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Capabilities Brochure

Electronic Components

Leading in Tomorrows Technology

Application-specific Electronic Components







For more specific information on what products are used in the Automotive
Industry please contact any of the individual group companies listed for a
copy of TT electronics Automotive Products brochure.
TT electronics 1

TT electronics
TT electronics group is one of the largest suppliers of electronic
Contents components worldwide, providing products to OEMs, major Distributors
and Electronic Manufacturing Services. The wide range of products
Optoelectronic and 2 include fixed and variable resistors, networks, capacitors and assemblies,
Hall-Effect Sensors
magnetic components and materials, opto electronic products and
Thick Film Resistors 4 sensors. Manufacture is worldwide including UK, mainland Europe,
North America, Mexico, Barbados, Malaysia, India and China.
Hybrid Microcircuits 6

Thin Film Resistors 8 The markets served include Automotive, Industrial / Instrumentation,
Telecommunications, Computing, Defence / Avionics, Medical and
Wirewound Resistors 10
Office Products.
Film Resistors 12
The electronic and electrical industries form the core competence of
Sensors 14
the group. TT electronics has a proven track record over many years
Steering Sensors 14 through its subsidiaries and continues to expand both organically and
by acquisition to add to the depth and range of its products and
Temperature Sensors 16
Pressure Sensors 16
The main emphasis is in supplying solutions to customers needs
Precision Potentiometers 18
which will make them more competitive by using Application
Trimming Potentiometers 18 Engineering techniques to design components or assemblies tailored
to the individual requirements.
Potentiometers and 20
Rotary Switches
This brochure illustrates the capabilities of the Company and will help
Magnetic Components 22 designers select the product for their circuits and the route to achieve
the best end result.
Magnetic Materials 22

Who does what 24

and where

Applications engineering
designs for electronic
solutions worldwide
2 Optoelectronic & Hall-Effect Sensors


Fibre Optic

Auto Cam
and Crank

Auto Entertainment Bus


Corporate Office Juarez Manufacturing Plant Wafer Processing Moulding Die Processing
TT electronics 3

Optoelectronic and Hall-Effect Sensors

TT electronics manufactures a wide Technologies and 1 Engine management (cam &

crank sensing)
variety of optical, magneto-resistive
and Hall effect sensors for use in
Capabilities 1 Automated Pick & Place
1 Automated chip & wire bonding
Office Equipment, Automotive and 1 IR and VCSEL, 850 nm to 940 nm light 1 Automated cleaning
fibre optic Datacom applications. emitting devices.
These sensors are typically 1 Automated reflow & wave soldering
1 Silicon and III-V design capability 1 Custom assembly
application specific and individually
1 Standard and custom designs. 1 High volume plastic injection moulding
designed for the customer.
Optical sensing applications
1 100% Parametric testing (to customer
TT electronics is a world leader in (reflective or interruptive) specific requirements)
Fibre optic components
infrared optical sensing solutions. For detailed data sheets or application notes,
These sensors are found and transceivers please visit company websites listed on page 24-25
everywhere from copy machines, 1 Hall Effect magnetic sensing (bipolar
ATMs, robotics, satellites, bill & magnetoresistive)
changers, printers and Hi-Rel 1 Hi-Rel manufacturing (100% Qualifications
applications ranging from military processing to MIL-STD-883 & 1 ISO 9000, QS9000
tanks to cruise missiles. MIL-PRF-19500, ESA) 1 ISO 9001/TS 16949 pending

Infrared LED (Emitters): Optoisolators: Fibre Optic Transmitters:
1 940 nm LED 1 Phototransistor 1 850 nm LED
1 880 nm LED 1 Photologic 1 850 nm VCSEL
1 850 nm VCSEL
Sensor Assemblies: Fibre Optic Receivers:
Infrared Sensors (Detectors): 1 Transmissive 1 PIN Photodiode
1 Analog: 1 Reflective 1 PIN & TIA
1 Photodiode 1 Encoder 1 Digital Output
1 Phototransistor 1 Flag Switches
1 Photodarlington Fibre Optic Transceivers:
1 Digital: Hybrids-SMD: 1 Analog Output
1 Photologic 1 Emitters 1 Digital Output
1 Sensors 1 POF Transceivers
Hall Effect:
1 Components Hi-Rel Products:
1 Assemblies 1 Components
1 Assemblies

Market Applications
Telecoms Automotive Industrial Medical Consumer Instrumentation Avionics/Defence Computer
Routers Camshaft/Crankshaft Encoders Radiology Vacuum Cleaner Test Equipment Missile Guidance Printers
Switches Crankshaft Limit Switches Fluid Detection Kitchen Appliances Pigment Matching Aircraft Door LAN Transceivers
Compressor Light Curtain Pulse Oxymetry Gaming Machines Equipment Sensors Satellite Office Equipment
Speed Edge Detection Fluid Analysis Space Mailing Machines
Seat Position Vending Machines Pharmaceutical Communication
Lockset Security Safety Switch Dispensers
Data Communications Equipment Sensors IV Pumps
Door Switches Dialysis Machines
Fluid Detection
4 Thick Film Resistors

Low Value
Flat Chip

Thick Film Power Circuit

on Heat Sink

Thick Film
Copper Circuits

Fan Speed
TT electronics 5

Thick Film Resistors

TT electronics utilise base Technologies and Qualifications

and noble ink systems to Capabilities 1 ISO / TS 16949
1 QS9000
produce a wide range of 1 Surface mount chips & networks 1 MIL 15XXX
passive components. 1 SIP & DIP assemblies 1 Space
The end products range 1 BGA networks 1 UL
1 Integrated passive networks 1 VDA 6.1
from niche, specifically
1 Multiple packaging options 1 ISO9001
designed parts, through to 1 Multi Site Manufacturing Europe, 1 MIL-PRF-38534
large scale manufacture of USA, Mexico, Malaysia, Barbados 1 MIL-STD-883
competitively priced 1 High volume equipment with 1 MIL-R-83401
advanced inspection & test capabilities
standard and
1 In-house blending capabilities thick
non-standard devices. film pastes
For detailed data sheets or application notes please
visit company web sites listed on pages 24-25


