb to talk to. ,
to talk to oneself
to talk at smb -
to talk by sings
to talk in riddles
He didnt care to talk. .
That is no way to talk! !
to learn to talk
to talk fluently/ eloquently /
to talk a dialect
to talk by the hour ,
to talk b ig / 1all
to talk behind smbs back -,
The case gave people something to talk about.
to talk oneself hoarse
to talk smb into agreement -

17 436
to talk smb out of taking the trip -
The prisoner talked to the police.
to talk Greek
to talk through ones hat /
to talk smbs head off -
You cant talk. .
Now you are talking! !/ !

161. Telephone ( )
to telephone a friend
to telephone for a doctor
to telephone for a taxi
to telephone a message
She telephoned us to return home. ,
telephoned us that he would be late. ,
I telephoned them when to come. , .
I telephoned to thank her. , .
Telephone to your mother! !
She telephones us every day. .

162. Tell /
to tell a story
to tell a tale of smth -
to tell smb the truth / -
to tell smb a lie - , -
told us his adventures.
Ill tell you what happened. , .
Tell me something about yourself. - .
Tell me something interesting. -
to tell the time ,
to tell smb the facts -
Tell me you name. ?
to tell smb when to come -,
to tell a secret /
A gentleman never tells.
to tell the difference
to tell one thing from another
You can always tell him by his gait.
One can tell that she is intelligent. , .
I can tell it from the look in your eyes. no .
It tells of his desire to come back.
It tells somewhat against him. .
Age begins to tell on him. .
Tell him to wait. .
You must do as you are told. , .
to tell smb where to get off -
She told the news to everyone. .
didnt want to tell about the incident.
/ .
Tell me about the game. .
She told everyone of her success.
told on her when the teacher returned. ,
The strain was beginning to tell on her.
Tell me how to get there. , ,
to tell smth candidly/ frankly -
to tell smth casually/ jokingly/ politely - /
to tell smth in no uncertain terms -
to tell the reason
Has she told you about her decision?
to tell a joke
to tell the details
to tell of ones difficulties
to tell of ones misfortunes
to tell in detail/ briefly /
Only a slight accent told of his nationality.
/ .
How can I tell? ?

163. Thank
Thank you. .
Thank you for the help. .
to thank smb sincerely -
to thank smb effusively
to thank from the bottom of ones heart
has only himself to thank. .
Ill thank you for some more tea. ?
to thank for the gift/ for the invitation /

to thank for smbs attention/ for advice /

I want to thank you for your kindness.
I forgot to thank him. .
There is no need to thank me. .
Thank you for your offer. .
Thank you ever so much! !

164. Unite
to unite two parties
to unite two companies
Ties of friendship unite our two countries.
England and Scotland united in 1706.
1706 ,
to unite in an attempt to do smth ,
to unite efforts/ forces /
Common interests unite our countries.
They united against the common enemy.
to unite against aggression
We must unite for the common goal.
/ .
The nation was united for the struggle against terrorism.
We must unite in our struggle against terrorism.
Our countries must unite with each other.

165. U tter
to utter a groan
to utter a sound/ a yell /
uttered a cry of amazement. .
to utter a word /
uttered only one word. .
Without uttering a single word. ,
to utter ones thoughts/ ones feelings /

to utter a sign
to utter a whistle
to utter a declaration

166. Visit
to visit an old friend
The doctor visits his patients. .
to visit foreign countries
to visit a school
to visit a factory /
I hope to visit Rome. .
We had no time to visit the Tower. ,
to visit in the country
Famine often visits this area. .
The poet was visited by fits of gloom.

to visit the scene of the crime
to visit an exhibition
to visit a museum
Have you ever visited Paris? ?
to visit ones neighbour/ ones relations /

I am going to visit my sister. .

167. -
to wait patiently for smb -
to wait anxiously/ apprehensively for smth -
to wait nervously/ impatiently /
to wait in vain
to wait for guests/ for the train /
to wait for an answer/ reply
to wait for a letter/ for a telephone call /

to wait for the signal/ for orders /
to wait for a long time
to keep smb waiting -
to wait for smth to happen , -
to wait ones opportunity
Tea is waiting for you. .
That work will have to wait. ,
to wait at tables
to wait on smb -

was warned of/ against/ about the danger.
You have been warned against smoking here. ,
The doctor warned him against working too hard.
to warn ones friends/ ones parents /

to warn of the coining storm

to warn smb beforehand -
to warn smb frequently/ repeatedly - /

They must be warned of his intentions.
Dont say that I didnt warn you. He ,
They warned me about his bad temper.
, .
The police warned us of the pickpockets.
They warned him to be careful. ,
I warned her not to go there. ,
They warned us that the winter would be severe. ,
I warned you of possible failure.
I warned him not to lose his temper with her. ,

169. Whisper
She whispered smth in his ear. - .
to whisper gently/ in a low voice/ softly
to whisper hoarsely/ huskily /
They sat whispering to each other. .
Dont whisper, speak up! He , !
What were they whispering about? ?
She whispered to him that she was pregnant. ,
It is whispered that they are going to divorce. ,
I whispered the news to my wife.
170. Witness
to witness an accident/ an event
to witness a quarrel
The quarrel was witnessed by three girls.
to witness a sight
was shaken by what he was witnessing. ,
Everybody was there to witness their wedding.
to witness a signature
to witness a document (
Her pale face witnessed the agitation she felt.
The area has witnessed many battles.

to witness for/ against smb -/
10. :
, , ,

1. Aim
to aim at a target/ at a bird /
to fire without aiming
The gun was aimed at him. ,
to aim ones effort at smth -
Our foreign policy is aimed at promoting peace.
aimed a blow at me. .
His remark was aimed at her.
to aim at perfection
to aim at doing smth -
to aim at increasing production
to aim deliberately/ consciously at smth -
to aim vainly/ futilely at smth / -

to aim to do smth -
What are you aiming at? ?
to aim criticism at smb/smth -/
I aimed the revolver at the intruder.
aimed for a promotion.
2. Arm
He was armed with a knife. ,
to arm smb with a pistol -
to arm oneself with missiles
to arm oneself with knowledge
to arm oneself against a potential enemy

The warship was armed with nuclear weapons.
armed himself with a big stick. ,
to arm with pencils and notebooks

to arm oneself with patience

3. Attack
to attack a country/ a city/ people / /

The boy attacked his sister with fists.
The hawk attacked a hare. .
was attacked in the press. .
She was attacked by doubts. .
to attack enemy positions
to attack in the rear
to attack in the open field
to attack smb viciously -
to attack smb without warning -
to attack smb vigorously/ violently - /
to attack a task
to attack a problem
The disease attacks children. .
Acid attacks metals. .

