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Grammar Worksheet


The passive 2 Completethesentenceswiththecorrect

(present simple, past simple and will) formofthepassive.

Use 1 The leather jacket (design) by a

We use the passive when we dont know who or what famous designer. It cost 3,500.
does the action, or when it isnt important. 2 The new Boyzone album (not
After the car accident, Peter was arrested. release) until September.
The space shuttle will be launched on 4th July. 3 A lot of computer games (make)
We use the active when we know who or what does the in Taiwan these days. Most of the games
action, and its important. (export) to America and Europe.
After the car accident, the police arrested Peter. 4 Madonna is a very popular singer. Every week
NASA will launch the space shuttle on 4th July. millions of her CDs (sell) around
the world.
Form 5 Romeo and Juliet (perform) at the
We use the correct tense of the verb be + Globe Theatre next Saturday.
past participle.
These computers are made in Japan.
The telephone was invented by Alexander Bell.
The crime will be investigated by the police. 3 Completethearticlewiththecorrectform

1 Underlinethepassiveverbs.Thenrewrite
thesentencesintheactive. Nowadays, action films are getting more and
more spectacular. Many special effects are
added (add) to make the action more realistic.
A valuable painting was stolen from the Louvre last
night. Its impossible to control the weather during
Someone stole a valuable painting from the Louvre filming. As a result, weather effects 1
last night. often (create) for the film. For
example, the winter scenes in Young Sherlock
1 The World Cup is watched by millions of football Holmes 2 (not film) in winter, but in
fans. the middle of summer. The snow 3
Millions of football fans (make) from polystyrene!
Car chases, high-speed crashes, or falls from
2 The film premiere will be attended by lots high buildings 4 (not play) by the
of stars. stars themselves they 5 (do) by
Lots of stars stuntmen. In Volcano, stuntmen 6
(set on fire). However, the actors 7
3 The first movie camera was invented by William (protect) by several layers of special clothing, so
Dickson in 1891. nobody 8 (injure).
William Dickson
In the future, many stunts 9 (not
4 The new Virgin Megastore will be opened by need). Most effects 10 (generate) by
Robbie Williams. computer, so action films should be safer and easier
Robbie Williams to make.