Automatic Printers Automatic Chip Resistor Sorting Automatic Termination Plating Automatic Chip Resistor Printing
Equipment Lines Machines

1 Current Sense Resistors 1 Surge Resistors & Networks 1 Leaded & Surface Mount, BGA
1 Chip Resistors / Networks 1 Trimmers R-C Networks
1 Leaded Resistors / Networks 1 Potentiometers 1 High Voltage Resistors & Networks
1 High Power Resistors 1 High Voltage Chips 1 Termination Networks
1 H-Bridge Modules 1 High Pulse Chips 1 Attenuators
1 R Networks

Market Applications
Telecoms Automotive Industrial Medical Consumer Instrumentation Avionics/Defence Computer
Surge Protection Electronic Steering Motor Drive Control Pacemakers Washing Machines Test Equipment Data Recorder Current Sense
Current Management Audio Power Management Defibrillation Drill Triggers Filters Wireless Filters
Power Distribution Climate Control Utility Meters Test Equipment Vacuum Cleaners Power Supplies Communication Power Management
High Frequency Air Bag Access Control Monitors Home Entertainment Signal Conditioning Radar & Navigation Line Termination
Systems Systems
DC / DC Converters HVAC X-Ray Machines Multi-Media Printers / Scanners
Hand Tool Speed Fuel Monitoring
Braking Systems Battery Charger SCSI Termination
Control Control Communications
Power Factor Space
Electronic Motor Correction
Control Active Filters
Electronic Motor Motor & Fin Control
Fuel Tank Sensors Controls
Oil Sensor Data Conversion
Focus Bleeder
Xenon Headlight DC / DC Converters
Control / HID Navigation Control
Air Compressor
6 Hybrid Microcircuits

Chip and Wire Power

Circuit Hybrid

Surface Mount
Hybrids for




Fully Automatic Screen Inline Automatic Optical Al Thick Wire Bonders High Volume Dual Salzburg, Austria
Printing Lines Inspection Systems Atmosphere Furnaces
TT electronics 7

Hybrid Microcircuits

TT electronics companies Technologies and 1 Aluminium ultrasonic wirebonding up

to 20 mils diameter
produce a wide variety of Capabilities 1 Hermetic & locally encapsulated
products utilising chip & wire
1 Conductive systems including Au, Ag, 1 Multi Site Manufacturing Europe,
world-class equipment, PdAg, thick film copper (TFC) USA, Mexico, Malaysia, Barbados
noble and base metal inks, 1 Full range of resistor inks, Milliohm to 1 High volume equipment with advanced
Megohm, NTC, PTC, Surge, Shunt and
fine line geometries and inspection & test capabilities
High Voltage resistors 1 Lead free construction, extreme
innovative designs which 1 Patented combination of noble & base operating capability (-55C to +150C)
provide tomorrows metal system - Patchwork 1 Module Housing Assembly
solutions today. 1 Ceramic (AL203, ALN) & Beryllia (BeO)
For detailed data sheets or application notes please
substrates, range of sizes & thicknesses visit company web sites listed on pages 24-25
1 Passive & active laser trimming of
1 Aluminium & steel power substrates
1 Photo defined thick films (Geometries 1 ISO / TS 16949
down to 1 mil lines) 1 QS9000
1 Multi-layer & through substrate 1 MIL 15XXX
interconnect 1 Space
1 Thin film hybrids 1 UL
1 Die attach including conductive / 1 VDA 6.1
nonconductive epoxy, Eutectic, Solder 1 ISO9001
1 Vacuum solder reflow 1 MIL-PRF-38534
1 MIL-STD-883

1 Thick Film & Thin Film Hybrids 1 High Temperature Lead Free 1 Power Hybrids
1 Patchwork hybrids for integration of Reflow Hybrids 1 Custom Assemblies
Power & Control on Ceramic & Steel 1 Chip & Wire Assemblies 1 Custom Modules
1 Industrial Power Modules 1 Hermetically Sealed Hybrids 1 Pressure Sensors
1 Power Factor Correction Modules 1 Motion Sensors
1 DC / DC Converters

Market Applications
Telecoms Automotive Industrial Medical Consumer Instrumentation Avionics/Defence Computer
Surge Protection Electronic Steering Motor Drive Control Pacemakers Washing Machines Test Equipment Data Recorder Current Sense
Current Management Audio Power Management Defibrillation Drill Triggers Filters Wireless Filters
Power Distribution Climate Control Utility Meters Test Equipment Vacuum Cleaners Power Supplies Communication Power Management
High Frequency Air Bag Access Control Monitors Home Entertainment Signal Conditioning Radar & Navigation Line Termination
Systems Systems
DC / DC Converters HVAC X-Ray Machines Multi-Media Printers / Scanners
Hand Tool Speed Fuel Monitoring
Braking Systems Battery Charger SCSI Termination
Control Control Communications
Power Factor Space
Electronic Motor Correction
Control Active Filters
Electronic Motor Motor & Fin Control
Fuel Tank Sensors Controls
Oil Sensor Data Conversion
Focus Bleeder
Xenon Headlight DC / DC Converters
Control / HID Navigation Control
Air Compressor
Mass Airflow Sensor
8 Thin Film Resistors