4. Beat
to beat a child/ a horse/ a dog / /
to beat smb mercilessly -
to beat with a stick/ with a whip /
He was often beaten. .
He was beaten to death/ unconscious. /
I could feel my heart beating. ,
to beat fast/ strongly /
Waves were beating against the shore. .
to beat the enemy
Our team was beaten by 2:1.
2 : 1.
beat me at chess. ,
to beat smb convincingly -

to beat smb narrowly/ by a narrow margin -

to beat smb by a wide margin -

to beat smb brutally/ severely - /
to beat facts into smbs head -
to beat swords into plowshares
to beat smb into submission -
Somebody was beating a t/ on the door. - .
Ill beat you to it by . .
It beats me that they turned down the invitation. ,
The hail was beating against the windowpanes.
/ ,
to beat black and blue ,

You ought to be well beaten! !
to beat to powder
to beat smb on points -
to beat smb to his knees / -
I can beat you at swimming. ./
It beats me. .
to beat time
The clock was beating midnight. .
to beat a retreat
to beat an alarm
to beat eggs/ cream /
to beat pillows
to beat dough
to beat carpets
to beat meat
to beat ones way through

5. Bleed
His finger was bleeding. .
Her nose was bleeding. .
The wound was still bleeding. ,
to bleed to death
My heart bled for the poor woman.
to bleed heavily/ profusely /
is bleeding at the nose. .
They bled him for a cool thousand.
to bleed smb white -,

6. Block
to block a way/ a road
blocked me my way. .
The road is blocked with/ by snow. ,
to block access to smth -
The commander succeeded in blocking the enemys plan.
to block an appointment ( )
to block a bill
The sewer is blocked. .
couldnt block the deal. ,
to block a view
7. Burn
to burn coal / wood/ gas / /
to burn a village/ a town /
to burn to the ground/ to ashes
A house was burning. .
Dry wood burns easily. .
Her face was burning with shame. ,
to burn ones finger/ ones hand /
Dont burn yourself. He !
I burnt my hand with steam. .
She burnt a hole in her dress. .
You burn the meat! !
The building burnt down. ,
to burn up dead leaves
to burn with enthusiasm
to burn with love/ hatred /
All the lights were burning. .

8 . Burst

The bomb burst. ,

to burst into fragments
A boiler burst. ,
to burst open the line
to burst the door open
A sack/ a balloon burst. / .
A dam burst. .
The boil burst. .
The buds are bursting. / .
The river has burst its banks. ,
to burst ones sides with laughing
to burst into a room
The storehouses are bursting with goods.
The sea burst suddenly upon our sight.
to burst into laughter
to burst into tears
to burst into rage
to burst into a song
to burst into cheering
The audience burst into applause.
to burst with pride/ with joy /
to burst with indignation
was bursting with envy/ vanity. /
The bottle burst. .
The tyre burst. .
The shell burst. .
The storm burst. ,
to burst into blossom
She was bursting to tell everyone the news.

9. Capture
to capture a city/ a ship/ prisoners / /

to capture a criminal
to capture smbs imagination -
to capture all hearts
The police have not captured the thief. .
This advertisement will capture attention.
to capture 50 of the enemy 50
to capture a prize

10. Conquer
to conquer a country
to conquer a new territory
to conquer a people
When will scientists conquer weather?
to conquer the enemy
to conquer difficulties
to conquer temptation
to conquer ones rival
Her beauty conquered him. .
to conquer bad habits
to conquer passion
to conquer cancer
White people conquered their land. .

11. Defeat -
to defeat the enemy/ an army /
to defeat enemy forces
to defeat the rival team
to defeat a candidate
was defeated by a large majority.
to defeat smb on points -
to defeat smbs ends -
to defeat ones own purpose /

This defeats me. .
Labour was defeated in the General Election.
The motion was defeated. .

12. Defend
to defend ones country/ a city /
to defend ones friend
to defend ones point of view
to defend a theory
to defend from/ against all enemies
to defend at all costs
to defend bravely/ courageously/ valiantly
to defend to the last
to defend smth successfully -
to defend ones actions
to defend oneself from smb -
to defend ones children from evil influence

to defend smb in a court -

13. Face
to face danger/ death /
Bravely he faced his enemies.
How can I face her? ?
couldnt face the disgrace. .
Our windows face the sea. .
The house faces a big park. ,
to face smb squarely -
to face smb with irrefutable evidence -

They sat so as to face each other. /
to face the ordeal
to face the facts
I cant face the disgrace of a failure.
to be faced with a difficulty
to be faced with bankruptcy
was suddenly faced with the necessity of...
to face a building with marble
to face east
It is the biggest problem I have ever faced.
, - .
You are faced with a choice. .

