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Express you opinion on the following statement: ,,A friendship founded on business is better than a

business founded on friendship(John D. Rockefeller)

Firstly, it seems a good idea to do business with your friends, its better to share your thoughts with
people who you can trust and you are sure they will stay with you no matter what. But I think that
everyone must think seriously, before starting a business with a friend, because in the end interests
always prevail.

A bussines started with a friend will work only if it exists respect. Sure it may occur problems, your
partner may feel offended if you are imposing some limits, considering that you dont trust him enough
and you doubt the friendship. Such problems may occur even if you hire a friend in your company. You
may have a tendency to favor him in some situations, and it will lead to tension between him and the rest
of your employees. On the other hand if youre impartial your friend may feel betrayed.

Another situation may appear when he will ask for more free days, and you wont denay the request. Or
when the time come for you to fire him because hes not doing his jole properly, it will become difficult
for such decision. It could seem that you have a lot in comun, some ideas, opinious, but when it comes
to business things tend to go crazy. A business based on a friendship will work only if you make a lot of
effort. You must see all the daugers that could destroy your partnership and that could bad to a
conflictual situation.

A business is meant to be formed on the fundament of honesty ,when bouth sides can say their opinions
but taking a lot of effort in how they say it so they wont hurt each other. It must exist balance between
friendship and partnership.

When a business based on friendship fails ,it is because you are afraid to make you clear about th rules.
And if you are to serious or ruthless it may appear some tensions between two friends.

Each has his own vision in running a company but on most of the cases ,those visions never coincide.
But I belive that when it comes to money , they have the power to over came some misunderstandings
,just to avoid big losses.

The misunderstandings of those who run and manage the firm are reflected in the companys
productivity and its status in the branch.If the enterprise does not work his way to success ,the conflicts
will increase ,maybe if a third persone will be involved ,it will be found a better way to get to an end.Or
in the worst case ,one of the two partners will have to quit their position ,this being the last choice and
the most radical one.

To avoid conflict situation, it is advisable to write down a document that has to determine the
responsabilites, right and conditions that each must respect. So each part will be pleased and there will
be no contradictory discussion.
There are not better the business-based on friendships because you may descover that you could have
more in comun with an unknown, you will discover along the way that you have a lot of things in
common, share the same business ideas, and why not, have the same passions in the work field.

Being objectively and establishing all working terms, there will be no misunderstanding, and if the
things will go well with the business, the two partners can even be friends.

Both will work equally unexpectedly from the other to save it in some way. When the two know each
other from the beginning and want to start a business together, they certainly will not be as enthusiastic
about the project. On the other hand, there will be more desire to be closer to his friend, hoping that this
will strengthen their friendship and will they will be able to share not just the same hobbies but also
work. The problems will only arise when the enthusiasm that they have at first disappears, and one of
them will be very dedicated and the other will be more interested in the financial side and will only
pursue the profit.

However, the decision to associate with friends or relatives is a personal matter, you can not be sure that
that business will not work. Not all people are the same and it depends on each person who is willing to
overlook when the other is wrong. On the other hand, there are also family businesses that have
developed, such as Disneyland Company, which has succeeded in becoming one of the largest
cinematographic companies. This company was founded by two brothers named Roy and Walt Disney
and has fun parks that are located on multiple continents (Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disneyland and
Disneyland California).

In conclusion, it's best to look for associates based on the merits of the person, not on the personal
relationships you have with them. Besides all this, business with friends has their advantage, if things do
not go out the way they should, you know where to find them.

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