Thin Film
Resistor Networks

Thin Film
Wire Bondable
Resistor Network

Thin Film
Miniature Ball
Grid Array

Thin Film
Circuits & Substrates


Automated High Speed Laser Spin Coaters Four Tube Furnace for Sputter Equipment for Thin
Tailoring Dielectric Films Film Metalization
TT electronics 9

Thin Film Resistors

TT electronics companies Technologies and Substrate Availability

1 High Purity Alumina (Polished and
produce a wide spectrum Capabilities As-Fired)
of products utilising 1 Silicon
Physical Vapour Deposition 1 Double-sided With Vias
world-class equipment, 1 Evaporation
ultra-pure metalization, 1 Sputtering
Surface Mount Chips and
1 Platinum, Tantalum Nitride, Titanium,
fine line geometries and Networks
Aluminium, Copper, Palladium, Nickel,
innovative designs which 1 Tolerances to .02% Absolute
Gold, Titanium Tungsten, Nichrome
.005% Ratios
put our customers
1 TCRs to 10ppm/C Absolute
products ahead of their Electroplating 2ppm/C Tracking
1 Gold, Nickel, Copper, Tin / Lead
competition. 1 Resistance Range from 0.5 to 2 Meg
1 Multiple Packaging Capability
Passivation 1 High Frequency / Microwave
1 Proprietary spin coated moisture barrier
1 Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition
For detailed data sheets or application notes please
(PECVD) visit company web sites listed on pages 24-25
Silicon Dioxide, Silicon Nitride
1 Low Pressure Chemical Vapour (LPCVD)
Silicon Nitride
1 Organic Passivation 1 QS9000
1 ISO9001
Photolithography 1 MIL-PRF-55342
1 Positive and Negative Photoresist 1 MIL-PRF-83401
1 Automated Wafer Handling 1 SSQ2100x (International Space Station)
1 Automatic Precision Aligners 1 Multiple DSCC Drawings
1 Line width to 2 microns
1 Automatic Plasma Etching
1 150,000 square feet of manufacturing 1 Class 100 Clean Rooms 1 Class 10,000 Clean Rooms
facilities (photolithography)
1 Class 1,000 Clean Rooms (metalization)

1 SMT Precision Chips and Networks 1 Hybrid Substrates 1 SMT Resistor-Capacitor Networks
1 SMT Voltage Dividers 1 SMT Current Sense Chips 1 SMT Low Pass Filters
1 Leaded Precision Networks 1 SMT Defence Chips and Networks 1 Wire-bondable Chips and Networks
1 SMT Temperature Sensors 1 R2R ladders 1 SMT Ball Grid Arrays (BGA)
1 SMT Ignitors (Thin Film Bridge) 1 GTL Terminators 1 HSTL, PECL Terminators

Market Applications
Telecoms Automotive Industrial Medical Consumer Instrumentation Avionics/Defence Computer
High Frequency Battery Management Motor Control Defibrillator Weighing Machines Test and Guidance Controls Voltage Division
Current Management Audio Controls Power Management Patient Monitor Volt Meter Measurement Avionics Computer I/O Line Termination
Line Termination Engine Control Process Control Ultrasound Scales Semiconductor Test Radar IEEE1284
Low Pass Filtering Mass Air Flow Elevator Control CAT Scan Filtering
Microwave Test
Voltage Division Air Bags Blood Analyzer Equipment
Seat Belt Tensioner Process Controls
Cruise Control Load Cells
10 Wirewound Resistors



Cement Coated
Surface Mount Open Air

Moulded Surface Mount

Surface Mount Sense
TT electronics 11

Wirewound Resistors

TT electronics is a leading Technologies and Qualifications

manufacturer of Capabilities 1 TS 16949
1 QS9000
wirewound and metal 1 Resistance range from 0.5m to 1 ISO9000
strip resistors. 12M 1 CECC
1 Resistance tolerances from 0.01% 1 MIL-R-93 (RB)
1 TCRs from 2ppm to 6000ppm 1 MIL-R-39005 (RBR)
1 Power handling from 1/8W to 375W 1 MIL-R-26 (RW)
1 Automatic winding with auto SPC 1 MIL-R-39007 (RWR)
1 Low cost manufacturing facility 1 S Level
1 Custom design facility
For detailed data sheets or application notes please
visit company web sites listed on pages 24-25


Automatic Online Packaging Automatic Winding Machines Automatic Current Sense Resistor
Machines Manufacturing Equipment

1 Full range of axial & surface mount 1 Ceramic-housed wirewound resistors
current sense resistors radial, vertical & axial leads
1 Cylindrical wound axial lead 1 Power metal strip technology surface
1 Fusible wirewound resistors axial & mount and board stand off style
surface mount 1 Flat J lead & Z-formed parts for surface
1 Precision radial & axial lead defence mount applications
approved 1 Wide range of shunts
1 Cost effective flameproof, pulse 1 Aluminium housed, molded
handling resistors wirewound
1 High power vitreous tubular resistors 1 Standard military products including
with a choice of mounting styles S Level

Market Applications
Telecoms Automotive Industrial Medical Consumer Instrumentation Avionics/Defence Computer
Central Office Switch Fan Control G.F.C.I (R.C.D) Defibrillator Smoke Detectors Precision Electronic Ordnance Laptops
SLIC DRL Metering ECG Television Test Equipment Radar Desk Tops
ADSL , HDSL Engine Control Smoke Detectors Analytical Equipment Electronic Games Laboratory Field Radio Servers
T1 Braking Power Supplies MRI / X Ray White Goods Power Supplies
Measurement Devices
Repeaters Cabin Convenience Flow Control Hospital Equipment Monitors
Wireless Handset Radio / Audio P.L.C Pumps
Base Station Body Management
12 Film Resistors