14. Fight
to fight for ones country
to fight in a war/ in a battle /
to fight at the front
He fought like a hero. .
Did you fight in the war? ?
The boys fought over a football. -
The dogs were fighting over a bone. ,
to fight a duel
to fight against discrimination
to fight against an enemy
to fight a fire
to fight for freedom
to fight for ones rights
to fight for a better future
to fight for ones life
to fight bravely/ courageously/ gallantly/ valiantly /

to fight bitterly/ fiercely/ desperately /
to fight relentlessly/ ruthlessly /

to fight selflessly/ to the death /
to fight hard/ tenaciously/ vigorously
to fight dirty/ unfairly/ viciously /
is always fighting with his neighbours about the noise.
Great Britain fought with Ihrkey against Russia.
They are always fighting among themselves.
The war was fought for a just cause. ,
to fight with ones fists

15. Fire
to fire a gun/ a rifle
to fire a machinegun
to fire blank
to fire a target
to fire a volley
to fire a t/ on smb -
to fire at a target
The police fired into the crowd. .
to fire a rocket
to fire shells
Guns were firing on all sides. .
The men stopped firing. .
Only two shots were fired. .
Without firing a shot. .
to fire questions at smb -
to fire a house
to fire a mine
to fire with anger
to fire bricks
to fire smb -
to fire a grenade

16. Free -
to free ones country
to free a city
to free prisoners
He managed to free his arms. .
was freed from prison. .
to free smb from debt -
to free smb from anxiety -
to free oneself from ropes
to free oneself from the embrace
to free the land from oppression
to free smb from a charge/ an accusation -

17. Guard
to guard a door
to guard prisoners /
to guard sheep
The president is always guarded by secret service men.
to guard the player
to guard ones life
to guard ones reputation
to guard a document
Guard your health for the sake of your children.
to guard ones composure/ presence of mind

to guard smb from evil influence -

to guard the forest from fire
to guard against infection
to guard against temptation
to guard against errors
to guard ones tongue
to guard smth carefully/ closely/jealously -
/ /
The player was guarded closely by his opponent.
to guard against catching cold
to guard an embassy against intruders

18. Hit
to hit smb on the head -
to hit in the belly/ face /
to hit smth with a hammer -
to hit smb a heavy blow -
to hit below the belt ,
was hit by a stone. .
to hit against a wall
to hit ones head against a pole
to hit a target
to be hit by a bullet
to hit the basket
to hit the wrong note
I fired but didnt hit it. , .
They were hard hit by the war. .
I was hard hit by the news. .
Life had never hit her very hard.
to hit the right answer
to hit on a solution
to hit likeness
to hit the right road /
to hit the right word
to hit smbs taste -
to hit smbs fancy -
to hit the ceiling /
to hit a child/ a woman /
to hit smb hard/ badly/ squarely -
to hit on/ in the back
The bullet/ the missile hit the target. / .
The hit the tree. .
You have hit it. .
The press hit hard at governmental corruption.
hit me for twenty dollars. 20 .
They finally hit on an acceptable compromise.

19. Hurt /
to hurt bitterly/ greatly
to hurt a little/ slightly
His tone/ remark hurts bitterly. /
to hurt smbs finger/ smbs arm / smbs head /
/ /
to hurt badly/ seriously/ severely (-)
to hurt smbs feelings -
to hurt smbs reputation - ,
A glass of wine wont hurt you.
./ ,
to feel deeply hurt (-)
I was rather hurt by their criticism. / .
She looked hurt. .
I hope your feelings arent hurt. , .
It hurts me to cough. , .
I hurt my leg. .
Is he seriously hurt? ?
You are hurting me! !
Where does it hurt? ?
These shoes hurt me. .
My back/ my foot hurts. / .
It wont hurt to postpone the matter. ,
My tooth still hurts. ,
to hurt oneself ,
Nothing hurts like the truth. .

20. Injure
to injure ones knee /
to injure oneself ,
to be injured in an accident
to injure smbs feelings / -
to injure smbs pride -
to injure ones health
Crops were injured by hail. .
to injure smbs reputation -
to injure smbs happiness -
to injure accidentally
to injure slightly ()
to injure seriously/ badly ()
He was injured in the war. .
injured himself playing football.

21. Invade
to invade a country ,
to invade a territory
Tourists invaded the city. .
We are invaded by visitors. .

Grasshoppers invaded the fields. .

The USA planned to invade Cuba.
to invade smbs privacy -
The town was invaded by reporters.

22. Kick -
to kick a dog/ a ball /
The horse kicked him. .
kicked the door with his foot. .
When he fell they kicked him. ,
kicked the ball into the net. .
kicked a goal in the first half of the match.
to kick smbs shins -
to kick smb in the arse -
to kick smth aside -
to kick a hole in smth
This horse kicks. .
to kick against cruel treatment

to kick against taxes/ restrictions /

to kick smb downstairs -
to kick the bucket ,

23. Kill
to kill a man/ a fox/ a rabbit / /
to be killed in battle
to be killed in a motor accident
Tuberculosis killed him. ,
to kill cattle
The frost killed the flowers. .
Grief is killing her. .
Drink slowly killed him. /
The shock killed him. .
to kill off all the inhabitants
Hunters killed the buffalo off. .
to kill a disease
to kill an epidemic
to kill smbs love -
to kill hopes
to kill enthusiasm
to kill a bill
to kill a play
This joke will kill you. .
The drug kills pain. .
She is dressed to kill. ,
to kill a bottle of whisky
to kill a target
to kill time
He killed ten good years on that job.
My feet are killing me. .
The long hike killed us. .
to kill the engine /
to kill with kindness
to kill two birds with one stone
to be killed in action
to kill smb accidentally -
to kill smb in a fit of rage -
to kill smb in cold blood -
to kill insects/ pests /
to kill germs

24. Menace
to menace war
Her life was menaced. .
The nation is menaced by war. .
They menaced him with guns. .
We were menaced by drunks. .
The judge was menaced anonymously.
What threat menaces Europe? ?
Civil war menaces the country. .
An epidemic menaces the South of Russia.

