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CC8902 / CMCT 6002 Research Methodologies

Methodology in Action (MiA)

Assignment Instructions

Each student will complete a brief write up of a small study (a mini study / pilot project) using the research
method of the week, followed by a report on the practical and theoretical challenges of doing such a
method (5 pages). This will also involve contributing two 2 article entries to the class bibliography. The
MiA assignment will be due on the week in which we cover your selected topic (or in some cases the week
immediately following. Note that you cannot submit this assignment late since the point is to be able to
discuss it in the seminar during the relevant week. You will be expected to discuss your experience with
this method in the seminar in the form of a 2-3 minute elevator pitch of the MiA project. The assignment
is worh 15% of your course grade

Learning Objectives
To provide an opportunity to practice a research methodology
To practice the skills of academic research
To think through the logistics of academic research (what works and what doesnt)
To know a research method more intimately to allow for critique of the method in others
academic work
Practice summarizing your work and being succinct.

Purpose of Assignment
The purpose of this assignment is to conduct a mini research project using one of the methods that are
going to be discussed that week. You will become a resident expert in that weeks class on this method.
The goal is not to conduct a perfect study, but to be able to reflect on the difficulties, challenges, and
biases of particular methods. We urge you to try to choose at least one method that is outside of your
comfort zone (or your area of expertise).

Deliverables (5-7 pages in total, with an in-class component)

Part 1: Write up the methodology of your study. Use academic sources to justify your
methodological choices. You will need to make sure that your are explaining your justification for
your choices (sample choice, coding choice, recruitment tactics etc). [2-3pp.]
Part 2: Write a reflection on your chosen methodology based on your experience and based on
the practical and theoretical challenges of practicing such a method. This can be written as a
report (with subheadings, bullet points, charts, lists, etc). [3-5pp.]
In Class: Present a 2 minute elevator pitch of your MiA (the good, the bad and the ugly; but no
more than 3 minutes, or I will have to stop you). Practice well, and also plan to fuction as a resident
expert during class time on the method in question, including your participation during class
discussions as someone with experience.

Practice keeping a research diary as you work your way through the project. Begin now with your thoughts
on a potential mini study. This will help you
practice keeping research diaries
keep track of the processes, and decisions of your research method for the write
keep track of the practical and theoretical challenges of doing such a method

You will be graded on
your ability to critically reflect on your chosen research method
your ability to reflect on the research process of your method (the logistics)
your ability to design an appropriate sized study for a mini-project
the succinctness and clarity of your 2 minute elevator pitch
your willingness, during class discussions, to draw on the experience you gained with this method.