Precision Non-Military
Metal Glaze

Low Resistance
Metal Element

Low Value
Flat Chip

Metal Glaze
Surface Mount
TT electronics 13

Film Resistors

TT electronics companies Technologies 1 Tape and Reel

1 Auto and Mil approved Test Lab
produce the widest 1 Metal Glaze Technology 1 Hi-Rel / Burn-In
1 Metal Film Deposition
selection of film product in For detailed data sheets or application notes please
1 Metal Oxide Technology visit company web sites listed on pages 24-25
the market today. 1 Thick Film Glaze
TT electronics is the leader 1 Cylindrical Film Glaze Products
in the High Voltage and 1 Bulk Carbon Composition Products Qualifications
1 High Voltage Glaze
High Resistance product 1 TS 16949
market and has a series of 1 QS9000

unique products for High Capabilities 1 ISO9001

Pulse or High Surge 1 Chip or Cylindrical SMT Styles 1 MIL-R-22684
applications. We specialise 1 Moulded Packages 1 MIL-R-10509
1 Axial and Special Leaded Styles 1 MIL-R-39017
in custom and application
1 Specialty & Custom Products 1 MIL-R-55182
product, where any 1 Conformally Coated
customer demand will be 1 Copper Leads / No Lead


Laser Resistance Adjust Metal Film Sputtering Mechanical Resistance Adjust Axial Lead Welding
Machines Machines Machines Machines

1 Metal Glaze Cylindrical 1 Power Metal Oxide 1 High Power Metal Glaze
1 Axial General Purpose 1 Carbon Film 1 Metal Oxide Resistor
1 Precision Chips 1 Low Resistance Copper Chips 1 Carbon Composition Resistor
1 Thick Film Axial 1 High Voltage Chips 1 Fusible Metal Film
1 Defence R and S level 1 Pulse Withstanding Chips

Market Applications
Telecoms Automotive Industrial Medical Consumer Instrumentation Avionics/Defence Computer
Hot Insertion Engine Control Motor Control ECG / EKG Televisions Electrical Test Instrumentation Supply Regulation
Surge Protection Audio Logic Controllers Equipment Smoke Detectors Equipment Guidance Current Sense
Switching Climate Control Flow Measurement Defibrillation Electronic Games Analytical Equipment Controls Over Voltage
Power Supplies Braking Power Systems Analytical Flow Measurement Communications Protection
Measurement Surge Protection
HVAC Industrial Equipment Telemetry
Pumps General Purpose
14 Sensors / Steering Sensors

Encoder & Position

Sensor Hybrid

Electric Power
Steering Sensor

Steering Position


Back End Firing Kilns Optek Mexican Facility Custom, Product Specific Laser Clean Room with Automated
Tailoring Screen Printing Lines
TT electronics 15


TT electronics companies Technologies and Qualifications

manufacture a wide range of Capabilities 1 ISO / TS 16949
1 QS9000
1 ISO9001
1 IEC751 and
sensors created through
Sputtered Thin Film RTD Platinum 1 VDA 6.1 DIN43760
experience of utilising a on Alumina
variety of technologies to 1 TCR at 3850 ppm per degC Products
solve customer requirements. 1 Industry standard 1206 / 0805 chip sizes
RTD Products
Thick Film Sensors
These include temperature, 1 Printed NTC, PTC, Surge, Shunt and High
1 Temperature sensors
pressure, position and torque Thick Film Products
Voltage resistors
1 Customised thick film hybrid sensors for
measurement and sensing, 1 Active laser trimming
automotive underhood applications
1 Application-specific designs
leading into specific 1 Custom specific strain gauges
1 Lead free high temperature manufacturing
applications. 1 Customised resistor networks
(-55C to +150C)
Magnetic Position Sensors
Value Added Custom Sensing
1 Hall Effect and Magnetoresistive Sensors
Optoelectronic Sensors
1 Wide variety of cabling experience
1 LED and VCSEL Position Sensors
Market Applications 1 Automated PC Board assembly
1 In circuit test capabilities
RTD Applications Thick Film Sensor 1 In house plastic molding capabilities For detailed data sheets or application notes please
Instrumentation Oil Sensor Electronics 1 Custom test, inspection and measurement visit company web sites listed on pages 24-25
Process Control Mass Airflow Sensor Circuits
Weighing Equipment Pressure Sensors
Temperature Monitoring / Temperature Sensors
Compensation Current Limiters
Heating, Air Conditioning

Steering Sensors
Current Sensing
Mass Airflow Sensing

TT electronics steering sensors

Technologies and 1 Multi Site Manufacturing Europe,
Mexico and USA
are designed for the Capabilities For detailed data sheets or application notes please
visit company web sites listed on pages 24-25
demanding requirements of
1 Combined position and torque sensing in
todays high performance
one compact package
Electrically Assisted Steering
systems. Dual redundant
1 Specially formulated resistive films for Qualifications
long life
torque and position outputs 1 QS9000
1 Position accuracy of 1.5%
provide added reliability and
diagnostic options.
1 Torque accuracy to 3%
1 Patented low hysteresis coupling allows
TT electronics patented design torque rotor to float 1 Combined position and torque sensor for
1 Optional patented absolute position signal electric power steering systems
utilises independent position
1 Easy-Pull lock pin maintains rotor 1 Steering position sensor for active
and torque rotors without suspension systems
alignment through assembly
adding unwanted hysteresis.
A patented absolute position
output option provides
discrete position information Market Applications
over 4 turns of steering Passenger Car Off-Road Heavy Truck Avionics/Defence
wheel rotation. Column Mount EPS Steer-by-Wire Motor Control Electric Power
Rack Mount EPS 4 Wheel Steering Electric / Hydraulic Steering
Electric / Hydraulic Wheel Position Steering
Active Suspension
16 Temperature / Pressure Sensors