25. M iss / /
to miss ones aim/ target /
His blow missed the mark. .
The bullet missed me by a hairs breadth. ,
to miss a ball /
missed his footing. / /
I missed the house. ,
to miss ones way ,
to miss an opportunity
You havent missed much. .
I missed the first part of his speech. / /
to miss the point
to miss classes
to miss the train
He missed the train by three minutes.
When did you miss your purse? ,
It will never be missed. , ./
just missed being killed. .
I am missing my children. .
I miss home badly/ dreadfully/ terribly. .
I nearly/ almost missed the bus. ,
to miss the most interesting part of the film

to miss one important detail
It is a big shop, you cant miss it. ,
to miss the importance/ the significance of smth
to miss a chance
He wasnt going to miss such an opportunity.
It is a chance not to be missed. ,
to miss ones parents
to miss the sea
We missed you very much. .

26. M urder
to murder a politician
to murder a businessman
to murder a reporter
to murder a judge
to murder a policeman
to murder a woman
to murder a language
to murder a song ( )
to murder time /
murdered a man in order to get the gold. ,
was murdered from political motives.
His father, mother, and sister were murdered by the terrorists. ,
to murder smb in cold blood -

27. Overcome
to overcome ones enemies
to overcome bad habits
to overcome temptations
to overcome difficulties
to overcome obstacles
to overcome a disaster
to be overcome with grief
Rage overcame him. .
to overcome smth easily/ effortlessly - /

to overcome with great effort ,

to overcome distrust
to overcome resistance
Many difficulties had to be overcome.
She was overcome by fatigue. .
was overcome by the heat. .
was overcome by joy. .
She was overcome by remorse. .
They were overcome by emotion. .

28. Perish
to perish with hunger/ with thirst /
to perish by the sword
to perish from starvation
I am perishing with cold! !
The rubber belt on the machine has perished.
to perish from disease
perished in an attempt to save the child. ,
Thousands perished in the earthquake.
to perish from flood
All the passengers and crew members perished.
The doctrine is perishing. .

29. Prevent
to prevent a disaster
to prevent an accident
to prevent crime
to prevent the spread of disease

to prevent war
My cold prevents me from going out. -
Nothing shall prevent me from doing my duty.
A sense of delicacy prevented me from speaking my mind.
to prevent fire
to prevent all chance of mistake
The rain prevented us from coming. ,
to prevent smb from doing smth - -
The noise prevented him from working.
You cannot prevent her getting married.
to prevent smth as far as possible -

to prevent at all costs
to prevent by all possible means
to prevent smth no matter what happens -

It was not enough to prevent war.

30. P rotect
to protect a ship
to protect ones country
to protect ones friends from danger

to protect children from the rain
wore dark glasses to protect his eyes from the sun.
, .
was always ready to protect the weak.
The bird is protected by law. ,
to protect iron from corrosion
to protect ones own interests

to protect plants against the frost
to protect a woman from the drunk
was protected by a bodyguard. ,
to protect smth fully/ effectively - /

to protect smth properly/ adequately - /

to protect smth from harm -
The umbrella protected her from rain. .

31. Release
She tried to release her hand. ,
to release smb from prison -
to release smb from an obligation/ from his promise -
to release a bird
to release from pain /
to release from
to release from debt
to release soldiers
to release a film
to release the brake
to release a trigger of a gun
to release a parachute
to release an arrow from the bow
has been released from prison. /
The information was released to press.

32. Rescue
to rescue smb from danger -
to rescue smb from a scrape -
to rescue troops
to rescue smb from drowning
to rescue a drunkard
The firemen rescued three children. .
to rescue a city
to rescue an animal
They were rescued by some fishermen. .
to rescue a company ( )

33. Resist
to resist the enemy/ a disease /
to resist smbs influence -
to resist temptation
to resist an impulse
He couldnt resist her smile. .
She couldnt resist buying the bag.
to resist smb/ smth bravely/ courageously/ valiantly / /
-/ -
to resist smb/ smth determinedly/ firmly/ stubbornly
-/ -
to resist the lawful authority

to resist in all directions
to resist old age
A plant that resists cold. ,
to resist laughter
I cant resist a cigarette. ,

34. Retreat
The army retreated. ,
to retreat on the capital
to retreat from ones promise
He retreated to his room. .
Our troops retreated from the border to safer positions.
Our government retreated from its hard-line course.
The enemy is retreating. / .
The troops had to retreat. .
He retreated a step. .
to retreat from the original principles

She retreated from him, pressing her back against the door.
, .

35. Shelter /
to shelter smb for the night -
to shelter smb from pursuit -
The house sheltered him for many years.
to shelter from the storm
to shelter from bombs
to shelter from shells
to shelter oneself behind smth -
to shelter oneself behind ones superior

to shelter smb from calumny -
to shelter smb from blows -
to shelter smb from punishment -
The harbour is sheltered by hills from the north wind.
to shelter swindlers
to shelter oneself by an expedient
Some villagers are prepared to shelter wanted men.
, .

36. Shoot /
to shoot off/ with a rifle/ a gun /
to shoot well/ sharp /
to shoot to kill /
to shoot an arrow from a bow
to shoot a bullet from a gun
to shoot and kill
to shoot and wound
to shoot smb in the leg -
to shoot smb dead -
to shoot in the eye
to shoot smb for a spy -
to shoot game
to be shot out of ( )
to shoot a net
to shoot a look
to shoot questions at smb -
to shoot fire ( )
to shoot through a tunnel
An idea shot into her mind. .
The pain shoots up the back. .
to shoot coal/ ore /
to shoot grain/ gravel /
to shoot rubbish
to shoot a picture /
to shoot a ball/ a puck /
to shoot a goal
to shoot an emergency landing
He was shot as a deserter. ,
to shoot into the air
They shot past us in a sports . /

37. Strengthen
to strengthen the guard
to strengthen the armed forces
to strengthen the economic might of the state

to strengthen ones position
to strengthen ones health
to strengthen a building
The wind has strengthened. ,
to strengthen ties of friendship
to strengthen a group ()
to strengthen an army unit
to strengthen ones opinion /

Our relations strengthened. /
to strengthen smbs confidence -

38. Strike
to strike smb in the face -
struck his enemy on the head. .
to strike a blow
to strike a blow aside
Who struck the first? ()?
to strike a weapon from smbs hand -
The bullet struck the tree. .
They struck the retreating enemy.
to strike smb dead -
to be struck blind
to strike smb dumb -
The epidemic struck the country. .
to be stricken by paralysis
to strike ore/ oil /
to strike on a plan
to strike northward
to strike to the right
to strike into ones subject
to strike out of ones subject
We struck the main road. .
to strike a word
to strike smb as being clever -

to strike ones eye
A thought has struck me. ,
to strike a match
The clock struck nine. .
His heart struck heavily. ,
to strike camp
to strike an average
to strike a bargain
to strike at smb -
to strike at smb with a sword -
to strike into a song /
to strike into a quarrel
to strike for smth -
to strike for freedom
to strike vigorously for success
to strike smb for a loan -
to strike home 1. 2. 3.

