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English Language

Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow.

Baca petikan di bawah dan jawab semua soalan yang berikut.

If you want to be healthy, you must eat nutritious food. People who
do not eat healthy food can become very ill. A healthy diet should include
grain, fruits, vegetables, meat, milk and fats.

You must take energy-giving foods such as rice and bread. You must
also eat fish, meat and eggs, which are body-building foods. To protect your
body from diseases, you need vegetables and fruits. Milk and cheese help to
build strong bones and teeth. So you will be strong and healthy if you have a
balanced diet.

Finally, you must drink about eight glasses of water a day.

Question 22

Tick ( _/ ) the correct answer.


We must eat nutritious food if we want to be healthy.

People who eat junk food will be healthy.
We must drink eight glasses of milk everyday
( 1 mark )

(b) The most suitable proverb for the story is..

One good turn deserves another.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away..
Make hay while the sun shines
( 1 marks )

Write your answer in the space provided.

English Language

( c ) Name some junk food thats bad for our health.

( 2 marks )

( d ) What must you eat in order to build up strong bones and teeth?

( 2 marks )

( e ) In order to stay healthy do you need to take nutritious food. Why ?

( 2 marks )

Read the dialogue below and answer the questions.

English Language

Azad : Are you going anywhere during the school holidays, Lagang?

Lagang : Oh yes, my brother and I are going to Kuala Lumpur on Thursday.

Azad : What about your parents? Arent they going too?

Lagang: No, they are not. My father has to attend a meeting. He is the chairman of the meeting.
My mother is staying back with him.

Azad : By the way, how are you going?

Lagang: We usually go by car. But this time, we are going to take a bus there. Well be staying with
my uncle.

Azad : I heard there are some interesting places to visit in Kuala Lumpur.

Lagang : Yes, theres the National Museum, the National Zoo, the Bird Park, the

Butterfly Farm, and also the Sunway Lagoon Theme Park. You can also go

shopping at places like Times Square, Sungai Wang Plaza and Mid Valley.

Azad : Do you often go to Kuala Lumpur?

Lagang : Yes, I do. I have an uncle there.

Azad : Okay Lagang, my father is here. See you again.

Question 23

Tick ( _/ ) the correct answer.

(a) Lagang and his brother are going to Kuala Lumpur ..

on Thursday

on Tuesday

on Saturday

( 1 marks )

( b ) Lagangs father is not going to Kuala Lumpur because he has to attend

English Language

a dating

a meeting

a swimming

( 1 marks )

Write your answer in the space provided.

(c) How is Lagang going to Kuala Lumpur?

( 2 marks )

(d) Name some places that Lagang can visit when he is in Kuala Lumpur?

( 2 marks )

( e ) Have you ever been to Kuala Lumpur?. Do you like the place? Why ?

( 2 marks )