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12.1 General Provisions

12.1.1. All pile driving equipment should be of good design and


12.1.2. Pile driving should be carried out only under the supervision of
a competent person

12.1.3. Prior to piling, all underground services in the area should be

located and rendered safe

12.1.4. Pile drivers should be firmly supported on heavy timber sills,

concrete beds or other secure foundation

12.1.5. Precautions should be taken if it is necessary to erect pile

drivers in close proximity to electrical conductors to ensure
they are first made dead

12.1.6. If two pile drivers are erected at one place, they should be
separated by a distance at least equal to the longest leg

12.1.7. When leads have to be inclined:

A. They should be adequately counterbalanced

B. The tilting device should be secured against slipping

12.1.8. The hoses of steam and air hammers should be securely lashed
to the hammer to prevent whipping if a connection breaks

12.1.9. Adequate precautions should be taken to prevent a pile driver

from overturning

12.1.10. Adequate precautions should be taken to prevent the hammer

from missing the pile

12.2. Inspection and maintenance of pile driving equipment

12.2.1. Equipment should not be used until inspected and found to be


12.3. Operation of pile-driving equipment

12.3.1. Only qualified operators should operate the equipment

12.3.2. Pile driving operations should be governed by suitable signals

12.3.3. Workers employed in the vicinity of pile drivers should wear

ear protection and hard hats

12.3.4. When not in use, the hammer should be blocked at the bottom
of the leads

12.4. Floating Pile Drivers

12.4.1. When pile drivers are working over water, a suitable boat
should be kept readily available at all times

12.4.2. All members of floating pile driver crews should be trained to

handle boats

12.4.3. Floating pile drivers should be provided with a whistle, siren,

horn or other signaling equipment

12.4.4. Floating pile drivers should be provided with adequate fire

fighting equipment

12.4.5. Watertight compartments should be provided with siphons

12.5. Sheet Piling

12.5.1. Workers handling sheets should wear gloves

12.5.2. Adequate pumping facilities should be available at cofferdams

to keep them clear of water