The idea struck me as silly. .

39. Surrender ()
The enemy surrendered. .
We shall never surrender to the enemy. ,
to surrender a city
to surrender a fortress
surrendered (himself) to justice.
We advised the hijackers to surrender to the police.
to surrender hope
We shall surrender our liberty to no one.
to surrender ones office
to surrender oneself to despair
to surrender oneself to sleep
to surrender oneself to smbs influence -
Dont surrender to panic. He .

40. Surround -
The house is surrounded by/ with a fence. .
They were surrounded by the enemy. .
18 436 545
The enemy surrounded the village. .
The garden was surrounded by/ with a high wall.
surrounded himself with able advisers.
Muscles surround blood vessels in a body.
The dangers surround us. .
She surrounded herself with friends. /
Mystery surrounds the house. .
Dont get near him. Just surround him and keep him there. He

41. Threaten
to threaten with death / torture / punishment / revenge
/ / /
They threatened to kill him. .
Some danger is threatening you. - .
They didnt realize the danger that threatened them.
, ,
to threaten with a stick/ with a knife /
to threaten with a list
She threatened to leave him. .
threatened to punish his son. .
She threatened to resign. ,
to threaten smb into adopting the project -
Do you mean to threaten? ?
I dont threaten easily. .
The species are threatened with extinction. (,
) .
A flood threatened the city. .
A new war threatened. .
The clouds threaten rain. .
It threatens to rain. .
The situation threatens to become dangerous.
to seriously threaten smb/ smth -/ -

42. Torture
They tortured by the heat. .
He was tortured by doubts. .
She was tortured by anxiety. ,
to torture animals
to torture a prisoner until he makes a confession
to be tortured by gout
Dont torture me by keeping me in suspense. He
It tortured him to think about it.
to torture words
You torture my idea. .
saw his relatives being tortured. ,
was tortured into confession.

43. Toss
to toss smb into jail -
to toss a ball
tossed a bone to the dog. .
tossed the letter across the table to her.
to toss a challenge to smb -
She sat tossing pebbles on her palm. ,
Waves from a passing ship tossed the small boats.
, ,
to toss a coin
to toss who will begin ,
The horse tossed its rider. .
She tossed her head back. ,
to be tossed about in the storms of life

to toss out of the room in anger
to toss on the bed in pain

44. Volunteer
to volunteer for the army
When the war began, he volunteered. ,
volunteered to do whatever he could for them.

to volunteer for smth -
volunteered for the campaign.
volunteered no information about himself.
, ./ .
Who will volunteer for this job?
She volunteered to water our plants.

45. Win
to win a victory , ,
to win the day/ the field
to win a battle/ a war/ a game/ a bet / /
to win a contest
to win an election
to win a prize
to win in a lottery
to win at cards
to win hands down
to win by a hairs breadth/ by a narrow margin/ narrowly

to win by a huge margin
to win by default - / -

to win against all the odds
to win easily/ effortlessly /
to win championship /
to win individual championship
to win on points
to win decisively
to win a piece ( )
to win four goals to nil 4:0
to win respect
to win affection
to win confidence/ praise /
to win compassion
to win smbs love -
to win smbs consent -
to win power ,
to win a reputation
to win a supporter
to win all hearts
to win a husband
to win an order
to win smb to consent -
to win smb to ones cause -
to win the shore
to win the summit
to win ones way to smth -
to win clear of difficulties
to win home 1. 2 .
to win against considerable odds

46. Withdraw /
to withdraw troops from the position
to withdraw from action /
to withdraw outposts
to withdraw ones hand /
to withdraw ones eyes
to withdraw smb from an influence - -
to withdraw deposits
to withdraw a sum from a bank account -

to withdraw an offer
to withdraw a motion
to withdraw ones name from the list of nominees

to withdraw an action
to withdraw from a treaty
to withdraw from business
to withdraw into oneself ,
to withdraw into silence
to withdraw to a safer area

47. Wound
to wound smb in the head -
had been badly wounded in the fighting.
She had been wounded by his words. .
to wound the ear
to wound smb in his deepest affections -

to wound with a knife
was wounded several times in the war.
His words wounded her feelings. .
The poet was fatally/ mortally wounded fighting a duel.
to be slightly wounded

48. Yield /
to yield ground/ a position to the enemy /

to yield consent
to yield a ready consent /

to yield obedience
to yield oneself prisoner
to yield to force ,
We will never yield. / .
The frost is yielding. .
to yield a point in a debate ,
to yield to entreaties
to yield to urgent solicitations
to yield to remonstrances
to yield to reason
to yield to circumstances
to yield to pressure/ to temptation/ to persuasion
/ /
to yield the championship
to yield to none in smth -
to yield the floor
to yield to another
The disease yields to treatment. .
The door yielded to a strong push.
His courage never yields. .
This land yields well/ poorly. /
The research yielded no results. /
The farm yields enough fruit to meet all our needs.