Automated Sensor Production Klingenberg, Germany

TT electronics 17

Temperature Sensors

Temperature sensors Technologies and Qualifications

produced by TT electronics Capabilities 1 ISO / TS 16949 1 VDA 6.1
provide high resistance 1 QS9000 1 DIN EN ISO9001
1 High accuracy NTCs
against environmental 1 Very low response time Products
influences, ensure mechanical 1 Resistance according to customer
Temperature sensors for:
stability, high reliance and specification
1 Coolant water 1 Gear box
durability and can be 1 Temperature range -40C to +200C
1 Motor oil 1 Retarder
modified according to 1 Screw-in or snap-in assemblies
1 Outside air 1 Fuel
For detailed data sheets or application notes please
customer requirements. visit company web sites listed on pages 24-25 1 Boost air 1 Climate
1 Intake air 1 Hydraulic

Market Applications
Passenger Car Truck/Commercial Consumer
Coolant Water Air Intake Gear Box Coolant Water Boost Air Outside Air Refrigeration
Motor Oil Fuel Motor Oil Fuel Gear Box Aggregates
Outside Air Climate Interior Gear Oil Climate Retarder

Pressure Sensors

TT electronics offers pressure Technologies and Qualifications

sensors that are robust and Capabilities 1 ISO / TS 16949 1 VDA 6.1
resistant against extreme 1 QS9000 1 DIN EN ISO9001
Modular Pressure Sensors
environmental conditions. 1 Relative pressure system Products
The sensors can be modified 1 Resistance, voltage or current interface
Pressure sensors for:
and developed according to 1 Nominal pressure 0..1 bar to 0..150 bar
1 Coolant water 1 Fuel
customers specifications. 1 Media resistance: oil and air
1 Motor oil 1 Climate
Low Level Pressure Sensors
1 Outside air 1 Pneumatic
1 Ceramic cell
1 Boost air 1 Hydraulic
1 Relative pressure system, ratiometric
1 Intake air
1 Nominal pressure 0-10mbar; 0100 mbar
1 Overpressure -60+200 mbar
For detailed data sheets or application notes please
visit company web sites listed on pages 24-25

Market Applications
Passenger Car Truck/Commercial Consumer Medical
Coolant Water Coolant Water Washing Machines Medical Devices
Motor Oil Motor Oil
Air Intake Air Intake
Fuel Fuel
Hydraulic Hydraulic
Boost Air Charge Air
18 Precision / Trimming Potentiometers




Mexicali, Mexico Automated Potentiometer Glenrothes, Scotland

TT electronics 19

Precision Potentiometers

TT electronics companies Technologies and Qualifications

produce an array of products Capabilities c QS9000
1 ISO9000
1 Built to meet
or exceed
utilising world class 1 Extensive range of models 1 Space MIL-PRF-12934
equipment, proprietary ink 1 Single Turn and Multi Turn configurations and 39023
formulations, custom 1 Rotary and Linear actuations
1 CP, Hybrid and Wirewound elements Products
contact systems and 1 PC Board and ceramic substrates 1 CP Potentiometers
innovative custom designs 1 Multitude of contact configurations and 1 Wirewound Potentiometers
which provide our customers materials for every application 1 Linear Potentiometers
1 Rotational life up to 25 million revolutions 1 Custom Element / Contact Assemblies
with value, quality and 1 Linearity to +/- .02% 1 Hybrid Potentiometers
reliability. 1 Multi Site Manufacturing USA, UK, 1 Motor Potentiometers
Mexico, Germany 1 Rotary Potentiometers
For detailed data sheets or application notes please 1 Spring Return Linear Potentiometers
visit company web sites listed on pages 24-25

Market Applications
Automotive Industrial Medical Consumer Instrumentation Avionics/Defence
Brake System Truck Transducers Joysticks X-Ray Products Foot Pedal Test Equipment Altimeter Control Stabiliser Platform
Pedal System Printing Presses NC Machine Dental Chair Music Industry Weather Instruments Aircraft Helicopter
Golf Cart Security Systems Fluid Level Positioning Exercise Equipment Altimeter Temperature Select Ammunition Feed
Suspension System Equipment Controllers Injection Systems System Aircraft Control Tank
Security Enclosure Nuclear Power Plant
Snowmobile Systems Video Monitors CAT / MMR Scan Controls Cargo Winch Control Aileron Position
Motorcycles Aircraft Aircraft
Security X-Ray Bed Position

Trimming Potentiometers
Technologies and 1 Employs application enhancing ceramic
Capabilities 1 Multi-site Manufacturing USA, UK,
Mexico, Germany
Surface Mount Trimmers
Cermet Trimmers
1 Extensive range of models and pin styles For detailed data sheets or application notes please
1 CP Trimmers
1 Miniature sizing down to 3mm case size visit company web sites listed on pages 24-25 1 Through Hole Trimmers
1 Surface Mount and Through Hole Designs 1 Miniature SPDT Switch
Proprietary teflon rotor
CP ink formulas
1 Multitude of contact configurations and 1 QS9000
materials for every application 1 ISO9000
1 Temperature range: -65C to 150C 1 Space

Market Applications
Telecoms Industrial Medical Instrumentation Avionics/Defence Computer
Base Stations Photo Electric Controls Printing Presses X-Ray Products Test Equipment Radio Communication Aircraft Navigation Monitors
Arc Welders Power Supplies Portable Defibrillation Chemical Analysis Equipment Equipment
Security Systems Coin Exchangers Injection Systems Equipment CPU Board Systems
Helicopter & Aircraft
Thief Deterrent Systems
20 Potentiometers and Rotary Switches

