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Professional Development Plan

School Year: 2016-2017 Year: 1 2 3 4

Lateral Entry: 1 2 3

Name: Allison Faulkenberry Position/Subject Area: Mathematics School: Pine Lake Preparatory

A. NC Professional Teaching Standards Standard(s) to be addressed:

1. Teachers Demonstrate Leadership Standard 3 Teachers Know the Content They Teach
2. Teachers Establish a Respectful Environment for a Diverse Standard 4 - Teachers Facilitate Learning for Their Students
Population of Students
3. Teachers Know the Content They Teach
4. Teachers Facilitate Learning for Their Students Elements(s) to be addressed:
5. Teachers Reflect on Their Practice Standard 3 Teachers make instruction relevant to students
Standard 4 Teachers use a variety of instructional methods
B. Teachers Strategies
Expected Outcomes and
Goals for Elements Activities/Actions Resources Needed Timeline
Evidence of Completion
Goal 1: I will focus on creating a 1) I will utilize Canvas to post 1) All assignments will be posted 1) Assistance from Becky 1) End of the
student driven classroom by using the assignments, give assessments, develop Goddard (Instructional school year.
strategies discussed in our Discovery self paced activities. 2) I will increase my comfort level Technology Specialist)
Education and Canvas training. with my classroom becoming
2) I will utilize one SOS strategy in my more student driven
Math 3 course.
Goal 2: I will develop lessons that are Dr. Hoffman, Mrs. Reuter and Mrs. Once a week, I will attempt to Assistance from Becky and This goal will
more engaging to the students on a Goddard will hold her accountable to develop and implement a more administration. be week to
regular basis. develop more engaging lessons for her hands on lesson. I will ask Becky week as I
students. I will seek out advice from to come to my classroom once a would like to
other teachers week to observe. incorporate at
least one
lesson that
moves me
closer to
obtaining this
goal each
week. I can
pull from three