Abandon 31 Address 415 Answer 419 Ask 424

Abolish 90 Adjourn 17 Anticipate 235 Assemble 335

Absorb 176 Adjust 331 Apologize 420 Assess 236

Abuse 412 Admire 177 Appeal 420 Assign 425

Accept 412 Admit 235 Appear 17 Assist 425

Accompany 31 Adopt 91 Applaud 421 Associate 236

Accomplish 328 Adore 177 Apply 333 Assume 237

Account 234 Advance 32 Appoint 421 Assure 426

Accuse 176 Affect 332 Appreciate 179 Astonish 180

Ache 138 Afford 416 Approach 33 Attach 335

Achieve 32, 328 Agree 417 Approve 422 Attack 522

Acknowledge Aim 521 Argue 423 Attain 34

413 Alight 33 Arise 18 Attempt 180
Acquaint 414 Allow 418 Arm 522 Attend 181

Acquire 90, 415 Alter 333 Arouse 179 Attract 181

Act 329 Amaze 178 Arrange 123 Avoid 35

Adapt 331 Announce 418 Arrest 423 Awake 138

Add 91 Annoy 178 Arrive 34 Award 427


Back 427 Bore 184 Cease 19 Complicate 440

336 Borrow 431 Celebrate 435 Compose 342

Base 237 Bother 431 Change 238 Conceal 342

Bathe 35 Bow 36 Charge 436 Concern 187

Be 92 Break 336 Chase 38 Conclude 243

Bear 182 Breathe 139 Cheat 437 Condemn 440
Beat 522 Bring 95, 432 Check 240 Conduct 343
Become 18 Brush 140 Choose 241 Confess 441
Beg 427 Build 338 Claim 437 Confirm 441
Begin 18 Bum 525 Clean 340 Confuse 188
Behave 428 Burst 525 Clear 340 Congratulate
Believe 183 Button 140 Climb 38 442

Belong 94 Buy 433 Close 341 Connect 343

Bend 36 Collect 96 Conquer 526

Bet 429 Calculate 238 Comb 141 Consider 244

Betray 429 Call 433 Combine 242 Consist 96

Bite 139 Calm 185 Come 39 Consult 443

Blame 430 Cancel 434 Comfort 186 Contain 97

Bleed 524 Capture 526 Command 438 Continue 20

Bless 430 Care 185 Commit 438 Contract 443

Block 524 Carry 36 Compare 242 Contradict 245

Blush 184 Cast 339 Compel 439 Control 344

Boast 184 Catch 37 Complain 186 Convince 245

Boil 139 Cause 435 Complete 19 Cook 141

246 Decline 445 Dig 349 Draw 43

Correct 246 Defeat 527 Dine 144 Dream 146,256

Correspond 247 Defend 527 Direct 448 Dress 146

Cost 141 Delay 21 Disappear 98 Drink 147

Cough 142 Delight 189 Disappoint 191 Drive 44

Count 247 Deliver 41 Discourage 191 Drop 45

Cover 344 Demand 446 Discover 255 Drown 45

Crawl 40 Deny 447 Discuss 449 Dry 351

Create 249 Depend 189 Disguise 145 Dye 352

Criticize 249 Deprive 97 Dislike 192

Cross 40 Derive 348 Dismiss 145 Earn 148

Crush 345 Descend 42 Display 450 Eat 149

Cry 444 Describe 250 Distinguish 255 Educate 257

Cure 142 Desert 42 Distort 450 Elect 452

Curse 188 Deserve 448 Distribute 450 Eliminate 99

Cut 346 Design 251 Disturb 451 Embarrass 192

Despise 190 Dive 43 Embrace 452

Dance 143 Destroy 348 Divide 256 Emphasize 452

Dare 188 Determine 251 Divorce 145 Employ 149

Dash 41 Develop 252 Do 349 Enable 453

Deal 347 Devote 448 Doom 351 Enclose 99

Deceive 444 Dictate 253 Double 98 Encounter 46

Decide 249 Die 143 Doubt 192 Encourage 193

Declare 445 Differ 254 Drag 43 End 21


Endeavour 194 Explore 260 Flow 50 Glance 264

Endure 194 Expose 455 Flush 199 Glide 53

Engage 150 Express 260 Fly 51 Glue 360

Enjoy 195 Extend 102 Fold 52 Gnaw 155

Enlarge 100 Follow 52 Go 54

Enter 46 Face 528 Forbid 455 Govern 462
Envy 195 Fade 151 Foresee 263 Grab 361
Equip 352 Fail 354 Forget 263 Graduate 265
Erect 353 Faint 152 Forgive 456 Grant 463
Escape 47 Fall 48 Form 359 Grasp 361
Establish 353 Fasten 355 Free 530 Greet 463
Estimate 257 Fear 197 Frighten 200 Grieve 201
Examine 258 Feed 152 Frown 200 Grin 201
Exceed 100 Feel 197,261 Fry 154 Grind 362
Exchange 453 Fetch 49 Fulfil 360 Grip 362
Excite 196 Fight 528 Furnish 456 Groan 201
Excuse 454 Fill 50 Grow 23
Execute 354 Find 356 Gain 457 Guarantee
Exhaust 101 Finish 22 Gamble 458 464

