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Journal Table Five

Name: Stacia Jacoby

Important Societal Factors/Significant Course Content
Observations from Field Notes
Scan the Prompt Question Sets 1-4 and your DataGraphic(ThisisNOTyourClinicalSite
Annotated Bibliography before answering this pictures)thatyouplacedontheDigitalEthnography
question in Column 1: ClinicalSitepagetoillustratetheassets,strengths,
A) How do the EDFD 400/401 and EDFD thesethroughyourobservations,
460/461 courses, taken together, help you now conversations/interactions,andresearchforyour
interpret the 3 parts of the Pedagogical AnnotatedBibliography
Triangle listed in the Teacher Noticing PPT? FocusingonthegraphicIusedforresearchreport3.Research
(Note: You have this PPT in your EDFD report3focusesontheimportanceofgender.ThearticleIfound
460/461 Introductory Materials subfolder on Curriculum:HelpingFCSStudentsAnalyzeGender
your computer) Stereotypes.Thearticlesmainfocusisincreatingacurriculum
Taking EDFD 400 and EDFD 460 have helped me categorizemasculineandfemininetraitsandfocusondifferent
better understand the 3 parts of the Pedagogical genderstereotypesintheirlives.
Triangle. After taking these courses, I am now able to Usingthisinformationandapplyingittomyobservationsinmy
put the 3 parts into action. The Pedagogical Triangle is clinicalIwasablemakeconnectionbasedongenderat
made up of connections between the specifics of actoutmore,Ihaveseenthistobetrueinsomegirls.Ithinkits
classroom interactions. These interactions include: importanttokeepinmindthedifferentgenderstereotypesbut
teachers relationship with understanding of students, dontallowthemtohaveanimpact.Genderandidentityis
teachers relationship with and understanding content, importantforstudentstobeselfaware.Itdistinguishesone
and teachers understanding of how students learn studentfromanotherandallowsthemtobethemselveswhenit
content. comestopersonalityoreducation.

In these courses we discussed the important roles of

teachers and how crucial it is to build based on the
students within your classroom. Specifically in EDFD
400, we talked about the development of children and
how development is crucial to learning. We also
discussed the roles of a teacher in encouraging the
learning of the students in his or her classroom. Its
important for the teacher to be the teacher in a
classroom setting. Thats where the Pedagogical
Triangle comes to play. Forming relationships and
interactions with students and their understanding is
key to education and learning.

In EDFD 460, we discussed the Funds of Knowledge

as a way to meet the needs of each individual within
your classroom. It is crucial for teachers to be aware
of using the knowledge of each student when it comes
Journal Table Five
Name: Stacia Jacoby
to learning. Teachers need to be aware that students
learn in different ways and need to incorporate those
ways into their classroom.