Conductive Plastic Wirewound

Potentiometers Potentiometers


Rotary Knob



Fullerton, USA Klingenberg, Germany

TT electronics 21

Potentiometers and Rotary Switches

TT electronics offers a Technologies and Conductive Plastic

spectrum of Capabilities 1 Resistance range: 1K - 10K
potentiometers based on 1 Rated dissipation: 1W
Wirewound Potentiometers 1 Temperature range: -25C to +70C
different technologies in 1 Rated dissipation 1W. 4W
1 Rotational life: 100,000 cycles and
various widths. The preset 1 Resistance range: 5 - 25 k
1 Temperature range: -40C to +90C
and rotary potentiometers
1 Rotational life: 10,000 cycles
can be provided as Rotary Knob Switches
1 Switch resistance initial value 25 m
standard or customer Carbon Film Potentiometers 1 Rotational life: 15,000 cycles
specified solutions. 1 Resistance range: 100 - 4,7 M
1 Terminals for PCB
1 Rated dissipation: 0,15W
1 Various switching combinations
1 Temperature range: -25C to +70C
Switch designs are among 1 Rotational life: 10,000 cycles
For detailed data sheets or application notes please
visit company web sites listed on pages 24-25
smallest in class, with 1 T-pad attenuation trimmer:
high quality and proven characteristic resistance 75,
reliability. attenuation: 20 dB Qualifications
1 ISO TS 16949
Cermet Potentiometers 1 QS9000
1 Resistance range: 22 to 4.7M
1 VDA 6.1
1 Rated dissipation: 1W (1,5W)
1 DIN EN ISO9001
1 Temperature range: -40C to +90C
1 Rotational life: 10,000

Wirewound Potentiometers T-pad Attenuation Trimmer Conductive Plastic
1 Nominal width 19,6; 23; 24; 28mm 1 Based on carbon film or ceramic snap Potentiometers
PCB-Terminals horizontal or vertical in soldering terminals, PCB-Terminals 1 Nominal width 16mm, PCB-Terminals
version, solder tag terminations, plastic spindles acc. to customers request
spindle available Cermet Potentiometers
1 Nominal width 15mm, PCB-Terminals Rotary Knob Switches
Carbon Film Rotary horizontal or vertical version - plastic 1 Operation by screw driver, plastic
Potentiometers spindle available moulded spindle 6 or 20mm, steel
1 Nominal width, 15mm, horizontal or 1 Nominal width 16mm, solder tag spindle 45mm or version with printed
vertical version, plastic moulded terminals, with plastic spindles circuit board
spindles available

Market Applications
Automotive Industrial Medical Consumer Instrumentation
Instrument Board Heating Control Dental Equipment Vacuum Cleaner Test Equipment
Dimmer Welding Machines Washing Machines
Beam Level Printing Machines Television
Test Devices Amplifier
Light Switch Module
Air Conditioning Avalanche Search
Control Devices
22 Magnetic Components and Materials

Low Profile,
High Current,
Shielded Surface
Mount Inductor

High Frequency,
High Current,
Low Profile Surface
Mount Inductor

Soft Ferrites

Low Profile,
High Current
Surface Mount


Malaysia Manufacturing Site Lamination Transformer Computerised Multi-Testing Continuous Flow Transformer
Assembly Lines Stations Manufacturing
TT electronics 23

Magnetic Components

TT electronics Magnetic Components Technologies and 1 Expert in innovative custom surface mount
bobbins and headers
and Materials Division produces a
broad line of transformers, inductors
Capabilities 1 Systems in place for the manufacture of
transformers and inductors that meet UL
and assemblies at its facility in 1 Flexible production lines for low volume insulation systems from Class B (130C) to
Kuantan, Malaysia and in China. The & prototyping Class H (180C).
Division also manufactures a 1 Product capabilities range from high For detailed data sheets or application notes please
comprehensive range of magnetic volume surface mount & through-hole visit company websites listed on pages 24-25
inductors to short run high power
materials including soft ferrites and
magnets. With this vertically
laminated transformers
1 Innovative engineering expertise in material
integrated range of products, use and concept designs including iron 1 ISO9001
TT electronics can be your global powder, ferrite, MPP 1 QS9000
partner in resolving all your
magnetic design issues.

Products 1 High frequency inductors rated to 5mhz

switching frequency
1 RJ45 / USB Integrated Filter / transformer
connector modules
1 SMT, Through-hole & chassis mount 1 Low profile, surface mount shielded 1 Switch-mode transformers
Inductors and Transformers inductors 1 Chassis mounted and High Power Laminate
1 Current Sense Transformers 1 Automotive temperature rated inductors Transformers
1 High Power Specialty Laminate & Ferrite 1 Ethernet transformers 1 ISDN Transformers
Transformers & Chokes, for Custom (10/100/1000 rated) 1 ADSL / HDSL Transformers
Applications 1 T1 / E1 / CEPT transformers

Magnetic Materials
Technologies and 1 Plastic coil formers and through board
1 Rods and Tubes up to 8 or greater in
Capabilities For detailed data sheets or application notes please
visit company web sites listed on pages 24-25
1 EOP & ER cores with excellent
THD performance
1 Super-Multicavity production of small 1 Quiet i (gapped) cores
ferrite cores Qualifications 1 Sintered MnZn and NiZn powders,
1 Production of large, shaped and specialty magnetic powdered metals
1 All facilities are ISO certified 1 MPP (Nickel / Iron / Molybdenum) toroids
1 Extruded ferrite rods and tubes, including 1 High Flux (Nickel / Iron) toroids
welding impeder rods Products DuraFlux (Silicon / Iron) toroids
1 Large variety of permanent magnets.
1 Metallization of ferrite cores for SMT
1 1.5mm to 150.0mm OD toroids 1 Nickel and electrical steel stored cores and
1 Large U cores alumina discs