Exhibit 454 Fire 529 Gasp 154 Guard 530

Exist 101 Fit 153,357 Gather 103 Guess 265

Expand 102 Fix 358 Gaze 264 Guide 464

Experience 196 Fling 359 Get 23, 458

Explain 259 Float 50 Give 461 H am m er 363


Hand 465 Identify 267 Insult 208 Knit 156

Handle 363 Ignore 268 Insure 470 Knock 369

Hang 123 Illustrate 268 Intend 208 Know 276

Harness 364 Imagine 269 Interpret 274

Harvest 365 Imitate 270 Interrupt 24 Lack 108

Hasten 58 Imply 270 Introduce 470 Land 60

Hate 202 Impress 205 Invade 533 Last 24

Haunt 203 Improve 271 Invent 274 Laugh 210

Have 104 Incline 206 Invest 471 Lay 125

Head 465 Include 105 Investigate 275 Lead 61

Heal 155 Increase 105 Invite 471 Lean 126

Hear 266 Indicate 272 Involve 106 Leap 62

Help 466 Induce 206 Irritate 209 Learn 278

Hesitate 203 Influence 207 Issue 367 Leave 63, 108

Hide 365 Inform 468 Lend 473

Hint 467 Inhabit 156 Join 472 Let 474

Hire 467 Inherit 469 Judge 275 Lick 156

Hit 531 Injure 533 Jump 59 Lie 126, 475

Hold 366 Inquire 272 Justify 473 Lift 63

Hop 58 Insert 124 Light 370

Hope 204 Insist 469 Keep 106, 368 Like 210

Hunt 58 Inspire 207 Kick 534 Limit 109

Hurry 59 Install 125 Kill 534 Listen 280

Hurt 204, 532 Instruct 273 Kiss 209 Live 157


Load 127 Mend 375 Offend 213 Pile 128

Locate 127 Mention 475 Offer 481 Place 129

Lock 371 Mind 476 Open 376 Plan 293

Long 211 Miss 536 Operate 377 Plant 129, 381

Look 281 Mix 376 Oppose 482 Play 163

Lose 110 Moan 212 Order 160 Possess 112

Love 211 Mount 65 Organize 483 Post 69

Lower 64 Move 66 Outline 291 Postpone 25

Multiply 288 Overcome 537 Pour 381

Maintain 111 Murder 537 Overlook 291 Praise 214

Make 371 Murmur 477 Owe 483 Predict 294

Manage 373 Mutter 477 Prefer 214

Manufacture Pack 378 Prepare 26

373 Need 111 Paint 292 Present 485

Mark 374 Neglect 212 Part 484 Press 382

Marry 159 Nod 67, 478 Participate 484 Pretend 485

Master 285, Nominate 478 Pass 68 Prevent 538

374 Note 288 Pause 25 Print 294
Match 160 Pay 161 Proceed 70
Matter 286 Obey 479 Peel 378 Prohibit 486
Mean 286 Object 479 Perform 379 Prolong 26
Measure 287 Observe 289 Perish 538 Promise 487
Meet 65 Obtain 480 Persuade 293 Promote 487
Menace 535 Occupy 128 Pick 380 Pronounce 488

Propose 488 Read 296 Render 305 Reveal 307

Protect 539 Realize 298 Renew 27 Reward 500

Protest 489 Recall 298 Rent 497 Ride 73

Prove 295 Receive 493 Repair 384 Ring 500

Provide 489 Recognize 299 Repeat 28 Rise 74

Publish 490 Recommend Reply 497 Risk 307

Pull 383 494 Report 498 Roast 167

Punish 491 Recover 165 Represent 499 Rob 501

Purchase 491 Reduce 112 Request 499 Roll 75

Pursue 70 Refer 495 Require 115 Rub 387

Put 130 Reflect 300 Rescue 540 Ruin 387

Put off 27 Refuse 496 Research 306 Run 75

Puzzle 215 Regard 301 Resemble 306 Rush 78

Register 302 Reserve 115
Quarrel 215 Regret 216 Resist 541 Sacrifice 501

Question 492 Reject 497 Respect 217 Satisfy 218

Quicken 70 Relate 303 Rest 166 Save 116, 167

Quit 164 Release 540 Restore 116, Saw 388

Quiver 71 Relieve 216 385 Say 501

Quote 492 Rely 217 Result 386 Scare 219

Remain 113 Resume 28 Scatter 388

Rage 216 Remember 304 Retire 166 Scream 503

Raise 71 Remind 305 Retreat 541 Seal 389

Reach 72 Remove 114 Return 73 Search 389

Secure 390 Shudder 219 Start 29 Surrender 545

See 308 Shut 393 Startle 221 Surround 545

Seek 309 Sigh 219 Stay 136 Suspect 223

Seem 310 Sign 507 Steal 509 Swallow 171

Seize 391 Sing 169 Stick 396 Swear 223

Select 311 Sink 81 Stir 82 Swim 83

Sell 503 Sit 134 Stop 30 Sympathize 223

Send 78 Sleep 170 Store 120

Sentence 504 Slip 82 Strengthen 543 Take 398

Separate 391 Smile 220 Stretch 397 Talk 513

Serve 505 Smoke 170 Strike 544 Tap 400

Set 132 Snatch 393 Study 314 Teach 316

Sew 168 Sob 221 Stumble 83 Tear 401

Shake 79 Solve 312 Submit 509 Telephone 514

Share 117 Sow 394 Substitute 121, Tell 514

Sharpen 392 Spare 507 397 Tempt 224

Shave 169 Speak 508 Succeed 398 Terrify 224

Shed 392 Spell 313 Suffer 221 Test 317

Shelter 542 Spend 118 Suggest 510 Thank 516

Shift 80 Split 394 Suit 171 Think 317

Shiver 81 Spoil 119 Supply 511 Threaten 546

Shoot 542 Spread 395 Support 512 Throw 401

Shout 506 Stand 134 Suppose 315 Thrust 136, 402

Show 311 Stare 313 Surprise 222 Tie 403


Torture 547 Undergo 227 Volunteer 548 Whirl 89

Toss 547 Understand 323 Whisper 519

Touch 404 Undertake 228 Wait 518 Win 548

Train 320 Unfasten 406 Walk 87 Wipe 409

Transfer 84 Unfold 406 Wander 88 Wish 232

Transform 405 Unite 516 Want 231 Withdraw 549

Translate 321 Upset 228 Warn 518 Witness 520

Travel 84 Urge 229 Wash 408 Wonder 233

Treat 172 Use 407 Waste 121 Work 410

Tremble 85 Utter 517 Watch 325 Wound 550

Trim 405 Wave 89 Wrap 411

Trouble 225 Vaccinate 174 Wear 174 Write 326

Trust 225 Value 229 Weave 174

Try 226, 322 Vmish 121 Weed 408 Yawn 233

Turn 85 Venture 230 Weep 232 Yield 550

Twist 87 Vex 230 Weigh 325

Type 323 Visit 517 Whip 409 Zip 175

415 78 264
421 138 /
497 216 221
/ 92 219
423 / //
153,357 308
75 /
507 / 187 146, 256
225, 431 306 / 430
522 471
516 141 105, 452
430 / 112
138 470 207, 332
477 207 106
197 183 () 73
398 44, 61,464 /
431 428 465
169 123 353
88 38 /
339,359, / 436
401,547 325 500

