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James McDermott

Bobwhite-Manatee Transmission Line Proposal Transcript

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I am here tonight to talk to you about the Bobwhite-Manatee Transmission Line
Proposal. The goal is to create a new, minimally invasive transmission line from
Manatee to Sarasota.
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The powerline is planned to connect from the Manatee Energy Center to the
Bobwhite substation located east of interstate 75 in Sarasota County. Over the past
several months the Florida Power and Light Company and I have been working
closely with the UWF GIS team to use ArcGIS Software to analyze the most suitable
route for the transmission line. In addition to the analysis process, we have taken
feedback from the community into large consideration.
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After speaking to thousands of individuals from the community through several
public open house events, an open survey, and communications through toll free
telephone as well as e-mail, we believe we have chosen the most suitable path for
the transmission line. The proposed line has been chosen after analysis of 1,275
alternative routes. Once the route was chosen, a letter was then sent out to all
effected citizens or property owners to inform them. You may find this letter in the
link within the slide.
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The length of the proposed line is 25 miles with an expected maximum width of 75
feet. While feedback from the community, spatial analysis was performed and these
specific criteria were used:
- The Proposed Powerline will Generally Avoid:
o Homes
o Schools
o Daycares
o Environmentally Sensitive Lands

With the current population of the two counties, it was not possible to entirely avoid
all sensitive areas with the powerline. A powerline was chosen that effects the least
amount of property owners and environmentally sensitive lands.
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As stated before, the analysis of the proposed powerline has been completed using
GIS software. Here we can see a map that displays the overall results of the

Overview of the Analysis:

Total length of powerline 25 Miles

Total acreage of corridor 6,566 Acres
Homes within corridor 15
Homes within 400 Ft. of corridor 32
Parcels within corridor 255 Parcels
Schools/Daycares within Mi. of 0
Percent of Wetland within corridor 14%
Affected Conservation Lands 164 Acres

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As we move forward I would like to talk about how the proposed transmission
line would affect each individual county. Beginning with Manatee County I
have a created a table showing the statistics of the powerline.

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Here we can see a map of part of Manatee County that displays the data I
have just discussed. This map will be available by link at the end of the

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Now lets talk about Sarasota County, here is another table that shows the
effects created by the proposed transmission line accompanied by a map
showing part of Sarasota County.

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Florida Power and Light appreciates your participation in the ongoing process
to choose a proper path for the transmission line. In an ideal scenario there
would be no properties affected but the current population distribution does
not allow for properties to be completely undisturbed.
In total 15 homes are located with the corridor and 32 within proximity. 255
Parcels are affected and most of the land is undeveloped. Only 14% of the
area is considered wetland and 164 Acres is conservation area as the
powerline minimally sits alongside the edges of environmentally sensitive
areas and housing developments. In addition to our efforts to remain
environmentally friendly, FPL would like to reiterate that this route does not
come within a quarter mile of any schools or daycares. This is important
because strong powerlines are weakly associated with childhood leukemia. As
distance increases away from the power source, the strength of the harmful
rays rapidly decreases. The closest school is a daycare about 0.3 miles away
from the transmission line.

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Thank you all for your time this evening I would like to now open the floor to
the audience to ask any questions or comment on the project.

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Links to maps provided in presentation