Market Applications (both Components and Materials)

Telecoms Automotive Industrial Medical Consumer Instrumentation Avionics/Defence Computer
Transformers Position Sensors Motors Magnets Flyback Transformers Filters - EMI Motors Power Supplies
Power Supplies Motors Actuators Inductors Motors Current Sense Current Sense Filters
Antennas Wireless Transmission Current Sense Power Management Loudspeakers Power Transformers Communications Modem
ISDN Transformers Ignitor Beads Power Supplies Output Power CATV Inductors Power Supplies LAN Cards
Splitters EMI EMI Transformer Chargers Filters EMI Inductors
Line Filtering Proximity Switches Chargers Chokes Lighting Chokes Inductors High Frequency
High Frequency HID Lighting Transformers Filter Inductors Chokes Ignitor Beads Data Communication
Output Filters Inductors
24 TT electronics

Who does what and where

IRC - Advanced IRC - Wire and Welwyn AB Mikroelektronik OPTEK

Film Division Film Technologies Components Company Profile Technology
Company Profile Division Company Profile AB Mikroelektronik offers Company Profile
technology development and
Based in Corpus Christi Texas. Company Profile Welwyn provides leading edge OPTEK Technology with
manufacturing services for
AFD is a state of the art technology in Resistive corporate offices in North
Based in Boone, North custom specific hybrid circuits
manufacturer of a variety of Components and Custom Dallas Texas and a
Carolina. IRC-WAFT offers on ceramic substrates.
resistive products utilizing thin Hybrid Circuits for a broad manufacturing facility in Juarez
and thick film technologies. spans a wide range of Our automotive thick film
range of applications. Mexico (near El Paso Texas) has
Wirewound and Metal Film products are built into sensors,
AFD offers Tantalum Nitride been an innovative, leading
Components as well as the Welwyn offers local production
power switches and comfort edge company in sensing
chip resistors and networks advanced Thick Film on Steel combined with Application,
electronics mostly underhood technology for more than 30
manufactured on Ceramic or technology line of products. Engineering Design, and
and withstand a temperature years, providing products for
Silicon substrates. This Our Resistive offering is Technical Sales assistance to
range from -55C to +150C. the Office Equipment,
technology provides the available in many market help identify technology
ABs industrial power modules Industrial, Medical,
industry with the only self- driven formats and packages synergy and provide Time to
and thick film circuits are used Automotive, Hi-Rel and Data
passivating resistors, including Surface Mount, Market solutions for your
in applications such as Com industries. Custom
impervious to moisture Axial, Radial and Custom type designs.
electronic motor control or designs and innovative
contamination. The thin film packages. In terms of Resistor A skilled workforce and a hand tool speed control. solutions are OPTEKs core
networks are offered in technology, IRC-WAFT offer significant investment in high competencies.
standard JEDEC or BGA Metal glaze, Metal Film, Metal AB is accredited to
volume automated production
packages. AFD also offers Oxide and Thick Film ISO / TS 16949, ISO9001 and OPTEKs facilities are certified to:
has created partnerships with
thin film platinum temperature technology Resistors in a wide QS9000 / VDA 6.1. ISO9000 and
major customers that position
sensors used where variety of tolerances, power ISO/ TS 16949 (QS9000)
Welwyn as the market leader
temperature compensation is and voltage ratings. in Europe.
critical. High frequency thin
film products are also available IRCs new products include ISO9001; TS16949 pending
in various packages. innovative Automotive Resistor
module solutions, Surface
IRC-AFD is certified to ISO9001 Mount Technology and Thick
and QS9000 Film integration with steel. We
pride ourselves in being finely
tuned to our customers needs.
Product Range
Additionally, IRC-WAFT is
certified ISO9001 and QS9000 Custom specific thick film
hybrids and custom specific Product Range
thick film hybrid sensors for Optoelectronic Components:
automotive underhood LED, VCSEL, Photodiodes,
applications Photransistors, Photologic.
Product Range
Custom specific Industrial Optoelectronic Switches:
Product Range
Thick Film Hybrid circuits on Power Modules Slotted & Reflective
SMT Precision Chips and a range of Substrates Custom specific Chip and Fibre Optic Components:
Networks Integration of Power & Wire Assemblies LED, VCSEL, Photodiodes,
SMT Current Sense Chip Control circuits for Industrial Custom specific Patchwork Receivers, Transceivers
Resistors applications hybrids for integration of Magnetic Components: Hall-
SMT Voltage Dividers Photo Image circuits on power and control Effect: Uni-Polar, Bi-Polar
SMT Military Chips Product Range
Ceramic for high density / Custom specific strain Magneto-Resistive
Leaded Precision Networks Complete Family of Leaded high frequency applications gauges and custom specific
SMT Resistor-Capacitor Wirewound products Chip & Wire Assemblies in R networks
Networks Complete family of Leaded hermetically sealed packages
SMT Temperature Sensors Metal Film products Thick Film Resistors in
SMT Wire-bondable chips Many custom Resistive Surface Mount Technology
and networks options are available Thin Film Axial Resistor
SMT Igniters Full complement of Surface Technology
SMT Low Pass Filters Mountable Film and Wirewound Resistors for
Hybrid Substrates Wirewound Products Power handling applications.
SMT Ball Grid Arrays Custom Thick Film on Steel Precision Resistors for
Technology Products Instrumentation and Medical
Contact Details
Contact Details Contact Details Contact Details Contact Details
IRC (Advanced Film Division)
4222 South Staples Street IRC (Wire and Film Welwyn Components AB Mikroelektronik OPTEK Technology
Corpus Christi Texas 78411 Technologies Division) Bedlington, Northumberland Josef Brandstaetter Strasse 2 1645 Wallace Drive
USA 736 Greenway Road NE22 7AA, UK 5020 Salzburg, Austria Carrollton, TX. 75006
Tel: +361-992-7900 Boone, NC 28607 USA
Tel: +44 1670 822181 Tel: +43 662 4499 10 Tel: +972-323-2200
Fax: +361-992-3377 Tel: +828-264-8861 Fax: +44 1670 829465 Fax: +43 662 4204 89 13 Fax: +972-323-2396
Email: ircafd@irctt.com Fax: +828-264-8865 Email: info@welwyn-tt.com Email: info@ab-mikro.at Email: sensors@optekinc.com
www.irctt.com www.irctt.com www.welwyn-tt.com www.ab-mikro.at www.optekinc.com
TT electronics 25