18 179, 206 155

28 87
476,479 439 461, 473
196 354, 360,
193 379 453
522 367, 540 /
27, / 257
116,385 /
177 359 550
/ 260 485
298 / () 66
124 /
528 482 329
46, 65, 528 182 349, 371
533 409 25
/ 33 174
396 / 256
46 159 117
241, 311 156 106, 366,
/ 368,
281 160 253
/ 171 24
429 36 91
478 508,513 32,398,
/ () 26 480
274 / 501 ()
546 398
165 127 225

295 263 128

41 19 /
195 347
/ 189 392
189 526 389
34, 328, 526 336, 371
457 411 455, 486
71, 81 403 364
317 148
139 ) 21 448
483 140
149 /
73 251 175
154 470
186 370 527, 539,
154, 167 160 542
518 /
/ 265 433
/ 211 , () 21 , (
231,232 22, 386 ) 514
/ 500, 514
159 / 463
501 443 233
157 /
/ 243 412
437 358, 425 414
341, 393 276
185 121, 397 286

/ 349
206 152
268 450 352
163, 458 309, 389 184
( 224 509
..) 458 246 362
/ 200 249
329 196 444, 503, 506
54 / 524
87 317 89
35 260, 306 35
452 101 170
() 420, 98, 121 139
/ 310 475
348 404 126
/ / 51
291 142,155
333 187 156
287 75 381
/ 142 97
274 67, 478 /
278, 314 139 336
268 36 /
104 130 210,211
/ /
347 223 145
286 203 89

() 238 156 487

/ 469 204, 213,
146, 256 469 532
362 / / 532
547 331 216
408 / 444
/ () 453
/ 127 /
289 () 18, 29 307
517 192 /
204 202 452
184 177
382 / /
421 268
356 36 189
491 41
360 174 288
() 126 / 172,
/ 210 333, 363, 420
344 111 351
467 43 /
208 391
150, 467 176 456
522 / 449
50 300 273, 316
305 144 /
448, 495 390, 320
451 464 516

) 242 440 236, 257

418, 445 419, 497
234, 259 / 48
285, 374 549 /
228 191 /
201 / 321
109 391 305
() 146 166 465
422 496 80
215 25, 27 17, 84,
545 445, 497 194
250 255, 376 246
473 255 /
127, 251, 254
267 434 247
/ 374 40
/ 69 19
127 / 169
64 300 (
483 447 , )
530 541 323
208 / 294
237, 353 550 388
, 136 / 326
164 427 147
30 108 232
/ 58 / 444
423 530 293

161 442 /
174 37 331
50, 83 / 409
548 548 119
/ 272, 311 448
/ 206 / 78
() 85 464 /
533 / () 354
() 28 307 17
538 31, 42, 63, 435
176 108 100
455 199 /
() 227 433, 491 /
111, 217 321
427,512 40 /
63, 71 125 429
65, 74 458, 493 235, 263
223 481, 488,
507 195 510
270 / 463
270 348 538
405 407 237,
441 304 315
171 425, 466 214
452 323 228
479,509 / 294
474 / /
416 298 269

499 438 /
/ 485 180, 226, 322
470 335, ()/-
518 355
190 / 354
212 335 240, 317
99, 335 / -
405 / 344
537 396 343
524 / 298, 503
/ 333 26
336 94 70
24 91 () 20
38, 70, /
203 149 251
363 49,95, 373
33 432
34 412 205
181 90, 415, 488,
443 517
123 ()
/ 331 313
() 224 188
471 313 408
504 427 /
60 39 /
235, 413, () 141 536
441 435 427, 499

/ ()/ 484
391 252 406
/ 145 /
102 345 238
489 178, 209, /
/ 230 23
129 397
482 191 /
245 / 391
72 () 252 100
68 312, 418 () 102
456 387 /
450, 454 525 394
58, 59, 62 532, 550 401
() 365 / /
490 394 / 298
219 / ()
()/- / 302
224 127 346
84 450 /
/ 395 494
180, 226, 303, 384
322 514 249
275 230, 307
410 258, 292
527 301 45, 392
388 / /
406 244 223

/ 264, 281, 468, 498

373 325 /
221 /
281 247
129, 381 188 31
/ 192 541
128 352, 489, /
() 236 511
() 545 / 482
394 549 96
525 / 115
134 146, 256 /
501, 514 96, 103, 342
52, 128 335,380 223
53, 82 116, 167, 540
342, 344 365 170
// 328, 438 58, 59
536 443 423, 429
// / 487
289, 494 83
325 417 /
52 97 373
505 219 492
181, 280 343, 472 /
266 216 272
188 249 /
376 112 424
210 192 42

() 242 387 265

528 110 535
215 152 () 114,
/ 50 166
495 136, 402 531, 534,
/ / 544
542 274, 321 98
132 45, 81 () 178,
18, 23 118,121 180, 222, 233
/ 409 115,446 218
141 / 520
201 , 212 320 299
134 79 543
221 85 /
529 43 542
/ / () 271
542 102 201 , 220
194 143
338 47 288
369, 400 206, 229, 90, 348
275 245, 293 378
351 534, 537 475
101 340 377, 462
361 217 /
238, 244, 247 () 105 430
426 70
143 145 440
43, 383 151 185, 186

125 214 375

99 184 340, 378
/ 391, 393
437 200 140
361 / 231 296
484 120 197,
()/ 261
278 521
209 82
/ 179, 229 519
359 492 168