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Praxis Core Exam Analysis

Hannelore Rogers

Professor Teri Wycoff

Education 299

April 4, 2017

Praxis Core Exam Analysis

Early Childhood Development has long fascinated me and been the driving force for me

to pursue its ever evolving knowledge. It is my passion to understand it in order to better equip

myself in working with the child and the village that it takes to raise a healthy, whole child. In

this pursuit, there are requirements and deadlines that must be fulfilled. What does the Education

Department require of me before I can be accepted into my bachelor level early childhood

program at UNLV?

Exam Requirements

The Education Department requires future educators to complete and pass the Praxis

Core Academic Skills for Educators Exam before they can continue on their bachelor level work

for education at any university in Nevada (UNLV, NSC, or UNR). There are three sections of the

Praxis Core Exams that must be taken: math, writing, and reading. Math has a passing score of

150, writing has a passing score of 162, and reading can be passed with a score of 156.

Exam Preparation

In all honesty, I did not prepare for the practice tests as much as I should have since I was

pressed for time and my energy taxed by my pregnancy. I also wanted to see straight away how I

would fair and where I would need to improve on. I did most of my studying for math since that

is the subject that I find the most difficulty in. I reviewed problems and notes in my math

notebook from my latest math class (Math 120) that I passed.

Exam Results

In math, I scored in the 74% range which means that I am borderline to passing that

section. I scored in the 88% range for writing which means that I am likely to pass. Lastly, I

scored in the 61% range when it came to reading which means that improvement is needed.

Future Exam Preparation

I definitely see the wisdom when the Education Department recommended that the exams

be taken after the completion of the English and Math requirements when all that knowledge is

still fresh in the mind. Unfortunately, I do not have that luxury any longer. So in order to prepare,

I will work with a tutor and take advantage of the study guides offered by Teachers Test Prep