BI Technologies - BI Technologies - BI Technologies - AB Elektronik MMG - Magnetic

SMTD ECD MCD Sachsen Materials Division
Company Profile Company Profile Company Profile Company Profile Company Profile
BI Technologies, SMT Division BI Technologies has been an BI Technologies, Magnetic AB Elektronik Sachsen With its manufacturing bases
is one of Europe's leading innovator and leader in Component Division, manufactures potentiometers, located in both North America
manufacturers of thick film electronic components for headquartered in Fullerton, switches, temperature sensors, and Asia, and applications
Passive Components. The more than 50 years California, with a manufacturing pressure sensors and engineering staffed facilities
company was established in manufacturing products for base in Kuantan, Malaysia, is a electromechanical assemblies. in the USA, UK, Australia,
1958 in Glenrothes, Scotland. communication, computer, world leader in miniature surface In addition, the company Singapore, Taiwan and China,
BI Technologies have earned a industrial and automotive mount high power inductors. designs non-standard devices MMG is perfectly positioned
great reputation as a high applications. The magnetic material and to provide customer specific to support customers around
quality, high volume, cost manufacturing expertise of solutions. the world with all their
BI Technologies serves a global
effective and responsive various inductors, choke coils, magnetic material needs.
customer base with The products are used in
supplier of thick film passive transformers and assemblies has
manufacturing locations in the automotive, industrial and MMG, a recognized world
components for expanded the customer and
United States, Mexico, heating / climate applications. leader in the design,
telecommunications, computer, market base into automotive,
Scotland, Japan, China and development and
automotive, medical and medical, computer, data Products of AB Elektronik
Malaysia. manufacturing of magnetic
industrial applications. communication and industrial in Sachsen fulfil a high level of
materials, provides its
addition to other specialised function, precision and quality.
customers with products that
magnetic assembly applications. AB Elektronik Sachsen is meet or exceed their
certified according to requirements in a timely and
ISO / TS 16949; cost effective manner.
DIN EN ISO9001, QS9000;
Attention to detail and a
VDA 6.1
knowledgeable staff meet
specific needs, if not with
their vast array of standard
parts, then with a custom
Product Range Product Range component designed to
Product Range customer specifications.
Trimming and Precision Transformers both surface
Packaged SIL, DIL and MMG is certified to ISO9001
Potentiometers mount and through hole
Surface Mount Resistor
Position Sensors Surface Mount high powered
Chip Resistor Arrays inductors
Chip Resistor Arrays
Resistor Networks Toroidal inductors (through
Chip Resistor - Capacitor
Integrated Passive Networks hole and surface mount)
Arrays Product Range
Inductors High power specialty
Planar Power Resistors Potentiometers based on
Transformers laminate transformers
Surge Resistors carbon film, cermet,
Turns Counting Dials Data communication modules,
Thick Film Substrates conductive plastic and
Hybrid Microelectronics and filters, and transformers for
Custom Thick Film products wirewound technologies
Custom Integration Products ethernet and DSL
Common mode filters and T-pad attenuators
Rotary switches Product Range
Planar transformer solutions Temperature sensors Soft ferrite cores &
Pressure sensors accessories
Electromechanical assemblies Iron powder including MPP,
High Flux & Sendust
Ferrite & rare earth magnets
Amorphous alloy & tape
wound cores

Contact Details
North America
Contact Details
Tel: +1 416 251 2831
BI Technologies MCD Fax: +1 416 251 6790
4200 Bonita Place
Contact Details Contact Details Fullerton CA 92835 USA www.mmgca.com
Tel: +714-447-2345 Contact Details Europe
BI Technologies SMTD BI Technologies ECD
Telford Road, Glenrothes 4200 Bonita Place Fax: +714-447-2400 AB Elektronik Sachsen Tel: +44 1793 833200
Fife KY7 4NX, Scotland Fullerton, CA 92835 USA email: sales@bitechnologies.com Salzstrasse 3, D-01738 Fax: +44 1793 834359
Singapore Klingenberg, Germany www.magdev.co.uk
Tel: +44 1592 662200 Tel: +714-447-2345
Tel: +656-455-5166
Fax: +44 1592 662299 Fax: +714-447-2400 Fax: +656-445-1983 Tel: +49 35202 57-445 Asia
Email: Email: Fax: +49 35202 57-401 Tel: +91 44 24965981
sales@bitechnologies.co.uk sales@bitechnologies.com Malaysia Email: zentrale@ab-sachsen.de Fax: +91 44 24960986
Tel: +609-514-5522
www.bitechnologies.com www.bitechnologies.com Fax: +609-514-3555 www.ab-sachsen.de www.mmg-india.com
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